Ishq Ka Rang Safed 2nd February 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishq Ka Rang Safed 2nd February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Viplav about to fill Dhaani’s maang. Dhaani stops him and says I don’t think that we should marry now. Pankaj asks what you are saying? Dhaani says marriage is union of two family and can’t be done without family’s blessings. She says someone is trying to separate us, and we shall not get scared. Viplav says I am scared to lose you. Dhaani says problems can increase in our life and Kanak might not accept me as her bahu. She asks him to understand. Pankaj says she is right. Dhaani takes agni’s promise and says she will be his always till her last breath. Viplav agrees and says he will wait for the right time. She says it is matter of few days and then we will unite for forever. She hugs him.

Kanak calls Raj and asks where is Viplav? Viplav comes and

says he is here. He says he went to marry Dhaani, but she refused to marry him. He says he can’t get a good wife than Dhaani. He says he has taken this decision as someone is trying to separate us and create misunderstanding. He says he is proud of Dhaani for changing his decision.

Dasharath and Sushma sees him in groom’s attire. Viplav says he was going to marry Dhaani, but she refused until everything gets better in our house. He asks do you think that Dhaani is not right for me. Dhaani comes to Ashram. Dulaari asks what is the matter? Dhaani says Bijli tried to instigate Viplav against me, and that’s why he wanted to marry me today itself, but I refused as I want to bring happiness in both the homes. She says Viplav gave shawl to her. Dulaari says I am very proud of you. Sita Maayi asks Dulaari not to worry about Dhaani. Dhaani says I don’t understand why Tripurari is doing this and want us to separate. Dasharath hugs Viplav and says Kanak is very happy today and will make your favorite dish.

Viplav goes to change the dress. Dasharath scolds Kanak and makes her wear shawl sent by Dhaani. He says they are still together and will be together always, because of your stupidity. He goes angrily. Kanak call Tripurari. He says he is happy and that’s why came to temple. Kanak scolds him and says they are still together. She says Viplav was about to marry her, but she refused. She asks him to have silent for sometime. Dhaani is also in the temple and hears Tripurari talking on phone. She looks for him and he comes and stands infront of her. Sushma tells Viplav that she is happy and gives bangles for Dhaani. Viplav says he is happy as she have worn the shawl sent by Dhaani. Viplav says I will make Dhaani wear the bangle and leaves.

Tripurari says I know you are following me? Dhaani says we won’t keep quiet. Tripurari says I will tell you truth today…….Durga comes to Viplav and falls on his feet. He says my son is innocent and says he didn’t do any mistake this time. She says you don’t have proof that he killed Shambu. She says innocent shouldn’t be punished. She says Tripurari was in the house when this incident happened and asks him to leave Tripurari. Viplav apologizes to her. He says I won’t say anything to Tripurari until I get the proofs. Durga goes. Sushma asks Viplav to forget all this and asks him not to let anyone come in between them.

Viplav comes to Ashram…and tells Dulaari that shawl is looking good on them. Dulaari thanks him and says she heard about his decision to marry. Viplav praises Dhaani and says she won’t let me fall. Dhaani comes and thinks what I shall tell him now. He says you all are looking romantic in shawl. He asks Dhaani to wait and says your gift is with me, and asks him to come upstairs.

Kanak brings laddoos and tells Dasharath that she will make him eat with her hands. She makes him eat it. He says I miss your son very much today, and says he would have eaten it with my hands. She asks do you remember the incident when you made me eat poison forcibly, but Shambu saved me and called the doctor. She says what will happen if someone mixes poison in it. Dasharath spits the laddoo shockingly. Kanak sits on his chair and says there is nothing in it. She says I thought to alert you being your bahu.

Dhaani tells Viplav that she wants to talk to him. Viplav says later and asks her to sit, and close eyes. She closes her eyes. Viplav makes her wear the bangles. He says you have become fat as the bangle is not fitting. Dhaani opens the screw. Viplav makes her wear it and says Dadi was right. It is looking good on you.

Dhaani tells Viplav what Tripurari told her and says she thought to inform him. Viplav gets tensed. Later a person comes to Tripurari’s house and tells that he came from Bank/Insurance company. Tripurari signs some papers. The man comes out and gives papers to Viplav saying his work is done. Viplav checks the papers.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. Swara

    Fast update….
    But I can’t enjoy today’s episode. ..because in my mind it is full of purple and rahul thoughts…and also praying 4 them….I am waiting 4 some good news…….
    And unknown pls inform about her health. ..

