Ishq Ka Rang Safed 28th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishq Ka Rang Safed 28th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Tripurari telling guards that he is going for some important work and asks them not to let Dhaani enter home. He gets someone’s call and says he is coming there and leaves. Dhaani comes to Dasharath’s house. Guards don’t let her enter home and asks her to go. Dulaari says it is her house and owners will scold you if they know that you haven’t allowed Dhaani. They ask what is your name? Dhaani says she is Mrs. Dhaani Viplav Tripathi. Guards says oh…you are Dhaani. There is no entry for you. Dhaani is shocked. Kanak comes there, and says Viplav don’t want to meet you. She asks if Dulaari taught you this cleverness. Dhaani says she will not go. Kanak pushes Dhaani and asks her to go. Dulaari asks Dhaani if she is fine. Dulaari asks Dhaani to come with her, and says

if Viplav don’t want to meet you then…Kanak says he hates you. Dhaani says we will meet him surely. Kanak asks guards not to let them enter home else she will fire them. Dulaari says how you will meet him and says Kanak is a dayan. Dhaani says I have an idea.

Kamini comes to Viplav’s room and sees him drinking wine. Viplav says you said that Dhaani want to meet me, but she didn’t come. Kamini says may be she got some work to do. Viplav says I want to know what is that important work. Dhaani enters through the window secretly. Viplav says how can she do this with me. I am angry with her, but she called me there and made me wait for hours. She says you know how much I love Dhaani, infact Dhaani knows also how much I love her. He rests his head on her shoulder. Kamini smiles with lust and says she tried to unite them, but failed, I am sorry. Viplav says I did a mistake, I shouldn’t have slapped her. I don’t know why did I get angry? Dhaani comes to their room and sees Viplav and Kamini closer. Kamini sees Dhaani in the mirror and thinks what to do. Viplav says I did a mistake (he regrets to had slapped Dhaani). Kamini asks why you are telling again and again that you did a mistake by marrying Dhaani. Viplav says I did a mistake. Kamini says don’t tell that your marriage is a marriage, and asks him to relax. She smiles vampish. Dhaani is very hurt hurt and tears flows down from her eyes. Viplav drinks wine again.

Dhaani cries and runs out of Dasharath’s house. Dhaani hugs Dulaari. Dulaari asks what happened? Dhaani says whatever I saw was a lie? Tell me….Viplav can’t betray me. Dulaari asks her to tell. Dhaani cries badly and says I couldn’t believe that Viplav was with Kamini in the room, in her embrace…Dulaari is shocked. Dhaani says I wouldn’t have believed on this, if I haven’t heard that he did a mistake by marrying me. Dulaari says he might be someone else, and says we will talk to him. They see the gate closed. Dhaani refuses to go inside and says all relations are over now. She says Viplav is not mine anymore now. Dulaari asks Dhaani not to take decision in a hurry and says it is a matter of this baby’s life. Dhaani says this man don’t love me, and this baby will become my strength and not my weakness.

Dulaari says Viplav is not like this, says Kamini must be acting and taking advantage. Dhaani says and Viplav must have joined her. Dulaari doubts on Kamini still and asks her to talk to Viplav. She says men are like this, and asks her to forgive Viplav. Dhaani says I don’t have anything to do with Kamini, but Viplav said that he did a mistake by marrying me. I will never come back again to this house. Dulaari asks her not to get emotional and take a quick decision. She cries and asks her to talk to Viplav. Dhaani asks her to look at this house carefully. She says Viplav became my reason to live, but nothing is left now. I will never return to his life.

Tripurari comes home and asks Suwarna to bring milk for him. Suwarna says she is bringing. Tripurari looks at the bomb in his hands. He keeps it in Suwarna’s bag and asks her to go and meet your family. Suwarna asks if you are angry with me? Tripurari says I am your husband, and very happy. Now I can see everything clearly, says he was fool to couldn’t understand her. Suwarna is shocked. Tripurari acts and apologizes, saying we will go on a long holiday once you return. He asks Suwarna to go and gives the bag. Dhaani says I am going. Dulaari says when this baby grows older, he will ask about his father and family.

Dhaani says my baby will not become my weakness. Dulaari asks her not to snatch this father’s right from Viplav. Dhaani says Sita Maayi stayed in jungle with her children and says she will also live with her self respect, and will never come back. She cries badly and is shattered and hurt. She asks Dulaari to bless her. Dulaari says you are my child…and hugs her. Dhaani is about to go, Dulaari walks with her. Dhaani asks her to go to Ashram and says she is going alone. Dulaari says I can’t leave you, I will go wherever you go. She hugs her. Dhaani cries and looks at the house for last time.

Suwarna comes to Ashram. Raj Lakshmi hugs her and asks how are you? Suwarna says she is fine and says she came to meet Dhaani. She says she is not feeling well. Sita Maayi asks her to talk good, and says Dhaani is pregnant. Suwarna is happy. Raj Lakshmi brings sweets and makes her eat. Sita Maayi hears tick tick of watch, and tells Suwarna. Suwarna says there is no noise coming. Dhaani and Dulaari return to Ashram. Suwarna congratulates Dhaani. Dhaani is silent and is about to go to room. Suwarna asks what happened.

Dhaani comes back and asks Suwarna what is in the bag? Suwarna says there is clothes in the bag. Dhaani opens the bag and finds time bomb with a timer. Suwarna says bomb and tries to snatch from Dhaani’s hand. Dhaani also tries to take bomb in her hand, and falls down with her stomach on ground, shouts. The bomb fells in the well and bursts. Viplav gets a call from Inspector and he asks if he is Dhaani’s husband. Viplav says yes. Inspector informs him about bomb blast in Tarni’s Ashram. Viplav asks who was in the Ashram at that time? Inspector says all the women. Viplav is shocked and shattered.

