Ishq Ka Rang Safed 27th January 2016 Written Episode Update


Ishq Ka Rang Safed 27th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Suwarna telling Dhaani that Tripurari is innocent and asks her to trust her. Dhaani says the matter is about the trust which Viplav does on me. She asks her to tell Tripurari to surrender to Police if she wants his betterment. In the night Dhaani is sleeping, someone comes wearing the blanket. Dhaani takes out the knife after waking up. The man happens to be Viplav. She asks what you are doing here? Viplav says he couldn’t sleep in his house and sleeps on her lap. Dhaani asks him to get up and go. Viplav says he is feeling peace on her lap. He asks why she is scolding him and asks to talk with love. Dhaani says I am not shouting and asks if he is mad? He asks her to come. Dhaani goes to make tea. Viplav reminiscences the old days. She says tea leaves are over. Viplav

says we shall go to the nearest tea stall and have tea. Dhaani asks him to get up else tea stall will be closed. They come to the tea stall and order two tea. Viplav sees Dhaani shivering and says you are feeling cold. He makes her wear his jacket. Ishq ka Rang safed plays………………..They look at each other lovingly. Dhaani thanks him for bringing her there. Viplav says I should thank you for supporting me and risking your life to take care of CD. Dhaani says you came to know as you was scared of Tripurari. Viplav says my baba’s killer is roaming freely. Dhaani says Tripurari will be punished for his sins.

Dasharath gets Tripurari’s call in the night. He says I am thinking to surrender to the police, and calls him Babu ji. He says he knows many secrets which he might reveal to police. He asks him to save him. Dasharath says I don’t get afraid of cheap people like you else I would have been Mahant Dasharath Tripathi. Tripurari says if he gets punished then he will not spare anyone. Dhaani and Viplav talk about the person who is the mastermind of Shambu’s murder. Viplav fears that the person is among his family member. Dhaani prays to Tulsi mata and asks for justice. Suwarna comes and gives prasad to Badi Amma. She tells Dhaani that she has prayed for Tripurari to save him, and says you people are my family too and asks her to understand her helplessness. Dhaani says I understand everything and apologizes for her behavior. Dasharath comes to meet Durga. Durga says I am sure that Tripurari is innocent and he can’t kill Shambu. Durga sends Suwarna to ge water. Dasharath says I don’t know what he can do? I just know that my name shouldn’t be ruined because of him. Durga says I understood and promises that his name will not ruined, else Tripurari will see my dead face. Dasharath says surely….Durga cries.

Outside the court. Viplav and Dhaani talk about Tripurari. Viplav gets call from Police station informing him that Tripurari have surrendered himself last night. Police brings Tripurari to court. Durga talks to Tripurari and gives him promise asking not to say anything against Dasharath or his family. Tripurari says I will tell truth only.

Court case begins. Viplav tells that Shambu was killed and tells that tripurari entered the house in night. He says Tripurari attacked Shambu from behind and twisted his neck and made him fall down. While he was fleeing from there, a blanket piece was torn and stuck to the window. Defence lawyer says this doesn’t proof that Tripurari had killed Shambu. Viplav says Tripurari is the killer and says he has proof against him.

Viplav tells Judge that Tripurari has compromised with the proofs. Tripurari says why I was blamed always if anything happens in his life. He says I am their family member and says he is Dasharath’s son. Dasharath coughs shockingly. Everyone looks at Dasharath.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. HI SHRI, what happened? Innu hushar aagilwa? PLease dear atleast make one comment per day. Take care, miss u Gelathi…..

  2. Ya saran definitely dhaani have differences in first r previous n recent episodes. Because she didn’t do makeups at all in first episodes. And now she was fully makeover through these episodes.there may be differences in story also. At first she was alone and there is less make over and now she is in love with viplav n also engaged ,so thoda makeover tho bantha haina.

  3. @ AM, I am inspired from, promo and its dialouge – TUM UPARWAALE DUVA MANG RAHI HAI, HUM USS SE TUM. and i liked cute princess Dhani and Viplav’s expression. Story theme is different from other serials, thats why I started to watch it.

