Ishq Ka Rang Safed 27th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishq Ka Rang Safed 27th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Suwarna telling Dhaani that Tripurari is innocent and asks her to trust her. Dhaani says the matter is about the trust which Viplav does on me. She asks her to tell Tripurari to surrender to Police if she wants his betterment. In the night Dhaani is sleeping, someone comes wearing the blanket. Dhaani takes out the knife after waking up. The man happens to be Viplav. She asks what you are doing here? Viplav says he couldn’t sleep in his house and sleeps on her lap. Dhaani asks him to get up and go. Viplav says he is feeling peace on her lap. He asks why she is scolding him and asks to talk with love. Dhaani says I am not shouting and asks if he is mad? He asks her to come. Dhaani goes to make tea. Viplav reminiscences the old days. She says tea leaves are over. Viplav

says we shall go to the nearest tea stall and have tea. Dhaani asks him to get up else tea stall will be closed. They come to the tea stall and order two tea. Viplav sees Dhaani shivering and says you are feeling cold. He makes her wear his jacket. Ishq ka Rang safed plays………………..They look at each other lovingly. Dhaani thanks him for bringing her there. Viplav says I should thank you for supporting me and risking your life to take care of CD. Dhaani says you came to know as you was scared of Tripurari. Viplav says my baba’s killer is roaming freely. Dhaani says Tripurari will be punished for his sins.

Dasharath gets Tripurari’s call in the night. He says I am thinking to surrender to the police, and calls him Babu ji. He says he knows many secrets which he might reveal to police. He asks him to save him. Dasharath says I don’t get afraid of cheap people like you else I would have been Mahant Dasharath Tripathi. Tripurari says if he gets punished then he will not spare anyone. Dhaani and Viplav talk about the person who is the mastermind of Shambu’s murder. Viplav fears that the person is among his family member. Dhaani prays to Tulsi mata and asks for justice. Suwarna comes and gives prasad to Badi Amma. She tells Dhaani that she has prayed for Tripurari to save him, and says you people are my family too and asks her to understand her helplessness. Dhaani says I understand everything and apologizes for her behavior. Dasharath comes to meet Durga. Durga says I am sure that Tripurari is innocent and he can’t kill Shambu. Durga sends Suwarna to ge water. Dasharath says I don’t know what he can do? I just know that my name shouldn’t be ruined because of him. Durga says I understood and promises that his name will not ruined, else Tripurari will see my dead face. Dasharath says surely….Durga cries.

Outside the court. Viplav and Dhaani talk about Tripurari. Viplav gets call from Police station informing him that Tripurari have surrendered himself last night. Police brings Tripurari to court. Durga talks to Tripurari and gives him promise asking not to say anything against Dasharath or his family. Tripurari says I will tell truth only.

Court case begins. Viplav tells that Shambu was killed and tells that tripurari entered the house in night. He says Tripurari attacked Shambu from behind and twisted his neck and made him fall down. While he was fleeing from there, a blanket piece was torn and stuck to the window. Defence lawyer says this doesn’t proof that Tripurari had killed Shambu. Viplav says Tripurari is the killer and says he has proof against him.

Viplav tells Judge that Tripurari has compromised with the proofs. Tripurari says why I was blamed always if anything happens in his life. He says I am their family member and says he is Dasharath’s son. Dasharath coughs shockingly. Everyone looks at Dasharath.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. Ranaji

    What an precap?? Eppo than Tamil aerial type varuthu pa happy to see . hi saranya,fatarajo,Tamil, brity,BR mam and IKRS family members . this show should speed up and start marriage epi for viplav and dhaani they should call other TV actors also

      • Fatarajo

        I do agree with u Ranaji and Saran our Ranaji is a crazy ardent fan of MATSH right Ranaji , and I love all your MATSH ff 🙂

  2. Fatarajo

    Awwwwwww Vidhaani scenes were super cute love it can’t wait to watch it but I m confused about one thing doesn’t anyone knows that DT is Tripurari’s father m quite confused I thought everyone knew it, and finally Viplav is doing his job he was too lost in love for the few days 😛