  2. mangai

    wat a stupidity track?? again n again kt n TT s killer crime continues… the story is about social msg .. but the track s going in criminal mode.. because of this trp s not doing well in t chart.. when TT exposed , trp was sky rockets n good going.. and now again n again mu track .. can’t beat it anymore .. feel like switching to other show ..

  3. hai guys i am philo but i just tried to make u angry but no one is angry because i got bored to make everyone laugh by posting just for fun so this time i just played to make u angry guys i didnt notice my email id before posting so my 2 comments gets posted and saiyam is my friend name sorry for making u angry and sorry if i hurted u
    kavitha didnt finds me but AM finds me lol [:-)

  4. hai saranya i cant post just for fun as i am busy in studies if i have time then i will post
    may be this saturday i will post the next part

  5. and guys think practically do u think that this purple news is true be frank i dont belive it
    did u see that i have commented in the name saiyam kavitha cant find me but i done one mistake i posted the same comment in varsha so AM identified me i dont belive this in purple i dont want to hide anything as i said to u all on that day so only i frankly said this pls forgive me guys if i hurted some one

    this same thing happend in shastri sister page there was one rahul who is a worst boy he posted many comments badly he cheated as rahul,rahul brother,rahul mother,rahul father
    in different id could u belive that i dont remember the date of that if i saw that then i will show u that link

    just want u to be aware

    • rithwika

      I dont know who you are……but I will tell you onething now I understood onething you are not believe in purple di……you think purple di and rahul bhayya is fake……you can tell this earlier then you will not find any kind of comments from both of them……one more thing purple is the most genuine person I ever seen in my life….she is a medical student….she never wants to get any kind of attentions from anyone…..she post her comments here because she loves vidhani…….sry if I hurt you

      • no u didnt and i didnt mention that they are fake then y u r taking like that
        beause when someone does the same mistakes only they will come like a cashew nut and will answer sorry if i hurted u

  6. sara

    This purple news is too disturbing.. I could not sleep last night. .. Why these kids do such stupid acts I don’t understand. .. please children (since most of you are still studying I m addressing you like that please don’t mind)… take a oath never ever think or try such nonsense acts… life cabnit be rosy all the time like a film.. you have to face it as it comes please think of your parents. .. yoy don’t understand what you mean to them. . its unexplainable n anything bad happening to you is unthinkable for them. .. . please please be courageous have faith in yourself n type loved ones n remember nothing in life can be more important than the life itself. ..
    hope every one understands..
    purple please get well soon n send one message for our satisfaction. .

    • Swara

      Sara u know one thing u r my advice guru….I am taking this oath ….I never think or try this foolish things. …and sara sometimes I felt that I am too lonely…cuz there is a limit for a daughter to share problems with their mother. .I too sometimes feel that..and my mom is very sensitive too..but now I get relief that I have another family to share my problems. ..I know u will support me….
      Andd thnku sara

      • sara

        oh swara darling… thanks a lot .. I m here anytime. .
        I understand you may not be able to share everything with parents that direct mean you take any extreme steps. ..
        if you feel lonely share with friends or just divert your mind watch some good videos or go to a movie… its all impulsive feeling one v that moment passes you will not feel the same tats the beauty of time. . it heals everything. .. so be positive enjoy your life.. god girl swara… -:))

  7. Fatarajo

    I wish Viplav and Dhaani got married in today’s episode but in a way it’s good I would have missed this episode anyways 😛 but I must say Viplav made a smart attempt

  8. Fatarajo

    @prachi n Kavitha thanks for informing the repeat telecast timings
    @akshay I don’t believe in romance in real life 😛 they only look good in tv 😛 and my course is electronics, computer n communications engineering

  9. Amal

    Today’s episode seems quite interesting , at least theres no misunderstanding between the love birds. ????

  10. aish

    I wish purple a quick recovery, I can’t hold it when I read her health status ( crying) bcos I can’t imagine wat she’s and her parent are going thru. I pray to Allah to heal her soon ( LA ba’sa tohurun insha.)
    @Rahul pls take heart and don’t forget anything silly as u’ve said, just have faith in God and believe all will be well.

