Ishq Ka Rang Safed 26th July 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishq Ka Rang Safed 26th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dulaari giving marriage proposal to Parshiya of Dhaani, and says she wants him to become Vidha’s papa from baba so that she gets happy. Parshiya is silent, although he is happy at heart. Pratibha smiles. Dulaari says I am not forcing you, you can refuse also, our relation will not change with your decision. Dhaani is stunned and looks on with teary eyes. Dulaari asks Parshiya what is he thinking? Parshiya says Maayi……I am Gudiya’s baba and will always be her baba. He says about the marriage, if Dhaani agrees then I have no objection. Dhaani is teary eyes and recalls Viplav asking her to marry Parshiya in the letter. Pratibha hugs Dhaani, as she mistaken her silence to be approval. She then hugs Parshiya and says he got bahu and Gudiya. She asks Parshiya to keep

Gudiya happy always and assures Dulaari that he will keep both of them happy, and goes to offer Prasad to God. Dulaari tells Dhaani that it is difficult for you, but sometimes we have to think about children’s happiness. She asks her to think that she is doing this for Vidha, if not for her. Dhaani hugs her cryingly.

In the morning, Dasharath is in the temple and recalls reading Viplav’s letter. He blesses a boy who does some puja. He prays to God and tells that his heir Viplav went somewhere. He says he is scared that his wealth might be snatched by someone and asks God to protect. Durga comes there and takes his blessings. She asks him to tell if he needs their help. Dasharath says it is not needed and thanks her.

Dhaani takes out letter and recalls Viplav asking her to marry Parshiya….She thinks if I am doing right, I have friendship relation with her…..A song plays…… bheji thi jo dua….She sees Parshiya playing with Vidha…and gets emotional. She thinks Vidha’s happiness lies with him and thinks she will never tell her about Viplav. She then thinks if she is doing wrong with Viplav. Parshiya looks at Dhaani. Dhaani smiles seeing him with Vidha, and gets sad looking at the letter. She holds her mangalsutra and recalls his words that he can’t forget her and his daughter. A fb is shown of the same.

Dulaari comes there. They see Parshiya hugging Vidha happily. Dulaari says Dhaani, I know you are in dilemma and confused right now. She says I know that I told about the proposal there, and asks her not to marry if she loves Viplav even now. She says what to do as Vidha asks you daily, and I feel pain when you couldn’t answer. She says I don’t want Vidha to run away from home again and asks her to marry for Vidha’s sake, says I know Parshiya and you are good friends, and you can’t see him as husband. She says time has come to think about Vidha as she is yearning for her Papa, and if she don’t get any answer then. She asks her to take a decision for Vidha, and says she is not forcing her. Dhaani says what to think now. She says Viplav sent me a letter asking me to marry Parshiya. He has written that Parshiya will be proved as a good father and will keep us happy, he asked me to move on. Dhaani hugs her and cries.

Dasharath comes home. Kanak asks if you will make Tripurari as your heir. Dasharath says yes, and says he is my blood and son. Kanak asks him to lower his voice and says you have kept him as a dog. Dasharath says truth can’t be changed…he is my son. He says Viplav is not here, so Tripurari has right on the position. Kanak says I won’t let this happen. She says Viplav is my son…Kanak Tripathi’s son. I won’t let you do justice with him. She compares Viplav and Tripurari and says she will fight for her son’s right till her last breath.

Dhaani thinks about Dulaari’s words asking her to marry for Vidha. Vidha asks her to make dress for her doll. Vidha says just as my Papa came, doll’s papa will also come. Dhaani’s hurts her finger with needle mistakenly and recalls Viplav sucking her injured finger before. Vidha holds her hand and says we shall go to doctor. Dhaani says it is not needed, I am fine. She asks her not to worry. Vidha says sure. Vidha says she will get dolls marry. Dhaani thinks sometimes I am happy for Vidha and sometimes I get sad thinking about Viplav.

Kanak is angry with Dasharath and says he has gone mad being old. She asks how can he agree that Viplav will not return. She says may be Viplav have went to Boston or somewhere and will return. She says whenever he is angry then he goes, it is his habit. She asks Sushma to do something and says Babu ji can’t make that Tripurari as his heir, snatching Viplav’s rights. Kamini comes there and says when did Viplav want to become maha pandit. She asks her to let him become heir. Kanak is shocked and says how can you tell that, and says if not Viplav then Atharva will become heir. Kamini asks her to put cold water on her head and says you have gone mad. She says if this is the right time to talk about all this, and says we should think about Viplav’s whereabouts, etc and not about wealth and right. She says my son Atharva is not born for small things and says he is born for big things. Kanak hears her. Kamini says Tripurari wants to become heir so let him be. Kanak says he was dying to become heir….and that’s why I am sure that he is behind Viplav’s kidnapping. She says he must have sent that letter from Viplav’s name.

