Ishq Ka Rang Safed 27th March 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishq Ka Rang Safed 27th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dhaani looking for God’s pic or idol in her room. She sees Viplav sleeping and tries to wake him up by making the water droplets fall on his face. Viplav is still sleeping. Dhaani moves her wet hairs on his face…..Viplav is still sleeping. Dhaani is upset and tries to leave, just then Viplav holds her hand and pulls her closer to him. Dhaani says if you was awake? Viplav says no, and says I was dreaming…and says morning dream comes true. He says I saw that my wife moved her wet hairs on my face….and asks if she was doing the same. Dhaani says no. Viplav says then what you was doing here? Dhaani says I…..Viplav says you have taken bath and came here. He asks her to give morning kiss. Dhaani refuses and shyly runs from there. Kanak sees Viplav sleeping on floor

and thinks this witch have shifted Viplav on ground from the bed. Dhaani comes to the inhouse temple. Kanak asks what she is going to do there. Dhaani says she want to do puja. Kanak talks to her rudely and asks her to do puja where she used to do before. Dhaani looks on.

Dhaani requests her to let her do puja. Kanak says you are very lucky and throws puja flower on her face. She says you got a chance to marry again after killing your first husband. She throws flower on her face and says you are lucky to live your life with two husbands..and asks what is her plan? She says if you are done with Viplav then will you try to kill him also? Dhaani is teary eyes and sad. Kanak throws flower on her face again. Dhaani tells her that you will be convinced slowly that I want to be part of this house also being Viplav’s wife. Kanak asks what do you want? She says I will give you money, 10 times more than you want. She says I will get you married to an old man, who will die by himself by excessive coughing and you don’t need to kill him. Dhaani says I respect you a lot, and asks her not to talk badly and make her respect low in her eyes. Viplav comes there. Kanak asks if she agrees? Dhaani bends down and touches her feet. Viplav doesn’t hear her. He asks what did Maa said. Dhaani says no, I stopped her for taking blessings. Viplav asks is she have blessed you. Dhaani looks on. She says she wants to go to old Shiv temple. Viplav says I will come with you. They come to room. Viplav asks her to give his clothes being his wife. Dhaani gives him shirt. Viplav asks if you have seen a man wearing only shirt and asks her to give his jeans. Dhaani asks which color? Viplav says I wear only blue color jeans. He asks if you are forgetting something.

Viplav asks where is my belt? Dhaani says where is it? Viplav says you have to know being my wife. Dhaani gets tensed and says I will search for it. Viplav says this will not happen tomorrow. Dhaani says this will not happen again. Viplav says this will not happen, as I will get my shirt, jeans, belt and etc. He says I didn’t marry you to make you work for me and waste your life. He says you are my wife and not my worker, and I love you……He asks her to smile. Dhaani smiles. Viplav shows her belt and says sorry for hiding it. He says I will not crack a bad joke again. Dhanai smiles. He looks at her smilingly and picks his clothes from the bed. Dhaani laughs….

Dulaari tells Sita Maayi that Dhaani got married, but nobody know about her marriage. She says we will keep havan and will get it done by Dhaani and Viplav. She plans to call some neighbors. Dhaani comes to Dasharath and Sushma’s room. She touches his feet. Dasharath asks her not to touch her feet daily. He asks her about Viplav. Dhaani says he went out. Dasharath says he is never at home. Dhaani asks Shalu to take prasad. Shalu says I don’t take prasad without taking bath. Dhaani looks on. Kanak comes there. Dhaani goes to her and asks her to take prasad. Kanak says today is ekadashi and I have kept fast today. She says how can you forget ekadashi fast, and says you would have forgotten as you have become suhaagan from a widow, and I have become widow for forever. Sushma asks Dhaani not to get sad and says you are very brave. Dhaani nods.

Pankaj comes to meet Viplav and Raj, and asks him to take his wallet. Viplav asks why? Pankaj says won’t you take bhabhiji to america, switzerland etc. Pankaj shows the travel brochures to Viplav. Viplav likes it and says he will take Dhaani there. He asks Pankaj and Raj to come along with them. Raj jokes and asks Viplav not to invite Pankaj else he will agree. Viplav says I will take Dhaani to America as I like the place. Raj Lakshmi calls Dhaani and asks if she is very busy there. Dhaani says she is fine. Raj Lakshmi asks her to tell how Sallu loved her….Dhaani gets shy and asks her to keep the phone down, asks about Dulaari. Raj Lakshmi says she is busy in havan arrangements. She asks about Kanak. Dhaani gets tensed.

