Ishq Ka Rang Safed 29th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishq Ka Rang Safed 29th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

There is no telecast of Ishq Ka Rang Safed on 29th May 2016 due to telecast of film Airlift.


  1. Oh i was wondering when was it aired then realised. Thks hasanji n telly updates for giving us this lovely platform to share our views. ☺

  2. Anne

    Really want to see tomorrow’s episode?
    Really don’t want to see tomorrow’s episode?
    Poor viplav, don’t want to see him in bits.

  3. Arshdeep

    Goood morning everyone…
    Have a wonderful day..?
    Still raining here and much relief from hot weather..!!

  4. Arshdeep

    Nimisha didi 2 exams more to go before on 1st june and then next on 5th june..?
    And please comment in afternoon…missing your posts these days…..

    • Nimisha

      Hey Arshu,

      I have posted it here again, I feel like I have done an about turn on whether to watch or not and I don’t want anyone to think I’m a hypocrite,

      I really hate the Kam track but you should have seen some of the posts on Twitter, they were very horrible and nasty, and reading them has made me realise that I do want to carry on supporting the actors, so will watch.

      • Nimisha

        Thanks Arshu.
        But don’t follow me too much, I often walk about 10 meters, say from one room to the next, get there and totally forget what I was looking for… ?????

      • Arshdeep

        Haha.. Thats like my mom..?
        I am like if i am saying something.. “Papa you know.. And then someone interrupts me.. Then i will forget what i was going to tell..??

  5. Arshdeep

    Yes areeb..yeh toh addiction ho rha hai…
    Kuch kroo…and mujhe bhi btana jo kroge ??

  6. Louella

    Hello everyone!!! I m gone mad now. Can’t even imagine an episode without Eisha. Today will be the saddest episode for me. I m very attached to ikrs. But more than that I m attached with vidhani. But without Eisha vidhani is incomplete.

    Sujie your story is superb. Kya story hai. Do dilon ka milan. Lekin beech mai aayi kanak daayan. Dekhte hai kiski jeet hoti hai daayan ki ya haddi ki!!! See I m also gone mad!!!

    • Arshdeep

      Hello louella
      We need to accept the way it is now… Thats all i know… We could not do anything… And will never be able to…
      So just chill and enjoy what will be given to us..
      Pray for eisha… That she makes a good comeback…

      • Louella

        Yes arshi di. We can just pray that she comes back soon with a bang. But I can never accept Sanjeeda as Dhaani. Even if Eisha comes and tells me this I will never accept Sanjeeda as Dhaani. My Dhaani is one and onl our cute Eisha.

      • Nimisha

        Exactly Arshu. And, Mishal will still be there and in the view stills I’ve seen on Twitter he is looking hotter than ever ???????


      • Arshdeep

        He actually looked changed in precap..but yep hot as usual..??
        But feel like crying watching him cry..?

  7. Nimisha

    Hi everyone. I’ve been posting in the last thread, ???

    Arshu, thanks for pointing me to here.

      • Nimisha

        Thank you, someone else over there called M has also been posting after your message about the new thread, hope he/she finds their way over here.

      • Arshdeep

        Before i read this i already went to last update and asked M to express his/her opinion here..?

  8. Nimisha

    Morning everyone.

    Hope you are all well.

    Yesterday, there were some really awful tweets posted about Mishal and sanjeeda which got me thinking.. Some posted my next post on Twitter..

