Ishq Ka Rang Safed 29th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishq Ka Rang Safed 29th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dasharath calling Kamini and informs her that he has talked to a big politician of Mumbai, Mr. Vaghele and asks her to send Viplav’s pic on his number. Kamini says okay, I will send the pic. Kamini calls Vaghele’s employee and tells him that her husband went to Survodaya hospital to see a patient and is stuck in riots. She asks him to give priority to Viplav and bring him home safely. Dhaani tries to open the door. Viplav asks where you are going? Dhaani says I want to go, and can go somehow while hiding. Viplav says you couldn’t stand properly and want to go. These people don’t care about anyone. Dhaani says she wants to go for Vidha and Dulaari and says she doesn’t care about her life. Viplav says I do, and asks her to think about Vidha. Dhaani tries to open

the door and finds the locked broken. Viplav says this was the only way to go out. Dhaani says I will go somehow and worries for Vidha.

Viplav says we will find a way and looks around. Dhaani looks at the glass window and thinks to go out. Viplav asks what you are doing? Dhaani says she doesn’t know anything about Dulaari and Vidha and she can’t sit here like that. She steps on the table. Viplav tries to hold her. Dhaani asks him to move his hand and says she will not fall. She falls in his arms….Ishq Ka Rang Safed plays………………………Viplav says I am tired of telling you, Vidha is not only yours, but my daughter also. I have full trust that she is my daughter. I am also worried for her.

Dhaani says I am there for her and asks him not to worry. Viplav says I know that you have brought her up since 5 years, but it is your mistake as you don’t let me know about you and Vidha. Dhaani says I don’t want to talk to you. Viplav says it is enough now. He says Vidha is having Dulaari and Parshiya, and they will take care of her. He says I am here with you, and if anything happens to you, what will I answer to Dulaari? Dhaani looks on. Viplav asks her to go and says I will not stop you. Sushma prays to God and asks him to protect Viplav. Kanak asks Sushma to have food else she will get ill. Sushma refuses to have anything and keeps the fast. She lights another diya for Dhaani and Vidha. Viplav makes her sit. Dhaani feels pain while lifting a pot. Viplav helps her.

Dhaani gets up. Viplav makes her drink water. Just then she gets scared hearing the thunder storm and hugs him. Viplav holds her hand while she looks at him. A song….Zindagi tujhse hoke juda song plays……………….She hugs him…..Sab Tera continues to play…………..Viplav moves his finger on her hairs and kisses on her forehead. It was his imagination. Dhaani sees Viplav putting much water and it falls down. He apologizes…..Dhaani sits down. Viplav also sits and asks if she is fine. She nods yes. Viplav lights the bonfire and asks her to come to front and sit. Dhaani comes near the bonfire and lie down to sleep. Viplav thinks we love each other, then why did you hate me. She says we are closer, but far. Why don’t you accept that Vidha is my daughter.

Parshiya comes to Kamini’s hotel room and asks about Viplav. Kamini says he is not here. Parshiya says Dhaani is missing. Kamini says they are not here and asks him to go. Parshiya folds his hands and asks her to use her contacts about them. Kamini says my contacts are searching for Viplav only as Dhaani is the reason for the trouble. Parshiya asks why you are blaming her. Kamini says she is married and have a daughter then why she is after my husband. She says may be Dhaani wants you both. Parshiya asks her to mind her language and asks her not to talk dirty about her character. He asks her to screw her mind else he will tight it. He asks her to enquire about Viplav and says Dhaani has nothing to do with him. Kamini asks herself to control and says this is not the right time. She thinks where is Viplav.

Viplav is sitting and sees grass catching fire and about to reach Dhaani. He puts it off with his hand and makes Dhaani sleep on his lap. He holds his hand on her head so that water droplets don’t fall on her face from the rooftop. Next morning, Dhaani sees her sleeping beside Viplav. She gets up and feels pain. Viplav says bullet pain will not go so soon. Dhaani says everything is changed. Viplav says nothing is changed. Just then goons knock on the door asking them to open the door. Dhaani and Viplav are shocked.

Viplav beats the goons and picks the sword. He asks them to let them go and says they were stuck inside. He holds Dhaani’s hand and escapes from there, after looking the goons inside.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Arshu, hope Renu and others have helped you decide which way you want to go. I know you have your heart set on the mobs but you’re being very sensible to have a plan b.

    Just follow your heart and do which ever subject appeals the most. Like atharvas mum in JNDSD said, the head with make the way but your heart will show you the way. Good advice I think,

    Good luck lovely. xxx

    1. Arshdeep

      Thank you??
      Very good advice actually ??