Shalu calls Raja again and tells that she can’t bear Dhaani anymore in the house. She says she will never accept Dhaani. She says she has accepted him as her husband from her heart. Raja asks he to accept Dhaani. Dhaani comes there and insists to speak to Shalu. Shalu refuses to talk to her. Raja asks Shalu to talk to Dhaani, and says he wants to hear what she wants to say. Shalu asks Dhaani to say…..Dhaani tells her that she is still her friend, and a well wisher. She tells her that Raja is a very cunning and cheap man, and asks her to keep far from him. She says she have suffered a lot and don’t want her only nanand (sister in law) to suffer because of that Raja. She says whenever you need me, I will be with you and asks her to share her heart talk with her. Once she goes, Shalu says hello, but finds the phone disconnected. Raja, his mum and mami hear the conversation. Mami says we should search for a new bakra and says Dhaani will not let Raja marry Shalu. His mum says that Shalu is Bakra for them and they don’t need to search anywhere else. Raja tells them that he has a big bakra who will take him home, just wait and watch. Kanak is in the kitchen and calls Servant. She sees Dhaani there and gets angry. She tells her that widow is not allowed in the kitchen. She sees her own clothes and realizes she is a widow. She looks at Dhaani’s colored saree. She calls Ram deen and once he comes, she scolds him for not working in the kitchen and throws belan on his head, but it hits Dhaani. Viplav comes and is shocked seeing Dhaani hurt.

Viplav asks Kanak what is her problem with Dhaani? Kanak says no? Viplav says I have seen with my own eyes, and says if you forces me then I will leave the house. Kanak says you are talking like this for that Dhaani. Viplav says I know how much you can stoop and told about your and Tripurari…..(affair)…Kanak looks on.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. Hi guys……woww viplav I wish dhani could give u a kiss when u asked her……..oho kanak u must marry an old man he will suit u gud coupl….hahaha!!!!

  2. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

    Honeymoon?? Superb and mam why this epi is too late? I did not have time to watch it so only..

  3. Anne

    Nimisha,are you back to Nim? My real name is Julia Anne but too much hassle to change . Y out said you watched LTL 4 times ,how did you do this, where is it? Would like to do same but not YouTube if poss. .

  4. Fatarajo

    Today Vidhaani scenes is just fab so cute and love the way Viplav replied Kanak and I m telling that if Viplav misunderstands Dhaani then the charm of this show will be totally gone which will hopefully not happen

  5. florentina moldovan

    i was right, Dhani will not complain but Viplav will see everything and he will protect her! stupid Shalo, i know it is not her fault but she is bad and deserve a husband like Raja…..

  6. Sujie(Raakchas Ki Shikaayati Pudia)

    ViDhaani scenes are always treat to our eyes… Viplav and Dhaani…cute couple……. i know he will always remain on Dhaani’s side and Dhaani too will remain in his side forever……
    Please makers do something like Stupid Shaalu gets some sense and know that Raaja is going to use her as an ATM…..
    ikrs is rocking and i know it will rock more in upcoming days …..

  7. paviabi

    loved the vidhani pls take dhani away frm ur mom otherwise your wife will suffer each&every minded kanak.

  8. Anne

    With respect , can anyone tell me the usual method of getting ready for bed in India? A strange request I know, but I’ve sometimes been puzzled. In the soaps people seem to go to bed in clothes they have worn all day ,makeup and jewellery.. Is this just because its a TV show? When Dhaani wakes up she has a new sari and different bangles. Bed Bangles?? Could someone tell me please?

    • Nimisha ?

      Very good question Anne. Been curious about that myself for ages!

      They also seem to get up looking totally ready for the day. No creases or anything.

      Also, the beds look very hard. I’m guessing that’s also normal.


    • SARAS

      hi anne…
      I don’t think anybody in India sleep with so much makeup n jewelleries. .

      actually my mom n mother in law and all wear saree whole day n they sleep also in saree but it will be normal cotton sarees..
      Next generation girls wear night dress n sleep. ..
      bangles yes some people wear glass bangles day in n day out even my mom n mil does… n we wear mangalsutra the black bead chain or any other equivalent all the time. . even I wear it…

      This is all I know. .-:))

      • Anne

        Thanks Sara’s, I think its because its on TV and actors want to look good at all times. I think your Mangalsutra is same as our wedding rings and we never take them off either. As you say ,its a generation thing but I’ve often wondered about it..Thanks for your reply.?

    • Yetty

      Good question Anne, had also wondered same.
      Thanks Saras for clarification.
      I think some soap can’t be bothered doing all changing cloths stuff.

  9. Hello everyone. How are you all IKRS fans. I read today’s update and it made me laugh when naughty Viplav was hiding his things from Dhaani. I don’t know what else to say about that kanak, she is a cruel witch from wizard of OZ. And that shalu she is getting on my nerves.

  10. Nimisha ?

    Hey Anne

    I didn’t realise I was Nim again. Tbh, I answer to most things.

    Unfortunately i have only ever watched LTL on YouTube and also some episodes were more complete in Daily Motion I think. It’s very grainy on YouTube and the sound quality isn’t always the best, but I love it so happy to put up with those small irks.

    Julia Anne is a lively name. Nice that you can choose one or other or both.

    • Mirsada

      NIMISHA, l watch the series in “Desi Tashan “the more pages I follow,this is the best, try it, of good luck. Epi coming together with a writen.

  11. Rajkumari (Louella)

    Hi friends. Today’s episode was superb bcoz of vidhani scenes. My opinion is only this much. Say about ur opinion guys!!

