Ishq Ka Rang Safed 27th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishq Ka Rang Safed 27th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Doctor showing the right medicine to everyone. Viplav scolds Parshiya and says he was going to get it, then why did you jump to bring it. He runs to get the medicine. Parshiya tells Dulaari that he brought what was written in the prescription. Viplav brings the medicine and asks Doctor to hurry up. Doctor gives right medicine/injection to Dhaani. Later Viplav comes to Dhaani’s ward and sits at her bed side. He holds her hand and says I don’t know if you are listening or not, but if anything would have happened to you today, I would have died just like that, once I lost you, but…not again. He says you are upset with me, don’t want to talk to me, okay punish me, but don’t make me scared……

He says you are not telling me what was that big mistake which

I had done, and everything is changed. He says okay, don’t talk to me and hate me, but don’t tell that Vidha is not my daughter. Suddenly he sees tears coming out from her eyes….and a fb is shown. Viplav recalls Dhaani feigning to be sleeping and Viplav says he knows she is acting, and says if she continues to act then he will tickle her. Dhaani smiles and says I got up. Viplav says I know and laughs. Fb ends. Viplav smiles and wipes his tears. He says I know you will not get up, and if you get up then you will run from here leaving my hand. He says I don’t want to hinder in your happy life, thought to go from here, but couldn’t go. May be Maayi is right, your this condition is because of me.

Parshiya is worried for Dhaani. Kamini comes to him and says medicines should be checked before buying. She says if anything would have happened to Dhaani today, then Viplav would have killed you and then he will go to Jail. He says you did this intentionally, tell me. Dulaari comes and asks if she has gone mad? She says Parshiya is a honest and truthful man. She says Parshiya is the one who has saved their life and gave them a new life. She asks her to go. Kamini says listen. Parshiya asks her to go and keep eye on Viplav, says he has gone mad and is roaming around Dhaani. He says Viplav will go to jail, but for your murder. Kamini says you? Parshiya says you can’t think what I could do, once my mind worsens. Kamini goes. Parshiya tells Dulaari that he had brought the medicine which Doctor prescribed and says if anything have happened to Dhaani, then….Kamini looks at them. Dulaari asks him not to feel bad about Kamini’s words and says we know about you. She says we have to take her home once she is fine.

Kamini tells Viplav that thank god, Dhaani is fine and asks Viplav to take rest. She says Dhaani is fine, and her husband and mum are with her to take care of her. She says Atharva needs you and that’s why I was telling we shall go. Viplav ignores her. He goes and sit beside Parshiya. Parshiya says I didn’t bring wrong medicine and brought what was written. Viplav says I know you can’t do this intentionally and can’t think wrong about Dhaani. He says his mind stopped working when Doctor told about the wrong medicine. He says now I don’t have any objection with Dhaani and your relation. Kamini hears them and says shall we go back. Viplav asks her to go. Kamini goes. Parshiya looks at Viplav and thinks how can anyone love someone so much. He says Viplav lost his consciousness for Dhaani even after so many years, and I……

Kamini sits in the car and goes. She thinks I can’t stay here for a moment, and can’t see Dhaani’s love reflecting in Viplav’s eyes. She says just love, love, love. Can’t he see my love and says it seems like Viplav’s life was in danger and wonders what to do to separate them. Dulaari is lost in thoughts and collides with someone. He says sorry and goes. A neighbor asks Dulaari about Dhaani. Dulaadi says she is fine. The man who had collided with Dulaari opens his wallet and Dulaari’s photo is shown. Dhaani opens his eyes….Viplav comes inside the ward. Khogaya song plays………………Viplav signs her to rest. Chadariya song plays………

Parshiya comes there…and looks at them. Viplav sees him and goes out of ward. He asks Nurse to inform Doctor that Dhaani has gained consciousness. Vidha insists to meet Dhaani. Dulaari says we will go. Viplav tells Vidha that Dhaani is fine as Doctor gave her strength injection and says she took your name after gaining consciousness. Vidha says really. Dulaari looks at him. Viplav says your daughter gained consciousness now. Vidha asks who is Buchiya? Dulaari asks now you will also act like lawyer and asks her to come. Viplav thinks Vidha is his baby although Dhaani refuses.

