Ishq Ka Rang Safed 26th November 2015 Written Episode Update


Ishq Ka Rang Safed 26th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Tripurari asking Dhaani, what did she ask from God. Dhaani says I asked God to give the person what they deserve. She says good with good people and bad people should be punished. Viplav looks at her, understands she is talking about him. Tripurari gets tensed hearing her pray and tells Viplav that he will be back in 2 mins. Viplav nods. Tripurari goes inside the temple. Viplav asks Dhaani to sit in the car. Dhaani waits for Tripurari to come. Viplav looks at her. Suddenly something goes in Dhaani’s eyes because of the wind. Tripurari thinks about Dhaani’s pray and opens the thread which she tied on the tree to fulfill her mannat. Viplav brings water bottle and asks Dhaani to wash her eye. Dhaani refuses to take his help and asks him to stay away

from her. Viplav asks why you are behaving badly with me, and says you have objection with everything which I touches.

Tripurari thinks I will never let your wish fulfilled Dhaani, never and throws thread. Servant tells Kanak that he is going to throw yesterday’s food. Kanak asks him to make two thaali of the yesterday’s food. Sushma asks she is talking about whom? Kanak says it is for their guests and says they will like it and have never eaten such food. She shows hatredness and anger towards them. Raj Lakshmi hears everything. Kanak gets angry saying Dhaani made her son as her driver and roaming in the entire Banaras. She shares her anger with Sushma.

Viplav brings Tripurari and Dhaani home. Viplav tries to open the car’s door, but Tripurari comes and opens the door. He holds Dhaani’s hand and helps her step down from the car. Tripurari thanks him and says this can be done by a true friend only and asks for Dhaani’s consent. When Dhaani doesn’t say anything, he says she is shying. Viplav leaves in his car. Kanak throws garbage on Tripurari and insults him for taking his son on granted and making him driver. Tripurari says I didn’t say anything to Viplav and he himself came with us. Raj Lakshmi tells Dhaani that she is very hungry and says lets eat something.

Kanak sees her going and throws the plate intentionally. She says few people are coming to meet Dasharath and says who will clean this floor now. She calls servant and wonders where is the broom. She says I will clean it and haven’t done cleaning before. Dhaani asks her to leave the broom and says she will clean it with Raj Lakshmi. Kanak says I will clean it, and when Dhaani insists, she asks her to clean it nicely and asks Raj Lakshmi to wipe the floor with water. Raj Lakshmi tells Dhaani to clean and says she will be hungry if I stay here. Viplav meets Durga on the way, and she tells that she has brought clothes for Dhaani and have to buy bridal dress for Dhaani.

Kanak falls down and complains to Dasharath that her back bone is broken and needs to be operated. Dasharath says you have become weak and asays he will make her eat with his hands. Kanak says I will eat later. Dasharath makes her eat and tells servant to keep her food in her room. He asks Dhaani and Raj lakshmi to go. They leave. Dasharath scolds Kanak for behaving badly with Dhaani. He promises that Viplav will be back home.

Viplav comes to shop and asks the salesman to show bridal dresses. He sees some saree and tells that he is selecting saree for his good friend. He sees saree on a statue and imagines Dhaani wearing it. He smiles lovingly. Salesman asks if he shall get this saree packed. Viplav says yes. He asks about the jewellery job. Salesman says it is nearby.

Raj Lakshmi tells Dhaani that Shalu asked her to go. Dhaani asks her to be away from Rakshas. Viplav comes home and calls Dadi. Dhaani wonders why he is calling her. Sushma says he is calling me……Dadi…She goes to Viplav. Viplav shows the bridal dress and tells that he has brought wedding gift for Dhaani and tells Durga has brought everything except wedding dress so I brought it. Sushma asks about his ring and understands that he has sold it. She thinks Viplav loves Dhaani and wonders if Viplav is aware of his feelings.

Later Sushma gives bridal dress to Dhaani. Raj Lakshmi makes her wear bridal dupatta and praises lehenga. Dhaani thanks her and asks who has given it. Dadi looks on.

Precap: Later at night, Viplav comes to Dhaani’s room through her room’s window to gift her something. He sees Dhaani feeling cold and covers her with a blanket and admires her lovingly while she is sleeping peacefully.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Superb episode…

  2. i think another misunderstanding on the way who is this misunderstandina poranda dierector

  3. Super going. Precape so cute.

  4. vaishnavi more

    nice epi n eagerly waiting for tomorrow epi

  5. Cute viplav

  6. today’s episode is so good ….awesome scenes and awesome smile of mishal after a long time ….and nice precap …but koi galat na samjhe viplav ko firse …..and good news guys …trp of ishq ka rang safed increased …it was 1.1 past week …now it is 1.4 ….agle week or bhi badega for those cute and lovely scenes …….

  7. hi brity, Br, varsha, Aditya and every1.tamil n all. Happy kartikey….
    Awesome precap. Just hope Vipu is not seeing any dream and Dhani moron doesn’t scold him. Yesterday mishal’s expressions were just killing. OMG how come some 1can be so…. Good in it. Mishal has stolen everyone’s heart for sure. Kal kaise Apne Aap ko sambhalenge hum God only knows..
    No news about suwrna today.
    Loved funny scene of Kanak. Wud like to see more such scenes about all anti vidhani…
    Mishal love you so much for tomorrow’s precap

  8. I have noticed that Dhani can’t walk properly in sari. But she does look good in colour. Waiting to see trip punished. Bechari durga pe kya bitegi us waqt…
    Want to see dt’s truth revealed in front of Vipu as early as possible….
    I think shambhu will help Vipu getting married to Dhani as heard earlier…

  9. ye mohhbat bhi ajeeb h n yar iska ahsas tb hi jyada hota h jb hm jisse mohhbat krte h wo door ja rha hota h ”viplav ko bhi tbhi ahsaas hoga ki wo dhani se kitna pyar krta h jb wo mandap pr baithi hogi bahut royega wo jo kbhi hasaye kbhi rulaye or kbhi khayalo me kho jaye wo hi mohhbat hoti h

  10. मोहब्बत भी अजीब होती है,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,इसमेँ कभी हार तो कभी जीत होती हैँ,,,,,,,,कोई रोता हैँ तो खूबसुरत खयालों मे खोता हैँ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,पर ये सिर्फ किश्मत वालों को नसीब होती हैँ ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,खैर किश्मत तो हम भी लिख सकते थे अपनी ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,पर क्या करता कलम उसने अपने हाथ मेँ ले ली थी

  11. As per spoilers Viplav will marry Dhaani at the last moment,wow,and now love and hate moments will start,waiting for the day when Dhaani will realise that she is in love,Eisha,those first show rocks,Mishal as usual fab.

  12. Hii Br and others !! Precap was much better than episode ,dhani yelling at viplav really irritates..Dhadi plz talk to dhani n ask her to change her behavior na..Shopping scene was the bst of the episode.

  13. Rajlakshmi’s acting was superb..

  14. Viplav, we are longing fr u to realise ur lv & share ur lv with dhani..

  15. are ….precap to awesome tha ….the serial is now going very good ….let’s see what happens …hope for really good

  16. I like specially the scene when viplav is shopping for a bridal dress …and see dhani in a bridal attire which was on a Moniqueen

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