Ishq Ka Rang Safed 27th April 2016 Written Episode Update


Ishq Ka Rang Safed 27th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Dashrath gives all his rights to Sati Rani (Dadi Bua). Everyone in the house was shocked at the news, while the rituals of power transfer performed by Pandit ji. Dadi Bua addresses everyone, she had appointed Dashrath on this seat two decades ago, but now he wants to spend his life peacefully. She respects his desires and is thankful to them all.
Dadi Bua comes to her room when Dhaani and Viplav come in, for something important. He apologizes Dadi Bua as elders forgive their children, she had promised to be with him always. Dhaani was ready for any punishment, Dadi Bua holds a stick deterring to beat him now. Viplav and Dhaani were ready for this punishment, Dadi Bua breaks into crying and throws the stick away. Viplav heads to leave, Dadi Bua stops him, then asks him to go, he takes advantage

as she is weak at heart. Dhaani assures they will never hurt her respect again. Dadu Bua hugs Viplav. Dhaani takes blessings, Dashrath and Kanak were enraged at this outside. Viplav asks Dashrath to apologize as well, Dadi Bua is in a good mood. He sends Dhaani to bring sweet for celebration. He discuss his plan about a two day outing with Dhaani, Dashrath allows. Viplav cheers.
Dashrath and Kanak come inside, he tells Dadi Bua that Dhaani is a cunning girl. Dadi Bua asks the reason of this accusation. Dashrath tells her of Dhaani being a widow.
There, Viplav says he is no relaxed. She offers him sweet, he bites her hand instead and discuss about going on an outing.
Dashrath informs Dadi Bua there is no witness if Viplav even married that girl or not. Dhaani laughs while suggesting to go on roof for picnic. Viplav holds her close promising to take her where she wouldn’t imagine.
Dashrath accuses Dhaani about dancing, drunk in parties. Kanak shows the video to Dadi Bua who shouts at them to shut it all out. She calls Viplav, Kanak tells her Viplav has gone out.
Dadi Bua calls the Ashram ladies home, she complains about Dhaani wondering what kind of a brought up they have given Dhaani. Kamini tells Dadi Bua Dhaani is a girl who keeps family joint, she kept respect of Dadi ji’s words. Dadi Bua was determined not to let Dhaani spoil Viplav’s life. Kamini argues Viplav loves Dhani, but Dadi Bua goes inside.
Dhaani’s mother asks about Viplav and Dhaani, Kamini informs her they have gone out for a pinic, it was a sudden plan. Dhaani’s mother was worried why Dadi Bua is angry at Dhaani, Kamini tells them she was unaware of Dhaani being a widow. She assures them not to worry.
Kamini gets a call from some guy Prince who teases her.
She comes out in kitchen asking what Dhaani is doing, Dhaani was preparing for picnic. She asks about Viplav. Dhaani informs her they will live in camp there, so they are preparing. Kamini informs Dhaani her mother had come. Dhaani wonders why she couldn’t meet her.

PRECAP: Kamini looks around for Dhaani, she gets a message calling her at a place to meet Dhaani and without informing police about it.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Posted by Arun on FB

    Mishal isn’t well. Get well soon Mishal. Wishing you a speedy recovery and the best of health! Xxx

    Aroon Bakshi
    9 hrs
    Is little unwell,
    Has to b alright at d earliest…
    C’mmon brave boy…

    1. ohh nimisha wht happend to mishal he is again unwell….wishing him speedy recovery he has to get welll soon to work more n more in IKRS

      1. No idea what it is. Sorry. Anne mentioned it yesterday and I just found the message above from Arun on IF so thought I post it here.
        Fingers crossed he’s back to his bouncy bubbly wonderful self soon. Xxx

    2. Oh! ? Get well soon Mishaaaaaaaaaal! ?? Coincidentally, me bhi bemaar hun! Oh god! ?

      1. Aww Mahira. get Well soon lovely,
        Look after yourself. Xxx

    3. Ok, so you know how stupid I am??? Well this is completely wrong. SO SORRY!!

      So sorry for the mistake. Apparently Mishal is unwell, but the post from Arun is from a previous time, in February.

      There may be a tweak to the current track as a result of this but no idea what that might be. It depends on whether Mishal is well enough to work I think.

      1. Thanks Nimisha! ? Actually, i’m much better now.

        HAHA! Hope he is fine. ??

        But from few episodes, they are giving less screen time to Mishal. Hope everything is okay!

      2. Me too. He,s lost weight as well in the last few months. Probably toning up because of all the topless scenes ??? but like you hope he,s ok.

