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Ishq Ka Rang Safed 26th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Viplav folding his hands infront of Dasharath and says you have full right to scold me. He says your anger is justified and I married Dhaani without your consent. He apologizes to him and says Dhaani didn’t do any mistake and it was him who have fallen for him. He says I think myself as very fortunate as I am born in this house and you and Dadi are my grand parents. He apologizes to him and requests him to accept Dhaani. Dasharath hugs Viplav and asks him not to worry and says he will try to convince Kanak to accept Dhaani. Shalu looks on. Dasharath calls Dhaani as choti bahu and asks her to take his blessings. Dhaani happily takes his blessings. Dasharath tells Sushma that their jodi is good and says nobody should put evil eye on them. Kanak looks on angrily.


calls Raja and tells him that Viplav brought Dhaani home as his wife. Raja says it is right as Dhaani is bahu of the house. Shalu says she has done so much bad with you, but you are taking her side, and talks about his goodness. She says I will never forgive her and can never give her my bhabhi’s place. She says nobody is caring for her happiness. She says I miss you. Raja says even I miss you. He says he need to go somewhere and tells bye to her. Once the call is disconnected, Raja tells his mum and mami that he won’t let Viplav or Dhaani live peacefully.

Viplav lifts Dhaani in his arms and makes plan to spend time with her, and shows her cupboard, says he will make place for her clothes. Dhaani asks him to keep her down. Viplav says he is very happy seeing her in his bridal avatar. Dhaani gets teary eyes and says I felt very bad seeing Kanak upset. She says I have won half of the battle as I got Dadaji and Dadi’s blessings, and determines to win Kanak too. Viplav says you will soon win Kanak’s heart. He holds her closer and says today is special day for us, as today is our ……….just then she gets Dulaari’s call. Viplav says what a timing? Dulaari asks her if everyone welcomed her, and asks about Kanak’s reaction. Dhaani tells her that Dada and Dadi have welcome her well and says Kanak will accept her also very soon. Viplav takes the call and tells Dulaari that he will take care of her daughter very well, and asks her not to take any tension. Dulaari says yes, we are relieved as you are with her and disconnects the call.

Viplav asks her to tell Dhaani, how she is feeling to be on the bed. Dhaani tells him that she is not habitual to sleep on the bed. Viplav says okay, your husband will do wonder now, and puts the matress, bed sheet and pillows on the floor. He pulls Dhaani closer to him and looks at her romantically. Naa Seekha Maine Jeena plays………………..whule he kisses her forehead and keeps his head on her face. Kanak is angrily sitting in her room and thinks about Dhaani’s grah pravesh into their house. She gets restless as she recalls Dasharath accepting Dhaani. Dasharath comes there and tells Kanak that he thought she is thirsty. Kanak calls him double standard man, and says you used to say that you don’t like Dhaani, but accepted her so easily. Dasharath tells her about water quality, which fits in any thing. He says we have to acquire water’s quality. He says we have to get Viplav in our control. He asks her to learn double standard character infront of Viplav and asks her to wear sweet mask, and deal Dhaani sweetly. Kanak says I will see if Dhaani can stay infront of me.

Later in the night, Viplav wakes up and gives pillow under Dhaani’s head. Ishq Ishq…………Mere Ishq Ka Rang Safed plays……………..He kisses on her forehead. Just then Dhaani turns towards him and sleeps hugging him. He makes her sleep properly and goes out of room to see Shalu. He sits at her bedside and says you are upset with me and Dhaani, but one day you will know the truth. I promise to fill your life with happiness. Kanak comes there and says you have ruined her happiness and now promising to get her happiness when she is sleeping. Viplav says I know how to fulfill my promises and says I will happiness in her life. Kanak says one day you will repent. Viplav asks what is your problem? She says you will change your perception soon? Kanak says even if she dies, but she will not be able to get place in my heart. Viplav asks why she is talking about breaking the house. Kanak is shocked and says I will never let this house break and says she will harm Dhaani. Viplav says if you do any such thing, then you will lose your son’s life.

Precap is for tomorrow (Sunday):
Kanak asks Dhaani to tell about her next plan and asks if she wants to kill her son also. She says I will give you 10 times more money than you ask for. Later she throws stick on Dhaani and it hits her. Viplav comes and cares for Dhaani.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Hi my dear ikrs frnds a very gud mrg to u all.
    Today is Sunday but today we don’t get bored.iam eagerly waiting for today’s episode.
    AM pls respond to this viruses using ur name writing hatred com.n warn them to don’t use such stupidity again.

