Ishq Ka Rang Safed 29th April 2016 Written Episode Update


Ishq Ka Rang Safed 29th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with goon saying to Dhaani that she is beautiful like a heroine. Kamini says you said her beautiful now, so your love is just limited. She asks him to free her hands and see her jalwa. Dhaani says no, and asks him to free her hands as she is beautiful. Goon gets happy and thinks he has two laddoos in his hands. He says whom to love? Dhaani asks goon to open her hands. Once he opens the rope, Dhaani threatens him and asks to free Kamini’s hands. Kamini folds her hands and asks goon to leave Dhaani. Goon goes closer to Kamini. Dhaani says police and runs with Kamini, as the goons get scared. Dulaari feels Dhaani is in danger and says she heard her voice. Dhaani and Kamini run to save themselves. Dhaani and Kamini are hiding. Kamini apologizes to Dhaani and asks her to go

and inform Police. Dhaani says if we go, then we will go together. Just then Dhaani’s phone rings which alerts the goons.

Dhaani tells Dulaari that she came out for some work. Dulaari is relieved. Goons catch Kamini and Dhaani and threaten them. Kamini apologizes to goon for insulting him and bends down to pick the sand. She throws sand in his eyes and then beats the goons. Dhaani also beat the goons and asks Kamini to come. Dhaani says we shall inform the police. Kamini says she doesn’t know that the goons are so dangerous. Dhaani says we will inform Police and they are so dangerous. Kamini says I don’t want Dadi to know this. Dhaani asks what about Viplav? Kamini says Viplav shall know this and asks Dhaani to keep the matter among them. She thanks Dhaani for saving her life and says I don’t know how will I return your favor. Dhaani hugs her. Viplav tells Dadi Bua that he is taking Dhaani out for 2 days and that’s why brought tent cloth etc.

Dadi asks him to take Kamini along with them. Dhaani comes with Kamini and says she don’t want to go because of hot air. Kamini says Dhaani said right and we were talking that we shall rest after reaching home. Dadi Bua tells Kamini that she got angry when Dhaani refused to go, when I asked Viplav to take you. Kamini says I don’t want to go. Dadi says you are innocent, but people are clever. Dhaani brings sherbet for Dadi Bua. Dadi Bua says she don’t want. Kamini takes the tray and convince Dadi to have it. Dhaani tells Viplav about the goons incident. Kamini tells Dadi that Dhaani is nice. Kamini says your thinking will change. Viplav says you or Kamini should have informed me. Dhaani asks him not to talk to her and says we shall inform Police and go to that place. Dhaani says I will also come, and asks him not to tell anything to Dadi Bua. Viplav asks Dhaani if she got hurt. Dhaani says no. Dadi Bua tells kamini that her dreams are broken. Kamini asks her to accept Viplav and Dhaani’s marriage and asks her to end her bitterness for the sake of Viplav. Dadi Bua says you are very understanding, I liked you for Viplav.

She asks where is that ring? Kamini says it must be fallen. Dadi Bua asks her to search for it, and says Pandit ji said that the ring will keep you far from all trouble. Viplav asks Kamini to come with him, and holds her hand. He asks Dadi Bua that he will search her ring. He asks Kamini not to worry. Dadi Bua thinks Viplav held right hand for the first time and thinks once Kamini makes place in Viplav’s heart, I will see. Dhaani tells Dadi Bua that she is going out with Viplav. Dadi Bua smiles and goes. Servant informs Dhaani that Viplav went out with Kamini and asked you to call him. Dhaani calls him. Viplav says he went with Kamini to find her ring and says I love you silently. Viplav and Kamini reach the place. Kamini asks Viplav not to leave her alone. Viplav says just 2 mins and goes. Kamini gets scared seeing the place and says who is here. Just then Viplav comes. She hugs him being scared.

Viplav asks Kamini not to get scared. Dhaani finds the ring at home. Viplav asks Kamini to smile and says lets search for the ring.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Kisi ko pane kliye kuch v kre yehi motto h uski.dar dadi bua is purely blind.she cannt know d difference between sanskari ladki n asankari ladki

  2. Yesterday’s episode was good.. Quite unique from the previous epi… Alas Vip shown.. Soo Kamini recorded all those scenes. This shows Kamini is a villian minded + adv minded..Advocate minded because she started her acting from the beginning…..planned it seems…
    Missing knok-jhok ashram wala scenes.. More than that Sarala kaki scenes….

    1. The way this is being filmed and shown is really odd. When DB noticed the ring was VKnhad a flashback that showed her with the goons. Dhani found the ring so VK obv didn’t lose it, so why are the makers showing these flashbacks?

      Also when VK was n the rickshaw the day before, looking worried about Dhani, why did they show that? Was she also being filmed then…. And by whom?

      Also, when DT was having his moment in that same episode, he said murgayee Dhani, to Dadi I think, and I got the feeling then that he had arranged something, so I wonder if the goons and DT and VK are all in it together.

