Ishq Ka Rang Safed 26th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishq Ka Rang Safed 26th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raj Lakshmi asking Dulaari where did she go in hot sun? Dulaari asks her to be with Dhaani, and tries calling Viplav to give him good news. She calls Viplav and says I am not taking Dhaani’s side and not saying that she is right. She says I am just giving you suggestion and asks him to clear the misunderstandings. He asks him to take up his responsibilities. Viplav says Dhaani doesn’t want to apologize to my Dada ji and says he can’t hear anything against him. He cuts the call. Dhaani comes and asks about the call. Dulaari didn’t tell her and asks her to end the matter right there, and talk to Viplav. She says even Viplav have the right to know about the baby and asks her to talk to Viplav. Dhaani shows the letter which she has written for Viplav. Dulaari gets happy

seeing the letter and asked did you learn writing. Dhaani says somewhat? Dhaani says she will send letter for Viplav.

Dhaani comes to Dasharath’s house and waits for Viplav. She sees the arrangements and thinks there is some jashn at home. An old man asks Dhaani about the address. Dhaani explains him the location. Just then Viplav comes and goes inside. Dhaani asks a boy to give letter to Viplav and thinks Viplav will come running to her just as he reads the letter. Boy gives letter to Ram deen kaka and asks him to give it to Viplav and not to anybody else, as it is given Dhaani. Ram deen says okay. Kamini hears them and asks Ram deen kaka what is he hiding? He doesn’t tell anything and goes. Ram deen thinks to give letter to Viplav. Kamini follows Ram deen and asks him to give garlands to some other servant. Ram deen gives the garlands one by one. Kamini gets doubtful and follows him.

Viplav comes out from washroom. Dhaani thinks why Viplav haven’t come till now. Kanak enters Viplav’s room and gives some paper to Viplav. Viplav says his phone battery was draining. Kanak asks him to forget everything and move on in life. Other servant stops Ram deen and says Sushma is calling you. Ram deen says he will do work first in Viplav’s room. Kamini scolds him and takes flower basket from his hands. She asks Ram deen to go, and takes letter from the basket. She asks other servant to go. Dhaani waits for Viplav to come. Kamini reads the letter written by Dhaani and is shocked to know that Dhaani is pregnant. She says hey bhagwan…..The letter flies away from her hand because of the sudden wind and falls near Viplav.

Viplav picks the letter, but Kamini takes it from his hands saying it is waste paper. Dhaani asks Munna if he gave letter to Viplav. He says he gave letter to Ram deen kaka. Dhaani sees Dasharath coming out, and thinks she shall go from there, else a big drama will happen. Ishq Ka Rang Safed plays…………………Just as Dhaani is leaving, Viplav comes and goes in his jeep. Kamini thinks thank god, Viplav didn’t read it. Viplav would have brought Dhaani in his lap after reading it. Dasharath talks to someone and threatens to crush him. He asks Kanak to handle Tripurari. Kanak asks him to give money to Tripurari.

Dasharath says you both have killed Shambu and asks her to handle Tripurari. Dasharath tries to suffocate her and presses her neck Kamini comes there and looks shocked. She laughs and says I couldn’t think that so many secrets are hidden here. She says if Viplav comes to know this, then his world will be shattered. She is about to go. Dasharath asks where are you going? Kamini says how can I tell my sasumaa’s secrets to him. Kanak says what? Kamini says I have a weakness? Viplav. I can do anything for him to get him. She says shall we shake hands to get Dhaani out of the way. Kanak says what is your conspiracy? Kamini shows the letter and says there is a thorn…She says Dhaani will be back in the house with love and respect. Kanak is shocked to read that Dhaani is pregnant. Dasharath asks if Viplav knows about it. Kamini says not yet, but you people don’t want to help me. She says I don’t know how to do conspiracy like you both, I don’t need money, just needs Viplav. I love him very much, but Dhaani is standing in my way. She says Dhaani might come and tell your truth. Dasharath looks on.

Dasharath tells Kamini that he will have fun working with her and shakes hand with her. Kanak joins them and keeps hand on their hand. Kamini cunningly comes to Ashram and tells that Viplav read the letter and knew about good news. Dhaani is shocked to know that he didn’t come even after reading the letter.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. Arshdeep

    This kamini??
    Poor ramdeen kaka avoiding her but she chipko movement ?? right said zee


  3. Vk u forcibly took dhanis letter from ramdeen n dodnt even bothered to showcit to viplav. Today u have crossed all limits n u would not be spared..

  4. A'isha

    Viplav will regret for what his doing to Dhaani and live with sadness even tho he thinks his family are saint ???? I just hope Dhaani doesnt forgive him easily and she should make sure that suffers and lives with the quilt

  5. Arshdeep

    Well done zee for your imagination?
    Laughed out loud at DT and especially KT’s pathetic condition..
    Please write some more…please..
    And RL and masterji..nice pairing?

    • Zee

      Thank you Arshi. I m glad you enjoyed. I wanted each one to suffer the way they torture others – in the same words.
      Likhne ke baad mera bhi gussa thoda thanda hua :).

