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Ishq Ka Rang Safed 2nd January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dasharath getting Viplav’s call and he informs him that he is in Ashram. He says he went to Bus stand to drop Pankaj, but he saw Dhaani and Dulaari there. Dasharath asks how did you reach Ashram? Viplay says they were going to Mathura for 2 days, but I followed the bus and brought them back to Ashram. Dasharath is shocked, but appreciates Viplav. He asks him to give call to Dulaari. Dulaari greets him. Dasharath blesses her and asks her to come to his house with Dhaani. He says he want to talk about Viplav and Dhaani’s engagement. Dulaari agrees. Kanak is shocked, but she sings the song. Dasharath asks have you gone mad to sing a song…..and says I am angry after hearing this news. Kanak says I am getting laugh on my destiny and on Dhaani’s good luck. She says

Sushma was right to say that they are made for each other. She says Dhaani was leaving, but Viplav brought her back. She says what will happen if they get married for sure.

Viplav asks Dhaani why she was going without informing him. He says no ritual can separate them now. Dhaani looks on. Later he comes to her and she sees blood coming out from his head and hand. She rushes to him and asks him to go to hospital. She cries and calls Dulaari and Badi Amma. She says that’s why I was going to Mathura to be away from you, as I have a widow yog. Viplav says what rubbish. She asks him to go away from her and never come back. Viplav says never and faints. Dhaani wakes up and thinks it was a bad dream. She cries. Suwarna is sleeping beside her and wakes up. She asks what happened? Dhaani tells her that there is a widow yog in her kundli and if he marries her then he will die. Suwarna says nothing will happen. Dhaani says it is truth and says she don’t want anything to happen to Viplav. Suwarna says you should not think of all this and asks her not to think about this widow yog. She says very few widows get a chance to start a new life. She asks her to be happy as she is getting Viplav who will keep her happy. Dhaani says she can’t risked Viplav’s life for her happiness. Suwarna says Viplav can’t be alive if she refuses to marry. Dhaani says if anything happens to Viplav then….Suwarna asks her to forget it as a bad dream. Dhaani says nothing will happen to him and I will do everything to save him.

Later Suwarna comes to meet Viplav. Viplav says you said Dhaani want to meet me, and says he also want to meet her. Suwarna asks him to listen to her. Viplav asks where is Dhaani? Suwarna says she will not come, but I want to talk to you. She says the problem is with marriage and is about to tell….just then Dhaani comes and says Suwarna has a problem. She says there is a dosh in Suwarna’s kundli because of which Tripurari is in jail. Viplav asks Suwarna if she believes on kundli thing and says he will marry Dhaani anyhow. He says Tripurari’s crime is severe and he needs to be punished, apologizes to her. Dhaani asks Suwarna not to worry and says they are with her. Suwarna asks them to talk and goes inside. Viplav says kundli thing is a nonsense. Dhaani asks if our kundli doesn’t match then what you will do. Viplav says we would have run away and married, and says his love is not dependent on any kundli. He offers her rose. Dhaani asks him to keep it with himself, but Viplav asks her to take. Dhaani takes it hesitantly. Viplav asks her to go and smiles.

Dasharath tells Sushma to do all the arrangement of ring shuddikaran today itself. Kanak asks why they are doing arrangement when the marriage is not going to happen. Sushma hears her and asks her to think about Viplav’s happiness. Dasharath says everything depends on destiny now. Suwarna asks Dhaani to stop her madness. Dhaani gives her promise and asks her not to tell anything to Viplav. Suwarna promises her that she will not tell him anything. She says I have to meet Tripurari. Dhaani hugs her and says she loves Viplav very much, but can’t risked his life for her happiness. Suwarna says I know and leaves. Dhaani says Viplav loves me very much, and thinks to talk to Dasharath.

She meets Dasharath. Dasharath asks her not to worry and says if this marriage is destined to happen then it will happen. Dhaani says she was leaving from Banaras, but Viplav brought her back. She asks if there is any solution to clear her widow yog. Dasharath says only God can show the way now. Dhaani touches his feet and goes. Dasharath blesses her and looks angrily as she leaves. Kanak comes and asks what is happening?