  2. I think this this is not Bhaia….
    I think it is virus for sure….
    They are commenting using our name it seems….

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    Good morning to you all

    1. thanks for believing me …they use the name of mine …raj and Louella too ….but sabka sahi likha …mera name galat likha ….my name is avijit not avijith ….

  4. Helloo paviabi welcome to our ikrs family. Plz keep commenting. If u don’t mind may I know about u?

    1. sure louella,iam from madurai(tamil nadu)i finished higher secondary first year.i think u younger than me.

    2. gud eve shanatics..i watched only one shahid kapoor movie it was R.Rajkumar.

  5. Nimisha, in answer to an earlier question ,I’ve been watching about 3 years.
    Laagi tuhjsi laagan
    Na Anna is des laado
    Na bole tum na Maine kuch kaha
    and I’ve dipped in and out of others.They are mostly on Rishtey and are repeats (some) of what has already been shown in India. Oh and I watched Ashish Sharma win dance competition (he’s lovely) And I’m still upset about Paro dieing in Rangrasia ,I was traumatised !!
    Can’t wait for tonight.?x

  6. I think it must be very tricky and awkward for MishaL and Eisha He is a grown man in his 30s while she is Very Young ,still a schoolgirl really and her mum is with her.I sometimes think he is VERY conscious of this ..I know the show goes out at6.30 which is family time so can understand really.??

  7. Anne hifi…me too a fan of Aashish and paro…
    Love u….

    Bhaiya I think Swaragini fans love ur name…waahhh Swaragini fans admire of ur name Bhaiya…aret waahh…

    Raj virus is making himself clear tat he is talking abt IKRS…Lol…

    Maine bola Thana viruses ek saath aathe hai…because cowards are always cowards…or may be prooving there unity…..? and how come they knw our names… seems like they are silent

    1. Shanatics hi! I was so upset when rangrasia ended. I loved it ,all the characters were brilliant , stunned when Paro died–even more stunned when she came back!!!!! Lolx

  8. Hi nimmy kanak must have thrown belan , i. E rolling pin on dhani.

  9. Bhaiya I think they are afraid of you..because u r our spoiler…soo if you spoil there anything…soo due to fear they wrote ur name wrong ?

  10. PAVIABI…
    Shanitics means die hard fan of shahid Kapoor….?
    My name is Swetha…

  11. Neeraja654…
    Wat a lovely question….now only saw it….
    Mmm No it seems because Dhaani and vip can’t do it…with respect to there character..
    Mmm…and during midnight vip was there with kanak and shalu…na!!!

    1. Seriously Shanatics .? No? ??


  13. too..stunned both times…
    I love paru-Aashish Jodi more than arshi…I used to watch arshi too…
    Aashish is simply acting with his ? eyes…he is king ? of eye acting…known at tat time…
    He is stunning in ram attire…in star ? plus…

  14. OMG. Y r they starting this on sunday Bakwaas show……

    1. Omg AS after a long time u commented. Well were u busy commenting in other page of other serials? Anyways welcome back

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  18. What a coincidence friends! Everyone came together to comment and inform us that ikrs is bad. Well all those who have commented bad and advised us, SORRY, we can’t use ur advice as u r super late in advising us. Better go to hasanji who gives us the written updates on time. Samjhe ya samjhaaye?

  19. Anne, I agree it must be very strange for mishal to woo such a young co actor, but there again, you often see 40 something year old male Bollywood actors paired up with much young female co stars so maybe not that unusual. In the films I,ve always found it weird and a bit creepy but that’s probably because films seem much more raunchy and somehow more ermmmm vulgar.

    The whole suhaag Raat In IKRS was handled very beautifully and respectfully, especially by mishal.

    It makes you wonder when they hired Elisha whether they intended her to ever become a
    bride in the show. As you say she’s still at school, so really very young.

    renu, you are right it was a belan wasn’t it.

    Hope everyone enjoys today’s episode. I.m so looking forward to it.

  20. Anne, wow! You’ve watched more shows than I have. Mi only really started watching IKRS by chance. It was my intrigue in Mishal that meant I found LTL. I am watching that again, 4 th time now. Totally love it.

    I really really hope the repeat it again, in its entirety, although I couldn’t get into it once mishal left the show. His portrayal of DSP was the shows forte and without him it just a didn’t work for me.

    Anyway, thanks for the list of shows. I’m going to work my way through them. Xxx

    1. I wish they would repeat laagi too . I missed first few weeks so tried to catch up on YouTube but not the same. Very disjointed. Please don’t change your posts ,they are lovely and seem like a proper conversation.?

  21. by the way, red the viruses…

    Ignore ignore ignore. I think they are trying to stop or detract from the humour, intelligent analysis and friendly nature on the IKRS threads. It’s obvious by their antics that they are jealous.


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