      • Arshdeep

        Hehe thats why i am saying keep writing.. I will be waiting to read some more such stuff

  6. Anne

    Thankyou H.Hasan?
    Poor Dhaani she can’t win whatever she does.
    I hope the downfall of the evils in that place is spectacular
    I want them to suffer, I know that’s not very Christian of me but I DO!!???

  7. Vimi???

    Aaj ke liye no comments….main iss epi ke baare main kuch nahi kahungi….moun vrat hai….just hate it


  9. Arshdeep

    Just like anne di said we would keep on screaming to tell that she is pregnant..
    But this is indian daily soap..??
    I really wanted to watch viplav jumping with joy..but..??

  10. Arshdeep

    No more comments now
    Will read yours
    Negativity winning totally over positivity
    Really fed up??

  11. Arshdeep

    The award for the show with maximum number of villains goes to Ishq Ka Rang Safed…!!??????

    • Porkodi

      I hate all. Especially kanak and dt.
      Because of them only all came to vidhani’s life.

    • Sujie

      I hate all………………………..
      But can’t say more about Tulsi……. because of her Dhaani began to trust Viplav more….after that theft incident………… Viplav Dhaani became friends….
      those were the days ………..

  12. Zee

    Thank you H Hasan!
    My God, aaj ke episode mein toh kucch dehne layak hi nhi hai. Everything is so negative and pro villains 🙁 . Tomo also seems depressing. Dhani will be shattered to know that Viplav knows and doesent care!
    Like Kavitha said yday – I’m pissed.

  13. shanitics

    Thanksss Hassan mam… Today’s wpu was soo emotional… Especially when Viplav went in And Dhaani missed him… Tittle song ? was played… And it added more emotions ?

    VK I’M gonna kill her… When she gt the lettr I was like give her a punch and shout at her ears…


  14. Sujie

    Hasan mam …. Thank you for the update…..
    Hello everyone……
    Villains got together and knew Dhaani is pregnant…… But Viplav does not even know……
    Kaamini…… You are really worth thousands and thousands of ?????????????????????????????????????
    Ramdeen should be fired from his job….. ????
    Dulaari Maai…after calling Viplav you could have directly given him the news na…. Jab pata Chalta toh Viplav would have came running failing all those conspiracies…….
    These all villains are kids of ?????
    Literally wanna carry all of them and throw them in ??
    How can anyone be happy ruining someone’s life….
    DT the cheap says he loves his Viplav baba…..but he is bl***y concerned for his fake prestige….
    Kanak says she wants Viplav’s happiness…. She does not even know Dhaani is biggest happiness in her son’s life…
    Kaamini says she loves Viplav….. Arrey kaheka love???it is only lust…. Love does not mean you have to get the person you love by any means….. She should have let Viplav go…. But nahi Kaamin Dayan is so obsessed with Viplav that she wants him at any cost
    If Kaamini had really loved Viplav then she should have backed off seeing Viplav’s love for Dhaani and Dhaani’s love for him instead of trying cheap tricks to separate them….
    DB says Viplav will be happy with Kaamini… did her eyes get damaged to see Viplav’s world shattered after leaving Dhaani….. All these people are bl**** selfish….. Everyone have their own motive for separating ViDhaani…… Chi…. Just want to kill them all ????
    Really wanna dip their faces in ????
    But remember one thing Villains….. You can never win ….. The day when Viplav will know all your dirty tricks …..he will surely dip you donkeys in ?….you won’t be able to live your life…..
    Choon Choon ke badla Lena innlogo Se….
    ViDhaani will be together forever ?????
    ViDhaani rocks….
    Villains shock

    • Nimisha

      IKRS villains always seem to win.
      Dhani finds the truth and how convenient oops look 5 years have flown by.

      • Sujie

        Yes Nimmy…instead of that stupid leap of 5 years…they could have shown Dhaani holding her head high and starting her mission of punishing the culprits…… how i wish if it was possible…… 🙁

    • Zee

      Sujie i also Wish Dhani gives it back to each one those evil ones.
      Just like Kanak does not understand her son, the CVs of IKRS do not understand us.
      They just dont seems to end this nonsense track and are making it worse.

  15. Arshdeep

    It will soon be seen that Dhani will send a letter for Viplav through the servant informing about her pregnancy.
    However, Kamini will get the letter and she will not allow Viplav to know the truth.
    Kamini will reach the Ashram to confront Dhani and finally Dhani will realize Kamini’s true evil face.

  16. shanitics

    If a new entry took… Mera mathlab.. Ved,that is the name na of VIP’s elder bro.. Yup tat guy itself hw was shwn at first of this serial… He should come..em.. He should have some relations with Dhaani and he should treat Dhaani and make Viplav jealous…
    He should bring out the truth of VK out and tell the truth to Viplav.. He should treat VK little badly bt in a funny manner…

  17. arohi

    Am waiting when their real face will come!!! Bt dukh yeh he ki tab tak viplav ke liye bahut late ho geya hoga.

