Ishq Ka Rang Safed 2nd April 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishq Ka Rang Safed 2nd April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raja, his mum and mami coming to Dasharath’s house. Kanak tells Dasharath that they have come. Raja’s mum says they are leaving Banaras and need his permission. Dasharath greets them. Shalu asks them to stop. Dulaari asks Viplav to sit and asks if Dhaani troubles you. Viplav says very less. Raja Lakshmi brings tea, and it falls on Viplav’s clothes. Dulaari asks him to wash his hands and says she will bring another tea. Dhaani is sad. Viplav asks what happened? Why you are standing aloof? Dhaani says she is feeling as if something wrong is happening? Viplav says you will stay here without me for a day and says that’s why you might be sad, asks her not to fool him. He goes to wash his hands. Dhaani thinks something is wrong. Shalu tells her family that she has accepted

Raja as her husband from her heart and that’s why she has decided to make Raja fills her maang right now and says I will become his wife for life. Raja gets glad and says you have special place in my heart, and you are the girl of my dreams. He says why you are taking this decision when your family is against us. Shalu says I can’t stay without you. Dasharath and Kanak looks on.

Viplav asks Dhaani not to be sad and says I will stay here with you. Shalu threatens to cut her wrist if he don’t agree. Raja asks her not to kill herself. Dasharath and Kanak get tensed. Shalu says I can’t see you leaving from here, and asks if you will fill my maang or not. Raja says no, and says this is wrong. Shalu cuts her wrist, everyone is shocked. Viplav tells everyone that he will stay with Dhaani today. Shalu asks Raja if you will fill my maang or not. Raja says if this is your wish then…He fills her maang. Dhaani asks Viplav if he have informed family. Viplav says I will call and inform them. Just then Viplav gets a call and he tells Dhaani that Shalu tried to commit suicide again. Dhaani says I will also come with you. Viplav says no, you shall complete the ritual.

Dulaari asks Viplav to take Dhaani and says we will do ritual later. They leave. Dulaari tells Badi Amma that what happened to Shalu? Why she is insisting to marry Raja. Badi Amma says if Shalu marries him then he will become damad of the house, and will increase troubles for Dhaani. They get tensed. Raja, Shalu and others go to temple. Pandit ji asks them to exchange garlands while he recites the mantras. Raja and Shalu start taking rounds. Viplav calls Dasharath, but he don’t pick his call. Pandit ji declares marriage is completed. Viplav tells Dhaani that he will go and check where are they? Just then they comes home with Dasharath, Kanak, Raja’s mum and mami. Viplav and Dhaani are shocked to see them married. Viplav goes towards Raja and beats him up. Kanak scolds Viplav for beating her damad.Kanak scolds Viplav for beating her damad. Shalu says he is her husband now. Dasharath asks Viplav to respect his decision and says he got them married. Viplav says I will not accept him. Dasharath says I have accepted your marriage with Dhaani and asks him to accept Shalu’s marriage. Viplav says never. Dhaani asks him not to get angry. Dasharath tells Raja and his family that he will accept them with all the rituals and asks Dhaani to welcome the newly weds being choti bahu of the house. Viplav holds Dhaani’s hand and stares her with refusal. Dhaani removes his hand and goes to welcome them. Shalu says no need. Dhaani does their aarti. Dasharath asks Raja and Shalu to touch Dhaani’s feet. Raja and Shalu bend down to touch her feet. Dhaani moves back. Dasharath asks why you are moving back. Dhaani steps forwards. Raja touches her feet with a bad touch. Dhaani feels bad.

Viplav declares that he is leaving the house. Dhaani tries to convince him not to leave the house, but he leaves the house.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. Satya

    how blind are these people in the house. They could not see him grabbing hold of Dhaani’s foot?/

  2. SARAS

    That’s serial satya.. they can’t see he misbehaving as well as he smirking. .

    dhani please go with viplav. . n live happily evade ever after. ..

  3. amulya

    Hate that raja fellow. Why did shalu marry him??? And doesn’t anyone see him touching dhaanis feet like that. And precap?

  4. Fan of ishveer

    Hi I am new to this!! Can i join ur ikrs family. .and today when viplav folded his hand in anger i remembered ajith doing it look ed same

  5. saranya

    First of all thank u so much IKRS writers for such a power packed ystdy epi was only a stress was a peace that u guys gave us before Tsunami.Mishal’s action hero avatar is God,Angry Young Man Viplav.Mishal rockz.

