Ishq Ka Rang Safed 27th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishq Ka Rang Safed 27th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dasharath telling Kamini that he will have fun working with her, and warns her not to double cross him. Kamini looks angrily. Dasharath shakes hand with her. Kanak also keeps her hand on their hand. Kamini tells Viplav that Dhaani loves him a lot and cares about him. She asks him to go and meet Dhaani at tulsi ghat, and says she will call Dhaani there after 5 pm. Viplav says he don’t want to go and meet her. Kamini insists. Viplav asks why you are insisting and goes. Kamini thinks you both have to meet to separate for forever. Dhaani wonders if Viplav read the letter. Raj Lakshmi says you would have inform him on phone. Just then Kamini comes there and says Viplav got the letter and read it too. Dhaani says Viplav got the letter and then also he haven’t come.


says Viplav has planned a surprise for you and is busy in the arrangement, that’s why he sent me to inform him. She says Viplav called you at Tulsi ghat at 3 pm. Dulaari asks why there? Kamini says Viplav knows better. Dasharath gets Kamini’s message that the work is done. He asks Tripurari to shoot Dhaani as she reaches there at 3 pm and says Viplav will reach there at 5 pm. He says once you end Dhaani’s chapter, you will get your right and your mum will get her due respect.

Dhaani gets ready to go and meet Viplav. She tells Dulaari that Viplav must be very excited and have thought child’s name also. Dulaari says she is not sensing good. Dhaani asks her not to worry. Dulaari tries a thread for her protection. Dhaani says okay, I will leave. Just as Dhaani arrives at Tulsi ghat, Tripurari targets pistol on Dhaani, but sees her gone. He then sees her again and tries to target her. Dhaani thinks to buy something for Viplav. Tripurari sees few policemen and hides. Dhaani checks her phone and thinks where is Viplav? If he will come or not?

Viplav talks to his client and asks him not to lie with him. He says he will leave. Client tries to stop him. Viplav says he has a meeting and goes. Dhaani waits for Viplav. Tripurari thinks Viplav must be coming, and thinks to kill Dhaani fast. Just then he sees Viplav coming there in his jeep and gets tensed. Viplav looks for Dhaani. Dhaani thinks why Viplav didn’t come here. She tries to call Viplav, but her phone falls down and gets switched off. Viplav calls Dhaani and her phone comes as switched off. He calls Kamini and says Dhaani haven’t reach here. Kamini says I will call her. Viplav says I called her, but her phone is off. Kamini says she must be busy. Viplav says she would have informed you or me. Kamini cuts the call and says Dhaani will never return to you.

Dhaani comes back to Ashram and tells Dulaari and Raj Lakshmi that Viplav didn’t come there. Dulaari asks her to meet Viplav directly and don’t write letter or anything else. She says you would have called him. Dhaani says my phone was broken. Dulaari doubts on Kamini and asks how is she? Dhaani thinks about Kamini’s good deeds and says she is very nice and understands me and my problems. Dulaari says when someone behaves good with you, that person only backstabs you. She says someone is conspiring against you. Dhaani says she knows.

Dasharath slaps Tripurari and says he don’t want to work with him. He says you can’t shot her at the right moment. He says Dhaani will come to Viplav and tell him everything. Kamini says she will not come. Dasharath says she will definitely come. He says you have ignited fire in them. Viplav will go and meet Dhaani, and when he comes to know that she is pregnant, he will forgive her and bring her home. He says nobody can separate them now. Kamini says now we have to think what to do? Tripurari says Dhaani might enter home during jashn. Dasharath asks him not to let her come. Kamini says we have to end Dhaani from her roots. Dhaani says Dasharath might have stopped Viplav. Dulaari asks Dhaani to go and meet Viplav. She says I will also come with you.

Shalu and Pankaj comes to Viplav’s room. Viplav wishes her happy birthday. Shalu tells him that there is a good news. Viplav asks if he is going to be mama. Shalu says it is your turn first. Shalu says Pankaj has planned to take me to honeymoon. Viplav gets happy for them, and thinks he couldn’t take Dhaani to honeymoon, and that girl never insisted me take her to honeymoon. Shalu asks where is Dhaani? Viplav says she went somewhere. Shalu says she will not celebrate without Dhaani and will cancel the party. Dasharath comes and asks them to come downstairs. Shalu asks what is he hiding? Dasharath takes them.

Kamini sees Viplav drinking wine and asks why you are sitting here while party is going on downstairs. Viplav hugs her cryingly and says Dhaani didn’t come there. Just then Dhaani comes there and sees Viplav in Kamini’s arms, and saying that he did a mistake by marrying Dhaani. Kamini repeats his words. Dhaani hears him and is hurt.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. Areeb

    Going at relatives home, reading update. ? Will watch only if the episode is not much upsetting. ?

  2. Anne

    Thankyou H.Hasan.?
    Reading update until something worth …Kamini gone….

  3. cool

    oooooo no
    yesterday i said i never read update
    but without reading i couldnot be
    in todays eppisode i thouht they will meet even though
    i know the spoiler but in m heart in small place
    i thought they will meet
    but i only got cheeted
    precape is so diussting
    iam to crying bby that prrecape

  4. cool

    please friends someone sayy me how to add emoji, i mean smile,sadness
    such smbols pls say me friends

  5. Arshdeep

    I am again fed up..
    i used to show off my serial in front of my sis when her show tpk used to go very badly..nonsense drama..
    Vidhani separation never lasted for a long time in this show.. this is gonna be the first time… cant bear it..
    Sorry guys…no more comments for today
    I love you vidhani..
    Love you all..
    Take care

  6. cool

    then another one requests ffriends
    where to watch ended serial like matsh,rr etc
    pls say me friends

  7. Areeb

    OMG!! ?? desperately waiting for the leap now! Enough of this sadness please!!! Can’t handle more! ?

