Ishq Ka Rang Safed 26th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishq Ka Rang Safed 26th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Viplav, Dhaani and Bijli coming to the police station and file case against Tripurari. Viplav shows the proofs. Inspector says he will arrest Tripurari. Tripurari calls Kanak and tells her that Viplav has recorded his confession and asks her to do something else she will also caught. He asks her to destroy the proof. Kanak asks how can I destroy it. Tripurari warns her and disconnects the call. Viplav thanks Bijli for helping them in recording the confession. Bijli says it is okay as she has done this to expose Tripurari. Dhaani says Bijli’s life is in danger. Viplav says he knows some place where Bijli will be saved.

Inspector comes to Tripurari’s house and asks about him. Durga is shocked to know that he is accused of Shambu’s murder. Suwarna says

he is innocent and it is already proved.. Inspector says they have proof against him and asks about him. Viplav brings Bijli somewhere. He says you will be safe here. Bijli asks until when I have to stay here? Viplav says it is a matter of few days. Tripurari peeps in the room and hears them talking. Dhaani tells Bijli to call them if she needs anything. Viplav says I am scared, if whatever he told is truth then? Dhaani says I don’t think he said truth. Durga comes to Dasharath’s house and tells that Viplav have filed case of Shambu’s murder against Tripurari. Dasharath says he will talk to Viplav. Viplav comes and shows the video proof to Dasharath. Dasharath is shocked. Kanak is also shocked.

Tripurari calls Kanak. Kanak thinks he is calling me again, and says Viplav will send us to jail. She thinks if Tripurari goes to jail then. Tripurari manages to enter home. Constable sees him and comes inside. Kanak says I haven’t seen anyone and asks them to look outside. Tripurari comes and warns her to protect him else she will also be caught. Dasharath hears her and asks if anyone came here. Kanak says no, nobody came and asks him to rest in his house. Tripurari asks Kanak to bring that CD. Kanak goes to Viplav and asks him to come with her as she needs to talk to him. She takes him with her. Meanwhile Tripurari enters his room and searches for CD. Kanak takes Viplav to her room and says she will bring food. Sushma comes there and tells Viplav that some noise is coming from his room. Kanak alerts Tripurari and shouts that Viplav is going to his room. She asks Constables to see who is in room.

Viplav comes inside the room and says Tripurari came to steal the CD. Viplav says he have that CD. Kanak says you should keep this CD in th safest place, and asks him to keep it in Ashram. Viplav says okay, I will give it to Dhaani. Kanak says she can’t send him there and asks him to give CD to her. Viplav gives CD in her hand. Dhaani tells Raj Lakshmi that Viplav called and said that Tripurari has eloped. Suwarna comes and says her husband is innocent and says Durga is crying a lot. Dhaani says God will never punish innocent and asks her to trust. Suwarna cries and says Tripurari is innocent. Kanak comes there and says she wants to talk to Dhaani. She gives the CD to Dhaani and says if anything happens to this CD then my husband’s killer will be freed. Dhaani says she will keep it safe. Kanak says I am giving this responsibility to you, as some people doesn’t want this CD to reach court. Dhaani prays to God.

Viplav makes Dhaani wear shawl as they sit and talk. Tripurari is angry and thinks if he will get jailed. Viplav gets a phone call from Inspector informing him that Tripurari surrendered to the police.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. vini

    Once again misunderstandings gonna arise between vidhaani.MU had became part of this show.this makes me sooooooo sad.plsss writers do something different to attract the viewers.

  2. Fatarajo

    Not much of Vidhaani scenes today but precap is quite cute, and Kanak that some people is you and you know this very well so you better confess and let Vidhaani unite n marry 😛 and why would Tripurari himself surrender? Daal me kuch kala hain(something is fishy)

    • ArShi

      Oh my desi girl in my pp i’m wid my rummet. 1is werng blue sharee nd 1is green. i’ve chng my privecy optn fr u. so send me rqst as erly as pssible.

    • Fatarajo

      I send to some other নীল মেঘ oh no 😛 I saw 3 one is kindle something with the bracket one is with a girl with glasses and one is two girls so I sent the two girls one also

  3. Hi guyss, how are you all?? View ur opinions on todays episode. New comers a very big Hi to u all. Akshay bro how are you . I am recovering from pain now but tomorrow I have Ethics and Human Values exam. I should go for college na getting cry ?