Viplav is sitting and looking very much sad. Dasharath comes to him, says 5 years have passed, till when he will mourn? He asks him to move on and says Dhaani is dead. Viplav tells him that Dhaani is alive in this mangalsutra (which he has tied on his hands) and is with him, says you can throw this when I was no more. Dasharath looks on.

Ishq Ka Rang Safed will be shifting to 6 pm time slot from Monday, 30th May 2016.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. Areeb

    OMG! it wasn’t a really bad one apart frim the first half I liked it at some extent. ? Dhaani – Dulari conversation was the best in whole episode! ? Was hiding me tears while watching. ? I was like yaar, why she is leaving the show.. she is a brilliant actor! ?

  2. Areeb

    In the blast Suwarna wull die?? I think yes. ? Then according to the TC article Kam & TP thingy will happen. ? I don’t know!? Can’t predict anything as we have the best writers for the show, who are making it the worst! ??

  3. Areeb

    No comments on Viplav – Kam scene as I switched the channel. ? And also didn’t read that part of update. ?

  4. Areeb

    Not sure if precap seemed good or a sad one.. my brains fuse is confused. To smile or to be sad! ??

  5. Zee

    Most days I dont watch, today I am even scared to read the update. And I did not muster the courage to read it.
    I am here just to request you to respond to the episodic analysis.
    PLEASE SAY A BIG NNNO to the separation, leap and Eisha leaving.
    This is our only chance if at all there is any chance to save this drowning boat.
    Best of luck to all hopelessly hopeful creatures!

    • Nimisha

      Zee, leap seems to be what the Precap showed so that’s def on.

      The rest is still up in the air,

      Lots of activity on Twitter asking, requesting, pleading, begging for Eisha to stay/comeback. It seems next week the first few post leap episodes won’t feature her so maybe there’s a chance.

      • Zee

        Yes dear the leap happened (: and it still seems b…dy pointless to me.
        I totally agree with you abt the Eisha quitting trope. There is definitely more to it than meets the eye. Saraswathi m;am had also suggested something similar yday. Either they are doing it to generate curiousity or some other hidden agenda. But i dont think that Eisha felt short-changed by the script or what she signed up for. For an actor, there is enough meat in Dhani’s role either way.
        PS I hope you didnt mind me calling you President of the Long Posts Association. I meant no offence.

    • Nimisha

      H Hasan, thank you. I am like Zee, haven’t read yet but I am like a homing pigeon and come here everyday to ‘see’ you all. I will read all the updates from the last few days including today. When I have the energy.

      But thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving us all a place to congergat and worship Mishal ????????

      Oops, I mean a place we can all come and talk about the show.


  6. Nima

    thank Hasan mam for the update.☺

    just read WU. epi was bad n precap…..make me cry???
    today’s episode didn’t watch yet n not interested to watch full episode bt watching only precap

  7. Porkodi

    I had hope on writer… they won’t take any leap..all spoilers must be rumours… but after reading updates leap was confirmed.. full upset… how can this director spoil such a beautiful story….. very very disappointed.

  8. Porkodi

    Again one more disappointment eisha is quitting the show.. how can it be possible…How did mishal accepted to play in this backwas story without cuttie eisha… Eisha without ur innocent face how can we all watch… pls come back… is there any possibility will she come back?

  9. Im writing everywhere abt eisha..on clors complaint box…on tellyupdste page …now on eishas instagram acccount. Plzz do smthing people.??????????????????

    • Nimisha

      There are lots of requests for her to stay on Twitter too. Keep at it. Until we see Dhani appear in the post leap show, there’s always hope.

  10. neetu

    I’m not a regular viewer of this serial. …still I like this wenever I watch. ..y eisha quitting the show? Is she getting replaced? Then there will be no more viewers 🙁

    • Nimisha

      I have a theory, I have lots actually, so bear with… ?

      I am hoping she isn’t leaving but because of the backlash against whatsherface, they have announced this to generate a buzz and get interest back in the show. It’s working and if I’m wrong and she has left, then I’m hoping that she’ll see how much we all love her and will come back.

      Either way it’s clear that 99.999999% of people who are talking about this see her as Dhani and Mishal as Viplav and them and only them as IKRS.

  11. eshani

    I am relieved that at least in d precap viplav is still madly in love with dhani I would be happy if eisha plays d role after leap as well jus hoping somehow we get this good news

  12. Dear freinds have read all comments since yesterday but didn’t feel like commenting. When spoilers had come 4 days ago then only we had thought that its better to end the show with all the revelations of baddies n hidden mysteries n let vidhàni to be united for ever . But seems cvs; ph have become deaf n blind n want to do on their own . Tlll date ikrs had a huge fan following n wanted to see this show on the top but now i can bet that all viewers would back out . As dear flora said in previous page that we shouldn’t be attached to something to such an extent that we r left shattered after it goes away. Currently all of us r in a deep shock as we were too involved with the show n it had become vital in our daily lives. We can only cheer up by just remembering the sweet nostalgic episodes n cherish them forever. We should be happy to have seen such a sweet charismatic chemistry . Can just wish all the best to eisha who has done wonders in her debut show. Only regret would be that the socal message which was supposed to be given about widow empowerment n upliftment has been left midway n rather the show has spread wrong notions like extra marital affair; rivalry; blackmailing; contract killing; n the worst illtreating the womenfolk ( husband to wife; mother to daughter; motherinlaw to daughter inlaw; fatherinlaw to daughter inlaw n ……) still all of us would be united for ever thanks to ikrs thanks to TU

    • eshani

      Agree renu we all r too deeply involved with this show I really cherish those beautiful episodes of vidhani….cutie eisha I wish she stays back but…..anyways all d very best for eisha she is a wonderful actor

    • Nimisha

      Renu, thank you for your lovely heartfelt post.