  8. Saraswathi.j

    The writers,cvs,PH,all are firm that Dhaani not to meet Viplav and Kamini should succeeds in her plan ..Dt ,Tp ,Kamini are happy,Viplav is not a kid how can he fall on Kamini even in drunken state,poor Dhaani heart broken ,I cannot see her sad face,why the writers did the story like this.? After seeing this show no widow dare to remarry in her life.How that Dasarat tripati kill his won grandson ,s wife for filthy desires he is in eighties how many years he live how he kill young couple , in one way Viplav is a fool how he can utter galthi kiya my ne by marrying Dhaani ,how can he utter those words even in drunken state,Dhaani has to face for her over confidence on Kamini,Dadiji,Rajyalaxmi,Dulari ma all told her she is not a good person be careful ,but she did,t listen so now facing the vrat.

  9. Anisha

    Sad Ep! Viplav doesn’t deserve Dhaani! I just want Viplav to see somebody else’s dead body and think it to be Dhaani s. He should find his pictures next to the dead body. And Dulari and Sita Mai should tell Viplav that Dhaani was pregnant and wrote a letter and all that!! And Viplav should regret it!!!!

  10. Latha

    After watching yesterday’s and today’s episode it’s very much hurting. Last 3 episodes everything gone to VK’s side even dhani phone also .

  11. cool

    hi friends ssssay me where to watch ended serials
    but dont say voot because i only watch in pc
    so say me some other web like
    die hard fans
    and that tune.p its only loading the vedio
    but not playing so ive me some solution friends

  12. Vimi???

    Hasan ji so sweet of u thanks for the update…..this vk is growing day to day…..i know she will double cross DT KT TRI like DB……she only need vip…but its not that much easy…we will never alllow that……and dhani and viplav both have bad luck always….but when they r together no one can win them…..dhani kabhi kabhi dulaari maai ke bhi sunlo…as she told that she is not feeling well….the only good thing in this epi that after a couple of days get a chance to see shalu and pankaj…she is so cute…she even said that she never celebrates without dhani…..oh precap is argh…hate it…but dhani misunderstood it….and that evil vk…..hmmm nothing to say abt her….i think the leap is confirmed.

    • Anne

      Me too, should have been complete series in 26 episodes like we have ….Then we would have fabulous memories and the actors gone on to other work,where we could follow them ☺☺☺

  13. Zee

    I am an avid watcher of the Game of Thrones. Its an extremely violent series, where a lot of politics, conspiracies and murders happen to win the throne. But today, I think GoT is tame compared to IKRS.

    • Anne

      Yes, I love game of thrones, but I watch it with no upset. IKRS makes me so upset and angry,,,,kamini the contaminator.?

      • Zee

        Oh Anne, I am so glad you agree. I was wondering if I am losing my sanity. KamCon – (contaminator, conspirator and conwoman) is just so f…ing unbearable.

    • Anne

      No ,a lot of people feel like us,I’m non violent ,never hit anybody in my life but I tell you what, I could kill the smirking**””””””?

  14. Saraswathi.j

    My advise for the hard fans of IKRS , do not waste your time ,do not rise your BP,no comment,just see the episode if you like continue otherwise quit the show,PH,cvs,never listen to any one even actors also they do not have time at all ,so simply enjoy the show if you like ,no comment,

  15. Porkodi

    Thanks hasanji for the update. Disgusting precap??. Poor dhani… Kamini u r getting on my nerves..hate u to the core… no more comments abt this episode.

  16. Hey guys I m maha kal wale remember me?

    Episode was yakh and precap was worst too sad episodes CVS have decided that they will not unite vidhani?

    Viplav has lost his mind I mean seriously he was too intelligent in old episodes and now all his intelligence has gone he is blindly trusting kamini he should realise by now that kamini is a chipku gum CVS have destroyed viplav’s character all his love trust and support sink in water. He is not even finding the reason behind dhani’s attitude he should think for awhile that she was the same girl who never raised her voice against kanak and dadi bua tortures then why she must behaved with dt .. uff what can we say story will go as per spoiler and we have to tolerate it being ikrs and mishal die hard fan??

  17. Ade1111

    Thanks for update
    I refuse to watch until something worth watching stupid PH, Crazy Vamp Kamini, Dump Viplav
    Sorry All

  18. eshani

    Such a sad one too mich of sadness…..I really want to see d leap now Dhani being a strong n confident women n viplav after knowing d reality regretting to d core I will not comment till d leap now or until something nice happens

  19. eshani

    I will become silent reader for few days jus to be attached to u ppl a beautiful IKRS family

  20. maha

    Now we all r waiting for leap eagerly as it will be much better than this crap
    I hope kamini get rooten keere pary usey dt aur kanak ko hate them yakh
    Nowadays m also annoyed from viplav he would regret for his mistakes for leaving dhani.. dhani should not forgive him easily he should beg for forgiveness

    • Arshdeep

      Need to wait for i think 3 or 4 more episodes
      Tomorrow dhani will see kamini with viplav
      Then day after tomorrow ashram burning…dhani and dulaari escaping..
      Then next episode viplav assuming she is dead…
      And then ‘5 YEARS LATER’…..

  21. Latha

    Yes saraswathi I my self thinks not to watch this serial but Na sharp 6.30 I am in front of TV after that reading telly updates. I can’t control myself .

