Ishq Ka Rang Safed 28th December 2015 Written Episode Update

Ishq Ka Rang Safed 28th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Viplav drinking tea fast and says he has to go and buy shagun stuff fast. Raj says you are getting married and can burn anything happily, but let me drink tea first. Viplav says when I am in love then why should take care, laughs and goes. Durga calls Suwarna and tells her that Viplav and Dhaani’s marriage is fixed and says she is very happy. Suwarna says I knew that Dhaani and Viplav love each other and hopes that everything is fine. Durga tells Suwarna that she is sad and feels her pain which Tripurari gave to her. She says when he will come out of jail then he will come as a good person. Suwarna says yes.

All the Ashram ladies come to Dasharath’s house. Kanak greets Dhaani with a hug and asks how is she? She looks at Dhaani and compliments her short hairs.

Dulaari looks surprised. Kanak asks what is in you which made my son mad? She starts beating Dhaani. Badi Amma, Dulaari, Shalini and Sushma ask her to leave Dhaani. Kanak says she will take her life and asks if she knows black magic. She insults her. Badi Amma asks how dare she insult Dhaani? Kanak says how can she think that she can become my bahu? She is about to hit her with an utensil, just then Dasharath comes and stops her. He slaps her just as Viplav enters home shocking everyone. Kanak is shocked too…….

Dasharath reminds kanak that Dhaani is going to be their Bahu and asks her to keep this in mind, and asks her not to insult Dhaani. Viplav tells Kanak that he told her about his love for Dhaani and asks why she don’t care for her son’s love. He suggests Dasharath to apologize to Kanak for slapping her. Dasharath apologizes to her and says you have done wrong with Dhaani. Viplav tells her that when nobody is against this marriage, then why you are against it. Dasharath tells Kanak that he has apologized to her and asks her to apologize to Dhaani. Kanak looks at Dhaani angrily with teary eyes. Dhaani says you should not apologize to me. Kanak says I don’t accept this marriage. Dasharath asks her to apologize. Kanak angrily apologize and goes inside. Everyone looks on. Dasharath turns to Dhaani and apologize to her on Kanak’s behalf. Dhaani asks him not to apologize being elder. Dasharath tells her that she has qualities to be bahu of the house and tells Dulaari to think that the alliance is fixed. Everyone take a sigh of relief and are happy. Viplav smiles. He asks Dulaari to give Dhaani’s kundli and date/time of birth to match the kundlis. Dulaari agrees.

Suwarna comes to Tripurari and informs him that Viplav and Dhaani are getting married, and says Dasharath agreed for their marriage. Tripurari thinks that Dasharath is playing games with him, first refused to accept him as his son, and now getting Viplav and Dhaani’s marriage done. He asks Suwarna to go and enjoy another widow’s marriage. Suwarna says she can’t be happy when he is in jail and tells that she will talk to Dhaani to get him freed. She goes. Viplav talks to the Ashram ladies and promises that nobody will behave badly with Dhaani in his house. Dulaari says she can see the intensity of his love and says they trust him. Viplav asks them to sit in the car and says driver will drop them. Dhaani refuses, but Viplav insists. They sit in the car. Dhaani looks at Viplav and smiles. Viplav asks the driver to drop them to Ashram and drive carefully.

Kanak returns her jewellery to Dasharath and declares that she is leaving the house as nobody care or respect her. She says my son, my babu ji don’t care for me. She says I don’t like that girl, and have to apologize to her. She cries and says she will not stay in the house. Viplav is coming towards there. Kanak says I am leaving. Dasharath stops her and asks why she is doing drama. He says I know that you will not go from here. He says you gets angry very fast, and that’s the difference between you and me. He says we haven’t seen kundli’s yet and how can you think that Dhaani will become bahu or not. He see Viplav coming and acts. He says he is trying to make this marriage become successful and asks her not to refuse. Viplav greets Dasharath and thanks him. Dasharath asks him to wait till tomorrow and says nobody can change anyone destiny. Viplav tells Kanak that he loves Dhaani and has accepted her as his wife. He asks her to agree.