    Friends congratulation today is the completion of 200 episodes

  12. Nimisha ?

    Wow H Hasan. That looks like a long update. I haven’t watched it or read it yet, but will do in that order. Your updates always help my understanding loads do all your efforts, esp now that it’s 7 days a week are very very very very very much appreciated.

    Thanks you again,

  13. shanatics(bhole baba)

    Mmm missed the serial…thanksss Hassan ji…

    Happy to knw tat Vidhaani is flying to America…from the update I am sure vip asking Dhaani to give this and tat and thn telling that she is his wife not his…
    Was the best scene..

  14. shanatics(bhole baba)

    Celebration to banti hai..
    Guysss alas 200th epi successfully completed…
    1st time our serial airing on Sunday…
    Toh double Khushi….

  15. Mirsada

    Kanak is jealous of Dahni, to divorced Vidha has become a widow and failed. Dahni as beautiful, married again walking in front of her eyes, I think Kanak need psychiatric help, a woman totally crazy,emergency, not to be late.

    • Sujie

      I guess it was mere pyaare raakchas when Viplav and Dhaani were in car and Dhaani was making faces

  16. Mirsada

    I apologize for the mistakes, my english is bad, but every word from the heart, your comments get automatically translation into German.

  17. Meghs(megha)

    Hi Abhi.. Ahana.. Aish.. Akshay.. Alia.. Amulya.. Anisha.. Anjum.. Anne.. Arshi.. Arshdeep.. Avijeeth….

    Bharathi.. BRmam.. Brity..

    Elizabeth.. Eshana..

    Fatarajo(joyee).. Florentina Moldovan..

    Gennipher.. Genni chechi.. Gudiya..

    Hrithya.. Isha.. Iwania..

    Louella cutie ….

    Kavi akka.. Kaviya..

    Madhuri.. Mangai.. Marees.. Maria.. Meena.. Mirsada..

    Naty.. Neil megh(arshi).. Nikz.. Nima.. Nimisha..

    Pavi abhi… Parkodi..Prachi.. Purple / Rahul..

    Ranaji (narendran).. Randhir.. Raj.. Rajee.. Raviraj.. Renu..

    Sanjana.. Saranya.. Saras.. Saraswathi.. Sasha.. Shanitics.. Shruthi.. Smitha.. Sofeya.. Sonu.. Sri.. Swara.. Sujie..

    Vaishnavi.. Varsha.. Vidya.. Vikram.. Vinns.. Vinoth..

    Tommy ..
    Share ur opinion regard today epi ..

  18. Meghs(megha)

    Cutie ignore viruses we all know u so pls avoid them na…

    Whoever they they even have no guts to come with their name use others name… Don’t ever dare to try to use other name…

  19. BR

    good evening , to day epi is normal…..

    now vip becomes full time works as guard for dhani ………… kanak asked dhani ‘” to marry an old man u need not killed him and for money also ..”

    thannai pole pirarai ninai proverb . she married sambu for money .. and she killed sambu also …….that is why she is talking like this ,,,,,

    prcape is fine supero super …..

    widows should not entered the kitchen means what u r she looked at her nice

  20. SARAS

    I think while making passport fir dhani to go to America. . they will find out birth place of dhani which will be sarala kakis house -:)) my guess..

  21. shanatics(bhole baba)?

    Misrada…no worries ? even if ur English is bad..we guyss can understand wat u meant?


    • Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

      Haaaa don’t use fake ID if u have guts put u r real name and swaragini all people are crying there in tu page we will die after seeing that. IKRS is the best for me so don’t make me mad

    • Sujie(Raakchas Ki Shikaayati Pudia)


  23. Hi guys.gud evg to every one.
    Shanitics this is for u My frnd.n also for ikrs.
    So today’s episode was gone superb.
    Vidhaani scenes r as usual romantic n luvly.
    Knks kitchen scene was superb.
    I pity for shalu bcs she was going to be pin bal for raja avasthi.
    And honeymoon scene is super.
    Guys did u observe when viplav ask dhaani to get his dress she was fully feared by viplavs order.n also viplav convinces not to be like that ur my wife not be servant like doing all cute our viplav.
    I really enjoyed total episode.

  24. SARAS

    shanticks I have been thinking from that day what charecter should I take. …still confused. . but I was thinking I should tell br mam tobe daadi but sge herself choose that how nice naa…

    we love you daadi aka br madam. .

  25. SARAS

    This virus gut is really funny today using all anti virus’s names. . I m laughing loudly actually. .
    too good yaar

    • florentina moldovan


  26. vihan akaash(SARAS)

    shanticks. . I love the music director so I have become vihaan..
    but I love the way tp says ” jaai sankar” -:)))

  27. shanatics(bhole baba)?

    Saras..then surely I am waiting for your name from IKRS character…

    Wow dadi aka br mam…nice …
    Kavi….Viplav Dhaani tripathi..
    Cool guys

    Thanks all for supporting me….

