Ishq Ka Rang Safed 26th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishq Ka Rang Safed 26th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raj Lakshmi asking Dulaari where did she go in hot sun? Dulaari asks her to be with Dhaani, and tries calling Viplav to give him good news. She calls Viplav and says I am not taking Dhaani’s side and not saying that she is right. She says I am just giving you suggestion and asks him to clear the misunderstandings. He asks him to take up his responsibilities. Viplav says Dhaani doesn’t want to apologize to my Dada ji and says he can’t hear anything against him. He cuts the call. Dhaani comes and asks about the call. Dulaari didn’t tell her and asks her to end the matter right there, and talk to Viplav. She says even Viplav have the right to know about the baby and asks her to talk to Viplav. Dhaani shows the letter which she has written for Viplav. Dulaari gets happy

seeing the letter and asked did you learn writing. Dhaani says somewhat? Dhaani says she will send letter for Viplav.

Dhaani comes to Dasharath’s house and waits for Viplav. She sees the arrangements and thinks there is some jashn at home. An old man asks Dhaani about the address. Dhaani explains him the location. Just then Viplav comes and goes inside. Dhaani asks a boy to give letter to Viplav and thinks Viplav will come running to her just as he reads the letter. Boy gives letter to Ram deen kaka and asks him to give it to Viplav and not to anybody else, as it is given Dhaani. Ram deen says okay. Kamini hears them and asks Ram deen kaka what is he hiding? He doesn’t tell anything and goes. Ram deen thinks to give letter to Viplav. Kamini follows Ram deen and asks him to give garlands to some other servant. Ram deen gives the garlands one by one. Kamini gets doubtful and follows him.

Viplav comes out from washroom. Dhaani thinks why Viplav haven’t come till now. Kanak enters Viplav’s room and gives some paper to Viplav. Viplav says his phone battery was draining. Kanak asks him to forget everything and move on in life. Other servant stops Ram deen and says Sushma is calling you. Ram deen says he will do work first in Viplav’s room. Kamini scolds him and takes flower basket from his hands. She asks Ram deen to go, and takes letter from the basket. She asks other servant to go. Dhaani waits for Viplav to come. Kamini reads the letter written by Dhaani and is shocked to know that Dhaani is pregnant. She says hey bhagwan…..The letter flies away from her hand because of the sudden wind and falls near Viplav.

Viplav picks the letter, but Kamini takes it from his hands saying it is waste paper. Dhaani asks Munna if he gave letter to Viplav. He says he gave letter to Ram deen kaka. Dhaani sees Dasharath coming out, and thinks she shall go from there, else a big drama will happen. Ishq Ka Rang Safed plays…………………Just as Dhaani is leaving, Viplav comes and goes in his jeep. Kamini thinks thank god, Viplav didn’t read it. Viplav would have brought Dhaani in his lap after reading it. Dasharath talks to someone and threatens to crush him. He asks Kanak to handle Tripurari. Kanak asks him to give money to Tripurari.

Dasharath says you both have killed Shambu and asks her to handle Tripurari. Dasharath tries to suffocate her and presses her neck Kamini comes there and looks shocked. She laughs and says I couldn’t think that so many secrets are hidden here. She says if Viplav comes to know this, then his world will be shattered. She is about to go. Dasharath asks where are you going? Kamini says how can I tell my sasumaa’s secrets to him. Kanak says what? Kamini says I have a weakness? Viplav. I can do anything for him to get him. She says shall we shake hands to get Dhaani out of the way. Kanak says what is your conspiracy? Kamini shows the letter and says there is a thorn…She says Dhaani will be back in the house with love and respect. Kanak is shocked to read that Dhaani is pregnant. Dasharath asks if Viplav knows about it. Kamini says not yet, but you people don’t want to help me. She says I don’t know how to do conspiracy like you both, I don’t need money, just needs Viplav. I love him very much, but Dhaani is standing in my way. She says Dhaani might come and tell your truth. Dasharath looks on.

Dasharath tells Kamini that he will have fun working with her and shakes hand with her. Kanak joins them and keeps hand on their hand. Kamini cunningly comes to Ashram and tells that Viplav read the letter and knew about good news. Dhaani is shocked to know that he didn’t come even after reading the letter.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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    1. mahira di readed……..loved it

  2. I will distribute sweets if ISHITA HAS LEFT THE SHOW.

    1. Main bhi..pakka??

    2. me too dear….

    3. Me too! ?

    4. but how di hawa main? haha just joking……
      me too agree….i will celebrate

  3. I think subarna. bt wish &pray 2 god that she will be kamini.

  4. HAHA! Arshdeep, some day when that child will grow up.. writers will make that child to go against his own mum Dhaani! ? I’m super sure! ? don’t know what’s cooking in their minds.. they are just messing up with the story. ?

    1. Hmm as we say “yaha kuch bhi ho sakta hai”??
      Aakhir uska apna khoon thoda na hai?

      1. “Drama hai kuch bhi ho sakta hai” is just like Amir Khan’s movie dialogue All is well! ?

      2. Hahaha???
        Now i am enjoying the drama
        Boht sad ho gye… chill karo..
        Koi ni sunega humari..hoga wahi jo rupali guha chahegi??

