Ishq Ka Rang Safed 28th July 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishq Ka Rang Safed 28th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Neighbors praising the decoration and lighting in the basti. Pratibha says it is according to his taste and asks them not to put bad eye on her son, laughs. Vidha comes there, calls her Dadi. Pratibha asks if your mum is ready? Vidha says she is getting ready. Dhaani recalls reading the letter, in which Viplav asked her to marry Parshiya. She is about to pick earring to wear, and imagines Viplav making her wear earrings. Pal Bhar Theher jawo plays………………..She imagines Viplav making her wear necklace and then holding her hand to make her wear bangles, mangtika. Agar Tum Saath ho plays……..He puts gajra in her hairs and looks in the mirror. He makes her wear nose pin..and adores her beauty…Dhaani is teary eyes and asks him not to leave her. Dhaani sees Dulaari

standing instead of Viplav. Dulaari asks her to forget Viplav’s name for Vidha’s sake specially infront of Parshiya. She asks her to see Vidha’s happiness and asks her to think about Parshiya who is accepting her with respect and love. She asks her to give him respect and love, and asks her to forget everything and move on in life. She says it is difficult, but you have to. Vidha comes and says mamma. Dhaani tells that something had fallen in her eyes. Vidha says you are looking beautiful. Vidha says you will marry and it will be fun, says my Papa will come.

Kamini asks Viplav if he is fine. Viplav takes Dhaani’s name making her angry. She sprinkles water on his face and asks him to get up and come with her. Vidha tells that we will go out and have icecream. Dhaani says yes, we will do and asks her to take care of guests. Vidha asks her to get ready and goes to see Parshiya. Dhaani tells Dulaari that Vidha will be happy to get her father with this marriage and she will be happy. She tells Dulaari that she wants to call Banaras once. Dulaari says they are not worthy to get your news. Dhaani says I want to tell Dadi that I am getting married. Can I tell her? Dulaari agrees. Dhaani smiles

Vidha comes to Parshiya and calls him Papa. She says you are looking prince. Parshiya says you are not looking less than a princess. Vidha asks him to come and says mumma is ready. Rahul and Pakiya comes there. Pratibha teases Parshiya and says you are taking more time than Dhaani. Parshiya asks am I looking good? Pratibha signs that he is looking good. Rahul says Ranbir Kapoor type. Pratibha does his aarti and Tilak and blesses him. Parshiya asks Rahul and Pakiya to come holding tray.

Dhaani calls Sushma. Sushma says hello. Dhaani greets her. Sushma gets happy and asks how are you? Dhaani says I am fine. Sushma says I miss you very much. Dhaani asks how is your health? Sushma says fine, says since you left from here, I have to take my medicine by myself. She asks about Vidha. Dhaani says she is fine. Sushma asks why did you call? If everything is right. Dhaani says everything is fine, I want to tell you something, I need your blessings…Sushma says my blessings are always with you. Dhaani informs her that she is getting married. Sushma is shocked and asks what? She says I am very happy to hear this and says you shall marry. Dhaani says just for Vidha. Sushma says I can understand and asks who is that lucky person. Dhaani says she is marrying Parshiya.

Sushma says he is a nice guy and will keep you happy. Dulaari looks on. Sushma says he will keep your happy so that you will forget all your pain, and says the love which you didn’t get in our home will get you there. She says even Vidha will get a loving family. Sushma asks Dhaani to congratulates Dulaari from her side. Dhaani says okay. Sushma apologizes to her and says I had given you much pain. Dhaani says you had given me love and says she wants to forget the bad memories. Sushma says you are right. She tells you both will be happy and will forget the old days. Dhaani says I got your blessings and everything. She gets teary eyes and hugs Dulaari emotionally.

Parshiya steps out of his house while band baja is playing. Vidha says my papa has come. Parshiys, Pratibha and his friends dance and go to Dhaani’s house. One of the neighbor tells Pratibha that she is happy for Parshiya, but do you know that Dhaani was once a widow. Pratibha is shocked and says she wasn’t aware of this fact. Neighbor says her first husband died, second had left him and this is her third marriage. She doesn’t have husband’s love in her destiny. Pratibha is shocked. Neighbor says if anything wrong happens with Parshiya after marriage. Other Neighbor asks her not to tell that. Other neighbor says Dhaani is a rakshasi and troubled Parshiya. They ask her to stop the marriage. Pratibha says grahs changed and says Parshiya is in Dhaani’s life now. She says Dhaani is one in lakhs and them not to be jealous.