  6. saranya

    Aare Shalu ji,why are u threatening always!cut ur hands,that is a best option than living with Psycho Raja.if not,leave tripathi house and go with that idiot Raja.he will make u a queen,queen of idiots.yes u are idiot Rani and he,idiot Raja,and that stealer is bakwas Mamiji and ur mother in law is Piggy ur remaining life with idiot family.wish u a happy married life,idiot Rani.

  7. Anne

    What bunch of creeps..Dhaani I didn’t know you were that stupid .I’m beginning to think Viplav loves you more than you love viplav.

    • Nimisha ?

      Hmmm Anne. Dhani is weighed down by her beliefs and the others KT and DT will play on that. But I sometimes wonder the same. That she prefers to prove herself as the stimulus daughter n law/Bahu to the oral and faithful wife. I sincerely hope not but Vip clearly tried to stop her doing the welcome aarti but she did it anyway,

      And then raja did that creepy thing to her feet and she looked surprised. Silly Dhani!

  8. BR

    to day vip bp will raise …… but good cause …..

    kanak point of view is right ….. without inform anybody u married dhani … just like that…..

    dada ..his point is right if u don’t accept this marriage why I should accept u r”s marriage

    VIP point is also right …. bcz RAJA IS NOT A RIGHT PERSON FOR SHALU ..he is a wicked man and his family is not good one……

  9. BR

    SARAS yty comments I read ….. that is real …… too much of love scene in serial is not required ……… u r voice is right……with our children also shy….. in my focus….. bcz I am bit old……

  10. aish

    Hi friends, how are u.
    @br mam, wat happened to u hope no problem as u were absent from here for days

  11. Yetty

    Thank you Hassan mam for giving us this update to look forward to every day. We didn’t see your hand work yesterday, we hope all well. Thanks

  12. Yetty

    Hello everyone
    Silly shalu, she just want to prove dhaani wrong without knowing she’s the one that is so wrong.
    Viplav my action packed no nonsense guy, leaving the house is the best decision ever, just hope dhaani will allow them to leave.

  13. BR


    on that day dhani’s grahapravesh kanak did kala teeka .. but now to day daughter shalu”s grahapravesh see the difference… blood is thicker than water …….

    DT u r property KANAK u r kalyani covering full showroom swahhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa……..

    shalu u will go to VIP FOR RAJA”S BAIL

  14. M Mathias

    Thank you for giving a written telly uodate on IKRS. It is indeed covered very well. Even uf we miss an episode, your uodate fills in for us. Keep up thr hood work.

  15. Yetty

    Hello to all new and old fans of ikrs, good to see you all today, u must say I do missed you guys yesterday, I hope we are all doing well.
    Good day to you all BR, Anne, Nimisha, saranya,Saras, Arshdeep,saraswathi,satya, Louella, Masada, aish florentina,kavitha,Meghs and everyone.
    if i didn’t mention your name please bear with me, trying to remember all the of the friends i have come across through ikrs. Kudos to all of you?

  16. Sujie

    Hello everyone….. thanks hasanji for the update…..
    @ BR mam….good to see you back…..
    What to say about today’s episode….Mishal’s angry look was good…. Dhaani should have listened to Viplav…
    I seriously wanted to strangulate that Raja Awasthy seeing him touching Dhaani’s feet with bad intention…. Shaalu definitely made ullu of herself today ….but happy that she will somehow get to know Raaja’s truth later through ViDhaani’s efforts….
    Kanak Raani and Balloo will cry to death after knowing the truth….
    And precap… what was that????

  17. saranya

    Le jayenge le jayenge dilwale dulhaniya le jayenge.
    At last Raja’s mission money poora ho gaya.congrags Raja and cheers for ur romeo moves.and good luck Shalu for ur new role as a crying baby.i am very sad,bcz ur eyes are going to be fat by continuous crying.but duplicate Romeo,be prepared bcz Real Romeo Viplav and his Shakti dhani is there.samjhe ya samjhayein.

  18. eshani

    I jus hope dhani also leaves with viplav so thy can stay in peace….dhani shouldn’t have welcomed him so physco that raja as soon as he came he started misbehaving with dhani at least after that she can leave with viplav instead of convincing him….let’s wait n watch the new twist

    • Nimisha ?

      I know… T didn’t take him long did it??? Raja is such a creep.