Sushma worries for Viplav and says don’t know where is he? Kanak says this is not right. Sushma says it is our karma and we are getting punished, and Dasharath is punished for doing mistake with Durga. Kanak says yes, and says Kamini is punished for her sins, which he did with Viplav. Kamini is angry and asks Sushma to make her silent. She says Viplav is missing, what is my fault. She says inauspicious Dhaani is responsible. Sushma thinks where is he? Viplav is seen in drugged state somewhere in the old house and throws the glass from the table and gets unconscious.

Dhaani is about to fill her maang with sindoor. Dulaari stops her and asks her not to fill sindoor of Viplav’s name as Kamini is applying sindoor of his name. Dhaani looks on stunned.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. Pooja

    Stupid dhanni.. I hate you to the core- why lying to vidhha..
    Worst completely – writers mistakes

  2. Latha

    |Registered Member

    Dhani u r thinking that vidha’s happiness lies with parshiya why don’t u think that with viplav being he is her real father.

  3. Sujie

    |Registered Member

    Aansu bahaao….. Continue your rona dhona….. But even after so much happening….. No one thinks vidha should know about viplav…… RIDICULOUS…,.
    My viplav is being drugged…. And no one is even concerned….
    Maahan Dhaani will get busy in her 3rd ever marriage…..
    Kaamini….woh toh hai hi kaaminee….. 😈😈😈😈😡
    Who will think about Viplav…..

    When Dhaani was with him….he never thought of himself… Always thought about Dhaani first…. But the same Dhaani …now ready to marry someone else in the lieu of Vidha’s future…. Awesome story by writers……keep it up…. 😫😫😫😡😡😡

    • Mariyam123

      |Registered Member

      Oho, shaant shaant. Calm down dear calm down. Just watch mohe rang do laal in Rishtey channel and then comment. Then see the difference😉 This happened with me😌

      • Sujie

        |Registered Member

        Chuttku….shaant toh hojaungi…but wait I can’t calm down…..
        bad news is I can’t watch that even if I want because Rishtey channel is not available in per my knowledge…
        But youtube is a savior….and few episodes saved in my phn before all the videos of DHFOMR face page were deleted …. I watch those and feel like Viplav Dhaani ke jahaan ka safar abhi suru hua hai

  4. Mariyam123

    |Registered Member

    A worst episode😡 just hated it. Mishal was just for two minutes😭😭 They r giving more importance to Dhaani and Parshiya. Hope they remember Viplav and Dhaani r the main leads and not Dhaani and Parshiya😤

    • Pooja

      Yeah correct Louella.. dhanni n prasiya not lead – he is of good type but people around me changing his mind n heart.
      All these stupid credits goes to dhulari n prasiya ma n his friends.
      Dhanni if you don’t want to disturb viplav life it doesn’t mean you should marry
      another guy.

      Just tell vidhha about viplav n make her understand.she is really nice girl.
      You made her arrogant this way..
      You only made her yearn for Father’s love..
      There are so many ways to explain your daughter

  5. Mariyam123

    |Registered Member

    Is anyone watching Mohe rang do laal in Rishtey Channel? The scene is Viplav Throwing red color on Dhaani😍 Oh those special moments. I m just enjoying them yaar😘 Plz watch and then all your worries will go away like mine. Its the true mind-fresher yaar😍

  6. Mariyam123

    |Registered Member

    Dhaani is telling she is marrying Parshiya for her,daughter’s happiness but then can’t she notice that Vidha is happy more when she is with her real father? That girl is waiting to know who is her father and these ppl r just fooling her yaar. And have they thought about Viplav? Okay I understand they read the letter and so they assumed that he’s really allowing her to marry Parshiya but how can she marry even when she never divorced Viplav? And also Parshiya is taking advantage of the situation. Can’t he see the love in Dhaani’s eyes and love in Viplav’s eyes for each other? Also Dulaari, what happened to her? Why is she herself saying Dhaani to marry Parshiya? She was only the person na who supported Dhaani and Viplav to marry each other before? And now she is supporting Dhaani and Parshiya? Is this marriage a joke? Is she forgetting Dhaani is marrying the third time? When Dhaani was marrying the second time she was not allowing her and now for the third time she is encouraging her. The story before revolved around widow marriage but now it is teaching us to leave one person after every few years and then marry the other person. This is just like the other serials. The ff writers write better than this yaar. The writers of the serial should learn something from us. The story was going on well till Kamini’s entry but then its charm got spoiled. Kamini and Dadi bua’s entry was not necessary. They could have revealed the secrets that were hidden. They have not yet revealed the following secrets:
    1) Shambhu’s murderer secret
    2) DT and Tripurari secret.
    3) What happened to all the ashram ladies before the leap
    4) Atharva and Kamini truth
    5) Piya truth
    so many tracks r still to be revealed. Why don’t they complete this and then start their worst episodes? If writers r reading this then plz do the needful☺

  7. maha

    Bad news..
    I can’t post my ff from now on as TU will only post registered members from 1st August and I am not registered😭😭

      • maha

        Yeah Louella but I have a question suppose I haven’t opened TU page then also notifications will come about comments and all that ?