  2. Angel20

    Hello friends,
    I am so sorry for hurting you all actually I am mad? senti ho gayi thi
    Mujhe maaf kardo??

    1. Kavitha

      Hi maria iam happy ur back again.frnds ho tho aise don’t worry dear.
      N renuji aapki arj tho humari maria ko wapas lagayi.that was really superb ur quotation for friends in Hindi.was awesome.

      1. ?? kavi ye to pyar ki takat hai.

    2. Apno se maafi nahu pyar manga jata hai
      Maafi to gairo ke liye hoti hai . ?

    3. Sujie

      Maria….don’t apologise dear ??
      We don’t apologise to our family ….. We love ….
      Spread love and keep loving ??????????

  3. Ade1111

    Good Morning Everyone , hope you all have a lovely day.
    Good Luck Arshu. ?
    Have a lovely day

    1. Hi ola dear.? good day☺

      1. Ade1111

        Hi Hun hope you good and having a good day.

    2. Sujie

      Hi ola….. ??

      1. Ade1111

        Hi Sujie how are you doing. Loving your analysis daily.
        Enjoy your day.

    3. Arshdeep

      Thanks ola mam??

      1. Ade1111

        Welcome Hun

    4. Sujie

      Ola…I’m good… ?

      1. Ade1111

        Good to hear ?

  4. Kavitha

    Omg waiting for today’s episode frnds.
    Latha nahin aaj kya suspense hoga show mein waiting for the luvly mishals show.
    As per spoiler today viplav drops dhaani safely at home n they realise they were missing each other right frnds yeh bi achi lagegi.dekhna padega.

    1. s kavi its interesting to see dhani missing vipu

  5. Hello☺ I am here actually it was my cousin’s 1st bday so we celebrated it at farm house that’s why I was busy .. but thanks for remembering me?
    I haven’t seen ikrs from two days so can’t comment much but have seen Viplav’s pic he and looking handsome dashing? in blue and his imagination was aww? viplav concern for dhani is beautiful.. sab tera song wuhhooo? I loved it .. precap is interesting as we will see viplav in action after many days?
    Louella my fasts are going good .. thanks for asking..

    1. He is looking handsome dashing*

  6. I happen to switch on tv while swaragini was coming. . ikrs scenes kind of recreated there same location similar situation n sane bg score of sab tera.. copy cats…

  7. hlw my dear ikrsian n mishalian ? hope u all r fine. I’m also fine?
    sorry for not commenting bg hona pad raha hai? thakan ki wajase jaldi soh jati hu?? but ikrs n Mishal ko dekhna nahi chodti ?? nowadays my daily dose ikrs aur v interesting hota ja raha hai haina??

    1. Sujie

      Hi Nima…Dherai din pachi aayau…welcome
      Comment gardai gara ????

      1. Does it means that u have come after many days

      2. Sujie

        Yes Renu di 🙂

  8. Areeb

    Hello everyone, hope you all are having a Lovey-Dovey week watching them ? somewhere in goadown or something. ?

    Just finished watching the Vidhani part 5th time. ??

  9. Areeb

    Renu Ma’am a big thank you for an elaborated recipe. ? My Amma was in kind of a shock when I told her the recipe. She was actually surprised that Areeb is talking about food that too about cooking.

    Amma is gonna make this soon after Ramadan.

    1. Aww… areeb hope it works out ?

  10. Areeb

    Arshi you asked two words.

    Dakhal/Rukawat ( Interrupting )
    Khoobsurat ( Beautiful ) .. yeh tou itna common hai. ?

  11. Arshdeep

    Thank you so much saraswathi mam. And renu didi too.
    I checked the subjects of both biomedical and life sciences and they sound to be almost similar. So will chose anyhow between the two.

    I talked to my school biology mam. She asked me to go BSc Microbiology too if i am getting.
    I am getting in almost all colleges under DU but i really dont want to opt for it as it would mean narrowing my choice at graduation level i.e. i will be bound to do MSc in Microbiology only.
    Just guide me once for it too.

    1. Arshdeep do not go for microbiology at graduation level ,after graduation you can do pg microbiology not in graduation level when we are in pg microbiology was a new branch (do not think otherwise ) and it is to study and you can score good marks but at graduation level it is not advisable because the combination subjects chemistry is not there I know the ugc norms and their combination a bit,now a days each and every subject needs chemistry because life itself is a combination chemical substances,be careful do not study any biological subjects without chemistry combination in our region that microbiology also tried and failed because of lack of chemistry so most of the colleges closed microbiology,for higher studies chemistry combination is a must for life science, I already told life is a combination of chemical substances if you want to do research it is a must for you all the work now a days deals with chemical analysis think wisely as you have an opurtunity to get seat in many branches you can have a choice to choose as your liking.