Later, Viplav comes to Ashram and stares Dhaani lovingly, while she is busy praying to God. Dhaani opens her eyes and is surprised to see him. She asks why did you come here, and asks to open the door. Viplav says I am damad of the Ashram and says he can come at any time. Dhaani says we shall not meet before marriage. Viplav asks if this is a ritual. Dhaani says yes. Viplav gives her phone and says he brought it for her. Dhaani is surprised. Viplav says you can talk to me whenever you want to. Dhaani refuses to take the phone and says whenever you want to talk, you can come and talk. Viplav hugs her. They hear someone’s voice. Viplav says I will call you and leaves.

Dasharath gives responsibility to Kanak to separate Dhaani and Viplav. He says I have initiated doubt in Dhaani’s marriage. She is trying to stop the wedding, but sadly she couldn’t. Kanak says we have to do something else which will take away Dhaani from this world. Dasharath says what do you think that I didn’t make an attempt to keep her far from Viplav. Kanak says I mean to say that Dhaani should be away from everyone. Dasharath rings the bell. Kanak says Dhaani will be alone tomorrow and no one would know. Dasharath says tomorrow is ring Shuddikaran. Kanak says she will not reach here and says she will reach somewhere else. She says tomorrow is Dhaani’s last day and says it is a promise. Viplav calls Dhaani again and asks if Sita Maayi saw him. Dhaani says no. She prays to God to show her the way to marry Viplav and clear the widow yog. She says she loves Viplav and want to be with him.

A big temple bell falls on Viplav and he gets severly injured. Kanak blames Dhaani and says her son is hanging between death and life because of her widow yog. Dhaani cries.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Fatarajo(PHFFAN)

    Well done saran , keepit up 🙂

  2. Guys i missed out one second part when kanak was scolding dhani she asks her where did she gone and dhani replies that i came here but i got a call from ashram that maayi became unconscious so i left.

    1. thanks for the update saran u r really nice

  3. Thank you Saranya for written…
    guys i will catch u all after my exam
    I got little time yesterday to comments but now i hv to study but will surely comments after exams…bye

    1. tommorrow i cant comment mrng guys so bye

  4. hi all…
    good job saranya.. I appreciate your efforts in bringing the update to ikrs team.
    I watched the episode. .
    I hated first half.. I hate to see such scary things like snakes.. scary temple etc..(it was that nagin set its so horrible)..
    second half was good but good knows what’s wrong with the editor y is he in a bullet train?
    I liked dt n kanak scene.. I laughed my heart out. .. .. see how nice of shambu he got his wife treated. . though she always ill treated him. ..

    dhani. . how can you be so cruel to your vakeel babu.. how sweet of him …
    how many more times he should tolerate insult from you. . and he always forgives you n you never apologize to your mistakes. .
    tommv will be powerpacked episode

  5. y no one else is commenting?
    I seriously don’t understand y r they doing such kind of editing n y are they hurrying the story?

  6. i guys i get this from india forums written update of 3rd jan

    So the day has come today Embarrassed it’s the maha episode was block buster with so many things and emotions Embarrassed but I just wish CV a could have taken it a bit slow without so much of rush Embarrassed but all over I enjoyed today’s episode Embarrassed sorry my dear friends today I couldn’t update on time Cry
    Dhani in the temple is praying and KT comes there Embarrassed KT says that she accepts Dhani and she knows about the Kundali dosh and in order to over cone it Dhani should go to the old temple which us amongst the forest and pray to the God sitting below a bell which is sad to be 100 years and Dhani must worship in Vidhwa form. Dhani agrees and thanks KT and says she would do anything to Vips Embarrassed

    Dhani goes to the temple while KT has been waiting for her in the mandhir. .Dhani feels someone’s presence but doesn’t notice KT. Dhani finds out snakes all over but fearlessly goes and prays .while she sits to pray KT is happy seeing this Angry

    KT phones and informs DT that the planning was being succeeds and they share a happy convo. .DT in happiness smiles a lot and enough compliments Dadi thar she looks beautiful AngryEmbarrassed

    On the other hand Vips phones for Dhani but she doesn’t attends . Vips is worried while Shalu comes there and calls Vips to come down to meet the people Vips asks why girls are always behind pooja and informs her about Dhani went to temple and he was informed by Dulaari make. Shalu says she’ll come but Vips leaves to bring back DhaniEmbarrassed

    On the other hand KT is cutting the rope of the bell Vips arrives there and smiles seeing Dhani sitting there (he seems from behind ) and notices the bell was going to fall Cry he pushes away her and the bell fells on him CryCry Vips is bleeding

    KT happily informs DT that Dhani is no more and she is no more . With happiness DT cuts the call bit while he turns Dhani comes there .On the other hand KT noticesxVP car and is worried . While Dadi says Shalu to call Vips..Shalu says Vips has gone to bring Dhani when she finds Dhani there all are worried ..