Dulaari fears about matching kundlis. Badi Amma asks her not to worry and hope for the best. Suwarna comes to Ashram. Badi Amma asks how is she? Suwarna says she is coming from jail and visiting it often. She tells Dhaani that Tripurari is in jail and only she can free him. She says Tripurari is repenting and has changed. She asks her to give him one chance. Badi Amma asks Suwarna to let Tripurari be in jail for some time, and says he will change for better. Dhaani says if Tripurari would have done bad with me then I would have forgive him, but he tried to kill Viplav. I can’t forget and can’t forgive him, it is difficult for him.

Viplav comes to Dhaani and says you have never taken my name Viplav, and says he has brought a beautiful gift for her. Dhaani says she don’t want to say his name and don’t want the gift. He shows the dress. Dhaani says I will not wear it. She wears that dress surprising Viplav. Dasharath checks the kundlis while everyone looks on tensedly. Kanak smirks.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. divya

    🙂 so happy….hope the kundalis match… Guys plz vote for vidhanni jodi.. on tellyexpress… plz,plz vote

  2. sara

    dont know what to say about today’s episode.. it was indeed good with lot of social messages…
    I liked when vip asks dadaji to ask apology from jil iil.. saying you should not raise hands on woman like that. .

    I m fearing the show may conclude soon

  3. Fatarajo(PHFFAN)

    Off this jhil jhil is very noisy just like the utensils how dare she hit dhaani I will hit her With utensils 😛 didn’t enjoy the slap as it was a plastic slap and confirm that balloon will purposely let go all the good thing like air in the kundli n say bad even if he say good will not be surprised as this may also be his plan
    Wanted more vidhaani romantic scenes though. But vidhaani very cute in the precap.
    We have less than a 1000 votes for 2nd and around 2000 votes for 1st
    Hope all didn’t forget to watch IKRS while voting #IKRSPOWER

  4. Hi ikrs family how is ur day today watched ikrs today’s episode .knk got nice slap na.much awaiting precap our viplav becoming very romantic hai na.but I think the dress aur kuch modern hothe tho (like out fit something)aur bhi achalagthatha romance keliye.lekin kal show dhekne ke bad hi pathachalega kya honevala that.that’s my opinion wat guys share ur opinion pls.iam waiting.

  5. K.praveena

    Why ji why? Y r u taking so many times to update the this seriel. Still i waiting 4 the ur update.i read the Every epi of ikrs seriel in daily. Plz updates the correct time ji.

  6. sara

    hey br madam. . saranya. . brity..tintin ..kavitha sonu.. sana joyee and all ikrs family. .. y no comments?

  7. Finally only 1800 votes to win todays episode though have not seen only read but can clearly make out that dt would point problem in kundli match n refuse on this ground

  8. Anne

    Hope they don’t end IKRS,I can’t see any reason why they should. Mind you, Rangrasia finished at a gallop with all the bad characters changing into good people in the last 10 minutes. Any thing can happen .


  9. BR

    dt is playing dual roll. i think one interview dhani said that he has to go to bhopal in march . bcz of exam after nearly 50epi may go. who knows? dhani flash back photo background bro secret all should come out

  10. BR


  11. Sne7

    Obviously DT wil say the kundlis don’t match. And I cant believe Suwarna still trusts printed pyjama. Who loves the person who stabbed you?

  12. BR




  13. vaishnavi more

    kundali match ho ya na ho its final that vipu only weds dhaani not any other girl so guys dont worry just chill n enjoy vidhaani romance n eagerly waiting for tomorrow epi
    hey saranya ,sonu ,shri,br mam n ikrs family whats ur opinion plz comment fast n i voted for 200 times for vidhaani

  14. BR



  15. Subashini

    Saranya didi have u tried it by laptop or computer? I tried it with raj brother’s idea…. It really works.u can send them really fast by computer pasting the same link….. sorry to disturb…. If I did … Bye I’m starting to vote again now

  16. AM

    today’s episode is good …balloon is so much clever and a silent planner ….planned all thing cunning . I was busy in my study so can’t comment in the whole day …. and from today I am not able to comment here because 1 month left for my HS exam . ….but surely come once in night …..

    but all comment here as much as can….and keep voting our viplav dhani jodi ….good night BR mam,varsha,saranya,Tamil ,sonu and fatarajo and all ikrs family …..