      Love reading your words.

      Yesterday I wasn’t tweeting, announced over there that I am done, and like a stroppy child I stormed off, well I didn’t but you know what I mean.

      After hearing about today’s episode, I feel my faith in Viplav was right all along and he didn’t let me down, suddenly I am interested in the show again.

      But how do I come back after ‘storming off’ ?? Answers on a postcard please…. ???

      So I tweeted Eisha and said if she comes back that means I can too.

      I love, as you ALL know, Mishal Raheja very very much and also like garima and would like to support them, and knowing the epi didn’t feature too much Kam and showed Viplav how I had imagined him being ( I haven’t watched..) in a few stills from the episode, I feel a renewed vigour for him.

      I also feel justified as I have spent days convincing people over there that VIplav will not entertain Kam at all. I was waiting for lots of told you so’s but I was right so I also feel like maybe the cv’s aren’t soooo bad,

      Anyway, I can’t tell but this will prob be another long post, ☺️

      Renu, we will keep in touch here and on Twitter and one day I will visit India again and I will come and see you! I feel I have a friend for life in you and others on this wonderful forum!

      Ok. Stopping now. Love you lovely and missed you yesterday! Xxx

  13. Is there any website to reach eisha Singh or colors TV thingy to complain for eisha? Ohhh God eisha how we’ll we watch this serial without our pyaari eisha. ?

    • I complained on colors tv complain box..and eisha insta account. .but i really dont think colors will take our advise .bakwas channel..seriously i will not watch..colors show ever..this channel have only disapponted me..

    • Nimisha

      Hey Cassandra, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Colorstv site or filmfarm India.

      Pyarse Eisha sums her up nicely!


  14. bharathi

    without eisha ikrs s incomplete eisha only suitable for dis character plzzzzzz comeback eisha mam

  15. vaishnavi

    thank god vipu not accept that dhaani is dead that means his not marry with vk
    n feeling sad for eisha she wanted to continue the work but not as a mother but i think she will do this role very cleverly why she is quits
    anyways sanjeeda is also nice actor
    i like her as a new dhaani
    n eisha all the best for ur future come with new serial n role like college girl

  16. Fatarajo

    I still can’t believe Eisha quit the show really so sad yaar I thought Mishal will quit show first turned out to be Eisha , I hope to see Eisha in a new show

  17. Haven’t watched yet but will surely watch it. Episode was sad and depressing but viplav was regret for slapping dhani and we felt something else .. waiting for tomorrow as leap track will start now which will be way more better than this crap. Hate dt kt and kamini. Good n happy to know that viplav still love dhani madly. Now we have to wait atleast one week for vidhani scenes. I strongly have hope that wish will not quite the show so relax guys don’t worry dulari maai ka bhe kuch aisa he araha tha but she didn’t quit same will happen with eisha ..

  18. maha

    This leap will bring something good for sure .. dt kt n kamini will expose I m damn sure and than there will be a bright morning for our vidhani? bus there should not be any mis understanding related to children

  19. Saraswathi.j

    Once I listened to one interview in “Iss pyaar ko kya naam doon “the director told for the question did you listen fans comments and made changes in story line,the answer is no ,we develop a particular story and it is not possible to change the story according to fans likings,so fans in this IKRS the answer may be the same,the life line in this show is Viplav for the present he is in the show ,his charecter is not scoop down. He is as he is all our believes are honoured by Viplav his love to Dhaan not changed it is pure safed like and it is eternal so please fans be calm there may be some other reason for Dhaani to quit the show ,if she portrayed widow at her age she can easily do mother role ,God bless her where ever she is .

  20. Saraswathi.j

    Dhaani , Seeta ma never doubt Rama if he order to left her in jungle she think there is some reason for this act ,she brought his Childern in a right way as Rajas ,and make them to love their father,but she did not mention his name,she has at most faith in him that he loves only her .do not doubt Viplav it is Kamini,DT,kT Tp they are bad they made your life miserable

  21. Nimisha

    I really really don’t think Eisha would leave just because of the mother role. If she leaving it’s because the whole premise of the show and th unique nature of it has been lost.

    The ph are saying it’s about the mother role, but she could have very easily managed that.

    Also, they are spinning us a lie. They said they tried hard to keep her… Ok, so let’s analyse the facts.
    She does t want to play a mother so they make her an offer she can’t refuse of being an adopted mother. I mean, come on. The ph really think us fans are silly if they think we’d buy that, if they really wanted her to stay they would have changed the script to make her stay, like garima, left because she didn’t get what she was promised. The wanted her no back and adjusted accordingly,

    I am new to this and I don’t believe for a second that Eisha is leaving for this simple reason, there is more to it and the prod house are trying to get our sympathy by saying these things about her to help the new girl be accepted, basically if we are angry at Eisha then we,ll accept new girl.

    If there is a new girl that is.

