Ishq Ka Rang Safed 2nd August 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishq Ka Rang Safed 2nd August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dhaani and Dulaari asking Rahul and Pakiya to come with them. Rahul says we will handle. Dhaani asks where is Pratibha Aayi? He says she went to talk to Pandit ji. Pandit ji says this marriage can’t happen as the mahurat will be ending. Pratibha says my son will come and will get married. Dhaani consoles her and asks her to have patience. She says sh is going to get Parshiya back. They see Viplav there. Rahul says did he come to sprinkle on the wounds…Dhaani asks are you involved? Vidha says my papa is here. They see Parshiya there. Viplav says I brought your to be husband here. Parshiya thanks him and says he has freed me from police station. Viplav says now calculation is equal, you have also saved me. Parshiya says I know you was innocent then also. He says I will

not forget your favor. Vidha thanks him and says I love you Rakshas uncle. Viplav says I can do anything for your happiness. Dhaani looks on. Rahul asks Parshiya to come and marry as Pandit is hurrying up. Parshiya asks Dhaani to come. Sab Tera song plays while Dhaani turns and looks at Viplav.

Parshiya comes to mandap. Pratibha gets thankful. Parshiya asks her not to worry and says I could come on time because of Viplav, he has bailed me out. Pandit ji says we shall do the rituals. Everyone apply haldi on him. Vidha also comes and applies haldi to her baba excitedly. Pratibha asks her to apply same haldi to her mum. Viplav tells Vidha to be careful while handling the haldi and says he will take her to Dhaani. Dhaani thinks about Parshiya’s words and thinks she had doubted Viplav again. Vidha and Viplav come there. Viplav says I didn’t come here to stop your marriage, your love for me in your heart will try to stop you from marrying. He says circumstances forces you to agree for marriage. Vidha asks him to hold the haldi bowl. She takes out haldi from the bowl, and some of it fell on Viplav’s finger. Vidha wipes his hand and takes that haldi on her hand, and applies on Dhaani’s face. Dhaani smiles. Viplav tells Dhaani that his hand’s haldi is applied on her face and says even destiny don’t want to separate them.

Dhaani asks Viplav not to do and holds his hand. She says I am yours and always be yours. Viplav says we have 7 births relation and I will not leave you so easily. He smiles, it turns out to be his imagination. He looks at Dhaani and blesses her for a happy life ahead with Parshiya. Pandit ji asks Vidha to welcome the groom with Tilak, as Dhaani is not having younger sister. Viplav looks on sad. Vidha asks Parshiya to bend and do the rituals. She says I am very happy as you are going to be my papa. She serves the drinks to the guests. Viplav also serves drinks. Guests gossip about his feelings in attending his ex wife marriage. Dulaari hears too. Viplav is leaving. Vidha stops him and says she will cry if he goes. Viplav tries to make her understand that he will come and meet her later, but in vain. He agrees finally on her insistence.

Dulaari comes to Dhaani and asks her to do puja before the God as told by Pratibha. Dhaani prays to God and says she will not cry. She thinks if I tell Vidha that Viplav is her father then if everything will be fine. She says Viplav has his own family, and thinks she is letting Parshiya become her father for her happiness. Dulaari comes and asks Dhaani to come as Pandit ji is calling her for marriage. Dhaani hugs her with teary eyes. Viplav is sad…Ishq Ka Rang Safed plays…………………Dulaari brings Dhaani and make her sit in mandap. Pandit ji asks about sandalwood. Dulaari says I will bring it from Dhaani’s almari. Viplav says I will bring it. He goes to their house and gets sandal wood, the fake letter falls down. Viplav picks it. Just then neighbor comes and asks him to bring sandal wood fast.

No Precap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. Mariyam123

    |Registered Member

    Vidha said “I love u Rakshas Uncle”😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 Aww! She was so cute when she said this. But there was one error, Vidha baby u should have said “I love u papa” instead of Rakshas uncle. That would be the best scene😍😍

  2. Renuverma

    |Registered Member

    Dhani u quickly gravbed yr bag to go to police station but forgot to remove yr floral beaded jewellery. Seriously its looking ltoo bad.

  3. Anne

    Thankyou H.Hasan.😘😘😘😘
    There is absolutely no reason Dhani should marry Parshiya. It doesn’t make sense.

    • Mariyam123

      |Registered Member

      Anne welcome back😊 Happy to see u back? How r u? Hope all is fine there☺

      Well about the marriage, the writers want to prove that they r completely stupid so they r showing these useless things😂😂

  4. Mariyam123

    |Registered Member

    No yaar😭😭😭 Why? Why? Why was it a dream??😡😡😡 I was sitting with my fingers crossed. The dream was so pleasant😍But then all got spoiled😞😞😞

  5. Mariyam123

    |Registered Member

    Mishal, your expressions😍😍😍😍 U touched my heart yaar😘😘 U r really the world’s best actor😍😍😘😘

    • Mariyam123

      |Registered Member

      Good point Renu di👍 I m sure this sari also Viplav must have given😒 Poor Viplav! Saare log uske paise loot rahe hai😂😂

  6. Mariyam123

    |Registered Member

    The episode was so good yaar😍😍😍 The reason is because Kaminicide is again been invented by the scientists😂😂

    Did u all notice that Kamini was not there yesterday as well as today💃💃💃 I m feeling like dancing💃💃 so friends, let’s at least be happy because, IT WAS A KAMINI FREE EPISODE😂😂😂

  7. nikha

    According to spoiler vidha ll b missing while marrige nd then viplove nd dhani ll come closer for vidha

  8. Mariyam123

    |Registered Member

    Viplav and soft drinks_😡😡😡 How could they do that. Was it the only thing left to be done in ikrs? What about Kamini? She is the first one to be given to serve and do all this stuff.