  22. Vandana

    Agree guys with you all. Am just fed up with this round and round evil intrigues. How are Vidha so stupid to believe all these evil people over and over again? I hope better sense prevails and th writter gives IKRS a happy turn around.

    • Arshdeep

      Writers have completely destroyed viplav’s character
      The guy who went against all people for dhani..
      Even when dhani said she has murdered her husband…he was firm in his belief that no dhani u havent dont that..
      And suddenly he did this..
      Watching again that temple scene makes me cry..and feel how can he do so?? Or better say how can the directors do so?

  23. Arshdeep

    I cant live without you all..
    Seriously i cant live…??

    Yesterday i felt sooo good when renu didi called me up again n again just to inform me that neet 2 registration has started.. I love you didi???
    Thank you so much for caring a lot for me??

  24. Vidhaa

    Waiting for the post leap episodes just pissed off with all these episodes! Depressing one…

  25. Vidhaa

    Just waiting for Vidhaa scenes again, hope they are back soon with a bang and they pull the trps!!

    • Arshdeep

      I want the trp to drop to 0 so that they stop this stupid track and realise what they have lost with eisha going.????

  26. Anne

    I really hope kamini is not included in the leap..
    I want viplav to discover kamini is evil ,but it will be after he thinks Dhaani is dead.So he goes to Boston for 5years ?????? Goof or naa?

  27. didn’t watched episodes from past two days because internet is not working properly as if internet do not want me to watch these sad episodes 😀

  28. guys have posted my ff named true friendship love and trust read it please and don’t forget to drop ur valuabe comments 🙂

  29. Chandni manani

    I’m a new lover of IKRS love this show watched all episodes in just 1 month but now days it going bit downhill as we can’t see main essence of this show ( vidha’s romance ).. And it going to bit side track as well as begaining of the show it was told by director that Dhaani will get all happiness but all she is getting after marriage is problems…. Well didn’t want to watch nowadays but still reading the wrriten updates as I love this show a lot and I’m addicted to it but to keep viewer happy director have to show vidha together in lovey dovey way… Lots of love from London

    • Arshdeep

      Hello chandni manani?
      How it feels like when your best show turns to the worst one…???

    • Nimisha

      Hey chandini,

      This is usually a busy thread but I think everyone is properly devasted by the news. I’m not watching anymore, but will be hanging out here, so just wanted to say Welcome! Xxx

  30. Nimisha

    Hellooooo everyone

    Sorry been laying low today,p. Didn’t watch yesterday and have heard snippets about today’s but it’s very VK heavy so can’t face watching it,

    Arshu, I miss you too lovely, but have read your comments and everyone else’s and it doesn’t sound good.

    H HAsan, thanks again for the update, I have t read it but I know where it is when I can face it again.

    Anne and Zee, what is wrong with me too, soooo affected by a show. It’s my love for the man that keeps me watching and I have a huge growing fondness for Eisha. Just hate how they have been dumbed down, that they can’t even simply talk to each other anymore. The biggest news of their married life so far and she can’t tell him. Tragic but totally unbelievable.

    DT, well. No words really. KT, same. Although the other day I noticed her eyebrows were much less prominent, so I wonder if she read my comment about dancing caterpillars and toned them down. Well done KT if you did.

    I still don’t understand how they could agree to her getting Viplav. It just proves that they don’t care for him, he is simply theirs to be controlled. Most parents would give their lives for their child but not these idiots,

    So they had a close scene VK and Viplav which I can’t bring myself to watch. She pulls him onto her when Dhani is watching… How did she get into the house so easily, that too during a party…. Anyway, I knew that’s what would happen.

    And then VK manages to be good in both their eyes by arranging a meeting but just at different times,

    Viplav, the man who went through hell and back for his Dhani, broken because she didn’t make 1 simple meeting seems a bit weak story wise. But hey ho…

    So now we have the fire at the ashram. Still can’t believe Dhani and Dulaari flee leaving behind their ashram family, again out of character but again hey ho…

    And then Viplav will think she died. No questions asked and then we have the leap and ermmmm OK, hey ho,

    I do feel like I’ve given up a drug as I feel very restless and tired and lethargic. I’ll be back on here tomorrow properly as I miss you all lots.

    Sorry for no my down beat post. Don’t mean to drag anyone down.

    Catch you all tomorrow, good night and lots of love to everyone,


    • Nimisha

      OMG can you imagine how long that would have been if I had watched ?????

      See I spared you all ????

      • Ade1111

        You are too funny Minker33 I don’t think I would be able to watch IKRS again. Would just Watch Only Bandini now atleast I already know how that ends????
        My heart is broken can’t take all this emotional torture ????????

      • Nimisha

        Hey Ola. We can all hang out here for as long as H Hasan does the updates eh!

        Have a lovely weekend. Xxx

  31. Nimisha

    Swetha, I am planning in reading ff’s tomorrow, sorry I have t had a chance to read them yet, promise I will tomorrow.


    • Nimisha

      Sad Anne but relieved. Can finally get off this emotional roller coaster,

      I’ll still hangout here though if that’s okay wth everyone,

      Hope Eisha is happy. She’s been amazing but I don’t blame her for leaving. It’s not the show they signed up for. I totally bale VK, but she can have the show, love Mishal to bits bipartisan even he isn’t enough to make me wanna watch a new Viplav and Dhani duo. And he isn’t enough to make me wanna watch VK. So, I am done, for now, with the show, but most definitely not done with this lovely family we have here.

      Big hugs everyone!


      • Nimisha

        Oops I meant

        I Hope Eisha is okay, and not too upset. Can’t have been an easy decision and I hope she hasn’t been pushed out. I want her to be happy.