    • maha

      Ok Renu di.. one more question hope I am not irritating u
      Suppose someone has commented on my ff then also notifications will not come and if someone has messaged me privately than notifications will come without opening TU page .. please answer me I promise this will be the last question actually I don’t like unwanted notifications until and unless I myself open TU page ..

      • Renuverma

        |Registered Member

        No issues dear. Best advantage of registeration is that u have to be on TU PAGE weather it is ikrs or any other serial or any ff. U get the notification of the comment or private message
        Eg Maha has sent you a private message 2 min ago.
        Arshu has replied to your comment 40 min ago

        Louella has replied to your comment 8 min ago
        Sujie has replied to your comment 2 hr ago.

        Now here all notification come together on any page so u need not go back n check if someone has eeplied to yr msg or not.
        In above ex. Arshu mighr have replied for a comment on serial Bh
        Sujie might have commented on serial TPK


        it is very easy. Eg if a person reads yr old ff wg episode 1 months before n comments then also u wud come to know n reply back. It is otherwise not possible for u to check all episodes of yr ff daily.
        Hope clear. If not then wud try again.😊

      • Renuverma

        |Registered Member

        Also i forgot that on clicking one out of many notification (suppose there are 10 n all of different episodes of ikrs or ff or different serials ) the particular page will open on its own u need not search for the page.

  8. Mariyam123

    |Registered Member

    Sujie di I know I m late for this but then too I had forgotten so wishing u now. Congratulations for your success and also all the best for your future😘

  9. Mariyam123

    |Registered Member

    It hurts when Vidha calls Parshiya papa😭 Instead, she should call her rakshas uncle her papa😍 I will be waiting very eagerly for this special day😌

  10. Mariyam123

    |Registered Member

    I m missing the old ikrs. How all would put all their best in commenting and making the maximum comments, how we would make funny comments and songs, how we would open HMS and work on it, how we would wait eagerly for the next episode and count each and every minute for it, all this has vanished now😭 Nothing is left here. All old members have left because of the worst track😞 They have become like silent readers. I feel like crying today😭 No one comments like before not even I😭 I m trying my level best to make the best comments but I stop doing this as I don’t have anyone to reply and also to post more funnier comments than mine😭

    I m missing the way we would come and celebrate comments day. I m missing the way we all would welcome new members. I m missing the way we would make fun of the negative characters in ikrs. I miss the way we would reply funny comments to the bashers. I miss the way we would teach and learn Hindi. I miss the way we would celebrate one’s birthday. I m actually missing everything that’s not visible now on this page😭

    Can’t we do the same thing we would do before in the month of December to May? Can’t we comment the way we would do before? Can’t we make funny comments we would do before? Can’t we cross 300 comments each day we would do before? Can’t we compete to give the spoilers before someone?

    Yes we can do it, right? So friends plz plz do it. Hope this comment did not bore u and encouraged u to comment😊 sorry if I wasted your time with this boring comment. If u think it was not at all useful just ignore it☺ I will understand😊

    • Meghs

      |Registered Member

      Cutie i support u in this.. i too missing old comments.. i come here on jan but then also i was remaining silent reader..
      But truly December time when i was silent reader is best as i used love reading comments.. till may it somehow ok but now comments loosing their charm..

      Pls all old members comeback..

  11. Mariyam123

    |Registered Member

    Well I would like to inform my ff readers that the three shot will be posted when I get time😊 Plz don’t get angry on me. Its the last shot so u want to make it as romantic and superb as possible. So plz forgive my if u r angry🙏

  12. Esh

    |Registered Member

    What is going on for d sake of vidha can’t dhani accept viplav y parshiya yaar what r writers making this serial into

  13. Harika

    |Registered Member

    Writers plzz use your brain and heart while writing a script……
    Instead of showing this non sense….
    you can show dhani to accept vilpav for vidha’s sake…. and thereby reveals the truth one by one…….
    she is thinking of kamini and atharva’s happiness.. but not thinking about his own daughter happiness.. which depends upon his real father(viplav) not that parshiya…

