Ishq Ka Rang Safed 29th January 2016 Written Episode Update


Ishq Ka Rang Safed 29th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dhaani asking Viplav if he thinks that she has helped Tripurari? Viplav says I haven’t said this. Dhaani says you think that I am trying to save Tripurari. Why I will do this. Tripurari comes out of police and thanks Dhaani. Viplav is angry and goes. Tripurari tells Dhaani that she has done mistake by choosing Viplav for marriage. He says if you would have married me then I would make you rani of banaras. Dhaani slaps him hard and asks him to stop talking crap. Tripurari looks angry. Viplav comes home and feels helpless. He recalls Tripurari coming out of jail. Dhaani comes back to Ashram and searches for the CD. Viplav recalls Tripurari thanking Dhaani and breaks the things in his room. Dhaani searches for CD in her room and wonders how can it vanish? Viplav feels

broken and sits down shattered. Dhaani also cries and sits down. Viplav apologizes to Shambu for not been able to get justice for him. He cries. Dhaani also cries. Ishq Ka Rang safed sad version plays………………….

Viplav calls Dhaani. She picks his call. They couldn’t speak and cry. Viplav says Dhaani and cuts the call. Dhaani cries. Durga and Suwarna are happy seeing Tripurari home. Durga says I took lawyer to Police station and was informed that you are freed. She asks Suwarna to do aarti. She does his aarti. Tripurari throws the aarti thaali and says he has not done any crime. He says he was trapped and says I have to tell the truth infront of them. Suwarna asks what? Durga says nothing. She says you have return home because of Suwarna’s prayers. Suwarna says I hope that you don’t land up in any trouble. Durga says everything will be fine now and goes to make food. Tripurari thinks I will trouble Viplav now and smiles.

In the morning, Dhaani goes to temple and pray near the tree. Viplav comes there. She ignores him and tries to go, but he holds her hand and runs after her. Viplav says I love you…..Dhaani looks ignorant. Suddenly rain starts. Viplav says this is truth Dhaani….I love you…I love you very much. Now even God have given approval….He holds her romantically against the wall. Bas Kar De Dil Ki Sifarish plays……………..Dhaani looks upset with him. Viplav holds his ears and apologizes. Dhaani’s anger melts down and she hugs him relieved. She apologizes to him and says you was troubled because of me. Viplav also apologizes to her. Dhaani asks him to be with her like this and hugs him. He opens his eyes and sees Dhaani going. Tripurari comes and says he is just a puppet/mohra in Shambu’s murder as someone is masterminded his murder. Viplav sees Dhaani and Tripurari going in different directions. He shouts asking Tripurari to stop, and wakes up breaking his dream. He recalls Tripurari saying that he is just a puppet and looks on.

Tripurari calls Dasharath, but he is busy in puja and disconnects the call. Tripurari calls again. Dasharath picks call and asks why he is disturbing him. Tripurari asks him to do something for him. Dasharath says I will not do anything. Tripurari says I am Viplav’s chacha and I can make him understand. Dasharath is shocked. Tripurari says I am going to tell Viplav that I have blood relation with him. How he will feel knowing he was going to send his chacha to jail? Dasharath says you are blackmailing me again and again and you have to pay a big price for this. Tripurari says I was born out of your enjoyment. Dasharath coughs. Tripurari says you have lost one son and asks if he want to lost him also. He asks him to make Viplav understand else his raj will end. Dasharath puts phone in his pocket, but it falls down on the floor.

Dhaani again looks for the CD. Raj Lakshmi asks her to have food, else Dulaari will scold her. Dhaani gets angry and says she don’t want to eat. Raj Lakshmi looks on. Dhaani apologizes for shouting at her, and says I feel that Viplav couldn’t get Tripurari punished because of me. Raj Lakshmi asks her to stop blaming herself and eat food. Dhaani says I kept it safely. Raj Lakshmi says Suwarna came that day. Dhaani says I want to meet her. They leave to meet Suwarna. Viplav comes in the hall and gets Dasharath’s phone. He checks the call list and is shocked. Tripurari gives money to Durga. Durga asks from where he gets the money. Tripurari says Guru dev gave him money. Durga says I hope you don’t do anything wrong with him. Tripurari says he gets angry sometimes, but don’t do anything wrong. He gets Dasharath’s call. He picks the call and says it seems you have understood my point. Just then he sees Dasharath coming to his house and asks what is the matter. You are available on phone as well as here and asks about his leela. Dasharath takes the phone and disconnects the call. Viplav hears everything and is shocked. He says this can’t happen….

Dasharath shows the CD to Kanak and says you would have kept it safely, else I would not have get it. Viplav tells Dhaani that he did a mistake by telling his family about Tripurari’s statement. Bijli tells Tripurari that she can sell her faithfulness in 5 mins. Tripurari laughs.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. I just saw the combined promo of IKRS,TPK,Swaragini and it’s good to see an IKRS promo finally 🙂
    And m watching I loved the rain scene but in real life I find rain annoying 😛

    1. Me too don’t like to get wet in rain…onscreen it looks romantic but off screen no way…

  2. LOL someone among us watches too much serials ?

    1. U r teasing me right, akshay 😛 What to do yaar I have nothing to do before April no classes I m so bored I miss school a lot so I watch these dramas and also no bollywood movie is coming nowadays and I watched all the Hollywood movies. To spent time my first priority is to do handicraft and write and all my materials got finished so I hav to buy them again and then my second priority is to watch movies but I watched them already and then watch dramas I watched them , so nothing to do just watch these pathetic dramas 😛 only some r good like IKRS

  3. Hello all! Yesterday I had a tragic incident with a comic touch while watching ikrs which I want to share. As I have already mentioned that we had guests @ our residence, so it was quite difficult for me to watch my fav show but yesterday I managed to switch on TV …vidhani scene started & I was thinking in mind that today I am Lucky to watch an exciting vidhani romance on real time…I was smiling inside my mind & suddenly what happened??? Oh no…the small cutie pie who is a 15 months baby of my guest pressed one button of d TV remote…& that’s all…TV screen became blank…I cud not understand whether I wud laugh or get upset as the toddler is too cute….& at last I missed the episode ..I had to catch it online…
    Vidhani romance under rain was grt but what??? It was a silly dream of viplav… OK better luck next time!!!