  3. Sujie

    Hello friends…
    ViDhaani scenes in today’s episode made me happy……
    Comment your views on today’s episode friends 🙂

  4. hai my friends hai tamil,gya,sanran,BRmam,brity,lifna,gudiya,ammu,ranu,sonu,shri,AM,MM,
    joyee,radha,sujie,shwetha,shreya,louella,raj,SA,nisha,swara(varsha),divya,varsha darshini,akshay,mirsada,dilu,joona,aish,sandy,purple,rahul,prachi,arshi and others
    what is ur opinion on todays episode guys i liked vidhaani scene it was good

    pls don,t cancel any names

  5. hello my new friends shwetha,louella,SA,swara(varsha),varsha darshini,mirsada,dilu,
    jooma,aish, how r u a give me a reply that are u working or studying and from where u r

    • Swara.sss

      Hi varsha…
      I am bsc computer science student. …
      I am frm kerala……
      Actually now a days I enjoying days with my frnds …..

    • Mirsada

      Philo, namaste, I am from Bosnia and Hercegovina, live in Austria, the school i graduated 36 Years ago. Sad, widow’m 25 years. My life are my 2 daughter and grandson. My problem is i do not speak english.

  6. Anne

    The thing is..Viplav doesn’t have many family members, so take away Dasharath,Sushma and his sister that only leaves his mother who he knows hates Dhaani. I would like to know what Viplav is thinking at this moment,he doesn’t have many suspects.

  7. Louella

    Hi philo. I had throat pain and even cough. I just now read ur comment. Actually I m from India in Mumbai. Where r u from? And guys today’s episode vidhani scenes were very nice. I was so happy to see vidhani together drinking tea but that printed pyjama came in between. He is really a kabab ki haddi

  8. meghs

    today epi was fantastic…
    but what about precap… am sure no one believe tripurari is dhashrath son..hi joyee… br mam .. brity.varsha… saranaya.. swasthi.. sri.. sonu.. gudiya… kaviya.. sofe.. philo.. hrithu… purple n other ikrs fans.. tell ur opinion about epi

  9. aish

    Today’s episode is quite interesting especially vidhani scenes. For a lawyer like viplav I don’t expect him to have just a copy of the cd. Wow tp is revealing that he’s dashrath’s son. For today’s episode it’s bukhot. Hope my spelling is correct as am not an Indian

  10. aish

    Hi philo, I’m not studying or working, I’m a graduate buh I homeschool my kids. I from Nigeria. Buh u have to tell us about urself

  11. Saranya

    Hai Varsha,BR mam
    Sujie,Divya,Nisha and
    All my friends.

  12. AM

    Today’s episode was so good ….only and only for vidhani scenes ..too much cute …abhi scenes thora jada dikha raha hae as ikrs team is on holiday for 3 or 4 days … I saw it eisha’s fb page …? …she coming back to mumbai …so their shooting will start tomorrow …that why scene dragging ..otherwise spoiler wise it is one day late ..guys like eisha’s page on fb or follow her or instagram or if you are mishal fan then follow him on twitter ..He is only on twitter ???
    Share your thoughts about today’s episode guys fast ??
    bye guys ..see you tomorrow ?????

  13. sara

    hi friends. .
    I watched only first segment n found viplav very cute. . dhani was being little rude to him..

  14. Fatarajo

    Guys mention shows u r really crazy for and shows you like
    For me I m crazy for 3 shows :Ishq Ka rang Safed, Yeh Vaada Raha and Pyaar Ko Ho Jaane Do
    I like 3 shows : Zindagi Abhi baki hain mera ghost, Thapki Pyaar ki, tashan-e-Ishq
    Ironically the fan fiction of the shows I like have more comments than the shows of I m crazy of but I don’t mind 😛

    • Fatarajo

      For me
      1st priority: shows I m crazy for
      2nd priority: shows I like
      3rd priority: shows I watch sometimes