Dasharath marries Durga in the temple infront of Tripurari and people. They exchange garlands. Dasharath fills her maang with sindoor unwillingly. Durga looks at him. Tripurar smiles. Durga touches Dasharath’s feet. Dasharath blesses her. Tripurari also touches Dasharath’s feet. Dasharath blesses him and announces that Tripurari is his son and will handle his business.. He says Tripurari will be his heir and will be called as Tripurari Tripathi. Tripathi gets glad and hugs him. Kamini brings Viplav there. Viplav hears about Dasharath announcing his decision and is shocked. Kamini smirks.

Viplav tells Sushma that he is going to Dhaani and says I have only one just true relation, and smiles. He is on the way. While Dhaani and Parshiya seated for marriage.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Sonu

    Wow, our Mishal comeback. from today I start to watch IKRS..
    Thank U Renu gelathi, for your compliment for my Hindi..

    1. Renuverma

      Hi sonu gelathi ?

  2. Sonu

    Hoo Baloon (DT) ki Shadi ho gayee. Shadi mubarak DT. Bichari dhadi. Don’t worry Dhadi, hamari Vipu haina? vo aapko akelae nahi chodega. Vo tumari saath hai.

    Kanak tum kab shadi karogi? i mean in IKRS everyone almost all two times get married, especially in Tripathi family except Dhadi.

    Now Dulari and Kanak are remaining widows, (Dulari is nt a Widow, she only became widow) Already Dulari’s hubby came. One day she will also become married, and from whit saree to color saree.
    So Shambuji didn’t came again. Kanakji aap bhi ek insaan ko doondkar jald se jald shadi karo..

    1. Anita.roy

      Sonu,….now that DT is married to Durga maybe Kanak and Tripurari should get hitched and make the family complete. As for Dulari….she loves herself too much …..why impose her on someone and make that person’s life miserable…she’s better off living in her own misery.

      1. Anita.roy

        Anshuman should thank his lucky stars that Dulari rejected his proposal to reunite…..this man is better of without her for sure.

      2. Latha

        Anita if Kanak and tirupurari means what about kamini yaar

  3. Sonu

    Wht’s wrong with this Dulari mayi? now she only forces Dhani to marry Parshiya. In starting ( I mean in Mumbai, Vipu came to mumbai and met with Dhani) Dulari maayi supports Vipu and suggest Dhani to tell truth to Vidha and Vipu about their relationship. And told to Dhani to don’t snatch the father’s rights from Vipu and unite them( Vipu and Vidha).

    Now what happened to her? She is fully changed. Stupid Dhani gup chup se Shadi karnae ke liyae tyar ho gayee. Uss se nahi pooch saktae iss barae mein? Ek aur question bhi pooch saktae.. Maayi tumnae merae liyae kyun doosra shadi nahi karthi, mujko kyun paapa ki pyar se vanchit kar gayee?

    1. Mariyam123

      Everyone r not like our Dashrath na?? they have spoiled Dulaari’s character? At least they would have shown her as remarrying Anshuman? But they were all busy in Dashrath’s new wife??

      1. Sonu

        S little princess, u r right. They spoiled the Dulari mayyi’s charecter…

  4. Arshi remember this summer we were slaving over our boring books and praying to the rain Gods. Now they have descended and how – I am loving it and I think of you often as the clouds gather. Hope you are well my dear.

    1. Arshdeep

      Hey Zeeee…?????
      Yeah i remember everything..and as i am in Delhi now so i remember you every moment?

      And you know what it used to rains everytime i used to come to Delhi earlier and see now its raining since monday as i am here????

  5. How are you little Louella? I was very touched by your sweet gesture. That you keep writing msgs to bring the family back. I have told you many times, but I love your funny stories they always bring a smile. Do keep writing please!

    1. Mariyam123

      Aww! Thank u so much Zee? My comments will be less from now but I will keep writing funny comments for u all? well even if u compliment me 100 times, I will not be tired to read it?? Well even u should post funny comments, isn’t it? Now enough of my lecture?? I m going to study? Bye? Take care????