  18. Oummekhan

    Hi am new here
    I been following the seria, for long
    Love how dhani n viplav had faith on each other
    Hope this time as well ekse it would be again the usual syory az i find this different n vute couple
    I just hope dhani n her baby is fine plz someone tell the writer despite all conspiracy nothing should hzppen t the baby n dhani

    • Hi nimmy u r right it is the worst till now even bad then when viplav had left dhani to ashram. Then there was a hope that it would be sorted eventually. But today all hopes r diminished. Vk has become aware of ktn dts secrets n heceforth blackmailed them to join hands with her. Worst is that dhani’s letter fails to reach viplav due to vk n on knowing abt dhani’s pregnancy she had become like a vampire. Can’t understand what the cvs r upto they r portraying sheer negativity. Instead of showing an elated dadi kt n great dada dt on news of new member they r shown angry n firm to separate vidhani n promising to ensure that viplav is not aware of this . Too….

      Heartening n disgusting

      • Nimisha

        Thing is FTband KT wouldn’t have wanted a grandchild by Dhani. I think they said that they need to get rid of her before that happened.

        OMG so VK has shown her true colours to them! What was their reaction? Were they praising her sanskari-ness again!

        What about DB..

        Feel free to tell me to just watch it.. Too many questions me ???

        Thank you both though for helping me understand the degree of awful ness. According to the spoilers Dhani sees VIP n Kam together tomorrow, that sounds utterly bad too.

        Oh dear. I am still not sure about that slap but I still feel I have faith in Viplav. If he knew he would have gone to Dhani straight away and he is not at all interested in VK.

        Did VK manipulate them or are they clear on her intentions? Are they proud she got Dhani kicked out with bhang incident?


    • Anne

      When Dasharath kanak and kaminickers all put their hand on top of one another, iit was like The three Musketeers ,but in bad way .lol
      One for all and all for one .
      But they aren’t,each one selfish ,they will kill ,blackmail each other..
      Besides when they put the hands together I thought it looked a bit stupid..?

      • Nimisha

        This feels like a repeat of that ridiculous bit when Trip DT and KT did the same and saidnsaaahaaaa too many times. Feels like they are on some sick repeat n recycle drive of old story lines.

    • Sujie

      I don’t want to say that Nimmy …. because our IKRS is not bad…. But i want to say those developers of the story RIP…. what was the story and what have you done………. Why???
      We people who are hopelessly trying to make us hopeful for positivity…today everything ruined…The letter was infront of Viplav…. not only the letter……. HIS HAPPINESS ALONG WITH DHAANI…was in the letter but that witch Kaamini did not let him see it…. 🙁 🙁 🙁

      • Nimisha

        It’s okay Sujie, I think I knew it was bad when I saw the RIP tweets!

        How on earth does a letter not reach Viplav. And how can Kam take it out of his hands. Does Dhani know Kam is bad news yet? Could Ramdeen tel Viplav about the letter. Is Kam going to forge another one?

        Viplav was never as dumb as he is being now. All to make Kam seem big and better, it’s tragic!

      • Nimisha

        Thanks Sujie. I’m not watching today as too much Kam. I might watch it tomorrow or the next day…

      • Sujie

        I don’t know Nimmy ….. I am lost…totally lost ….. any twists in serials I had watched or used to watch have not bothered me like this one….. Why god why ???

      • Nimisha

        Wondering the same myself Sujie, except my questions are to my chocolate stash ??? chocolate is the only way to get thru this for me.

  19. Now IKRS is not on the realistic track….i am not watching it only reading updates. IS THERE NO ROOM FOR GOODNESS??? Does dhani deserve no happiness….just torture….kidnapping…widowhood….jail….now bearing and rearing child all alone…..should we be getting depressed or detach ourself from the story as the plot itself is not taking a realistic turn……urrrr….

  20. Ade1111

    Thank you H Hassan
    Hi Family
    I can only laugh from reading this must be the worst episode ever now all Evils have joined hand together all I can say Poor Viplav cuz he will be full of Regrets sooner rather than later

    • Arshdeep

      How will dhani live for 5 loong years thinking that viplav even after knowing that news did not come to her..she will be full of hatred for him and i cant see that????

      • Nimisha

        Keep smiling Arshu. It isn’t over til it’s over. For me if they do anything between VIPs and Kam that is seedy or sordid or couple-y I will stop watching! Until then I’m praying my choc stash doesn’t run out, ???

      • Arshdeep

        Haha send here too the choc stash..
        And me too if they did that i will stop watching it for sure

  21. cool

    hi guyyys
    i going to stop reading the update
    till the leap comes
    i am eager to watch leap

  22. Hi All..seriously yaar even I have stopped watching IKRS..this track is getting sadder day by day..But here’s hoping that Viplav’s and Dhaani’s love for each other overcomes all hurdles..and we see them together enjoying parenthood ???????..All the negative characters, hoping they don’t take away that happiness from them..Please writers of the show if you are reading this please a
    humble request do not harm Dhaani’s
    child..Please God doesn’t happen please..

      • I am good are feelings only come out either I am very happy after watching IKRS or I am too the gap in the comments ??

      • Arshdeep

        I am also good ?
        We all are so disappointed from the current track of ikrs..dont know where it will lead to?

    • Nimisha

      I have hope, what did Zee say… Hopelessly hopeful. They didn’t fight so long and hard to be together to be separated by a badly dressed witch!

