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Ishq Ka Rang Safed 27th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dhaani looking for God’s pic or idol in her room. She sees Viplav sleeping and tries to wake him up by making the water droplets fall on his face. Viplav is still sleeping. Dhaani moves her wet hairs on his face…..Viplav is still sleeping. Dhaani is upset and tries to leave, just then Viplav holds her hand and pulls her closer to him. Dhaani says if you was awake? Viplav says no, and says I was dreaming…and says morning dream comes true. He says I saw that my wife moved her wet hairs on my face….and asks if she was doing the same. Dhaani says no. Viplav says then what you was doing here? Dhaani says I…..Viplav says you have taken bath and came here. He asks her to give morning kiss. Dhaani refuses and shyly runs from there. Kanak sees Viplav sleeping on floor

and thinks this witch have shifted Viplav on ground from the bed. Dhaani comes to the inhouse temple. Kanak asks what she is going to do there. Dhaani says she want to do puja. Kanak talks to her rudely and asks her to do puja where she used to do before. Dhaani looks on.

Dhaani requests her to let her do puja. Kanak says you are very lucky and throws puja flower on her face. She says you got a chance to marry again after killing your first husband. She throws flower on her face and says you are lucky to live your life with two husbands..and asks what is her plan? She says if you are done with Viplav then will you try to kill him also? Dhaani is teary eyes and sad. Kanak throws flower on her face again. Dhaani tells her that you will be convinced slowly that I want to be part of this house also being Viplav’s wife. Kanak asks what do you want? She says I will give you money, 10 times more than you want. She says I will get you married to an old man, who will die by himself by excessive coughing and you don’t need to kill him. Dhaani says I respect you a lot, and asks her not to talk badly and make her respect low in her eyes. Viplav comes there. Kanak asks if she agrees? Dhaani bends down and touches her feet. Viplav doesn’t hear her. He asks what did Maa said. Dhaani says no, I stopped her for taking blessings. Viplav asks is she have blessed you. Dhaani looks on. She says she wants to go to old Shiv temple. Viplav says I will come with you. They come to room. Viplav asks her to give his clothes being his wife. Dhaani gives him shirt. Viplav asks if you have seen a man wearing only shirt and asks her to give his jeans. Dhaani asks which color? Viplav says I wear only blue color jeans. He asks if you are forgetting something.

Viplav asks where is my belt? Dhaani says where is it? Viplav says you have to know being my wife. Dhaani gets tensed and says I will search for it. Viplav says this will not happen tomorrow. Dhaani says this will not happen again. Viplav says this will not happen, as I will get my shirt, jeans, belt and etc. He says I didn’t marry you to make you work for me and waste your life. He says you are my wife and not my worker, and I love you……He asks her to smile. Dhaani smiles. Viplav shows her belt and says sorry for hiding it. He says I will not crack a bad joke again. Dhanai smiles. He looks at her smilingly and picks his clothes from the bed. Dhaani laughs….

Dulaari tells Sita Maayi that Dhaani got married, but nobody know about her marriage. She says we will keep havan and will get it done by Dhaani and Viplav. She plans to call some neighbors. Dhaani comes to Dasharath and Sushma’s room. She touches his feet. Dasharath asks her not to touch her feet daily. He asks her about Viplav. Dhaani says he went out. Dasharath says he is never at home. Dhaani asks Shalu to take prasad. Shalu says I don’t take prasad without taking bath. Dhaani looks on. Kanak comes there. Dhaani goes to her and asks her to take prasad. Kanak says today is ekadashi and I have kept fast today. She says how can you forget ekadashi fast, and says you would have forgotten as you have become suhaagan from a widow, and I have become widow for forever. Sushma asks Dhaani not to get sad and says you are very brave. Dhaani nods.

Pankaj comes to meet Viplav and Raj, and asks him to take his wallet. Viplav asks why? Pankaj says won’t you take bhabhiji to america, switzerland etc. Pankaj shows the travel brochures to Viplav. Viplav likes it and says he will take Dhaani there. He asks Pankaj and Raj to come along with them. Raj jokes and asks Viplav not to invite Pankaj else he will agree. Viplav says I will take Dhaani to America as I like the place. Raj Lakshmi calls Dhaani and asks if she is very busy there. Dhaani says she is fine. Raj Lakshmi asks her to tell how Sallu loved her….Dhaani gets shy and asks her to keep the phone down, asks about Dulaari. Raj Lakshmi says she is busy in havan arrangements. She asks about Kanak. Dhaani gets tensed.

Shalu calls Raja again and tells that she can’t bear Dhaani anymore in the house. She says she will never accept Dhaani. She says she has accepted him as her husband from her heart. Raja asks he to accept Dhaani. Dhaani comes there and insists to speak to Shalu. Shalu refuses to talk to her. Raja asks Shalu to talk to Dhaani, and says he wants to hear what she wants to say. Shalu asks Dhaani to say…..Dhaani tells her that she is still her friend, and a well wisher. She tells her that Raja is a very cunning and cheap man, and asks her to keep far from him. She says she have suffered a lot and don’t want her only nanand (sister in law) to suffer because of that Raja. She says whenever you need me, I will be with you and asks her to share her heart talk with her. Once she goes, Shalu says hello, but finds the phone disconnected. Raja, his mum and mami hear the conversation. Mami says we should search for a new bakra and says Dhaani will not let Raja marry Shalu. His mum says that Shalu is Bakra for them and they don’t need to search anywhere else. Raja tells them that he has a big bakra who will take him home, just wait and watch. Kanak is in the kitchen and calls Servant. She sees Dhaani there and gets angry. She tells her that widow is not allowed in the kitchen. She sees her own clothes and realizes she is a widow. She looks at Dhaani’s colored saree. She calls Ram deen and once he comes, she scolds him for not working in the kitchen and throws belan on his head, but it hits Dhaani. Viplav comes and is shocked seeing Dhaani hurt.

Viplav asks Kanak what is her problem with Dhaani? Kanak says no? Viplav says I have seen with my own eyes, and says if you forces me then I will leave the house. Kanak says you are talking like this for that Dhaani. Viplav says I know how much you can stoop and told about your and Tripurari…..(affair)…Kanak looks on.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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