    1. Haha Rajee that was so cute something similar also happened to me once , so that’s why whenever kids come I always switch to Cartoon Network or Disney channel 😛
      I love to watch Mr bean and tom n jerry, Mickey Mouse 😛

  4. My mob battery is draining fast…am in office without mob no more comments…bye to all..have an awesome day!!!

  5. Okay now I will comment only about IKRS as I realized some may be annoyed with my comments 😛 XD what to do yaar just expressing my concern 😛 but it at least helps to increase the no. Of comments 😛

    1. but we r not in that list. u kp up dear ( hey akshay sory yaar dnt gt angry on me )

  6. No one is annoyed yaar ?, don’t misunderstand .
    Yaah but little bit concerned which is obvious.?
    U r free to express anything u want joyee !!!!!!!!
    Be the same ,don’t change for anyone?

    1. Lol akshay okay fine 😛 honestly speaking I also don’t have so much time to watch all serials I watch IKRS, PKHJD(ended),YVR n ZABHMG regularly among serials. And some like TPK, TEI, Naagin I watch when I m bored I watch the good episodes . And there are more actors/actresses I like but too lazy to mention all 😛 and don’t worry I also teased u by calling u akshay kumar 😛 and again I love your acting in airlift 😛

    2. You are worried to see like this I have seen even more intense my uncle 😛 I remember when I went to stay in his house while waiting for my new house my mom subscribed hindi channels in their box so that we can watch he started watching them also. He usually wakes up 6 and goes to work and then he comes back and start watching serials till 2am 😛 me and my mom regretted a little even my aunt she never misses an episode so when we got our house wet were suppose to unsubscribe the channel in their box but then they don’t Want and still watch serials till 2am 😛
      My uncle is a crazy fan of Ashoka and Naagin and aunt is a crazy fan of Swaragini and IKRS 😛

  7. Guys,today i am very happy.i have to do no scannings.i am completely alright’s was my last only have to continue with medicine for one month.finally i am back to my self.

    1. wow very good saranya. . take care

    2. Hey , that’s a great news take care of yourself and I m sure u will be 100% fine and recovered

  8. Hai Sonu&Shri where are u dear?

  9. @raj,Which list u r talking about ?
    And I never get angry on anyone nowadays becoz of u all people ?

    1. Chal jhute 😛

    2. Oh,that’s a great thing u are under the spell of our IKRS friendship.i also like being calm and smile always but when i gets angry though it rarely happens i can’t control it and i am like bursting out thunder.

    3. just kidding yaar i love u alll

  10. I like the quilts of ashram.. -:))

  11. hey guys how many of u don’t like rain?i love rain a lot.from childhood itself whenever my parents complain about heavy rain,i’ll tell them, “if it is hot u complain about intense hot if it is rain that too is a problem for u.then what do u really like,rain or hot?”rain always make nostalgic about my school days and childhood.actually it’s a real symbol of nostalgia and beautiful it is!and it is true that i too hate heavy rains which causes destruction like Chennai flood.but if we think it in a different way we can say that that’s the ugly and ferocious face of nature.thus it teaches that every quality inside man is gained from nature.

  12. Rajee and Joyee,sometimes guests become a villian to me also.i can’t do anything and i take much strain to be comfortable that time.i ‘ll speak to my self that “saranya don’t be uncomfortable,control yourself they’ll leave soon,and u should remember one thing that aditi devo bhava”that’s my way of becoming calm and when they leaves i jumb and switch on tv to see atleast two min but by that time thapki’ll start and i handover remote to my mom for her shows.

    1. Lol Saran for me I never consider guests villian but I do feel bad that I missed the show but I catch up the repeat if not online in sg I can watch recorded episodes doesn’t matter and me and my mom watch the same show we have similar choices like we both watch IKRS, TPK, n more but there are some shows mom likes but I don’t but I still watch it with her, and if guests come u can promote ur fav show like my cousin who came to my house for few days and then he started watching IKRS for Viplav and TPK for Bihaan 😛

  13. Hi friends! I am not feeling well so couldn’t comment. I was resting and now I m feeling little better. I didn’t got time to comment only from yesterday as I had school today. But yesterdays episode was very romantic. It was viplav’s dream but I liked it a lot. And phone conversation was very emotional.

    1. Get well soon 🙂

  14. We don’t have such interrupts ? in your home. Even if someone comes ,I will not hesitate to watch ikrs as I don’t get time to see the repeat telecast

  15. I m very lucky as our guests come only on weekends but then also if my uncle comes he gives me the remote to see whatever I want. So in this case I m very lucky. But my grandma always scolds me for watching the serials repeat again and again but then also I manage to explain her how much I love ikrs

  16. Hey fatarajo even my uncle when he came to my house we would watch ikrs and tpk so he didn’t like ikrs( I don’t know why) but when he comes to our house he watches tpk with us. Actually he is a big fan of ashoka. He always watches ashoka and while watching it he explains to my grandpa what is the story and all that but I don’t like ashoka at all

    1. Same happend with
      Me , one of my aunt she only used to watch Naagin in colors, and then I made her watch IKRS n TPK she liked TPK but she didn’t liked IKRS 🙁

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