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Ishq Ka Rang Safed 29th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Badi Amma asking Dhaani if she saw her specs. Raj Lakshmi asks why she is calling Dhaani as Suwarna. Jhumki comes wearing the specs and asks if she saw her specs. Everyone laughs. Dulaari says Dhaani was mischievous in her childhood too. Dasharath tells Kanak that Viplav went to meet widows and says he couldn’t bring change in their life, but those widows have changed him completely. Kanak says we shall do something before that Ashram becomes his sasural. Viplav comes to the Ashram in disguise of a sadhu and tells Raj Lakshmi that she can become a big dancer of Banaras. Raj Lakshmi makes him sit and calls other ladies. He stops Badi Amma not to bend as he knows she has knee pain. He tells Dulaari that she seems to be worried about her daughter. He asks her not to worry

as her daughter is brave, somewhat stubborn and egoistic.

Dulaari calls Dhaani and asks her to take his blessings. Viplav blesses her and says she used to rule on everyone. He asks her not to do that, and says this Ashram has Shaani’s effect so he need to do puja. He asks for 10000 Rs. for the puja. Dulaari says we don’t have money. Dhaani asks what is the guarantee that Shaani’s effect will go from our Ashram. Viplav says she is doubting on my abilities and gives her curse. He tells Dulaari that his daughter has become wise. Badi Amma understands it is Viplav and pulls his moustaches. Viplav shouts and mingles with all the ladies. He asks if he will get anything to eat. Jhumki says she wants to eat chow chow and says it is long like snake. Sita Maayi says you eat snake………Jhumki tells it is sold in a restaurant. Raj Lakshmi thinks she is talking about Chinese and stays silent. Viplav says she is talking about Chinese/Chowmein, and says I will bring it. Dhaani says I will come with you. Dulaari asks her to stay in Ashram and make tea. Dhaani agrees.

Tripurari asks Durga, why she didn’t wake him up in the morning, and says Dasharath might be waiing for him. He says Dasharath will scold him now. Durga says no and tells that Viplav returned home yesterday. Tripurari sees their photos and thinks he tried to stopped Viplav in Ashram, but. Viplav brings noodles pack and tells that he didn’t get the ready made noodles so now he will make it. Sita maayi asks him not to make it in the kitchen. Dhaani asks if it is pure veg. Viplav says yes. He makes chow mein in the Ashram and serves to Jhumki asking her to give to elders.Sita Maayi refuses to eat. Viplav says it is made of maida/flour and is a pure veg. Raj Lakshmi takes the plate and start eating. Dhaani smiles seeing them eating. Viplav and others eat it. Sita Maayi says if you conveyed my greetings to your Dadi. Viplav says yes and says he will bring laddos in the evening. Dulaari says so you will come again. Viplav says if you tell then I will not come. Jhumki thanks Viplav for serving her chow mein. Dhaani looks on. Dulaari calls Dhaani and asks her to go to temple.

Raj Lakshmi and Dhaani come to the temple, and get flowers from the seller. Dhaani thinks about Viplav’s words and demands 20 Rs. instead of 5 Rs. Raj Lakshmi says we will get 500 Rs from 5 Rs. Dhaani says no and starts walking. The man agrees for 15 Rs. Dhaani asks him to give 500 Rs. advance. She tells Raj Lakshmi that Viplav is right and they shall not leave their hard earned money.

Viplav brings Durga to have food with them. Kanak tells Dasharath to do something before Viplav becomes part of Ashram. Some ladies come to the Ashram and tells that they are sent by Tripathi. They talk to the Ashram ladies and measure the Ashram land. Later one of the lady calls Dasharath and tells that they have done his work. Dasharath smiles.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Wow…. Thanks H Hasan….For fast update…. Anyways… Now what is planning DT against the ashram ladies?? Please Viplab…. You are the only hope….
    Heyyy Adi…. How are you… Dude???

    1. I liked today epi…:) Love in d air but pls save frm Dulari… Dasharat simply doing such things, if he remain silent dt wl b more gud dan stupid plans…

      Common Brits I came here to comment abt u, but u only came before me… 🙂 Yupp me fine, wat abut u?? Hows ur injury now??