  9. Nimisha

    I tweeted this to Mishal, filmfarm,Garimaji,Colors and sanjeeda

    Dear All
    -I have been a very loyal fan of the show since it began and have totally lived it and loved it. Sadly, I haven’t been watching the show for the last few days as I genuinely detest the Kam track. This track made me think, a few days ago, that I was done with the show.
    -But, today, after reading the many negative tweets and calls for the show to end, it has made me realise just how much I love the show and that I do want to continue to watch and support it, and especially Mishal Raheja and Garima Vikrant Singh.
    -Whilst I am sad to see Eisha Singh leave the show, that in itself won’t be a reason for me to not watch. VIplav and Dhani have been beautifully portrayed by Mishal and Eisha, however, I am very happy to support Sanjeeda Sheikh as Dhani. It can’t be easy stepping into an already established role especially when that role is also part of a very loved and popular couple, so I would like to wish her well.
    -It also can’t be easy for Mishal or Garimaji to have a different actor portray a role that has been long played by another person. But they are very talented actors and professionals so I’m sure their amazing ability will soon help me forget that Dhani is being played by a different actor.
    For me, ishq Ka Rang Safed was always the eternal and pure love story’s of Viplav and Dhani, and their against the odds battle to be together.
    -As the show takes the leap, 5 years into the future, it was shown that Viplav is still very much the man I fell in love with and that his love for Dhani is still very pure and eternal. I haven’t watched the episode, but saw a still of his hand feeling Dhani’s Mangal sutra on his wrist. A very beautiful and heartfelt image. Since seeing that I have felt a renewed vigour for the show knowing that Viplav hadn’t succumbed to the advances of the evil Kam.
    -So, whilst a part of me will always hope that Eisha will come back post leap as Dhani, a bigger part of me cannot wait to see the story unfold. I am wary of diving straight into the post leap episodes purely because I just don’t want to see Kam anymore. Her constant attack on Viplav and Dhani and the ever present negativity she brings to the show have put me off watching. I started watching online so I could fast forward through her scenes, but a couple recently feature her so much that it was easier to simply not watch.
    -I will continue to read written updates, and if an episode isn’t too heavy on Kam or doesn’t feature her at all, I will definitely be watching, especially for Mishal and Garimaji.
    -So in short, I wish the cast and crew all the best as the story moves into the next phase. I am also very grateful to you for preserving the essence of Viplav and Dhani and for proving that my unbending faith in him was justified.
    -Many thanks for reading this rather long message… I don’t know how to do succinct…
    Lots of love and best wishes to everyone
    Nimisha xxx

    • Arshdeep

      I really appreciate your posts… You write so well…?
      I was actually waiting for leap..
      I am ready to support everyone out there..
      But the thing that eisha is out makes me really worried and sick..
      But i will watch today’s episode for sure…new time…new story… and dont think today our new dhani will be shown… So will watch it

      • Nimisha

        It’s interesting… Garimaji liked my tweet and someone else posted saying please end Kam track and she also liked that…

        I don’t think Kam is all that popular with anyone, or maybe I’m making too much out of someone simply hitting ‘like’ which could just mean they read it…???

      • Arshdeep

        Who wont like your tweet di??
        If there was a like option here as well..i would be the first to like all your posts..?

        And 2 minute silence for those who likes kamini or her track..?
        I dont think anyone will be there..?

    • Sujie

      It does not matter if your posts are succinct or reallllllly long…. The thing is what you write should be appreciable…. And your post is exactly the same Nimmy…..
      Loved reading it….. ?????????

  10. Nimisha

    I also,posted a letter of support to Eisha and her mum,,,

    Dear EIsha

    Just wanted to say a huge thanks for your Instagram post. It’s very good of you to clarify the situation and put an end to all the uncertainty.

    I am sad to see you leave the show as you have made a huge impact but, I totally respect your decision and wanted you to know that I do and will always support you and I’ll be a fan of yours forever.

    I’m sure you have a very bright future ahead of you in whatever you do. Keep smiling!

    Wishing you the very best of everything.

    Lots of love and big hugs to you and your lovely Mum,
    Nimisha xxxx

  11. Nimisha

    Sujie, your Rammu Kam FF was soooo funny, I did comment yesterday but am saying it here in case you missed it,

    You are not mad but a very talented writer, keep going!

    How I wish Kam had consumed the Bengali baba powder and seen Ramdeen first. I agree with Sujie that he is a jive man, but I still found the story very very funny!


    • Nimisha

      Hey Ola,

      Thanks for your reply on the last thread.

      I felt the same as you. But seeing all those posts on Twitter made me realise inreallybdont want the show to end, so I will carry on with it, but only if not too much Kam.

      I too thought I was done, but seeing all the calls to end the show helped me rationalise my thoughts,

      Lol at visiting the queen.mthe kids wanted to but we just didn’t have time.


      • Ade1111

        Hey Hun
        Well I know the tweets are bad and initially I wanted the show to do bad because of Eisha won’t want her to feel bad but now I thought well you know what I really don’t care I will read TU before I decide to watch any episode can promise to be attached to it anymore but very curious to see what this leap has on offer. I hope the bad guys get their cumupance be really interested I tweeted the new Dhanni not watched any series she has been in so would be a new face for me
        Hope she does it justice
        P.S where in London are you

        And sorry for my long post guess we are alike ?