    There the Vidhwa is shown she’s another random girl.KT runs and cries out loud to save his child. While the Vidhwa tries she plus hee away .On this scene personally I loved KT as a mother and she nailed in acting ..she just nailed this scene.. the pain of a true mother was shown.
    On he other hand DT and Dhani leaves and come to the temple .There the other Vidhwa brings many men and they try to rescue Vips then DT and Dhani comes too. They take Vips to hospital ..KT hurts Dhani a lot..She pushes Dhani on the floor and blurts her anger on her..When she asks that is was she who has to come to mandhir and how come Vips was there

    As Dhani prays in the mandhir Badi make phones and informs that Dulaari make fainted so Dhani leaves .The other Vidhwa comes Then Vips comes there .

    KT warns Dhani to be away from Vips life and if she comes again she won’t spare her ..Dhani cries ..IKRS FEMALE VERSION PLAYS

    On the other hand here KT apologises to DT..DT is full with anger tries to poison here while Dadi and Shambu comes there and saves her .

    Badi ma consoles Dhani.Dhani blames herself for Vips state

    On the other hand Vips gets up while DT and Shalu are near him Embarrassed As soon as he get up he inquires a lot about Dhani an why she’s not there’s. .DT says that she’s fine and she couldn’t see Vips in such state that’s why she didn’t come . VIPS says to have the function of Angoti sudhi .DT agrees and says he’ll do anything for Vips and he was a so worried .

    On the other hand while Dulaaright and Badi make calls Dhani for function she asks some time and refuses too.. So Badi make leaves with other ashram Wallis hoping DT would give a solution .

    The next side Vips asks KT not to blame Dhani for this star ..KT says she won’t and why would she .. The ashram walls enter and Vips asks about Dhani…DularI make ask’s about Vips health .Vips says it’s Dhani love he’s alright and once Dhani enters into his fully he will fine for ever .

    On the other hand Dhani in white sarre worried and think about VIDHA moments and cries .Vips comes there and knocks .Dhani opens the door and when she sees Vips she runs down.Vips follow her ..In this scene both Vidha rocked ..Dhani tension facing her back to Vips..udf ..
    Poor Vips and Dhani.

    Vips says why she’s in white sarre and says everyone are waiting for her ..b4 Dhani could say anything Vips says he understands everything that something is disturbing her and he’ll sort it out .Then takes a her and makes her siy and shows the kalash and ring.And he says Dhani to wear it in his finger .

    On the other KT shouts at all about VIPS leaving to ashram with kalash and ring as Dhani hasn’t come here .

    Here while Dhani doesn’t react Vips dips the ring 3 times in the water in the kalash and wears in Dhani finger .But it falls .Vips is sad. DHANI stands up and also says she doesn’t want to marry him .Vips says her not to joke ..Dhani repeats it again and again and Vips reactions turn from funny mood to hurt and anger ..MISHAL JUST NAILED IT . Dhani says she decided in long while ago only it took time to say . Vips shouts at Dhani asks her whether she’s playing with hus to say yes or no for his love and marriage .Dhani says it’s final and he has to leave . Vips says it’s his love and he’s not going to know without knowing the reason .Dhani holds Vips arm and pish him outside the ashram and closes the door in front of his face . Vips says to open the door.on one side Vips demands and pleads on the other side Dhani cries ..

    There Swarna arrives and Vips asks her what’s wrong with Dhani but Swarna doesn’t say anything . Vips again shouts to open the door .
    Dhani wipes the tears off and opens the door and says him to leave and is the final ..

    Both MISHAL and Eisha rocked it ..MISHAL just stoked the last part fully ..uff his love came out as anger ..