      If he misbehaves further with Dhani, the madhouse residents will blame her anyway, so she should leave with Viplav. Pleeeease!

  19. eshani

    Guys ystdy why happened to this site I could never get to read the update rather this site never opened was der a problem or was it only for me?? Is der any other place where u ppl chat plz let me know so that I can also join

    • Anne

      We all had the same problem. Hasanji our updater had online problems. I think some people here talk on Facebook .

  20. shanitics

    hands off 2 vip 4 his acting

    i love the way vip acted 2day..yesterday’s epi was amazing…yipee alas shalu got married 2 psyco…..nice now she will suffer …
    now I just wanna tell tat to vidhaani fly 2 ur honeymoon destination & make sure ur bank accounts & lockers are safe..
    dhaani keep away ur gold ornaments some where in safe because nw chori mami will take all these…
    dhaani no worries now Now u r mrs Viplav Trioathi and he will surely support and care you

  21. shanitics

    GUYUSS NOW WE CAN c romeo vs fake romeo…

    be ready guyss…

    raja silent ho ja varna vip violent ho gayega…

  22. BR

    aish thx for concerning me. I am right . to day epi is touching . and some work also ….. daily I read all comments …….. reading commenting is interesting ……..

  23. BR

    fool kanak sanskar laduka advised shalu to give respect to dhani …. watch the video KANAK ONCE MORE HE IS GOING TO HOLD DHANI”S LEGS THAT S WHY SHE GOES BACK …. U FAMILY RESPECT IS FLYING IN AIR …………KOMUTTAI

  24. BR

    REPLY u r giving very good advise to dhani …….super . if she stays here so many reals .. land grabing by dt.. SAMBU”S DEATH SECRET,,,,,,,, tp relation …………and so on should come out ….if dhani goes out who become the CBI OFFICER…….

    2 IF U ENTRE THIS MENTAL HOSPITAL NO EXIT …….very good ……..answer. u have entered


  25. Nimisha ?

    Thanks H Hasan for the update!

    Anne, yes indeed. Silly silly Shalu. What have you done.

    Loved Viplav’s fist clench and neck bend. Reminded me of a certain Dutta ???

    Honestly, the fact that kt and DT did the wedding covertly suggests that they know they are wrong.

    I was expecting raja to grab dhani’s feet and was very creeped out when he did.

    I really hope Dhani doesn’t believe the bull that DT spouted that it is her duty to keep the family together. Dhani, for once, please follow your husband, outta the gate.

    Hate hate hate raja, his family, KT, DT and now Shalu.

    trouble is now they are married he is here to stay. Seriously can’t the writers make the show happy for a little while… At least.

    I felt most sorry for Viplav as he felt hurt that his family don’t trust him. They are doing this to gee their own back on Dhani, but still not sure what DTbwas planning during that game in yesterday’s episode.

  26. Nimisha ?

    Renu, hellooooooooo

    I replied on yesterday’s epi to say thanks for the recommendation on that serial. I don’t have that channel but will def try and watch it online. Thanks so much. Xxx

    • Hi nimmy thks i saw yr reply in evg only but didnt reply back as it was yesterday’s page. Love reading your post n hope u would like it. ?

  27. BR

    SUJIE AND RENU moderation my comments r not posted …….

    for apartment audit I couldnot comment…… I read all comments .. after 12 mid night…….

    my son made me aprilfool…..on 1 april so I could not …………

    • No issues mam as long as u give a slight comment its OK for all of us n if u dont that too for many days then feel a vaccum.

  28. Nimisha ?

    Shanatics.. Hellooooooo

    If Viplav and Dhani do fly off for their honeymoon, maybe the show will fast fwd so we see the fallout of shallus wedding and then the tripathi’s trying to get her out of it. That would be good.

    Totally agree with you re Viplav’s acting today. Very good.

    Loved when he beat raja up. Also loved when he walked out of the gate with his suitcase. That made me happy. He’s too good a guy to be stuck in that poisonous place. Just hope Dhani follows.


  29. Nimisha ?

    Ooh ooh ooh, on the online episode I watched, there was a very brief snippet of Mishal and Eisha performing ate the Colors GPA. That was also good to see as there have been lots of adds fr that but with peeps from other shows. Something to look forward to methinks.