    • Sujie

      When YHM showed the chemistry between Ruhi AND ishita..and cute fights of IshRa ,I used to watch Ye hai mohabatein but nowadays i read updates only ……..
      Nowadays I am inclined towards IKRS only…. I read the updates, comment, write fan fictions…. You know I watch those lovely episodes when Viplav was staying in the ashram and when ViDhaani were in Piya’s home….. those episodes reflect the charming chemistry between Viplav and Dhaani…Love them a lot
      Cutie pie Mishal and Eisha and the whole team of IKRS is fabulous

      • Fatarajo

        I also liked YHM a lot was crazy about this show but now show is very boring I hope this day never comes for IKRS

    • sara

      I m crazy about ikrs
      I don’t like any other show now
      I sometimes watch swaragini n tpk..

      may be krishna dasi is good. . I have to wait for a while to watch it

    • Meghs

      Joyee as u know my fav r ikrs ..zbhmg .. Yeh Vada raha Tashan e ishq …
      N i like all ff of swaragini …

  15. Hi frnds gud evg .how was today’s episode nice na.I think today every one enjoyed vidhaani scene’s even I too enjoyed it.
    After long time vidhaani timings r awesome. This wat I expected in our show.
    Even viplav also remembered his past ashram life when they came to prepare tea(chain).
    That days of ashram scenes really amazing viplav.
    Not only u mishal we also enjoyed it a lot.
    And frnds tps dream was becoming true.
    He wants that his mother should be accepted by DT so revealed DTS and Durgas secret they were having illegal connection.
    But i don’t know one thing is viplav know everything about DT n durgas connection.
    And another MU that if tp accepts his mistake he will connect to DT instead of knk.I mean actual criminals r knk n tp,but tp reveals in court as DT n tp r criminal partners.
    This creates MU BT viplav n his dadaji.
    Already they created a confusion of someone of his family took part of shambus murderer.
    Guys wat is ur opinion.

  16. Todays episode was loaded with cuteness
    I literally like ? that scene when our vipu bhai puts dhaani’s thumb in his mouth ? like a small baby.

  17. meghs

    of course saranya now i actively comment
    now whenever i get time i will comment on ikrs regularly…
    i really missed u all…

  18. meghs

    hi guys after long time am commenting ikrs page missed u all ..

    guys where is brity n tamil.. yhen didnt comment

  19. meghs

    varsha i like both swasan n swalak ff.. but in serial i only like swasan ….. i comment all swaragini ff… as its once my favourite but now track is not good.. so i comment on ff…

  20. meghs

    varsha i like both swasan n swalak ff.. but in serial i only like swasan n ya i like swasan most….. i comment all swaragini ff… as its once my favourite but now track is not good.. so i comment on ff…

  21. meghs

    good night br mam.. varsha.. joyee.. geni.. hrithu.. sonu.. sri.. swasthi.. purple .. swara n all ikrs fans

  22. florentina moldovan

    hello,friends! Hi philo, sara, am,br,mm,sonu,akshay,saranya,swara.sss,sujie,fatarajo,rajee,meghs,louella, mirsada,anne, divya, kavya, kavytha and all the fans, especially the new ones.

  23. florentina moldovan

    I ENJOYED very much the romantic moment, superb. I THINK THIS twist never ends cause they all are involved-DT,KK,TRIP…This 3 will always blackmail each other …curious haw the makers will end this twist….

  24. prachi

    i just watched ikrs viplav look very handsome and vidhani scenes is very beautiful,it reminded me old episodes,same background music,same cute fighting but more add more colour to d scene.after a long tym i saw this beautiful scene.and DT’s truth is nt revelaed so early,although tripurari saying truth ,VIPLAV MAY NT BLV THIS THING OR dt may b diverse this truth in some other way.i think so.wat r ur opinions frnds..

  25. Anne

    Fatarajo.I think the same as you.I always thought everyone knew Triparari was Dasharaths son.I thought that was the reason they didn’t like him???!

  26. Mirsada

    Viplav will be greatly disappointed when he finds out the truth who is behind all the problems, the war criminals, Dt, Kn, Tr. Truth must Win.Suwarna is rude,naive, stupid and selfish, it’s thanks to her VIDHA saved my life. He knows well what Tr and now defent it, unbelievable.