    1. Yes Sonu the promo dialogues were enough to attract…when I hear these dialogues… kuchh kuchh hota hai Sonu, tum nahin samjhogi….
      Even b4 the show started once obliviously I used that dialogue ” hum tumhe apna banake rahenge” while shopping online…
      This is how the promo dialogues made a place in my mind & heart….

      1. Yes Rajee, we are all deeply addicted to IKRS. Thumari voo dialogue bilkul sach and funny hai. LOVE IKRS…

  4. Hi sonu dear we r all fine watching ikrs wat about u dear.ya sonu I also liked that tag line for ikrs.TUM UPAR WALE SE DUVA MANG RAHEHO AUR HUM TUME.wah kya dialogue haina.

    1. Hann Kavi, that tag line is so superb, that dialouge touches my heart.

    2. i agree…in the promo also … and when ViDhaani were returning to Banaras but couldnt due to some calamity I gues….RIGHT???????

  5. Hey Dilu,how can we forget u?u are our friend.pls keep commenting yaar.

    1. Hi Saru, how are u? had lunch?

  6. HI friends, our Bethal moderation leave us. Common make comment as soon as fast.

  7. Friends r u observe? now a days Dhani wearings only White color saree, why? you have any guess?

    1. Sonu I feel dhani is wearing white as just now viplav’s father died so it is a sad & difficult time for vidhani.. & dhani used to wear colorful saree which were given by viplav’s family for marriage rituals. Now as shambhu is not there dhani is wearing white saree to show homage.this is my opinion.

  8. Hi sonu I m not feeling well yaar. I was reading all the comments so that I will feel little better. I just read ur comment that’s why I replied. Hi friends how r u all?

  9. Hi dilu we can never forget u. Just keep commenting

  10. U r right sonu. This moderation is not there now. Guys plz comment as fast as u can before this bethal again comes and disturbs us

  11. Ya sonuI also observed. Today when I was watching the repeat of ikrs, I told my grandma that Dhani is nowadays wearing white saree with a beautiful border. Even my grandma is a big fan of ikrs and everyday she watches ikrs and tpk with me

  12. Louella I also observed it ..I think it’s because” isk ka rang safed”hey na?…
    And my mom and grandma are fan of ikrs..and my mother try to wear saree like kanak but she failed…and all ways says it’s because of my mom’s evil eye kanak become widow…
    And she used pout. Then we will burst to laugh. ..

    1. So funny Swara, I think now a days, i mean KT became widow, most of the womens are missed DRAMA QUEENS make up. Even I also missed her make up, color saree, lot of ornaments. She looks good in that costumes..

      1. Sonu. .and now even I am thinking about kanak’s remarriage. ..

  13. Hey swara.sss can i call u swara because swara.sss is a very difficult word to type

  14. Of course louella….
    And u can call as ur wish

  15. Hey both of u pink pink( its pink or red???) Sara& Louella.. Pink or red whatever but very bright..

    1. I also realized this Rajee

  16. I watch only colors in entertainment channels. . though I try others I never liked any sites in any other channels.
    I try to follow all new serials coming on colors. .

    I was very touched with the first promo where they show dhani in red saree .. breaking bangles etc .. .. so b thought of watching this also. .. I had not liked mishal in promo at all n wondering which hero is this looks like tapori..
    I happen to watch glimpse of few epidodes n liked acting of everyone including dt n kanak…

    even when I would not watch episodes I used to read the updates here to know what’s happening. . and used to read some comments .. slowly got tempted to comment back that’s how got totally addicted to this group. .

    1. Rofl tapori 😛 XD when I saw the promo I got so freaked up when I saw the lead Mishal Raheja, he reminded me of Rayden from Mortal Kombat 😛 I told my mom like this and then while watching my mom also say in beginning she could not tolerate Viplav’s face now it’s okay looks like acting helped him 😛

  17. Hi friends where r u all? Why our comments r decreasing day by day. Today we have to make it till 200. So friends I have a question to u all to increase our comments. Which is the saddest moment in ikrs which made u also sad and which is the happiest moment in ikrs which made u very happy. My answer is :Saddest moment-1) Shambhu’s death
    2) Misunderstandings between vidhani.
    Happiest moment: 1) Love confession of vidhani
    2) Ashram scenes with naughty viplav
    3) Viplav’s romance at sarla kaki’s house
    reply to my question above

