Ishq Ka Rang Safed 29th March 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishq Ka Rang Safed 29th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Viplav and Dhaani’s romantic talk. Dhaani asks Viplav to have chocolates to lower his stomach pain. Viplav says my mood changes after eating it. Dhaani also eats chocolate. Na Seekha Maine Jeena song plays………..Viplav kisses on her forehead, cheeks and they lie down on the bed together. They consummate their marriage and love.Raja is seen in his room and is angry. His mum comes and asks why is he sitting in dark? Raja says he can’t see Dhaani happy. His mum asks him to elope with Shalu and says she can’t let Suman win. Raja says I will do much more, but don’t want to take a wrong step in a hurry. Shalu looks for her dupatta in the laundry clothes, and says she is getting late to meet a friend. Kanak asks about her friend. Just then she sees sindoor on Viplav’s

dirty clothes and says it is that widow’s sindoor. Shalu says Viplav is colored completely in her color. Dhaani gets shy and looks at herself after their consummation. She recalls their romantic moments. Just then she gets Viplav’s call. He asks did you decide on our honeymoon destination and asks her to decide fast in 10 mins, and says he will call again. Dhaani says okay.

Dhaani wonders whom to ask for help? She thinks she shall ask Shalu? She tells her that Viplav wants to take her to foreign location for their honeymoon and asks where they shall go. Shalu burns the brochures angrily after tearing it. Dhaani takes out the burnt brochures from the bin and asks Shalu why she have done this. Shalu blames and accuses her for trying to make her feel jealous, and says she understands her plan. She blames her for separating Viplav from her and their mum. She blames her for breaking her marriage. Dhaani says you are still thinking him right and is upset about it. She tells her that she can’t tell how much Raja have hurt her and is about to tell her about Raja’s doings, but Shalu asks her to go and push her out of room. She comes to her room and thinks she would not have asked Shalu about the locations. Viplav is waiting for her in the room and asks Dhaani to give the brochures. Dhaani says I will bring it and says she has kept it somewhere and have forgotten. Viplav asks if anything happened?Dhaani says no. He asks her to take his promise and say? Dhaani refuses to take his promise and takes herself promise. She tells nothing have happened? Viplav hugs her and asks about Shalu’s behavior. Dhaani says Shalu is behaving well with her. She recalls Dulaari’s teachings and says I will win everyone’s heart one day. Later Dhaani is going to kitchen to make tea for Viplav, but Kanak scolds her and asks Ram deen to make tea for Viplav. She threatens to break her feet if she steps inside the kitchen.

Viplav brings chocolate for Shalu and asks her to sit and says we will eat together. Shalu refuses to eat. Kanak says our life have become miserable because of you both. Viplav asks Shalu what happened to her? Shalu says your wife have sent you here as I have burnt her brochures. Viplav says Dhaani didn’t tell me anything when I asked her about brochures. Shalu says I will never forget anything and will not accept these chocolates. Dhaani says previously Maa used to behave badly with Dhaani and now Shalu have also started. He says you both are not hurting her, but me. He asks Kanak to give some respect to Dhaani, so that Shalu also does the same. He keeps chocolates for Shalu. Dhaani hears him as she brings tea tray, and gets teary eyes.

Dulaari and Badi Amma come to see Dhaani at Dasharath’s house. Dhaani brings tea for them. Shalu and Kanak looks on. Kanak tells them that they have taken good care of them at the Ashram, and asks them to drink tea. Dhaani looks at the tea before serving and gets shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. Louella(Rajkumari)

    Today’s episode was very nice only at the beginning. Later was all kanak and shalu drama. But first part was super duper hit. But I like those vidhaani scenes at ashram. There their nhok-jhok was very funny specially when viplav came to stay at ashram. I miss those days.

  2. Mirsada

    Plz.someone of IKRS family to explain the Anna and Namishi exactli chaska meter, I go hard exsplain and I want to be active on the IF, IKRS, but can not I log, I ned help.