  27. Gennipher

    I can’t bear this pain. Don’t misunderstand me that I am putting my personal matter here and get sympathy, I said the to u all bcz as I can’t say this to anyoneelse bcz no one knows this. I am said this to u all ad I can’t bear it. I am dying inside. Sorrryy

    • Rajee

      Arre Why to say sorry??? We share to whom we care. U shared ur pain becoz u trust us..that means a lot..& mind it nothing in this world is permanent. Today smthing bad happened means next time smthing very good is going to happen to calm down & chill..bygone is bygone.just becoz of others don’t spoil your precious health & mind. Life is short…live it to the fullest..enjoy every moment… Take care…

  28. sara

    I don’t think vip knows tp is dt’s son. . he thinks jis dadaji is a great man. .. he will feel extremely bad of he knows dadaji cheated his princess (daadi)…
    anyways it will not be revealed so soon some other twist will come to mask this I think

  29. sara

    I too loved vidhani’s scenes.. viplav was so sweet to come to ashram in the night n finally dhani agreed to go out in the night with him. . itni meharbaan hogayi hsmare hero par…
    I felt age could have let him sleep on ger lap for a minute at least he said he felt so relieved there but she was bit rude to him hahaha. .

    anyways she went out with him so no complaints. ..

  30. Fatarajo

    Hi all I m super happy today as I got my first choice Electronics, Computer and Communications engineering and that too is the nearest institution from my house 🙂

  31. Saranya

    Hey mirsada,don’t say that u don’t know English.u speak really well.and still if u feel that u are not good at it,i have a solution,keep commenting and commenting in English.i am damn sure u will speak English like a native English.try’ll definitely work.

  32. Saranya

    I am sure Dhani should have made a marathon today morning again as there was no tea dust. Poor ashram ladies,they should have waited for some time for drink tea.dhani is always remembering her wakil babu now and no time for thinking about other matters.

  33. Saranya

    1000w bulb was burning in my lips when i was seeing vidha scenes.mishal was so cute once again in that scene.when dhani looked at her and asked him what with her brows,mishal just gave a killing expression back.oh how cute.we want these to continue.

  34. Saranya

    Guys,i like to support tp in gaining his natural rights,i know it’ll be very dangerous for our Vidha as he will start living with Dt if dt admits him as his son.still i support him as our Vipu is smart enough to resist and spoil all his plotting along with vampire.i think 95% of tp’s bad behaviour came from the thinking that being in the presence of his father he is all alone without proper identity and luv from’s true that dt is positive now but he was negative and used his own son for many bad one of the early episodes dt told sushama that he gave him an incomplete son and she is useless.if it is the case he must accept durga as she gave him a complete son.afterall durga being a woman deserves atleast this.

    • sara

      totally agree with you ..
      I too feel bad for tripurari’s truth.. his own father treats him like second grade citizen hits him etc make me also feel very sad.. I had mentioned it sometime ago in my comments too. .

      actually dt should pay for his misdeeds with durga n tripurari. ..

      if viplav comes to know he is dt’s son he will definitely fight for his rights with his own dadaji.. he always stands for truth n humanity. ..

  35. AM

    Hi friends ..good morning all ..??????????…how are you all ….
    I have one topic to discuss …plz guys comment about this …
    why you love ishq ka rang safed??? What attract you before the show start ???why you start to watching this wonderful and exceptional love story ???…
    my answer is …
    1. I love this concept about the strong story of widow remarriage …
    2.the star cast …specially mishal …my mom recognised him as datta bhau …

    Comment guys fast … ????????????

    • Saranya

      Hai AM and my answer is;
      1.i am attracted towards its theme from promo especially from promo dialogue.
      2.i was sure that it’s going to be a wonderful luv story.