  11. Saranya

    Hey Varsha,hi-fi,i too think the same.i can’t accept the fact that this purple mystery is reality.feels something strange.feeling like ingenuinity.don’t know why.the person is identified as unknown,why can’t he/she write the real name if its a genuine case.i shared it only bcz i value all of ur friendship.sorry if i hurt u.but i should tell this concern atleast now.i am with u varsha.

    • Swara

      Hi..I also think about it after reading varsha’s comment….but now I read the last comment of the previous episode…in that rahul also accept that it is correct and…that unknown said that she is sis of rahul….I don’t know what to believe or not….

      • florentina moldovan

        hI, sWARA! IF THIS IS TRUE OR NOT , you shouldnt think so much on that issue….i dont think this story is true and i don t want to heart enyone. Your trust must be on your family and friends…..real friends….i like you very much and i wish you only good things but i am very, very far from you…..if someday you will need me and you or i dont have net connection haw would you handle with your problem?!-that is why i say your family and your real friends should be on the top of your trust….problems happens all the time but you must look in front of you and keep walking, if someday you will feel that you are not understand or feel that darkness surrounds you -belive that nothing lasts forever end the light will come again .. And a thing that i have experienced too, nobody is never alone, God is with us in every moment, we only have to call his name and is there.God bless you, sweet child and your parents for raising a girl like you!

    • prachi

      But saranya Rahul also wrote DAT she attempted suicide. But d fact is DAT if she is rahul’s sis den how she identified as unknown

    • rithwika

      For you also I want to tell one thing I am rithwika….rahul’s sis…..I dont want to create any kind of misunderstanding here….one more thing life is a precious thing to everyone ….no one will make a joke of that….your comments make me so sad….just forget about purple and rahul they will never disturb u…

  12. Sujie

    I wish purple speedy recovery and want to request her to think about her beloved ones before taking foolish steps…

  13. Shraddha Sharma

    Episode was going nice..
    Until and unless they added spice of tripurari and kanak…. they both are tooo smart….

  14. Sujie

    What to say about today’s episode… lovebirds are together and their love is their strength…
    I have read the spoilers which says DT would send Kanak to ashram and Viplav would be upset with Dhaani for letting Kanak stay in the ashram… but they will soon clear the misunderstandings… Dhaani and Viplav will celebrate Dhaani’s birthday… Kanak will get frustrated seeing Dhaani with Viplav… Dhaani will be given kheer but Viplav ends up eating that kheer….
    I was thinking DT must have been changed by now as Dhaani saved him from the aghoris… how can he think of not letting ViDhaani’s marriage happen….. Dhaani saved his life. he should be thankful to her with heart and accept the marriage…. ViDhaani’s love is much more powerful and pious than DTs fake prestige as Mahant…..

  15. rithwika

    Guys…I read your comments….purple is my sister in law……the news is correct…I did a mistake by posting the news…I thought everyone loves purple di…but I am wrong…u guys dont trust her or my bhai….rahul bhayya asked me to tell u the news I just posted this news from my id but I dont want to reveal my name because I am not interested in that….purple di shared her pain,happiness,tensions with u by thinking ikrs as her family…but now I think she did a big mistake…rahul bhayya aaid that he and di loves ikrs family a lot..that’s why they disclosed their relation here…due to both the family’s problems my father asked my brother to broke this engagement…by hearing this purple di became so much emotional and did a mistake……she is still unconscious…but I am wrong …I didnt post this news to you guys… guys are not trusting my bhai…my di…..she is a genuine person …my bhai too… atlast I am bidding a gud bye to you from my bhai and bhabhi… guys will never get a glimpse of news……sry for disturbing you all….a big sry from rahul and purple………dont think too much about my di….just forget them…..from nowonwards purple and rahul is dead for you……

    • dont blame our IKRS family for this we care everyone we love everyone we felt bad when the engagement was broken but i shared a news for the safety u misunderstood that we cant do anythinggg

    • Sonu

      Please Ritwika don’t get angry of our family. Hamari family ki taraf se mein sorry chathau tumse. Here all are good and we are all love our Raoul purple. I think they didn’t saw the yours comment in previous episode. Plase Ritwi don’t say like that, we want both Rahul and Purple. We loves both of them so much..We never want to loose of them.Please Ritwi don’t go from here.
      Maa humble request to you, please inform Purple’s condition. I hope you understand my takleef.. Once again sorry Riti from our family side if u get hurted.