        Sorry again everyone, I really am the most stupid person in our family, ?

      3. Nimisha this was posted when Mishal was absent due to his illness at the time of shooting the wedding in the temple…. he was not there and body double was used….but thankfully Mishal was back for the cottage scene….if you remember??

      4. Gosh! ? Really! I didn’t notice that! ??

        But anyways, I have one complain with the show! They really don’t bother to think over Mishal’s wardrobe! ? They gave him same T-shirts! ?

        But still i’m crazy for him! ???

      5. Yes Sujie. I didn’t know that… I,ll go back and look though.

        The body double thing is odd. There was also a scene at the ashram ages ago where he and Dhani were looking at their wedding invite and he was asking her to chose the date. They showed the back of Viplav’s head, but it was totally not Mishal’s head. It was a soooo different,

        I don’t think he’s well at the moment so we might not get our under the stars scenes but can’t really work out where that started. Just lots of people on IF discussing it.

      6. Mahira, I actually like his look. Dressed or not… ????

  2. I think the person who messaged kamini in Dhaani’s name is kamini herself , quite a confusing character this kamini not sure if she is grey shaded or negative

    1. yes fatarajo i think its all some big plan to create rift between vidhani even i think kamini is negative….lets see how the story goes am also too curious to know dulaari’s past hope it gets revealed soon….

    2. Ooh, Fatarajo, that’s interesting. I still don’t trust her, so that kinda works, for me.

    3. That only makers know if kamini is positive or negative

  3. hiiii … how are you all ..sorry I am not commenting here regularly …actually busy in my FF … so mera ff padna … ikrs going little boring start writing ff 😛 … but ikrs is best always …it will back on track soon … 🙂 🙂

    1. hey AM give me links of ur FF will start reading it….

      1. Esha when you open ikrs telly updates then all ff appear bw the daily updates pl try.

  4. Re the video, the wonder if one the Taniya’s college friends was coaxed by KT to spike Dhani,s drink to get her drunk so they could get the footage. Or maybe even DT bribed them with some stolen gold.

    The curious thing is, if they had this evidence, why didn’t they use it earlier.

    Also, now that DB has the keys to the house, does that mean she has the keys to the safe that houses that DVD that KT swapped when Viplav was trying Trips in court over shambu,s death.

    And, would love for someone to send Viplav the recorded phone call between her and trips where they plotted to kill DT.

    There are some really good possibilities for future tracks I think, I hope we get to see some soon.


    1. I thought it was Tanya herself who did it , I may be wrong on that one , not sure at all. Xxx

      1. I thought that too, but she was shown in the video dancing with Viplav while Dhani was ‘pole dancing’

        The friends spiked the drink so maybe they’re all in it together.

      2. Oops, HI Anne. Xxx

    2. MEGHS ?????Happy Birthday. Have a lovely

      1. Thanks anne

  5. Thank u everyone for ur wishes

    Thanks arshu .. Geni chechi.. Renu di.. Nimisha di.. Porkodi.. Joyee .. swara .. folra di .. Prachi . Kavi akka .. Cutie … Maria.. Vaishnavi..

    Thanks for making my birthday special…
    This birthday is spcl becs of all ur wishes n blessing …
    I am so happy for being part of of this family …

    1. Hey! Bleated Happy Birthday! ?
      Wish you best of everything! ?

      1. Thanks mahira

  6. Kamini thum kuch vi karlo vidhani ko alag nahi karpavoge…

    1. Hi annie. Pl dont get confused as our cvs ????

  7. Kamini is upto something … She plAnning something big thats y she was behaving now so goody sanskari girl … She negative only

  8. Gud afternoon everyone

    1. Good afternoon birthday baby. Have a spectacular Fabulous memorable day today n years ahead. ?☺

  9. Morning/afternoon everybody.. I’m s little confused over things in the Tripurari house I think I’ll wait and watch .?
    Get well soon Mishal ?. Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    1. Hi annie. Pl dont get confused as our cvs shows us miracles n in a moment resolve the situation which was pending since long. So things would unfold either casually or explode like a bomb lets wait n watch take care.?❤???

      1. You are so right.! ?xxx

      2. Lol Renu. You’re soooo right!

  10. Arey Dhani tho anpad hai,how can she message.hahaha.or is that dhani got goddess Saraswathi’s blessing to understand and to learn and write yesterday night.i didn’t saw ystdy epi so i didn’ got that situation of message clearly.anyways dhani can do anything bcz she is viplav tripathi’s go on yaar.

    1. Lol

    2. florentina moldovan

      Hello, my warrior princess but MY HUMOROUS GODDESS TOO!!!!! HA-HA!!!!