They go to ward. Dhaani says she is fine and asks Vidha, if they have food? Parshiya says how can we eat and says Dulaari has become slim being hungry. Vidha says you have also not eaten food and slept all day. She says Doctor gave strength injection to you, and says Viplav made you get it. She says you scolds everyone and says should need someone to scold you. Dhaani gets teary eyes. Viplav wipes his tears. Parshiya says you said right. Nurse comes and informs that visiting hours are over, and asks only 1 person to stay. Parshiya asks Dulaari to go with Vidha and take care of her. Dulaari asks him to go. Parshiya says I can’t handle her and asks her to go. Dulaari meets Dhaani. Vidha waves bye to Dhaani.

Parshiya asks Dulaari to call him if needed. Viplav is still standing at door. Nurse asks Parshiya and Viplav, who is staying with Dhaani tonight. Dhaani looks on. Nurse asks Parshiya to give tablets to Dhaani after food. Parshiya says okay. Viplav looks at him. Nurse comes and tells Parshiya that Dhaani is calling him inside. He goes inside. Viplav looks on and sees a couple sitting. He thinks he loved her a lot, but she hate him the most, don’t know why? He thinks she can’t tell Vidha is his daughter infront of everyone. He thinks he can’t leave them.

Viplav comes to the hospital and is informed that Dhaani is discharged from hospital. Later someone informs Dhaani about the riots outside. Dhaani is still in the hospital and tries to go out. Viplav stops her. Dhaani says Dulaari and Vidha are outside with Parshiya. Viplav says they are with Parshiya and asks what is the worry.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Sujie what is meant Daayan is it Hindi word ?

    1. Arshdeep

      Means witch mam
      Yes a hindi word
      May i know from where you are?

      1. Sujie

        Daayan is Hindi word Ma’am ……which means witch
        And it goes same with Nepali……

  2. Yeah it was as a great episode for sure. I reckon Dhanni’s dad thinks his wife n daughter are dead…for some reason we will know soon I guess. As well Dhanni’s mum thinks her husband is no longer…could be a similar story, misunderstandings etc.

  3. porkodi thanu u soooooooooooooooooooooooo muchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    1. Arshdeep

      Hey gowtham
      Forgot your real name? Harika i guess??
      Comment frequently dear. Will love to read your comments too.

      1. thank u for remembering my name arshdeep ……..
        I will try to comment daily…..

      2. Arshdeep

        Yeah good ??

  4. Sujie

    Sometimes I wonder makers killed other ashram ladies with such an ease…..?
    One bomb blast…. ?and everything finished…..
    Badiamma,Rajlakshmi,sits maayi and others… Ashram scenes used to be sooooo good

    If Badi amma was alive today,she could have given some really good advice to Dhaani….and Viplav too….
    Rajlakshmi was also a widow…makers could have also shown RL getting her life partner and living her life happily…..
    She too could set an example that being a widow is not the end of life….. She could also give advice to her friends like Viplav Dhaani….
    They could have shown ashram ladies living life on their own terms…breaking the wall of taboos restricting them to follow their heart……working and making money with respect and hard work…
    Whole ashram got destroyed…no one survived ????except Buchiya and Buchiya Ki Maai…

    1. Arshdeep

      That was an act of stupidity actually?
      They both were there along with them.. Infact dhani to gir bhi gayi thi. She cried in pain.
      And just these 2 survived???? How is it possible??????


      But yeah if they wanted to remain focussed on the motive of the show to bring awareness they could have followed your advice✌

      1. Sujie

        Really…. ????
        But as you said ….daily soap mein kuch bhi ho Sakta hai…..

        Was just feeling nostalgic…..

      2. Sujie

        Arshu….. If we think logically the one who fell down while trying to throw the bomb was Eisha Singh …yeh toh Sanjeeda hai…so bachgayi ???????
        And regarding Dulaari Maai ….. Buchiya Ne Apni maai Ko bachaliya hoga…….
        Guess ????
        Sorry that was a bad joke…..
        Seeing logic in TV serials…. Silly me ??????