    I think they wanted to save money so they didn’t call the waiter😂 Arey but there were so many other people like Pratibha, Kamini, Kanak, Tripurari, Dashrath etc etc. What stupid people yaar? Ridiculous😠

  9. sindhu

    Pls dhani married with viplay only do not change the story from the past only kamini is ruined tgere life succed now viplay and dhani want to married will kamini failure ,big failure for kamini once of always failure for viplay and dhani now they want to strong in life i am eargerly waiting for how vidha knows viplay is his papa now the story is toooo boring

  10. Angel20

    |Registered Member

    Shit it was a dream!!!!
    Viplav’s expressions are mashallah!! 😍😍 he makes me fall in love with him again and again

  11. Jenniferobunomu

    Please how long with this go on, love is love. Let love win in this. When all the bad people pay. Please makes us to me happy again. Thanks

  12. Saranya

    One request to cv’s,pls don’t spoil viplav’s hurts bcz whenever u show like that all of us get to see Mishal’s sad face.we want that Viplav back who recogonized Tulsi’s true face instantly,we want that viplav back who loved doing fun,we want that Viplav back who fought with pandits.we want his cute smile.bcz if viplav smiles we will get to see the killing smile of Mishal.what the hell u made him distributing soft drinks?don’t spoil his character.feel like killing u for this utter stupidity.

  13. Saranya

    In his interview with Raj Mishal said that his favourite song of recently released movies is sab tera from he got the same song as his bg music.

  14. Saranya

    In his interview with Raj,Mishal said that his favourite song from recently released movie is sab tera from Bhagi and look today he got the same song as his bg song.

  15. Latha

    |Registered Member

    pH, cvs, makers and writers why r u dragging it till 28th August you ppl can end this show by this week itself by making dhani’s marriage with parshiya. Happy ending for dhani. Viplav crying and we ppl also crying by seeing viplav

  16. BR

    hi frs good evening … vip loves dhani too much that is why he wishes dhani to be happy .. but he serves cooldring with heavy pain

  17. H Hasan


    Hi friends, We have moved our website to a new platform. Some of you must know about it. Please check for the shows spoilers and related articles of your interest. Thanks….your writer H Hasan.

  18. BR



    yes I obey my daughter”s orders to stay up to marriage is over …

  19. Saraswathi.j

    Very prompt update ,appreciations to uploader , our platonic love hero is again dreaming ,the writers are struggling how to end the show , so they took three days holiday to cook up the story, really how funny it is, in olden days tragedy novels the hero sacrifice all his love for the sake of lovers…THEN trend changed every hero fight to get their love by hook or crook….now again may be the kala chakra is roatating to sacrifices their love for the sake of their loved ones ……keep it up writers , tragedy stories haunt us they won’t give peace of mind …they make us think why it happen like this ? The production house people give us a break to boost our energies to see again forth coming tragedy .
    Here I want to compare our govt ( before independence every thing is in private sector ,after independence our govt fallowed Socialism ( it is between capitalism and Communism ) our entire nation appreciated it and all public sector industries,govt institutions research centres what not even Banks 14 nationalised at the stroke of one signature of PM,then all appreciated her as Durgama,then we face the effect of socialism in the form of laziness ,reaeated strikes declining of production then again going back to Capiatalism that means every thing in private sector now may be not now some 20 to 25 years back govt start to minimise public and promote private we saw this kala chakra within a period of 40 to 50 years,the time how powerful it is specifically during this period woman benefited very much they come out from kitchen to education to office and this liberalisation give woman to stand on their won legs ,some times I think is it for good or for bad to woman ? When ever we saw Dhaani type of liberalism it is not …..many girls and women misusing this freedom given to them by society……..

    • Sonu

      |Registered Member

      Wow Saraswathi ji what a analysis.. Really good. I agree to your points of view. Keep it up yaar..

  20. BR

    but dhani gives one interview finally allis well I…..I think parshiya will leave ……

    and help vip and dhani unite… but dhani is his wife but he married her with out knowing any body …..afer that he married kamini now who is legal wife …..

    dhani stage is critical .. if she is legally first wife means…. she should divorce vip and then marry parshiya ….nahi means then what is the relation b/w vip and dhani ?

    • Saraswathi.j

      BR in this serial though the lead hero was a lawyer ,there is no legal points almost all are illegal,1..Shalu engagement and break up by his own grand parent
      2. Engagement of Viplav with his classmate Taanya and break up
      3.dhaani escape of criminal charges about killing of her husband
      4. Engagement of Dhaani with Viplav
      5 .viplav,s temple marriage with Dhaani
      6.leaving Dhaani at ashram and whether she is wife or know
      7.viplav marriage with Kamini ,with out divorce of first wife
      8. Marriage of Dhaani without legal separation of second husband to Parshya
      9. Illigetimate relationship of DT to Durga
      10. No reality in all these stupid story.
      11. Today Dhaani is going to police station with all her flower decoration what a stupid direction
      12. Just like Gajendra moksha scene of Lord Vishnu
      13. The story writers,ph,cvs making us fools to stick to this IKRS

  21. Mona146

    |Registered Member

    I hate dulaari. Why did she force Dhaani for marriage? Neither she will accept her husband nor she will let dhaani move on? Why no one doubts Kamini? I want kamini to come to marriage and create a scene where she will reveal that atharv is not viplav’s son. Hearing that dhaani might have a change of opinion.