  3. Louella(Rajkumari)

    Saras mam and swetha u both r thinking I m matured but I don’t believe it. The reason is bcoz when I m with my friends, siblings, family etc etc I m very talkative, sometimes very funny also. But if anyone teases or tells bad about anyone I can’t bear it and so I thought to tell those ppl. Otherwise even in school and also tuitions I m very talkative. But till now I m never caught in school(so clever in talking). Tomorrow is my exam and I was enjoying in my tuitions with my friends by giggling and laughing and cracking jokes thoughI didn’t finish my studies. Saras mam don’t get angry as I have not broken ur promise by any way. This is my daily routine in tuitions. So don’t think today I broke my promise. We always talk and laugh in tuitions but not so much in exams. In short I m not matured and I don’t like anyone calling me matured as I like my childhood the most and I want to stay in my childhood forever. I don’t want 10th std to come in my life but nothing can be done. So I will enjoy and always smile as my parents and u all have always advised me to do.
    I think I m too talkative and I wrote so much. I think u all slept over there reading my comment but this is my nature. I don’t feel to be quiet. I hate silence and I love talking a lot

  4. Louella(Rajkumari)

    Saras mam u r not believing that I m in 6th and I m not believing that I m matured. Wow both of us in same situation.

    • SARAS

      louella dear being talkative is different than being mature… nothing to feel bad when iv said u r mature as it only means you vr very intelligent b thoughtful. .. I used to giggle Even while going to exam n get scolding from serious friends -:)))
      what I meant was .. not be so serious in life n thoughts sometimes you need to be very casual also. .. I m very happy as long as you enjoy your childhood. ..good bless you

  5. Louella(Rajkumari)

    Today I think I m talking a lot and I think I will get one more name from u all and that is talkative princess. If u want to call me by this name u r free to call. Today was a holiday na that’s why I m talking so much, just imagine during the summer vacation which is after one week. Get ready my dear friends as u all will see my talkative nature

    • meghs

      we will be happy cutie … u talk too maturely thats y all feel ur not kiddo… even i feel u r mature than me … my talkative princess how r u dear

      • meghs

        sry cutie its true u sometime talk mature … but u will be our kiddo only . talkative princess wt say

  6. Wow finally [email protected] question is answered

  7. eshani

    finally vidhani…..what a super scene….even I miss those ashram scenes it was nice n funny….wish thy spend few days in ashram

  8. vaishnavi

    shalu u dumbo pls try to understand vidhaani they want to c u happy not sad n dont know when raja’s true face come out in front of shalu i hope it will come soon
    n vidhaani’s scenes r awesome very very romantic

  9. Its a NYC episode as usual..but plz director sir move d story now n show some twist in d story.but d episode was too gud .its showing d relation of vidhani show beautifully n truly ,I wish to see again n again d episode. Dhani trying to hide everything n viplav came to know all these things layer n DAT tym viplavs expression is watch Salu is behaving lyk super dumb.let her Marry to raja ,she ll b more happy den wen she know d truth.

  10. Sujie

    Thank you Hasan ji for the update …….hello every one
    Consummation??? unbelievable ……. a blockbuster part…..
    kanak and shaalu drama..omg…. what do they think of themselves ….

  11. Louella(Rajkumari)

    Saranya, raj, akshay, rajee, sonu, jyoti, rahul bhaiya, kaviya, purple di, BR mam and all others who r not commenting plz share ur valuable comments. We need ur dose once in a day. Without u our ikrs family dose is incomplete na. We can fall sick also by not taking correct dose in a day.

  12. nachibu

    feeling sad and uncomfortable about my past behaviours
    please forgive me for my mistakes and i am going to be a silent reader again
    I.K.R.S family members what do you want to say about my conclusion ?????
    please reply…..

    • AM

      mujse sorry kaha bola 😛 😛 …..first tell me sorry ..then I will forgive u …

      hahaha …past is past ..forget it … BR mam and saras mam se mafi mang na …they are old members ….don’t forget me also as i am old member too (not in age 😛 )…..

      hum log dilwale hae …maf kar diya …bohot logoko sudhara hae …hum logo ne ….u r added also in the list 😛 …..

      thoda bara comment ho gaya … mae usually itna bara likhta nahi ..I am essay writer like u all 😛

    • Sujie

      its okay Nachibu…no sorry no thank you in friendship…that was the past….leave it and welcome once again

    • AM

      don’t tensed …i am just joking ….don’t tell sorry ….
      past is past ….forget about it and start from new and fresh ….

  13. eshani

    Actually if we see from shalu’s point of view she is sad coz of her marriage and Dhabi spoke abt honeymoon so her anger understood dhani shouldnt have gone to her…but rest of all full drama….jus a opinion don’t scold me guys

  14. meghs

    hi everyone. kinda nice epi.. my favorite sng for vidhani wow … now shalu drama i feel something different from saas bahu its nanad bhabhi tashan i feel… dhani will not anything nor complain but aur vakil babu viplav will find all … vip support dhani .