  4. Sujie

    Hello everyone
    Waiting for tomorrow’s episode….
    Viplav gave CD to Kanak and she gave it to Dhaani….as if she wants Shambhu’s murderers to get caught…. Kanak you are tooo much……
    Viplav should know about his mother’s reality. …..

  5. aish

    This was well planned BTW kanak and tripurari . 1 good thing is that the whole family heard his confession so am not bothered bcos the truth will surely be out

  6. Swara.sss

    So another Misunderstanding. ..but I think this will clear soon. ..pls make kanak exposed. Asap…pls think about kanak’s remarriage so we can see her in old avatar

  7. Preeti

    It was a good episode overall.But i have seen the precap Viplav takes out his own jacket and gives it to Dhaani as she was feeling cold.And then Viplav is outside court, wearing lawyer’s coat.We will see the lawyer Vip tomorrow.

  8. Today episode was good…TP and KT are playing so much drama…Kanak is trying her best to bring misunderstandings between Viplav and Dhaani…But Viplav’s love is more stronger than TP and KT tactics…waiting for precap….we r going to see vipu as a lawyer…..

    • Hi br mam really iam very happy to see u back today.really missed u so much.ithne dino pe aisa laga ki him kuch kho diya aur aaj vo Hume milgaya.thank for coming back.pls share ur opinion.

    • AM

      mam …where you gone for so many days .. ??/ everyone was missing you a lot ……really very very very happy to see you back 😀 😀 … you are the most importance person in our ikrs family ….you are strength of us …..lots of love and hugs for you mam 😉 …….

  9. Hi frnds today’s episode was very interesting. Daily suspense thriller is going on.
    Knk definetly changed CD in BT she gives CD to dhaani.
    Poor viplav without knowing his mother is the only cunning criminal he gave CD to knk itself.very sad.
    And tmr in court scene definitely viplav will disappointed when CD is changed and he will be angry on dhaani that she is careless to take care of the CD.
    And a most awaited scene that we want to see viplav in his lawyer today the dream come true. viplav is very handsome
    in lawyer costume. Very interesting story was going in our ikrs.
    Frnds wat is ur opinion share it guys.

  10. divya

    Hello BR mam, sara, saranya,sujie,fatarajo,philo,purple,rahul,AM,kavitha,sri(kaviya),louella…..and all ikrs fans…….plz tell us how you liked to days episode………

    • Sujie

      hello Divya…….Liked today’s episode …… I am eager to watch Viplav in that lawyer’s black coat…..
      I think Kanak has done something with the CD and then she gave it to Dhaani so that Viplav gets angry on Dhaani…
      Its a humble request that do not let that misunderstanding remain for long.
      Our sensible hero Viplav must solve the case…
      I desperately want Viplav to know KT’s truth….
      That spoiler said Viplav will think of clearing all the misunderstanding… so he will marry Dhaani?? Is it really true that the marriage track is coming so fast??
      That promo of IKRS showed that KT is challenging Dhaani and the mirror is crushed,….. no idea what s gonna happen??

  11. BR

    jil jil gave kolmal cd , to dhanni , . vip u r maa .. doing wrong but she is going to blame dhanni . ….kabardar. … plz dont trust u r maa.

  12. ArShi

    I’m fin mam. Wht abt u????
    Yes, i’m silent reader. I cmmnt vry rare. Bt I’m the oldest membr of tis family. In fact i started cmmntng here when only 3/4 cmmnts here. Amng thm I miss Harsha mst. I dn’t kno why she stop cmmntng here.
    Bt u people r rlly amzng. U give tis page a new form, make it a big family. It’s so nic.

  13. And frnds in precap viplav gets cal from inspector that tp surrendered to police willingly it seems that definitely CD was changed by knk .
    And tp got confidence that viplav can’t do anything without CD.
    but wat about bijli if tp done any harm to bijli also.if not viplav can prove tp is the murderer by bijlis witness.ithink viplav will do so.