      It’s not making much sense at the moment and very confusing what the makers are wanting us to see and think.

      Maybe that’s just me tho…

  3. Kamini’s song for upcoming episode
    “mane na mane koi
    Duniya yeh sari
    Meri ishq ki hai deewani
    Ab dil karta hai haule haule
    Mein tho khud ko gale se lagaun
    Kisi aur ki mujhe saroorath kya
    Mein tho khud ko pyaar jataun
    What’s my name
    What’s my name
    What’s my name
    My name is Sheila
    Sheila ki jawani
    Na na na sheila
    Sheila ki jawani
    La la la la”

    1. kamini ka jawani.LA LA la

  4. Hlo aniyathikutties how r u

  5. “This song is for our very own dt.imagine he singing that song in that attire.
    “shaktiman shaktiman
    Shakti shakti shaktiman
    Shakti shakti shaktiman
    Shaktiman shaktiman

    Yeh tiger biscuts ghatha hai
    Doodh bhi peetha hai
    Duniya badal sakta hai
    Par khud ko na badal sakta hai
    Panditman Panditman
    Panditman panditman

    1. Haha! Hilarious! ?

  6. seriously i didnt find the episode interesting at all i all seemed out of track nothing interesting and i guess as everyone is telling this is all planned by kamini only to show tht she is good in front of viplav and dhani….and viplav and dhani were suppose to go together to the place of kidnap y did he leave dhani n go and wasnt viplav touching kamini too much it was all not needed i guess…..n kamini hugging viplav was not needed at all n guys did u see when she hugged viplav didnt even hold her he jus kept his hands far…..

  7. when dhani told viplav about the goons and viplav said he wil go check if kamini is not hurt i was thinking y is he not asking dhani if she is not hurt n is ok just then viplav hugged dhani n asked her in his usual way tht scene was nice…..

  8. Episode was better as Mishal was finally shown! ?

    But to be honest, didn’t get anything!! ? That Kamini is so blo*dy Kam* ? Why was she freaking out so much! Viplav was away for seconds and she was just like acting she has landed on Mars all alone! Ridiculous. ?

    As far as I can see, that new girl KK is acting up, purposely being sweet with Dhaani.. to win her heart! And can cheat on her! ?

    Obviously, couldn’t bear KK huggingi Mishal!! ? And Mishal holding her hand and all that was a bit annoying but okay as it was the part of the script! ?

  9. good morning ikrsian.
    @saranya u r too good. aaj to bada maza aa gaya aapke funny comments read karke. seriously always missed your funny comments.

  10. welcome back our dearest H. Hasan mam n thank you for the updating. sorry mam for late commenting ?

  11. Hello everyone….. Sometimes I think that Viplav might be trying to expose Kaamini….that would be great to watch if it happens…..
    Just like his 6th sense worked at the time of Tulsi wala track….

    1. Hi Sujie, that would be amazing!

      But, from his perspective she has saved Dhani, appeases DB, sings prayers beautifully, looks after DB and seems to step in to help Viplav and Dhani when DB is going mad at them in front of everyone… So…. What would he be suspicious of?

      No one seems to have questioned why the goons were calling her in the first place, has Dhani told Viplav what the goons said to her?

      I really hope you’re right, but VK seems very devious and clever.

  12. Can I ask a doubt whn did Kamini recorded everything???

    1. Swetha I think the kidnapping was a plan and she had already told that goons to record everything when she and Viplav come there. This is my opinion.

    2. Hi shweta i suppose VK aka kamini had got the recording done by someone else. Would have to wait dear.

    3. Hi Swetha.

      We don’t know if she is recording the barn scenes, just speculating as she is up to something,

    Read this please….and drop your valuable comments for sure

    1. hey sujie read the post n loved it have commented der…..keep going

  14. Good morning everyone, hope you are all well.
    Do you think that it is us fans that have no faith? We have lost trust in viplav so easily? Xxx


  15. ISKR Rajyalaxmi is in Syi ya ke Ram.

    1. I read that also. Hopefully we’ll still see her in IKRS, although she hasn’t been in the last 2days when the Assam was shown.

      1. Ashram

  16. Hey friends. Good afternoon/ morning to all of u.


    Plz do read and share ur valuable comments

  18. Saranya di so u r back with ur funny and lovely comments. I read all ur comments and it made me laugh. U r too good.

  19. Hi br mam. Sonu. Rajee. Kavitha. Flora. Nimmy. Zea. Where u.

    1. Here I am…

      Hi Renu

      hello everyone. Have a super Saturday.

      Anne, I trust Viplav. The way he reacted to VK’s hug was enough to tell me he isn’t interested in her at all. Do I trust the creative team tho.. Not so sure. ???