  17. sara

    serials mein kuch bhee hosakta hain so suvarna can still love printed pajama. .. may be in real life too as love is (could) blind. ..
    I strongly feel dt may not say kundali doesn’t match as he knows even if he says like that he cannot stop vip from marrying dhani…
    godv knows how story will unfold..
    I just hope no misunderstanding between vidhani

  18. sana

    guys suhani- yuvaraj also entering the vote in high speed, so we need all ur support.

    i request all IKRS members to vote for our vidha….

    atleast we need 20 votes in 1 minute to beat them…. come please join with us….

  19. sara

    honestly I still can’t believe that dhani has realized her love n ready to marry vip within two episodes..
    yeh baath kuch hazam nahee huyi -(:

  20. Though voting continously since yesterday approx 4000 tomes but now even ssel is also being voted by others as our difference of 850 vote still there

  21. sara

    dont worry sonu.. total theme of the serial only is. . vip marrying dhani. . so they will marry.. how where n when we don’t know
    may be dt will buy some time saying kundali as reason for marriage date n tries to bring in misunderstanding between vidhani one of the wild guesses

  22. Saranya

    Talking about today’s epi i am n’t much vidhani scenes.but precap brought a 1000w no no 2000w no no even more than that smile to my face.

  23. Sana

    Suhani- yuvaraj is maintaining 1000 votes difference if we go on this speed we cant reach them…

    This is correct time to show our ikrs power…plz plz…..

  24. florentina moldovan

    OMG!!! mY SON,10 YEARS OLD IS VOTING WITH ME!!!! he saw my excitement and he waNTED TO HELP ME! sO, WE ARE TWO ROMANIANS VOTING IKRS!!!

  25. Saranya

    Song for kanak;
    “naan adicha thanga matte
    Nalu masam thoonga matte
    Modi paru veedu poyi seramatte”
    p.s: imagine this is singing by balloon in filmy style.

  26. Saranya

    Hai Varsha,BR,tamil,fatarjo,Shri,Sonu,Sara,purple,
    Rezmie,AM,MM,Vaishnavi,Marees,hritya,Kavitha and all other friends

  27. Hi everyone. Waiting to see vidhani romance. Hope suvrna n RL don’t create any obstacle to their mrg. Felt very good wen VIP very sweetly said that even if kundli don’t match, I’ll still marry Dhani. That’s d love vipu, keep it up. I had heard that shambhu will help for mrg. Let’s see. I don’t think so that ikrs will conclude early as there are many things to be cleared like Dhani’s past, her sister, vip’s bro n so on.
    Someone said yesterday that they never used to see colors, but after watching madhubala n beinteha Now they are following ikrs religiously. Yes, same here I used to love madhubala(especially it’s bg Song, madhu n rk), beinteha very very much. It’s sad that beinteha vanished prematurely n story was going haywire. Now my recent love is of course ikrs esp vipu n title track. Hope it maintains good story line althrouout n vidhani sustain their charm. All d v best whole team. Love you all fans out here….
    Good night

  28. Hi ikrs family.I know u all busy in voting .because iam also doing the same work.don’t worry only 500to 600 votes only we need that we can do it .and we can do more than it.

    • Saranya

      Vote means “jodi of the year”vote.telly express conducting this year’s serial awards and they have many nominations for that from many channels.u also pls vote for our vidhani to make them win.its available in telly express polls 2015.just open it and vote for vidhani.pls pls pls.

  29. Saranya

    I think as a surprize to everyone balloon will say that there is no faults with kundali.and also if he say any such,it will be like,if this marriage happends viplav’s life will be in danger so that he can emotionally blackmile dhani.anyways our hero is no worries.