    1. I agree with you Louella……

    2. Saddest moment- When dhaani slapped viplav due to misunderstandings.
      Shambu’s death……
      Happiest moment- Dhaani confessing her love and after confession vidhaani scenes

  18. I want to dedicate one song to vidhani which I like from movie loveshuda sung by one of my fav singer atif aslam-
    “Kash who pal paida hi na ho,
    Jis pal mein nazar tu na aye..
    Agar kahin aisa pal ho,
    Toh ish pal mein mar jayen..
    Mar jayen …mar jayen…mar jayen”
    I find this song very soothing .

  19. My fav on screen jodi are srk- kajol, Rk- deepika& Mishal-eisha but Misha @ no.1
    Viplav- dhani( mishal- eisha) super cute jodi…

  20. Hi friends plz reply to my question above

  21. Guys don’t get angry on me. In yesterday’s episode I am not satisfied by VIPU’s lawyer role. In court no arguments b/w Vipu and other lawyer &no cross questions to TP. TP chupchap se smile karke kadi rahi hai. I think in today’s episode must be arguements or cross question to TP happen.
    Director sir please add this some fact to serial when vipu in lawyer. It may also shows other talents of VIPU.



    sonu wr’s BR???

  23. Anyone listened to the latest hindi song it’s very nice if I m not wrong the name of the song is sanam re I love that song a lot, sanam re sanam re tu mere sanam hua re Karam re Karam re Tera mujh pe Karam huware ooooooo……. Ooooooooo….. Oooooooooo……

  24. Louella-i like the last one of happiest moment

  25. Hey Sonu i am super .sorry for the late reply.i went for an outing.and what about u?now a days comments at night are very less.what happened,busy?

  26. Ya rajee even I also luv mishal n eisha jodi they r rockstar of small screen as I already mentioned in my comments.
    Mishal his smile was so cute.
    Eisha her angry face also cute.
    And both mishal n eisha their chins are very cute.i like it very much.
    If they r near by I uses to drag their chins first.that much cute.

  27. Ya,Rajee my fav.on screen jodis are; Sharukh-kajol
    Mishal-eisha(now most fav.)

  28. And Louella u know my saddest moment was that moment in which tp tried out his new style by leaving printed pyjama behind.
    And happiest moment is when tp enjoys laddu with kanak.just joking yaar.

    1. HAhahha Saru, first one i.e sad moment is superb yar,lol..Now a days u are started to giving a good jokes yaar, keep it up dear..

  29. I am sad, why trp so low,i can not believe. ????????????

  30. Hello guys……how are you all ……my exams were finished… going to my home town and to meet purple

  31. Hi IKRS Family,

    Am great fan of this show and used to read all your comments daily. I wish to say all of you a hi and would like to join in this IKRS. IKRS rocks!!!

    1. hai mithu u r welcomed to IKRS family

  32. Hi joyee .. Varsha .. saranya .. Kavitha .. Sonuu ..sri mam… Genni.. Hrithu…AM… Sofe .. Akshay n all ikrs fans
    How r u all ..
    Am just now came back from college ….

  33. Shri, happy to see your comments yaar, how are you? BR in SRIRANGAM. Take care Gelathi..

  34. My saddest moment is when dhani burnt all the stuff of viplav in front him including that cycle. ..which I like the most…I feel so sad in that day…..
    And happiest day is viplav trying to say I…I…..I…….and dhanni asking kon I…..
    Both of them rock it…and another moment is viplav mistakenly said I love u to dhulari…that also….

  35. I felt happy when:
    Viplav and Dhaani were stuck and their car was being repaired
    Viplav and Dhaani had their cute fights and romance in ashram and Sarla Kaki’s home
    Viplav rescued Dhaani and his blood filled Dhaani’s hairlline
    Viplav and Dhaani confessed their love
    I hope there are more happy moments between ViDhaani in upcoming days …..

    Sad moment: When Dhaani did not trust Viplav and threw the bridal dress given by him.
    When Shambhu died

  36. Ya mithu u always welcome in our ikrs family.keep on commenting my dear.

  37. y no updates for today

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