    • Fatarajo

      I got a no.of reasons:
      1) chemistry of the leads
      2)background music
      3)no unrealistic or supernatural stuffs
      4)good concept
      5)acting of the cast
      I just love this show because of these things a lot

    • raj

      i love this show bcz ishq ka rang safed. hey just 4 fun
      i like very much for the back ground music and first time different story in the colors

      • Swara.sss

        Hii…for me it’s title
        Isq ka rang safed..when I first heard it was like…what…white..but how. .it’s something different na?
        next thing is love. .most of the serials are showing love after marriage.
        .and also the theme widow that too in banaras…it’s something riski na…
        And our cast they make me crazy(including kanak)

      • AM

        @ammu …I already posted it …it was in 25th January …see there or I say it …
        Thursday …
        viplav is thinking which family member is behind all of this. ..
        viplav clarify his misunderstanding with Dhani ….

        Saturday …
        viplav decided to marry Dhani to put an end of their misunderstanding ….

        eye catchy episode is on Saturday …see it sure .. 🙂

    • Sujie

      Hello AM…
      I like following things about IKRS the most:
      1. Viplav and Dhaani’s scene
      2. The concept of the show that depicts widows have also the right to be happy and they are not at all inauspicious … they have the right to live their life.
      3. The whole cast is awesome…. Both the protagonist and antagonists have mastered in portraying the role..
      4. Mishal’s cute smile…
      5. Soothing background musics …. Dheere dheere, mere ishq ka rang safed and alll…….

  36. florentina moldovan

    GOOD MORNING FRIENDS.on my place is 6 am so i tell you good morning! I started watch IKRS since i saw the promo when i watched Balika vadhu.I didn t know who are the actors but something was atracting me very strong! Dhani,so innocent,crying and Viplav defending her…i think was the 2 week Of IKRS! and look at me now-i am addicted of this drama! love the concept and the pair! They are so….different of any other drama and actors!

  37. florentina moldovan

    Sara, i loved your spoiler yesterday but i couldnt find time to reply to you! you are very good! haha! Siri is so sweet name! And i dont think you lost your sense of humour , you just hidden it!

  38. Hi ikrs gud mrg to every one.sorry I can’t mention all names because our family is too I’ll just mention simply like this.
    Gud mrg dear ikrs have nice day.

  39. And am this my ans for u dear
    First time when I watched the ikrs scene was dhaani puts her hand on lamp when viplav rescues dhaani when she immersed in ganga.
    And viplavs engagement breaks
    Then I used to watch ikrs continuously for 2 to 3 weeks up to asharm scenes then I got full of eagerness to watch wat was happened before he rescues her and watched the show continously from 1st to last and I downloaded the show also.
    Now when iam bored and feeling stress I will watch ikrs only.
    And when I miss the show I’ll usually watch this updates only.then I saw some people commenting here so i also joined iam ikrs family member .iam really happy to share this with u .thanku am.for ur question this makes me to share my feelings about ikrs.
    I really luv this ikrs page and ikrs show.
    And this my ikrs story.

    • Sujie

      yes kavitha… those scenes were simply awesome…. i got attracted to IKRS after watching the last part of the 17th august’s episode where Viplav rescues Dhaani

  40. This show tells the people like dhaani and who r backward till now in this 21st century also .should
    come forward and think forward about their future and personal rights and fight towards be Independent .
    And i think this widow remarriage based story attracts every one to watch this show.not only the story our cute vidhaanis acting skills ,chemistry,and this story direction everything tells the show is really awesome and mesmerising people with its own ikrs rocks always.
    Guys I don’t comment in any another shows page .only ikrs I do.

  41. Frnds this is my opinion about ikrs and pls discuss ur opinions about ikrs y it attracts u to watch it.
    Am u got nice idea to discuss. And we all come know how n y people luv ikrs show.

  42. And now I was watch ikrs current off.very irritating. That too in middle of vidhaani scenes.I hate this Current. How cute couple our vidhaani.viplav and dhaani ur the rock star of small screen .
    And frnds this week maha episode was tkpk.iam expecting next week must be our ikrs.pls ikrs team we want SPL episode also pls contribute for us.we want to watch ikrs on Sunday also.luv u ikrs.

    • Fatarajo

      I knew it! I had a feeling that this week tv ka blockbuster will be of TPK, I wonder when will they show IKRS tv ka blockbuster

  43. Saranya

    Hey Raj,u are really funny,are u calling me comedy princess.super,super.but i just loved that name.thanks for the compliment.