  30. And about today’s episode .how is it nice hai na.I like knk slap scene.and precap.that our hero buy gift to dhaani. But instead of chudi if there is any out fit is there it will be so romantic.because dhaani is a widow director show simply sleeveless chudhar.its k but our viplav rocks in his romantic expressions. Luv u viplav .u always outstanding mast scene yaar.

  31. Saranya

    “Yeh kanak tripadi yaani aapke sundar aur samachdar bahu ki chaal hai babuji”
    Ab kya hua kanak ji?dekho tho sera aapki chaal ki kamal.jaane anjaane mein aapne jo kiya haina wo aapke bete ko hi acha ho gaya.dekhona uski praman hai yeh shaadi.
    Yeh hai kanak tripadi yaani jhil jhil ki jaadu.haina kodak ji.

  32. Sana

    500 vote difference we can easily beat… plz plz join with us

    The vote increases only by 3 numbers.

    Here i voting with my husband, so only 1 person putting vote us…

    Please all join with us….

  33. sana

    No one is entering with me. only me and my husband is entering.

    its very difficult for chasing the first position

    so i have stopped at this level

    22.05% (24,758 votes)

    Sorry Guys… Gd N8…..

  34. Hey frnds did watch the dialogue that our hero wat he was told .dadaji chahe much bhi hojaye aurathe per haath uttana aacha nahi hai.nice dialogue.this shows our shows directors and actors are all how respectable towards that they had taken a widow remarriage story.and that everyone came to know that an young women has her life after loosing her husband in young age.wah wah really impressive.iam I right.can u agree with me.

      • Saranya

        Raj,nothing much happened in today’s epi.kanak slapped dhani and insults her.surprizingly balloon slaps kanak.viplav sees it and so on.genuinly i am not satisfied with today’s epi but precap was nice.viplav gifts dhani a leggins and top.she wears it.then the kundali drama starts.that’s all.

  35. Sana

    We have worked lot to attain 2nd place
    Little more we have to work to attain 1st place. But for chasing we have to enter the vote in bulk numbers….

    Only teamwork will work, plz plz show our strength and IKRS POWER…..

  36. God at 65.30 in the morning we had crossed 26000 n there was a difference of approx 700 votes frpm first but now at 7 difference is of 1800 that means people are continuously voting for ssel

  37. sara

    oh my god. . ikrspower is showing on results. . we are fast approaching the first place. . Well done guys. .

    my phone seems slow I can vote only 2-3 times in a minute

  38. Tintin

    e by Dhani today, very good expression of facial emotions.
    Please do not change Viplav’s character; he should remain firm and stand rock solid for his love and protect Dhani from all the evil people especially within his own house. He should be a Dabang and a Bajrangi; it is he who has initially fallen in love with Dhani and proposed to her; during the tree/ burning episode, Dhani already became a suhagan and his wife in front of the holy fire and all the people. Janam kundalis do not matter now and he should not now give importance to such things having loved and proposing to marry.

  39. BR

    good morning friends to day 29 dec epi scene very hot but it is too cold coffee for us no

    tention dadaji is always kullanari thanthiram but it will end subam

  40. Rajee

    Good morning!!! Mission 1 st place started but after 10 only I can vote…thank u & congratulations to all for everyone’s effort..

  41. Rajee

    I didn’t like d episode… Only 2 things were good,kanak got slapped & dhani did not agree with emotional fool suvarna…otherwise the episode was a disappointment 4 me specially viplav’s act.

  42. Rajee

    Viplav cud have asked kanak to apologize dhani bt he only asked DT to apologize kanak. Vakil babu…its not fair…so I was disappointed…
    Have nice day guys!!! Bye..

  43. Well done guys keep u the good work we r 2nd now but we need 1000-2000 votes for the 1st one if we can cover 7000 votes yesterday, why not 2000 votes today? I m voting, and my uncle also helping me. So I will comment less and vote more today. Two days ago thahaan were getting votes in 4G speed, and now Yuvani getting votes in 4G speedWe hav to use 5G speed let’s use #IKRSPOWER

  44. Marees

    I hope jathagam matching..dt thatha enn acting ulaga maha nadipuda samy…ulaga nayagan kamal hassanaiye…minchetenga poonga…

  45. sara

    tintin aapne meri muvki baat cheenli…
    that’s exactly my opinion.. so far they have kept vip’s charecter intact so hoping they continue to do so. ..

