Ishq Ka Rang Safed 28th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishq Ka Rang Safed 28th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Viplav saying that Tripurari has done murder and says he has a concrete proof which will prove that he is the murderer. Dhaani gives him CD. Viplav plays it in court. He is shocked to hear the song playing…..Dhaani asks how did the CD get changed? Tripurari and Kanak smiles. Dhaani nods no to Viplav. Viplav is shocked. Defence lawyer says if prosecution is entertaining the court. Viplav says he is sure that tripurari has compromised with the proof. Judge says you are wasting my time. Viplav says I know that this man is guilty. Tripurari says whenever something happens in his house, he used to blame me. He says I am family member of their house, and Mahant Dasharath Tripathi ji is my dad. Dasharath coughs. Everyone look at him surprisingly and shockingly. Durga

recalls her promise made to Dasharath and their conversation. Tripurari says why I will do this?

Viplav says he is lying? Tripurari says I have surrendered to the police? I wouldn’t have surrendered if I was guilty. Defence asks the judge to dismiss the case. Viplav looks on helplessly. Judge says court believes in proofs. Viplav says I have a concrete proof. He says Bijli is the eye witness who have heard tripurari accepted all his crimes infront of her. Defence says why she didn’t come till now. Viplav asks Judge to give 2 mins. Bijli doesn’t come. Defence says prosecution is wasting time and asks to dismiss the case. Judge asks Viplav if you want to say something. Viplav says a man have died and he haven’t get justice. He asks for some time. Judge says next hearing will be tomorrow. Viplav thanks him. Tripurari and kanak get shocked.

Kanak asks Dhaani, you will become our bahu. You couldn’t take care of CD. Dhaani says I kept it safely. Dasharath asks Viplav to come home. Viplav says I will just be back. Tripurari is taken in the jeep. He smirks and smiles happily. Viplav is angry. Dhaani runs after him and says she doesn’t know how the CD changed. Viplav says I am calling Bijli. She is not picking the call and it means she is in danger. Dhaani says I will come with you. Tripurari is kept behind bars. He thinks I will see if you will can get me punished.

Kanak comes to Dasharath and says she is scared of Viplav’s life. She says Tripurari can do anything and says if anything happens to him then she will die. She blames Dhaani for not taking care of the CD. Dasharath asks why she stress on Dhaani and Viplav’s marriage everytime. He asks her to go. He thinks why Tripurari is trying to threaten me. He thinks kanak is showing as if she is sad about Shambu’s death. He opines that everything is done by Kanak. Viplav and Dhaani come to the house, and see the furniture on floor. He says Tripurari followed us that day and wonders if he killed Bijli. He comes to Police station. Tripurari says no one will believe you. Viplav says I don’t have solid proof now, but if you think that you will be freed then it will not happen. I will punish you so that you won’t be able to anything wrong after that. He asks Inspector to question Tripurari. Inspector asks what you have done with her. Tripurari says why I will kill her and asks what is my enmity with her.

Bijli comes there and says he is saying right. I am alive. Viplav and Dhaani are relieved. Dhaani asks why you didn’t come to court. Bijli says I was hurt and couldn’t reach on time. By the time I came there, case was adjourned. Viplav asks inspector to take Bijli’s statement. He asks Bijli to say the truth. Bijli looks scared. Bijli says Viplav and Dhaani are making me witness forcibly against Tripurari. She says I have nothing to do with him. She says Tripurari haven’t confessed anything infront of me. Viplav requests her to accept the truth. Tripurari smiles victoriously. Viplav asks if he has threatened you? He promises to protect her and asks her to say the truth. Bijli says I am not saying lie. Dhaani asks her to say truth.

Tripurari asks Inspector to stop them. He says Viplav can hang him if given a chance. Viplav says this might be your conspiracy. He tells Bijli that Tripurari will not get punishment and asks her to say truth. Bijli says she will give the same statement in the court and goes. Viplav is broken and looks on. Dhaani asks him to come. She asks him to listen to her. Viplav says I will make Bijli understand. Dhaani says she has changed and asks him to come home. She asks him to have faith on God. Viplav says your God is not coming and doing right. He says he is feeling helpless. Dhaani says I am also in pain. Viplav says you would have kept CD safe and cries. He says song was playing in that CD. I didn’t say anything in court. I can’t blame Maa also. Dhaani apologizes and says I don’t know how did this happen? Tripurari says what is the use of apologizing. I would have kept CD with myself. Dhaani looks on.