  28. Hlo’s episode was superb .as usual lovely romantic scene.finally viplav coloured dhani with his colour.dhani looking beautiful with colour saree n changed hair a days Salu actef lyk a super dumb.she called everytym to raja n told everything to him .how fool she I love d scene whr viplav order dhani to arrange his dress.very funny but very beautiful conversation.

  29. Guys don’t focus to d viruses. Dey just come to CRT mu between us.whatever may b d situation don’t blv dem.don’t bother abt dem.dey r just lyk barking dogs.dey cannt tolerate us..stay united..stay happy:-)

  30. Hi freinds awesome episode. MORNING SCENE OF WAking husband by wet hair is though very common n used in many soaps n movies but this was still unique due to our vidhani s superb chemistry. POOJA RITUAL is also usual in all movies as every heroine dresses up n does the pooja, but here wicked KANAKs not allowing her to do póoja made different. KANAK IS PROBABLY ANGRY AS SHE CAN’T FOLLOW DHSNIS FOOTSTEPS OF remarrying so taunts her that she has married for money, kanak had married shamnhu for money so her mind cant think beyond it n thinks dhani to be same. her suggestion of dhani marrying an old man actually suits her she should marry an oldie n get out of Ayodhya niwas n let our vidhani live in peace. AS flora PREDICTED DHANI hid kanaks conversation from viplav. VIPLAVS Dialogue that have u seen a man only shirt was amusing . His style of teasing dhani was great n she actually got serious n took viplavs word for real . WICKED DT DOES NOT want to bless dhani n so told dhani not to touch her feet. KANAKS N SHALUS notaccepting Prasad was obvious n dhani should not take it to heart.
    SO SWEET OF PANKAJ to plan vidhani s honeymoon to America. Actually Pankaj is also excite to accompany so now he should marry n then go to his honeymoon with Rl . RL IS REALLY ENTHU TO know how sallu loved dhani??. SHALU IS A REAL fool to accept raja as her hubby n call him to declare that dhanis presence can t be tolerated. Dhani is so sweet that now also she wants to console n show shalu the real face of Raja
    RajaS mum knows that their entry in tripathi family can only be done by shalu n they r actually using her to extract the secrets out. AS PER KANAK ALL WIDOWS should starve as they cant enter kitchen but then what does she think of herself? ? the way she threw rolling pin on servant n caccidentally hit dhani is seen by viplav n now he thinks that kanak has deliberately hit dhani. Good he has become boldn told his mom about her idiotic way of defaming dhani by tripuraris episode. Would have to wait till tomorrow to see kanaks reaction would she become ok with dhani or viplav would leave!!! ??

    • Ishq Vishq Ishq Vishq(Nimisha)

      Brilliant post Renu!

      DT is rude! He is starting to show his colours. If he was clever he would have blessed Dhani and then told her not to do that anymore. Stepping back was the ultimate in rude! I think Dadi might have noticed it too as she looked shocked.

      Love your analysis!

  31. Anne

    Mirsada, thanks for telling about the Desi Tashan site. Just been on and found today’s IKRS written and video AND every episode of Laagi Tuhsi Laagan ,Rangrasia and everything .Excited now Fabulous! BTW your English is great much better than my German??????x

    • Ishq Vishq Ishq Vishq(Nimisha)

      Wow Anne. I,m going to watch them all again! LTL that is.

      Will also start rangarasia, on your praise of it earlier. Although now I know thT someone dies and comes back. Sounds a bit like Bobby Ewing in Dallas! Lol!

  32. Anne

    Nimisha, re:my post to Mirsada …this site might solve our problem with access to finished series. The episodes are in order from the beginning.! Sorry if you already know this!!? x

    • Ishq Vishq Ishq Vishq(Nimisha)

      I actually can’t watch the earlier episodes. The Morey ones were creepy enough and distressing enough the first time round. I watch from January 27th 2010 to March 28th or thereabouts. Basically from DSP’s entry to Mishals departure.


      • Anne

        I only watched from duttas dead bride being carted in ,then him forcibly!y marrying Naku to “punish” her. (Be still my beating heart)….so missed a chunk.??

      • Ishq Vishq Ishq Vishq(Nimisha)

        Ooh Anne, you should defo watch the series from earlier if you can. It’s brilliant and sets the scene well for Naku and her family. Also you have to see when DSP enters the show.
        Be still my beating heart… All over.

        But that wedding scene is phenomenal isn’t it, Just amazing, I mean obviously awful, but very well done.


    • Ishq Vishq Ishq Vishq(Nimisha)

      Thanks Anne. I’ve seen other stuff on Desi tashan but hadn’t realised LTL was there.

  33. Ishq Vishq Ishq Vishq(Nimisha)

    Helloooooooo everyone!

    Loving the new names! Shanatics it truly was a fab idea.

    My little girl has been poorly today, poor thing has tonsillitis so I’m a bit late to watch today’s episode.

    But I couldn’t miss out on being here to celebrate the 200th episode with you all. ?
    In no particular order….

    HELLOOOO! Meghs! Thanks again for the mention.