    I was extremely impressed when he asked dt to apologize to kanak…Also his reassurance to asram ladies that he will safeguard dhani was also very matured behavior by our hero…

    curious to know dt’s move now

  46. MM

    PREETI,VINU.Sana encouraged us.Congratulations IKRS family.We did really well.Very soon Viplav & Dhani will be NO:01.

  47. Shri

    Good Morning BR..Sonu..Saranya..Rezmie..Hritiya..Marees..Raj..Tamil..Varsha..Gudiyaa..Gayathri..
    Kavitha..Joyee..MM..AM..Rajee and all dear frnds of IKRS..

    Best scene was ,Wn Viplav assures ashram ladies that ,nothing will happen to dhani henceforth and he made them feel strong that theu need their girl..and those words strenthend dhani too..

    waiting for Romantic precap and dono wt is dis develish dhashrath kundils gonna do???

    Yeah continously voting for Mishal /Eisha & jodi of Viplav & Dhani

  48. Saranya


  49. AM

    hey guys good morning ….I have some free time so I come here ….I recently saw a new promo of ishq ka rang safed….it is mixed with all serial promos ….
    short written update of promo is ….
    New promo Dec 31st :
    Combined promo with all shows IKRS :
    Watched on a hurry burry note..Plz forgive
    me friends…VIP’s surprise romantic spot for
    Dhani…VIP gently cupped her face ,so
    romantic !..Both spending a quality moments
    with each other…They seated on a bench
    swinging all around like a scene from movie
    Hasee Toh phasee..Suddenly VIP slipped off
    and falls down..Dhani shouted Vakil babu…
    Now what will happen ? we will get some
    beautiful romantic moments after watching

  50. Keep voting guys our vidhaani jodi are still not in the first place and after achieving that we will have to maintain the continue voting

  51. sara

    oh nice there is some promo at least that means show not winding up hurrey I m relieved. .
    ssel guys are also voting with highspeed

  52. Oh wow happy to know colors finally gave a promo on IKRS I think the last time they gave promo was the Tulsi promo i think and please give me the link where I can see the promos
    And does anyone knows if Mishal Raheja/Eisha Singh is in any BCL team? Or any other IKRS character?

  53. sana

    Hey Guys, I have 30 minutes time shall we vote together to achieve together to reach 1st place.

    Who are all in online please join…

    Teamwork will defnetly work….

    • Rajee

      They r just running like usain bolt…we have 2 run faster than them…I am in office bt using each free time to vote…all d best 2 all…at d end we r gonna win…

  54. Sana

    Friends at a time we have increase 20 to 30 votes then only we can chase them

    Please join friends…..


  55. Fatarajo(PHFFAN)

    @AM along with IKRS I comment on Bigg Boss page the most. So I havemade a lot of friends there among which me and 5 of my friends have formed a group named PHFFAN, with the first alphabet of our name, my name is fatarajo, so the first letter f is a part of PHFFAN

  56. Hey guys now only I watched that multiple promo.from that promo I got to to know is that DT plays game with kundli that if dhaani and viplavs marraige is happened it must be dangerous for viplavs life.DT plan.for that reason dhaani dreams like viplav falling for cradle.i think this shown in coming episode’s. If like dhaani will not accept to marry viplav oh my god I was getting tensed. I also know that viplav will not believe this .I was really tensed. Guys wat to do.

    • sara

      dont worry kavitha. .eventually viplav has to marry dhani.. so he will all such dramas.. romance judai everything bound to happen. . lets enjoy only good scenes n not worry. .
      I also feel dadaji will use some dirty trick to separate them but they will only come closer don’t worry

    • Fatarajo(PHFFAN)

      Ya BR MAM I AM GETTING CRAZY NoOW, using both phone and tab together took a short break, and lucky mom is sleeping if not she would call me paagal ladki

  57. Sana

    Friends the vote difference increases from 150 to 250, their speed is high when compared to us

    If u all support us only er can easily achieve…. please join hands together…..