  15. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

    Maria I hope u read my comment here.. U wrtie IKRS ff?? Na and u also write matsh now? Superb yaar… But we both have same ideas Na? I also write IKRS and matsh(ishveer forever) ff and young love.. Three ff matsh-2,ikrs-1 so three how much u write Maria??? Tell me

  16. varsha(philo)

    hi AM yeah i want to join on fb group
    hi prachi thats me i have sent u a friend request my profile pic is two puppy in a basket
    and my cover photo is flower
    and friends i am thinking to say u all a truth but i dont know that how u will react for it [;-\

  17. Hi my dear luvly ikrs r u all.
    My god wat a luvly episodes.going on.
    Vidhaani scenes were so romantic.
    But really I can’t bear this SAS bahu n nanan drama.
    But I luv viplavs acting in every scene in today’s episode. Mishal u always rocks yaar.
    I think the shows TRP n all lives on only mishals acting.bcs his supporting for dhaani n his luv n family management my gud everything is in his hand.

  18. ahana (eisha)

    Guys! Somebody commenyed bad using my name…. wat is this…. huh! I juz hate it …… plz dont think it was me as I love ikrs the most……………… 🙁

  19. shanatics?

    Lols to compete in talkative character I am there with u last bench or first bench or middle bench I am one amng the talkative student….and the mst funny thing is tat at last the topic of conclusion will be any serial..or who is the handsome guy in Bollywood movies or in serialsss….I a soo talkative even too teachers..?

  20. But its really gud that dhaani hides the thing which affects viplav n shalu relationship.
    If we luv someone we have to adjust for dhaani s correct in her place.
    In courier n other places its no need to adjust everywhere.
    But when it comes to family n its our relationship. If just means also it gives happiness only.
    See for viplav n shalu dhaani didn’t tel bad about shalu.but she get gud luv from viplav.
    Ikrs ur great ur inspiring us how relations r handled.n how to break walls of all inauspicious things.really
    Unga vali thani vali.

  21. Louella cutie tum sach mein bahut bolthi ho.humay tum jaise bhi ho hum sab ko tumay pasand hai beta.
    Luv u baby.keep enjoying ur childhood.once lost we don’t get it back.
    We all luv dear.

  22. Nimisha ?

    Awwww. just watched the episode.

    Loved the chocolate scene. Totally yummy. This show handles the romantics scenes so well. Lots of beautifully shot scenes handled with the upmost respect. My knees wens slightly weak when Viplav kissed dhani’s hand. ???? loved it. (That’s why yesterday peck was a bit weird for me but anyway they made up for it today.)

    Dhani was gorgeous when she was having flashbacks of the night before. Eisha nailed that scene for me.

    I also felt very sorry for Dhani, but fill of admiration when she stood her ground during her convo with Shalu about the real raja.

    How can KTvtalk like that to Dhaani. And no one heard her, yet again. Threatening to break her legs. I mean, wow, she is evil! Poor ramdeen also gets little to no respect.

    Also felt sad for Viplav in the last scene, where he tries yet again to appeal to the evil KT and the silly Shalu.

    Good episode. The precap looks interesting, what is KT up to. She scary when she’s evil, but even more so when she’s trying to be nice,

    Oh, the only disappointment was that we didn’t get any ashram scenes. I thought they’d show the puja, but obv didn’t.


  23. shanatics?

    Neeraja..em….er…? 567
    . Today u got the answer…
    One among the most super duper episode …love the 1st part of today’s epi…

    Kanak y r u getting angry ? Dhaani is his wife…..who is going to give next heir to TRIPATHI family ?

    Shalu and KT irritating…Shalu is too lucky tat she got a bro & sis in law like this..and she is not able to understand or grab her puck…Such a good & beautiful….handsome guy as her bro…
    Opps how she got mad for Raja …
    First a girl ? looks 4 beauty in boy..if not first ot may come in any number in her list?… And wat Raja has compared to VIP…. He is just awesome….

    Dhaani shy intelligent though illiterate…sweet best life partner for Viplav…..

    The way she acts in emotional scenes is superb….
    New hair style of Dhaani approved by fans…?

  24. Nimisha ?

    Also, quick question… Does he red saree that Dhani was wearing suggest that they did ermmm you know… Ermmm, get properly intimate? I’m guessing yes! Maybe that explains her reaction to yesterday’s peck. Maybe.

      • Nimisha ?

        Oops Yetty. I hated having to ask the question, but was intrigued as we saw a beautifully bashful Dhani which made me think ..

        Sorry to be inappropriate. ?