    MIrsada, I will most definitely check out desi tashan. Thank you for that. Also, your English is amazing! I wouldn’t even dare to try and attempt Hindi here so please don’t apologise. ever! Okay! Tikh hai?? ?

    Really liked the epi today,

    My favourite bit I think was the precap. I love Viplav confronting his mum. Also the kitsch scene where KT says the rasoi is no place for a widow and then realises to she is the only one,

    Dhani, stop lying to Viplav, tell him the truth. Not telling him the truth means your making it easier, much easier for KT and DT to disrespect you, that will hurt Viplav more!

    Also I do t like the very heavy make up that Dhani is now wearing, especially the cleopatra eyes.

    And yes, even though Viplav had white socks and sandals, I STILL love him! Lol.

    Hope everyone had a good day. Much love to you all! Xxx

    Oh and Anne, thanks for your kind words about my posts, I honestly would love to be more succinct. It’s like a when I grow up type aspiration. Lol. Xxx

  34. Ishq Vishq Ishq Vishq(Nimisha)

    Also, I want to say a huge thank you to the viruses, they are adding to the counter for comments on each IKRS written update,

    The higher the count the more traffic. The more traffic, the more fans we’ll have joining our lovely family,

    So do your worst. You make yourselves sound incredibly silly and also help bring more folks here. Genuine folks who do enjoy the show. For us it’s a win win,

    Also there’s a saying that you should try and follow. It goes.. If you can’t think of anything good to say, It’s better to say nothing at all. Kapiche???

  35. Yetty

    Hello everyone
    Just finished watching my dose of ikrs, simply lovely episode.
    Waiting to see how everything goes, viplav is an ideal husband and he’s showing it, just don’t think he will be able to protect dhaani all the time.
    Dhaani is becoming shrewd, the way she seek kanak blessing on seeing viplav is priceless.
    Good job to all cast and crew.?

    • Ishq Vishq Ishq Vishq(Nimisha)

      Hi Yetty.
      Dhani needs 24/7 protection from DT and KT. Even more when Raja arrives to trap his Bakra!

      KT’s face was priceless when Dhani bent forward to get her blessing. Was she shrewd though? Or yet again protecting Viplav. She still lied and said she stopped KT and then went and prayed elsewhere.


      • Yetty

        Hello dear Nimisha, I don’t think Viplav will be protecting dhaani 24/7, he’s got to go back to work and earn some money, the way things are now DT would be out of fame and money soon depending on what poolchand has in stock for him.
        I want dhaani to deal with kanak and pretend to Viplav .
        Just want something hilarious

  36. Anne

    SORRY Nimisha, false hope . I can’t get any of the videos to play. Either nothing or copyright issues!!! ?x

    • Ishq Vishq Ishq Vishq(Nimisha)

      Oh noooo! Maybe we can petition colours to repeat it again. I noticed they are running Uttaranchal again, which I haven’t seen but is an old show being repeated. Fingers crossed eh!


  37. viplav(the revolution)

    hi …how can not I join here by using names … I also come here …..
    I change my name and logo also …..
    guess guess who AM I ????? …dekhte hae kon pehchanta mujhe ???

    • Louella(Rajkumari)

      I know who r u. U r our spoiler man, right? I guessed u bcoz first u commented using other id and after 2 minutes again u commented on different id. And everyone here knows it takes so much time for our comments to get posted. Is it right what I have guessed?

      • viplav(the revolution)

        CID ..Louella ….ur guess is correct or not I will tell later ..but one more thing …today my comment posted at 5:39 am ….moderation gave me freedom 😛 …
        one more clue ….
        I gave two clues in my comment …
        1 . my name
        2. khud dhund lo 😛

  38. Louella(Rajkumari)

    Oh my goodness!! The swaragini fans have again come here to comment. And what a lovely method they have used to comment bad about ikrs. All those who have commented here using our names, THANK U for commenting bcoz I understood u r a big fan intact a die hard fan of us that’s why u commented using our names. Plz comment more we r liking ur comments and one request plz comment using others names also as others did not get chance to see their carbon copy. And I inform u that there r more than 50 ppl commenting here. So plz use everyone’s names. Once again THANK YOU

  39. vihan akaash(SARAS)

    good morning friends. .
    a lovely Monday morning. .
    have a great week ahead. ..

    nimisha how’s ur daughter doing now? ?
    my daughter’s summer vacation has started. .so I m totally busy in engaging her… I haven’t watched ydays episode actually. .. Will catch up soon..

  40. vihan akaash(SARAS)

    @anne even I was watching rangarasiya n paro’s death shattered me n after that I almost stopped watching it. .. any way i like ashish sharma..

    I was n I m a great fan of na bole tum na maine kuch kaha. .. it was an amazing serial. . stupid colors discontinued it badly they did not even close it well. . they did lot of injustice to that serial. .

    • Badi Anna

      Same as me Sara’s, I liked kunal k kapoor in Na Bole.. he was so good. Wish they would repeat them all x

  41. prachi

    i hate ikrs wala nonsense stories
    but i love swasan wala beautilful true love stories
    guys opinion please????