    • Sujie

      see you cannot blame our IKRS fans family for that.. you should have though well before posting this news… all of us in this family wants purple’s and rahul’s good … no one will want them to be in pain…. do not say that rahul and purple are dead for us.. we will always wish the best for them.. we want them to be happy and were sharing our feelings…
      Don’t blame us and our care for Rahul and Purple.. we genuinely feel that things should be sorted….

    • ahana

      Dear rithwika,
      Plz don’t speak like that… have you not noticed how much concern we have for rahul and purple, we do trust them but a sudden bad news made many upset and this may have lead to doubt and I am sure if you answer there questions they will not have any doubt…. I know you are emotional and got angry when they questioned about your brother and his going to be wife……..Your sis-in law…… But try to understand that anger will not solve the issue and u will lead doubts in the minds of people if plz dont break our friendship like that….. I feel that saranya and philo generally had a doubt and wanted some answers what is wrong in that? You know that the news is true then answer there questions….. I hope that purple gets well soon and come to join our IKRS family as I think you are not able to understand our bond….. we are all unknown to each other yet we trust each one of them and share our problems, if they get a doubt they are not wrong at all as they are broad minded enough to trust us and be friends with us…., sorry if i have hurt anybody’s feelings but I just told what i felt…… Don’t hate me for that…….
      Love Ahana.

  16. rithwika

    You guys are thinking purple and rahul is fake…how can you think…they are commenting here more than two month ..but ….

    • Sonu

      No Ritwi, here no one think RahulPurple are fake couples. Who told u we thought that RahulPurple are fake? If u have doubt about our family members please see our comments in all episode. Then u know how much we love, trust and care for both of them.
      I already told u, they didn’t see your comment, thats why they ask that..

  17. Saranya

    Sorry to say that i still can’t believe all these mystery behind suicide.Rithwika i am also a keralite and pls don’t think that i am arrogant.i have no habit of hiding my emotions so i shared that.many things i am anxious to know,if purple is still in critical stage how can u come here and go through our comments like this or is it like that rahul asked u to comment here once more about purple’s condition.if u are here pls clarify my doubt.sorry guys if i hurt anyone of ur emotions.i too supported purple ystdy.but suddenly it seemed as a mystery to me.that’s why i said that.sorry.

  18. Dilu

    Philo …dont be so hyper yaar…try to understand her mind set…she is so much tensed …..she is hurted by some comments….we should think it positive….purple and rahul consider us their family…thats why they shared everything about here…If I were in rithwika’s place we will also post these kind of comments…plz calm and try to understand the emotional state……

  19. Rajee

    Oh god! What is happening here? ??? I am really puzzled & tensed…its really disturbing…for a moment this thought came to my mind too that this is a false news but then I got emotional… Thought of not posting any comments but I am really confused…help plz…

    • florentina moldovan

      Dear Rajee, our duty is to love every human being , feel sorry if he /she have problems, even send good energy, good thinkings but we cant develope attachements for others problems….and trust God! i dont belive in hazard, every moment of our life have a lection, a reason,…so, if this story is true we only can pray God for them and accept every thing with trust…..if God alow this things happen there is a reason for it!

  20. raj

    @saran…. what cn we do about this issue on suicide… is that real or fake? i have been reading this silently…… but i couldnt understand what’s going on…. what is your opinion bcz we can think about that in both ways…

    • Saranya

      Raj,u very well know,i gets angry immediately when anyone tries to blame my loving check my comments.i talked politely at first but her repeated comments made me mad.i don’t know how many of u are angry with me for this behaviour as i am not like this.still Raj i am forced to say so.i hope atleast u understand.

  21. Sonu

    Guys I am really hurted from yours comment to Ritwik.How u told she is fake? R u saw the previous episode’s comments? There I asked unknown to who r u and how u know abt Purple? She gave the answer and also told the why she not post her name here.And Rahul also commented, purple committed to suicide.
    Guys next time don’t do this type of mistake. If anyone get angry, hurted y my comment please padden me..
    I am so hurted and feel so bad..

  22. Saranya


  23. Swara

    Rithwika…pls don’t miss understood. ..whole ikrs family is worried 4 our real life vidhani…..I can’t even concentrate in my favourite show ikrs …..I thought too take a break…but just came here to check about purple’s health. .
    Pls give updates of her health…
    And I am again saying that don’t miss understood our ikrs family. ….