  44. Hi saranya and joyee can I also join with u for ice cream party because I also luv ice creams that too ikrs party icecreams it’ll very funny.can I join u frnds.

  45. Rajee

    Good morning to all my dear friends!
    I have never been intrigued by any daily soap b4 but there was smthing very spl
    feeling that I can’t describe. @ d 1st sight I fell in love with eisha.I found her very cute like a small baby.Although Mishal was not looking that much good in promos but I cud feel that this guy wud b a very good actor as I can read face to some extent.
    And my god those epic promo dialogues….
    Just irresistible.

    • Saranya

      Hai Rajee,and i saw your compliment in my princess page.thank u so much and i think anyone can do this if we have a control over time.right?

      • Rajee

        Yes saran u r absolutely right as once upon a time I also used to do multi task becoz of circumstances…. Which was one of the lowest phase for me & my family..

  46. Saranya

    I don’t know what magic happends when one gets into serials and cinemas.once they gets into it their full appearence change.they grows extremely beautiful/handsome/stylish.let’s take our show as an eg:
    See first epi and ystdy epi u can clearly understand the difference.eisha grew mature and beautiful than before.her voice also changed.about mishal,i like previous. mishal a lot.but yesterday in vidhani scene he was so cute and handsome.

    • AM

      yes ..eisha became very mature doing this show ….and mishal as usual awesome ….yesterday he was too much good ….dialogues and expression of his is like a small boy like me 😛 😛 ..hahahaha 😛 😛 😛 ……very funny and cute vidhani scenes in ashram ….

  47. Fatarajo

    Today I was talking to my aunt from overseas and she was talking about hindi serials, I ask her what u were doing she say while wtaching TPK my BP increased how can someone just do like that she crazy? 😛 and then I ask her you watch IKRS she say yes it my fav show
    Even my aunt’s fav show is IKRS she say she missed yesterday’s episode and then I told her what happend 😛

  48. Sonu

    HI friends yesterday I missed first two part of IKRS. In our area that time power cut occured. Feeling so sad, thats why i am not commented still now, i am simply read all comments of my ikrs friends.

    • Rajee

      Hi Sonu me too missed the most imp part. After reading the WU & all comments I am very excited to watch the lovely vidhani scene.from yesterday night I am trying to watch online but in vain. ..hey bhagwan plz help..

  49. Sonu

    HI Joyee, where is your treat? when your 10th result published that time i asked for the traet, but u are not respond it. I hope now u must give treat to me and our ikrs family.

  50. Sonu

    HI my dear friends BR mam, Shri, Saru, Sara, Sana, Sandy, AM, MM, Joyee, MEghs, Florentina, Louella, ANNE, Renu, Jyoti, Aksay, Sofe, Genni, Hritya, Nisha, Marees, VArsha, TAmil, Gudiya, Marine, Vaishnavi, Raj, Rajee, Ranaji, Kavi, Kaviya, Dilu, Prachi, Sujie, ArShi, Joona and all of ikrs fans.
    How are u all?

  51. Sonu

    Hi Megha how are you dear? Exam yella mugitha? Thumba kushi aaytu nin comments nodi. Heege comments maadta iru..

  52. Frnds in today’s episode I liked viplavs conversation in court scene it was really awesome.he feels for his fathers death when he was explaining details of case.mishal ur the expression king yaar.

  53. aish

    Hi friends, firstly I’m in love with Indian serials, secondly dhani and viplav are jodi. presently IKRS is my best serial bcos in tpk and swaragini which I also love, a bad thing happened which I hate and made me to hate them which is the switching of husband.
    IKRS is the best

  54. Sonu

    @ GENNI, What happened Genni? Don’t say like that, (i mean u are getting simpathy from us). Here we are all friends yaar, what is the problem? please tell your problem to us, then you must get relief yaar. PLease Genni, don’t cry..