  42. Ranaji

    2-saranya, and sujie yaar it is confusing pls tell who is it? are they are virus?And raj also

    • Sujie

      Ranaji i think its their new tactics to post their shitty comments about IKRS and harm the bonding of our lovely familiy

  43. shanatics(bhole baba)?

    Gud mrng guys…

    Wow I got parvathy….why Nimo….bhole baba Ki parvathy…
    LOL ?


    SARAS…wow cool one ur name…

    Misha didi…great one..not even thought of that In my mind…u r great
    Observer…..ur name….

    Whn I go through all ur names its like announcing ur Christmas friends in the class…I am soo happy tat mst of u guyss have used my idea…Thanksss

    Love u all……

    • bhole baba ki Parvati(nima)

      hlw shanatics(bhole baba),
      bhang wala scene one of my fav scene.”meri parvati ho jata hai baba” dis line also l like so I used “bhole baba ki parvati” 🙂

  44. shanatics(bhole baba)?

    RENU,,,I think tats a quite gud idea pankaj weds RL…RL is looking gud in her off screen shots…modern girl…

    Misha didi thanksss not from me…bt from my idea producing centre of my body…my brain and from heart…?

  45. shanatics(bhole baba)?

    Bhaia…tum Jo bhi karo…ur sis can identify u…u r Bhaia no????
    Most probably sure…..

  46. shanatics(bhole baba)?

    Viruses are giving fun ? to our comments….they r our real life drama team…
    Thy were Swaha team..but now Drama team because thy r stealing our name?

  47. Louella(Rajkumari)

    Saare viruses fhail gaye hai. Thank u viruses humare comments badhaane liye. Aise hi comments karte jaayiye aur humare comments badhaate jaayiye.
    Translation- All the viruses r spread over here. Thank u viruses for increasing our comments. U all continue to comment and continue to increase the number of comments

  48. shanatics(bhole baba)?

    Bhailu Ur logo colour didn’t gt changed…and AM in capital letter…
    U r Bhaia right ?….hope..too

    Who ever u r …u r making my idea mre fabulous…?

    • Avijit(AM)

      that logo is not mine ….I have two logo …one is …AM wala
      ….second one is this one ….

  49. Hi my dear viruses.ur really funny.n ur entertaining all of us by ur different creation.thank u lol.I think today ikrs ur also entertaining all of us.really go through it .but don’t think that we can’t recognise u .we all know that who r ikrs lovers n who r ikrs don’t worry.u do wat u want.we just enjoy it.but u remember one point Any thing should be in limit if not u will only suffer.take care viruses sry frnds.

    • vihan akaash(SARAS)

      good morning viplav ki rani dhani ji…
      aka madhusudhanki raani kavitha…
      have a nice day. ..

      This virus is too cute he knows everyone’s writing style also .. must be done insider only …

  50. AM

    ya ..virus saras mam …how can I not listen u ??? ..but I have not much time to see swaragini … let’s have a partnership ….u watch swaragini and I will watch ikrs 😛 ….
    so deal …. 😀

  51. Mahant dasharath tripathi(SARAS)

    namaste. .. hum mahant dasharath tripathi hain..hum jaise dikhate hain vaise hai nahee… baaharse bade sajjan dikhte hai peechere durgaji ke sath chakkar chalate hai… uski vajase vo moorkh tripuraari paida hogaya…
    par hum apni jhooti izzat se bahooot pyaar karte hain. .
    baath samaj mein aayi..-:))

    translation : I m mahant dasharath tripathi. .I m not what I show to the world.. I act to be a gentleman but I indulge in affair with durgaji.. due to that this foolish tripurari was born. .
    I love my false prestige. .
    Did u understand what i said (that’s his punch line)

  52. Tripurari(SARAS)

    arrey doston hum hai. . tripurari. . kaheen humei bhoolto nahee gaye?
    dekhiye vohee printed pajama.. kajal.. aur printed dupatta pehanke aaye hain… humein humari priya bhaabheeji bahooot pasand hain. . par unse saadi karnese darte hain.. kahee sambhu ki tara humbhee uskee haaton swarg vaasi na hojaaye..

    arrey amma parathamein aur makhan daalona vo kya hai naa humri amma dartee humbhee makhan khaake pitajiki taraha baloon na banjaaye…
    hun mote kaise hosakte hain? hum bahut kasrat karte hain jaise jail see bhagna.. laash dafnanekeliye gadde khodna aur usmein khud girjaana hahaha haha. . arrey pagli majak kar rahe hain amma ..
    jai sankar..

  53. aish (badi amma)

    Good morning friends,
    Joyee, br mam, nimisha, Saranya, Saras, florentina, renu, mirsada, meena, kavitha, prachi, louella, philo, florentina, Avijit, Maria, sonu, shanatics, ranaji, Anne, natty, yetty, vaishnavi, sujjie, kaviya, meghs and all ishq Ka rang safed family.