  14. Mariyam123

    |Registered Member

    Nowadays a person is not getting married even a single time as he or she is not getting a good person to marry but in ikrs Dhaani got three three husbands to marry😂 Dhaani if possible u open a marriage bureau also. It will be better. U will definitely make a person marry more than 3 times😂oh sorry it was a joke. Oh not a joke but a lame joke😂 I m gone mad I think😜

  15. Mariyam123

    |Registered Member

    Sujie di calm down calm down. I read your comments last page and I saw your temper. U r so dangerous yaar. Ur anger will form a volcano at your place😂 Oh sorry again a lame joke. Don’t mind, I was joking😜 But calm down. U r like me only, gussewali😂 We both r of same nature yaar. Abhi hi-fi toh banta hai✋ Oh sorry it was again a lame joke😂 I m cracking jokes today don’t know why😂😂😂

    • Sujie

      |Registered Member

      Chuttku….shaant toh hojaungi…but wait I can’t calm down…..
      bad news is I can’t watch that even if I want because Rishtey channel is not available in per my knowledge…
      But youtube is a savior….and few episodes saved in my phn before all the videos of DHFOMR face page were deleted …. I watch those and feel like Viplav Dhaani ke jahaan ka safar abhi suru hua hai 🙂 🙂

  16. Mariyam123

    |Registered Member

    Hey wait I think we all r forgetting something. Oh now I got it, we r missing Dadi Bua😂 is she dead or what is it? Her face is forgotten by me now😂 By the way I should not take her name. There’s a Hindi saying, “Naam liya aur shaitaan haazir”(we took the name of evil and he/she came😂) better I keep my mouth shut or she will really come😂

  17. Mariyam123

    |Registered Member

    An important news!
    I have started a shop named “Louella ki zubaani”😂😂
    I m advising u tips on how to be happy and also crack lame jokes like one of mine above😂 If u want to try plz give me advance fees that is 10 funny comments😂😂 Anyone interested can come but remember that I m gone mad and also if u come u too will get mad and start cracking jokes like me😂😂😂😂

    Saw I m laughing nonstop like a mad girl😂😂 Want to know the reason? Then give me my advance fees😂😂😂

  18. Mariyam123

    |Registered Member

    I think my angry-virus has spread in the whole ikrs family. Now I m not getting angry but I m laughing😂 I think someone sprayed laughicide on me😂😂😂 and angrycide on u all😂😂😂 Plz don’t come near me with your viral-anger or the laughicide will get over😂😂 If it gets over then how will I crack jokes and irritate u all😂😂😂

    • Renuverma

      |Registered Member


  19. Pooja

    You never listened any word’s of viplav.
    You used to dance as if you know everything. Now after reading this letter you will obey his word’s n marry prasiya!?
    Is this true love..
    Simply crying n acting as if u are not interested on marrying prasiya.
    After few months you gonna carry on with ur life that’s wat u dhanni.
    But viplav he is the best n true one- already writers please don’t damage his character.

    • Renuverma

      |Registered Member

      Puji actually it is strange as she was crying for viplav to come back n realised that her husband viplav is innocent. Then she hot the letter n instead of searching for him casually sitting at home

  20. Saraswathi.j

    I always wonder about Dhaani,s attitude about marriage,she married Viplav after her first husband ,s death,that means she knows that what is marriage and family life,ok why she is always angry about Viplav,Viplav thought that Dhaani died in ashram blast,we do not know why he married Kamini what forces him to marry her also do not know,but according to his conversation we know that Atharva is his son because he had done a mistake he took all his responsibility,that means ( it is my assumption in drunken state he slept with Kamini) may be Kamini lied to him he slept with her to trap him,but this innocent guy believe it and took the responsiblity of Kamini,but today’s episode reveals that Atharva is the son of Tp and Kamini ,that is why she accepted that Tp should be the heir of I will ask one straight question to writers and the mahan dhaani ,even though he married to Kamini,why do not you accept Viplav you already married twice why you rise an objection for it. And why you are ready to go to marry that Parshya and get a rented father to vidha if her own father is there alive and loves her daughter very much ,what is the need for her to marry. If she really loves Viplav she will readily go and search for him she will not do that itself indicates her love to Viplav I hate this woman and mother in her.

  21. Pooja

    Actually they are changing the story line completely.
    Please writer’s if no hike don’t show that anger here.
    Really irritating to the core..
    Day by day making my mood off..
    Nerves bursting..

