Ishq Ka Rang Safed 29th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishq Ka Rang Safed 29th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raj Lakshmi asking Dhaani about the sindoor on her forehead. Dhaani touches it and says it is not Sindoor, but a tilak. I went to temple and it was applied when I bend down infront of God. She says she will wipe it. Raj Lakshmi asks her about the colorful saree. Dhaani asks her not to tell anyone and says Viplav asked her to wear it. Raj Lakshmi gets happy and says you have changed for good. When I told you that there was nothing wrong with colored sarees, you used to teach widow customs. Dhaani asks her not to tell anyone and says she will change saree. Raj Lakshmi suggests her to marry Viplav secretly and says Kanak will never let you marry him. Dhaani gets tensed and recalls her marriage with him. She says I wish I could tell you that we have been married secretly.

Dasharath tells that the tilak and goad bharayi rasam will be done after 2 days, and tells about the mahurat. Everyone is happy. Raja’s mum shows the jewellery and says she made Dholna made for Shalini. Viplav asks Sushma about it. Sushma says it is the latest mangalsutra. Viplav says Shalu isn’t married yet. Raja’s mum says it is upto Shalu to wear it or not, after marriage. Kanak is happy that Shalu got a good alliance. Viplav comes to her and says he thought to make gold watch for himself seeing Raja wearing gold watch. Kanak gets happy and says everything happening is good because Dhaani is no longer in their family. She says since your alliance broken with her, happiness is coming home. Viplav gets sad. Kanak asks what happened? Viplav says you always curses her, I don’t want anything. Kanak apologizes and says sorry. She asks him to smile. She gives him gold ornaments and asks him to get watch made with it. Viplav says he don’t want much gold, and takes a bangle. He thinks to make Dholna for Dhaani, so that Kanak loves her.

Later, Viplav waits for Dhaani in the temple and asks Shalu to go. He comes inside the temple. Dhaani comes to the temple and stands out. Viplav looks at her while the aarti is going on. Dhaani smiles looking at him. Viplav signs her towards Raja. Dhaani tries to look at him. Dhaani sees some other man standing with Shalu and gets mistaken. Shalu looks at the man. Viplav comes out and asks Dhaani to come. He asks why she came late? Dhaani says there was some work in the Ashram. He asks did you see Raja? Dhaani says he looked good, but he is quite healthy. Viplav asks if your eyes are fine and says he is not fat. Dhaani says okay. Raja sees Viplav with her from her, but couldn’t see her face. Viplav holds her hand. Dhaani asks him to leave her hand and tells that Raj Lakshmi saw her in colored sarees. Viplav laughs and asks her not to worry as Raj Lakshmi saw her only. He says he brought something for her. Just then he sees Raja coming towards him. Raja asks where is she? Viplav says he is talking to himself. Raja understands that he is lying. Viplav says you will learn soon. They leave.

Dhaani comes to Ashram and waits for Viplav. Raj Lakshmi comes to her room and says she will sleep in her room as there were mosquitoes in her room. Dhaani thinks Viplav might come now, how we will eat together. She lie down beside her and starts snoring and sneezes. Raj Lakshmi gets irritated and goes to her room.

Viplav searches for keys in the room. Raja asks what is he searching. Viplav says keys. Raja says he has his keys and asks about the girl. He says I am your to be jija and friend too. Viplav says there was nobody there. Raja says I knew that there is someone, and now you are going to meet her. He says I couldn’t meet Shalu nicely. Viplav asks him not to worry and says you can meet Shalu after marriage. Raja keys him keys. Viplav leaves.

Viplav comes to Ashram through the window. Dhaani hugs him and says she has been waiting for him since long time. Viplav asks her not to worry. Dhaani asks him to look at the fish which he has gifted her. Viplav looks at it and says fish is looking happy. He gifts her dholna and says dadi said that it strengthens the relation between a bahu and saas. Dhaani asks how can I wear it? Viplav asks her to wear it when they are together and says Raja was crying that he haven’t went out with Shalu. Dhaani suggests them to take them for outing. Viplav says we will also go and asks her to wear colored saree. Dhaani asks how can I wear, and says okay. Just then someone knocks on the door. Viplav says my sasumaa’s timing is good. Dhaani opens the door and finds Raj Lakshmi standing. Raj Lakshmi says she forgot the jug and takes it. She gets surprised seeing Dholna in Dhaani’s neck and goes. Dhaani looks on tensedly.

Kanak comes to the Ashram and blames Dhaani for changing colors like a squirrel. Dulaari asks what do you mean? Kanak says your daughter didn’t tell you where she goes. She says I saw her in the hotel. Dulaari warns Kanak that she can’t hear anything against Dhaani and will forget that she is Viplav’s mum.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. AM

    are wah …episode to masstt tha …but abtak humlog directors ko fast bolte the but abhi jyada slow ho gaya …thoda story agae badao ….story ko thoda fast karo ….sirf vidha romance se trp nahi badega ..dhani’s past should unfold first …

  2. prachi

    Episode was as usual. Till now raja acting lyk positive character ,do nt wat happen wen he ll see dhani with viplav…kanak is disgusting as usual..