  22. BR

    renu .. and arsh take care heavy rain more than 10 lak h people r suffering

    how r u ?those who r in north plz take care ……

  23. SARAS

    hi friends. ..
    I was down with viral fever.. today little better. . was not in a position to watch tv or read written update…

    today’s episode was ok ok..
    loved dream sequence. . loved the way vidha stops her paapa..

    hated to see viplav acting as waiter.. What’s that non sense yaar..

    • Renuverma

      |Registered Member

      Hi saras . Even i had viral fever with cough cold bodyache donce Thursday. Saturday n Sunday was worst. Now fever gone but cough n pain still there.
      Yes dream sequence was the best today.also the way viplav is forced yo stay back by vidha is comendable.😊

  24. Sonu

    |Registered Member

    Hi ikrsians how r u guys? What is your opinion about today’s episode? Do comment fast and share yours thought s..

  25. SARAS

    I was wondering how would viplav feel vidha being brought up by such class of people. . no viplav u take our vidha away. .. let dhani n dulari live in basti happily ever after

    • Renuverma

      |Registered Member

      Seriously saras in reality no educated n financially well off father would accept thst her daughter is grown up amongst goons n illiterate people ..

  26. Sonu

    |Registered Member

    About today’s episode really sad for me..
    This PH house fully karab kar diya iss show ko..Please think realistic..
    From my point of view, no one women don’t want to remarry again for favour of her children( when her husband, or her children’s dad is alive). She must fight for her children’s right. Not married another person..Eisa bhi ho Santa hai kya?

  27. Sonu

    |Registered Member

    I hope Parshiya don’t marry Dhabi. He only make Vidhani’s marriage again.. He must understand Vipu’s pain..
    Director sir isi toh kar dijiyae..

  28. Sonu

    |Registered Member

    Please Sanjeedha ki costume toh acchi se kariyae. She is already thinny and today her costume is not yet at all suit for her…
    She is not looking good..little bit make up kamm kariyae..

    • Renuverma

      |Registered Member

      Actually sonu her face is thin n lips are broad which look broader with dark lippers n i might be wrong that when she speaks or laughs then she looks aged i don’t know why but if she is silent with hands in natural posture without movements then she looks young. Sorry if i have hurt someones feelings.

  29. RK

    Hi everyone…..I m new here so please treat me as a part of the IkRS group …..I so wished it was not a dream 😑 what’s wrong with dhani’s mother she always pressurise Dhani for wrong things only ….d way she is forcing dhani to marry parshiya she could have forced dhani to tell truth to viplav 😡 and it seems like vidha is going to have some medical issue and that will bring dhani and viplav close 🤔

    • Mariyam123

      |Registered Member

      In the further episodes we will see that Viplav does the ghatbandhan of Parshiya and Dhaani but suddenly Vidha will faint and will be taken the hospital. She will be suffering from a disease. Due to this reason Viplav will have to come back in Vidha and Dhaani’s life.

      If u want the link of the spoiler, here’s the link,
      Hope this will be helpful for i

  30. Tiya

    |Registered Member

    Precap : Dhaani putting baar on Parishya and Viplav burning Dhaani’s chunri and bangles saying he wants to forget those memories… And Kamini being happy 😔

  31. Sonu

    |Registered Member

    @Saras, now how r u dear? In yesterday’s episode’s page mein I asked about u. Take full rest yaar, don’t do work for few days. Drink plenty of water.. And take some fruits.. Take care dear..

  32. Harika

    |Registered Member

    Ikrs spoilers

    Dhaani is marrying for the third time, but with Parshiya. She is seated with Parshiya like a Marathi bride. She is marrying him for Vidha’s happiness. Vidha does their ghatbandhan. Dhaani is not happy with her marriage and is shattered from inside as she has broken Viplav’s heart even though still she loves him. Just as she was taking pheras with Parshiya, Vidha faints and the marriage halts in the middle. Dhaani and Parshiya will take her to the hospital and will come to know about the deadly disease which she is suffering from. Dhaani have to return to Viplav to save Vidha’s life.

    • Saraswathi.j

      Writers playing football with dhaani ,now the goal keeper ready to capture it ,so win his love

    • Saraswathi.j

      Harika Ji why Dhaani return to Viplav may be for financial support she made Viplav painful not revealing her daughter Viplav is her father,then why she go to Viplav ,this Dulaari and nasty Dhaani whenever they are in trouble they go readily to Viplav..then may be the shooting stops by 16 th of this month that means story completes……and ready to close like LTL all is well board .

  33. Saranya

    Hai Saras,get well soon.virus is like kamini,it willn’t go so pls take care and get that dirty virus aka kamini out.

  34. Sujie

    |Registered Member

    Hello family…… How are you all???
    Welcome to all the newcomers…….
    Talking about the episode….. Viplav was serving cold drinks to everyone as waiter…… Arrey he is a lawyer…..not a waiter….. Can’t see him in so much pain…..
    I knew that’s gonna be dream….. Kyoonki viplav dreams nice things like this and in reality he gets pain……
    That haldi part….. Mishal’s dialogue..😍😍😍 but the sad part is that Viplav’s heart is crying….
    I can’t stand Dulaari maai and Dhaani too….. If this was played by Eisha….. The anger would have been same for current track of stupidity shown by Dhaani…. So no bad comments for Sanjeeda…please
    Ek khwaais hai….. If vidha would have said I LOVE YOU PAPA….toh 😍😍😍 but koi nahi….. Woh din saayad dur nahi…jab truth will be known to vidha….
    Makers have really lost it….. Viplav was made like a waiter today….. Tomorrow makers would make viplav to decorate the room of parshiya and Dhaani on their wedding night…..👿👿👿ridiculous….
    On top of that…. Viplav was about to get that fake letter…but that lady had to come….. WHAAAAAT A TIMING???
    Parshiya seems good…… If he loves Dhaani truly ..then he will not be obsessed to Dhaani…and sooooo eager to marry him…. But will know seeing Dhaani’s eyes …will know that Viplav Dhaani are not ordinary lovers….they are lovers for life…. What they mean to each other….. Then I will do the honours of parshiya ….. Please don’t turn him negative makers….. Enough of negativity in ViDhaani’s life……