  55. AM

    hii guys …reading chemistry but it is going over my head 😛 ….I hate chemistry ….
    but I can read physics ,computer science every time..loved it …very interesting …but mom scold me for reading physics every time 😛 😛 …now it is enough reading of chemistry I took a break and come here for refreshment …. 😉 😉 …feeling better 😛 😛

  56. Sonu

    @ Dilu, hi friend, here no one can not forget u. Keep commenting. Can I know are student or working? Where r u from?

  57. Sonu

    HI SHRI, what happened? Innu hushar aagilwa? PLease dear atleast make one comment per day. Take care, miss u Gelathi…..

  58. Ya saran definitely dhaani have differences in first r previous n recent episodes. Because she didn’t do makeups at all in first episodes. And now she was fully makeover through these episodes.there may be differences in story also. At first she was alone and there is less make over and now she is in love with viplav n also engaged ,so thoda makeover tho bantha haina.

  59. Sonu

    @ AM, I am inspired from, promo and its dialouge – TUM UPARWAALE DUVA MANG RAHI HAI, HUM USS SE TUM. and i liked cute princess Dhani and Viplav’s expression. Story theme is different from other serials, thats why I started to watch it.

    • Rajee

      Yes Sonu the promo dialogues were enough to attract…when I hear these dialogues… kuchh kuchh hota hai Sonu, tum nahin samjhogi….
      Even b4 the show started once obliviously I used that dialogue ” hum tumhe apna banake rahenge” while shopping online…
      This is how the promo dialogues made a place in my mind & heart….

      • Sonu

        Yes Rajee, we are all deeply addicted to IKRS. Thumari voo dialogue bilkul sach and funny hai. LOVE IKRS…

  60. Hi sonu dear we r all fine watching ikrs wat about u dear.ya sonu I also liked that tag line for ikrs.TUM UPAR WALE SE DUVA MANG RAHEHO AUR HUM TUME.wah kya dialogue haina.

    • Rajee

      Sonu I feel dhani is wearing white as just now viplav’s father died so it is a sad & difficult time for vidhani.. & dhani used to wear colorful saree which were given by viplav’s family for marriage rituals. Now as shambhu is not there dhani is wearing white saree to show homage.this is my opinion.

  61. Louella

    Hi sonu I m not feeling well yaar. I was reading all the comments so that I will feel little better. I just read ur comment that’s why I replied. Hi friends how r u all?

  62. Louella

    U r right sonu. This moderation is not there now. Guys plz comment as fast as u can before this bethal again comes and disturbs us

  63. Louella

    Ya sonuI also observed. Today when I was watching the repeat of ikrs, I told my grandma that Dhani is nowadays wearing white saree with a beautiful border. Even my grandma is a big fan of ikrs and everyday she watches ikrs and tpk with me

  64. Swara.sss

    Louella I also observed it ..I think it’s because” isk ka rang safed”hey na?…
    And my mom and grandma are fan of ikrs..and my mother try to wear saree like kanak but she failed…and all ways says it’s because of my mom’s evil eye kanak become widow…
    And she used pout. Then we will burst to laugh. ..

    • Sonu

      So funny Swara, I think now a days, i mean KT became widow, most of the womens are missed DRAMA QUEENS make up. Even I also missed her make up, color saree, lot of ornaments. She looks good in that costumes..

  65. sara

    I watch only colors in entertainment channels. . though I try others I never liked any sites in any other channels.
    I try to follow all new serials coming on colors. .

    I was very touched with the first promo where they show dhani in red saree .. breaking bangles etc .. .. so b thought of watching this also. .. I had not liked mishal in promo at all n wondering which hero is this looks like tapori..
    I happen to watch glimpse of few epidodes n liked acting of everyone including dt n kanak…

    even when I would not watch episodes I used to read the updates here to know what’s happening. . and used to read some comments .. slowly got tempted to comment back that’s how got totally addicted to this group. .