  3. Swara

    Hi….frnds….ooo…this dhanni is becoming so naughty after marriage. ..too cute. ..nd viplav had killed with his acting….

    Frnds….my mom is back to home….my fb frnds knew it….guys…I miss u a lot

  4. Areh enjoying Vidhaani’s tom n jerry chase 😛 but I wonder how others will react once they know they are married because the villians will consider them unmarried and easily create rift between them and once they knw they may create problems but it’s still too late

  5. mangai

    plz here anyone confirm is show s leading to vidha separation ?? is dhaani past ll lead some misunderstanding between them??

  6. mangai

    I m confused once again whether rajalakshmi is still supporting kanak or not.. in precap I saw her meeting kanak in ayodhya .. I feel like she s still pubbet to kanak..

    • Sujie

      mangai… rajlakshmi is not in ayodhya niwas…but Kanak is in widow ashram and RL might have opened the door because of which Kanak comes and yells at Dhaani calling her characterless…
      Stupid Kanak

  7. Hi my dear ikrs frnds how r u all.I miss u from two days my dearest ikrs team.till now iam commenting here really I got smile without knowing me .don’t know y.
    Hi saranya,br mam,sonu,sujie,Sara,swara,akshay,josh,
    Joyee,AM,Anne,prachi,Louella, Mary,MM,jyothi,aish,marees,hritya,britty,rahul,purple,sabita,kaviya, amulya,raj,rajee,
    Ahana,Vinny, meghs,varsha,Tamil,rids, Sara’s and all my dear lovable frnds.

  8. And today’s episode is very nice .
    Yes AM now the story is moving slowly but in correct track.wat to do ithna jaldi story katham hogay tho ham Sab kya karey.tho isliye thoda araam sey hi chalney do.

  9. Hi freinds as usual vidhàni awesome n their love blossoms ; kanak gruesome; n mystery of dhani’s past still in drum precap horrible

  10. Today I like viplav n knk conversation when she scolds dhaani viplavs reaction was awesome. N also dhaanis naughty to send RL out of her room was nice but I missed last part today.because of cable cut

  11. Sanju

    Today’s episode is very nice, I feel very glad to see the vidhani’s scene. It is a very joyable and cute. Chemistry of vidhani is very nice. I am eagerly waiting for unfold the story of Dhani’s pas & a link between Raja & Dhani.

  12. Just read a spoiler in which it is clear that raja is brother of her ex husband n guddi maruti would enter the show as maternal aunt of raja n entire family is fraud n just want financial assistance from rich tripathi family

    • Ya renu I also saw that news that another new character enters ikrs show as rajas maternal aunt.and by her character it concludes that raja avastis family was a froud persons till that time raja n shalus engagement also finished.
      By this only dhaanis past also revealed.don’t know how viplav will react after knowing dhaanis this week spoiler was this I think.

    • florentina moldovan

      i think they also took money from Dhani….if now they search for a rich family, they searched a rich family in the pass too…so, i think Dhani is from a rich family…..

  13. N i am waiting for vidhaanis past in upcoming episodes.
    AM pls give it spoiler soon tmr.iam waiting for it.
    Because iam very curious about upcoming episodes .

    • SARAS

      hi iiiiiiii dear florentina. . sorry for dis appearing suddenly. .
      I missed you too dear. . lots of love n hugs to you. ..n all my lovely ikrs family

  14. Anne

    I loved Rajlaksmi when she winked at Dhaani after she saw the necklace.I hope she is a positive character in the future. She is a good balance to Dhaanis character.

    • Swara

      I was very much excited to comment here…but this moderation bhai….spol it………….
      Saras …where r u??,???? Nd little princess, …..miss u so much

  15. Meghs

    Good morning saranya varsha BR mam joyee renu am josh kavi di swara florentina akshay raj purple swathi sonu sri n all ikrs fans

  16. Sujie

    a very good morning to everyone …..
    ViDhaani scenes were cute…….
    Raja and his family must be fraud….and Dhaani might help in bringung their reality in front of everyone …..i guess….the scene when Viplav entered Dhaani’s room and Dhaani hugging him…was awesome 🙂
    waiting for Dhaani’s past to unfold so that Viplav supports her and their love grows deeper….
    and this Kanak …horrrible as usual

  17. prachi

    Wat happened to d moderation. Why dey taking too much tym to post a comment. It kills all d patience.