    • Renuverma

      |Registered Member

      Ha ha u have caught the nerve puji. Possible that writers have not got hike so they r taking their anger out by weird story 😃😄😂😃😄😄😅😅

  22. Mariyam123

    |Registered Member

    Where is Kaminicide? 😂😂 I think it got over😂😂 Maybe Kamini took it and kept it with Tripurari. And Tripurari must have been playing with it😂😂😂😂 Then Kamini would come and see him playing like a kid and got mesmerized seeing him😂😂 Tripurari then sees her and stop playing😂 And then comes Atharva😂 He sees the bottle and snatches and runs to play with it.😂😂 Then Kamini and Tripurari try catching him but they only fall down😂😂😂😂 Atharva teases them and he runs away and spreads the Kaminicide everywhere. And then Kamini gets disappeared😂

    In this way Kamini had got disappeared for a few days but now Kaminicide is over but chotu scientist Atharva is trying his best to regenerate him😂😂 Soon u will have Kaminicide in your hands😂 till then bear my lame jokes😂😂😂

    • SARAS

      oh louella amazing. .. You r in fulll form today. .. I thoroughly enjoyed all your comments. … tumhara sense of humor to kuch jyada hi jaag utha Hai aaj…
      Great keep it up…

  23. Mariyam123

    |Registered Member

    Now I m out of jokes😂😂 Hope u all r happy as now no one will irritate u with these lame jokes😂😂 but my laughter is not stopping😂😂😂😂 Don’t know why😂 Plz if anyone has a tip do share to stop my laughter😂i m gone crazy in laughter now😂😂😂

  24. Mariyam123

    |Registered Member

    If u notice in all my comments there is only laughing emojis😂😂 I m just going on laughing😂😂 the reason u all must know. Let’s see who guesses it right😂

  25. Mariyam123

    |Registered Member

    Good night everyone😘
    Have Kamini-free dreams😂
    Take care of yourself and also of your emotions😂 Don’t burst your anger out specially on me😜😜
    Bye😊 Will meet u tomorrow after a good laughing sleep😂

    • Pooja

      Nice funny comments Louella – I think instead of crying you started to laugh after watching this serial….

  26. M

    Horrible story line. Idiot Dhaani…no brains or heart ….pls Mishal come soooooon and stop Dhaani from taking foolish step. Pls writers don’t spoil ikrs by dragging this Parshiya track ….the serial is about Dhaani and Viplav and not anyone else.

  27. molu

    Oh I think all characters of ikrs are trapped in chakravyuh of misunderstandings ..since I stopped watching this serial I have no more words to say happy that I didn’t waste my valuable time by watching ikrs ..bcoz it is same as the previous weeks improvement in characters ..dhani is not trying 😣 to find viplav even she knew that he is missing.anyways..good night 😊 everyone..take care of yourself

  28. molu

    Viewers are eagerly waiting for vidhaani’s reunion but it is not happened yet ..they are dragging..dragged as far as story is on the same track..but the fact is everything has a limit.. when limit exceeds it becomes sooo boring

  29. Xyz

    Plz..someone tell me whose son is atharva becoz kamini nd viplav doesn’t have husband-wife relation

  30. Saraswathi.j

    Please Saviour come and beat these” DUSTA CHATUSTAYAM” to keep the little girl safe and unite her with her father.

  31. Saraswathi.j

    Oh Saviour come and Stop this Anarchism beat these “DUSHTA CHATUSTAYAM “to Save LITTLE GIRL from them And unite her with her Father .

  32. Saraswathi.j

    The hypocrites in this show

    • Sujie

      |Registered Member

      wonderful post Saraswati ma’am..
      Totally agree with you….
      you reminded me of the episode in which Viplav writes

      • Saraswathi.j

        Sujie in 25 episode I wrote one real story which happened in our midst ,please read it in real life how Dhaani type of lives turn into so miserable .

  33. Swetha

    Epi.. Was really bad.. Accha Hua I didn’t saw the episode..😏

    While reading itself I was burning in anger..

    The stry has changed from its original plot.. From tat VK’s entry.. Ikrs had been ruined.. Dhaani gt knowledge was the biggest fault according to the present plot..

    Soo tomorrow we can c our killer.. Opps Smile killer

  34. Sujie

    |Registered Member

    Good morning Family….. wish you a wonderful Wednesday…..keep smiling 🙂 🙂
    Have a great day….