  23. According to the sources, ishq ka rang safed will be taking 5yrs leap and viplav and dhaani will no longer be together. Due to viplav not supporting attitude dhaani will be upset and she goes away from viplav to Mumbai with her mother

  24. Nima

    thank you Hasan mam for the update.
    today’s episode is most worthless episode . can’t tolerate dis cheap n chipku kamini track mere ishq ka rang kharab kar diya iss character less kmini ne ?????? I hate kmini to the core if got a chance I’ll kill you kmini????

  25. meena

    Bad news!!!! Bad news!!!? Dhant loses her baby in accident…. 5year leap….. Dhani shifts to Mumbai… Turns into a wedding planner… Viplav will marry kamini….. Grrrrrrr ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  26. Porkodi

    Thanks hasanji for the update. Again dhani in trouble… can’t able to see her in this condition.

    I don’t have any words to scold u kamini.. u r such a worst girl..can’t describe u in words…get out of this series.. because of u only ikrs lost its charm.

    • Arshdeep

      The show seriously lost its charm nd i promised my sister today..that if viplav married kamini i will never watch the show again..

  27. Article z

    I’m literally only reading precaps now since a few weeks ago and nothing has gotten me excited enough to to watch… These shows are starting to become bad

  28. cool

    hi friends today ikrs is so disgusting
    i thought this serial will be fabulous
    after rangrasiya
    this serial was also fabulous
    their is no words to describe this serial
    its awsome
    but when this vk enter
    our vidhanni has spoiled

    • Nimisha

      Hey cool.

      I think ALL fans think the same about VK’s entry. It seems it’s only the production house that doesn’t realise just how badly her character has affected everyone’s view of the show, the ratings both in the U.K. And India and probably internationally,

      Silly silly makers. Very sad!

  29. Porkodi

    I m having one doubt.. really kanak is viplav’s mom or not.. always not thinking abt viplav’s happiness… now she is joining hands with who is indirectly threatening her.. what she is finding good in kamin’s character that not in dhani.. Hate u three idiots.

  30. Kavitha

    Stupidest serial ever we must stop even watching it. Idiots making a mockery out of widow marriages. Biggest flop ever.

  31. Areeb

    Anxiously waiting for 30th May my younger bruh’s bday but more than that waiting to see where the story goes! ?

  32. Nimisha

    Hello H Hasan

    I can’t bring myself to read the update but thank you again, so much for giving us all a place to come together. Xxx

  33. Sujie

    Makers please wake up!!!! Jaago…….
    Can’t you see we are not happy with this track…..
    Dhaani and Viplav separated………. 5 years leap ……. Dhaani losing her baby…….. In spite of giving so many bad news at are not satisfied.. Then you add so called new twist ……….news are doing rounds that Viplav marries Kamini… That Kaamini who might be pregnant with TP’s child …this is disgusting ………..
    Makers are you thinking Kaamini will do something which will make Viplav think that he did injustice to Kaamini ( may be spend night with him…. OMG ) after knowing that Kaamini is pregnant…but oblivious to the fact that it is TP’s child…. Is this the reason for Viplav to marry Kaamini???? Then this is gonna be worst twist in IKRS…………
    Till now it was going fine……. and suddenly makers made a mockery out of widows remarriage….. made a mockery of unconditional love.. Disgusting….
    IKRS is known for its uniqueness but this same sort of twist…like in all typical serials…….
    Leads separated…. heroine pregnant with hero’s child…hero oblivious to the fact… villains at the top along with their cheap tactics…. Then where is the DAMN UNIQUENESS????
    we need answers makers!!! we do need answers….
    I am shouting from here and most of us wanna do that……. this does not mean we do not have other stuffs to do
    We take out some time from our schedule just to watch a beautiful story and makers do their homework so sincerely that they end up destroying that story at a point giving them the name of TWIST……
    If you really wanna bring twist then get those B****y culprits punished …. and show that widows have been empowered … they have their own life to live in their own terms….
    BUT the irony is the twist in a daily soap means Leads bearing the pain of separation…. trying to move on oblivious to each other’s existence because of a typical cheap villain…oh sorry I forgot there is a bunch of villains in IKRS more than the positive characters…………….. Why this happens??? WHY???
    am i only the frustrated one here???
    whenever I feel like watching some serial religiously because of the good story…everything finishes…. same happened now………….
    give me my answers please!!!!! I HAVE GONE MAD …. TOTALLY MAD!!!!!!!

    • Areeb

      Yep, day by day it’s loosing it’s unique charm! But we will still support! At least, post leap Dhaani will be a stronger woman! Excited to see her in some really good look with changed attire! ?

      • Sujie

        Areeb….. Although this leap is haunting me but I have high hopes that the day when Viplav and Dhaani will meet post leap………………… the day will be spectacular ……………
        We have freedom to hope 🙂

    • Nimisha

      Well said Sujie. The spoilers imply Dhani sees VIP and Kam up to something which is why she doesn’t tell him about pregnancy…

      She only left him 2 days ago

      They are attempting to destroy Viplav’s character more than they already have.

      The leap means everything Dhani heard was for no reason as it will be brushed under the carpet.

      I’ve heard the same rumours and it is totally disgusting what they are suggesting, I’m is a disgusting bile turn off of a character but it seems despite 1000’/ of comments on Twitter, FB and forums, they are not interested in what we think. Only in giving Kam someone’s husband to mess with… The whole USP and premise of the show is dying before our very eyes!

      Very sad.