    • Josh

      U don’t bother about that just post comment nd carry on ur work don’t wait for ur comment to get posted

  18. aish

    Hi everyone. I can’t wait to see viplav’s reaction after getting to know raja knows dhani and he’s actually her bro in law. Am pls spoiler. Luv u all

  19. Shri


    LOVELY to c Dhani waiting for his man…

  20. AM

    are sab log kaha ho ???? ….jaldi aao ….kaviya mam ….sara ..akshay …jyoti ….louella and many are missing….come fast ….
    jinka exam hae unko all the best ….abhi Mae exam sae free hua or bakisab busy hogaye …. 😛 😛
    prepared well for exams 🙂 ….

    • Louella

      AM my exams r after two weeks but I m preparing now only so that I finish my studied fast and then land over here to comment.

  21. Guys did u watch one thing when viplav wears dolna to dhaani he was playing with that chain I thought that he is still in childish behaviour like dulhaari says
    Bachvaji aap badey tho hagayi lekin aapki bachana abhi thak nahi gayi na.
    Very cute scene na.

  22. And today I saw on location scene of ikrs that dhaani lies with dulhaari mayi n goes to meet viplav at restaurant. There by seeing both vidhaani knk gets angry n comes to ashram to fight with dhaani.

  23. Guys iam watching gangs now guys its very irritating that they copying our ikrs ditto .it was same like ikrs .wat this this yaar.there r many injustice to our ikrs
    First our colors itself don’t retelecast r promote our show n no SPL episode. Bla bla bla
    N now this was copying by other channels how can we tolerate this yaar.
    Pls colors retelecast our show regularly
    N we want ikrs on Sunday also
    Wat guys do u agree with me

    • Louella

      Kavitha u agree with u. In fact everyone agree with u. Am I right guys? Hume na insaafi pe aavaaj utani hogi

    • florentina moldovan


    • florentina moldovan


  24. prachi

    Kavita gangs konsa channel m telecast horhi colors retelecast ikrs twice a day.2.40 n 3.40.

  25. Louella

    Hi friends. I m back after a long time. Actually my internet connection was over and now when my mom recharged it I landed over here. Yesterday I didn’t got to see ikrs. I just now read the update. Episode was good. Dhaani is becoming naughty day by day. Hahaha
    Swara happy to know that Aunty is ok and is back home

      • Louella

        Prachi yesterday I was feeling so restless. First of all I didn’t get to see ikrs. And I couldn’t comment also. I really can’t live without u all

  26. prachi

    A new show coming soon “kasam “.do nt after dis show wat colors ll do with ikrs.bcoz Asa new show it ll promote more Dan any other show

  27. prachi

    Wer is Tanya.director might cut her scene due to hurry in der marrige.otherwise he might show tanyas scene n mu between vidhani for 3/4 days

  28. Louella

    Saras mam u r the principal of our hms. And we love u all. Plz come back as fast as u can. Last week the principal of our school was not there in our school for a week. But instead of feeling sad we were so happy. But Saras mam we miss u very much.

    • SARAS

      my dear princess louella. .
      I can’t tell you how glad I m to be remembered and loved so much. .
      Don’t worry your principal is back. .

      Love you too princess how’s ur study going?

  29. Prachi gangs is telecasted on & channel after ikrs n thapki I used to watch ganga at & channel n salaam e ishq(beinthaha) in rishtey channel that’s it.
    First ikrs
    Thapki(not regular)
    Ganga( not regular)
    Slaam e ishq(not regular)
    So ishq ishq ishq was regular without missing…

  30. Guys today I saw the 21st September update comments there eisha Singh named is it really eisha .if its eisha means I can’t believe this
    How can eisha will be if she means y can’t she comment again here.
    I have doubt on that name.
    Something fishy

  31. Ya prachi Tania came suddenly n disappeared only two episodes of her .our directors didn’t show her again.when she returned home n she went to Delhi again.

  32. prachi

    Sare log ab Eid k chand hohaye h.him bus kych log comment krrhe h.kl rat se v koi comment nh krrhe h yhn:-(

    • Louella

      Prachi chinta mat karo. Sirf ek hi mahine ki baat hai. April mein humara ikrs family poora ho jayega

  33. shanitics(swe)

    Exams are near☹ on 11 of this month exam will start…will try to cmnt once…?
    Yesterday’s vidhaani scenes superb as usual…loved vipu’s expression whn Kanak told bad abt Dhaani….
    Me too saw Dhaani’s cmnt seems like its a fake

  34. SARAS

    Hello my dear lovely ikrs family. .
    I m back from my vacation. .. I has been to my native to attend my niece’s wedding. . had a great time. . actually I had thought of commenting from there so did not inform you all. . but I was too busy could not Even read written updates. .
    today I need to see all old episodes n read all your comments. .

  35. Josh

    Some ppl.r lyk u who r patient to cope wth moderation where as I get irritated as my comments r not posted

  36. AM

    areh …thank you 😉 🙂 …did u join our fb group of ikrs??? I did not seen you there posting …

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