  54. Badi Anna

    Confused who’s who ? MishaL rescued nakusha riding a white horse In LTL.. This time may be a plane ticket. Unless they do a time jump or film in USA.I can’t see it . So they must stay . What say you all.?☔☔☔

      • Badi Anna

        Laagi tuhjsi Laagan, find it on YouTube. If you think mishal is ***y as viplav ,wait till you see him as Dutta Shirim Patel.??

  55. TOMMY

    I am going to commit suicide but i am very worried about my family
    what are the important things that i need to do for my family before i am dying??????

      • Yetty

        Hello Tommy, just saw your post and was a little confused.
        Is this in real life or a soap , please be clear on this asap.thanks

      • anushka

        OOOO GOOOOOOOD what the hell you going to do????????????? every bodies have problems but don’t do foolishness.

    • Badi Anna

      The most important thing to do for your family is not to tell them or anyone else what you are going to do. Let it be a surprise.

    • Sujie

      I don’t know what your problem is….but I really wanna tell you TOMMY that committing suicide is not the solution of every problem….. we humans are not so weak that one problem can provoke us to commit such a sin….. First you inform that you are committing suicide….next u ask what are the things that you need to do for your family…Don’t be insane….. Did you ever think what will happen to your parents, your family, your loved ones when you do this sin…they will also die…not only once but daily… After you commit suicide you will be gone forever but what about the people you leave behind….. this is your selfishness..i must say….. if you are worried about your family, then don’t do this…. a humble request…..
      i have seen parents crying when one of my acquaintances committed the same mistake for a silly reason….. i don’t know if you are really gonna do this or not…. but i can’t see someone giving up……..
      So reconsider your decision… life is precious my friend….don’t act like a fool by giving up…get up and make yourself ready for the battle of life..

  56. Sujie

    Hello everyone…could not comment much……. just now I realized viruses are increasingly attacking and they have used this strategy of using ikrs lovers name……
    But no worries….. Our love for ikrs and our friendship here in this page will not change because of those viruses….so chill friends and have a good day 🙂 🙂
    A humble request to those viruses…..get the hell out of here and watch whatever you want to watch……. THANK YOU FOR YOUR DRAMA …IT ENTERTAINED US A LOT AND NOW GO…..

  57. SARAS

    bhole baabaki parvati urf nima.. ur role today is very cute. . I too loved that episode a lot. .. “hamari parvati chali gayi” hahaha. . sooper dooper episode. . One of te best episodes of ikrs

  58. aish (badi amma)

    Hello yetty, y did u write aisha instead of aish.
    @Tommy, is this real or a joke? If it’s real then u can’t be so mean and……… To do dat. Did u consider the feelings those that brought u to this world. I find it difficult to comprehend y some people would think of kill themselves buh can I tell you something,
    It’s a sin to commit suicide, then do u know God has never created anything/ problem without solution except death that has no remedy so pls sit down and think twice and also think about ur parent and loved ones. If after all this u still want to do it then…………

  59. Shikayti pudiya(Arshdeep)

    Hello everyone
    Was busy in cousin’s marriage nd missed u all badly
    I missed the 2 episodes too now going to watch them online
    Me too want to celebrate today
    Congratulations to all ikrs fans for completing 200 episodes ?

  60. shanatics(bhole baba)?

    Guyss…these viruses are trying to ruin our family ? more than decreasing the TRP…because they are jealous of our bond…
    No1 can find such a bond a telly updates…In mst of the telly update every1 share there thought only..
    But here it is more than tat..there4 they are trying to break our relationship…
    But wat thy knw tat our family is bind by trust,love,understanding,and emotions…? Every1 is connected to the other in this or other manner…

    I hope our family ? be go moving in the same manner..and will never break..

    Love ❤ u all..

    • Nimisha ?

      Hi Shanatics,

      TheY are desperate and attention seeking and stooping to very low levels, in the post by Tommy,

      Not funny or clever or nice.

      They are trying to break the bond we share here but they don’t have the intelligence to succeed.

      It’s hard to ignore them but that’s what we must do. Also they e helped get the counter up to 200+ on this written update and as a result we have probably got some new genuine followers, like Gurjeet.

      hello Gurjeet and welcome!


  61. SARAS

    I think tommy’s message is also posted by virus..
    else tommy come here I will give u a tight slap for thinking like that. .. what you want to do to ur family by committing suicide? ? They will no more remain your family idiot nothing in life can be more important or bigger than the life itself. . so be calm sit down take a deep breath. . n apologize to God n mom for even thinking of such things. .

  62. genita

    Hii gurjeet. Sorry guyzz i could not comment these dayzzz i was completely busy with easter….. so how was ur easter?

  63. Nimisha ?

    Good morning from a very windy and wet London!

    Saras, my little girl is on the mend. She’s eaten a litter this morning and is up and about which is great. Thank you for asking.

    Anne, baddi Anna, love that name!