      • Ade1111

        That’s exactly how I feel would still hang with this lovely family but can’t and won’t watch another Dhanni yes it will hurt like hell but I will get over it atleast now I can have my life back. This show has drained me emotionally and mentally
        Don’t blame her for leaving I will be her fan Always

    • Ade1111

      Anne am so angry I honestly won’t watch the show again. Not even another Hindi Series am just too angry they all just break me down. I absolutely loved IKRS not just for Viplav but mostly for Dhanni
      Am so done

      • Anne

        I’ll be glad to get my life back too !!
        I know what you mean, its been awful watching kamini wreck the show.
        I’ll see what’s what next week. I watch for mishal but love Aisha so sad .?

  32. Maria

    This news has given me a short attack!!
    I hope the writers change the track and call her back…

  33. M.N.Kumar

    this is really a fit serial for idiot box. sheer wastage of time and energy watching this . I stopped watching this serial. Only going through written episodes in the hope that one day this serial will improve for the elite audiences who come home for real entertainment..

    • Nimisha

      I’ve been hoping the same. 3 red day of not watching for me. I couldn’t have imagined not watching pre Kam days, even when the awful awasthis were around I stuck to it because Viplav and dhani were together, Kam though has killed the essence and beauty of the show for me.

  34. Halo people who said this crap that eisha leaving and .how can anyoje watch without eisha …we lv their chemistry not them with anyone else…how can anyone be so norml hearing ..that eisha leaving and who said it

  35. Plz yr someonw write to the channel and cvs not to take leap and let eisha be der….their is no meaning to watcg.. Yr plzzz i want mishal to apologize to isha. ..i mean i want eisha to be dhani can channel and cvs be so dumb……plzzzzzzz do smthing guys if anyone can..plz plz plz. I lv this show. M a silent reader…if anyone can do anything one will watch this show.isse acha viplav kobhi replace krdo.i cant even see him with kamini. How can be with sanjeeda even if she is playing dhani..i like eisha ..yr plzzzz plzzz ..i had not blived telychkr news .but they hav given eisha confirmation….and m crying now…i was waiting for leap just to see their new chemistry…and i dnt lik sanjeeda not here .

    • Nimisha

      Lots of tweets to channel asking them to keep Eisha.

      It feels like she’s been replaced too easily, I suspect they made it hard for her to stay with the recent nonsense track, don’t blame her for deciding she’s had enough, we have all had enough and we have to only endure 20 minutes of it. She has to do this day in day out for 12 or more hours a day.

      Ok so Eisha, today, more crying for you, ok? No it’s not ok!

  36. Show d leap but dnt show dhani as mother ..then she may stay in d show. Plz do smthing. I hate colors channel. And my luck too. Whichever serial i watch it ends like this..or lead chng d show or exit. Why ……..??????????????

  37. I n really deprssee bow. I hav neer commented this much here. I hav been a silent reader. Whoever read my comments do rply..i need u guys..m new to comment ..but i know u al here and ur lvly comments. Who will watch d show with sanjeeda playng dhani. How can even channel and cv imagin that. …i hav my exam aftr 20 days..and here m crying ???????????????????????????????????????i hv decided i ll never watch any serial on indian television. It always hurts

    • Maria

      Hi niks welcome…
      I am also very upset after hearing this, I got a mini heart attack!!
      I also want Eisha to come back, without her the show is incomplete..???????

    • Arshdeep

      I cant watch the show without eisha
      She could have been shown strong.. she would have looked wonderful..
      And whenever we see eisha as dhani saying very strong dialogues we feel really good
      So why the directors drop the idea of hers adopting a child

    • Nimisha

      Niks, I think she’s wise to leave if the character is not what they promised her. Also as a young actor it can’t be much fun to be constantly play such a down trodden character.

      I wish her allll the best. IKRS introduced me to Mishal ???? and Eisha ???. So I’m walking away with many happy memories and two actors who I love and respect massively.

    • florentina moldovan

      Hello, Niks!
      We suffer a lot because we loved this show with passion, we are too involved…we lived this story…
      And this is a bad thing….we have to live our own lives and just enjoy sometimes this kind of shows…
      When we love something or someone we should enjoy him/it the time we have, we have to thank God for him, her, it being part of our lives but we are not allowed to develop attachments on anything….
      Too much sadness or too much joy are bad….
      That it is why i thank God that i broke the attachment 2 weeks ago… is hard but we must do it…
      We do not own anything, only our spirit and when we want to own something God takes that thing for us because it is hurting us and distracting us from our way for spiritual evolution…
      Don t worry, everything comes and goes, nothing is forever, you have to focus on your own life and your own evolution.
      Lot of love and lot of hugs for all my friends and, thanks IKRS i founded so many beautiful human beings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. Areeb

    OMG! What makers are up to!? Are they fine? ? Eisha is leaving!? How!! Please someone tell me it’s rumor!! ?

    • Nimisha

      It’s been reported on Telly chakkar Areeb. Big hugs my lovely,
      I think we are all devastated but I am relieved. Was watching for Mishal and Eisha really but it’s been getting harder.

      I want going to watch today’s episode as they kill of ashram people I think so that would be 3 days, for me. Too much Kam for me means I can’t even face watching for Mishal and Eisha.


  39. Areeb

    Wasn’t the 5 year leap enough to make us mad! ? First the TRP and now they are bombing the fan following of the show also! ?

  40. Areeb

    I had already started imagining Dhaani as a strong single mother running her business successfully! ?

    • Arshdeep

      Me too.., was thinking her in suits..a cheerful girl as anushka to whom she was being compared

    • Nimisha

      I never understood why they had to make her a mother at all, she could have still been a strong independent mother, and why the miscarriage is she was going to play a mum anyway. All non sensical!