  58. Rajee

    How is this possible. FM 200 something to 500 votes gap..either they r more in no or kuchh toh gadbad hai…

  59. Fatarajo(PHFFAN)

    Can someone please go n block the voting lines for yuvani please so rmuch voting baapre what they rdoing they r using 6G speed we have to use 10G speed keep it up please don’t give up guys we r there remember #IKRSPOWER and I got an idea, don’t see how much vote vidhaani got, just Vote vote n vote and aft 10-15 times go n check

    • Sana

      Very funny i have laughed a lot with ur message….

      We ikrs members should join together at a time atleast 20 to 30 members.

      If we try to vote in that way we will easily win….

      Otherwise our hardwork will get waste…

      We should not accept our defeat this easily….

      Today the Ikrs power got reduced when compared to yesterday.

      Come guys we should show them our power.

      Are u guys are ready….?

  60. Fatarajo(PHFFAN)

    And another thing u can do is that if anyone has two electronic gadgets with internet please use both if u can, while our Vote is loading in one, u can vote with the other and vice versa

    • Rajee

      When @ home I use my hubby’ s cell also & he keeps on irritating me by telling that what bakwas work u r doing…but I just ignore him…..2 vote ki kimat tum kya jano AS babu…now I got busy . can’t vote…will vote after 1 hr..

  61. sana

    Now the difference is 920….

    There vote increases from 40 to 50 counts.

    If u all join i will also enter otherwise i will leave it.

    Hello, tamil, br mam, rajee, raj, MM, Shri,Sara,kavitha,Sonu,prachi,saranya,marees, varsha,renu preethi, tulasi,diviya,tintin, AR,AM,vetri,akshay and all IKRS family members…

    Please forgive me if i left ur names.

    Our family is a big family when compared to other family….and sweet family too.

    Please show our power….

  62. rasi

    its interesting to know when viplav and ashram ladies will come to know about darsath real face and character. kanak acting infront of viplav turns positive unknowingily or by fate , everyone will be happy.

  63. sara

    sorry dear ikrs family. . I think right now we cannot chase them .. lets wait for them to slow down. . Once they stop lets start. .

    tripurari or dt or jiljil? They are all partners of tellyexpress

  64. prachi

    i think we can chase dem at late nyte,wen dey stop der voting.frnds decide a tym wen we can put ours votes together.

  65. I couldn’t vote some time ago because of unavaible wifi , so I m continuing voting now , I was chatting wid my cousin and she loves IKRS a lot, I told about the link and she’s also voting , and my uncle went out for work so he couldn’t vote

  66. subashini

    we should let them slow down……. as they slow down we can start voting… so we should start voting late @ night and we will be able to make vidhaani win….. isn’t it ????

    • Sana

      Late night also they are putting votes.

      I think they have hired some employees for 24X7.

      But today afternoon the difference was 150 votes but now it is more than 2500 votes

      So if we are not continuously enteted then the gap will get increased.

  67. Louella

    Friends plz vote vote and vote now I m voting ok bye and I forgot to introduce myself my name is loyala. I m New in this ikrs family

  68. I wish instead of printed pyjamas, Jhil Jhil and balloon,Yuvraj’s mannequinDadi was owner of tellyexpress , then by now IKRS no.1 with 10000 Margin 😛 😛 😛
    (Sorry ssel fanz, Tum logo ne kafi vote kiya isme Kush raho) 😛

  69. Thumbs up Rajee , I already ordered my uncle and cousin to help me, didn’t dare to tell my aunts they r like jhalamukhi and bonfire 😛 😛 and irony is that my aunt watches serial not uncle but uncle is voting not aunt 😛

  70. sara

    uff kya episode tha.. humto margaye…
    dt’s biggest weakness is viplav so he is not able to do anything. ..hurrey I m too happy with today’s episode

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