  35. Sujie

    |Registered Member

    Louellu… this is reply for you dear……
    GHUSSEWAALI toh main hoon….. don’t say that my anger will form volcano…ghussa karti hoon toh shant bhi toh hoti hoon…..
    i personally think that with those who are good to me from their heart… i should be good to them…but those who act and fake their feelings towards me…mann karta hai ki sarr phod doon unks…but the thing is I can’t do that…….

    my mom always teaches me one proverb… simply she teaches me that if someone hits you with stone …then hit them back with a flower…. but you know what do i tell her…if someone hits you with stone…..hit them back with a bigger stone… Then see no one can even think of harming you…. and my mom always says ….. with this philosophy how are you going to survive in this cruel world… and I just giggle …… but she is right somewhat….. but but but…. Its my personal thought on people…….
    Basically if you are good to me…i am good to you and if not…. Then……
    Do you know what I had never imagined that one comment one fine day on this page would make me to come to this family ….. I am very happy that I got a digital virtual family here online…… That’s cool…. and yes love you all…

    • Anita.roy

      |Registered Member

      Sujie, you have a good philosophy….hit with a bigger stone…..just love it ….turning the other cheek does not help in this day and age. Your mum sounds like a wonderful person ….maybe too nice for this world.

      • Sujie

        |Registered Member

        Thank you Anita Ma’am……
        For every kid, their mother is nice….. Yes indeed my mother is different from other mothers….She is really really special….. you said right she is wonderful….. 🙂 🙂
        Moms are like that..really really nice person…..meant to be with us…teaching us many things

  36. akhila angel

    i makes sad seeing the story dhaani didnt evn make an attempt to find viplav atleast its really heart breaking

  37. SARAS

    I think they r going balika vadhu way. . vidha is ill n only biological father or mother can donate bone mellow to cure her… from there it may be proven mishal is vidhas dad n he will do the needful to cure her…

    hamesha dhani does ulta to viplavs suggestions. . remember falling from roof scene.. he tells her not to look down she looks down n gets scared. he tells.. “hum jo kehte hain uska ulta hee karogi”.. bur now for marrying parshiya???
    khushi khushi shaaadi karlogi?
    bhagvankeliye parshiya se shaadi karo aur 100bache paida karo.. bas hamari vidhako uski papako sompado…. baad me sab basticale bhaad mein jaavo

  38. Saraswaj.j

    To all IKRS fans of Mishal Raheja do you know how much he earn per day simply 1.6 lack only nice fit for his hard work on the sets for this show

    • Sujie

      |Registered Member

      I don’t have any idea about how much is he or others paid Ma’am…but definitely hard work needs good pay….its a kind of encouragement to become better and grow……
      Hopefully Mishal earns more and more than that….. We can see in the OLVs how actors keep doing a simple scene with much effort so that that comes out as a PERFECT OUTCOME…. They deserve good pay…. but is this 1.6 lakh the amount he earns in a month day year or what ma’am??

  39. Saraswathi.j

    Bone marrow treatment for such a small kid ,save her and hand over her to her father….

  40. Harika

    |Registered Member

    yes akhila…. there are so many illogical things in the serial…..
    Dhani even didn’t think about viplav…….. where is he? is he present in safe place or not…..? by seeing all these things …. I feels like… is dhani really loves the viplav…?
    Even dhulari also not thinking about him?
    may be she forgotten… how many times he saves her buchiya?
    Writers plz think logically …. How can dhani agrees to marry parshiya? disgusting ….
    I feels happy if dhani herself stops the marriage instead of viplav….
    atleast dhani can tell to vidha that his father is in US..he is coming after some days like that……….. instead of that she is ready to marry parshiya..

  41. vinny

    Can any one answer my Question?

    If Vidha came to know that viplav is her father and if she asks Dhani “If Rakshas uncle is my father why didnt you say it before and why did you try to marry Parshya ” what she will answer.

    I really want to listen what she tell and how she will convience Vidha

  42. Sujie

    |Registered Member

    Dhaani might be the first woman in the world who is not bothered at all with Viplav missing since many days…..
    I won’t talk about Kaamini because she is just a cheapo…. she too never bothered about Viplav …being his namesake wife… But it was her wish or more than a wish it was Obsession to marry Viplav… khair chodo …lets not talk about that Chudail…

    BUT Dhaani..being Viplav’s wife is not even wishing to go out in search of her husband……
    Dhaani …if you go to flashback….can’t you remember Viplav even put his life in danger just to rescue YOU!!!! He could have easily escaped the situation….. Back then Viplav did not even had feelings for you….ussne uss wakht tumhe bachaya tha…when you were not even related to even after being a wife…tumko parwah nahi hai….. Oh yes …you are busy in your wedding…. That’s why you did not get time to search him and bring him back …..

  43. Sujie

    |Registered Member

    Good afternoon everyone… seems that i am the only one available here…………………..

  44. Mariyam123

    |Registered Member

    Sujie di sorry if u got hurt by my saying Kaan pakadke sorry bolti hu👂👂 I m very sorry if u r hurt😭 I was just joking and I know u become Shaant and if I tell u the definitely u will become calm😊 My anger is not same like u, if I get hurt from a person for the first time I leave him/her, if it happens the second time, then also I leave him/her but if it happens the third time then don’t expect anything from me. I get angry and I don’t talk with that person. This is my anger.