  41. Areeb

    I really like Sanjeeda Shaikh to be honest. ❤ But it’s difficult to accept her as Dhaani. ?

  42. Just now i written in d complaint box of colors channel…i saw many comment s related to ikrs…first time i urge a compplaint der.. If they will jot takw it into account by by to ikrs i l not watch forsure..

  43. arohi

    plz!!!!!!!!!!!!guys tweet to pintoo guha….Its the only hope. Tweet as much as u can. At least try guys…..

  44. Oummekhan

    If that true about the leap then really not going t watch it n more t it if dhani get a miscarriage
    They destroy the plot completely
    I really find it awesome that this show is different
    Viplav faith n dhani faith n their love yet it starting t make like ekta serial miscarriage seperation evil winning
    I still hope vidhan baby is alive
    I am not from india but if there is a mean t say this t the writer of the show plz tell them
    Its wrong you make viewer as nothing but fool
    Hope the come with a better track

  45. Arshdeep

    Eisha should not have stepped out.. It was her debut show..?
    Okay..i agree she did not want to take up the role of a mother. And director wants to show a miscarriage… Then leave it there… Again dhani has to adopt a child.. Whyy??????
    Cvs could change the story when garima was going but they are so reluctant now at the time of main protagonist going.
    I am done with the show now..?

    Have a great day guys
    Love you..??


      • Nimisha

        Also, yes I forgot something ???

        I strongly suspect that they have slowly driven Eisha to making this decision as it was initially talked about that whatsherface was brought in as a new lead. Eisha has done a great job and won a lot f hearts. I sincerely wish her well in whatever she does next, whether it is acting or not.

        Her line ‘mutual consent’ below is very telling. It mean the ph were happy to let her go. If they valued her as much as we do, they would have done everything including changing the script to make her stay. They are at fault, not Mishal!

    • Nimisha

      Awww Philo. Did you see the interview with Mishal and Eisha yesterday?

      I honestly think Mishal would be a very supportive co star. If Eisha has made her mind up yo leave then he would also try but respect that. In the interview, theyvarevasked what would you change about each other, and Mishal replied saying that he would tell her to not worry so much about other people, or something, to me that is his way of saying he supports her.

      You can’t blame him, for not convincing her to stay, she is her own person.

      We are hooked on the characters they play, but at the end of the day, it’s a job for them and they are professionals. I remember after Mishal left LTL and saw a later epi where they had refilled a flashback sequence with the new guy who took over. I remember really looking at Mahi Vij as Naku and she had the exact same expressions as she had when it had been Mishal. I think that was a lightbulb moment for me, that actors ar actors and they are able to separate themselves from their characters.

      Of course she will be upset at leaving and I imagine her mum is at this moment consoling
      her while she sobs.

      For me the show is over but I will still be here to chat with everyone so hope you will be too.

      • Arshdeep

        So there is going to be a new interview next stars..with sanjeeda and mishal?

  47. Anne

    Morning all,?????
    The writers of this show have been so busy. It looks like they’ve HAD to alter the original script many times because of actors leaving..Let’s hope new writers are employed.??????

    • Nimisha

      Hey Anne! I think there are new writers. They clearly were t told what the USP was of the show. Lol!

  48. Loyal viewers of Colors’ soap opera Ishq Ka Rang Safed (FilmFarm) might be disappointed with this piece of news.
    The cute, young leading lady of the series, Eisha Singh (Dhaani) is all set to bid adieu to the series.
    Reason, you ask?
    We hear that with the show taking a leap of five years, Dhaani’s character will be shown as the mother of a young child. And Eisha is not at all comfortable to essay the role of a mother.
    Our source shares, “Eisha, being a teenager, was never willing to essay the role of a mother and she shared her thoughts with the production house about the changed storyline. Producers on their part tried to convince the lady to carry on with the changed plot line. Even the channel wanted to retain her as the female lead. After many meetings and discussion sessions, when things didn’t work out they decided on parting amicably.”
    Another source claims, “Post this development, the makers started a frantic hunt for their next lead. And finally, they have zeroed down upon Sanjeeda Sheikh for the role of Dhaani. After the leap, Sanjeeda will be seen stepping into Eisha’s shoes.”
    When we buzzed Eisha, the lady said, “While I didn’t want to play a mother, the production house was keen on continuing with the already decided storyline. It was a mutual decision to end our association at this point of time.”
    On the other hand we could not get in touch with Sanjeeda.
    We have already dropped a message to the producer Pintoo Guha and the channel spokesperson but have not received any confirmation till the time of filing the article.

  49. Louella

    Hello everyone… Seems like everyone forgot me, right?? Very bad. There was no network that’s why couldn’t comment. But everyone forgot me. Very bad.

    • Arshdeep

      How can we forget our princess??
      Missed you dear..

      Thank god u have been out.. You were saved from the attacks we got 🙁

  50. vini

    This situation is very tough for us. To wat extent can the fans tolerate,i think IKRS director wants fans to suffer else there wouldn’t be any separation, mu,leap, miscarriage, child adoption and finally Eisha will be as our dhaani forever

  51. Zee

    Dear friends howdy?
    I woke up v late today. Hence doing my good morng or matha tekna (in our local lingo) a bit late. Hope you are all well despite IKRS literally going to the dogs. With Eisha off the show, its going to be pits. The Eish-MIsh chemistry in Banaras was the best part of the show. NOW no Eisha, No Banaras and a dumbo-jet Mishal. He can be innovative enough to get a lie-detector to make Dhani confess love, but cant think of anything sensible now that the love is at stake :(.
    Anyway, have a nice day all!!