      • Nimisha ?

        Yetty, just read the written update again and realised that the love H Hasan did mention that they actually did consummate their marriage. Not sure how. Missed that! Oops. Maybe I was distracted by the chocolate! Anyway, I have my answer now. Sorry, ???

  25. shanatics?

    VARSHA..wats ur name in FB….I searched a lot but didn’t got…can u pls send me a friend request…my name is swetha Swetha…dp is Eisha…

    • Nimisha ?

      Hi Anne,

      Your logo changed on the previous thread, but you,re back to your original one now.

      Fingers crossed you can get back to posting soon. Looking forward to reading your thoughts on today’s episode.

  26. Mirsada

    Urgently marry Kanak and Shalu, panicarka, fear, hysteria, anger, dissatisfaction,horrible, jealousy all.Sorry Vipi, and he sorry Dahni, and mother and sistem, but is powerless.So much hatred in one place. Vipi is very lucky to have dahni for a woman, she is wonderful and all attempts to make a nice atmosphere in the house, or…….

    • Nimisha ?

      Hi MIrsada.

      Dhani is a wonderful person, but she keeps lying to Viplav whilst trying to protect him. He seems to be totally open and honest with her and she needs to do the same. In The look he gave her at the end he looked very hurt. His own mother and sister are not trusting or believing him, and I think Dhani, by lying is a little bit guilty of that too. He needs her to be 100% honest with him as let’s face it, no one else in the house is.


  27. nachibu


  28. Guys, I had search a new websites Which recent all the episodes has been uploaded.

    I think all the episode which has been uploaded on youtube has been deleted.

    Guys this for your information to watch recent episodes even today’s episodes also.

    • Guys, Good news for colors viewers that Colors has been uploaded all the serials in their new website name

      Please enjoy all the episodes of colors through the above website mentioned.


    • Anne

      Pjain, had a look and yes it is very good for videos but have you read the written part?. Makes me SO thankful for our lovely H.Hasan.?x

      • Hi Anne, I am very much appreciate the written part which hasanji is doing. It is really a great work. But I had given the information those our respeced members, which any how not able to watch IKRS on television. They can watch through the online website.

  29. Swara

    So I think all things r going good here…….
    Mom…I miss u…..

    Vidhanni…is rocking. …..but this kanak nd daughter is coming between thm……
    I too want dairy milk….
    Who dare to give tht……

  30. Fatarajo

    OMG Vidhaani scenes too good today, I love chocolates too, and this shalu didn’t expect this from her at least what is so good about raja she didn’t do like this when her marriage was broken with ram who truly loved her

  31. Fatarajo

    @ louella in 2015 aug-nov IKRS all scenes and all 30 mins worthy to watch no Kanak drama and all, and IKRS show was too good , even now it’s good but not like 2015 aug-nov ashram scenes nok-jok scenes too cute especially the cockroach scene were Viplav get scared instead

  32. Nimisha ?

    Errr hang on a second.. We’re they eating dairy milk??? Hmmmmmm my favourite make of chocolate,

    Makes the episode even more yummy.

  33. saranya

    Viplav,why did u gave that choclate box to Shalu.she don’t deserves it now.give her a mentos candy bcz uski dimag ki bati chali gayi hai.if it doesn’t work gobar yaani cow dung haina,wahi jo tumara maa ki sar ki anthar haina,take that and make cakes with it and give that to will definitely work.if that too doesn’ work,do something,break her mobile and follow her wherever she goes and find the truth that,the Real zinc phosphide yaani rat poison is still in Banaras to spoil ur and ur sis’ life.

  34. for barun

    disgusting serials are going to stop as our Salman Khan duplicate is coming he is barun sobti. don’t call him skinny skeleton. vidhani waste.

    • AM

      hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha ……mera to hasi hi nahi ruk raha hae …really u r too funny …compare to thik sae karo ….. 😛 😛

  35. saranya

    And guys what’s happending in this tripathi house?grand daughter of Mahant Dasharath Tripathi has only one dupatta!omg,and that too is missing.oh so sad na.she searched full house but in vain,where will she go!poor Shalu.Shalu,do something,go and take ur dada ji’s shawl and use it as dupatta but be careful that u are not disturbing his whig and duplicate moustache.ok.without hair and moustache how can he face durga maayi and sushma take care of that.

    • Nimisha ?

      Saranya, you’re so funny! You are right, how can THE mahant dashraths granddaughter only have 1 dupputta. ?????

      I wonder if that raja’s mamiji stole it and it’s in her little purse pouch thing. ??