  24. Sonu

    @Rahul, don’t loose your hope. Our and your Purple get well soon. This time u must be with her. You only the her life. Don’t loose your faith. Bagwaan pe barosa rako, voo hamari Purple ko jaroor jeeta.
    Tumari sis ko bolo, hum uski maafi maangtae, mujhe patha she hurted from ours comments..

  25. sara

    @rithvika see you are not right in saying ikrs family had no concern for r purple n rahul. .. cant you see so many people showing concerns..
    see its obvious we get doubt about the authenticity of the news.. I was also doubtful about the news. . its obvious. .
    if you are real genuine person you need to understand this n try to tell the facts not v that getting angry on ikrs family. .

  26. Fatarajo

    Hold on looks like more than the show there has been a misunderstanding here too, actually rithwika nice to meet u I think some people r thinking like that because people do make jokes I don’t know what is right or wrong, if we have hurt u we are really sorry actually I think it’s because sometimes as I comment in other pages people say something serious and then in the end they say April fool or it was a joke not in this forum but other forums also so keeping this mind we r so sorry and I will pray to God for purhul(purple n Rahul) regardless of it being true or false these kinds of problem do occur n everyone is welcome in this family

  27. Rajee

    I just don’t understand what to comment..varsha,saran!!!! Shhhh….love u guys a lot…so don’t want any mess here.
    Waiting for this forum to come to normalcy…good night to all…peace 4 all…

  28. prachi

    Sry rithvika for misunderstood u.actually we didn’t know u before.u sudden comment here as unknown. So we were doubtful abt u.n rahul n purple r nt fake.we respect der relation.hope she ll recover soon.

  29. Jova

    @rithwika I really don’t know purple and rahul are fake or not but I have to say this you posted life is a precious one no one can make fun of it. That’s what we say life is more precious one if we lost it never come back. If purple under that condition I mean alive or not that condition no one can open this page and comment like this. There is no time to breath rithwika then how could you comment like this and made a debate competition here that purple and rahul are fake or not. Its really unrealistic. And rithwika if its really true please go to purple and take care of her first. Later u can made debate competition.if I hurt you I am really sorry I never interfere anyone personal life but this time I can’t control my self. So I blast out everything.
    And tellyupdates updates I have one question when u post a one comment u take under moderation plz note what that purpose.

  30. zea

    Oh god!….. Jitni misunderstanding hmare vidhaani k beech nahi hoti usse zyada to mere ikrs friends k beech ho gai hai…. Please sort it out!!!!

  31. Sonu

    Guys please get angry on her, she didn’t know about our family. And her situation ko understand kariyena..This is not the time of blame her, we must pray for Purple’s condition..

  32. Guys I don’t know whether it was real r not that purples condition is serious. But if it was fake news iam really happy that purple is not serious n her suicide attempt also fake means it was good thing na.
    If the suicide attempt news was real I pray god to save her life n she deserves her life to live god pls bless her n save her.
    Don’t worry rahul n pls take care of purple n be support to her in future.

  33. sara

    I read rahul’s content in ydays page now do b the news seems real. ..
    rithwika please don’t mind any of our doubtful comments. . please .. take care of ur bhai he also needs support. .
    and rahul please be with purple n for sure good will answer all our prayers. .
    update is with the status of purple n take care. .
    please don’t get angry just be strong n be strength of ur bhai in handling this crisis. .

    • sara

      @saranya no one is angry with u Ford sure.. yes lets all get back to normalcy n enjoy our awesome episodes of ikrs..
      from last two days full vidhani scenes n nice episodes..
      but I could not v enjoy them as my mind was revolving around d purple (there was a possibility of the news being fake but possibility of being true also was there)..We will just pay for her wellbeing n carry on with our normal routine. .
      good day to all of you

  34. And about today’s episode it was going softly ,viplav again started his investigation to prove tp as criminal lets see how much his idea works out.
    Viplav jaldi se tum yeh drama Latham kardo Valentines day aane wali hai tum dhonoko apni pehli pyar ka din anewali hai.
    So finish this cid track soon n come to luv track yaar viplav we r eagerly waiting that wat surprise ur going to give for our dhaani.ur surprise must be the best in all our TV shows.this wat iam expecting but don’t know wat is writers opinion.let’s wait n watch.