      1. Agree with you dear

    2. Hi frnds how r u all.I was missing u guys very much .so many days happened I can’t read peacefully n icnt conpeace fully its very hurting .but wat to do frnds.when I came here from blr I was become busy schedule here n also poor network can’t com at home itself too.see how many prob facing for ikrs.
      In this middle this ikrs giving tension to me our kamini behaviour. She is very adoarble character.i know u all people too angry on kamini like me.right.
      K frnds catch u soon .bye.

  20. Dhani found the ring, but doesn’t know it’s missing as Viplaav didn’t say n the phone did he? So hopefully when he tells her, she’ll put her brain into gear and figure out what VK is up to,

  21. After so many days I watched IKRS live and this kamini was so irritating I hated the fact that she was being a kabab ki haddi in Vidhaani’s story why does she have to fall for Viplav , india mein kab se ladka ke shortage hogaya

    1. Hi there

      Can I ask, what is the literal translation of Kaabab Ki Haddi please? I know it means the third wheel/gooseberry but curious to know what the actual words would be if translated to English,

  22. And my mom when se was seeing IKRS she was like Loh ek Gaya nahi aur ek aa Gaya

    1. Omg my com was left at previous page itself.oh no.its k buy frnds.

      1. Hi Kavitha. xxx

  23. Ur right Jo ek gaya aur ek agaya humari vidhaani ko pareshaan karne.kya karey is director ko aur kaam hi nahin raha.indono ko pareshaan karne keliye Maya Maya log ko law raha hi.
    Koi bolo na humari director ko kuch acha stry track lane keliye.

  24.,ur mom is right and u know something,as per record,there is shortage of women not men so kamini ji u can go somewhere else.afterall india is a big country,try karlo,kashmir se kanyakumari tak,bahut saare ladkom hai.arey,viplav ko chod dho,if u are going like a creep then go and marry that oldie who tried to marry dhani that day tying her in tree.but don’ expect viplav to come there and save u,if u are interested i will send phoolchand to save u.

    1. Lol Saranya!

      But there is only one place in the world where VK will be thought of as pious and virtuous and sincere and that is in the madhouse that is AN. I mean sheesh! i Think DB must have cataracts or something! Or she is just as she decided years ago that VK WII be her Bahu. Stupid stupid woman!

      1. And DT and KT follow DB’s lead as she holds the purse strings, DB says JUMP, KT and DT ask How High???

  25. Nima and louella,i too missed u all.anyways thanks for remembering me(hahahaha.just for a formality,i know u all always remember me)

    1. Saru dear i too miss you a lot

    2. Yes we do Saranya. You are our very own Queen of Comedy! ?

  26. Which ring is it? The large round one that was always shown or another one?xxx

    1. No idea Anne. Hopefully it’s the one Dhani found tho.

      1. You’ve got to laugh haven’t you. They’ve got us going round in circles lol.haha…can’t wait to know what’s what.
        Hope it makes sense..?xxx

      2. Me too Anne. Me too. ?????????????? ???

  27. I’ve decided VK is indeed evil!

    And yet again, Dhani will have to fight to prove to everyone in AN to prove this. It is the Raja track all over.

    Dhani can expect more hair pulling, slaps, insults, and more insults. I just hope Viplav is on her side and that she isn’t also fighting him this time too.

    Then Dhani will get stabbed and Viplav will hit VK over the head with a bell and then the next new lot of evil peeps will enter the story.


    1. Wow nimmy i made me laugh nice ???

      1. Oops I got a bit carried away. ???

  28. By the way, Renu and Saras, from the previous page

    If indeed there is a video of the goings on in the barn between Viplav and VK, then I think the video will be shown to Dhani to try and shake her faith in Violav. I don’t thin Viplav will be blackmailed. He’s a lawyer so wouldn’t fall for that I don’t think. I also think if someone tried that he would go and tell Dhani straight away,

    I think by going to Dhani they will try and create yet another raft of misunderstandings between them and then VK will be the one to pick up the pieces by offering Dhani a shoulder to cry on and will also offer support to Viplav to ‘get’ him. I actually think Viplav will be unaware of the video.

    1. Unaware of the video, Assuming there is one at all.

  29. Arshdeeeeep, good luck for tomorrow! I’m a bit confused if you are sitting the exam then or if it’s been deferred but just in case you are I wanted to wish you well.


  30. nimisha.. r u a nonvegiterian?
    kabab meib haddi means.. a bone in kabab ( I think it’s some sort meat I think chicken).. ..

    1. Aaaaah. That makes sooo much sense.
      I am a non vegetarian.
      Thanks so much Saras. I feel happy knowing that. ?

  31. Oh no I m so sorry I shouldn’t have used the KMH term I forgot there were vegetarians here I m so sorry

    1. It used in sooo many shows though so good to know what it means. Is there a vegetarian version of the phrase?

  32. Hi joyee kaimon acche so what i a also pure veg but use kmh often☺

    1. Oh okay I m fine how r u renu ?

    2. It such a good phrase as it sums up the situation soooo well doesn’t it?

  33. The speed magic is back on here… Impressive.


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