    Your mother says very nice. Nice to hear from your mother. Ekdum jhakkas philosophy😊

    • Sujie

      |Registered Member

      Louellu….. I was not hurt at all….. Kaan pakadke maafi mat maango chutku….
      Honestly…. I was not hurt… I was just expressing my point of view…… Dukhi hona kyoon???hai na???
      My anger has various types…. Kabhi fursat Se bataungi …… TYPES OF ANGER IN SUJITA…..
      My mom tells me I should control my anger…but I can’t …… Once any one messes with me….. He’s or she’s gone….. It’s not that I will kill them or eat them raw …. But I can lecture them on their insensitivity for ages….. TAUNT them like no one else can……
      But sometimes I feel ignoring the fake ones is the best medicine for us and of course poison for the haters…..
      My parents ask me to solve my anger issues by anger management techniques….. But I am unable to use them…… But trust me when someone is good at heart…I do no harm to them….like this family of mine …… You all are so sweet…so caring….. We are far from each other but yet so close because of this LOVE…..

  45. Ade1111

    |Registered Member

    Good Morning Everyone
    Hope you are good ☺️ Not watched just read TU not being able to understand what’s going in this series 🙁 It’s all just so depressing I have started watching it back from the beginning and am enjoying it 😬 As I don’t find anything inspirational about it right now. Maybe I will start today as Mishal is officially back today just can’t stand VK or even Dhanni at the moment🙄.
    You all have a great day 😘😘😘

  46. Mariyam123

    |Registered Member

    Renu di my homework is left but I did what was important😊 Actually all of my homework is important😂 but then too some of the homework is left but I will do it later. And about studies, now I m going for tuitions at 3 so there I will study😊

  47. Mariyam123

    |Registered Member

    Hey good afternoon my dear friends😊 I m back with a good day in school. How’s your day going? Hope u didn’t had Kaminicide dreams which I had described😂

  48. Mariyam123

    |Registered Member

    Remember I had asked u all to guess why I m going on posting funny comments? No one guessed it correct😂 the reason is I want to increase the By my funny comments and also I want the old ikrs charm back by posting funny comments😂

  49. Saraswathi.j

    Bone marrow is one type of cartilage tissue present in bones,it has the capacity of regeneration .

      • Renuverma

        |Registered Member

        Elle dear yr reply was seeet😋
        To simply bone marrow is a soft tissue in centre of bone which produces
        1)RBC OR red blood corpuscles (deliver oxygen to body via blood flow)
        2) produces lymphocytes responsible for immunity in body against disease.

        In blood cancer bone marrow becomes affected n has to be replaced with healthy bone marrow else person cant survive as if bone marrow does not function then no rbcs n no immunity.

        U would learn in biology by next year

  50. Mariyam123

    |Registered Member

    Pooja u r correct. I should cry but I m laughing😂 What’s the use of crying? By crying we don’t gain anything but by laughing and posting funny comments we gain something and also give something. We have a good exercise of laughing and also we also we spread happiness. So its better to make others laugh than wasting our time becoming angry😊

    • zee

      Thank you Louella 🙂 pl keep your funny comments coming. It brightens up an otherwise dull day!!

    • Pooja

      So nice of you friends.
      I m suffering from stress disorder by reading ur msgs I feel better.
      I never miss any comments

  51. Mariyam123

    |Registered Member

    Sara’s mam I m in full mood because I have promised myself something. I have a mission of bringing back the old comments and also the members back to this page. So instead of remembering the sad moments I m making funny comments out of the sad moments😂 If u all also want to join in this mission then u r welcome but if not I m okay sitting here alone😂

  52. Mariyam123

    |Registered Member

    Okay now it’s time for me to close my shop😂 Don’t get scared I m not going forever😂 I m going to study. But u don’t stop commenting. If u want to stay happy, close your eyes and remember all your happy moments with this family and also make a promise that u all will comment without getting angry. U will find it difficult to be angry but whenever u get angry at least remember 5 happy moments u have spent with this family and then comment. U will feel good. If u don’t feel good I will come there and close your eyes😂 Again a lame joke😂😂

    See this way make some funny comments out of your own anger and then see the effect😂 Bye bye. Don’t miss me as I will be back in the evening with my funny comments😂😂 Keep smiling and stop being angry😊

    • SARAS

      excellent dear louella…
      Your idea is sooper dooper…aise hee rehana… I also sometimes get such laughter attack… I can’t stop laughing. . n anything n everything will make me laugh…mujheto aaj bahut maza aaya…

  53. Sonu

    |Registered Member

    S Sujie, I am agree with U.Now Vipu is missed, Dhani is busy with her remariage. Sab karab ho gayee. Mujhe lagtha hai ki, aeh Dhani ne sach mein Vipu se pyar karthi thi? How she easily agree to marry Parshiya? She don’t have any emotion, feelings or care towards Vipu?