  52. vaishnavi

    spoilers ne bataya ki eisha ko mother ka role play nhi krna toh thik hain na waise bhi uska miscarriage dikhane wale hai toh fir child adopt concept cv’s ne kyun socha
    but eisha i am a big fan of u forever….

  53. Nimisha

    Arshu, Renu, Swetha, Zee, Mahira, Yetty, Anne, Sujie, Areeb,Ola,Kavitha, Viplav,Yetty, Florentina, Louella and everyone else

    Big hugs to you All.
    Love you all!
    Hope you’re all ok and back here soon!
    As you know I neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed to chat with you all.

    • Arshdeep

      Love you too??
      I am here.. posted few comments but they are still stuck
      I also need to talk to you..
      Very upset with eisha going?

    • Ade1111

      Am here Hun and as you know very vocal on Twitter too in a short space I have made some lovely friends
      Can’t see another Dhanni so it’s goodbye to IKRS for me but not this lovely family I have found.
      Love u guys

      • Arshdeep

        Same here..
        I would seriously like to watch 2 or 3 episodes more just for eisha… To watch her more n more..
        Otherwise its a bye to ikrs.. But ya i will always be here with this family 🙂

    • Areeb

      I’m here since morning! ? but no use, comments are still in moderation. ? Screwed to hell today! ?

  54. Nimisha

    Just thinking of favourite moments and one of mine has to be (There are so many fabulous moments to chose fromh0) but one of mine would the cottage scene after they got married. Loved that! A lot. Esp the end bit where he leans her back gently on the upright bed frame and leans into her as the camera fades and pans back. Tingles up the spine moment for me. Just lovely! ????????????????????

    • Arshdeep

      Awwww i was just remembering the same moment few hours ago…
      Mishal and eisha have given us wonderful memories..

      I feel like serial is ending for eisha is going.. 🙁
      Love you eisha..

    • Areeb

      I skipped those scenes, was not in my comfort zone. ?

      Mine favorites are those when Viplav stayed at Ashram! I really liked their cute arguments, Viplav teasing Dhaani.. ?? Golden Episodes for me! ❤

  55. Areeb

    Earlier comments are still in moderation. ? Ary kahin khaa tow nahi gaey na aap log? ??

  56. Areeb

    Same here Nimisha, have been reading updates only for 2 days. Could not gather courage to watch them babies crying! ??

  57. Areeb

    Hey Louella! Was just thinking about you today morning, wished to comment also but today bad day for me, I guess. Comments are not getting posted was really feeling despo to read everyone’s thoughts. ?

    Anyways, how are doin’? ? All good? ?

  58. Sujie

    Hello everyone…..
    Now enough of this weeping and shouting to stop IKRS from ruining……. Jo jaisa chal raha hai chalne doh doston!!!
    I have been cursing those villains to the fullest… And I guess all of them are deaf….and blind too..
    Don’t wanna talk about episode also…..
    I had thought of taking ‘sanyaas’ ….then thought to check in for you guys……
    Came to know about eisha’s replacement…. And I am now like Replace Mishal also….then story will do wonders…. TRps will touch the sky…
    Never reveal culprit’s bad deeds to Viplav…never let Dhaani and Viplav meet ….story will do more wonders…. I am sure…because I have gone MAD..
    Somebody take me to mental asylum……..

  59. Zee

    I wonder why Eisha is leaving. is it bec of issues with the producers or did she get a better option? many lead actors have left in the past when they got a break in Bollywood Prachi Desai (Kasam se), Sushant Singh Rajput (Pavitra Rishta), Ram Kapoor (I forget which one), and many others. It often happens in the Indian TV industry bec serials are long drawn, actors are poorly paid and the glamour of Bollywood too tempting.
    As of now I cannot imagine anyone else with Viplav.

    • Nimisha

      I think they’ve forced her to be honest, the char she signed up to play and the premise have never been fulfilled and now we have a stupid leap to effectively give the ph a chance to start again.

      For me it means
      5 years of dumbness that neither Viplav nor Dhani bothered to make contact. She could have even if he thought she was dead.
      The villains get away with it again
      Kam has been around for 5year. ????
      They kill of ba and RL in the fire
      Shambu’s death goes unanswered
      Just Asthana… What happened t him
      Kidnap goons all got away with kidnap…
      No more Piya and Sarla kaki
      What happened to Viplavs intelligence,,, missing in action for 5 years
      Dhani becomes a wedding planner.,, her exp of marriage would have made most people cynical
      Why would Dhani stay away from Viplav and let him believe she is dead
      Viplav giving up because Dhani didn’t show up for one meeting??

      Basically a mockery made of the pure true eternal love them they shared

      And. They e changed the time slot here in the uk and are showing a mini promo and it’s Viplav on top of Kam in that first scene that was never shown when he mistakes her for Dhani the first time.

      I reckon it was their plan to replace Dhani, idiots production house!

      Ok..I typed that out without breathing! I am done but I am angry ????????????????????????????✋?✋?✋?✋?✋????????????????????????

      • Arshdeep

        I feel even if she wanted to leave they did not even try to make her stay back..
        Cvs are losing themselves..
        I am right now cursing myself why we were asking to stop the serial from going off air..
        It would have been much much better..
        Atleast we would not have to see this mockery of true love

  60. Zee

    Hi Nimisha my favt scene was one in Sarla kaki’s home. Viplv in white Kurta pyjama leaning against something realizes his love for Dhani, smiles and looks at her doing some work. Also the scene where sarla kaki is applying medc on Dhani’s legs and he looks at her. I nearly died.