    Yetty, yes yes yes to everything Baddi Anna said about LTL and Mishal. Honestly Viplav is cute and cuddly in comparison to DSP who is just raw, passionate, dark and to quote Anne, s**y beyond belief. Also, from the actors perspective very different roles and I personally think the DSp role stretches Mishal much more so you get to see just how amazing his talent is. A truly stunning performance. I’m watching it for the 4th time and am still as mesmerised as I was the first.

    • Yetty

      Howdy Nimisha
      I’m very new to watching soaps
      Have always watched Bollywood movies
      Will watch LTL and let you know if I enjoyed it. Thanks

      • Nakchadi kuriya Dhani (Nimisha ?)

        Do watch it, honestly, if you’re like me no other show will compare!

        And yes please def. let me know what you think.

        It was another show, from what I gather, that polarised the audience, people either loved it or hated it.

        Also, there are some amazing written updates that add to the experience on the India forums site. Search for LTL and hamlet33. She writes brilliantly.


      • Nakchadi kuriya Dhani (Nimisha ?)

        By the way, I’m also new to soaps. Only started watching them when I discovered IKRS last September. Ever so slightly obsessed now tho. I also have always watched Bollywood, but was alway uncomfortable with the way most films have become slightly more ermmm vulgar And the way they keep pairing almost 50 somethings with very young actresses, who seem to wear less and less and gyrate more and more. I think the intro of western actresses has been the catalyst as they are more ‘game’. Bollywoods obsession with fair skin continues which is a shame.

        Ooh, I’m an opinionated so and so aren’t I? Lol!

  64. BUCHIYA (Sonu)

    I really felt bad for this foolish Shalu. In Rangrasiya serial she did the same mistake. In that serial she did harm for Paru, unknowingly and she is also so innocent. In IKRS she do mistake knowingly. Pity Shalu..

  65. BUCHIYA (Sonu)

    Hey Shalu, u do one favour for me, i.e you get marriage on Raja Awasthi in secretly, and don’t enter the Ayodhya house. In my intention two benifits are there..
    1. This Raja’s family not harm or torture to our VIDHANI.
    2. Then u will be know the real face of That Pumpkin’s (Sulakshana) family.

  66. Louella(Rajkumari)

    Hi friends. I want a help from u. I want to post one ff and I m trying it so hard to post but it’s not getting posted. ‘ll tell me what should I do. The message that I m getting is ‘Missing info: Challenge question. This file is not allowed. Please use the allowed type files’ what’s the meaning of this. Plz help me I want to write a ff

    • Nimisha ?

      Hi RajkumariLouella.

      I have no idea, but if you send an email via the contact option at the top of this page, they should be able to help you.

      The people who manage this site are super helpful as I found yesterday, so I would try there first.

      Also, I think by FF you mean fan fiction. Is that right? Also, stupid question, what is the purpose of fan fiction? I have tried to read a couple but wasn’t sure I understood what it was for. Lots of talented people on here so are these ways if submitting ideas to the show creators?

    • Sujie

      Louella raajkumari one solution is there…..
      In my case…there was a challenge question like thid 1 plus 10 minus 6….and u have to enter the answer…in this the answer is 5…that’s it…
      hope it will help

  67. Nimisha ?

    Back to the episode….

    I found Kanak interesting yesterday, Yes I still hated her attitude and she is still very much evil, but I found the Kajal acted her brilliantly yesterday. The two scenes where Dhani seeks her blessing and also the kitchen scene, were very interesting a for the first time I think, she showed signs of self realisation.

    It was very subtle but I think Kajal handled that subtlety really well. If that makes sense.


    • Badi Anna

      Hello,Paviabi, no I’m not I’m in the UK,are you from Tamil Nadu? Time difference make it difficult to say good morning, please forgive.

      • paviabi

        yes,badi anna i am frm tamil nadu.i am little confused about ur name because in tamil, anna means brother.sorry to ask,are u Indian or citizen of UK

  68. shanatics(bhole baba)?

    Hellooo Gurjeet….

    GENI CHECHI…aaniyathikuttine marano???Nivin chachanod mindi mindi..comments edan marano!!?
    How r u???Hope u celebrated Easter very well….whr were u???Nice to see ur comments..again..

  69. shanatics(bhole baba)?

    Lols..or sujie..or Misha didi..or…
    Wat r u guyss talking abt???I meant hw to pt ff and whr????…

    Guyss wat is the purpose of joining the Indian forum??

    • Louella(Rajkumari)

      Swetha I m writing a fan fiction for u all which is entirely different from the actual episode. So I wanted to know how to post it

  70. Nakchadi kuriya Dhani (Nimisha ?)

    Mirsada, hello.

    I have seen the chaska meter mentioned before. I’ve seen it mentioned on India forums..

    What is it and where is it? Is it ratings related or do people vote for it?

    Sorry for all the questions.

  71. Harika

    Hello frnds.. I like ikrs soo much.. I ll watch in online(youtube) but these stupid colors ppl not uploading in youtube… I also tried in voot app but that app is sooooooooo much irritating..u ppl r watching in voot only or any other sites… If u hv any better options to watch the show plzzzzzz let me know.. I like viplav nd dhaani soooooo much.. Plz help me

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.