        But seriously dono Bache toh Bache … clear the confusion they should show the flashback….. Dhaani was with her mother in the hospital…… All others died…. And mother daughter duo did not even think of knowing about other ladies….maybe Dhaani was worried about her child…. But if Dhaani had stopped in the hospital..then Viplav could have seen her….. But no….. Khaali pili doh pyaar karnewaalon Ko story ke naam Pe separate kardiya….that too with misunderstandings and pain in heart

      3. Arshdeep

        Hahaha logic to hai baat me????

        I too agree that dhani was worried about her child but the love that the ashram ladies had for each other..that dhani had for them wasnt justified. She would have run there to save check if anyone else is alive but what was shown as flashback was exactly not the dhani we knew who loved her badi amma…RL..sita maai..suvarna and all.. If she can snatch bomb from suvarna without thinking of her and her child’s life..wont she ever try to save them??? That was wrong on part of writers

    2. Nimisha

      Sujie, I miss the ashram ladies too, but pre leap they hit wheeled out every so often only to be insulted. I used to hope for more of their stories to be told but it felt like once Dhani got married the ashram had served its purpose.. Nit for me.. But the makers,

      And yes, everyone was killed, supposedly, but when the showed Viplav in Dhani ashram, their hand prints had survived… Which was well… Weird ????

      I don’t actually mind that they are not there, esp as they only seems to be there to be insulted. I always wished Viplav and Dhani would have left an and gone and lived there but it wasn’t meant to be,

      Happy that many of them have gone onto other shows. I don’t watch them but from the actors perspectives there wasn’t much going on for them in IKRS, was there,

      I guess, they could always be found to be alive in future stories. Would love to see BA, RL and even SM, Also Shalu and Pankaj and Raj too.

      1. Kavitha

        Yes nimisha I think so all arshram people must be alive in future stories that they may in different places after bombbalst in ashram.hope so it will happen.even I too miss our safer gang.

      2. Sujie

        🙂 maybe you are right Nimmy… they had nothing much to do in Ikrs…. They are doing well in their current projects…. Thats fine

      3. Arshdeep

        Ohh yeah…the handprints survived.. Stupid han????

    3. Mona146

      Rajyalakshmi and Badi amma shifted to siye ke ram serial. They became Kaikasi(mother of ravana) and sulochana(wife of meghnath)

  5. Sujie

    Many loopholes are still there….
    And the only one suffering from this is Viplav and his love for Dhaani…..
    He does not know his own mother killed her father…
    His own grandfather is sole proof of creepiness…..
    He does not even know about Kaamini and her intentions…..
    He is living his life with full of b***** misunderstandings…..

    I am thinking that someday it will be revealed Atharva is not Viplav’s son from Kaamini …..and atharva might not be son of Kaamini also… Because she treats that baby just like a pawn in her game ….
    Poor kid……
    I wish Viplav reunites with Dhaani….Vidha comes to Banaras along with ViDhaani ……. Kaamini gets out of their life as soon as possible…….and atharva gets true love of mom….. HAPPY FAMILY ??‍?‍?‍?

    1. Kavitha

      Ya sujie defenitely our cvs will take two n more years to complete these all sequences in ikrsikrs.let’s see how he can come over all this one by one by viplav.
      But I thought they will reveal every mystery of viplavs life when dhaani entered AN by marrying viplav.but they didn’t show these all revealing scene they shown at last of season one.but may be its continuity will be there in season two.let’s wait nwatch wat will happen.

    2. Arshdeep

      I dont think they are going to return banaras soon as dhani’s father is also shown in mumbai so the entire track to unite them will progress in mumbai only..??

      1. Nimisha

        Gosh I hope the never go back to AN,

        Dhani is supposed to be a strong character, she has her own business, she vowed she would never return so I hope she doesn’t give it all up to go back.

        Hopefully KT is plotting to get rid of kam, now that she has access the the safe. Hopefully they will find papers which prove DB changed her will and transferred all her inheritance to Viplav and not his Bahu.

