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Ishq Ka Rang Safed 28th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Viplav and Tania dancing in the pub. Rohit suggests Viplav to dance with his girl friend, and he will dance with Tania saying it would be fun. Viplav goes and dances with Rohit’s girl friend. Rohit asks Tania to dance with him. Tania refuses and slaps him. She tells Viplav that she is not a show piece whom he gave to someone. She tells she loves him genuinely. Rohit apologizes to her. Viplav tells even though you are modern, but sanskari (have values) too. Tania says that’s why I want to come to Banaras with you, to meet your family. Dhaani checks the phone and gets tensed thinking it is not working. Dasharath scolds Tripurari and asks him to do as he wants. He tells about Dhaani coming to him for help. Tripurari asks how dare she to come here? Dasharath asks

him to keep an eye on the widows, and make sure they don’t get any monetary help from any house, so that they couldn’t hire a lawyer. Tripurari says I understand. Kanak comes and hears them.

Kanak comes and asks if everything is alright. Dasharath tells everything is fine and says his bahu is very much concerned for him. Once Dasharath goes, Kanak asks Tripurari that she heard Dasharath talking about lawyer and asks what was it. Tripurari refuses to tell her and takes thaali from her hand being servant. Dhaani calls Viplav from public booth, early in the morning. Viplav says I didn’t ask you to call early in the morning. He asks her to call him later and disconnects the call. Kanak is in temple with Tripurari, and asks him to tell what Dasharath was hiding. Tripurari says I want to tell you, but can’t break Dasharath’s trust. Kanak takes off her gold bangles and blackmails Tripurari to say her everything. She tells she will give the gold bangles to the poor so that they pray for Dasharath. Tripurari takes the gold bangles from her hands.

Dhaani gets a 1 Rs coin from a shop owner and calls Viplav. Viplav tells your voice is not coming. He gets up from bed and says your voice is coming now. Dhaani tells she is speaking from Banaras and asks if he is coming to fight for her case. Viplav asks her to send three months telephone bill, electricity bills, water bill, agreement of the Ashram, and copy of court notice. Dhaani asks him to say again. He asks her to scan the things and email on his id. Dhaani asks if email is sent from post office. Viplav thinks where he is trapped? He explains to her that email is electronic letter and it is sent throught internet. He asks her to write his email id. Dhaani says thank you. She tells Suwarna that she didn’t understand few things. Suwarna says we shall show this paper to Badi Amma.

Viplav’s friend Raj come and apologizes to him. Viplav forgives and hugs him. Tania brings parathas and tells she is coming to Banaras. She asks Raj to take her to see the monuments and places. Raj asks Viplav, you didn’t tell me that Bhabhi ji is coming to Banaras. Viplav tries to press his neck and tells that there is nothing between them. Dhaani thinks she has heard the voice somewhere before.

Viplav talks to Dhaani again and asks her to send email. Badi Amma reads the things to be emailed. The paper falls in the mud pit from Dhaani’s hand. Raj Lakshmi says their last hope is broken. Viplav tells he don’t have phone number or the case details, how will he study the case.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Viplab acts so innocently,that’s why I liked his role.Tanaya is getting too much,hope there will be no second marriage scene.But I lost my trust on Colors.Every serial has a second marriage.Dhanni was looking cute like as always…

  2. Very very slow paced…they shouldn’t have shown dhaani to be so dumb and a cry baby…..viplav is good and practical……is this show run on Saturdays too? What time? Plz reply

    1. Yes vidhanni fan!!It also telecast in saturday at the same time…

  3. Vaani is an awesome couple love tanias hair hve they included extensions

  4. Loved it when he said he doesn’t have feelings for taniya….

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