    • Rofl tapori 😛 XD when I saw the promo I got so freaked up when I saw the lead Mishal Raheja, he reminded me of Rayden from Mortal Kombat 😛 I told my mom like this and then while watching my mom also say in beginning she could not tolerate Viplav’s face now it’s okay looks like acting helped him 😛

  66. Louella

    Hi friends where r u all? Why our comments r decreasing day by day. Today we have to make it till 200. So friends I have a question to u all to increase our comments. Which is the saddest moment in ikrs which made u also sad and which is the happiest moment in ikrs which made u very happy. My answer is :Saddest moment-1) Shambhu’s death
    2) Misunderstandings between vidhani.
    Happiest moment: 1) Love confession of vidhani
    2) Ashram scenes with naughty viplav
    3) Viplav’s romance at sarla kaki’s house
    reply to my question above

  67. Rajee

    I want to dedicate one song to vidhani which I like from movie loveshuda sung by one of my fav singer atif aslam-
    “Kash who pal paida hi na ho,
    Jis pal mein nazar tu na aye..
    Agar kahin aisa pal ho,
    Toh ish pal mein mar jayen..
    Mar jayen …mar jayen…mar jayen”
    I find this song very soothing .

  68. Rajee

    My fav on screen jodi are srk- kajol, Rk- deepika& Mishal-eisha but Misha @ no.1
    Viplav- dhani( mishal- eisha) super cute jodi…

  69. Sonu

    Guys don’t get angry on me. In yesterday’s episode I am not satisfied by VIPU’s lawyer role. In court no arguments b/w Vipu and other lawyer &no cross questions to TP. TP chupchap se smile karke kadi rahi hai. I think in today’s episode must be arguements or cross question to TP happen.
    Director sir please add this some fact to serial when vipu in lawyer. It may also shows other talents of VIPU.

  70. Shri



    sonu wr’s BR???

  71. Anyone listened to the latest hindi song it’s very nice if I m not wrong the name of the song is sanam re I love that song a lot, sanam re sanam re tu mere sanam hua re Karam re Karam re Tera mujh pe Karam huware ooooooo……. Ooooooooo….. Oooooooooo……

  72. Saranya

    Hey Sonu i am super .sorry for the late reply.i went for an outing.and what about u?now a days comments at night are very less.what happened,busy?

  73. Ya rajee even I also luv mishal n eisha jodi they r rockstar of small screen as I already mentioned in my comments.
    Mishal his smile was so cute.
    Eisha her angry face also cute.
    And both mishal n eisha their chins are very cute.i like it very much.
    If they r near by I uses to drag their chins first.that much cute.

  74. Saranya

    Ya,Rajee my fav.on screen jodis are; Sharukh-kajol
    Mishal-eisha(now most fav.)

  75. Saranya

    And Louella u know my saddest moment was that moment in which tp tried out his new style by leaving printed pyjama behind.
    And happiest moment is when tp enjoys laddu with kanak.just joking yaar.

    • Sonu

      HAhahha Saru, first one i.e sad moment is superb yar,lol..Now a days u are started to giving a good jokes yaar, keep it up dear..

  76. Rahul

    Hello guys……how are you all ……my exams were finished… going to my home town and to meet purple

  77. Mithu

    Hi IKRS Family,

    Am great fan of this show and used to read all your comments daily. I wish to say all of you a hi and would like to join in this IKRS. IKRS rocks!!!

  78. Meghs

    Hi joyee .. Varsha .. saranya .. Kavitha .. Sonuu ..sri mam… Genni.. Hrithu…AM… Sofe .. Akshay n all ikrs fans
    How r u all ..
    Am just now came back from college ….

  79. Swara

    My saddest moment is when dhani burnt all the stuff of viplav in front him including that cycle. ..which I like the most…I feel so sad in that day…..
    And happiest day is viplav trying to say I…I…..I…….and dhanni asking kon I…..
    Both of them rock it…and another moment is viplav mistakenly said I love u to dhulari…that also….

  80. Sujie

    I felt happy when:
    Viplav and Dhaani were stuck and their car was being repaired
    Viplav and Dhaani had their cute fights and romance in ashram and Sarla Kaki’s home
    Viplav rescued Dhaani and his blood filled Dhaani’s hairlline
    Viplav and Dhaani confessed their love
    I hope there are more happy moments between ViDhaani in upcoming days …..

    Sad moment: When Dhaani did not trust Viplav and threw the bridal dress given by him.
    When Shambhu died

Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.

Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.