    I’m not normally a conspiracy theory type person but in this case I strongly suspect the PHnarent telling the truth about whether she is staying or the reasons she might be leaving,

  22. I am very sad with the developments that are happening in the show right now..Being honest not sure what to say right now..But yes if Mishal is there it will be a sight for the sore eyes in the absence of Eisha..But yes we will miss her a lot.. As a lot of times the protagonists bring life to the characters..And it takes away everything when these things happen..Sanjeeda will have to pull her socks and will have to work very hard to make a place in our hearts as Dhaani.??Lets hope the writers and the team have really thought about the leap and changing the storyline so drastically..But yes showing Dhaani’s character self motivated and self sufficient will be something to look forward too..Eisha will be missed for sure..??

  23. Saraswathi.j

    Dhaani ,do not blame Viplav ( our Rama in this show) your bind confidence of Kamini led you to this state of misery.1st Rajyalaxmi told you be careful with that Kamini,2nd the elderly woman of AN advised you wake up something is not good stop proximity of Kamini and Viplav during night in tuition.,then your own mother told how is Kamini she is not as she looks,but you ignore all their advices,as a surprise (kamini) you kept your night school going as a secret from Viplav ,he saved you from that nasty situation,,,,,, the tablet scene with your ignorance of administering tablet lead Dadi,s near to death , like this you done many irrelevant actions and led Viplav in utter confusion what happened to you why you are behaving like this ,you simply falls into the trap of Kamini and made your won life miserable ,you know how much Viplav love you ,but you listen to Kamini and goes to tulasi ghot,why you directly approache him he can answer you ,all this is your karma ( actions) so the result.

  24. Amisha

    saraseathi.j, please don’t just blame Dhani after what Viplav harsh things to her, and why did he also break his trust when she was telling him everything about his enemies, he believe kamini more and listened to what she had to say to him. he promised all things did he fulfilled it. plus Viplav offered kamini with her major but y couldn’t he help Dhani. They were never expressing their feelings to each other instead they were both busy listening to Kamini.

  25. Louella

    I watched the episode just now only for EISHA because don’t know when I will get to see her on tv. How can the makers just agree to replace Dhaani? No one can remove Eisha from our heart’s and minds. For me only Eisha is Dhaani and no other Sanjeeda Vanjeeda. What do u say? And about the episode I don’t want to say anything. Only I can say is it was again a depressing episode.

  26. vini

    Is that necessary to double telecast that airlift and we gonna miss ikrs today b’cause of thus

  27. Vimi???

    Guys in die hard fans of mishal’s fb page…..a pic is posted showing the replacement of eisha with sanjeeda…
    In that pic sanjeeda is wearing one of dhani’s saree….so after the leap we its confirmed… sanjeeda not eisha as dhani

  28. shanitics

    So… Leap came.. Now we can see Dhaani in a different attires… BuT I am v.v.v. Sad that dhaani is gng to change.. Vidha is more beautiful because of eisha and mishal or eishal jodi?bt now….

    So now nthng mre to tell lets see the mysteries hidden in the leap…

    Ab tak sab leap ke memories Mein dub Gaye hai kya.. Koi cmnts nahi hai…?

    So now our relationship is not just months relationship… It’s years ? according to ikrs ? calender?
    Love u all?

  29. Zee

    Good morming friends!
    Beautiful Sunday morning here in Delhi. The temperature came down due to last night’s rain. But sadly my spirits also came down bec of the leap and bec Dasrath and villains got away scot free. They show contemporary Banaras like it exits in the middle ages. Arey there is a bomb blast yaar and no police enquiry. What nonsense!! And what is Viplv doing just being a Majnu licking his wounds for 5 years – what is the use of that law degree it might as well have burnt in the fire and he can take on his hereditary profn of being a corrupt Pandit like his beloved Dadaji.

    • Arshdeep

      Aww we too had a very very pleasant weather yesterday night and today morning too..
      But right now kamini again working and bringing hot hot sun??

    • Arshdeep

      Writers hi 18th century ke h?
      So usi time ke scenes dikha rhe h..
      Tabhi aise lawyers..police hoti hongi?

  30. Zee

    Anne, Arshi, Areeb, Florentina, Louella, Nimisha, Sujie, Renu my hopes hinge on you.
    So my wish list in alphabetical order:
    Anne- pl keep at it with your funny one-liners
    Areeb- bhai ko happy bday bolna and write abt his bday party
    Arshi – comments ki barsaat lagaye rakhna, tum sutradhar ho
    Florentina – pl keep sending the good energy
    Louella – some funny stories of your ur trip pl we need to 😀
    Sujie – ur anger is an antidote, pl keep at it
    Nimisha – Long posts association and its fans need you
    Renu – Some sanity is nec and u are the sane one

    • Louella

      Oh so u have made a wish list. Yes will definitely give some funny incidents of our trip.

    • florentina moldovan

      Good morning, dear Zee!!!!!!!!!
      I wish you and our family a beautiful day!
      Let us enjoy all the good moments and move on!
      Honestly, i think Eisha didn t feel comfortable anymore in the team and this begun with the entry of Ishita!
      Maybe it is better for her this way, maybe he need to concentrate on her studies…
      I am sure that we will see her soon on tv!
      I decided to try to watch again IKRS after leap but i do not know if i will succeed!

    • Nimisha

      Hey Zee, fans of the long posts eh? I’m sure I can online. Clearly I don’t know how else to comment, lol ???

      Love both your posts. You write so well. May I ask, have you always been a Delhi-ite?

      Woken up hoping of news that Eisha is staying but haven’t checked yet.

      As you can see Zee I am and always will be one of the hopelessly hopeful ones.