    3. Hi sweety saru welcome back.

  11. florentina moldovan

    Nimisha, how can you say that you are stupid!!!!???
    i like your replies very much!!!!
    I like your sense of humor!!!

    1. Yes but I do stupid things… Allllll the time.

      Like the one above. ???

      But thank you for being soooo lovely.

    2. Me too flora she has tremendous sense of humour n wide ocean of thoughts. Vast vocabulary simply amazing.

      1. Really…. Oh wow!

        Thanks so much Renu and Florentina. My eyes are leaking a little. Xxx

  12. I think it’s high time viplav comes to know about his dadaji and his plots.because he thinks that DT is a saint

    1. Ya an shabnam i am longing to see his reaction on knowing the facts.

    2. Me too ann, HIGH time his real face was revealed! And then KT’s.

      But that would also hurt Viplav. But Mishal Raheja in an emotionally charged scene is a sight to behold so bring it on!!

  13. good afternoon frs megh happy birthday

    1. Good afternoon BR mam……you are back…… and Saranya welcome to you also…… bohot dino baad you people are back

    2. Hello Mam!?

    3. Thanks br mam

  14. now dt i s empty pocket weath is lost every thing is lost DT U R NO VALUE

    I THINK KAMINI IS GOING TO ACT AS NEGATIVE ROLE …… BUT DADIBUA IS GOOD AT VIP very nice true love ….. but dulari true will come out through dadibua ……

    1. Hi BR. Perhaps if Dadibua is connected to Dularis family in some way , that might mean that Dasharath knows something about Dhaani , and this may be the real reason he is so against her..He’s scared that something will be revealed…He probably robbed them…he’s so greedy..?xxx

      1. But Dadibua and Dulari didn’t recognise each other ?Xxx

      2. True anne even i thought they would recognise but they didnt.

    2. Hi br mam u were not commenting for some days hope all well.

  15. Arshdeeeeeeep, hope the mock tests are going well.

    Good luck lovely! You know you can do this!


    1. Hi arshu ki haalchaal. Jyada tension di koi lod ni hai gi tusi aram naal pado. Babaji di kripa ; sab vadiya hoga

      1. Didi hor panga pai gya??

    2. Didi mock tests were going well..

      But again NEET has come up..
      How can they do it yr?? 2 days before the exam they are changing the systems..?? m fed up

      1. Deep breath Arshdeep, It’s a test, if it was everything you expect it wouldn’t test you, so don’t stress. You can do it, so take a moment, breath and do your best. That is all you can do.

        Sending big hugs (((((?)))))

      2. No didi
        The test is eating me up

        I am confused now
        Couldnt get whats going to happen

      3. Didi want to talk to you?

    3. I will come back soon and explain everything what happened?

    4. Didi can u imaginr 2 dsys before the exam they are announcing NEET for.this year
      Aipmt.will be considered as neet 1 and neet 2 will be on 24th july

      i am.confused abt who is give neet 2 exam
      if not we..its an.injustice with us.. Those students will be getting abt 3 more months to prepare

      How can they do this?? 🙁

      1. I just cant
        i am unable now 🙁 🙁

      2. Arshdeep, sounds like you need to step away from it all for a bit, can you go and watch a film or go and see some friends or something, just for a bit?

        Also, if you are in the first round, you’ve already prepared for it, you’re ready for it now. Don’t worry that anyone else might get longer to prepare, if it was me and I had worked hard for an exam that was tomorrow and then I was told I have t wait 3 more months in someways that’s worse as mentally I’d be ready now. Does that make sense.
        But on the other hand if you’re in the next group, you will get the extra 3 months.

        The thing is you can’t change it. It will be what it will be, all you can do is calm your mind and do what you can.

        It sounds terribly frustrating and very lacking in any kind of empathy for all you students, but you’re all in the same boat,

        Not sure I’m helping but when you can’t change outside forces all you can do is change you perception or view of them to try and make things better for yourself.

        I know hugs won’t help, but I’m sending you more and will be thinking of you, xxx

  16. Hi Good afternoon everyone.

  17. Meghs di how was ur day till now? Hope u r enjoying.

    1. Ya cutie its superb day

  18. Bye friends I m going for now. I will not comment much now as I m learning embroidery. My mother told me to learn something in summer vacation. So learning embroidery. Bye bye!!