Tripurari tells Dhaani that she has done mistake by choosing Viplav and says if you would have married me then I would have kept you as banaras rani. Dhaani slaps him. Viplav and Dhaani cry at their respective homes.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. Fatarajo

    Finally I got to read the updates of all the shows I like can sleep peacefully now 😛 today’s episode I don’t like it at all nothing good is happening with Vidhaani and no Vidhaani scenes :/ in other words today’s episode is boring at least that bijili should have told the truth 🙁 precap so sad Dhaani well done for giving that Tripurari a tight slap he deserved it I wished Suwarna listened to this but still no use after all she is blind in love n I can’t tolerate Vidhaani in tears :,(

  2. prachi

    I cannt control my anger now, though I could nt watch d episode,I feel wat was d situation of vidhani wen everything went against dem.I feel very happy tripurai got a slap from dhani,he deserved more dan slap.a very sad episode:-(

  3. sara

    today’s episode was very disappointing. .. gold medalist viplav doesn’t even know to keep a copy cd.. even pd (printed dupatta) knows that. .
    vakeel babu aapkoto kuch nahee pata.. lawyer only got careied away in court n attacked accused. . what is it. .

    One good thing happened today. . dt got an idea if kt is having any connection with all this. . dt aap to apna criminal dimag chalo .. aur aapki bahujeeka sachaayi pata karo

  4. sara

    my saddest moment in ikrs: whenever dhani called viplav rakshas I used to feel so sad. . also her extreme ride behavior towatds him all the time. . including burning of cycle godv by him n throwing wedding dress on his face.. my heart used to cry for viplav…

    happy moment: first time when dhani offered to hold vips hands during tulasi track I was very happy (just the way vip was happy)..

    funniest moment: flower petals falling on viplav on that jhoola .. tgat while v thing was too funny.. even today’s beginning scenes of court were funny. . prem ratan dhaba paayo song being played was hilarious. ..

    • Rajee

      Yes Sara it was really hilarious… I was just trying to guess what cud b there in CD..when the song was played..ha ha ha..ROFL.. Although the episode was filled with tensions but I was laughing throughout the episode thinking abt the song & watching all the silly & non sense things….

  5. sara

    tomm will be full of emotional vidhani scenes for sure.
    Today viplav was looking very good in lawyer’s attire…

  6. sara

    today one thing is confirmed. .
    dt has purchased gold medal for viplav. . he was proovee to be a disaster as a lawyer today. .

    vakeel babu ye vakalat aap ki baski baath nahee hain. . aap sirf pyar karo romance karo usme hi aap master ho aur vahee aapko suit bhee karta hai.. aur hame bahut acha lagta hain

  7. sara

    vakeel baabu aaj aap geeta par haath rakh ke kasam khao ki aap sirf pyar aur romance karenge.. aur uske siva kuch nahee karenge…

    ye jasoosi.. ye vakalat vagairako ganga main bahado…

  8. AM

    Jo bhi bolo vidhani scene ..I like that . humesha pyaar mohabbat thori dekhayenge 😛 😛 ….
    when one thing goes wrong then everything goes wrong also ….
    first scene was funny when the song plays 😛 😛 ….
    how smart tripurari and kanak …..viplav you should be taught cleverness from your maa and chacha ….. 😛 😛 😛 …
    viplav and Dhani feeling very hopeless and helpless …but as my given spoiler ..everything will awesome tomorrow. ..waiting for it ….

    and today ikrs trp out …it is stable at 1.6 …
    don’t care about that but we should watch ikrs increasing trp ….
    don’t be sad for today’s episode …we know everything will be all right. ..
    good night guys 🙂 🙂 😀 😀

    • sara

      correct am… Your weekly spoiler is the reliever elsevi would be worried from the precap… but I know we have nice episodes ahead. . thanks am..

