Ishq Ka Rang Safed 28th September 2015 Written Episode Update

Ishq Ka Rang Safed 28th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Viplav tries talking to the widows, but they ignore her. Viplav then asks Raj Lakshmi to give him soap and shampoo for taking bath. Raj Lakshmi bring sand and asks him to take bath using it. Viplav is surprised to know that they take bath with it. He says he will go to market and bring Soap and Shampoo. Badi Amma and Dulaari scold Raj Lakshmi for trying to help Viplav. Raj Lakshmi says Aatithi Devo Bhava……….Just then Landline phone rings, they are surprised to see it working. Dhaani picks the call and it is Viplav at other end. He tells he has paid 1850 bill. Dhaani says they don’t want his help. Viplav says he will come to Ashram and then she can fight. Tripurari puts Dhaani and Viplav pic together on the wall, behind a photo frame. He thinks Rakshas will

end everything. Viplav calls and asks him to find the person who have clicked Dhaani and his photo. Someone knocks on the Ashram door. They open the door and find a person holding grocery bag with Viplav. Viplav says I knew that you won’t open the door, that’s why I took his help.

Viplav asks the men to keep the grocery items and go. Nani says that it is a year’s grocery and says what we will do. Viplav says I didn’t know as I purchased it for first time. Dhaani says this is mud for us, and we will not touch it. Viplav says it is a grocery and tells about the people who couldn’t get proper food. He goes to take bath. Dhaani says he is strange, she says we will not touch it else he will think that he has won. Badi Amma asks everyone to listen to her. Just then Viplav shouts and comes out running in towel, shouting that lizard is on his back. All the widows looks on embarrassed. Viplav realizes that he is just wearing towel. Dhaani asks if he is not ashamed? Dhaani picks the saree from the rope and covers himself. Raj Lakshmi thinks he is so fair and admires him. Viplav says there is a lizard inside. Dhaani looks at her saree and asks him to give it back. Dulaari asks her to stop it and says atleast he has covered his body with saree.

Viplav apologizes and says there was a lizard in my room. Suwarna says he got afraid of lizard. Viplav says I am afraid of lizards, bed bugs and cockroaches. He says he will do the pest control. Dhaani asks who is he? Viplav says it is a medicine name. Dhaani asks if he has problem with us, then why you are staying? Viplav says I will go, but you all have to come with me. Dhaani says he want to take us out of Ashram. Viplav says we will stay in hotel until the pest control is done. Dhaani says I will not go anywhere. Badi Amma says we will not come. Dulaari says we don’t have money. Viplav asks her to give 1 Lakh rupees. Dulaari says we don’t have. Viplav asks them to get ready and goes to change his clothes. Viplav calls Pest control agency and thinks where they are?

Dasharath comes in his car with Tripurari and hugs Viplav. He says he can understand why he is staying here, but what will you reply to people. Viplav says he listens to his heart, and says he wants to know their pain thereby solving their problems. Tripurari thinks Viplav is bowled over by Dhaani. Viplav tells they live very poor life with no help. Dasharath offers monetary help and asks him to come back home. Viplav says I will not come back until I do penance and win the Ashram case. He asks Dasharath to do bless him. Dasharath blesses him unwillingly. Just then pest control guys come and Viplav takes them inside. Tripurari asks Dasharath, why he has agreed to let Viplav stay in Ashram? Dasharath says he has no other go. Tripurari promises to being Viplav home. Dasharath says I will think to forgive you. Everyone puts hand on their noses as the pest control people are spraying the medicine. Viplav covers himself with saree and says he thought it is a dress code. He asks Dhaani to come to hotel with others widows till the bad smell goes. Dhaani refuses. Tripurari comes to Viplav and tries to convince him. He then tries to convince the widows to stay in the hotel near the temple. Badi Amma agrees. Dhaani looks on angrily.

Viplav convinces Dhaani to have food and sits on her saree mistakenly. Dhaani tries to take her saree and tells him that he is sitting on her saree pallu. Viplav says he didn’t do.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Viplab you are really sooo sweet…
    I am very happy as everyday there will be Vidhanni scenes…
    Loveeeeeee it…

  2. such a awesome episode ..viplav luv ur expression n smile keep it up….

  3. Thank u for fastest updates . . . too cute vipni scenes

  4. Yahoo….happy to c Vidhaani together ….sure Viplav wins Dhaani’s heart soon… cute both acting….great goin ishq ishq♡;)

  5. Lol!! ♡alas v’ve got a wonderful serial in colours afta long tym.. .. mishal u r awsome !!! :-*

  6. I love viplav…

  7. Nice expression viplaav….

  8. thanks for updates….todays episode is just too funny …luv it

  9. He is totally amazing….

  10. Wow so sweet.
    Very funny ep.. I like viplav attitude

  11. I love ur smile,ur attitude viplav and u r so cute always watch u and never miss any episode

  12. Such a gud serial. Y go for the crapest and dirty swaragini n others. I lv ths vidanni :*

  13. The one series that has restored my faith in Idian television. Wonderful Jodi 😉

  14. Ohhhhg viplav love you soooooo much…..

  15. Afer RangRasiya my fav serial is ishq ka rang safed
    Sema …..sema
    Cute vidhaani….love u tooo

    1. Me tooooo.. RangRasiya my fav serial in colors Rudra Paro.. Now … IKRS…. <3

  16. Viplav is too sweet. His acting is fab. Mishal raheja is a damn good actor.

  17. Mishal is the best choice as Viplav. His acting is full of cute espressions. Eisha is also gd. Like Misha aka ViNi. ViNi jodi jst amazing.

  18. Viplav ne sahi kaha aj. O sach me-i bohot peyari hee. Love u Viplav.

  19. Its ma SA2 exams tommorow and i am busy watching ishq ka rang safed..
    I really love it…specially mishal raheja …he is such a good actor…

  20. Loved the episode
    Vidhani is so sweet

  21. wow…wow…its awosome…sema….i cant control myself i just laughng……it was so funny.i like that serial very much.dhani&viplav so good together.and the promo that….bhani smile….uffff…finally viplab make smile on dhani face….i really njy that serial…i luv viplav attitude…..semaya iruku…

  22. Woow… Funny epi…
    Ilove u viplav..:-D:-*
    ur jzt awzm.. Dhaani nyz acting..yaar..:-D:-*

  23. wow.. wow.. i m getting more and more excited.. cant wait to watch.. omg. awesome..

  24. Viplav is too good funny episode

  25. Viplav and dhani nice pair. Luv u both

  26. Mishal is the king of expressions.none can play the role of viplav except mishal.till now I haven’t seen such a a actor who kills with his acting and expression. Your smile maasha Allah, I have no words to describe your smile.u r simply superb,superb,superb….

  27. wow lov u viplav cute episode

  28. viplov you r Brahmin upanayana has done . 2episode u wear janivara now where is janivara. u wore towel no janivara .

    1. Yaar wat an observation??? Whaaaa… Great presence of mind…:):)

  29. lovly pair and each days episode is really awesome from day one..viplav & dhani u guys jst rock..lov u both

  30. i luv that serial ishq ka rang safed

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