    • Arshdeep

      Aww me too..???
      Dont remind me again of those scenes..i will faint
      I can visualise everything again reading ur comment zee????

    • Nimisha

      Aww yes, so many to chose from. That was also lovely. Oh to have been that wall he was leaning against. ???????? lol!

  61. Saraswathi.j

    From India Forum I came to know that Dhaani reject to do mother role the PH pleaded her continue and do the role of mother, I think now she may be 18 year old why she become shy to do mother role ,being a girl at one day she may be a mother,it is not difficult to portray a mother,mother is a lovely charecter that to this for a leading heroin ,there may be some other reason for her quitting , but she lost a beautiful chance of portraying a mother charecter ,the famous Hindi actor Nargis is famous for this charecter ,why always look for glamorous roles one of the beautiful charecter is mother she lost that chance.

    • Areeb

      Agree. I didn’t get it too, why she refused to portray a Mother’s role? ? She would have nailed that too! With her charismatic expressions. ?

    • Nimisha

      I don’t think it’s just the mother role… The oh are trying to make her the villain. The story is off track. That’s why she’s leaving. She doesn’t seem at all like a diva. If anyone is at fault it’s the Cv’s and ph.

    • Zee

      I agree with you Saraswathi mam. Anyone who watches Indian TV knows that 25 yr old girls play mother and mother in laws of ppl of the same age. Come to think of it Kanak is just a few yrs oldr than Viplv. Yes tru Nargis played on-screen mother of the man she eventually married. But also did numerous lead roles after Mother India. So Eisha quitting for this reason seems a bit hard to accept.

      • Nimisha

        She isn’t leaving just for that reason. The ph are trying to win sympathy to make us all watch and give new girl a chance by making out they tried really hard to convince Eisha to stay. I am convinced of it, they replaced her sooo quickly so I think it was their plan.

    • Arshdeep

      Agree mam
      Maybe there is a bitter truth deep inside..
      What they are telling us is not what actually happened

  62. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

    Guys my ff on IKRS is posted.. Thapki pyaar ki and IKRS.. Pls do read and comment.. Pls…I need u r support..

  63. Nimisha

    In my head

    I always wanted them to get on a plane to Boston and live happily ever after, so aft lovely restaurant scene, in my head VK wasn’t there, they went home, packed their bags and left, fingers intertwined. Last scene is on their hands as they board the flight leaving the poisonous pit that is AN far behind, never to return!

    And they lived happily ever after.


      • Arshdeep

        Didiii i am much disturbed..
        Please do something to make eisha stay..
        I want to watch ikrs but not without eisha??

      • Nimisha

        There are lots of tweets asking for her to stay.

        I have a feeling that she might but the PH production house are doing this, to get us all to beg this way. They will announce Eisha will sat and we will all be happy but still stuck with the same rubbish track.

        I’m being cynical but I have a feeling this is all a tactic on their part to generate buzz.

    • Sujie

      areeb and arshu…it is another piece of crap gifted to us( depressed viewers of IKRS) from the lovely brainless makers of IKRS….. Bomb is planted in ashram….. I wonder if Dhaani is going to defuse the bomb all by herself ……

    • Areeb

      I knew it, it will be something against Dhaani only.. that’s why didn’t play the video. ?

  64. shanitics

    Guys my results are out.. I am soo happy to share with u ..I got full A1 ,I.e,95% I got this because of u too… Ur prayers and good wishes soo.. A hearty thankss to all?

    I’m soo happy that this time I have soo many siblings Arshi di… Misha di.. Lols… Renu di.. Sujie di.. Bhaia…. Meghs di.. Dadi and all others… To be a part of joys…

  65. shanitics

    Abt yesterday’s episode Again Vip saved Dhaani unknowingly ? tats the power of love?
    Precap is horrible…. Feels to kill Ishitha.. I loved her whn she was in shastri sisters bt nt now?
    Waiting for the next written update sadly?

  66. Sujie

    As per telly news Eisha Singh is quitting IKRS…and would not be seen post leap… It is being said that Eisha was uncomfortable playing a mother to a 5 years old kid post leap…. and Sanjeeda Sheikh will take her place….. No doubt Sanjeeda is a good actress..but instead of giving her the role the makers could have convinced Eisha to stay back….but they are sick so that they did not even try…..
    Post leap it will shown that Dhaani will adopt a child because she herself will suffer miscarriage….. My question to makers is WHY THE HELL ARE THEY SO ENGROSSED IN KILLING THE UNBORN BABY OF DHAANI…AND THEN MAKE HER ADOPT A KID AND BE A MOTHER TO IT….. Because of this Eisha is quitting the show..and god knows if there are any other reasons!!! Makers YOU COULD HAVE SHOWED EISHA POST LEAP ALSO WITHOUT MAKING HER A MOTHER OF KID….. ARE YOU PEOPLE…SO CALLED CREATIVE TEAM SO INSANE…THAT YOU ARE GOING TO REPLACE AN ACTRESS WHO WON MILLIONS OF HEARTS WITH HER ACTING…. JUST TO GIVE THE ROLE TO OTHERS???
    Arrey!! First you separate two lovers…make mockery out of pure love and pious relation…
    then you kill unborn baby of an woman…who is away from her husband because of b***** conspiracies…. this means you made mockery out of a lovely feeling like motherhood………… and now you are replacing the lead actress because of whom the show is garnering appraise….. Eisha Singh and Mishal Raheja are so cute together as Viplav and Dhaani…but you people don’t have any sense about it…and easily replaced Eisha from the role of Dhaani……….