  35. Saranya

    If i have a time machine with me,the first thing i wish to do is to go back to that day when the cv’s introduced kamini character and i will re write it as a new girl called Anjali enters who is actually a friend of Piya,sarla kaki’s grand daughter.through which i will slowly reveal dulari mayi past.vidhani will go to sarla kaki house to find the truth and truth comes out.that track will take atleast two weeks to complete and in b/w we vidhani fans will get a lot of romance.
    Then i focus on Ashram.dhani misses ashram so they go there for some b/w raj and raj lakshmi will come as second leads.dada ji gets furious so he plots against dhani with help of kanak.suddenly Viplav gets a call which tells that dada ji is villain and he has proof against him.viplav starts Mission Dadaji then and later it reveals that,that call was from tp(old tp).very soon it reveals that durga is dt’s second wife.oh yes i think this plot was enough for them to stopping Eisha’s exit and to get high trp.what u think guys?

  36. Aiswarya

    Louella I think scientists have to work more hard on kaminicide 😂😂 then every episode will be KAMINI FREE 😂😂

  37. Arshdeep

    |Registered Member

    That moment when Viplav looked up..smiled and then Dhani smiled and then i smiled with teary eyes and then Viplav telling hmara rishta 7 janmo ka hai..itni jaldi picha nhi chodunga and then everything reversing and realising nothing happened as crying again😢😭💔💘

    • Zee

      Hi Arshi. How are you? I guess you were right about IKRS going the Humsafar way – Vidha is getting sick. Maybe like HS, taking care of the child will bring the parents closer. But Asher was not married in Humsafar, while Viplav is, plus bacha bhi hai. I wonder how this will be sorted.

  38. Arshdeep

    |Registered Member

    The part where Vidha says “Aaj aap mere Papa ban jayenge…” and Viplav knowing he his father couldnt bear it anymore😭

    Thank God Parshiya spoke that Viplav was the one who helped him come out of jail.

    Viplav.. everytime he walks in front of that Dhani’s house in chawl.. That moment. My God😭💔
    Their lives are so twisted up..Viplav not knowing his fault..and Dhani not wanting Viplav to leave his home….worried how are they gonna untangle everything. But just hope all truths come out before the show ends.
    Thank you Hasan Mam for the update and for the news about tellyreviews😊

  39. Arshdeep

    |Registered Member

    The moment when Father-Daughter hugged each other😍💙😘

    They both were shown serving drinks to emphasise that the family is serving the guests on marriage and to let that lady speak nonsense to hurt Viplav 😐😑

  40. Saraswathi.j

    Today I wonder how Dhaani sit in marriage mandapam in front of Viplav , do not she feel shame ,marrying in front of x husband.

  41. Saraswathi.j

    What type of woman she is?
    Is she marrying for vidha when her real father is in front of her?
    What message the writers want to give?
    Is she never think how many times she marry
    Dulaari and Dhaani are same to same
    Really all these are happening in India
    Omg again make all woman inside homes do not bring them freedom

  42. Anya

    Hello frnds. I think the writers have completely lost their minds. How dare they make Viplav do such a thing?😡😡😡 serve drinks & sweets and in turn listen to the taunts of those fool basti ladies. And our super Mahaan Mrs. Dulaari. Now i’m absolutely sure that she(along with our another mahaan personalities -the stoey writers ) is in really in need of a psychiatric treatment. How cud she just see her son-in-law do this type of work? Waise to she is all the time saying bachwaji bachwaji & now bachwaji is doing the work of a waiter & she is least bothered. 😠😠😠😡😡😡😡What a dumbo she is!! Completely gone out of her senses living with these chawl people for the last few years.

  43. molu

    Hi frnds…yesterday’s precap was just an imagination ..kyaa viplav Vo fake letter padega ❔…LETS HOPE FOR THE BEST 😃

  44. Anya

    I can’t see Viplav in so much Pain. O u stupid out of mind dhaani, pl come back to ur senses. What the HELL r u doing? Giving so much unbearable pain to the man who made U, who made ur Life, who loves u & his daughter so much that he is ready to do the work of even a waiter for u. And u didn’t give him anything except insult, humiliation and pain. Dhaani, u r really a disgusting person. 😠😠😠😡😡😡 i really feel like giving u this 👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊 U

  45. Keerthi

    Please stop dhani’s marriage with parshiya. The show will loose its fame if the marriage happen.dont make dhani and viplav separate.

