Ishq Ka Rang Safed 2nd September 2016 Fan fiction


Sorry for not posting yesterday

Dhaani(smiles)- What idea?
Shalu says something which is muted.
Dhaani(smiles)- Good idea but first we have to meet Maaji and Dadaji.
Shalu- But where is bhaiyya?
Dhaani(looks down)- He went somewhere but did not come till now.
Suddenly Viplav enters.
Shalu(goes to him smiling)- Bhaiya, come na we have to go somewhere.
Viplav(irritated)- Where?
Shalu- That u will come to know when we go there na, now get ready fast. We have to go in ten minutes.
She goes hurriedly. Viplav looks on confusedly.
Dhaani was about to say something but Viplav ignores her and goes to the bathroom to change. Dhaani feels bad, she wanted to cry but couldn’t because she knew Viplav would never like it. She stayed silent and tried to calm herself down.
Meanwhile Viplav came out after changing.
Dhaani- Vi..
But before she could even call him he just went down. Dhaani sat down broken. Suddenly Vitharva came running to Dhaani.
Vidha- Mumma u are crying.
Dhaani(wipes her tears and gives a fake smile)- No beta. Chalo get ready fast we have to go out.
Atharva- Where?
Dhaani- We are going to meet your Dadi and Bade dadaji.
Vidha- But our Dadi is here only na?
Dhaani- But she is your papa’s mumma. So she is your dadi, now chalo get ready fast, papa has gone down. We also have to go.
They all get down hurriedly after getting ready one by one.
Viplav is waiting down with his car. Vitharva come running to him shouting “papa, papa”.
Hearing them a smile comes on Viplav’s face.
Viplav(bends down to them)- Chale?
Vitharva nods.
Shalu and Pankaj come there.
Shalu(whispers)-Understood na what to do?
Pankaj(whispers back with a smile)- Hmm. U don’t take tension, everything will be alright.
Dhaani also comes.
Viplav(still bending)- Go and call your mama. (Looks painfully at Dhaani)
Dhaani doesn’t notice he is looking at her. Vitharva come to her.
Vidha- Mama, mama papa is calling u to sit in the car fast.
Dhaani(smiles)- Coming beta.
She moves forward to Viplav.
Dhaani(tries to speak)- Viplav..
Viplav(looks at Vitharva)- Chalo, lets sit.(looks at Pankaj)Pankaj I don’t know where we are going, so u only drive the car.
Pankaj nods.
Shalu- but wait, where is Dadi?
Sushma- I m here. Come on lets leave, but btw where are we going.
Dhaani(smiles)- That’s a surprise Daadi.
The episode ends.

Precap- All reach the police station. Viplav gets very angry when he comes to know that they are going to meet Kanak and Dashrath. He does not agree to go in.

Friends I know u are not feeling this episode good as Viplav is not talking with Dhaani. But I promise he will soon forgive her and also his mother and grandpa.

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  1. Yesss finally!! Thank you L.
    No no, problem abt tension betw Vip and Dhani. Any relationship goes thru ups and downs its more real like that.
    Waise I think KT/DT shd be in jail not police station bec accused cannot be held in police lock up for more than 48 hours.
    Chalo Have nice weekend dear and nice writing!!

  2. AanyaSingh

    Hi Sweetu,? thank you so much for today’s update??. Yes, Viplav is smwat angry with Dhaani but we all know that it is temporary. He will soon overcome all this and forgive his mom & Dt also bcoz he is a “good at heart ” soul.
    I like ur style of writing yaar, it’s so smooth and flowing,keep it up Sweetu???

  3. AanyaSingh

    And Vitharva r as always so cute and sweet??and their addressing Viplav as “papa” is the most adorable thing ??. And Viplav also smiling at them and bending down to them was ???. Reading it i felt as if it is just happening before my eyes. U so well described it Sweetu.??. Love to u?????

  4. Meghs

    Cutie my little writer no talented writer finally updated ? thank u soooo much for update??

    Noworries vip will forgive dhani soon.. as he can’t stay anger till more time..
    Love u? post nxt part when u r free

  5. Maha_Aijaz

    Thanks for the update..
    So viplav is angry with dhani but it’s Ok yeh sab chalta hai so I am enjoying this one too, Jahaan pyaar hota hai wahan gussa bhe hota hai.. his anger is temporary it will soon melt down but loved the scene when vitharva came running to viplav and a broad smile came on his face than he told them to call dhani was lovely! Hmm! Tou I am understanding Shalu’s idea somewhat but don’t know what else she will do to make him agree.. Excited to read it

    Hello to all!
    Hope all are doing well
    Love u all <3

  6. Renuverma

    Hi elle. Great job☺
    But u wrote 2 aug n it was confusing☺☺

  7. Swara

    Its superb dear…I’m waiting for next episode.. Keep rocking..

  8. Sujie

    Wakeel Baabu is angry with his Shikayati PUdia…. Koi nahi…. Temporary gusse ke bina permament pyar mein maja bhi toh nahi…..
    Keep rocking Chuttku…. I know you will finish anger in Viplav’s heary with your magic….
    Go girl… But yes its painful to imagina Viplab staying angry with Dhaani

  9. Pujisaran

    Good episode.. vidhaarva best

  10. AanyaSingh

    Hello everyone ?.

    1. Aiswarya

      Hello di

      1. AanyaSingh

        Hi Ashi, hw r u?

  11. Sujie

    Hello everyone..,,, good wala afternoon ???

  12. Areeb

    Hello Family. Hoping everyone’s enjoying their weekend out there! ?

    Chottu, episode was good! Can’t guess what’s gonna happen at the Prison! Surely, you are gonna surprise us with the bwst situations. ?

  13. Areeb

    Oh, I just came back to TU. And found couple of new episodes of fictions! Quite happy! ? Gonna save them for my night readings. Also, just wanted to share I was Googling last night. Obvio typed MishAl Raheja. In search to find his other shows, land up on Shadi Wadi And All That, hit the downloading. Not yet watched but will watch it later at the n I ght may be! And I’m really very excited! ? Hoping for a good hourly telly movie! ? x

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