  35. Hello guys……. I am ravina. I love ikrs and daily read ur comments but never dared to comment. I was totally impressed that you people think that we are a family. I always felt like expressing my concern towards purple incident through the comments but always prayed silently for her recovery. I was totally sad when rithwika stopped telling about the condition of our beloved purple. Hope she recovers soon……………..

  36. Hi freinds after reading all comments think that saranya n varsha are right on their part n ritwika n rahul on their thanks to sonu for clarification n sorting out. Dear ritwi request u to advice which hospital is purple so that ikrs family can visit if possible apologise if i have hurt anyone

  37. Mirsada

    I to greet, again problems, but Vidha together it is important. Dashart still against marriage,why? ????

  38. Saranya

    OK OK,i think now i have to free this dilemma from my mind and back to be normal.let anyone say anything,we all are there is no misunderstanding track here anymore.i hope noone is angry with me bcz of ystdy’s angry behaviour .

    • Rajee

      No Saranya.. Not at all …not angry on u or anybody…no misunderstanding but yes there is some hesitation to post comments now… Hope everything will b fine very soon as I want to laugh & smile like b4 along with u guys…

  39. Swara

    Good morning to all my ikrs family…..guys cheer up…and a special wish to my sara and florentina moldovan…..

  40. Swara

    Hi florentina moldovan. …I used share my prblms with my best friend. .(hey..I don’t have that much problem….in my small life little prblms….chill yar…)and my besty is now little far frm sometimes I feel lonely. ..but in next second she will call me..and frm my sound she will caught me….I too belive that every night will end and a morning will come…so when something bad happen then their is something big for happiness is waiting for us…….
    Ooopstarted my drama..isn’t. .. I think today I got possess by someone….thnk u florentina

  41. raj

    kadavul thanthaa alagiya vaalvu
    ulagam muluvadum avanadu veedu
    kangal moodiye vaalthu paadu

    karunai pongum ullangall undu
    kanneer thudaikkum kaigalum undu
    innum vaalanum nooru andu

    yeduvarai vaalkai alaikkirado
    aduwarai naamum sendriduvoom
    vidai perum neram varum pothum
    sirippinil nandri solliduvoom

  42. sara

    I think tp has told her dt is his dad. .
    that’s y vip looking for father’s nange in tp’s application. ..

  43. sara

    What kind of pandith have u got raj.. marriage ritual starts from putting sindoor? no garland exchange no phere nithing seedha sindoor..
    or is it that our hero in full urgent to put sindoor? ???
    Don’t worry viplav baba tumneto uska maang apni khoonse bhardee hain.. phir kaaheka chinta karteho..
    ghar javo tumhari maane laduu banayee hai use khao aur so jao..

  44. RG

    A good conceptual soap going haywire every single day.started very well with a message and should have followed the track.Sorry this is the reason it must have lost TRP and given 6.30pm timing.Writers just conclude the killing episode by bringing the real culprit and then take the love story forward in a nice manner.It is getting dragged like a chewing-gum

  45. prachi

    Gudmrng frnds.cheer up,just forget yesterday incident. One gud newz .der is a poll on India new forum for best hero.n in DAT poll multiple votes r nt allowed, but mishal took d first place as best hero:-)

  46. Swara

    If kanak goes to ashram …then their will be fight b/w rajlekshmi and kanak. .. isn’t. ….and I love thetheir fights…

  47. hi i am new member here (ikrs)…and i am also a silent reader of t episode and t comments…i love vidhani very much….i wish to join this ikrs family…

  48. Hi gud mrg frnds .hello my dear frnds Swara,Sara,saranya,sonu,prachi,shri,kaviya,renu,jyothi,divya,vidhya,Akshay,anni,joyee,mirsada,Louella,br mam and all others.Have a nice day.

    • sri(kaviya)

      Gud mrg kavi and all ikrs fans have a nice day. Kavi did you read my ff. You ask me to inform you. Did you read it or not. U want link means ask me, I will post u.?