      1. Arshdeep

        Thats the only point i dont want to go for it
        Thank you mam

      2. Arshdeep

        I applied for 5 courses mam
        Biomedical sciences
        Biological sciences
        Life sciences
        I have cleared the cut offs of almost all colleges for each course.
        Was doubtful in chosing between biomedcal and life sciences.
        Thanks for guiding mam?

    2. Arshu i prefer life science from hansraj only . A big no to microbiology.

      1. Arshdeep

        Fine thanks di
        Hansraj no hostel for girls??
        One problem goes and the next comes???

  12. Arshdeep

    Louella answers to your questions-
    1st. Wont mind if you have a solution dear. Is the solution season 2???

    2nd. I would watch ETRETR for Mishal but wont stop watching or reading updates of Ikrs. Because i call IKRS as my show… Its my show han. Cant stop myself in knowing whats going in it.

    3rd . I would love if Nimisha didi or Renu didi come?(as for first preference)
    And for Mishal i would love to go myself to mumbai to meet him and tell how perfect he is?? And how much our Ikrs family loves him❤

  13. today’s episodes was soopee doopeer viplav fully in form…
    loved it the way he answered dhani n dulari too.hamari parishani kisiko nazar nahi aati . .

  14. At graduation level microbiology not advisable ,when you know what is the relationship between plants ,animals and microbes and environment then only you can do a good innovative research so think twice before selecting the must choose chemistry as a combination subject in graduation level.

    1. Arshdeep

      Most probably will be going for life sciences

      Thanks a lot again mam?

  15. I miss old actress who played Dhaani. We was much better. This new actress seems like she is trying too hard to be dhaani and her voice is so high pitched. I just keep watching for Viplav and Vidya

    By the way. I read all the comments above and sounds like all comment messages are nice, but some seem to use this as personal emails to each other than discussing to show. I have seen comments from Tellyupdates asking people to post feedback on show and not use to personally email each other. Don’t mind guys. I am not trying to be mean but just telling what purpose of this comment section is. Did not mean to offend anyone.

  16. Today episodes nice
    I love mishal. Ham to mishal k le y hi Ikrs dekhtey hi

  17. Waiting for the updated arsheep

  18. What happened guys… renu , mana , Sara’s. Arsheep, jas..Maria, nimisha

  19. Haha pooja now all r waiting for arshu but probably she is busy due to exams. Well i wont give u the update like her or hasan mam but eould just give the highlights?☺?

  20. Today’s episode’s beginning was a thriller. Voplav heroically saving dhani from goons n running off from the barren house.the way viplav gave her hand to dhani n though hesitantly but dhani got hold of his hand. It was a bit surprising to see a car parked with keys as if meant for vidhani but whatever they were able to run off from the goons. When viplav dropped dhani to her home pain of seperation could be seen in both but it was kindblowing for viplav. His expressions were real killer. When dhani’s sari edge got caught in viplavs bracelet ( dhanis mangalsutra tied on his wrist) dhani reluctantly tried to free it bud cud not n viplav did it with ocean of emotions in his eyes n face. The moment she saw parshiya she started enquiring about every one n i could feel viplav being neglected. Thanks to dulari who appreciated viplav n said one again he saved dhani. When she asked him to have tea viplav looked at dhani n was waiting for her to request him but seeing her blank face he rushed off. On reaching back also he was so lost in the moments spent with dhani a day before that he disnt listed to kamini who was expressing her happiness on his return. Frustrated she went leaving viplav alone it was too g9od to see her humiliated. ☝ viplav went again to dhanis place to get the answers of her being in isolation for past 5 years but it seemd dhani was determined to not utter anything. When parshiya entered n saw vidhàni together he was about to leave but dhani told him to stay back n said u be here as u r my husband. It was indeed fun to hear viplav saying what type of husband he is if he has to be reminded of abt it.??? dhani knew viplavs arrogance so to avoid him she went into the room with parshiya. Viplav was seen adamant n had made up his mind to not leave without getting dhanis answer . Finally dulari came in shocked to see him insìde he requested her to tell about the 5 years . Lets wait till tomorrow. Meanwhile kamini was shown talking to a lawyer who suggested her to go for the divorfe papers of vidhàni. When he asked weather dhani would sign then she requested him to wait till she thinks of something.

  21. Thank you renu nice update.
    Kamini I wish memory loss should happen to you.
    Ha ha funny viplav please find truth – enquire neighbour’s abiut dhanni that’s enough

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