  46. RK

    Hey sonu, Louella, meghanashettigar, Arshdeep thanks 4 d sweet welcome😊 and sonu d full form of rk is not Rishbala kundra😂

  47. Saranya

    Pls costume designers,pls change current attire of Mishal.if its necessary to change dressing style after leap,then make him wear shirts and jeans,just like he wore in the second epi,the colour throwing epi or in the first date with dhani epi.its true that Mishal looks handsome in all costumes,still he looks more cute in old costume,and in shirt and favourite costumes of Mishal till now in IKRS is his ikrs launch waala white jacket(he looks very handsome in that with cute smile),blue shirt in colour throwing epi,paint falling epi shirt(paint spoiled that shirt),white shirt,date wala red shirt,marriage wala check shirt,lie detection epi check shirt,love confession wala blue check,tulsi last epi shirt;oh God the list is non-ending.
    Sorry guys for this costume discussion.actually i wanted to say this from many i couldn’t stop me from doing that.i know u all are seriously discussing abt their marriage.pls bear my stupidity.hahahahaha.

      • Saranya

        Mam,it really fact its one of the major attraction in all serials.we want them to look good and stylish even if there are knee deep sorrow.why the heroine looks beautiful and stylish even if the hero is in death bed and vice versa.glamour also matter.i am not opposing u.u are also right in ur point.this is my opinion only.

      • Saraswathi.j

        I say yes for your comment Saranya young generation not only in education they are smart looking also.

    • Sujie

      |Registered Member

      Saranya….. Viplav aka Mishal looks handsome in any attire…may it be formals or informal ones….. Those days dweeb he used to be cheerful…spreading happiness will always be missed…. Aaj ka mudda yeh hai Ki…. Viplav is shattered….. So soooo much hurt😱😱😫😫😫

  48. Dhanprasad

    Really don’t understand on the second marriage of Dhani, knowing that Viplav is alive. Don’t understand why the misunderstanding of Dhani to Viplav is going on n on. Don’t understand why the Kamini conspiracy is not getting revealed. It seems vilian are the main pillar of the story. No suspense, No drama, No romance, where is the story going? If don’y want to reveal the misunderstanding, pls end the role of Viplav. Not looking good simply, as he is begging for his love with Dhani, who gave her new Life when she was widow with lots of trouble.
    Else restart the second part with Dhani as widdow and Parshiya as masive lover like Viplav in the beginning of the show.
    Else end the show with Dhani and Viplav pethup- as happy ending.

  49. Indira

    Hi there well it is the first time i am going to make a comment. Love the show, no dout about. It made it”a pleasure to watch” as the leading actor is not leaving. But it does get boring when it goes on and on. I think as viewers we would love “a little bit if GIve and Take from the Dhani and Viplav. Yea how can one get away with so much conspiracy. It is about time ‘ at least small part of that is revealed. No matter what i love it.

    • Renuverma

      |Registered Member

      Hi indra welcome to our family.😊. Actually writers or ph r actually fooling us n playing with our emotions. Now as its heard that our IKRS is on the verge of going off air so obviously at làst it would end on a happy note as to our expectations but its sad that cvs could not maintain their real theme postleap. Seriously it wud have been much better to end without leap n then obviously eisha singh would have stayed back . In few episodes they cud expose kamini reveal all mysteries n let vidhani stay happy forever. By this their message to society of widow remarriage would have been accomplished.
      Unnecessary introduction of leap led to entry of sanjeeda. N then parshiya character not required at all on top of it have introduced pratibha. Disgusting.
      Only positive thing post leap is cutie pie vidhu n her marvellous performance at least better than her mom . N best is father daughter scenes.

  50. Saraswathi.j

    On seeing the 4th marriage of Dhaani on screen it reminds me even though it is a serial a fiction they incorporate some changes or trends going on in society … reminds me one movie, SUMANGALI ” a Telugu picture in this story a girl loves his classmate and married him with the acceptance of her parents ,he is a faculty member in a college,during annual function he fell from top of building and damage his back bone ,he is unfit for family life,after some days going on he wants to marry her to his close friend,some how he made his wife to accept his proposal without her willingness ,that girl did not like this marriage ,she took a decision by herself ,and the marriage is going on suddenly she collaps and die because she consume poison before marriage… honour her charecter not accepting 2nd marriage our culture imbibed in us for a girl or boy marriage is only once in a life time no second marriage ..during marriage they take oath they will stay together in happiness and in sorrow and share life

    until death….now see how our woman change their thinking ,even though husband alive ,they are ready to marry multiple times on some pretext…can we take this change in attitudes as progressive or retrogressive?

  51. Saraswathi.j

    In one scene between vidha and Viplav near marriage mandapam he is very hurt by the gossip about him and go away but vidha insists to stay not to go before marriage In this scene the hands on vidha shoulders are not Viplav ,they are hairy hands but Viplavs very smooth without hairs why it is like that ?

  52. Saraswathi.j

    During entire episode Viplav,s grief and his inner turmoil and his dream that Dhaani accepted him , and his longing for his daughter his action really excellent mind blowing in tragedy scenes he rocks.

    • Renuverma

      |Registered Member

      Agreed to u saraswathiji. Actually viplav does wonders in everything but in tragic scenes he is actually verse n depicts his real emotions n does make everyone cry too.

  53. Rita Patel

    Vipluv leave Dhani , she is not worthy of your true love. She does not know true love.
    She pretends and does false drama of love. Unfair to Viplav and Parshiya.

    • Renuverma

      |Registered Member

      Hi rita. Agree ti u . Dhani is playing with emotions of both viplav n parshiya.
      When now she is aware that parshiya loves her she cud have clearly told him to be in his limits. Rather he has asked her ample nonof times weather she is happy with the alliance n always she has smiled back so now parshiya wud think that slowly dhani too is liking him . On contrary whenever she is alone or with dulari she is crying that she is doing this cor vidhas sake. Actually if she wud have said it in front of parshiya he might have tried to unite her with viplav if not then he wouldn’t have at least agreed for the marriage.