      • Nimisha

        Hi Ola,

        Before Eisha’s statement on Instagram I was a bit poor Eisha but to be honest she decided to leave and that’s fine and full respect to her,

        My biggest bugbear is the Kam track. That is the only reason I won’t watch, if she has too much screen time.

        I still done agree with the leap but I hope as we are now faced with it, that the child is Dhani and Viplavs although I guess had it been she would have told him,

        I am happy to see what happens really. I’m always happy to watch Mishal but not if there’s too much Kam.

        Actaully looking forward to seeing what unfolds. Should be good and I really wish sanjeeda well.

        As Eisha herself decided to leave, as they say, The show must go on. No show is about just one character.

        I am more survey than London. Just saynlondon as it sounds more cool ???

        And by the way,,, bless you for apologising for the long posts. I mean seriously, your posts are very short compared to mine, so no apologies necessary. Everyone on here forgives this flaw of mine. ?????

        Take care..

  12. Nimisha

    Louella and Sujie, I was out yesterday but will read you FF today, we have family over today so will read them later this evening.

  13. Arshdeep

    Zee…renu di..areeb….nima…sujie di….shwetha…maha..maria…vimi…where are you all??

    • Sujie

      I am here Arshu…… ????
      Now tell me how did your exams go???and when are the next ones???????

      • Arshdeep

        Yesterday it was ok ok..
        Next ones on 1st june..then on 5th… One of delhi university..dont know the date yet.. And then neet 2 on 24th july

  14. Sujie

    Hello everyone…… Thanks for liking my spoof on Raamu and Kammo daayan…….
    I myself think that the character of Ramdeen is a poor working man and should not be paired with Kaamini the witch….. But it is only one spoof and I will post its final instalment soon….
    Zee had given her opinion and I respect that…..
    But I want you people to enjoy this spoof and my sole motive is to relieve myself and others out here from stress…nothing more than that….
    But I do feel that Ramdeen did not do his job properly of giving the letter sent by Dhaani to Viplav… That’s why all this is happening… ??????????? ab issko koi change karwa nahi Sakta….so just thought to lighten the atmosphere…. Sorry if I have hurted anyone….. I don’t have any hard feelings for poor working people though… ??????
    So just venting out my frustration….

    • Nimisha

      I agree Ramdeen is a good man, but he’s a crap servant of the house! Lol!

      I too, a while ago said it would be funny to see her go after him, but he also ran a mile, lol!


    • Arshdeep

      I agree with zee
      But yes he could atleast told viplav later that letter came from dhani.. Viplav would have become suspicious..(sorry but actually he has lost his lawyer brain..still for a hope).. So ramdeen deserves this??

  15. Nimisha

    Arshu, the exam yesterday,,, well done on giving it your best,

    The system in India seems very tough but you are a tough cookie so fingers crossed!

    Itbthatbitbnownuntil neet 2?

    How are the preparations going for that? Hope you’re resting and getting a good nights sleep etc,

    How did the scan go for the pesky stones? Have they cleared yet? Fingers crossed!


    • Arshdeep

      Nimisha didi i am actually a very pessimist person.. Before yesterday’s exam..i was continuously telling my family that aiims exam is very tough..impossible for me to leaving the hopes i wasnt even studying much.. And when i was giving the exam it wasnt really that tough as i had expected.. If i had been a bit more positive and worked a bit more i would have maybe done much better..
      So now for neet 2 i have started today with a fresh mind.. Woke up early morning and god is helping me this wonderful weather here…

      Could not get what you asked “is that it for exams now until neet 2”.. Can u explain what u asked..again..??

      And dont know why but it happens always with the medical students here.. Last time there was a re exam because some students cheated in the first one.. And the result was again declared very very late… The same case this time now.. Result is on 17th august… The other colleges start the new session till then

      • Nimisha

        Sorry, I meant is thatbitbin terms of are exams done for now, until neet 2… Or do you have any more exams left before neet2?

      • Arshdeep

        I have exam for other courses like BSc.. Not for mbbs..
        Actually there is no gurantee there will be selection or not.. And i wont be dropping for a year.. So have to safeguard a seat in other courses as well.