  9. gennipher

    Bye everyone.this will my last comment in ikrs page. Thank u for ur love and support.i will miss u all. Iam going from my ikrs family. U all gave me the love and care which my close ones couldn’t give me. THANK U SO MUCH. BYE BYE.. LOVE U ALL

  10. Swara

    Ohhh I can’ttolerate tears is viplav’s eyes….
    Vipalv why are you waiting 4 a eye witnesses that too oo bijili…..if u call any one of ud we will come and tell the truth even with some spices. …oh poor vakil babu

    • sara

      he has shown that video to all at home they could tell in court no but no only bijli has to come silly writer. ..

      actually you can ask for a different day to produce witness here nothing. . a nurder case hearing over in a day n tgat to five minutes. . lol

  11. Swara

    If dhanni is banaras rani. ….then there will be viplav as banaras raja… one can take that seat…..oh poor tripurari if u try to take that seat…I will kill u…..and give the case to vakil babu

  12. Meghs

    Am so disappointed … Viplav can keep copy of that cd na.. But he didn’t do thit… N that bijli last monent ditched …

  13. Sujie

    This episode ….. evil is winning….. Viplav and Dhaani are crying…… Why??
    Viplav should have kept a copy of CD with him…. how could you Viplav????
    Bijli what did you do??? You should have died instead of making ViDhaani hopeless even after reaching there…….
    DT is suspecting Kanak behind all this but Viplav is blaming Dhaani….
    My heart was crying when I saw the precap….
    what will happen now?

  14. Sujie

    And TP got a slap…. Dhaani should have given another tight slap.
    This Suwarna is so much blind in tp’s fake love… OMG…
    But I guess happy days are ahead and hopw we get to see awesome episode today…..

  15. AM

    hi guys …good morning to all my dearest one ….I saw that ikrs is topped in colors in UK ….we get international response very well ….but our Indian aunties only watch dayan ,patali Debi 😛 …..
    I think this show mostly seen by students …so trp is low as everyone has exams this time ….it will increase after February surely ……
    and colors showing combined promo of ikrs ,thapki and swaragini ….
    they give some scene of these shows and say that kya Dhani ,thapki aur swara ko milegi apki unkahi pyaar ka mukaam 😛 ….

    • Fatarajo

      All three shows r the only shows I m currently watching on colors besides Krishnadasi 😛 I got to know about the promo thingy in TPK page
      I hope Dhaani, Thapki and Swara gets their love Viplav,Bihaan and Sanskar 😛
      And yes, my aunt said that IKRS is quite popular in Bangladesh, and also in Singapore also IKRS is popular in colors after Swaragini, Ashoka

    • sara

      You are awesome am.. you give such nice updates. … thanks so much. .

      you r absolutely right. . This site is c watched mostly by students n some aunties like me -:)) ..

      they should have at least one repeat telecast in the night then trp will increase. .. our some some promo in prime time else no one will know about our show. ..

      • florentina moldovan

        Sara, maybe we are aunties but we are open-minded ones, and our spirit always young! ha,ha!!!! HUGS, MY DEAR!

    • florentina moldovan

      for sure, IKRS has his own type of public, in my country they make studies on public and says…this program is watched by rural or urban people, age, studies of public…etc. I THINK OUR DRAMA IS SEEN BY ACTIVE PEOPLE, URBAN PEOPLE , EDUCATED PEOPLE AND HIS TIME-6.30 IS NOT A GOOD TIME…I AM CURIOUS, HOW MANY COMMERCIALS BREAKS ARE DURING A EPI?…I THINK THERE ARE 2. isn t it? and haw many commercial breaks are in thapki?- i think is just one! please correct me if i am wrong!