        But even if it was to Viplavs Bahu, then that is Dhani.

        Someone tell them about the 7 year thing,

      2. Arshdeep

        I feel like its said na “laato ke bhoot baato se nahi mante”..same is the case with entire family at AN except viplav and dadi..infact at banaras (meant to include phoolchand too). So i would too definitely not like dhani to go back to AN. They were cruel…devils..and they will always remain the same. And so really wont like dhani to be in the same troubles as she was before.

        And if they all get to know that the property actually belongs to dhani now as per 7 years thing i am sure they are gonna treat her as the princess just for their mean purposes so that dhani could name the property on them. But hope she dont become naive all again and come in their talks??

        But will definitely enjoy KT on dhani’s foot begging..and treating her like a maharani..and yess DT too?????

  6. That is what we want to see Sujie ,the happy ending of Viplav Dhaani vidha story ,but Viplav had two years contract with film farm so the story end only next year may be August.

  7. kavitha. .. From two days I m missing to tell u… ur dp is sooper dooper cute kavitha. .
    cutie cutie vidha

  8. for sure it will be a dream sequence. .. may be of dhani… how ever stubborn she acts. .. She has to melt for vipus lovely love. .
    ishq ishq. .. rang rang…

  9. Siddhi

    Viplav is very cute.A big fan of Mishal Raheja ?

    1. Mariyam123

      Siddhi your dp is soo good. Loved the upper one. Mouni and Arun missing u both. U reminded me about my favourite serial naagin. Well when will post your horror ff on ikrs? Waiting eagerly for it

      1. Siddhi

        I will post today only.Actually I totally forgot about it and as you remembered me now will update it

      2. Siddhi

        And yeah mouni and arjun are my also favourite

  10. Kavitha

    Thank u saras vidha is really cutie. And ya as u said the olv is dream sequence I think.bcs our mahaan dhaani will won’t accept viplav as soon as possible.she very mahaan athma that she can forgive viplav to kamini stupid.
    Sry iam just emotional.i like ishita she is very gud actor that we hate very much as kamini.but I hate kamini irritates very much.

  11. Waiting eagerly for this weeks spoilers

    1. Mariyam123

      Even I. God knows what is kept for us this week

  12. Mariyam123

    Good afternoon friends. How r u all?

    1. Arshdeep

      Hey louella..!!!
      Howz the school going??

    2. Good afternoon

  13. Mariyam123

    Kavitha di how did your day go yesterday? Hope u had enjoyed
    And I must say your dp is too cute.

    1. Kavitha

      Ya my dear cutie it was good yesterday. And by best time is being with all u guys.that was really great.
      Thank u all very much for ur loving wishes.
      N vidha she is cute no one can change their eyes from her.that’s y this logo pic.

  14. Good afternoon Louella how u doing? How is ur school going?

    1. Mariyam123

      It’s too good dear. Thanks for asking

  15. Mariyam123

    Friends tomorrow is drawing competition and I have participated in it. Plz pray and wish me good luck. I m nervous and I need your wishes.

    1. Kavitha

      Hey cutie all the best for ur competition my dear.hope u do well.n prepare well.OK take care.

    2. all the best cutie.. even siri has drawing compilation tomm…

    3. Arshdeep

      All the best dear. ?
      God bless you?

  16. last line of ydays episode was too much to take. … poora parivar hoke bhee bilkul akele hai hum…

    oh viplav we are here poora ikrs family. .. aap akele kaise hosakte ho??

    Really he loved everyone truely but he is left lonely. …

    Please cvs don’t make us so sad…by making viplav sad always. ..

  17. Kavitha

    Guys any one have weekly spoiler pls.
    U know guys after a long time I was waiting for weekly spoilers.pls post it soon if having.