  30. nima

    thank you Hasan ji for update.
    hlw IKRSians how r u all? I’m good. every new comer welcome.
    DT n KT viDhani ko separate karne k liye shalu ki zindagi dao pe laga rahe ho very bad. aur hamara angry man Mishal aaj to aapke action kamaal ka tha.jab v ghussa hote ho aur v handsome lagte ho 😛 🙂

  31. Fan of ishveer

    Thanks for all who welcomed me. BR mam r u tamilian? Because I am a tamilian. My name is Rufina. Faith best welcome. I am too a member of ikrs family so welcome dr…Thanks for joining me in ur family

  32. saranya

    @Reply,who are u?who are u to insult Mishal,mind ur buisiness,that’s good for u.u are a coward so that u are not using ur name.don’t dare to insult Mishal again,understand.BR mam already gave u good reply,that’s why i am leaving u idiot.understand.

  33. saranya

    My dear balloon,i think u calculated muhurth for Shalu’s dream marriage.if it is,then nothing to worry,this marriage will break soon and this track will be over soon.u are a maha pandit in name only,u don’t even know a single mantra except ‘ghatham kar do dhani ko’.so i have full faith,soon u are going to repent.

    • Nimisha ?

      Saranya, hello. I do hope you’re right and that this track will be over soon. Very very very soon.

  34. Hi my dear frnds today’s episode is awesome.
    Viplavs power pack dutta shriram patil is back again.
    My God mishal ur amazing.
    I know stepping out of family is bad.but here its gud bcs dhaani must be safe from sadist raja.
    Viplav went away but our mahan dhaani will change viplavs mood n mindset n they will be back at phir shuru hoga Sara’s bahu ,nanan drama.

    • Nimisha ?

      Hey Kavitha, that’s what I thought about power packed DSP. ???
      And totally agree that Misha is amazing!
      I really hope this time Dhani doesn’t change Viplav’s mind about raja. Suspect she’ll say the best way hey can protect Shalu is by being in the he house..

      I for one and well and truly over this awasthi track.


  35. Vins

    I expected this… In order to forward the story they definitely bring raja in to their house… shalu stupidity is at peaks…. but the story line is so much expected one…. like yhm like ipkknd like other serials hero’s jiju will harass heroine… very routine… frankly saying this show will go off air soon…. sorry to say this… I’m also fan of vidani but story is like that….

  36. saranya

    Anyways now marriage is over,so i decided to give Raja a gift,nothing much,its a dress.don’t worry guys these dresses are not new,i stole it via an agent(its none other than bakwas mami)and these dresses will suit him well bcz its our tp’s old printed pyjamas and has no use with those now and also these dresses will be useful to him to planning more blunders and flop plans.jai Shankar Raja ji.

    • Nimisha ?

      Lol Saranya! By he way, when you were stealing them did you find the bloodstained ones he wore when he killed shambu? If he did, maybe you could gift those to the police station. ?

  37. saranya

    I was just thinking,how will it be,if phoolchand enters at last minute as a hero and save Shalu’s return of saving daughter’s life,kanak will elope with phoolchand.dadaji fumes in anger and thinks,she eloped with that idiot,then why am i waiting!without waiting a moment he elopes with the happiness of making dadaji her own,bijli will dance in the song munni badnam hui darling tere liye.

    • Nimisha ?

      Saranya, you have cheered me up no end! I was literally laughing out loud reading that ?????

  38. Fatarajo

    Precap is awesome I just hope Viplav leave the house with Dhaani and stay at ashram and the we can enjoy old Vidhaani Ishq Ishq scenes

  39. florentina moldovan

    i like the story goes, so good that Raja is part of this stupid and criminal family, they have to pay somehow for them crimes! Dhani is doing the right thing, not letting Viplav leave the house…..they have to find out all the hidden truths and make the culprits pay….she have to defend her husband s house and family….they have to send Raja at least in jail …if not in hell….i can t wait to see how Raja s mamiji stole all the gold and money…..

  40. vaishnavi

    oh god dhaani rani why u dont go with vipu u will be safe with him but in AN raja tume chodega nhi pls go with vipu

  41. Agreed to u flora i get some. Invisible energy on seeing her posts. Probably she is the first one who had welcomed me initially n then later i did general conversation mostly with her

  42. Nimisha ?

    I think Dhani should leave but only t convince Viplav to come back. Without them in the house the real awasthi truth will not come out.

    VERY disappointed that the story is going this way but the writers know what they’re doing…. I hope.

    Honestly, that family!!! Ggggrrrrr!!!!!!!