  16. Hi varsha, BR, Sara, saranya, joyee, sonu, n all ikrs fans. I’m back from Madanpalli.
    Just read the update. Too depressing episode. Feeling extremely sad for vipu. I think bijli just said d false in front of pp but she will say d truth in court as she is smart.
    Secondly dt shd keep a watch on every movement of kt n try to find out d truth. He shd join vidhani to expose the criminals. He has d cunning mind and power too unlike our true n innocent vidhani .
    What say guys. I just hope that whatever happens vidhani don’t separate. But this serial is full of misunderstanding… that’s y gave d name ishq ka naam misunderstanding!!!
    I had seen in one of the interview of eisha Singh where she mentioned that lots of misunderstanding n troubles r going to come in upcoming tracks. I think they even separate ???……….
    Just hope n sincerely request writters not to be roud n unfair to vidhani’s love. Whatever happens plz keep both of them always together and don’t u guys try to separate them even for a moment!!!

  17. AM

    everyone was very sad but everything will good …
    I found the precap very good …..if everyone noticed that what the actions viplav do like slipping from wall ..cryingly bows head and then hit head to wall ..the same was done by Dhani ….
    I was thinking yeh kya ho raha he 😛 😛 ….
    what a soul to soul connection 😛 😛 😛 ….is this called true love ????? guys give your opinions …. 😀 😀 😀 ……

    • Fatarajo

      Yes AM , IKRS is very popular serial in colors overseas compared to india. If i m not wrong IKRS overseas rating is good but I don’t know why in India it’s not good. And I don’t understand why overseas ratings r so opposite to indian ratings. For instance Sasural Simar ka has very good ratings in India but not that good ratings overseas , and Pyaar Ko Ho Janne Do is one of the top hindi serials in singapore currently (there is even posters of that show in a singapore local place), but in india it has the one of lowest ratings among all the hindi shows I just don’t understand that , even off air show were very popular like Badtameez dil, Beintehaa, rang rasiya were quite popular in singapore but in india low ratings. But at the same time there are shows which are popular both india and overseas like Qubool hai S1, pavitra rishta, bade acche Lagta hain and so on and among the current ones taarek Mehta ka ulta chasma

      • Anne

        Hi Fatarajo, I was interested to read your post. I’m British and the shows you name as popular abroad ,,rangrasia,,bientehaa ,, are the ones I loved as well .I’ve only been watching for 2years as channels were broadcast. Started watching LTL as Lt had English subtitles and then I found this website, …relief !!!. No matter where you live in the world the main themes of life are the same.IKRS is my favourite . I’m hoping LTL is repeated as I missed the first couple of months. We have a channel called Rishtey that MAtSH is on ( at the same time as IKRS 8.30.) I can’t believe IKRS is shown at 6.30!! I also watch the repeat at 7.30 in the morning, it goes nicely with my breakfast!!!!!!!. Love to all taking exams (I remember it well).To all young ones—-what is a matter of life and death now will be barely remembered in the future.xxxxx

    • Ya swara tp came out and he teases dhaani also so then only dhaani gives him a nice slap.good thing na.but sad thing was viplav was angry on dhaani for missing the original cd.
      I hope everything will be cool in today’s episode.

  18. sri(kaviya)

    Hi saran, joyee, sonu, Jonah,preeti,inshiinshi, varsha, BR mam, Tamil, rajee, AM,MM, kavitha, sujie, divya, sara,swara,meghs, gudiya,prachi,zea and all a very big good morning☺ have a wonderful day?

  19. Saranya

    What yaar Sara,itna bhi hopeless math ho hamari wakil babu ke saath.woh tho har chees mein master hi hain.bhir woh kal ki baath woh tho har acha aadmi ke saath hoth haina.woh apna maa par bharosa kiya.usko patha nahi hai woh ek vampire hai.aapko yaad haina woh kaise ashram ka case bina sabooth jeeta.yeh tho unka papa ka case hai.kaise nahi jeethengi.saroor jeethengi.meri opinion se woh tp bahar hi hona chahiye kyoon ki uss ghade ko samaj sikhane ke liye woh saroori hai.agar jail mein chale jaongi tho waham rahkar aaram se ghana peena karoongi aur jeeyongi.