  18. They didn’t update any spoilers?

  19. wat a love viplav chanceless wata sizzling performance by viplav
    the dialge was awsomee
    then how honey bees is always rounds the flower to take honey
    the same way this kamini & parsiya is always around vidhannni
    today episode is most sadest episode viplav tears
    so sad poor viplav
    then today the mystrious man i think he is the father of dhanni
    the mystry of dulaari is soon going to reveal
    the soon kamini evil intention also will reveal

  20. I don’t understand one thing. .. y viplav has doubt if vidha is his daughter or not… she repeatedly says she has never met her papa n dhani always says vidha is only my daughter. . She never said she is someone else’s..

    Then y viplav y do u have any doubt! !! It’s nice she is wearing the chain given by vip…

  21. I want some more scenes of kt.. She is so good n funny. . y she has so less footage post leap??

  22. I think even dhanis dad is nice man like vip always roaming around with dularis photo. . One more devdas -:))

  23. Saras how can Viplav declare publicly because he did not know that Dhaani is pregnant before she left Banaras, so Dulaari or Kanak or Kamini should have reveale it ,but he guss that she is her daughter because of his attraction towards vidha and mannerism says him that she is definetly her daughter,but he is waiting that should be come from Dhaani.He tried in the school admission time but Dhaani denied it that they are not living together ,she did not even menssion his name as parent not only Viplav she did not even menssion surname Tripati also in school admission,I wonder every one has surname either mother or father otherwise how Childern come from this world ,I think Dhaani is so stupid and adamant she her self spoil her daughter,s future single parent Childern face so many problems in society( I know many such type of Childern feel depressed though they are rich,)Dhaani should have tell her daughter who is her father whether she likes it or not.

  24. Devga

    Oh gosh …. really heart feels the pain of viplav …. poor fellow don’t know his mistake and even earning to get back his love and his love’s symbol …. parshiya is also gud but he is blamed due to kamini ….
    Uffo confusions are less in ikrs that they brought a mysterious character….

  25. Good Afternoon everyone

  26. Ade1111

    Good Afternoon Everyone ???

  27. Arshdeep


    The episode starts with parshiya,vidha and dulaari coming in taxi to go to dhani. Parshiya says vidha is so happy. Vidha says so today you will make kheer as muma is coming home. Dulaari says your muma is coming so her favourite halwa will be made. Dulaari says i will make kheer for you later. Vidha says you make both. Dulaari agrees. Parshiya says for me rasgulla. Viplav come and asks where is patient to nurse. Nurse informs that patient is discharged and payment is also done. Viplav says so they could not wait even. He throws the flowers and goes. Dhani comes. Nurse tells that someone came to meet you and thrown these flowers when he heard about your discharge. Dhani looks at the flowers. Nurse says i will call him. Dhani stops her. Fb comes dhani telling viplav that whenever you will see these flowers remember me. Fb ends. Nurse says he seemed to be a close relative. Dhani says he was.. not now.

    Taxi driver phone rings. He says that riots have started. You go out and i have to take my taxi back. Parshiya asks him to leave till the hospital. Her discharge is there. Dulaari asks him to leave till there. Driver tells i have go back as riots are there. Vidha asks what is dange(riots)? Parshiya says nothing..time pass to disturb people. Vidha says i have to go to muma. Parshiya says yes we will go anyhow and asks her Not to worry.

    Riots are shown. People moving with swords burning cars and everything.

    Dhani comes and asks what is happening? Why are you closing the doors? The guard says mam there are riots outside so all doors of hospital are closed. Not to worry all are safe. Dhani insists to go out. Guard says he cant let her go out. Viplav comes and stops her. Dont you know riots are going on outside. She says vidha and maai is out with parshiya. Viplav says parshiya is there with them.

    Dhani and viplav come out. Viplav says cant you see. Everywhere there is fire..riots going on. Dhani says my maai and daughter is out. Viplav says she is my daughter too.

    Viplav and dhani are running on road. Some people are following them. They hide at a place. People come there and search for them. They go. Viplav and dhani are hiding. They look at each other. The goons beat innocent people badly and go. Viplav and dhani come out.

    Kamini calls viplav and thinks where he is? Dhani and viplav reach at a place. They sit down holding each other’s hands. They look at each other. Lakeero pe likh di judaai….Chandariya plays…. Viplav looks at dhani. Dhani looks at him and turns her face.