      There are, like you say, so many other stories that could have been told starting with justice for Shambu’s death. We all had high hopes for Viplav and his vakil babu status but it seems he is only vakil in name and when Dhani stopped calling him that he stopped being one.

      I hope the makers read this forum.

      We are a very loyal respectful group of fans from all around the world so our views should matter.

      Your post is brilliant Sujie. I think you articulated brilliantly what all of us are thinking.

      • Sujie

        🙂 Nimmy dear Thanks for the support…….
        Nothing we can do….just post random comments as we are about to burst because of the uncontrollable stress of seeing a beautiful serial ruining before our eyes. 🙁 :)(

    • Nimisha

      Sujie are you on FB? Maybe post this there? Or on IF? I think they should read it.
      Or email Filmfarm India.

      • Sujie

        I am in FB and IF also Nimmy….. Don’t know much about IF….but I can ask the makers on FB or probably email them…………… But I know they will turn their ears deaf…because they have already thought of the story line that is pretty much depressing ….so I don’t know if I would be able to do it…… But I will try….. and tell all of you if I get back any response …….

    • Arshdeep

      Well said sujie di.. Loved your post..
      We really need answers..
      Trp 0.6.. What more do you want now that you introduced such twists???

    • arohi

      I agree with u dear. After rang rasiya this is the 2nd show am watching. bt am completely got mad now for current track.

  34. Sujie
    This song!!!! This song is the one I stopped listening after listening it for the first time….. just because it gave me tears…don’t know why??? It is still in my playlist… but avoided it everytime to avoid crying…………………
    BUT when this came up as background score in that heart wrenching moment…. tears did not cease ….. I think I will explode soon ….. Painful song… the story moving like this… pains for life …. truth hidden… negativity at its peak… heart wanting to see your love…but the wish remains unfulfilled because of cheap tricks of idiots……. How I wished the serial I liked to be going in lovely direction…. The irony is I can only wish… we can only wish… Nothing is gonna happen as we wish 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁

  35. Vandana

    I agree with you guys. Yes Renu really heartening and disgusting and I add depressing. Dont feel like watching anymore. So much negitivity with all the cunning thugs joining hands to destroy vidha relationship. And where has all Viplav’s trust, lov and promise that nothing will seperate them done????????????????????????????

  36. Vandana

    I meant where has all viplav’s trust , love and promise that nothing will seperate them gone????????????????????????????

  37. Latha

    Hello makers before leap and miscarriage at least make sure that viplav should know dhani’s pregnancy. Already u spoiled viplav character. Otherwise end the serial by dignity.

    • Zee

      I agree with you Latha. If its going this way, it might as well end. Atleast we will get closure and move on. Anyway the leap and shift to Mumbai seems disgusting. The uniqueness of the show was its setting Banaras. If we want to watch wedding planners in Mumbai, there are options galore.

  38. Ade1111

    I will definately skip today’s episode, haaaaaaaa i hate that KAMINI stupid cow, ruining my best series for me

  39. vaishnavi

    i just wanna said that i cant see dhaani like this she is agree for marriage with vipu bcoz she see the true love for vipu’s eyes for her but now woh puri tarah se tutne wali hain poor girl she is eagerly waiting for vipu thinking like when he know abt her pregnancy woh uske paas aa jayega but use kya pata vk uske raaste ka kata bankar khari hain
    n 3 villains sabne ek dusre ke secrets chipa liya aur joining hands wid each other i think the fire scene in aashram dt ka plan hoga dhaani ko aur uske child ko marne ke liye what a shameless thing is this apne hi pote ke child ko marna chi….
    i also cant see all this but only for mishal i am watching this serial
    n guys trp increase krne ke liye serial dekho pls bcoz trp less then show will end

    • Nimisha

      That’s what birthing exceptbinthink it’s Viplavs lab and he had to be mean to Dhani to make her leave otherwise she wouldn’t have done,

      The plan will backfire because of the fire at the ashram where he thinks Dhani dies.

      I’m banking on Viplav!

  40. When viplav will come to know abt all villans truth..n real face.. They alll will see d very very very very angry …datta bhau.. ..cant even imagine what he will do and how much he will regret…but plzz…not after 5 yrs leap??????????? atleast 1 yr leap is sufficint. ..eisha doesnt look that elder …yr.. .lets hope fo d bst

  41. Zee

    I was thinking as the makers are lowering the bars each day, soon it will reach Marina Trench. While we exercise the option not to watch some of these low-point episodes, H Hasan has to watch and compile every bit of nonsense. She really has a lot of patience and is a thorough professional. I salute you H Hasan!

    • Nimisha

      Zee and Renu, I concur H hasan is amazing for doing this when the episodes are sooo awful bad. I’d be a rubbish updated as I’d be refusing every other episode. Lol!

      H HAsan we all admire and salute you, you deserve a medal for putting up with it all and still managing to report it all so eloquently!

      Thanks again!

    • Arshdeep

      Agree zee

      But more than H Hasan..i went to Ssk page and checked who updates there.. Atiba… she must be so patient to watch all that non sense stuff everyday??