  36. aish

    @ nachibu, I av forgiven u and I think the whole family too has forgiven. We are not that bad. @ the whole house, can we try to forgive nachibu and try to respond to him or her seems he’s really sorry.

    • Nimisha ?

      Here here! Nachibu, we are all human and we all make mistakes. It’s all cool and as aish says, we’re not that bad. Come back and comment, you don’t need to remain silent. You are very very welcome here. I mean, everyone is properly lovely and kind so you have nothing to worry about.

      See you soon, hopefully!

  37. Anne

    Nimisha, yes of course they made love-H. Hasan said so! Any way. Its a bout time for goodness.sake! A will of iron that man! Dhani smiling in the mirror was so sweet. I domt like the sari she wore, the pattern was too heavy and ageing. Lighter colours suit her youth. Tomorrow Dulari n BadiAmma are back hooray. X

    • Nimisha ?

      Hey Anne. I also don’t like all the sarees dhani wears. For me I think it’s the blouses more than anything else. Also they see me to do allot of pleats on the bit that comes over the shoulder. But I agree, the paler colours suit her more. I wonder if the style is more a Benares thing.

      Yay for the ashram ladies tomorrow, although what is KT up to??

      Hope you’re feeling better this evening. Hope the cough lets you and your cat sleep. By the way my best tip EVER for pesky throats is warm salt water gargles. Esp last thing at night. Honestly the best thing. Water needs to be quite salty though. Sleep well lovely. Xxx

  38. Yetty

    Oh dear! I love the episode, you all know the part I enjoyed most?
    So sorry where are manners.
    Hello everyone, good to see your post, I read them all.
    @Louella enjoy every bit of your chidhood, I wouldn’t want you to become an adult so soon as I always enjoy your post and friendly gesture.
    @ Anne how is the cough hope you’re feeling better.
    @ nimisha how is the little one hope she’s getting better.
    To the business of the day
    Dhaani was so ready for the nuptial night without her usual hard to get attitude.
    Viplav the Mr Romeo, that was a brilliant performance.
    I think kanak will be the first to repent from her evil ways.
    I think a twist will be good now, something unpredictable. I love ikrs

    • Nimisha ?

      Hi Yetty, she’s doing much better now. than you for asking,

      Viplav keeps talking about how what his mum and not sister are doing is hurting him. I really hope that nothing bad happens to him.

      I’m also worried about the tea tomorrow. Hope Dulaari and Baddi Amma aren’t hurt by KT and her evil ways.

      Sleep well Yetty. Thanks

  39. Help my dear friends
    Br mam,Anne,renu,saranya,saras,sonu,sujie,
    Megha,marzu,swara,prachi ,AM,josh,jyothi
    Gennifer,tamil,marees,Marie,Maria, ria,tia
    Rajee,rahul,purple, anisha,joyee,shwetha,
    Sara,silent readers and all friends.
    A VERY GUD MRG TO U ALL.I WISH UR DAY WILL BE WITH FUL OF HAPPINESS N LUV.take care n enjoy ur day.luv all guys.

  40. saranya

    Nimisha thanks for replying my comment.its the first time u are replying to my comment.i am very happy for that.

  41. saranya

    Kanak u are a lovely lady and u loves dhani a lot na.that’s why u didn’t allowed her to enter in kitchen and doing problem yaar kanak.she is not that much week.if u are going to repeat this again,u are dead then bcz i will send a plate of gajar halwa to u with that special ingredient that u added fos dhani,samjhe ya samjhayen.

    • nimo

      good morning saranya di

      happy to see you back
      but why no comments few days??????????????
      still angry on viruses????

  42. Hi my dear friends to is our mirsada birthday.she turned into 55 years today.
    Is wish her everyone.
    Many more happy returns of the day dear mirsada.may all ur dreams come true in ur life.luv u n take care dear.

  43. Louella

    Happy birthday Mirsada!!!
    May this day bring lots of joy and happiness in ur life!!!
    May God bless u and ur family with lots of happiness!!!
    May all ur wishes come true!!!

  44. nimo

    good morning friends

    ikrs rocking rocking and rocking
    sasbahu drama way also funny..
    don’t lose hopes keep watching friends

  45. nimo

    @ mirsada aunty

    wish you very very happy birthday dear mirsada aunty
    stay happy stay strong forever and forever

  46. Shri

    Happy B’day Mirsada

    Well said saranya..cheeese


  47. saranya

    @Nimo,i didn’t commented bcz i was a little busy and i assure everyone that i willn’t quit commenting for these silly reasons like viruses.i don’t want to be a coward.hehehehe.