  14. Ya arshi when I started commenting there r more than 30 that’s it but now it was a big family.and its comments also raising day by day.
    I don’t think that no other show must have these much people commenting there.
    Iam really happy to be apart of this ikrs show and ikrs fans family.luv u guys.

  15. Saranya

    Wow our BR mam is back.mam can’t express how much happy i am.really missed u a lot.where were u and what happened to u?why u didn’t comment these much days?

  16. Hi divya I think most of them r waiting to see viplav in lawyer costume. Most awaited scene.he very cut in lawyer dress.mishal always rocks.

  17. Saranya

    Hai Arshi,i too was a silent reader first and i noticed that u were among the first one to comment here.anyways try to post atleast one comment per day arshi.

    • raj

      ”paisa bhi nahi gaya khaam bhi ho gaya…….” areh waah.. superb..

      ”areh pagli hamneh kaha na thumna sachmei eak expert comedy writer hei”

      sry for the late reply.. i just saw it… i was really busy …. thank you soooo much for fulfilling my request and keep commenting more funny conversations…. (is my hindi ok)

  18. BR

    varsha ,mm, saran, tamil,brity, ,am i think u r revision exam r going , next week u r practical exam will start so all the best ,

    • AM

      my practical exam was finished few days ago …so written exam of 12th class is left. ..very much tensed….so ikrs and this page is refreshment of my mind … thank you mam for your wishes. my written exam will start from 15 Feb ….wish me luck 🙂

  19. AM

    today’s episode was good …now episodes are in full of thriller ….loved vidhani ….viplav in lawyer avatar …now we see him in lawyer court ….today I have no time and mood to comment …I just come from my tution classes after 5 hours ….feeling very tired and sleepy …I came here to see the update and saw BR mam post …it makes me happy and feel some energy to type 🙂 …..mam you are great 😀 😀

  20. BR

    now vip,,,dadaji , dadi, dhanni, all r point to jil jil and tp


  21. Fatarajo

    Arshi I was a silent reader too infact I read tellyupdates since 2013 , I remember for some reason I was excited what will happen in one of the episodes of Punar Vivah and then I searched in the internet and always read Punar Vivah updates so that I no need to wait for the next day to watch that show and then some days before Punar Vivah ended I realized that there is written update for other shows. So the first update I read was of Punar Vivah I still miss that show I miss Vikrant-Sarita chemistry and also Raj-Divya I was a crazy fan of this show and for the first time my choices matched with my cousins and this was the first show we all watched without fighting over the remote. And then it was Yeh hain Mohabbatein, Punar Vivah and Yeh Hain Mohabbaten were the only shows we watched together and we were literally crazy about it, I hope the next show is Ishq Ka Rang Safed, hope that when I go bd I can make them love this show (problem is they don’t even knew colors)

    • Sujie

      Joyee …. I was also a silent reader at first… I came to know about telly updates from Ye hain mohabatein …at that time IshRaRu cute scenes were there…. I just read the comments .. But gradually IKRS happened and I could not resist commenting. You know few days back only I joined this family…. I started writing fan fictions and today I cannot think of leaving reading updates and commenting……. I am so happy that I can connect myself with you all ……

  22. Mirsada


    VIPLAV doubts on Kanak and Tripurari.
    Dasharthnath finds Dahni to be positive for her.
    Moreover ,Viplav wants to prove Dhani to be innocent and thus investierten to reach the truth.
    Kanak and Tripurari is planning to kill Dashart, Viplav finds something fishy.
    VIPLAV suspects Kanak and Tripurari to be real murder of Shambu.
    Dashart becomes supportive of Dhani and tries to remove blame on Dhani.
    Will Viplav really get the proof against Kanak and Tripurari. Enjoy it ,??Iove VIDHA ?.greet all.