  31. Anne

    A very good morning to all ikrs fans.??????????ive got busy at home so not posting for a couple of days,or very little.
    Poor ikrs ,its sick and needs our support . So until I see what’s happening I’m still on here,giving ikrs my support,until I can see its no use.
    But I’ll watch any thing !!!???? xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  32. Nimisha

    Morning everyone,

    I’m scared yo look on Twitter just in case it is absolutely confirmed that Eisha is leaving,

    The pic of new girl in Dhani’s saree is a weird one as I thought post leap she was to be in different clothes.

    I suspect it must be a screen test shot or something.

    Until I see Dhani walk onto the to again in the post leap epi I will keep hoping for it to be Eisha.

    Have a lovely day everyone. Out today so will catch up later.

    Have a stress free Sunday, not episode so a bit of a breather.


  33. Areeb

    Yesterday, after watching the precap I had a hope that till now no one has actually confirmed Eisha’s replacement but this morning got a little sad by seeing Sanjee’s insta picture wearing similar couture of Dhaani. ? Heart break moment. Can’t hate Sanjeeda for this. ? But somewhere in my heaet feeling a little bad. ?

    Dhaani reasoned her adieu from the show as, she is not willing to essay the role of 5 year child. Upset with this statement, I would only say if it is correct then, Eisha is at wrong.

    Firstly she should not leave her debut show without out solid reason.

    Playing a mother’s role, what’s bad in it!? I didn’t understand! According to her she is of sweet sixteen but to me she seems a little older the 16 .. but that’s not the issue. Acting is only about your passion right? She is a power house of talent! She did so well with Mishal in some intimating scenes then why not a mother .. moreover when you are getting a grown up child already.

    I really wanted to see her in a sophisticated Superwoman avatar! But writers have always been a throne in my dreams! ?

  34. Areeb

    No offence but Eisha would have fitted the mother’s role perfectly instead of Sanjeeda. ? Sanjee’s physique is more of like a younger girl then Eisha. Eisha would be perfect as mother but Alas! ?

    As for Sanjeeda’s entry I’m hoping the director makes it a stronger role! Dhaani as a changed woman this time with courage and strong role.

    Let’s see if it happens or not! ?

  35. Sujie

    Zee…. thank you so much for these comments on this thread……………………
    Yesterday I did not watched the episode and got to see Viplav’s sad face in the precap…when I switched on the tv…seriously I don’t know if I should watch IKRS from now on or not… I am in dillema……. though I came here and read all your comments….. I will comment more for sure …and fulfill one of the wish of your wishlist…..
    Hello everyone……….
    Love you all,……

    • Arshdeep

      Hello didi..
      Keep commenting… but short ones please??
      Main dekh kar dar jati hu bade bade commnts ko??

  36. anjali

    On Instagram sanjeeda posted a photo of her in which she is in saree looking like dhani’s costume… So it’s sure now… Eisha also posted her good bie not on Instagram …

  37. Zee

    Arey why so quiet yaar hardly any comments since morning and 3 are from me.
    Is it bec its sunday, the setback from the leap, Eisha leaving or the moderators are on lunch-break :/

    • Arshdeep

      Sunday so exam
      Not a big setback from leap..have settled myself till now?
      Yes Eisha leaving????
      Moderators were seriously eating a lot..?? forgot they have to post the commnts

  38. Arshdeep

    Hey everyone..!!?
    How are you all??
    I was having my exam today.. Hope you all did not miss me??

    Did not watch the episode yesterday but will watch it now…only…and only for eisha..?❤
    Eisha we all love you and will miss you a lot..??
    Eisha replaced is obviously confirmed??.. saw sanjeeda’s pic in dhani’s attire and that seems of ashram only.
    Good luck for your future eisha..God bless you.. And thanks a lot for your amazing acting skills which gave us lovely memories…?? Will miss your interviews with mishal..teasing you for bhopal??..
    Thats all i can say?

  39. Areeb

    Eisha’s note. ?

    Dear Lovely people…so finally giving stop to all if n buts..your Dhani is today standing on such dilemma situation which is not giving inner acceptance for forthcoming part of the story that is role of an on screen mother …at this tender age of life I’m getting it tough to accept such role..thus I’m leaving our show Ishq Ka Rang Safed. We tried to find out some solution for this and gone through the mutual sittings but couldn’t make it possible as now our authorities can’t bring any changes in the approved story…Production house and channel both have their own guidelines and limitations whom they need to obey at any cost. Anyway ..Thanks for your ultimate response.. and support. I would also like to thank my production house entire team and my co- actors because of whom I met you all and reached here..also my heartful thanks to @colorstv who brought me till here and played a great role in my onscreen journey.. Keep loving ?

  40. Areeb

    I messaged Eisha yesterday, she replied with ‘ Keep Loving ?❤ ‘ .. Man why she is leaving!!! ???

  41. Arshdeep

    Wow zee your hopes hmm?
    I will try my best
    But kal se comments meri taraf se kam ho jayenge
    I am going to start preparation again for neet 2 from tomorrow
    So will be following a tight schedule
    Whenever i will find time i will give you the rains of comments ??

    Vese sutradhar means????

    • Arshdeep

      And i follow give and take rule..
      So will be expecting some really meaningful commnts from you ??

      (Mine arent meaningful at all?)

  42. arohi

    I got a reply from Eisha!! she told that she has no interest in playing mother’s role. guys she does not cares abt fan really.So now i will support sanjeeta.