  43. Cunning, Wicked, Greedy, Thieve, Awasthi family gained permanent entry in Tripathi household by enacting to leave Banaras. ULLU SHALU is the real culprit in actually materialising Raja’s plans. DT, KT are also shareholders. ??. Rajas calling Shallu hisDREAM GIRL!! CAN’T DIGEST. NEED ENO ??AT ashram vidhani is given a real warm welcome. It was really pleasing to see real loven affection in all ashram ladies. DHANIS sixth sense could depict some wrong happening n indeed she was right. Dadis phone about shalus wrist cutting led to vidhani rushing back in middle of ritual, though viplav was concerned n wanted dhani to stay back. Real caring hubby. BADI AMMA is right in thinking about the future troubles to dhani caused by raja . being the son in law. Poor dadi thinks that all have gone to hospital but here doctor is raja n medicine is marriage. Viplavs angry young mans expression too real. Could feel the pain of a brother in his eyes.. TOTALLY SHATTERED. if KT, DT would have not stoped viplav, raja would have been avtuallly sent to hospital. Unfortunately KTs theory of viplav marrying without informing anyone has inspired shalu. , n DTs theory of his acceptance of viplav marrying dhani then why not he accepts shalu s marriage. Forced viplav to contol his anger towards raja. DT is being diplomatic in telling dhani to do gragparvesh arti actually kanak being a widow can t do but dadi being eldest shud have done. Dhani went ahead to welcome RALLU , against viav wishes. Raja clearly showed his lust n bad intention by touching dhanis feet wrongly. SURPRISING NO ONE COULD SEE IT. Precap shows viplavs decission to leave ÀN wjich sounds perfect as it is the only solution to refrain from all hurdlez. Dhani is bohnd by DTs advice not to break the house but i think she should accompany viplav as she is in tripathi household owing to viplav only. By staying back means inviding troubles from KT, DT N PSHYCO RAJA. THAT TOO WITHOUT VIPLAVS SUPPORT.

  44. Nimisha ?

    Hi Renu

    Love your post! Brilliant! I esp love the ENO bit. Lol.

    I too think Dhani should leave with Viplav. I hope she does.

    I also loved the ashram scenes but they were too short lived.


  45. SARAS

    good morning friends. .

    shaalu tumhari gruhapravesh to kanpurmain yaa alahabad mein hone walathanaa?? vahee sapna dekh rahee thi par vaapas ayodhya nivas kaise aagayi?? chalo koyi bath nahee.. tumhara pyar tumhr milgaya aur rajaka dream girl use -:))

  46. sanidapa

    guys don’t do explanation too much about the show coz our director doing big twist just in single epi. we also saw it na ?

  47. Story is going raja ll b d part of d drama.after a long tym Salu opened her mouth for her right but for a bad reason:-(
    Vipu should throw dat flower pot on raja..n beat him some more tym.I was enjoying wen he beat raja..but precap is interesting..vipu should nt leave his house,otherwise raja ll b secceed in his plan.its gud DAT dhani stopped him

  48. saranya

    @nimisha,i didn’t found that blood stained cloth there.may be tp left banaras with that cloth.

    • Nimisha ?

      Hmmm that’s a shame Saranya! I guess there’s no way of opening the case into shambu’s death… (Scratches chin)

  49. Verti

    Senseless dhaani, viplav has to stand against his family for dhaani, supported her in every single step, he even supported her infront of villagers, he did everything for his love.
    Now this dhaani has to be with viplav. Her mahaan like acting, feel like scolding her.
    Damn it, get some sense dhaani. Don’t hurt viplav.
    First be a good wife, lover and friend. Hell with your mission of being good daughter in law and bhabhi.
    If u don’t support viplav , u ll be tortured by kanak, shalu and ur loving brother in-law.

    • Anne

      You are so right in everything you say.Dhaani is a product of her culture and she thinks if she becomes a door mat people will eventually stop wiping their feet on her,and come to love and respect her. She’s so wrong..

      • Verti

        Yeah anne, dhaani herself destroying her life even after getting such a good husband. She knew well about Raja and when he touches her legs in wrong way, she sud have slapped him. She is just allowing Raja to be bad with her, even not supporting viplav. If dhaani decides to stand against Raja, sure he will learn lessons well. But no way,

  50. SARAS

    good morning nimisha.. thanks for comforting me. . today I m much better. . still the news is still in my head. . they r suspecting murder as her boyfriend was missing. .
    neighbors say they heard cry loudly n security guard said near lobby she was being beaten up by him n guard rescued her. . y the hell these girls get into such situations? Those things again disturbed me ..

    shaalu will also face domestic violence for sure. . but she opted to marry him. . she loves him

    • Anne

      Good !morning IKRS fans have a lovely Sunday .
      SARAS, do you mean the actress who has died? My god l thought it was suicide? Dreadful

    • Nimisha ?