  20. Saranya

    Dadaji,oh CID dadaji pls start ur investigation.culprit is with u mahant dasharath tripadi.i’ll give u a trendy shawl with new design if u find out the truth and i’ll appoint a new servant for u to take care of your great photo.but u should give salary to him not me.come on balloon come on.

  21. Saranya

    Gud mng to all my friends.hai varsha,
    BR mam,Sonu,Shri,tamil
    Anne and all my dear friends.

  22. Hi gud mrg to everyone .today’s episode was very sad n disgusting I can’t bear our viplav crying.
    Dhaani u must do something for our viplav.
    N I think bijili will make miracle after coming to court being opposition to tp.
    If happens viplav n dhaani will be free from all these BL..Dy tensions.
    I can’t see viplav as broken heart.
    Viplav u must be brave n take steps towards tp.
    Let’s wait n watch today’s episode.
    As usual weekend suspense will be n tmr .let’s this suspense will be the happiest moment of our vidhaani.
    And I saw the promo of three shows about ikrs,tpk,and swr.I think this pyar ka promo for this upcoming VALENTINES DAY.
    let’s wait n watch

  23. Sonu

    Hi friends, good morning to BR mam, Shri, Saru, Sara, Joyee, AM, MM, Swara, Louella, Raj, Rajee, Ranaji, Kavi, Kaviya, Prachi, Varsha, Tamil, Gudiya, Florentina, Anne, Sujie, Mega, Swasti, Swati, Renu, Aksay, Vaishnavi,Dilu, Joona, Aish, ArShi, Genni, Hritya, Nisha, Sofe and all of ikrs family members.

    • Hi am ur ikrs trp was very low in India .its great that other countries r leading in ikrs trp.iam happy to see this.
      Yesterday I saw in abp news channel. They show top 5 shows r leading.
      1. Naagin 5.6
      2. Sath nibhana sathiya5.2
      3.sasural simar ka.
      4. Yeh hai mohabbatein
      5.siya ke ram.
      See sits ke ram trp also increased in this week.and I don’t know how this ssk n sns r this much trips.I can’t believe this.I don’t blike that shows at all.very dragging serials.
      I watch yhm once before three months.but now it was also boring n dragging.and I was Now fully immersed with ikrs .its really fantastic.ya in some episodes it was fast in scenes. But now it super.neat n clear in my opinion ikrs always rocks.

      • prachi

        Kavita how could b sasural simar ka in. 3 rd place, such an unreliastic story,only patali devi,black magic nothnh else

  24. Rahul

    Why this less comments……I am so sad……..what happened to everyone….guys I hav an idea wht cant we make a group in fb for ikrs????

  25. Saranya

    I was going to college and i heard a conversation is it:
    -so here u are
    -yes,for u.
    -is everything happening as per plan?
    -they r still plotting against u
    -how dare they!
    -i took many efforts to withhold them.
    -i know they r dangerous
    -what’s next?
    -bribe them
    -ok with what?
    -printed pyjamas and printed duppattas.i have enough of them.
    -u r a hopeless idiot and donkey,tripurari.go to hell with those old raggy stuffs
    -yeh moderation,what u think of u?its true that u r moderating my enemies.but don’t call me like that.otherwise i’ll tell ur truth to everyone.
    M:what truth?
    T:whenever i came to see u i heard how u make ur child lil moderation sleep.u always threaten it that “sleep fast otherwise Rakshas’ll come”
    M:so what?
    T:i’ll tell ur husband that everyday some rakshas is coming to visit u so that u make ur child sleep fast

  26. Mirsada

    Namaste, i am sad,but it will be better, the most difficult is to find the culprit who belongs to the family.

  27. Mirsada

    Dashart is on the right track,he started to these problems, i hope that they will solve it and thus helping my Vidha. KN and TP were his students in terms of crime, lies, corruption, lotting and so on,unfortunately.

  28. Sonu

    I have mixed opinion i.e I feel Sad, Angry about yesterday’s episode. Every time Drama Queen made cheat and blames Dhani. Stupid, Cheater KT..
    I am disappointed about Vipu hasn’t duplicate copy of that CD. If no one Professional lawyer not easily kept or handover his things or proof (related to his case) to anyone, neither thier mother nor his wife. It is the secret. Vipu how u handover CD to your mother? Don’t believe your mother, she is a DRama Queen as well as Cheater, Killer. You must doubt on your mother, not get angry on Dhani..