    These days story becomes very bad. Vidha ki pitha ab bhi jinda hai, uski maa nae uss se uski pita ki barae mein chup rak kae, doosri shadi ke liyae tyar hai. Voo bhi reason hai ki, Vidha ko paapa ke liyae.. Stupid Dhani, asli pita se milake badlae mein doosri pita ko lekar karnae ki tyar hai..

  54. Sonu

    |Registered Member

    Now I want to Vipu should stop Dhani’s marriage, but he never forgive Dhani for her stupid decision. And he take Vidha with her. He must hate Dhani. Then only she knows the value of Vipu. Now a days, I really hate this stupid Dhani..
    Why she learn others? except Vipu..

  55. Sujie

    |Registered Member

    Viplav ….my hero ….your current situation is like this…… THIS SONG SUITS THIS HEART WRENCHING SITUATION …….

    Hum Bewafa Hargiz Na They
    Par Hum Wafa Kar Na Sake
    Humko Mili Uski Sazaa
    Hum Jo Khata Kar Na Sake……

    Kitni Akeli Thi Wo Raahein Hum Jinpe
    Ab Tak Akele Chalte Rahein
    Tujhse Bichhadke Bhi O Bekhabar
    Tere Hi Gham Mein Jalte Rahein
    Tuney Kiya Jo Shikwa
    Hum Wo Gilaa Kar Na Sake……

    Tumne Jo Dekha Suna Sach Tha Magar
    Kitna Tha Sach Ye Kisko pataa
    Jaane Tumhe Maine Koi Dhokha Diya
    Jaane Tumhe Koi Dhokha Hua
    Is Pyar Mein Sach Jhooth Ka
    Tum Faisla Kar Na Sake………
    Hum Bewafa Hargiz Na They
    Par Hum Wafa Kar Na Sake
    Humko Mili Uski Sazaa
    Hum Jo Khata Kar Na Sake…..

    Personally this is one of my favourite sad songs…… I close my eyes….earphones in my ears……play the song…… Let the silent tears flow….. I don’t even understand why I cry everytime I listen to the song…… I cry but I never stop listening to the song ….

    • Sujie

      |Registered Member

      I was being lazy to write two words….. But thought to copy the link with the lyrics ……
      Bear with THE LAZY ME 😂😂😂😱😱😱😔

  56. SARAS

    now no need of kaminicide.. need dhanicide.. aaj kal dhanike saamne kamini devi lagrahee hai..-:))

    pardhani mubarak ho aap dono shaadi Karo aur apni bastimein goobda gardi je dukaan khol lo…
    dhani doesn’t need any weapons to hit any one.. her voice n hand movements are enogh to torture n kill people. .

    • Sujie

      |Registered Member

      Saras ma’am….. kaamini can only look like one devi…. Chudailon ki Devi….. Maharani Chudail…nothing else 🙂

  57. zee

    Why is everyone hating Dhani so much abt this mariage which is not even her idea.
    Viplav got married and also has a child. Despite all probs Dhani did not marry or date anyone.
    Those who say Dhani shd get back to Viplav – yes I m sure despite the pain of betrayal, I think Dhani still loves him and also wants that. But Viplav is now a married man and father. What can Dhani do?

    • Saraswathi.j

      I think you are not grown up in India?if it is not her why she accept her mother told her no compulsion,she also decide that she never disclose that she is the daughter of Viplav ,she want to grow her up as daughter of Parshya ,what a lovely mother is she when her daughter,s father is alive and he loves her as his life but Dhaani never told her Viplav is her biological father .As she wants marry 4th time Parshya she did all this if she really loves Viplav ,immediately after reading letter she go to search for Viplav. But she never think about his ware aborts ,for this woman Viplav face death situation so many times ,this Dhaani and her mother acting as widow when husband is alive do not deserve any sympathy.

  58. Saraswathi.j

    Parshya send a selfe to Kamini while he is with vidha and Dhaani ,so he helps Kamini may be for money ,this Dhaani ready to marry Parshya ,Viplav even in capture reminds Dhaani and vidha ,s names ,but this mahan Dhaani happily sitting in mandapam to marry Parshya.what a pity to you Viplav ,Kamini keep Viplav in captivity and drugged him and plan Dhaani,s marriage with Parshya and this goon helped Kamini ,now Dhaani knows the real colours of Parshya goon.

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Your comment will now be reviewed first before it's published. Read more here..