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Ishq Ka Rang Safed 26th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Viplav asking Dhaani what have you decided? Dhaani is angry. Viplav tells Badi Amma that he want to understand their problems and that’s why want to stay here. He says he will not take money from them and can pay them rent for his stay. Badi Amma asks him to go and says they can’t pay him fees. Dulaari says people will not take it rightly and will in a bad sense, she asks him to go. Nani says people will throw us out of Ashram. Viplav says no one can throw you when I am here? Dhaani says she will search for lawyer or will leave Ashram. She says my decision is that, you shall leave from this Ashram and my life. She picks his stuff and throws it out. Viplav says it is my stuff. She closes the door. Viplav says I am Viplav Tripathi, your Ashram door can’t

stop me. He smiles. Dasharath do the aarti and asks God, what wrong did I do? He prays for Viplav’s return. Viplav comes inside the Ashram through climbing the wall. Dhaani says your family will mistaken me again. Viplav says I told my family before coming here. Dhaani says I will call the Police. Viplav gives her directions to police station and asks her to come back soon. Badi Amma says why do you want to stay here? Or do you want to trouble us. Viplav says I came here to solve your problems. He says to Dulaari that he will bring happiness back in the Ashram and says this is my promise.

Badi Amma says we will be victimised of your family’s anger. Viplav says I am there to take care of it. He asks her not to take tension, and says Ashram wall should be big. He says if I stay here, then can protect you all till the Ashram case is going on. He asks them to give him water and says why there is no fan. He realizes that there is no fan and takes out his jacket. Dhaani asks why you are taking it off. Viplav says I am not naked, but wearing tshirt…..He asks them to show him room so that he can start the case study. Nani tells Badi Amma that he is very stubborn and we shall let him stay for some days. Badi Amma asks Dhaani to give her room to Viplav, and asks her to adjust in Raj Lakshmi and Suwarna’s room. Dhaani is angry with Viplav and says we have to do something to make him leave. Dulaari says he shall leave. Badi amma says from where we will pay his fees.

Dasharath comes to talk to Pandit, who has taken Viplav and Dhaani’s photo. He hears people gossiping about Viplav and him. Pandit tells you will close how many mouths? He tells today is Pandit’s maha Sabha. Dasharath asks why they didn’t call me. Pandit says nobody called you. Dasharath gets angry. Pandit asks why you didn’t punish your grand son for romancing with a widow. Dasharath thinks to take revenge from Dhaani.

Dhaani gets angry at Viplav. Viplav tells you will grow old soon if you gets angry, and your hairs will turn white. He asks her not to get angry. Suwarna laugh. Viplav thanks Dhaani for cleaning his room. Dhaani says you will not stay here for more days. Viplav says only time will tell. Tripurari is in his room and takes off painting from the wall. Dasharath comes to meet Durga and tells he came to know what Kanak had done with her, and says he don’t agree with Kanak. He asks where is Tripurari? Tripurari greets him. Dasharath tells there is a Maha Sabha for Pandit, and I was not invited. He says this is happening because of pics and asks him to enquire about the person who has printed the photo in the newspaper. Tripurari promises to enquire about him. He tells Viplav went to stay in Ashram with his stuff and says I tried to stop him, but he didn’t listen.

Dulaari gets worried thinking about society people taunts. Nani suggests that they will steal his clothes and says he will go if he doesn’t have clothes to wear. Badi Amma don’t approve her idea. Raj Lakshmi comes home and asks Suwarna what happened? Raj Lakshmi gets happy and says my Salman Khan came to stay here. Raksha suggest to sprinkle ants powder to make him leave. Dhaani says we will not give him food and water, and then he will leave. Badi Amma likes her idea.

Viplav brings ration (grains, pulses, rice, cereals etc) for a month. Dhaani asks him to throw it out and says it is sand for her. Viplav looks on as she refuses to take the food items which he has brought.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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    Viplab is in the Ashram…
    Now everyday will be Vidhanni scenes…

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    The current track really interesting
    Dhani & viplav cute pairs…

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  7. Now Dhaani n everyone in ashram thot he has a burden…..but they dunno he came to help n bring hapiness in ther life very soon. Happy to c Vidhaani stay together… episode pls ishq ishq ♡;)

  8. Viplab and Dhanni really looks sooo cute…
    I’m sure Viplab will fall for her so soon…
    After that MARRIAGE…

  9. Is dhaani having mind .. If she really have mind then why .. Not understanding viplaav …

  10. They both are so stubborn. Cute couple

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  12. Nice episode. The current track is very interesting…

  13. Nice epi love viplav

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  15. Epi was damn gd. Like ViNi jodi. Viplav ki xprsn too superb…. Kya actr hee yaar!!!

  16. Nice episode viplav acting too good

  17. florentina moldovan

    i never liked so much a drama since Choti bahu! I like isq ka rang safed even more then every other movie!love you all, love your language, love your traditions, love your culture, love your dramas! Greetings from Romania!

  18. Vini z rockin…….I lov them…….viplav and dhaani are soooooo cute

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    Dhaani pls understand viplav
    This plot is so interesting

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    Viplav….ur a realy supr hero..yaaar…lvu..vidhaani…:-D

  22. Vipu, u r too….. Cute? just love Yr part. Dhani plz don’t be so rough with him. Eagerly waiting to see more of vini scenes. Very good going u guys. I just skip pandit scenes. Kanak looks nice, acts also good but her character in this serial is pathetic as a female n as a mother…. Vipu is d best

  23. Cute serial and going intersting track.luv u viplav and dhani

  24. Luv u viplav. Killing looks, touching smiles woooooow…

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