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Ishq Ka Rang Safed 28th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Viplav makes Dhaani sit and asks her to show her wound. He asks Kanak what did you do? Dhaani says it was just an accident. Viplav asks her to keep quiet and asks Kanak to beat him whenever she gets angry. Dhaani asks him not to get angry and says she is fine….Viplav goes angrily. Dulaari calls Raj Lakshmi and asks if she have informed Dhaani. Raj Lakshmi says yes. Neighbor ask why did you hurry up for marriage? Raj Lakshmi praises Viplav. Dulaari also praises him. Neighbor blesses their jodi. Viplav asks Kanak why did you hit Dhaani. Kanak says I didn’t do it intentionally. Viplav says I have seen with my own eyes and asks what enmity she has with Dhaani. He says Dada and Dadi have accepted her for my happiness then why can’t you. Kanak says I got you engaged to

her for your happiness. Viplav says I know everything and says you tried to separate us, and even stoop low and told about your affair with Tripurari. He says if you continues to behave like this, then I will leave this house one day. He says a family takes care of each other, but it is not like this here, and says be happy with your hatred and anger.

Viplav holds Dhaani’s hand and takes her to room. Dasharath knocks on the door and asks him to open the door. Dhaani says Dada ji is here, open the door. Viplav says kanak have crossed limits today and have hit Dhaani with belan, says he will leave the house. Dhaani says it was just an accident, and Maa ji didn’t do any mistake. She reminds him that Dada ji is standing outside and opens the door. Viplav says if my wife don’t get any respect in this house, then how can I stay here. It will be good if I leave from you, I don’t think I can stay here. Dhaani folds her hands and tells Dada ji to give some time and says she will convince Viplav. Once Dasharath goes, Dhaani acts to get pain. Viplav asks her to show her forehead. Dhaani says I will be alright when your anger will be gone. She tells him that Kanak is angry as Shalu’s marriage is broken and she still feels that Raja is a nice man. She says even my mum was angry when she got to know about our marriage. She says Kanak is angry as we got married secretly. Viplav says Dulaari and Kanak are having different thinking. Dhaani says I will win everyone in this house and says she came to unite the family and not to break it. Viplav says today is the first day of yours and you have seen this. He says I am afraid….Dhaani says we both love each other, then why to lose hope. One day Kanak will agree, asks him not to get angry, try to understands carefully and not to get angry. Ishq Ka Rang Safed plays………Viplav is mesmerised by Dhaani’s goodness.

Kanak tells Dasharath that she can’t change her hatred for Dhaani and can’t bear it anymore. Dasharath says we have to wait for the right time. Kanak shouts and says she can’t bear her. Dasharath reminds her that she is talking to him. Kanak says I have gone mad and don’t know what to say. She says Dhaani will bring our heir and then we can’t do anything. Dasharath looks on tensedly.

Viplav talks to Dhaani and talks about their baby. Dhaani says why you are talking gandi baat(bad talk). She says we need to go to puja as Dulaari invited us. Viplav says lets do our puja first. Dhaani asks him to talk to Kanak and convince her. Viplav comes to Kanak and sees her talking to herself that she wants her son’s happiness. Viplav hugs her. Kanak asks him not to leave her and says I just wants your happiness. Viplav says if you love me, then why don’t you accept Dhaani. She is my wife now. He asks what happens to you seeing Dhaani, if your anger is more than your love for me. Dhaani comes there and asks Kanak if she can go to attend Puja at Ashram as Dulaari invited them. Kanak says why you are asking me? Dasharath comes and gives permission to Dhaani and asks them to go. He tells Kanak that we shall give the keys to Dhaani. Dhaani says I don’t want to take Maaji’s right. Dasharath asks them to go. Viplav says today Dhaani have stopped me from leaving the house. He says I will love you being your son and my love will never be low, and same way I will continue loving Dhaani and my love will never get less. Dasharath asks them to go.

Shalu meets Raja and says I love you very much and wants to marry you. Raja says if our love is true then we will meet one day and asks her not to hurt her family for him. Shalu asks if we will not meet again. Raja says I don’t want to meet, but my love makes me helpless to meet you. He drops Shalu home. Viplav and Dhaani come out and see Shalu coming. Viplav asks from where she is coming? Shalu lies that she met her friend and came back home. Dhaani invites Shalu for the Ashram puja. Shalu refuses to go. Viplav tells Shalu that he loves her very much being his brother. Shalu goes inside. Viplav asks Dhaani to come and they sit in the car. Dhaani sees the honeymoon travel brochures and says it is so good, I wish we could go there. Viplav says we will be going there and asks for her passport. Dhaani says passport and asks why we will go there. Viplav tells her that newly married couple go to foreign location for their honeymoon. Dhaani gets shy and asks about the expenses. Viplav says he is getting cases now after winning her case and says he will earn the money. Dhaani says you was going that day. Viplav says just when you had stopped me and confessed love. Dhaani smiles. Viplav says I will walk holding your hand. Dhaani smiles broadly.

Viplav and Dhaani spend some romantic moments….Later Dhaani tries to tell shalu about Raja’s true face and his lust for her, but Shalu don’t hear her fully and asks her to leave. Dhaani thinks Shalu thinks Raja is innocent still…and gets tensed.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Namaste, I am accompanied LTL in the Bosnian channel, when Mishal left I was sad and abandoned series, I Mishal fan, Sabhir is good but I do not like.

    1. Same here. I tried to follow the story after he left but it didn’t feel like it was the same show.

      MIrsada yesterday you mentioned the Chaska meter. What is that? Would love to help get IKRS up higher if we can but no idea how we do that.


    2. I was just the same Mirsada, I kept watching now and again because wanted to see it to end . but not same at all.

  2. Horrible show, shut it down.

    1. not again yaar …..

  3. Close it,tei is better

    1. Hello hi…bye bye

  4. Lols..Best of luck ? for ur exam…no worries u clear the test easily…

    Pls don’t be soo mature…..
    I think u r a blessed child..and ur parents are too are blessed ….

    I am a naughty,a little pampered un matured youngest child in my family…
    Soo maturity is beyond my circumference ……?

  5. Ahana virus..wat to close down buddy???

  6. @ahanaa darling then close your comments and go bye bye 😛

  7. Story ko puri tarah mord diea hai abhi seriel shuru hue 1year bhi nhi hua aur dono Ki shadi bhi ho hai wow ! So different story from other seriels

  8. Saras was it you who said that Dhani s passport. would lead to secrets about her family revealed? Looks like u were right.! X

  9. Raviraj Kaur (Shanoo)

    Thank you soooo much guyz for ur replies….
    LOV U ALL IKRS fans……

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