  54. Sujie

    |Registered Member

    Good morning family……
    Read all your comments….. Loved everyone’s views….. And the final conclusion is that DHAANI HAS BEEN STUBBORN…. AND WE AS VIEWERS HATE THIS VERY BEHAVIOUR SHE IS SHOWiNG TOWARDS Viplav….
    Undoubtedly Mishal has done each and every scene with perfect perfection…. Flawless performance….. His smile makes us smiles….his tears make us cry…..
    Such a phenomenal actor he is ❤️😍😍😍

    I can understand 5 years back Dhaani was hurt with the words she heard from Viplav.. MIND IT VIPLAV DIDNOT SAY THOSE WORDS……KAAMINI Manipulated it….not only Dhaani..but Viplav also fell under the nasty conspiracy of Kaamini…. 👿 VIPLAV AAP BAAR BAAR YEH KYOON KEH RAHE HAI KI AAPNE DHAANI SE SHAADI KARKE GALTI KARDI…..,she left that place and started her new life…. But once she and Viplav came across …could not she ask him and clear the misunderstanding? We got that scene of confrontation…but that was freaking
    imagination…. It was her duty to try to clear the misunderstanding when Viplav kept on asking what was the matter….. But MAHAN DUKHI AATMA Dhaani….. SACRIFICE QUEEN decided to let Viplav go to Kaamini… Inspite of knowing that Viplav only loves her….. Arey sacrifice karne Ka itna shaukh that you sacrifice the love,hurt the other person to the core,humiliate him, don’t even give him the rights to be called Papa..from his own daughter…. He is forced to be called uncle ….. What is this Ridiculousness???
    Had ho Gayi… Now makers have made Viplav serve cold drinks in marriage of his own wife…. One day they will make Viplav wash nappies of child Dhaani will bear from Parshiya…… He is lawyer yarr….. Not a servant……
    Since Viplav has come across Dhaani post leap…. He has forgotten to work….. Itne calls aate the usko… He was earning ….but jabse Dhaani mili hai…. Viplav Ki professional life maano tehesnehes hogaya hai…..
    It’s high time Viplav should go far from everyone…. And live his own life…. Jaha koi ehsaanfaramosh usko use na kare …..😫😫😫

    • Saraswathi.j

      Sujie thadhastu just like Kamini now this Dhaani also irritating….
      Coming to new serial of Mishal Raheja
      Title SANGASH
      Theme. Sarrogasy ( mother,s womb for rent )
      It is not a new one very good pictures produced on this from our film paternity
      Invitrofertization labs cum hospitals and doctors exploit this many Indian women for money
      Our govt established very strict laws to controls this exploitation of poor people.
      There is a very good picture on this topic in Kannada and Telugu “Soundarya” acted as surrogate mother to get money to treat her occident husband ,after his cure he doubt her ,end ..she left the house to the place where she came
      The hero software eng. faces SANGHARSH daily in his mind as his wife,s action is ethical or not
      And he undergoes psychological depression and left her wife.
      This story may be like that we have to see his sad Sangarsh face daily
      At the same time it has very big market involved many frauds ( hospitals and doctors) if they fight to irradicate it in the society then it is good we can bare it
      So waiting for this may be next month.

    • Renuverma

      |Registered Member

      Hi sujie dear.😊 Agree to u that prior to meeting dhani in mumbai viplav used to be engrossed in work n now it seems that he has no work except wandering like Devdas

  55. Meghs

    |Registered Member

    Feeling really upset to see spoilers..
    Dhaani is marrying for the third time, but with Parshiya. She is seated with Parshiya like a Marathi bride. She is marrying him for Vidha’s happiness. I can’t even see this part..

    And Vidha does their ghatbandhan. Poor vidha don’t know she unknowingly hurting her real papa..
    And Dhaani is not happy with her marriage and is shattered from inside as she has broken Viplav’s heart even though still she loves him. If she really cared viplav so much then y doing marriage.. i just cant control anger..

    Just as she was taking pheras with Parshiya, Vidha faints and the marriage halts in the middle. Ye tho hona hi tha marriage is not game that she doing without divorcing viplav.. and third time is too much.. but felt bad for vidha.. but its for vidha uniting cvs made vidha sick..

    Dhaani and Parshiya will take her to the hospital and will come to know about the deadly disease which she is suffering from. Dhaani have to return to Viplav to save Vidha’s life.

    For vidha they r uniting but i really wish dhani had trusted viplav ever.. i feel dhani never trusted him.. don’t know y i feel..

    Share ur thought guys about this

  56. Saranya

    U are right megha,and infact dhani never trusted Viplav,i think.she believed him for a short while when her marriage with tp broke.from the very first episode itself she started misunderstanding Viplav and it still continues.i don’t know how many times he apologized to Dhani without a solid reason.always he got blame and pain as price of his love.dhani’s trust on him was only temporary whereas Viplav believes dhani like blind.what to do.

      • megha

        Viplav always convince dhani if he done wrong or not… viplav has trust on dhani in every time like night school going time he could have misunderstood her but he not..

        So point is clear dhani not trusted him

        I don’t know all agree or not..
        Trust is important in every relation

  57. Pooja

    Today n tomorrow no telecasts of ikrs. It’s going to end on Aug 28.
    In hurry burry finish everythings.