    • AM

      this spoiler is serialexpress spoiler …this a false spoiler …they just mixed the old spoiler with the new one ….which spoiler I post ..that was true …
      not this one

  23. Fatarajo

    And then when I was reading Beintehaa updates I started reading people’s comments and then I wanted to write comments but I didn’t want to get myself addicted to it due to my exams and then I read updates of most show and comments of the show I liked like Beintehaa, , YHM(not now) and then after my exams I still continued and when I saw the comments of IKRS and BB I couldn’t resist myself n started commenting now I can’t even imagining commenting anymore, I do coment in other pages but in IKRS n Bb it was something quite special as most were so friendly but now Bb ended 🙁 so I only comment freely inIKRS, for other shows too less comments or some offensive or mean comments

    • divya

      Yes you are right the other day I was reading naagin update…. I was shocked to find negative comments and that to horrible use of language…. We must admit that our Ikrs family is very sweet and we all respect each other and don’t use bad words…. Feel free to comment here… This is the only place where I have so many friends, love you all

      Love divya.

      • Fatarajo

        Ya divya I also used to comment on Naagin page but too much negative comment that’s why it stop commenting but I still watch that show

      • ranaji

        i too agree fatarajo becoz ikrs and matsh is good family i read naagin written update only and i will not see comments there

  24. @sofe, i am recovering a little bit as it was not that major.
    But the sad thing is i will miss my football practice for 1 or 2days ? due to the injury.
    My mom not allowing me to go anywhere outside ?.

  25. BR


  26. meghs

    hi BR mam.. tamil.. joyee.. varsha.. purple.. kavitha.. kaviya… sri.. sonu.AM & others…
    i missed u all lot..

    • Sujie

      I have already watched it yarr. loved it……. There also Mishal aka Ranbir Ahuja played the role of laawyer….. I loved it 🙂 Mishal looks handsome in that……..
      Did you see LOVE STORY where Mishal plays the role of Akaash???
      Do watch it OK??

      • He even did a movie?? Woah I didn’t know that IKRS leads has done a movie, first I heard Eisha did a movie with Barun sobti n now m hearing Mishal also did a movie, IKRS leads are indeed talented

  27. Saranya

    Oh,reading comments is more enjoyable than commenting but i can’t resist myself from interaction for long time.such an intimacy here.wonderful friends and our lovely BR mam.

  28. BR



  29. Saranya

    Oh,no vidhani scenes now a days.missing their cute fight and beautiful romance.but relief is that they are together always unlike other shows.great going.

  30. AM

    yes ..we can comment here freely …and express our thought …such a lovely bond is made in only three months …..when I came here first ..I am hesitated to comment but now I comment here everyday …feels very happy to come here …but what will happen after IKRS …think fast guys think about that 🙂

    • Fatarajo

      Hey Am I was also thinking that as IKRS and Bb is te only pages here where I made a lot of friends in a short span of time, one of my Bb friends created a group of fb where those who have fb joins there or better is We can do something which Manmarziyan fans did someone wrote a ff and most commented there also

  31. sara

    good evening all. ..
    Welcome back br madam.. very nice n glad to see you back. .. While family was missing you. .. please madam comment at least once a day. .. just hi also will do. .
    take care mam.. good night

  32. Am bro, will make a facebook or whatsapp group after ikrs ends .
    I even mentioned this before .
    I wish ikrs should be there for infinity,
    But i know it’s mission impossible ?

  33. sara

    saranya my princess enjoyed her picnic fully n has endless stories țalk about. .. she ^ wants picnic everyday. .-:))

  34. Dear frnds any watch naagin here I saw some episodes they show much romance of rithikshivanya,but I don’t like them I was imagining if there is vidhaani how cute it was .guys I was expecting more of vidhaani scenes .but
    In my opinion our creaters will start more vidhaani scenes only after their waiting for vidhaanis marriage.
    Patha nahein kab shaadi karne ka mood ayega dhono vidhaani ko.
    I think because of dhaani is widow the director made them in limits.then after marriage they show more vidhaani scenes n romantics. So safely waiting for vidhaani marriage

    • ArShi

      I dn’t thnk so. I nticed even in Mishal’s lst show LTL he was in a limit during romantic scenes. Which was different from others show like as Saathiya, Pratigha, IPKKND etc

      • prachi

        yea arshi in LTL HE KEPT HIS limit,,bur der chemistry was really amazing,he show his talent in dat show.

    • florentina moldovan

      kAVITHA, ME TOO, i watch Naagin but only for the fabulous story not for the romantic story, they do not cross the tv for me, …..our Vidhani have chemistry…..they are specials….