    • Arshdeep

      And did not go for the scan yet.. But did not pain even..maybe they are out..

      Had another incident before the exam day..on saturday night.. Will tell you later..

      • Nimisha

        Oh Arshu.

        Look after yourself. And believe in yourself.

        By the way, have you read The Secret? I think you’d like it. Some of it is a bit I dunno but the fundamental message is of believing that good things will happen to you always and then they will.

        I found it a very helpful book as I am also quite a pessimist and a bit of a cynic.

        There’s a film version online which is the book in a video form. I think it’s a very powerful message, xxx

      • Arshdeep

        Will surely take a time to read it..if it helps me in being positive..
        Secret by???

      • Nimisha

        the secret by Rhonda byrne but maybe just watch the film first as it is pretty much the same stuff, but free on YouTube.

        It’s more a documentary of the book, with lots of I put from people who endorse the messages.

        Let me know what you think. Xxx

  16. Sujie

    Dil Nikaal karr keh rahi ho
    Ke Jilo Apni jindagi…..
    Ae hasina kya tumhe na hai Khabar
    Ki tum hi ho humari jindagi…..
    Bas tum hi humari jindagi.

    kyun chali Gaye chodke hume….
    Kya khataah ho Gayi humse….
    kehdo zara kuch toh…
    Agar bhool hui hai humse

    ????? this piece purely religiously dedicated to EISHA SINGH…….
    I don’t know if its good or baaaaad!!!! But just an attempt to show how we would be hurt not seeing Eisha as Dhaani anymore on the screen….

    There would be interviews of MiEish now…..those punches on Eisha from Mishal calling her Bhopalwaali….. Asking her to sing some bhopali song… ????
    Those nokjhoks….
    Those sparkling eyes expressing countless emotions…..
    That sparkling magical on screen chemistry…. Will miss more and more…..
    But DUNIYA ISEE KA NAAM HAI…. Bas chalte jaana hai…… Wish you a bright future ahead…..

  17. Anne

    Good morning ikrs fans,have a lovely day,?????????
    I think we are going to be busy on here with the changes to ikrs
    I’m nervous..and a bit sad…
    For you mishal ,just for you ??????

    • Nimisha

      He won’t have married her, it will be her dream

      I think, The story will go that Viplav finally gives in and marries her after 5 years ( so not married yet) after DT eMotionally blackmails him.

      They will want the biggest wedding ever so will invite the best wedding planner.. Enter Dhani.

      Viplav wearing that MS around his wrist is enough to make me believe that he is not interested in or married to Kam.

      • Golu

        I think viplav married kamini
        Bcz I saw a pic of kamini same kind of wearing with sindoor on her forehead…in Instagram
        Check Ishta

    • Arshdeep

      I was wondering how much they work to provide us entertainment
      She gave that shot 4 to 5 times. This industry charms us but it takes a lot from those who are working

      • Nimisha

        Exactly. Mishal has said many times they work 12 or more hours a day and only get two days off a month. They work very hard.

  18. Nimisha

    Okay, so totally off topic question…

    But the new show shakti is starting today and one of the characters is Nimmi. Do hounding they named her after me…


    No seriously do you! ☺️☺️☺️☺️


  19. Zee

    Hello friends. Good weather today so was trying to put in a spot of work.
    Ok I must admit that I am disturbed by the fact that ppl are making fun of Ramdeen. I know that its done in fun and crisis. but One shd not forget basic values in good or bad times. India is a deeply unequal society – inequality exists along class, caste, gender, region, religion, marital status (widows are low and unlucky) and the ability to bear healthy male children. I know we cannot undo the privileges of our birth and upbringing. We are born on the right side of things in an otherwise messed up society, but let us not hide our heads like an ostrich or desensitize ourselves.
    LB Shastri the 2ndPM of India gave up one meal/day when India was facing drought. Obviously his self-denial did not bring food to the suffering ppl. BUt it was his way of showing solidarity to them and sensitising other Indians to the plight of their countryppl. I know such idealism is misplaced in our generation but do spare a thot my dear beloved friends. My intention is not to criticise anyone, bec by doing so I will create another kind of inequality. I just want to share my thots with you all.

    • Arshdeep

      Zee agree with you totally

      And i did not about the incident you shared about lal bahadur shastri.. Thanks for telling us.. 🙂

    • Nimisha

      I agree Zee. It was in fun at two made up characters butbitvwas still wrong. So I take it back and apologise.