    2. ya areeb it is damn sure

  5. Ab to telly reviews me bhi aa gya
    Mujhe kahi na khi umeed thi ki koi to aa kar bolega ye sab jhooth hai…no leap..but ab nahi..???


    Ishq ka Rang safed will take a 5 years leap. Dhaani and Viplav will be shown separated post leap. Dhaani will be having miscarriage and she will adopt a child. She will start her wedding planning business in Mumbai.

    1. hate this frm core

  6. Thank u guys for welcoming me in ur cute family ? I will try to comment daily as ikrs is the only show I watch☺

    I will write a ff I hope u guys will like it?

    1. We will be waiting for it??

    2. Will wait for you Fanfic!

    3. maha welcome dear……issme poochne ki kya baat hai???
      we surely like it,,,,,,as it is our fav show
      me too….i only watch this show

  7. guys plz tweet karo ki miscarriage scen na kare……

    1. i think koi fayda nahi
      they r doing their manmarziyan

      1. 🙂 … ha ha… right.

  8. tweet 2 rupali guha Or the writer.

  9. miscarriage karnahi tha toh leap kuyn he 5 yr ki??? they can show 1yr leap also.

    1. So that dhani ke liye aur problems aa sake
      Yahi to dikhana hai na ki widows kbhi shadi na khrab ho jati h??

    2. 5 years are actually very long time period! ? Dhaani struggling alone in these years, Viplav living with Dhaani’s memories. So painful! ? Writers are making height of cruelty!

      1. They have crossed all heights of cruelty??

  10. I can tolerate this 5 year leap track but can’t bear kamini and viplav marriage?

    And I hate kamini dressing her dressing is like she is married?

    Aik tw pehly he villain hai dressing ke wajah sey aur vampire lagte hai?

    Sorry if I hurt someone feeling

    1. No sorry yaar
      Here everyone calls her vampire??

    2. yep me too
      she is daayan….vampire….dracula….and all those things that are dirty

  11. Am not understanding y dhani is not calling viplav if he doesn’t talk that’s a different thing but she can try

    1. 19th century ki insan h wo..chitthi likh kar degi??

      1. wahi toh main bhi soch rahi hoon

      2. me too dear..

    2. 🙂 🙂 vry funny Arshdeep dear. hame bewakoof bana rahe hain.

      1. Hehe or kya??
        Watching the episode i am like????
        But after talking to you all i feel really good..chilling now??

  12. Where is suwarna and dadi they should team up with dhani to reveal the truth

    1. They come after the drama gets over

  13. Exactly wherever these ppl at least suvarna I can understand she has to hide from tripurari but dadi at least I expect her to speak up

  14. Ohh this serial is all over my mind any solution anyone??

    1. Wait and watch

  15. pura tamasha wala family he ye TRIPATHI FAMILY.

    1. just loved that except viplav


    1. omg no no
      atleast now change ur tracks makers

    2. That is really SHOCKING.
      I am sure she is fed up of KT, DT, DB, Asthana, Trip and Kamini constantly giving her hell.

      1. She must be scared.. ?

    3. But why?? What Reason she gave??

    4. Arrey!!!! Why these makers eager to ruin their own show……
      Stop being deaf makers!!!wake up….
      IKRS ko bandh karwaake dum loge kya???
      I am sure If this is true…this will be age issue…. EISHA SINGH is herself a teenager….leap means change in appearance…. post leap she will be playing a mother to a 5 years old kid… this might be a reason for news doing the rounds…or this whole thing is a rumor……
      RIP makers……
      We need old charming IKRS back …… What say guys???

      1. right dear….we need the old charm..

      2. Sujie di do u think they will still change this concept of leap now??
        sorry but i have no hopes


    1. yep i also think

    2. What does she say please??

      1. she does not say any thing…

  18. ARSHI DI… Whn is nxt epi of my ff?

    1. swetha kya batha rahe ho

    2. I have posted yaar
      Depends on TU now?
      Bdw logo changed??

      1. Di r u also coming to the field of ff?

      2. No no mere me itna dimag and creativity nhi h?

  19. hi everyone posted my new ff plz read and comment
    it will be coming soon

    1. Okay vimi??

      1. Yep arshi di

  20. No how can eisha leave? she is the main lead. Its Eishita.(kamini) i think pjain.

    1. wish the same….we want that dump vk out this show

    2. Ishita kyu logo ki badh duyaein le rhi ho
      Ab jao na show se please

      1. exactly….

      2. Yeah yeh ikrs fans ki ek choti si request hai

    3. No its Eisha………….

  21. If Eisha leaves then the show will be a blunder

    1. Agree vini….we need only vidhani

  22. Is it true that eisha is leaving?? Oh god what’s happening I will stop watching seriously

    1. Mujhe nahi lagtha

      1. mujhe bhi nehi lagta!!!

  23. Some info frm fb
    Khushbu aka shalu of ikrs posted a pic and say that…..

    On public demand….hehehe i mean mere pyare fans ke liye….shalu ek baar phirse…ek scene k lite..

  24. Wht r these makers up to now thy will get peace when mishal also will quit

    1. Uss din main iss show dekhna hi chodoongi

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