  42. ??????dear moderators team u r doing a brilliant task by giving all of us an opportunity to share our viewpoints about the show. The way with which it narrated is excellent ????currently the show has become weird due to entry of ISHITA GANGULY N SOME SPOILERS TALKING ABOUT LEAP N SEPERATION OF LEAD PAIR WHOSE CHARISMATIC BOND WAS THE MAGNET FOR ALL VIEWERS. ITS REALLY HEARTENING CAN U ADVICE IF PER CHANCE ANY CREW MEMBER READS THIS FORUM . L HELP US SAVE IKRS

  43. Bency

    Disgusting episode. I dont understand wat is the need of dhaani’s miscarriage and then adopting some other child. Isme kya logic chupa hai even if viplav meets dhaani after many years? Agar dhaani or vp ka child ho to wo shayad dhaani k paas ata bhi. No scope left for it. Atleast looks and character wise dhaani wl hav modifications after leap. Want to see that change in her.

    • Nimisha

      I haven’t been tweeting since the show aired. Trying silence as my message to them all. They know who I am and they will notice my silence ????

      As if! But it’s making me feel better!

      • Zee

        No pl keep tweeting caustic one-liners. Others also PLEASE keep the pressure on. Maybe they will wakeup from the deep slumber that Kamini has induced in everybody particularly Cvs.

  44. Ya nimmy even i was thinking that ramdeen can later tell to viplav that there was a letter from dhani meant for him in the flower basket snatched by VK ? then probably he can confront vk wish it happens.

    • Nimisha

      All the good characters seem to be dumbstruck. None of them ever speak. It’s crazy!

      Also how can she snatch a letter back from him when it’s in Viplavs hands. This is the big thanks most putting me off watching today’s, how did Viplav become south a doormat! And so dumb?

      Our beloved Viplav and Dhani have been dumbed down to glorify VK, who has killed the show!

    • Nimisha

      What about going t his office, or ringing his mobile or his office number? Or or or or or!

      Hi Renu by the way, hope you’re well. Xxxx???


    • Anne

      Good thought Renu, how does she do that? The writers are very very. lazy, just going for convenience and easy. Xxx

      • Nimisha

        Lol Anne. I just replied tonrenu and your reply from 2 hours ago just appeared and it looks like I copied you… But I didn’t… Honest guv!

    • Nimisha

      Exactly, how does she do it when no one else ipseems able! Dhani did and she hot called all sorts. VK does it and DT and KT agree to help her become their Bahu, stupid ridiclulous plot!

  46. nida

    What r u tryin to show, that a widow cannot live happyyy life? Why cant u have positive aerial? Is seperation needed, why? Le the two fight for other struggles offus post marriage?

    • Nimisha

      None of what planned is needed. I can accept the separation as its due to a misunderstanding over his family which is fair enough, but the rest, including VK, is just utter nonsense!

      Info like trips being back in though indent understand what he has against Dhani still. It would be more interesting if he was after DT and KT and getting even with them.

  47. Vidya

    This serial story was thrilling every day with a beautiful message to society.but kaminis entry will make again soap story..We all don’t need it, please don’t spoil anymore this justice to dhanI and viplav. In the beginning of narrative every time it’s said…dhanI will get everything in her life being a widow. ..need to wait nd see what more !!!but I really love watching this, but don’t make us depressed day by day ☺

    • Nimisha

      Everyone feels the same. I think the raja awasthis track was a bit rubbish too but since VK entered its really nose dived on all fronts. It feels a bit like the only ones who don’t get or see it are the makers. Sigh!

  48. sorry i havent introduce myself i m maha from pakistan till now i was a silent reader but now i started to comment actually guys this leap is getting on my nerves i love ikrs eisha and mishal alot but now ikrs has lost its charm please writers come back to the original story

  49. Vidya

    Send kaamini back…TRp will come down because of her ….don’t want any leap of years please

    • Arshdeep

      I thinks cvs dont really care for trp
      They know kamini is the reason for low trp still not sending her out of show??

  50. Saraswathi.j

    What is the necessity of telling pregnancy and miscarriage the story writer is mad they make fun of unborn baby also!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Sujie

      Exactly mam….. making mockery out of every positive feelings……….
      mockery of relation between unconditionally loving husband and wife…..
      mockery of relation between a mother and her baby …who is not even born….
      mockery of everything …….. 🙁 🙁 🙁

  51. Hi annie actually cow is used as an adjective with a person who is SIMPLE ; ;PIOUS N INNOCENT HERE VK IS JUST THE REVERSE SO SHE CAN’T BE COMPARED WITH A COW.☺

    • Anne

      Hi Renu, oh I see! Over here its used as an insult to a woman .A fox is seen as clever and smart ,also to call someone Foxy is a compliment,it means they are very attractive..?

  52. eshani

    As expected letter will not reach viplav I doubt if kamini wil write a new letter as sent by dhani asking for divorce and something like that n viplav will be even more angry….what is d need of miscarriage instead she can take care of her own child what is happening

  53. eshani

    I guess after leap viplav will go to Mumbai to attend are wedding n will meet Dhabi I his hope by then he is not married to kamini

  54. eshani

    I thought I was d only one who is feeling sad as if it has all happened with me but reading all or posts I knw I not the only one….am still watching it daily jus addicted to it….this is d 1st serial which has so much impact on me

  55. Arshdeep

    There is an olv and a rocking news by sbb segment on die hard fb page
    Can someone please watch it and tell me what is in it??