    Parshiya is on road trying to call dhani. His phone is not working. Many people come running towards parshiya with swords. He runs. Kamini tries calling viplav and worries. She calls DT and says here riots are going and your grandson is trapped. Dt says i will think something. Kanak comes and asks what happened? Dt tells about the riots in mumbai. He tries calling but the number does not connect.
    Dhani says no voice is coming now. Lets go outside. Viplav asks her to please stay here for some while and to trust him. Dhani says i have left to trust someone anymore. She tries to open the door. She feels dizzzy. Viplav carries her in arms and tries to wake her up. He says you are so strong. Please get up. Get up for vidha..for me.. he tries to call from her phone but no connection.
    Vidha asks dulaari that baba and muma did not come back home. Vidha says i have to go hospital. Dulaari says she will come home. Somone knocks the door. Dulaari worriedly opens the door. Parshiya comes in. Dulaari asks where is dhani. Parshiya says she is not at hospital. Vidha asks where is dhani. Parshiya says i will bring her. She has never done wrong with anyone. Nothing will happen to her.

    Vipkav rubs dhani hands and asks her to get up. Dhani says vidha…water… viplav brings water for her. Viplav holds her up. Dhani misunderstands him and says viplav what are you doing? Dont try to use the opportunity. Viplav says have you gone mad? You were unconscious and i was giving you water. Dhani says i dont need it, she goes. Ishq ka rang safed plays…

    Precap-Viplav stops her from going. Dhani says i have to go to vidha and my muma. I cant wait here. Viplav says you cant even stand properly how will you go. Dhani says i dont care about my life. Viplav says but i care..vidha cares..maai.. Dhani tries opening the door and the handle of door breaks. Viplav says this was the only way to go out and you have done wonders?

    1. Thank you Arshdeep☺

    2. Super ya thz for update…..s no need to wait?for hassan mam update

    3. Porkodi

      Thanks Arshi.. express update … moderators also posted it quickly… interesting episode…

      1. Mariyam123

        Yes was indeed an interesting episode.

    4. Mariyam123

      Arshi di thank u very much for the update

    5. Sujie

      Thanks Arshu for the update……
      How can Dhaani think Viplav will take her advantage …and do some hanky panky…????
      Does Dhaani know Viplav as some guy with cheap thoughts……kya he yard

      1. Mariyam123

        Really Dhaani is thinking this I can’t believe! She has changed fully with her face as well as her talks!

    6. Awwww thanks so much Archi ???

  28. Love you Arshdeep??????? xxx

  29. Great acting viplav mesmerizing

  30. thank u arshdeep

  31. Thanks for the update arsheep.
    Dhanni expressing nothing on her face it’s blank..

    1. Mariyam123

      Yes there were no expressions at all. Only she was moving her mouth. But Mishal was too good

  32. Mariyam123

    Saras mam wish your daughter siri also all the best from my side. By the way which class is she in?

  33. There are three mad people in this 1.kamini ( irrelevant ,cruel mad love for Viplav one side love ) 2. Dhaani. ( mad love of vidha and mad hate of Viplav . ) 3 .viplav ( mad for love of Dhaani )

    1. Mariyam123

      Agree with u mam. Poor Viplav! Cruel Kamini! Crazy Dhaani!

  34. very much disappointed with this story..they can also showed these track without leap..with mishal and eisha makes all these scenes more beautiful .. missing their amazing chemistry..viplav married kamini and has a child make this show a big flop..

  35. Mariyam123

    Arshi di school is going very good. But nervous about the exams. After one month r my exams and I m not at all prepared! Just think what type of girl I am!

    1. Siddhi

      Haha my exams will start from 11 July and I have also not at all prepared.We both are same ?

  36. Devga

    Thts so fast arshi …. gud work …. keep up … u update it as an analysis dear… chk on krpkab page were asmita update the episode as an analysis …. thn u too will become an author …. coz I deserve it…

  37. Mariyam123

    Everytime Parshiya gets trapped. Don’t know why the writers r back of him. Poor thing! He went to bring Dhaani back and got trapped himself!

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