      Aw Saras… Have another big hug!

      I think you maybe need to step away from the tiling news coverage. There’s probably nothing new to report but the media will keep repeating what they know so far, which isn’t a lot as if it’s a fact, which it isn’t.

      It’s sad that this poor girls death has become a bite a media circus. I just hope the police can get to the bottom of it.

      You take care. Xxx

  51. vaishnavi

    guys i just saw the new promo of cgpa n they called all male leads of colors shows(sanskar laksh rishi ritik)for making roti for fun but our vipu is not there i think he is attend the award function just for performance
    whats say guys

  52. Sujie

    A big wala HI to all the newcomers…… our family is growing bigger day by day…….
    Wish you all a great day….. god bless you people
    Stay happy 🙂

    • Hi my dear florentina ji .how r u dear.ya I know its too tough to mention names bcs now our ikrs is becoming huger than huge.
      Really amazing.
      Frnds I think no other shows have this much interaction n also fans.
      Ikrs rocks
      Ikrs fans rocking.
      Ikrs team rocking.
      This Sunday also rocking.with ikrs show.
      Bye frnds meet u in evg.

  53. Meghs(megha)

    Hi everyone .. N welcome new commers…
    Final raja successful by his motive of marrying dhani … Omg how come nobody noticed his intention of touching dhani was too bad… Shalu how can u emotional blackmail yaar by this raja will going hrt everyone including u too…

  54. Frnds do u observe in yesterdays episode when viplav saw raja n shalu get married he got a current shock angry n he turned his head just like pakka villain.very interesting.soon glad that viplavs luv was true that shows more affectionate on dhaani. Luv u vidhaani.bcs of u ikrs was rocking.

  55. Anne

    I really hate Rajas mum n auntie. I can hardly bear to look at them.
    I can’t wait to see them thrown out..??

  56. Nimisha ?

    Good afternoon to all of you over there. It’s only morning here. Hope everyone’s having a good Sunday smorning far.

    Been thinking, what are the chances that this last episode will just be a very bad dream and that Shalu didn’t actually marry that creep?

    Seriously not sure how much longer I can watch the three idiots! Xxx

  57. florentina moldovan

    guys, how can our Dhaani be such a selfish person to run away with Viplav?? I Would act like her, i will face everything and prove the truth without destroying the family bounds…you know…i was thinking….in his selfish way, dt loves shalini too….he fights with his most loved grandson for her….

    • Nimisha ?

      I think he’s fighting with Viplav just so he could say, we accepted your marriage to Dhani, so you will accept shallus.

      Also he very quickly got rid of ram who wanted to marry Shalu for the right reasons, just because he was a tax inspector and was to investigate DT.

      DT loves only himself, his status, his wealth and his own warped idea about what is good is society including that widows should be treated like some underclass.


      • Saraswathi.j

        You are right Nimisha Kanak and Dhasarat only loves themselves both of them accept Shalu marriage to ill treat Dhani and make her to leave Viplav both mother and grand father are very selfish they can go to any extent to ill treat Dhani, they used Shalu to fulfil their ambitions.

  58. florentina moldovan

    my friends, i keep thinking to say hi to all my beautiful friends and name them but it is , day by day harder!!!!! ha-ha-ha!!! we are so many!!!! i am very happy our family grows so beautiful!

  59. Yetty

    Good day to you all both New and old friends of ikrs.
    Hope you are all enjoying your Sunday.
    See you guys later

  60. BR


    Dhani takes correct decisions……. if they go out new bahu separate the mom and son the
    society will tell…… this not dhani”s intention….. she loves vip very much at the same he gives life for widow dhani….. she gives respect to dasarath also as maha pandit…

    She and no knows the real face of DT….only KT knows …….

    If dhani stays in the house it self …. she will product shalu from evil acts of RAJA……

    all the secrets of dt and KT WILL COME OUT …….

    dhani definitely sbecomes the CBI officer…… HER 6TH SENSE WILL WORK…….this is my opinion ………..

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