  43. Arshdeep

    Watched last bits of episode

    Daayan kamini????
    Ab maza aayega..5 saal roti rhi hogi? kab viplav bhulega dhani ko..or kab mujhse shadi krega…hahaha aisa kabhi nhi hoga ????

    Love you viplav?
    How you will stay for 5 loong years waiting for your dhani and… dhani you hating viplav????

    And the tick tick……….
    Dhani and suvarna fighting…give me..give me..?

    And then the last BOOM…!!!!!!!?
    Editing was not good?

    Viplav’s reaction on hearing bomb blast in ashram was a weak one.. wanted stronger than that..

  44. Maria

    Hey guys how are you all? Waiting for new twists and turns in IKRS!! It’s OK Eisha is leaving we can’t do anything about that so I think no need of crying for it.. But she will always be in my heart as Dhaani. Love her very much and her acting also?? ??
    Hope she has a bright future ahead!!

    • Areeb

      Exactly! Maria. ? Anxious to watch after leap.. Dhaani is still living in hi memories! ? Aww! ??

  45. Hi arshu how was yr exam dear. Sutradhar here in this context means CONNECTOR AS u connect n bind all family members by ye comments dear zee pl correct i might be wrong ☺

    • Arshdeep

      Exam was ok ok…attempted my best… not much coz of negative marking…but the ones i was confident.. will wait for the results now

      And thank you so much for calling me sutradhar??? i am pleased to have this word for me??

  46. Anne

    Just seen on India Forums that viplav marries kamini,,may be old false news but if it happens it will be too much for me.

  47. Ade1111

    Good Afternoon family missed you all yesterday but was very busy all day not managed to watch yesterday’s episode but I think I have made my decision regarding the show I will watch maybe because to me she is not Dhani don’t even know who she is so won’t be attached I won’t even care if Viplav marry Kamini why because she is not my Dhanni I will count down until the show goes away. TU will determine which episode I watch.

  48. Anne

    Viplav may still be in mourning,but he may eventually do what his family want.
    I hope he’s not already married to kamini, but his family blackmail him into agreeing..after five years,say he owes to kamini.

    I don’t think he will care either way…..he still loves Dhani.
    The thing is, Dhani is a different person now!!
    I don’t mean actress, ii mean she’s strong now and when she sees Kamini…???????
    I can’t see any reason for Dhani to open a wedding shop other than so kamini will go there.
    What say you?
    Fly in the ointment…..I can’t stand to even see ishitas face.????

  49. vini

    Guys sanjeeda is really a brilliant actress.she did a very great job in ek hasina thi.i hope she will satisfy us as new dhaani and will do justice in her respective role

  50. Sujie

    Hello everyone…..
    Just read in DHFOMR fb…that Viplav assumes Dhaani dead and marries that Daayan Kaamini post leap…
    But guys I think Kaamini would turn old waiting for Viplav…. Buddi hojaegi parr Viplav se shaadi nahi hogi uski…..
    And if writers bring this marriage twist….then a big CLAP for those talented people….
    They ruined a happily going story..
    Replaced the lead actress….. Giving importance to vamps and villains…as if leads were children of their step mum…and villains APPLE OF THEIR EYE!!!
    Now nothing can happen… EISHA has already left the show…and one day Mishal will also leave and then a new story will be formed….
    Story of Ramdeen uncle and Kaamini
    😀 😀

    • Areeb

      HAHA! That’s so true!! Director is behaving as a step daddy! ??

      Standing ovation for that Kam & Ramdeen story idea! ????

  51. Anne

    Please let this new story be the beginning of the end of Dasharath Kanak and especially ishita wotsherface..I can’t stand her,either as kamini or herself .
    Its not logical I know but that’s the way it is.?????

  52. Sujie

    I will continue story of Ramdeen and Kamini aka Ramu and Kammo in a bit….. as my posts are under moderation….. tune in to TU page of IKRS to know about Ramu and Kammo daayan’s safed ishq…… 😀


    My frustration has made me like this…. please friends bear with me… IT IS A REQUEST!!!!!!
    🙂 🙂 🙂

    • Areeb

      No dear I was saying about the precap of yesterday’s episode. I think you are asking about the repeat telecast. It airs again at 3:00 AM & 6:00 AM PST timings.

    • Areeb

      Yeah, exactly they left Asthana & PPC in the middle by bringing Tp back and now putting Tp and all the truth confrontation aside they are jumping the story ahead to 5 years of separation of the leads! Like seriously? Does it make any sense!? ?

  53. Arshdeep

    Its again raining here…!!
    And the hidden power of dance restores in me as soon as it rains.. 😀
    And then hear papa’s pet dialogue..”baarish me mat jaa..bimar ho jayegi..exams h tere..”
    Hahaha… And main kaha kisiki sunti hu 😛 😀

    • Louella

      Aapko baarish pasand hai aur mujhe baarish se nafrat hai. I just hate rain but my mother loves it. My mother is madly waiting for rain so that she can get wet and also there will be no water shortage. Mira road is the only place is Mumbai where there is no proper water supply for us. But I hate rain. I love summer and winter.

  54. Louella

    Sujie even I m gone mad. I m just thinking about Eisha eisha and eisha. I m going on thinking how can Eisha leave the show? This question is again and again going round and round in my mind. Also why didn’t Mishal stop Eisha from quitting?? Also the episodes r so depressing that we r going more and more mad day by day. Even in my sleep I m dreaming about Eisha. This shows how much I love ikrs. Inspire of depressing episodes I watched ikrs yesterday after my tiring journey just to see Eisha in the role of Dhaani for the last time. There many shows I have watched in which characters have been replaced but never I have felt so bad.