    • eshani

      Hey arshdeep that SBB segment says that there will be a leap and that olv could not hear anything even I wonder what it is

    • Sujie

      Seeing the title Rocking news I clicked it Arshu….. And I realized…the title should have been Shockinhg news…
      All it says about leapof 5 years… Viplav Dhaani separated from each other…. Kaamini daayan might get married to Viplav…. Dhaani ‘s character post leap somewhat like that of Anushka Sharma in Band Baajaa Baaraat …. That’s it

  56. florentina moldovan

    Good morning, my friends!
    i am always here with you but i do not comment because i do not watch the show!
    i only read your comments and the update!
    sorry, i do not have the power to see it!
    i wait the leap and than i hope….

    • Anne

      Morning Florentina, glad to hear from you,hope you’re well, like you
      I’ve not watched for two days just come on here.
      I don’t know why I feel so bad,sad and angry about IKRS ..
      I don’t get so involved usually, but I really don’t know what is the thinking behind the story !!
      If viplav gets together with Kamini ,even for one second , I’ll stop watching altogether. Too much to bear????

  57. The drama is now a soap opera not the one with a realistic plot…..i thought IKRS would be different but its not…..i think that writers like to play mind games with us……By the way how do you guys know about the story ahead…leap and all?????

    • Arshdeep

      Batool if i am not wrong you started with a ff..named i dont trust love dhani..i trust love viplav..??

  58. shanitics

    Gud mrng guys… Yet now I’m a little shocked nt shocked smethng else emotion.. I’ll tell u y!! I was gng through the cmnts and saw that post… Dhaani miscarriage thn leap.. Vip-kam wedding Dhaani wedding planner…. Again start thr strory…
    This same story was said my sis to me whn I said thr is a leap in the story ?
    I told to sis that this will nt happnd.. Bt whn I read this one …. I was like aww?

  59. shanitics

    From where the story started and whr it is moving to…. Now I think this serial is facing the same condition of rangrasia.. At first that serial was superb bt later typical colours serial….
    I always thought this serial will never ever be a typical colours serial bt… Watever lest hope smethng good will be there ?

  60. shanitics


  61. shanitics

    Guys.. I got this news from FB so thought to share with u…
    In preacap we saw VK cmng to ashram.. According to FB link… In ashram VK will show her true colours and thus Dhaani comes to knw abt Vk

  62. shanitics

    Anothr link is that.. Dhaani will met with an accident and it will leads to miscarriage… The girl in the car will die on spot and her child will be adopted by Dhaani… Thn leap.. After the leap it will be shown Dhaani a strong women …. And also a wedding planner… Character similar to Anushka of Band baajha Baarat… Viplav is forced to marry VK bt he is lost in Dhaani’s memories bt his family ? are making him forgt Dhaani..

    Thn it is mentioned smethng abt Vk.. I didn’t understood wat it is.. It is said smethng like this…VK is pregnant with Tripurari’s baby something that.. It’s not clear.. For me…

  63. Arshdeep

    I wish one day mishal and eisha’s interview come.. And they say that all leap thing is just a rumour..nothing is going to be like that.. And vidhani is going to unite veryyy soon..

  64. Sonu

    Hi friends, feeling very bad.. Day by day IKRS going to worst.. HAmari director iss villian charector ko phele jyadah hi jyada dheere se show karti( I mean not reveal thier true face as soon as fast). Then Suddenly villian charecters ko katam kartae( ek din mein uska asli chera sabke saamnae aur usko siksha detae hai)

    Now we r all tiered from this stupid track… Kya jaroorat hai uski charecter ko?

  65. Sonu

    What is the necessary of Dhani’s misscarriage and five years leap?
    I want to Dhani give birth to her own child and becomes a strong women.( She becomes well setteled in finacially and respected women from Society) I don’t want to she becomes wedding planner. I want to she becomes a famous lawyer or respective job(like DC, Lawyer or she is the owner of a big multi national company)..
    Especially she becomes Lawyer(because that day Vipu knew abt Dhani’s night school and he told to her u becomes a lawyer) what u says friend for my imagination?

    • Arshdeep

      It would be really great and something to watch if she becomes a lawyer..
      But what the hell are writers planning?? 🙁 🙁
      I was very happy when i got the news that dhani is going to be pregnant.. I wanted to see viplav’s happiness that moment..he would have carried her in his arms.. But this kamini… 🙁 🙁
      saare sapne tod diye

  66. SARAS

    hi every one..I was away for few days. . Today back just read ydays wu… Hey what’s happening yaar I m shattered. . Very bad. .

  67. Anne

    I loved Rangrasia, but they did a similar track…..A big shock.then rushing towards the end. The last episode all the bad people had a change of heart and were forgiven. ???

  68. Zee

    Hi Areeb and Arshi,
    We have watched HS and discussed the similarities between Dhani/Khirad and Kamini/Sara. I did not like Sara when she was creating a rift betw Asher and Khirad, but I REALLY HATE kamini.

    • Arshdeep

      Hi zee… kese ho??

      Kamini is crossing her limits now
      What most biggest villains of Ikrs could not do…separating vidhani..
      Kamini did it in a month??