  49. Episode was good…..seems to be we can’t expect vipu&dhaani marriage in this week….at least in the coming week we r hoping to see vipu&dhaani marriage as soon as possible then TRP will go up….
    From the beginning I enjoyed vipu&Dadi scenes as much as I enjoyed vipu & Dhaani scenes ………..daadi u r soooo sweeet……

  50. Frm the past three episodes I couldn’t able to see Kanak hair style ………so plzzzz change the Kanak hair style…….plzzz director sir…

    • Rajee

      Yeah kanak’s hairstyle & eyebrows look horrible…very bad styling…no need to show her like that as her activities is enough 4 us to hate the character..
      We feel like-” bhoot aya,
      Hayo mere rabba…”
      Kind request to change kanak’s look.

    • Saranya

      Yes Raj,we should forget bad and sad moments in life.u know i don’t like sticking in past.sticking in past means we can’t move on in life.i want to be happy always so i am back.

  51. Saranya

    Yeh kanak tripadi yani aapki sundar aur sushil bahu ki kaam hai balloon ji.dekhiye tho sara jab jab aapki vampire bahu aapke pothe ko dhani se alag karne ke koshish karthi hoo na thab thab woh dhonom aur paas aa jathi hai.aapki bahu tho kamal haina.woh bechari tho hamesha apni kaam chopad hona ke baat bina jaankar laddu ghathi bhi hai aur ghilathi bhi hain.acha lagta hai BEST COMEDIAN OF THE YEAR AWARD GOES TO MRS.KANAK TRIPADI

  52. Sonu

    Now how is Purple? How can we know her condition? Really upset. Please Ritwika inform us, your sister in law’s condition? Yesterday u told she is in 24hrs observation. Now how is she?

  53. Sonu

    @Rahul, please atleast you tell us, how is Purple? Your sis leave this page. I think she never comment here again..Please Rahul inform me..

  54. Rajee

    Thanx Sara,sujie,kavitha 4 enjoying my yesterday’s comments. I have more such stuff but now situation here feels very sensitive so not posting now.

  55. Saranya

    Guys this a dialogue b/wkanak,dt,shambu,shalu.just for a fresh start from ystdy.
    D:kya baat hai bahu ji aaj aap bahut khush lagati hai?
    K:ham apne bete ko apne hathom se ghana banakar dena ja rahi hoon babu ji
    S:kya,maa ne ghana banana ja rahi hoon!
    K:ha woh bhi hamra beta ka man pasanth ghana
    S:yaad haina dada ji pichli baar kya hua tha.aapne laddu banayi.woh ham logom ko nahi ghana paaya.isliye usse bahar phek diya aur
    Sh:baaki mein bathathi hoon.woh phek diya ghana ek kutha ne aakar ghaya aur bhagvan ke lak lak shukar he woh ham sab ko zindha chod diya.lagatha hai woh bechara tho ussi dhin banaras hi chod kar chala gaya
    K:hame math sikhao shambu ji,ham janthe hai ham kya karna jaa rahi hoon
    D:bahu ji aap ek kaam kariye.aapka gahana pahanakar sabko gaali dekar yaham waham ghoom liya kariye.aap se tho ussi kaam aathi hai.
    K:babu ji aap bhi tho mahant hai lakin aap ko bhi kuch nahi patha hai.
    D:mujhe tho logom ko moorg banana aatha hai lakin aap ko khud ek moorg banana hi aatha hai.
    Sh:samje ya samjao maa

  56. Rajee

    Initially I used to like eisha as dhani more than mishal..but day by day I am getting more impressed by mishal…he is just a renewable resource of talent…ikrs without mishal is just unimaginable..eisha is sometimes blank but becoz of Mishal ,vidhani scenes feel amazing… Wish eisha to improve as she has the ability.. .

    • Saranya

      Correct observation Rajee,eisha sometimes has no emotions but Mishal makes those scenes lively.he is the soul of the show and expression king.keep rocking mishal.

    • sara

      correct rajee even I find esha blank on some scenes may be its problem with editing.. they take different shots from both ends one for vip other for dhani.. When viplav’s side shot going on dhani will be Simply standing. .m vice versa.. may be our editor saaab has messed up. .especially in previous eposode near the bridge while viplav decides to marry dhani was totally expression less

    • Sujie

      absolutely right Rajee….. you know what I am literally in love with Viplav and with Mishal Raheja too…. his smile, his charm….. omg 🙂 🙂 😛
      Love Mishal Raheja
      Love Eisha Singh
      Love IKRS
      Nowadays I smile just like that imagining ViDhaani romantic scenes…..
      Wish I could meet Mishal personally some day…..