  58. Sujie

    |Registered Member

    I don’t know how will makers finish it….. IKRS is said to be ending on 28th August… 3-5 August…there won’t be telecast ……
    I don’t want IKRS to end leaving stories and unfinished track in the middle ….. It has already deviated much from the lives of widow…. When entire ashram ladies were killed leaving SOMETIMES ANNOYING DULAARI MAAI AND DHAANI….. the end of the day…it’s a love story of Viplav and Dhaani….so at least they can unite Viplav Dhaani and Vidha and Daadi….. They can unite Dulaari and Anshuman along with the family…..
    Parshiya Ko bhi koi pyaar karne wala deh do…
    Culprits should be punished….. TP is already exposed as DTs illegitimate son…but still there are many things in line: important is ViDhaani’s reunion
    ➡️Main one…… Kaamini’s downfall…. Her nasty deeds getting exposed and exit that will make everyone happy
    ➡️ Shambhu Tripathi’s murder and the whole truth behind it
    ➡️ Piya Dhaani Milan…
    ➡️Atharva’s truth….
    I remember these… Right??? Story should nor end abruptly

    • megha

      Sujie don’t expect anything from cvs..

      They end up without revealing mystries i am pretty sure.. as there r so many unrelieved mystries .. cvs hurry up now for sure

  59. Saraswathi.j

    Just I saw the marriage of Dhaani with Parshya exchange of garland,mangalsutra ,katbandan,pyres all finished is the marriage over or not ? Why she run away to Viplav for her daughter ,the new husband is with her then why she need old husband?that Dhaani exited with her dressing not try to involve as Dhaani in the charecter always smiling…..!
    It is better for the story that hand over vidha to Viplav and leave him,she and her new husband move on….coming back to Viplav looks awkward,she is not in a position to look after her ailing daughter,new husband unemployed so financially and also living in the slums is not good for vidha,s development ,now Viplav think and act as a lawyer and take custody of your he already terminated his bond with DT,kt,dadi,Kamini,it is better for him to live with her daughter and move on in life …..what happened Anshuman?

    • Latha

      |Registered Member

      Yes saraswathi mam I don’t know dhani’s logic that for vidha’s treatment she wants viplav’s help and u r right mam cvs made viplav’s character awkward always begging behind dhani and she never trust viplav. Viplav already forgotten his lawer profession.

  60. Saraswathi.j

    Why marriage is so else orated it is the 4th marriage why don,t it be simple when she is feeling about Viplav ?

  61. Pooja

    Exchanged mangalsutra.? Really.
    Sara’s where u saw?
    What a stupid writer’s .. ? I hate u dhanni.

  62. Sujie

    |Registered Member

    Agree with Saraswathi ma’am…..
    Dulaari maai convinced her daughter to get married to Parshiya for the sake of Vidha… When Parshiya gets arrested…Viplav goes to bail him out…. That Viplav who was humiliated by the mother daughter duo…. Viplav was called Characterless… Baharwala…and every hurting word…. But when needed …. Bachawaji se kaahe nahi baat karti
    … Bachwaji is there….. Is Viplav any toy ???..when you wanted to play with keep cuddling it…when not keep it aside…. Arey….. VIPLAV is a human yarr…. Nobody tries to know what is he going through….

    Dhaani decide to marry Parshiya…. Marriage does not only mean following the rituals and wandering here and there with ornaments….. Its about supporting trusting each other in every path of life….. Dhaani is seen fulfilling Vidha’s wish of making her baba her papa…. Toh why not remaim with Parshiya..when she comes to kniw about Vidha’s illness….
    Jab Dhaani ne keh diya hai ki Viplav ki koi jaroorat nahi hai….. Toh why bhaagoing to meet him..after being some one else’s wife???? What are makers trying to show?? Makers have really lost their mind and teaching viewers how can 2 or more men’s life keeps juggling between one female and how relations get complicated when you do not try to sit back and talk to clear the misunderstanding…insted you break the other person’s heart… And your stubborn behaviour teaches you to do stupid things…..
    What was our IKRS before and what has it become now???
    I hope they don’t end it abruptly….. Itni si bintee hai prabhu…..

  63. Sonu

    |Registered Member

    No even now also I am hope this marriage not happen.. It’s for Vipu’s sake not for dumb Dhani…

  64. Pooja

    What is happening? Did she got married or marriage stopped…
    Anyone pls reply..
    Today no telecasts right? Where u saw?

    • Saraswathi.j

      Pooja in Hindu society there are different types of marriages,I think you are young ,so do not go in detail,but according to South Indian type ,marriage is over,but in our TVs North Indian marriages pyres more important if did SAPTAPADI around Agni sakshi then the marriage is sampanna mishal raheja facebook

      • Pooja

        Yeah saw that -broken like piece – stupidity.
        Instead of marriage tell ur daughter ur husband died like ur mom.. it’s far better

  65. Saraswathi.j

    Living in slum area Dhaani lost her brain ,when Viplav told still there is time think it Dhaani ,she did,t think properly still praying for Kamini welfare and she is praying in front of Seeta Rama they are symbols for EKPATIPATNI VRAT but Dhaani is she deserve ? are they bless her ?her mind always goes to Parshya to be vidha father why? The real loving father is in front of your eyes but Dhaani rejecting it and embracing false relationship

  66. Saraswathi.j


  67. Kavitha

    |Registered Member

    Hi frnds everything is unbelievable show for three days.till DAT we have to be in this 2nd Aug page only.till 6th update mostly comments will be reached more than 1000 right.let’s see.

    • Sonu

      |Registered Member

      Hi Kavi Akka, how r U? Where r U? U R not commented here from last 3-4 days. Wt happened Akka? R U Ok?

  68. Kavitha

    |Registered Member

    Wat to do frnds show is getting of fair. So pls all of u continue in mishals new show too.everyone of ikrs member pls be part of mishals new show too na.