    • sara

      see viplav is not doing anything a lawyer is supposed to do though he is a good medalist.. There are are two possibilities. .
      1 when he n dhani feel down in rever his brain also fell down (as told by dhani in piya’s house)
      2.. he has given his mind also to dhani along with heart. ..
      I feel second one is possible as dhani has become very wise .. what day guys

  29. Sonu

    Dhani don’t feel sad about Vipu. You have done a good job don’t worry. Vipu loves u so much, thats why he shows his every feelings to you. A person who shows his every expression(angry, happy, love, care, etc)to his beloved one. You are the special one for Vipu.Tum TP ko tappad maarkar accha kaam kiya. Next time voo thum dono ki beech mein aanae ko koshish karae tho, TUMNAE TUMARI ZOOTHA SE uska tappad maar.

  30. Rajee

    Hello to all! From precap it seems tp is going to b released from jail. Hearing that prem ratan dhan song & tp released from jail I remembered one meme on salman khan..the same is applicable here too…

    “Bijli ne dhan khayo,
    Tp return ghar ayo”

    • Saranya

      Shri,don’t say that yaar.i wish i atleast become a small star.rockstar,it doesn’t suites to me because i am not that much great and u know i am really glad that u always compliment me and cares me.thank u so much yaar shri.and pls do atleast one comment in ur busy schedule.pls.really miss u.

  31. Rajee

    Why the hell tp is still having lust on dhani who looks like a small girl in front of him..he should better think of adopting dhani as his daughter…

  32. Rajee

    Tp is very annoying & @ the same time funny too… I like the portrayal of tp by dakssh…he is a very good actor..he sounds really funny when he used to callssuvarna as ‘ pagali’. The way he used to call her was very funny & now when he calls kanak as ‘ ‘bhabhiji’ makes me laugh…in fact we love to hate tp becoz of dakssh’s talented & natural performance.

  33. Shri

    Hii BR..Sonu..Saran and others

    Sonu tnx & hw r u gelethi ?? sry kane thumbaney bsy aadhey..maney maththu office yeredu kadeguu kelesaa jaasthi.. maththey neen heylu life heg idhey

    Viplav & dhani’s acting is superb and as a lawyer ,y is that viplav nt thinking that ,frm wr the cd wud hav changed wn i gave it mom

  34. Shri

    Bijli finally cheated…it wud hav thrilled audience if she wud hv accepted the fact at last to inspector.. and an big nose cut to tp..

    But we gotta hav patients and watch tp & kanak smiling

  35. Shri

    Saranya was totally tied up with wrk da ..sry my dude.. hope ur doing gd and as usual u r our IKRS family rocking star ..keeping our family awake

  36. Shri

    Sonuuu week end plan yenu .. neenu thumba chanaagi comments maadtha idhiya ..kushi aayithu chinna.. keep rocking

  37. Rajee

    And finally I was able to watch 27th Jan vidhani episode , vips lying on dhani’s lap & then going for an was really cute & romantic… It was amusing to watch the effort done by Mishal & Eisha in the outing scene. Mishal had to give an intense look to dhani .b4 that Mishal tried very hard to control his laugh looking upward & preparing 4 d intense look.then Eisha also avoiding looking @ Mishal’s face & trying to control her was so cute & amusing…bravo to mishal & Eisha 4 their effort to make all their fans happy…

  38. Rajee

    It feels grt to know that ikrs is doing well internationally…so no need to worry abt domestic trp ..our vidhani r international stars..congrats to ikrs whole team & all the fans!!!

  39. Saranya

    Guys i posted a conversation above.pls have a look at it.i posted at morning and with help of moderation it get posted at evening.thanks a lot moderation.