  48. Sujie

    friends one question……… ishq ka rang safed videos are not in youtube anymore….private video?????

  49. Sonu

    Hi Saru, your conversation is really very funny, as Nimisha said that her (Shalu’s) all duppatta may be Chori Aunty nae chor gaya..

  50. Sonu

    In yesterday episode, Vidhani scence was superb, they look choo cute together. I want to Shalu get marry on Raja, but I don’t want to no more scence or longtimes of Raja’s appearence in IKRS. I really hate his role, he is such a irritating charecter..

    • Nimisha ?

      Hi Sonu. I agree. I also don’t want to see raja or his family.

      It would be great to see the return of Ram(?), the first guy who liked Shalu for the right reasons. Maybe he could re investigate DT and also know the truth behind the awasthis.

  51. Sonu

    We want our PP, hi PP where r u? Still r u busy with earning money. Come on PP, come fast to Banaras. One good news for u, our Vidhani get married. Where is your Pagli (Suvarna) and Amma ( Durga maayi)? I think your mom and wify also go with u, for earning money in very soon..Haina?

  52. saranya

    Our show is not going in a saas-bahu drama track,i think.of course,its a fact that kanak is troubling dhani but its different.usually the first step of a saas cruelity is to tell her bahu to prepare food and afterwards scolding her by telling it as waste but here situation is just opposite and its a different saas-bahu saga and our hero already told that he needs love from dhani not a servant.our show is always unique and amazing guys.

  53. Mirsada

    Namaste, Thank you for the congratulations,I’m sad, what do they do with this wonderful series. No replay, no YouTube, when we vote block, lying us for TRP, bad dates of broadcasting a series, what to do.

    • saranya

      U are absolutely right Mirsada.i too wonder what’s happending to colors tv.have they gone mad?no promos no repetitions for such a good show.what are they doing.they are educated people but don’ know the difference b/w good and bad.go to hell Colors with ur so called status.

      • Nimisha ?

        Hello again.

        It’s curious as here, most shows are repeated throughout the day. I think we have colorsUK though and maybe Colors where you are have more shows that air.

        Also, if it is the TRP that determines what is shown, that’s a shame as a show like IKRS which addresses age old issues is never going to be as popular as a typical says Bahu type show.

        I know there are lots of people on Twitter who use the #IKRS hashtag are always asking for more promos and repeats so Colors must be aware of this request. It’s a shame they don’t make a statement about it.

  54. aish

    @ yetty, I asked you wat ur fb name is and if ur on our fb group buh u didn’t respond. @saranya, welcome back

    • Yetty

      Sorry dear aish, I thought you asked if I’m on the fb fan group, didn’t know you are asking for my personal one.

  55. Louella

    Nimo nachibu had used our names and commented bad about ikrs. So nachibu is asking sorry to everyone.

  56. Louella

    Tanishqa u r in 6th. Super happy to know this. If u don’t mind can I know about u. Where u live? And if u love ikrs then plz keep commenting dear

  57. nima

    Hmm.. hmm…Dehleez pe mere dil ki, Jo rakhe hain tune kadam, Tere naam pe meri zindagi, Likh di mere humdum, Haan seekha maine jeena jeena kaise jeena, Haan seekha maine jeena mere humdum, Na seekha kabhi jeena jeena kaise jeena, Na seekha jeena tere bina humdum…..hlw IKRSian have a good day, vidhani scene n #IKRS always rocking.

  58. Its OK mirsada u should be sad about this all cool .u know if they can’t do this means wat we all r here na.for us our ikrs is always on top of the peaks in anything , anyway,any where.that’s it.
    Think like this n go through it.take happy .cheerup dear ma.

  59. Nimisha ?


    Many happy returns of the day and hope you have a wonderful one.

    Much love, xxxx

  60. SARAS

    welcome back comedy princess. . you bring in lot of energy to the group. .
    thanks for commenting. .

    happy birthday mirsada. … good bless you always. ..

  61. Nimisha ?

    Slightly off topic but was just trying to figure out how to use the India forums site.. Basically I can’t work it out. It seems my brain can’t figure it out but,, I came across the television celebrity rankings list and our very lovely Mishal Raheja is on position 27, up from 40 last week. It seems that lots of people on there are appreciating him on IKRS too.

    • Yetty

      Hello Nimisha
      That’s good news , I checked last when he was on position 40.
      He will get there get to top soon.

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.