    Episodes r just madder than the writers. Writers r gone mad but not only that they r making us also mad. First of all they made dt kt jodi. Then tp kt jodi. This was also not enough that now they r planning to make Ramdeen VK jodi. Hats off to u writers. This is the first show in which there r so many pairs specially of villains. Now the show name should change to ikrk that is ishq Ka rang kaala.

    • Arshdeep

      Same here.. The whole thing about eisha leaving the making me mad..
      Flora mam said right we should never be attached too much with something

  55. Arshdeep

    Arent you all feeling a bit boring as there is no update today..
    No matter how much we curse the directors..producers..writers..we still wait for the show.. Isnt it?

    • Louella

      I m feeling boring but now I don’t even want to watch ikrs because Eisha has left the show. I m watching this show only for Mishal and Eisha and now Eisha is only not there then what’s the use of waiting for the episode?? I just want a miracle to happen which will make me satisfied and happy for ikrs.

    • Areeb

      I swear! I was just thinking the same! ?

      Yeh tow addiction hoti jaa rahi hai, kuch karna pary ga mujhy. ?

  56. Louella

    I m very sad. Today last time I had seen Eisha on tv in the role of Dhaani on ikrs. My heart is broken fully. Now I m not at all interested to watch ikrs. I will only read the updates and comment here. I m now hearing sanam re song which makes me remember about vidhani. What about all of u??

  57. Sujie

    So….here goes the first part of the story……
    Raamu is working in kitchen….. Dayan Kaamini comes there and sees him….she stops to think why am I attracted to you so much Ram….. ???????Then someone calls raamdeen as raamu….then Kaamini says Raamu…. He looks at her…..She feels shy…. Then says someone is calling you outside…. Raamu says ok maalkin…. Kaamini daayan gets shocked….. She thinks Bangali Baaba kis din kaam aaenge… JAI HO BANGALI BABA.. She goes to take the powder from her room…. She takes it and thinks ….. I love you Raamu….??????????
    Precap: Raamu eats his meal…and is about it drink the milk mixed with Bangali baba’s powder…..

    You will not get this story anywhere….so come here and enjoy this eternal story of Raamu and Kammo ??????
    Hope you will like it…..
    And finally let me tell you…. I’ve gone MAD ?????

  58. Zee

    I went out this eve – more rain and more fun 🙂
    Came back and hungrily pounced on the laptop for H Hasan’s update, then realized there was no episode today. Felt a bit blank and vacuous. There was nothing to comment (read lament) about.
    So I googled Sanjeeda Sheikh – she is v. beautiful and glam. But does not have the salt of the earth simplicity of Eisha. After seeing SS I have a conspiracy theory – maybe the makers changed the story and setting to mumbai aft Eisha decided to quit.
    Still no expln for viplav marrying kamini
    And yes i hv strng objection to Ramdeen and Kamini pairing. He maybe poor and a househelp but he is a good man and does not deserve a biatch like her.
    on that note i wish you all good night and sweet dreams of how we want ikrs.

  59. Eisha had quit the show soo sad .. have seen sanjeeda she was not looking as good as dhani though she is pretty and cute but she was not looking innocent like dhani. There wasn’t any solid reason that eisha left the show playing a mother role is not bad .. an actor should feel comfortable in all roles I have seen mishal in precap he was not looking old even he was dressed more nicely.. eisha has done a mistake by quitting but I hope she will come up with a new project.
    And if CV wasn’t able to convince eisha than they should change the track. Eisha ko nikal kar acha nahe kiya they will regret for this .. I think cvs doesn’t respect it’s viewers inspire of soo many request they didn’t change their deduction .. first they stop re telecast now this oh God don’t know why I m soo much dipped in this show . We all should take it as drama but it become our life. We will really miss eisha

  60. Zee

    OMG Sujie I am so sorry I had not read your FF abt Ramu and Kam when i wrote that
    I disagree with your point but mean no disrespect at all.
    I know we are all losing it over all these crazy devlps in our favt show and understand that you are upset with it.
    Sorry once again dear.

  61. I dont know what just came in my mind…and i googles ..mishal raheja quit laagi tujhse lagan???..and watever i read their…it just shows that..der is absolutely no meaning to request colors is d most rude channel ever. They just want things to happen by their way….at that time 5000 fans had filed petition to keep mishal in d show ..but channel didnt listen…now seriously i cant expect anythingvfrom colors …i ll never dare to watch colors show ever..that can only promote makkhi…no matter how much blood she will suck(makhhi…blood of viewrs)??
    May be all of u known to this news…hahaha but just shared it…..sry for meaingless comment??????


  62. Nimisha

    Hi everyone

    Hope you’re all well.

    I was out most of the day today, took the kids to see Buckingham palace and although the queen was in, we didn’t have time to pop in ???

    Anyway, I was horrified to see some of the tweets that have been posted about the show and Mishal and sanjeeda. I mean properly horrified.