  69. Kavitha

    |Registered Member

    N saranya u remembered every scene of too watching season 1 ikrs just like madly involved in mishal n eishas love.
    Really year season 1ikrs is best show for me.every scene, BG music,n concept of season is just amazing n mesmerizing. No words for ikrs.n I don’t want to talk about present episodes.

  70. Kavitha

    |Registered Member

    Guys I think they were treating mishal very badly.serving cooldrinks in dhaanis stupid I don’t want to see mishal like this.its better for mishal to quit again from show.any way I wish the day come soon for mishal which this ikrs ends n new show starts for him.bcs can’t see him in such hurted type guy.I want to be him season1 viplav character he is very lovely person.this crying viplav is not suitable for him

  71. Kavitha

    |Registered Member

    Yes I agree with story dhaani marries Persia bcs she thinks that vidha needs her father n dhaani thinks that mishal want to go his wife n son.k but when she is greeting to marry at final stage viplav or in anyway the mrg should be stopped na.
    But they wear mangalsuthra n takes svensteps too.wat is stupid nonsense ya.after all formalities only vidha gets fainted i think.don’t know how to bear all these things .n don’t know how mishal were bearing these stupid things in show.

  72. Sonu

    |Registered Member

    PH of IKRS fully spoiled the show with charecter of Dulari maayi and DHANI. In this story they (PH) show the Dhani is not yet all Vidhu’s mom. Every mother’s happy with their chidrens happiness. Here Happiness ki jyadha Sacrifice ho gayee. How Dhani u seperate the real Daugter and Father? After seeing their bonding. U just think for KAmini. How she fight for her rights and geeting Vipu’s love. Viplav ne tumse kitna pyaar karta? Tum uski taraha kyun nahi sochti? Tumko poora hakk hai aur saath mein VIPU KI BEINTHAA PYAAR. Stupid girl. Aeh sab chodkar mahan bannae ke liyae sacrifice ki naam mein tum FOOLISH ban gayee..

    • Kavitha

      |Registered Member

      Hi sonu iam very fine dear but busy with household works.that’s it.when iam free I used to be in fb n twitter bcs of this iam not here regularly. Sry dear.I too want to be regular but if Iam in tu page I don’t know how time spent till next week I will be busy then I’ll be regular my cutie.

    • Kavitha

      |Registered Member

      Kya karey sonu serial hotho aisehi.kyun ki Jo real life mein nahin hotha reel life mein San hojatha hi.wahi serials kehtey hi him.
      An dekho kasam show bi usmein dikhatha hi ki pyaar karne wali janam janam me saath janam lethi hi.lekin asli mein ek janam hi milna bahut mushkil hojatahi.
      Per dekhne mein acha lagtha hi na.
      Isliye Jo real life mein nahin hosaktha reel life sab hojatha babies.

  73. Saraswathi.j

    Hai Saranya go and fight with production house your hero is still in dirty clothes in hospital with his ailing daughter ,blast them conducive people not properly dressed your hero.

  74. HIna

    Colors has confirmed that it will be bidding adieu to ‘Ishq Ka Rang Safed’ later this month.

    Without giving much away, a source from the channel told that ‘Ishq Ka Rang Safed’, which was moved to an early evening slot recently, will be going off-air.

    As a result of this, ‘Krishndasi’ will shift to the timeslot of ‘Ishq Ka Rang Safed’ and a new show called ‘Sangharsh’ will launch in place of ‘Krishndasi’.

    Colors UK and International beams are yet to firm up plans of its schedule post the exit of ‘Ishq Ka Rang Safed’.

    The changes are expected to take place from Monday 29th August

    • SARAS

      sorry cutie for not commenting. .
      I was down with viral fever.. now getting better n I will comment..

      I was very upset with last episode to see vip serve cooks drinks. . so didn’t want to comment till the next episode. .

      • Kavitha

        |Registered Member

        Hahaha Ohh that’s y u got viral fever saran.bcs of mishal serving cool drinks in his wife second marriage.
        Oh my poor saran how much u luv him.ur great lover of mishal.luv u dear

  75. Renuverma

    |Registered Member

    Today saw in sbs that dhani would dance on hot coal to win 1 lakh for vidhus treatment on song NACHUNGI MAÌ JAB TAK HAI JAAN.SHE WAS ABOUT TO FAINT WHEN VIPLAV CAME N RESCUED HER IN HIS ARMS.

    • Kavitha

      |Registered Member

      Yes renuji I too saw that story takes twist.n vidhaani will be together again.
      But Persia says vidha had took some slow poison.don’t know this work is done by that Persia mother or kamini.
      I think Persia’s mother is having other face.or something else.

  76. Kavitha

    |Registered Member

    Hi frnds is anyone is here.y so less comments I thought till today it will reach more than 1000 com but only 236.
    Kya bura haal hogaya ikrs ka.
    When eisha quited show its charm its story its cuteness everything is lost.n now it lost its fans curiosity too na.any way now iam watching the show bcs of mishal.

  77. Kavitha

    |Registered Member

    Guys did u watch any other show other than ikrsi watch kasam n shakthi n etretr.but no other show is like our fans for ikrs no comments are exceeded like pur ikrs show.then y it became to end.
    I really surprised for this.y can’t our CVS n writers of ikrs read this page.n change the storyline.any way its coming to end so no issues.but frnds be ready for other new show of mishals sangarsh.waiting for it.
    Frnds can any one tell me wars the story concept of sangarsh.

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Your comment will now be reviewed first before it's published. Read more here..