    1. Hi Louella
      Bye Louella
      Enjoy your embroidery, xxx

    2. Great elle good to know that u r learning embroidery. I just love to do it

    3. Hi freinds comments r posted at an express speed now try it.

    4. Bye sweetie, see you soon I hope .?xxx

  19. Hi no one tried as yet.

    1. I always miss the speedy magic on here. Let’s see how long this one takes.

      1. Ooh you’re right Renu. It is quick at the moment.

        Renu, can I ask, what was your line of work? Just curious really,

  20. Anne, I think you said that maybe DT knows Dhaani from before. I hadn’t thought of that.

    both he and KT are so driven by money and status that if he knew Dhaani from before and we all suspect Dulaari Maai is from a wealthy family, I think DT and KT would have maybe overlooked the fact that Dhaani was a widow.

    The current track of them constantly trying to heal Viplav and Dhani up is a bit depressing because in their eyes she will always be ‘that widow’. It would be good if the story moved so that they could both be really shaken up and forced to face the fact the Viplava and Dhani can’t be broken, apart from maybe by death. That seems to be what they’re ultimate aim is. ☹️

    1. Trying to break Viplav and Dhani

  21. Seen short olv on die hard fans of mr .
    Dhaani and Kamini in street Dhaani looks upset n Kamini is stoking her comfort her SO something bad has happened… Ooerr!xxx

    1. Dhani was crying prob because she was going away for a couple of nights with her gorgeous hubby and ended it with new girl instead ???

  22. renu anne nimisha sorry i did not watch bcz of work . election time my hub wating tv news .. grandson cricket match they wont allow me evening power cut net is not working …..

    one thing i have to tell some times serial is sadabdi …….. no sequence …… always trying to separate vip and dhani instead of ….that ……. bua and dulari meeting they recognize each other and old memorable come out … and their relation just like the story goes very interesting but always mother wants to ruin her son’S LIFE …..

    aahana what is going on? is 1005 CORRECT ……

    1. Very true Mam. Very true. It’s actually by frustrating that they are constantly trying to separate VIPs and Dhani.

  23. renu shall i send speed post

    1. Oh mam just saw yr msg

  24. uppa thinnavan thanni kodikkanum so now dt lost everything ….. right prestige wealth respect ….. mahant everything …….

    i think badibua knows everything what dt is doing ? and how he treats dhani . so she comes and clear all well i think so …

  25. Actually aipmt for 1may MAY NOT be held . Supreme Court had given a petition to MCI . Medical council of india to hold a common exam for all dental. Undergraduates. N postgraduates medical courses. CBSE. CENTRAL BOARD OF SECONDARY EDUCATION IS Planning to go head with 1st may.. provided thee is no directive from the court. To be confirmed tomorrow.

    1. Oh no, is that the one ArShi is sitting, poor thing she sounds very very stressed.

    2. How stressful for all the students. Sounds awful.

    3. Its confirmed today di

  26. Hi nimmy is yr hubby in textile business.

    1. Ermmm no. He’s in IT. What made you wonder that?

  27. kamini is doing kichadi here ……..


    1. Agree with BR, Kasam is a lovely show. It’s moving very slowly at the moment but the chemistry between the leads is excellent, watch it from the start if you can.

      BR Mam, I might try the others you suggested too. Xxx


  28. I’ve been thinking about something that Anne, Renu and Mahira said yesterday about light needing darkness to shine.

    It’s very true. In the show though they have moved from the dark awasthis straight to the dark of the DB/ new girl/DT/KT track. In between we had the very dark Viplav almost dying track. I feel like there hasn’t been too much light recently and that’s why I think I was getting frustrated at the way things have been moving.

    I think there’s a danger of losing some of the audience with too much negativity, like on here we’ve had AM and zee saying they’re stepping away for a while. It’s a shame as its such a good show.

    I was Looking forward to some under the stars camping romance and we may still get it but if Mishal is too unwell to work, we gone get that bit of light relief. Nothing that’s why in yesterday’s episode Dhani was still at the house and Viplav had gone to sort out the tent, I think Mishal was off sick. Also the episode I watched didn’t show the Precap with Viplav telling Dhani it was her fault the goons attacked new girl. Was that bit shown?!

    1. If Mishal is too unwell to work we WONT get that light relief, I THINK that’s why

      Sorry for all my typos.

  29. Kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi….ek duje ke vaaste…. they are the serials I watch after IKRS……love their title songs also……started to watch these two

  30. Mam though have just seen the promos but now as u have told so wud definitely watch it. Thanks for recommending.

  31. Just read Dhaani will go missing and Kamini will look for her .
    It may be mishal is ill after all .xxx

    1. He is ill Anne. You were right last night,

    2. Btw , where did you read that? I’m useless at finding info so appreciate your help. Xxx

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