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Ishq Ka Rang Safed 29th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dulaari consoling Badi Amma and tells that this Ravi Bajpayee might be someone else, who didn’t think about yourself and thrown you out of his life. Dhaani comes and tells that she talked to the lawyer and he asked her to send some important things. Badi Amma says we shall make a list and shows it to Vidhi. She coughs, Dulaari gives her water. Dhaani asks her to take rest and says she will send the papers. Badi Amma asks her to take Suwarna. Didi comes and tells that she saw Raj Lakshmi and Suwarna going somewhere. Badi Amma gets worried.

Kanak brings jalebis for Dasharath and asks him to taste it. He tastes and praises the jalebis made by her. Kanak gets happy. She tells I am upset with you about something, and asks why he is hiding some thing from her.

Dasharath tells I didn’t hide anything from you till now. Kanak asks about buying the ashram from lala. Dasharath asks who told you about this. Dasharath tells I don’t want to trouble you, and that’s why didn’t tell you. Kanak says I thought there is a reason for it. You loves Vedaan also, and purchased that land to build hospital for him. Dasharath gets an idea and tells he want to build hospital on that land. Kanak tells you are really great. Dasharath tells you are great to give me a big idea.

Dhaani collects all the bills and shows it to Badi Amma. Badi Amma asks her to talk to lawyer once. She tells she won’t call him as he asked to mail these papers. Badi Amma checks and says address is very small. She asks him to talk to lawyer once. Dhaani agrees.

Raj tells Viplav that Banaras is calling him again, and the excuse is Tania now. Viplav gets Dhaani’s call and she apologizes to him. He asks did you mail the documents? Dhaani asks about the address. Viplav tells that this is his email id, and asks her to go to cyber café to mail the documents. Dhaani says okay. Suwarna says we shall find cyber café. Viplav thinks she is strange. They find cyber café and goes inside. Dhaani asks cyber café owner to mail the documents. He tells it will cost 40 Rs per hour. Raj Lakshmi argues. They sit on computer and wonder what to do. Viplav waits for email. Dhaani asks the man to help them mail the document. The man writes email id in english, and asks them to write their email id.

Suwarna says their address is only Ashram. The man calls them illiterate. Raj Lakshmi scolds him. The man apologizes to them and asks to leave. They leave. Raj Lakshmi tells we shall go to Ashram and think what to do. Suwarna says the same. While they were going, a fast speedy car splashes dirty water on them. Raj lakshmi scolds the car driver. Dhaani picks the paper from mud. Dasharath is sitting in the car and sees Dhaani in the car’s front mirror. Raj Lakshmi scolds the driver. They see the paper immersed in dirty water and tells their last hope is broken. Dhaani gets tensed. Raj Lakshmi throws dirty paper on the ground. Dasharath asks to open car door. He gets down and asks his driver to pick the dirty paper. The driver picks the paper. Dasharath sees, and eyes the cyber café.

Raj tells Viplav that they shall visit Delhi. Viplav says he is waiting for Vidhi’s email. Viplav says this is his first case and very important. Dhaani cries. Raj Lakshmi scolds her and tells lawyer is fooling us. Viplav calls PCO and asks to give call to Vidhi ji. The man tells this is PCO. Viplav disconnects the call. Raj Lakshmi gives the file to Dhaani and goes with Suwarna. Raj asks Viplav to come. Viplav says what I will study as I don’t have the number nor the documents. Ishq Ka Rang Safed plays………..

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Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. This show is really dragging. Thanks for update Amena.

  2. Wow episode…Feeling very sad for Dhanni.Viplab,go to Banaras and save her.

  3. Would like to go a little faster in story line. But nice story concept

  4. Dhaani is too young for viplav as she is only 16

  5. Dragging …….plz show viplav & dhaani scenes

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