  57. Saranya

    Today i had classes only until what i did was i went straight to clg canteen and had a coffee.then went to my snack bar and had an ice cream.that’s my way of tension realease.look i am fully happy now.

    • raj

      ye keisa sawaal hai? arre i m tamilian yaar ( i like to learn hindi with ur support. madat karneki tayaar haina? )

      • Sonu

        Teeke baaba, aap kuch dino ki pheli kaha taa na, aap Srilanka mein reha hai. Muje patha nahi thaa aap tamilian hai, isliye aapse poochti.
        Bilkul yaar, mein ready hoon. My hindi also not correct. Par Bilkul mein aaapko Hindi sikanae mein aapki madad karungi.

  58. Shri

    Hello Friends


    OH YEAH RAJEE ..her hairstyle is as thoughshe’s for partying..very funny..
    being a widow, she doesnt hav a sad feeling atal

    yenne koduma saravana

  59. Mishal
    Omg he is the real hero ya he is selected as best TV hero.he really deserves it.
    Ya rajee in every vidhaani scene I like mishal acting expressions.because of he all scenes r amazing.
    I like his expression ,acting,n especially his prominent smile he is amazing actor the HERO

  60. Hi kaviya don’t worry I saw every episode.
    It was very interesting so I can’t stop to read.And also eagerly waiting for next episode dear.
    But I didn’t have only joyees ff link so joyee pls give ur ff link ya.

  61. Saranya

    Hey Sonu,how r you?i know ystdy we were in two different wonder bcz we all humans are diferent and have different thoughts still there is the fact of love and togetherness which make all of us for the sake of our friendship i am giving u a tight hug.

  62. sara

    hey joyee happy journey n have a great holiday. . I was waiting for u to go to bd as u said whenever you go out of Singapore God track will stay in ikrs that’s y.. lol

  63. sara

    saranya great you relaxed yourself with an ice cream. .
    I have a friend (she was my roommate in hostel).. whatever is the tension if sge watches one movie (it can be any damn movie).. her mood would be restarted.. she would get uplifted ..
    remembered her looking at ur comment

  64. aish

    Hi rajee and saranya, have u guys forgotten that not every is hindi here, rajee did he’s yesterday while saranya has done hers today. Wen u write in hindi then u’re telling us we don’t belong to this family and can’t be carried along.

  65. Sonu

    HI Saru, I am fine. Yaa u are right, in yesterday we were in different poll. But our friendship always remains strong. Saru if u get hurted from my comments in yesterday please forgive me. Kiss u and love u dear..

  66. Sonu

    Hi BR mam, where r u? Again u missed, what happened dear? Please atleast make one comment per day. Miss uuu.. love uuuuuuuuu..

  67. Sonu

    Now I am relaxed, after saw some ashramvala episode of IKRS. Guys please forgive me if anyone get hurted from my comment in Yesterday.

  68. sara

    I justwatched ydays episode with cool mind n enjoyed it..
    vip-uble aloo khake moti hogayiho tum
    dhani-mote hum nahee tumhari budhi hogayi hain
    vip- kya kare pehle kisibhee ladkiko kangan pehenaye nahee naa n that look. .. oh god
    maar daala viplav maradadala….

  69. Sonu

    I have one doubt, if DT really changed or not? I think he is acting in his outside, but he mentally not changed fully and not ready to accept Dhani as his house’s daughter in law. Why he blames KT?
    And one more doubt, why he is not handover the CD to Vipu?

  70. Sonu

    I heard one spoiler about ikrs in u tube. This spoiler is right or wrong I don’t know.
    As same as Sujie’s spoiler, bt one more thing is there, i.e KT should mix poison in Kheer, give to Dhani for had. But Vipu takes that Kheer and he is about to taste the kheer, KT stops him and throws the kheer. A cat eat the kheer and died.

  71. Swara

    In my view. ..viplav is matured while in their family scenes especially with kanak and too childish with our dhanni and dadiii….but he is so cute. …..

  72. aish

    U too Sara, writing in hindi. I’m not of the opinion that u guys shouldn’t write it at all buh pls it should be at the minimum level so that u can carry us along. Luv u guys

  73. Guyzz….. I think I have to start commenting and talking with ikrs family….. Plz…….. Will you accept me in ur family????????? I really love vidhaani and love to read your comments………

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.