Ishq Ka Rang Safed 28th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishq Ka Rang Safed 28th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Parshiya, Dulaari and Vidha are in the car as they are going to hospital to bring Dhaani home. Parshiya says Vidha is looking happy. Vidha asks Dulaari to make halwa for Dhaani and kheer for her. Parshiya asks her to make rasgulla for him. Dulaari says okay. Viplav comes to hospital holding bouquet and asks nurse where is patient. Nurse says she is discharged. Viplav asks about the bill payment. Nurse says it is done. Viplav puts the bouquet on bed and thinks she couldn’t wait for me. Dhaani comes there from inside. Nurse says I thought you have left and tells someone came and threw bouquet angrily knowing you have left. Dhaani looks at the bouquet and recalls Viplav. Nurse says he might be your close relative. Dhaani says not anymore.

Driver gets a call from

someone informing about the riots. He asks Parshiya and Dulaari to get down the taxi and says I have to leave. Parshiya and Dulaari insists him to come. Driver refuses. Parshiya angrily asks him to come silently. The crazy people start beating the people and the fire is shown. Dhaani asks watchman to open the hospital door. Dhaani argues with him and asks him to open the door. Watchman says there is a riot outside, I can’t open. Viplav sees her and asks her to calm down. He says we will see once riots are over. Dhaani says my daughter and Maa are outside with parshiya. Viplav says Parshiya is with them and will take care. Dhaani insists to go out, says she doesn’t need his help and asks watchman to open the door. Viplav shouts Dhaani. They come out on the road and see burning stuff.

Viplav asks her to understand and says we will go back. Dhaani says I can’t without my daughter and mum. Viplav says Vidha is my daughter also. He sees people coming holding sword and killing people, and hides with her. Parshiya manages to come to hospital with Dulaari and Vidha. He sees bouquet on the bed and comes out, asks Dulaari and Vidha to go home. He says he will bring Dhaani home and asks driver to take them safely back home. He searches for Dhaani on the road. Viplav and Dhaani are running on the road while the goons are following them holding hockey sticks. They run and hide behind they table of a shop. The goons beat someone. Dhaani and Viplav look at each other. When he sees goons gone, he comes out with Dhaani holding her hand.

Kamini calls Viplav and wonders where is he? Viplav brings Dhaani to someone’s hut. Dhaani looks at him…judaai …Chadariya song plays…………………..Viplav also looks at her. questionably. Dhaani turns her face. Parshiya is searching for Dhaani and sees his phone off. He sees crazy crowd coming towards him to beat him. He runs to save his life. Kamini worries for Viplav and thinks all lines are jammed. She calls to Dasharath from landline. She says Viplav is stuck in riots. Dasharath says I can’t hear you. Kamini says your grand son is stuck in riots and asks him to do something. Dasharath says I will do something and informs Kanak. Kanak says don’t know if we should be happy or upset. Dhaani says we shall go out. Viplav says let everything calm down, we will leave.. Dhaani worries for Vidha and Dulaari. Viplav says they might be fine and asks her to trust him. Dhaani says she has stopped trusting on others. Suddenly she faints due to weakness while trying to open the door.

Viplav holds her and make her rest on grass. He asks Dhaani to wake up, and says you are strong, don’t be weak. He asks God to show him the way and asks her to wake up for Vidha and him. He calls someone and sees call not connecting, gets angry. Vidha tells Dulaari that she wants to go to hospital. Dulaari says your mum will come. Someone knocks on their door heavily. Dulaari opens the door being scared. Parshiya enters their home and says there is a big riots outside. He says Dhaani is not in the hospital and says he will go and search her again, came to just check on them. Vidha asks about Dhaani.

Parshiya says I will bring her. He says Dhaani hasn’t done anything wrong with anyone, and nothing will happen to her. Viplav presses Dhaani’s hand and asks her to open the eyes. Dhaani calls Vidha while still in unconsciousness and asks for water. Viplav gets the water from the pot and helps her sit. Dhaani gains consciousness fully and asks Viplav what he was trying to do, and asks him not to take her advantage. Viplav asks have you gone mad? He says you got unconscious, I was helping you drink water. He asks her to drink water. Dhaani refuses to drink and cries being worried.

Dhaani is about to go. Viplav asks how you will go and says riots are outside. Dhaani says she will go somehow. Viplav says I won’t let you go. Dhaani sees the door locked broken or something. Viplav says this was the only way out and the rest thing you have done. Dhaani looks on.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Arshdeep

    Thunder storms. Dhani splashes water. Viplav says sorry. Dhani goes and sit. Viplav sit in front of her. Dhani feels cold. Viplav asks if she is ok. Dhani nods. Viplav lights fire. Dhani looks at viplav. Viplav says you can sit close to fire. Dhani sits. Dhani sleeps on grass. Viplav thinks we loved each other na. Then why you hate me so much. Being so close we are so far. And why you dont accept she is my daughter?
    Parshiya comes to kamini and says that Dhani is lost from hospital. Viplav and dhani both are lost, you are big persons..younhave contacts. Please find where she is. I join hands. Kamini says that day you were saying so much. Now you saw your position. Kamini says yes i have big contacts and i have asked them to find viplav alone and not dhani. Because the complete problem is because of dhani. Parshiya says why you always blame her? Kamini says because the day viplav has met her..he gets into problem. Dhani has married and has a daughter too. Why she dont remain happy? Why roaming around me and viplav?? Or does she wants you and viplav too? Parshiya shouts ehh…not to say anything about dhani’s character. I am talking to you respectfully cant you digest it? When you lost your child..then also i saw how you talk to dhani? Improve your thinking. Your brains’ screws have loosened. Tight them. And asks jer to find viplav and dhani has no relation with your husband. Kamini gets angry and says control…control…i have to find viplav.
    The grass/rope starts burning leading to where dhani is sleeping. Viplav puts off the fire. His hands get hurt. Water falls from roof on dhani’s face. Viplav takes her in lap and stops the water flow. Next morning Dhani and viplav wakes up. Dhani feels pain. Viplav says it wont go so easily. Dhani says something…sorry missed it again..?