  6. Pls scrutinize your film very well. Dulaari asking Dhanni to tell Vidha and Viplav their relationship, asking Dhaani not to denying them both fatherly love and in the other hand forcing her to marry pashiya. What type of mother is she. I am a mother and will not like my daughter to pass through emotional turmoil. She want her daughter not be happy like. She is wicked, someone who can make herself self widow after the husband came to explain things to h

    1. Renuverma

      Yes martha dularis current behaviour is shocking

      1. Arshdeep

        Hey Renu didi?
        Nimisha di is going on a tour today for a couple of days. So she misght be busy in packing and enjoying there?

  7. welcome back mishal….

  8. pls writers unite viplav,dhani and vidha.eager to watch positive episodes and let the truth of kamini be revealed to viplav and dhani.

  9. Mariyam123

    Oh my efforts r not in vain? Sonu and BR mam have already come☺ Thank u so much for commenting dear. I hope this way more members come back. Hope this will not be in my dreams??

  10. Mariyam123

    Rishi sorry I didn’t reply your comment as was busy laughing???? Just kidding? Well welcome to this small sweet family which will grow bigger as more members come?

    I didn’t even know I have a fan here? Well now u r no longer a fan but a member of ikrs family? Keep commenting and also keep smiling?

  11. Arshdeep

    Hello sujie di.. All the very best for your visa interview?

  12. Anita.roy

    Hi Latha, you asked what about Kamini…..she should hitch up with that judge who tried to rape Dhani….a dumb lawyer (Kamini ) and a crooked judge will go well together.

    1. Latha


  13. smart dt.. he didn’t accept tp is his son but adopted son by marrying durga..

    I have gut feeling that kamini has offered big money to prathibha if she marries dhani to her son. ..
    Thats y she is saying dhani has brought all good things for him. .

  14. Any one can answer me ,Parshya to celebrate vidha birthday he get money with huge interest from money lender,after hospital scene his room was shown with rich decorations etcet…..and he is also spending large amount of money for his marriage where should he get ….will Kamini supplied it? Today I saw Haldi rasam ,why the writer,s celebrating 4th marriage of Dhaani like this ,it is very irritating to see Dhaani like this..?
    The poor Viplav coming to Mumbai to celebrate the Sachha pyaar ,relation of he will face it…

    1. Renuverma

      Saraswathiji its a serial.
      Even dhani is shown living in chawl with meagre income but she is wearing designer suits

  15. Where is Anshuman his chapter is closed?

    1. Renuverma

      No they can’t close it so soon. I think they would show piyas track too. Also finally dulari would unite with him.

  16. Kanak also not seen in after DT marriage where is she?

    1. Renuverma

      Even i had said the same yesterday she is missing

  17. In Haldi rasam they copied the scene from “iss pyaar ko kya naam doon “Arnav Sing Raizada and Kushi Kumasi Gupta Haldi scene.

    1. They are straight away marrying no?? where does haldi rasam come from?

      1. Sonu

        In which serial Saras, I can’t get. Are u told abt IKRS or IPKKND? In IPKKND ARSHI( ARnav & kuSHI) again married, poora reethi riwaz se. I don’t know abt PArshiya and Dhani, because i didn’t saw IKRS from so many days….

      2. There is a gossip colum there she is dressed with flowers like Shakuntala ,
        Heart desire mishal raheja….it is there

  18. esha is rocking in etr…
    I wish they could find a better replacement than sanjeeda.. She is horrible. . I hate her hand movement n mouth movement. .. she was looking good in that saree but the moment she opens her mouth its horrible. .

  19. Maha_Aijaz

    Hello all?
    Finally I am registered yaay ???
    I changed my my name to Mahaaijaz from Maha because of that problem.. anyways I have proved that I am not a robot?
    Thanks Renu di for ur help.. I can’t do this without ur help and sorry for not commenting yesterday.. love u all?

    1. Renuverma

      Congrats mahi

    2. Arshdeep

      Hey Maha thats great
      Lovely pic❤

  20. I saw one off screen scene of new Dhaani describing her decoration and how Rupali concentrate on every dressing…….I think she is more concentrating on her glamour than on her action…if she concentrate on action she can rectify the hand movements…..any how she is not upto her mark in the role of dhaani

  21. Oh my good they both exchanged ring in front of viplav – disgusting dhanni..
    Hate u dhulari

    1. Puja why you are astonished mahan Dhaani did not open her mouth because she may want to marry another goon

      1. I can’t control myself Sara’s..all are hurting viplav.. he had one last hope- how much he can tolerate..
        Dhanni smiling by seeing prasiya – I just want to hit her.

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