  40. Hey frnds I saw the scene viplav convinces dhaani in rain with rain song.viplav sings song n says sorry by catching his ears.
    Soooo cute scene but don’t know whether it was teal scene or dream scene of vidhaani.
    I saw it in aaj thak news channel.
    As he was angry on dhaani because of missed CD.and don’t wat happens viplav asks dhaani to forgive for his angry behaviour. I think today this week end will be cute suspense.

  41. Ya rajee our ikrs characters r very cute.every one has their talent of acting irelly luv each n every one.
    Tripurari- arey viplav baba,pagli suvarna n he cals his mother arey Amma….
    Dt- bahuji n their conversation i like it very much.
    Dhaani – she cals viplav rakhshas n as vakeel babu its very nice .
    Viplav -dhaani ko shkayat ki poodiya very nice,n he cals his dadi as my princess how cute.
    Dulhaari – bachvaji if she angry also very nice.bachvaji aapka bachpana aaj bhi vaiseki cause hai.
    Ith na kuch hai hamari show mein

    • sara

      absolutely kavitha.. I too like all these things. ..they are really cute except rakshas… I used to feel very sad when ever she called him rakshas

  42. Fatarajo

    Hey all sorry ah I couldn’t comment that time as I was outside visiting 3D trick eye museum 🙂 😛

    • sara

      I thought u were busy celebrating..
      enjoy your success joyee .. ur mother must be very happy n proud of you..

  43. AM

    hi guys …how are you all I see the new SBB segment of ikrs ….in that …
    vidha is romancing in rain …some passionate expression was given by viplav 😛 ….Dhani is trying to resist but fails 😛 ….then they hugged each other happily …reporters say that it was a dream sequence of viplav while he realise that he should apologies to Dhani for his rude behaviour towards her ….

    love this but if there was a interview of both mishal and eisha then it will be big cherry on top of cake 😛 😛 …but apna sunta kon hae 😛 ..koi fayda nahi …..

    • sara

      hey am please give us the link. .. I think that will be in today’s episode only hope so.. my heart is beating fast thinking of this. . lol

  44. Frnds I saw the top 10 shows weekend trps
    1. Naagin 5.3
    2.kum kum bhagya3.8
    3. Ssk n kpk3.6
    4.sns 3.5
    5. Yhm 3.2
    6. Siya ke ram 3.1
    7. Tharak mehtha ka ulta chesma3.0
    8. Swaragini n Divya air baathi 2.5
    9.jamai raja 2.4
    10. Yeh rishta kya kehlatha hai 2.3
    And top 3 TV channels
    1. Colors
    2. Star plus
    3. Zee TV
    I don’t know one thing except naagin,tpk,skr I don’t like any show but y these shows r leading .really our Indians will like every crying n dragging serials.but not our ikrs team n members.every where any where ikrs must rocks.
    Guys pls promote for our ikrs beside houses,colleagues, n relations I was doing the same.our ikrs must be in top 5 shows at next weekend .pls do it.

  45. Sonu

    Thank u so much Shri. I am full happy dear. Please yeaste busy idru atleast dinakke ondaadru comment maadu. Neenu comment madilla andre yeno ontara bore. Matte Tarun hegiddanae?

  46. Sonu

    @Rajee, I also saw 27th jan episode. From morning i already saw that VIDHANI scence in 3 times. Our Vidhani are rocks.. So cuteeeeeeeee….

  47. Sonu

    @Saru, your conversation is superb yaar. Always you make me lol through your conversation. I can’t control my lough, I loudly burst my laugh. Thank u so much dear, keep it up..

  48. Sonu

    Arre Bethal(moderation), please leave us. What is your problem? this is too much. Thumari vajaha se our comment is too less. Please go go go..

  49. Sonu

    Waiting for today’s episode. My heart also crying when VIDHANIs are crying. Don’t cry..
    I hope DT must help VIDHANI to find out the proof against KT and TP. I think KT not suddenly get caught. But ZP must caught..

  50. sara

    akshay good can create things so need not have a back up. . humans need backup so viplav the human could have kept one copy hahaha..

    I really don’t mind if vip behaves lil rude witg dhani as she has been doing the same with him all the time. . but he was always handled it in matured way

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.