      • Areeb

        Arshdeep your predictions are getting true! ? I’m worried the leap.. the child.. the letter.. OMG! It’s all so depressing! ? I’m afraid, if kam will instigate Dhaani that Viplav don’t care about the news, that’s why he didn’t come?? If this happen, then Dhaani will hate Viplav!!? Crap! ?

      • Zee

        Main thik hoon dear. Tum kaisi ho?
        Sadi garmi wapas 🙁
        Aj kal kucch bhi bura hota hai, toh lagta hai Kamini ne hi kiya hoga.
        So I am secretly blaming her for the return of bad weather 🙂

      • Arshdeep

        Areeb atleast khirad brought up her own child.. but dhani first have to face her miscarriage torture too.. and then she have to bring someone else’ child????
        Enough of tortures on her…+ living 5 years hating viplav that he did not care

    • Areeb

      Hi Zee. Yeah, there is kinda psychotic similarity btw Sara and Kam. ?? But here, kamini wins in cruelness! ?

  69. eshani

    Agree she could have become lawyer n thy meet in court fighting d case of DT n all d villains ahh would love this scene

  70. Anne

    Wonder if Dhaani adopting s child is to set the scene for future story? Viplav n Dhaani get together ,viplav is overjoyed to have a child and Dhaani can’t bring herself to tell him .
    Then child gets Ill ,DNA proves not viplavs …
    OR relative of child finds it,and takes Dhaani to court to get child…..enter Viplav….
    Sorry,brain working overtime.??


    • Arshdeep

      Kamini is the worst..

      Dont know why ishita accepted this role..
      I used to say she was the prettiest of all in shastri sisters
      Now i not only hate kamini..but her face too… Whenever she is on screen…arrgghhh… I hate her..

  72. BREAKING NEWSSSSSSSS………………………………………….!


    PLEASE FIND OUT……………………?

  73. BREAKING NEWSSSSSSSSSSS………………………………………..



    • florentina moldovan

      i would like to be ishita but i think it is Raj Lakshmi- forgot her real name!

  74. meena

    I think the writers are going through psycho problem… That’s why they are letting the evil win all the time…. Somebody take them to a psychiatrist….?????
    Now I will read only ff’s as ff writers know all our emotions and how to write….

    Hi nimisha sorry for late reply… Was busy with studies due to sem exam?????

    • Arshdeep

      We have dr. Sweety here..
      They can come to us.. till she treats them..some of our wonderful writers..will take up the story ahead..??

    • Arshdeep

      Helloo ade1111..
      Can i know where you are from??
      Coz right now heres a burning afternoon??

  75. Areeb

    HAHA! Arshdeep, some day when that child will grow up.. writers will make that child to go against his own mum Dhaani! ? I’m super sure! ? don’t know what’s cooking in their minds.. they are just messing up with the story. ?

  76. Arshdeep

    Ab to telly reviews me bhi aa gya
    Mujhe kahi na khi umeed thi ki koi to aa kar bolega ye sab jhooth hai…no leap..but ab nahi..???


    Ishq ka Rang safed will take a 5 years leap. Dhaani and Viplav will be shown separated post leap. Dhaani will be having miscarriage and she will adopt a child. She will start her wedding planning business in Mumbai.

  77. Thank u guys for welcoming me in ur cute family ? I will try to comment daily as ikrs is the only show I watch☺

    I will write a ff I hope u guys will like it?

    • Arshdeep

      So that dhani ke liye aur problems aa sake
      Yahi to dikhana hai na ki widows kbhi shadi na khrab ho jati h??

    • Areeb

      5 years are actually very long time period! ? Dhaani struggling alone in these years, Viplav living with Dhaani’s memories. So painful! ? Writers are making height of cruelty!

  78. I can tolerate this 5 year leap track but can’t bear kamini and viplav marriage?

    And I hate kamini dressing her dressing is like she is married?

    Aik tw pehly he villain hai dressing ke wajah sey aur vampire lagte hai?

    Sorry if I hurt someone feeling

  79. eshani

    Am not understanding y dhani is not calling viplav if he doesn’t talk that’s a different thing but she can try

  80. eshani

    Exactly wherever these ppl at least suvarna I can understand she has to hide from tripurari but dadi at least I expect her to speak up

    • Zee

      That is really SHOCKING.
      I am sure she is fed up of KT, DT, DB, Asthana, Trip and Kamini constantly giving her hell.

    • Sujie

      Arrey!!!! Why these makers eager to ruin their own show……
      Stop being deaf makers!!!wake up….
      IKRS ko bandh karwaake dum loge kya???
      I am sure If this is true…this will be age issue…. EISHA SINGH is herself a teenager….leap means change in appearance…. post leap she will be playing a mother to a 5 years old kid… this might be a reason for news doing the rounds…or this whole thing is a rumor……
      RIP makers……
      We need old charming IKRS back …… What say guys???

  81. arohi


  82. eshani

    Is it true that eisha is leaving?? Oh god what’s happening I will stop watching seriously

  83. Vimi???

    Some info frm fb
    Khushbu aka shalu of ikrs posted a pic and say that…..

    On public demand….hehehe i mean mere pyare fans ke liye….shalu ek baar phirse…ek scene k lite..

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.