      • Zee

        Hey sorry mat bolo pl, just shared my thots. we often talk abt fun things but its also good to share not so fun things. Makes interactions well-rounded.
        I am glad you like the story Arshi. Heard it last month on NDTV HIndi news by Ravish Kumar when he was discussing Maharashtra drought. Was fully impressed by our man LBS. Mauka milte hi chipka diya 🙂

  20. Arshdeep

    So our new dhani is wearing suit as i wanted?
    She adopted a child and yess its a girl as i wanted?
    The little girl is cute.?

    Sooner or the later we have to accept her.. So enjoy guys.. What else can we do

    I know it was eisha’s decision but i feel she missed a great role…
    Sanjeeda too said in the interview one or the other day they have to take up this role.. and at the end its just a love story❤
    Anyway we all will keep missing you eisha??

    • Arshdeep

      And did i hear it right? Was the new dhani calling the little girl as vidha??
      Did she say that or i heard that because i expected it?

  21. Nima

    hlw evryone….be ready…..after 2hrs….we all fans…..will be landing….infront of their own tv set…..after 5yrs leap…meri pyari c TV puraani ho gayi hogi chalegi v ya nahi???

  22. Nima

    bt use chalni hogi MISHAL k liye??

    i saw him on die hard fan page OMG he looks more HOT in three piece suit ??

  23. eshani

    Hi all hope all of u doing good am happy see so many comments for the day when d episode was not telecasted this is our IKRS family
    Certainly feeling sad that eisha has left d show was jus thinking how eisha will be feeling seeing somebody else in her role
    For us IKRS is vidhani which is mishal n eisha it will really take lot of time to get adjusted to see new Dhani….hoping eisha comes back with a bang

  24. Nimisha

    Right everyone. Our family will be here soon so just wanted to wish everyone lots of luck for the new episode.

    I am nervous excited, but will only watch if not too much Kam, but looking forward to reading all your views and comments on the next thread.

    So, see you all on the other side of part 1 of the post leap show.

    I am properly nervous! Of course I will miss Eisha but am curious about what’s to come too.

    Lots of love to you all! Xxx

  25. Ade1111

    So according to reports on Indian Forum there is going to be a new Man in Dhanni’s Life
    Oh Dear
    Story moving away from Vidha

  26. Sujie

    Hello friends…..
    I agree with Zee… And I am very sorrt for being so stupid…as i am the one who made spoof of Raamdeen and Kaamini… I have mentioned it previously and now also wanna tell I have no hard feelings for anybody….
    But Trust me I do have hard feelings for Kaamini….

    I had promised to complete the spoof…and I wanna promise another thing…. I will not do this silly thing of making fun of any character like that of fellow raamdeen….but do not stop me from cursing the character of Kaamini..

    Here goes the spoof for one last time…..
    Kaamini mixes bengali baaba’s powder in milk and keeps it for Ramdeen….. He finds it and thinks he works so much for family…and should sometimes drink milk for strength….
    He finishes it in one gulp…
    Kaamini is happy seeing this….
    She turns to see Ramdeen looking at her….. He asks if she mixed something….kaamIni denies….. Raamu comes forward and blurts out he loves her….kaamini looks on unable to believe what she just heard….
    Raamu smiles…. Kaamini also smiles…says ILU …..finally they confessed…. Now they live happily ever after……
    Sorry once again….. For this spoof….as promised …this was last spoof…….enjoy…
    And do forgive me 🙂 🙂 🙂

  27. Kavitha

    Nice messages looks like many have come to terms with all. All the very best guys… Enjoy IKRS

  28. Arshdeep

    Few bits of today’s episode as hasan mam has not updated yet and you all must be waiting..
    1. Viplav marries kamini
    2.Viplav’s office at ashram..
    3. Viplav working for widows and at ahsram reminiscing old memories..
    4. Viplav bday party at home by kamini..
    5. The plight of DT and KT is very funny.. Must watch..they deserve it..
    6. No DB shown..

  29. Arshdeep

    And sujie your spoof was awesome..
    Dont worry..
    Humare ramdeen kaka khush hone chahiye..

    And you have to curse kamini more still now bcoz she is still part of the show and so called Mrs. Viplav Tripathi..

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