    Precap- Some people come and knock the door. Dhani gets afraid. Viplav asks her not to worry. They asks to open the door else they will break it. Viplav fights with the people. Dhani comes and holds his hand. Viplav threatens them with sword. Viplav and dhani go out and close the door behind them.

    1. Mariyam123

      Arshi di today both of us updated todays episode. But yours is better than mine. I have missed some sentences. Kya karu bacchi hu. Thodi galtiya ho jaati hai. Aapse seekh lungi

    2. Porkodi

      Thanks arshi for your update..

  2. Mariyam123


    The episode starts with Dhaani worrying for Dulaari and Vidha. Viplav asks her not to worry. But Dhaani goes to the door and tries to open it. The handle comes in her hand. Viplav says this was the only way to go. U have done wonders. Now we have to find another way to go out. Dhaani looks around and goes near the window. She climbs it. Viplav goes to her and forwards his hand. He says Dhaani r u mad? Come down. Dhaani says u r telling me to come down. The riots r roaming out and maai and Vidha don’t know about it. Viplav lifts Dhaani up. He says Vidha is my daughter too. I m also worried about her. He keeps her down.

    Dhaani says Vidha is only my daughter. Viplav says I know from 5 years u have taken care of Vidha but thay does not mean I m not her father. Vidha is my daughter too. Then Dhaani goes and sits near the pot of water. She tries to pick up the pot but is unable to do it. Viplav goes to her and picks up the pot and makes her drink water. Dhaani drinks it. Suddenly the lights go off. Dhaani hugs Viplav in fear. She then breaks the hug. They have an eyelock. Sab tera……song……plays….. Viplav caressess her face and kisses on her forehead. They both then hug each other. But it was all a dream of Viplav. He splashes water on Dhaani’s face by mistake. He says sorry. Dhaani nods.

    Dhaani goes and sits on the grass. Viplav too sits. Viplav then lights fire with the help of the woods. Viplav says if u want then come and sit in the front. Dhaani sits in the front near the fire. She then sleeps on the grass. Viplav stares at her and thinks Dhaani u r near me but then too far from me. Why r u not agreeing that Vidha is my daughter? Why?

    Suddenly Dhaani’s pallu catches fire. Viplav sees this and puts the fire off her pallu with his hands. He keeps the pallu near Dhaani who is still sleeping. He goes near Dhaani and keeps her head on his lap. He then keeps his hand above her head to block the water falling on Dhaani.

    It’s morning. Viplav and Dhaani r found sleeping in each other’s arms. Dhaani wakes up followed by Viplav. A piece of silence occurs between them. At Aa
    AN, Sushma lights the diya and prays to God to keep Viplav safe. She says she will not eat anything till Viplav doesn’t come back. Kanak says maaji plz don’t keep fast or u will get sick. Sushma says I will not eat food as well as not drink water too. Kanak thinks if u will not eat nor drink then u will get sick and then I will have to bear the pain. Sushma then lights another diya. Kanak asks maaji why r u lighting the other diya? Sushma says this is for Dhaani and her daughter.

    Parshiya comes to Kamini’s room. He says Dhaani is not come home. I m going to the police station to file a complaint. I thought she will be here so came to check. Kamini says why will she come here? Parshiya says u r rich people. U sit with big big people, eat with them. Kamini says yes we do. So what? Parshiya says can u come with me to file the police complaint as Viplav is also not come. Kamini says no. I know how that Dhaani is. She will be with Viplav. She is so characterless. She is with Viplav sometimes and sometimes with u. Parshiya gets angry and says don’t dare to say anything about Dhaani’s character. I saw when Atharva was kidnapped how u were blaming Dhaani. Don’t say anything about her. He goes angrily. Kamini thinks where r u Viplav?

    Viplav and Dhaani r sitting. Suddenly the riots knock on the door. Viplav and Dhaani r shocked. The riots keep on knocking. Dhaani and Viplav look at each other. The episode ends.

    Precap- Viplav fights with the goons/riots. He then takes the sword and scares them. Then Viplav and Dhaani hold hands and close the door for the goons and run.

    Friends I tried to update today’s episode. This is my first attempt. I cannot update like Arshi di and Hasanji. I m sorry if there r any mistakes

    1. Latha

      Elle thank you very much.

    2. Porkodi

      Louella, u updated very beautifully… thank you dear…

    3. Porkodi

      Louella ur first attempt is very good… looks like hasanji update… u and arshi did it very well…

      1. Mariyam123

        Thank u so much Porkodi. But I left the starting scene.

  3. Hi anya welcome to our family.?

  4. Maria pl tell what happened.

    1. Mariyam123

      Renu di I have sent her a private message. She replied me. I will definitely ask the reason and inform u

    2. Can u tell me how to get registered??

  5. Sujie

    Thank you Arshu and Chuttku for the update 🙂

    1. Nimisha

      Yes, brilliant updates for a brilliant episode!

      Thank you!

  6. Kavitha

    Guys Louella n arshi u have took hasanjis work that to update show in advance. Nice work ,hasanji can update slowly without tension that she can’t be hurry.bcs u posted na now she can update slowly.without hurry she can update other shows then she can update ikrs freely.

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