    2. Thanks Adi for giving me such importance….
      And guys…. I wanna say something….It’s gonna be my last comment on IKRS till the third week of November…Cause of exams…. Please… Guys do pray for me… I KNOW IT’S QUITE STRANGE BUT FRIEND’S BLESSINGS ARE VERY IMPORTANT….

      1. Sure Brits…:) Best Wishes for ur exam…:):) Do well nd gonna miss u a lot.:(

    3. I will miss you all guys… Including:::: Adi(My good friend), Yogi (My first friend on IKRS), Meena, Lifna, Anvi, Vaishnavi more, Rez, Tamil(I know you are quite sad as there is no Tamil update. I think I’m right as I can’t understand Tamil. Hope your problem will solve), Vidhaani fan and many more…..

  2. I missed the epi today:-( thanks for the fast update.. keep it up ..

  3. Wowwwww…..tq 4r fast update

  4. nyz epi..

  5. Nice episode….
    Hi yogi… Wr r u going.. Missing ur comment..

  6. Viplav you come back super.pls dubbed in tamil polimer channel wait for mishal tamil fans

  7. It is dhani&tirupthi marriage drama started?or something new problem………,

  8. Viplav 5 charecters 1.expressions(innocent) acting 3.just child behavior 4.respect for ledies

  9. Viplav your getup different &good

  10. Today’s episode was awsum … Just eagerly w8ing fr vidhaani <3 … Hi guys

  11. Hi Meena…..thanks for remembering me……tis days I just read t written episode bcos too late updates and quite bc with Diwali preparation doin cookies n shoping….but i wont missed the episode of Vidhaani always…..but felt bored to c DT, Kanak n Dulaari roles tis days…..hmmm kept on waiting for ishq ishq ♡;).

  12. I agree with Tamil.I am also waiting for this serial to be dubbed in Tamil and telecast in polimer channel

  13. Today’s episode is awesome even though too busy with coming up Diwali preparation I won’t miss out tis serial Viplav super act but hate kanak, tirupaari, dasharath Started again new mission interupt widows Lady to visit ashram Tats true. Wen is coming up in polimer channel in tamil look like another serial interestings in colors Nagin will watched also

  14. very nice episode…. Dhaani melts with viplav ‘s attitude….♥♥♥…… thank yu hasan ji….

  15. Nice one. I like this serial very much..

  16. Todays epi superp good goin

  17. Suji&komi thank you for support in dubbed polimer.I am daily post this comment bcoz this serial maybe dubbed in raj channel i hate the channel retelecast 1year wait pannanum.

  18. Thanks for hasan update fast

  19. HI, all the best for BRITY.. selvi .tamil ur wanted see in Tamil.fine channals those who dubbed into other languge plz I humbly request u to give suitable voice for the character . bez viblov acting is superb voice modulation fantastic. Dadi ad grandson relation superb. I rememberd my son ad mom.but they were no more.director,writter and , actors all are doing their job well. SATHI system abolished. but still they r following their old cus .thnks for the translator HASSAN . Every secens are enjoyable GOD BLESS U MY SON MISHAL RAJESH .

  20. viplav u r so cute . i cant see his cuteexpression on tv. My working time 9-7.30.pls repeat at 11.30 or anytime

  21. I am busy for sum exams but i am daily post comment.Hai Britty.ok stopped the comment for dubbed in tamil polimer channel.

  22. Best of luck Britty pls pray me for exams.

  23. hai brity… Sry am not see ur cmts… Or mis u ur cmts… Al the bzt ur exmes..
    L ve u dhaani and viplav..
    Vidaani 4 evr

  24. Shraddha sharma

    I am not able to comment on 30 oct update for Ishq ka rang safed…
    Plzzz tell me how to rectify it…

    Or kya writers acche khasse show ko bigadne pr tuule hai jo Dhanni or viplav k sweet si jodi ke bich uss tripurari ko laa rehe h…

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