    • Kavitha,I also feel the same….I switch the channel if naagin r swaragini etc….serials are screening in a channel….I would like to see IKRS repeatedly…..I don’t mean I hate these serials,some how I haven’t connected to them….

      • Rajee

        Ditto Radha! Same here..I switch on TV correctly @6:30 pm & immediately change channel @ 7 pm . I am only addicted to IKRS.

  35. florentina moldovan

    Hi , my dear family! And hi to all new members! Welcome to all of you! Sara, Anne,AM,BR,MM,Saranya, Divya,VARSHA,FATARAJO,MEGS,AKSHAY,SONU,RAJ,KAVITHA,SUJIE,SWARA.SSS,ARSHI, RADHA,PRI,MIRSADA,SOFE ,RAJEE,PREETI HI TO YOU! HUGS!

  36. raj

    brand new brand new brand new day
    hai frnds good morning to allllllll

    @saranya your conversation na very funny….thank u sooo much

    • Saranya

      Sorry for the late reply Raj and thanks.but i have to thank u for ur inspiration.thank u very much yaar.

  37. sara

    good morning everyone. .
    hi florentina. n all others. ..

    I sometimes try to watch nagin but I get very scared I hate snakes.. I can’t stand snake even on tv. .. I cannot enjoy even their romance as i remember sge is a nagin.. horrible serial…

    • Fatarajo

      Lol Sara, ya I do agree the concept of Naagin is way too unrealistic but everthing else is fine in that show not the concept I will give thumbs up for storyline,acting,background music,editing,chemistry and others but a thumbs down for concept

  38. sara

    pp is wearing printed dupatta … full fashion.. he cannot live without prints…
    he is so so funny… the way he calls bhabheeji is awesome. .

  39. Sahil Tiwari

    Thanks for the update Hasan bhai…but I think there is less chance of misunderstanding between Vidhani because Viplav’s love and belief on Dhaani is more firm and strong from the time she save Dashrath….now its strange to see why Tripurari surrendered to the cops….and I think Kanak has mistreated with the CD.

  40. Fatarajo

    My mom says nowadays she is irritated with tv so she read books , but she never miss a single episode of her favourite show on sony and as for IKRS whenever she is free she watches all of them, and if she have time she watches Thapki sometimes

      • Fatarajo

        Lol Sara I don’t even know what going on in that show but the yesterday episode was so emotional I felt bad for both thahaan and my younger bro watches that show only for Bihaan also

      • Fatarajo

        Lol Sara chemicals god knows what is going on in that show I just watch it for thahaan concept toh Gaya show se but yesterday episode was so emotional even my younger bro watches this show for Bihaan only

  41. Saranya

    Gud mng varsha BR mam,shri,sonu,tamil
    Louella,rezmie,and all my dear friends.

  42. Today ,I will be travelling back to my college ? .
    I’ll miss my home.(aamchi Mumbai)
    But the good part is u all are always with me ✌

    • Saranya

      Hai Akshay,u know my brother is also staying away from us as part of studies.he is in Mumbai.and he misses kerala a lot.and i also agree with the fb idea.we have such a bond here and how can we stay without talking to each other.i will really miss everyone.

  43. Frnds just watched ikrs retelecast y can’t viplav and dhaani got doubt on knks behaviour.
    Till yesterday she don’t like dhaani at all suddenly she told to viplav that CD will be safe in dhaani hands,y can’t viplav confront of knk that how u have sudden love on dhaani.
    Even dhaani ,badiamma,dulhaari also didn’t got doubt on knk that she gave CD to dhaani suddenly how she believe n love for dhaani.
    Y they believe that knks drama.
    And they r showing promo about which the current track was going that knk creates problem to stop vidhaanis marriage and they both r as usual fighting for their love.
    But now I want to see viplavs court scene.his lawyer thoughts r very interesting.

    • sara

      kavitha. . I think vip has not given the actual cd.. he was having cd in right hand initially n put it in right pocket
      but when kank asked he took the cd or from right hand.. so I m wishfully thinking he might have given the wrong cd

  44. Fatarajo

    Hi guys just got to know that my posting result is tomorrow, I will get to know which course I will study tomorrow please pray for me that I get engineering or business related courses not courses I don’t like at all

    • Saranya

      Joyee,u know when my result declaration day approaches i just think that why i am worrying already there is enough time to announce result and this thinking refreshes me and makes me opstimitic.try this everything will be alright for u and i must say perfectly alright.after all u are our suspense writer.