    So I decided to write a letter of support and i thought unwound share it here…. As with all my written stuff it’s long. I also tweeted it to sanjeeda so here it is,

    Dear All
    -I have been a very loyal fan of the show since it began and have totally lived it and loved it. Sadly, I haven’t been watching the show for the last few days as I genuinely detest the Kam track. This track made me think, a few days ago, that I was done with the show.
    -But, today, after reading the many negative tweets and calls for the show to end, it has made me realise just how much I love the show and that I do want to continue to watch and support it, and especially Mishal Raheja and Garima Vikrant Singh.
    -Whilst I am sad to see Eisha Singh leave the show, that in itself won’t be a reason for me to not watch. VIplav and Dhani have been beautifully portrayed by Mishal and Eisha, however, I am very happy to support Sanjeeda Sheikh as Dhani. It can’t be easy stepping into an already established role especially when that role is also part of a very loved and popular couple, so I would like to wish her well.
    -It also can’t be easy for Mishal or Garimaji to have a different actor portray a role that has been long played by another person. But they are very talented actors and professionals so I’m sure their amazing ability will soon help me forget that Dhani is being played by a different actor.
    For me, ishq Ka Rang Safed was always the eternal and pure love story’s of Viplav and Dhani, and their against the odds battle to be together.
    -As the show takes the leap, 5 years into the future, it was shown that Viplav is still very much the man I fell in love with and that his love for Dhani is still very pure and eternal. I haven’t watched the episode, but saw a still of his hand feeling Dhani’s Mangal sutra on his wrist. A very beautiful and heartfelt image. Since seeing that I have felt a renewed vigour for the show knowing that Viplav hadn’t succumbed to the advances of the evil Kam.
    -So, whilst a part of me will always hope that Eisha will come back post leap as Dhani, a bigger part of me cannot wait to see the story unfold. I am wary of diving straight into the post leap episodes purely because I just don’t want to see Kam anymore. Her constant attack on Viplav and Dhani and the ever present negativity she brings to the show have put me off watching. I started watching online so I could fast forward through her scenes, but a couple recently feature her so much that it was easier to simply not watch.
    -I will continue to read written updates, and if an episode isn’t too heavy on Kam or doesn’t feature her at all, I will definitely be watching, especially for Mishal and Garimaji.
    -So in short, I wish the cast and crew all the best as the story moves into the next phase. I am also very grateful to you for preserving the essence of Viplav and Dhani and for proving that my unbending faith in him was justified.
    -Many thanks for reading this rather long message… I don’t know how to do succinct…
    Lots of love and best wishes to everyone
    Nimisha xxx

    • Nimisha

      I tweeted it to Mishal, garima, Colors to Colors uk, and filmfarmin.

      The nastiness of some of the tweets actually has got me fully supporting the show again although I am still very wary of watching Kam on screen.

      • Ade1111

        Morning Minker33
        I have read your post and understand how you feel you echo how I feel too but for me Eisha is Dhanni and even though I only knew Mishal from LTL I enjoyed watching them as a couple so to me this new person is not Dhani so will only read TU about the show and if Kamini is not highly featured would watch if she is would walk away. My point is yes Eisha quit for reasons known to her only why and how can they justify bringing all the negativity back after 5yrs leap heard Would happily read to see what happens, I totally understand that yes people should not bash the show but honestly I was so emotionally attached to the show am Nigerian woman that fell in love with the concept of the show and that was just destroyed for me
        So as of now I have no feelings lefts for the show will only watch in and out
        Hope the kids enjoyed visiting the queen next time let me know might join you too and grab a bite in Chinatown
        Enjoy your Bank Holiday

  63. Nimisha

    Goodnight everyone.

    Monday is post leap Monday. H Hasan, I will look forward to seeing you and everyone else on here in the afternoon, but until then have a magnificent Monday everyone.


  64. Nimisha

    Sujie, ramuuuuuuu, excellent! ????. You are no mad, you are one talented writer. Loved it!

    Arshu, another exam on a Sunday. I swear the exam system there is cruel! And tough sounding, is thatbitbuntil net 2 now? Hoping you hav no more until then, no hope the preparations for that one are going well.

    Louella, I was out today add got back and distracted by Twitter so will read your new FF tomorrow.

    I agreed with lots ofmpostsbon the previous pages but can’t keep my eyes open now so will try and comment tomorrow,


  65. M

    Pls do not separate Viplav and Dhani . No one wants to see Viplav with Kamini. Pls end kamini ‘s track and let vidhaani be together forever. Let Viplav come to know the truth. And Pls let EishaSingh only continue as Dhani. Pls don’t make ur serial such a crap by making Viplav and Dhani fall in love with someone else.

    • Eisha singh don’t leave the show. Sanjeeda sheikh ke saath shooting start bhi hogi hai. Abhi bhi time hai plzzzz show par wapas aa jaoooooooo. Producers please change kar do storyline ko . Plzzzzzzzz

  66. M

    Pls let Viplav know the truth about his dadaji, mom and Kamini. Pls do on not ruin ur storyline by writing such crap instead get vidhaani together soon. And end the b*t*h Kamini track. The way u started about true love about 2 people. It seems that the writer just forgot what he he was writing. Pls wake up MR WRITER. and UNITE VIDHAANI.

  67. M


  68. M

    Pls do not change ur storyline to such an extent that it becomes a hate serial and u have no viewers to Watch ur show except the stupidwriter himself.

  69. Ashok Sharma

    You may take the serial in any direction , but do’nt show the the conspirators to win the game . This gives wrong massege in society

  70. Eisha singh as Dhani plzzzz don’t leave the show plzzz. IKRS is incomplete with you. Apki aur viplav ki jodi hi best hai. Plzzzz don’t do this with your fans. Sanjeeda sheikh is not look good with mishal. Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  71. Eisha singh don’t leave the show. Sanjeeda sheikh ke saath shooting start bhi hogi hai. Abhi bhi time hai plzzzz show par wapas aa jaoooooooo. Producers please change kar do storyline ko . Plzzzzzzzz

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.