    Precap : Vips cones to know about Kundali shish from the pandy .Swarna reads a letter stating Vips knowing the true and he’s gonna suicide as she doesn’t wish to live with him . Dhani runs to save Vips..Vips us climbing a mountain .

    i just copied it

  7. whenever other blockbuster comes the story will remain in the same place even after mahaepisode. . but our ikrs too much… too many things happened. .

    I m wondering how can viplav be at home after such big accident. . no going to hospital no dr also. ..
    even kanak after consuming poison also she was not taken to hosp..

  8. Hlo. Thank u so much saranya. I was dying to know abt the episode.why this hasan ji is not updating. Ystrdy aldo it was late. Bt he is updating all the other serials very fast. Y is he doing injustice to us. Gud nt guyzz. Iam going 4 my late night study.

  9. hii guys …how are you all …why hasanji gave today’s update ….I missed today’s mahaepisode for my studies ….but after reading varsha’s update ….I like last part ..very emotional but CV ‘s are really in very much rush …why they are running …..I think when mu track was going then everyone complain against the dragging ….so they are hurrying very much 😛 😛 ….but this is much better than any show …. I don’t like drama serials only comedy serials of sab TV ….first time I loved this type of show …very good going and awesome actors ….
    thank you varsha for the update 🙂

    1. and thank you also saranya di … 🙂 for update

  10. Wat is this guys today there is no update till now.due to Sunday.

  11. florentina moldovan

    i loved today epi! i like the mood of the actions! I am sick of those dramas where they are dragging….so well done! Congrats, ikrs team!!!! I can t wait till tomorrow epi! i am so excited!!!

  12. Superb acting

  13. Hi frnds how is today’s episode nice na.
    Guys I told u already the story is in hurry burry.but in this hurry burry also our viplav and rocks in their love.guys in today’s episode dhaani was super yaar.I know everyone is hurted when dhaani insults viplav but today I saw that dhaani feels very much for insulting viplav.
    Dhaani na chahthe huge bhi viplav ko bahar nikalne ko maha.I liked that feeling.
    But one thing is happened. When viplav injured he didn’t taken to hospital.and dhaani she loves that much towards viplav but she didn’t come to see how is injured viplav.
    I know knk scolds her she should not meet him again.but being a lover she have seen him once when he was unconscious. These r all missing in the show.
    That’s y iam telling it was too fast.
    I know the hero and heroine do their level best wat direction is done to them.the total mistake was only the director and editor.
    Pls its a request now a days the editing or we done something moving and jumping in the story.pls don’t do this. We need reality like in all previous episodes.wat guys can u agree with me.

  14. sorry it was the dialogue.
    Dhaani ne viplav ko na chahthe huye dhi bahar this scene she was really awesome.and in today’s scene every viplav and dhaani scenes are rocking performances .hats off both of u.u r the best jodi dears.keep it up.

  15. Omg in today’s episode knk and DT also rocked their performance. I like that scene when DT comes to know that due to knk mistake that his grand son was injured and punished his close knk itself.ta shows that DT how much loves his grand son(viplav).and knk also when viplav is injured she reacted very much.she also loves her son very much but she needs that viplav must marry according to DT and knk wish that’s they r also in right I like DT very much.guys wat is ur opinion.

  16. But now in tmrs episode definetly viplav will win dhaani blackmailing her.that y she was rejecting to marry him.but don’t know how he will convince her for marriage eagerly waiting to see tmrs episode.

  17. When will we got ff imagine story update?

  18. Pls its a request to colors to retelecast ikrs at night I.e after 11pm.pls colors its a request. Guys pls all of u fans support for this. I think u also need this.because this show that much attractable.

  19. kavitha you told correctly. .
    editor is not doing correct job. . Also see when dhani sees vip after recovering from injury thru could have added one scene where she looks at him n shows her concern of he is alright (one look or a dialog). . good alone know y are they rushing?

    I also don’t like drama serials where nothing happens just some graphics of shoeing faces with all colors all directions etc.. here they don’t do any such things so it’s very good but.. These guys are on other extremes they are not showing needed expressions also. ..
    anyways the story gong good lets enjoy. .

  20. I hope they repeat telecast at least at 11 after bb is over. . 10:30 some otger serial is coming. . so no chance of repeat at 11.. so I m sad

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