    In fact I have a better storyline… Replace Mishal also…… and show random stuffs and end IKRS abruptly so that people regret watching it and giving it their time… come up with season 2….
    DT aur Kaamini ke Ishq ka rang safed……. DON’T SEPARATE THEM LIKE YOU DID WITH VIPLAV AND DHAANI…KEEP THEM ALWAYS TOGETHER………… Make Kaamini pregnant with DT’s child…. show them happy …but one day Tripurari comes back….That Tripurari who might become father of 2-3 kids from Suwarna….to ask for his rights… Kaamini will be worried about her baby.. TP will threaten.. DT will ask him to kill that baby so that his prestige remains intact…. Angry TP will then fight for his rights with that poor baby… kill DT….. Kaamini will be all alone…. Then TP will feel he is the culprit and try hard to make Kaamini smile……….. Suwarna will be shattered to see TP with Kaamini… will go somewhere with her kids and commit suicide…. Kaamini will fall for TP and marry him….Then happy ending!!!!………………. HOGAYA ISHQ KA RANG SAFED………..
    Trust me makers if you come up with this story………. it will be super duper hit….. more hit than the story of Viplav and Dhaani…. try this for sure….

    • Zee

      Sujie! Haha loved your post and anger!
      You are fast catching up with NImisha for being president of the long posts club :).
      Anyway fun to read and better than lazybums like me who economise on the keyboard.

      • Sujie

        Thank you Zee…let me tell you your posts are worth reading…..You recognized this was my frustration and anger…. The current track of IKRS made me like this Zee..otherwise I am not good at handling long posts like Nimmy does with so much ease….

      • Arshdeep

        Nimisha didi wanted to learn how to give concise posts from you but you crossed her too???

      • Nimisha

        Hah him… Clears throat. The thing is you see I only see a small box where the text goes when I’m typing and that all I see. I can’t scroll back in this window so when I hop it post comment, it’s always a shock to me too, that my posts are sooooooo long!

        Really, I make myself jump and double take alllll the time

        I was really surprised by the one after I didn’t even watch the episode. I have sooooo much to say it seems.


      • Nimisha

        And ha Sujie, now I am doooooomed to the long posts forever club.

        On Twitter I am restricted to on 140, so I tweet ALOT! Lol ?????

      • Sujie

        Arshu… I am actually surprised that I wrote this long post…. Honestly I had no idea I would be writing this much.. I had no idea about it…. but Frustration sharpened this HIDDEN TALENT of mine 😀 😀 😀

    • Areeb

      HAHA!! Sujita!!! You completed the whole story with touch of your Current Mood.. actually not your only everyone here is fuming! ???

      It would be more of a joy ti read if you make kam fall for Ramdeen Uncle. Lol. ?

    • Areeb

      Oh great! Have a safe and fun journey! ?

      Waiting to read some fun moments of your trip . ?

  67. Louella

    Swetha di many many congratulations. I m so happy knowing about your results. All the best for ur future!!

  68. Louella

    Arshi di u r right. There r so many attacks here. Thank God I m saved. But now I m come so I have to receive the attacks.

  69. Louella

    I m now in the bus and luckily network is there. Yipeee!!!! I wish I don’t get to watch ikrs!!! At least I will watch naagin today after reaching.

  70. Louella

    I think no one is in mood to comment because of the depressing episodes. But now I have come na so now at least all will comment na??

  71. Louella

    Where is everyone??? No one is commenting. When I m not there everyone is free and when I m there that time no one is here. Plz come and chat with me. I m getting bored in the bus.

  72. Louella

    I m now too irritated now. How can eisha leave the show??? If she will leave what’s the use of the show ikrs?? I m watching ikrs because of our cute Eisha but now I m shocked with the news of Eisha leaving. Just saw the pics of Sanjeeda. I don’t think she is suitable for the role of Dhaani. She is not at all suitable for this role. The makers r getting more and more irritating now. I m getting more and more angry now. I will never watch ikrs if Eisha is not there. I will just read the updates. Instead of giving a leap they could just end the show. Stupid writers and stupid makers. Eisha if u r reading our comments plz tell us the reason for ur quitting. And plz don’t leave ikrs. If u r leaving u join some other shows. I will definitely watch it. Even if u will be in a negative role I will watch it. Plz don’t leave ikrs, pleeeeeaaaasssseee

  73. Nimisha


    Welcome back lovely! Hope the trip was fab!


  74. Saraswathi.j

    I saw 28th episode it is normal Dhaani referred Sita just like Sita she will not return to him,the baby should make her kamjore she can bring the by herself and left Ayodya Nivas after seeing Viplav and Kamini together( Viplav is taking just like a friend to Kamini and blurb he has done a mistake by leaving than at ashram,but Kamini add all the words she wanted to listen by Dhaani then she left AN,in ashram Suvarna came to see Dhaani and learnt that she is Ma banene and happy ,Sita mae and Dhaani heard tick ,tick sound and found Bomb in Suvarna bag ,Dhaani while through ing the bomb fell down looses her baby,then the bomb basts police informed it to Viplav,DT still more young came to Viplav room beta five years passed still you are in Dhaani memory,she marchuka ,then Viplav told DT she will not die as long as Viplav alive by seeing her gold mangalsutra ( I do not how he got it , it isin Dhaani ,s neck ,from 30th on wards after five years episode start DT told Monday .mishal fans you can see because in today’s episode no Kamini pisachi,!,,,

    • Nimisha

      Thanks saraswathi. That last bit sounds lovely. I knew my faith in Viplav was sound, love him sooooo much, apart from the slap.

  75. Ibk writing everywhere abt eisha..on clors complaint box…on tellyupdste page …now on eishas instagram acccount. Plzz do smthing people.

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.