      • Fatarajo

        Lol Saran just u know before results stress I just hope I get the course I like, and yes more suspense coming up in tomorrow’s episode all would be totally unexpected 😛

    • sara

      dont worry joyee you will get the course you wantvn you will be successful in your life. .. keep working hard n keep up the good work. .everything will be fine

  45. Rajee

    Good morning to all! Welcome to all the new comers& the come backers.Hello to all seniors & juniors!!
    I think nobody will agree but now a days I find ikrs a little funny( somewhat dumbo).
    But I am enjoying KT & tp hilarious chemistry… I am unable to find the old sizzling chemistry bet vidhani.. I don’t know why but I feel smthing is missing… May b due to current jasoosi track or may b its my discontinuity of watching ikrs due to some commitments…
    I hope fm next week I will b able to watch ikrs without any interruption & hope to enjoy it as b4…

  46. Saranya

    U are right genni IKRS’ evergreen romantic episodes are before vidha felt for each other,i mean before confession.i don’t know how many times i watched pot making scene,bangle breaking epi,tyre puncture epi and so on.

    • Sujie

      Saranya…. there are many such ViDhaani scenes that I am still watching in youtube… that rain and the tyre puncture… What was the song that was playing in the background when Dhaani was asking the tea stall owner to keep the radio on and Viplav looked at her being amused…..
      let me know….
      Whenever I get bored then I turn on those videos and smile….. Mishal and Eisha are the packets of overloaded cuteness….
      I still laugh whenever I turn on the video where Dhaani and Suwarna try to scare Viplav but they get scared themselves because of Viplav ….
      Whenever I feel like watching them, those videos make my day… 🙂

  47. Saranya

    And Sara happy to know that your princess is very much happy about the tour and has a lot to share about it.naturally children are like that.they just need a simple thing.they starts chatting and chatting all the day about cute na.innocent chatting which makes our all pains go away.

  48. Frnds after watching precap that viplav covers dhaani with his coat when dhaani shivers with cold .I remembered previous car break down episode in that episode also viplav gives his coat and she rejects then viplav says
    Arey yeh lelo nahi tho kal subha naak Maine shuruhojayega thab ashram mein jakar kohoge mayi us rakhas ki vajhese meti naak Maine shuru hogaye.really it was very funny and lovely conversations of both vidhaani.not only that I love that full episode. Really past episodes r really very amazing.
    Y can’t our writers change story to another track to dhaanis past r piyas story t something .
    Pls writers and directors change the story to another track soon.we r irrated with knks character.her character is very cunning.can’t see this type of scenes tht a mother is only enemy of her only disgusting.

    • sara

      s kavitha that whole episode is so nice can’t tell. . their conversation. .situation. . expression. .. feelings all sooper. . I keep watching that episode often. . pot making also

    • Sujie

      Saranya…. there are many such ViDhaani scenes that I am still watching in youtube… that rain and the tyre puncture… What was the song that was playing in the background when Dhaani was asking the tea stall owner to keep the radio on and Viplav looked at her being amused…..
      let me know….
      Whenever I get bored then I turn on those videos and smile….. Mishal and Eisha are the packets of overloaded cuteness….
      I still laugh whenever I turn on the video where Dhaani and Suwarna try to scare Viplav but they get scared themselves because of Viplav ….
      Whenever I feel like watching them, those videos make my day… 🙂

    • Sujie

      You are right Kavitha…. I still love that episode…. and the background music is just so awesome…. please tell me if any of you know the song that was playing in the radio of the tea stall in that episode…..

  49. Saranya

    Banke musibath peeche padi hai
    Ye kya comedy hai ya tragedy hai
    Jo ho na tha ho gaya
    Moderation peeche pad gaya………………………

  50. Gennipher

    Iam alone, pls anyone talk to me. I can’t control my tears. The people who was staying near my heart cheated me

    • divya

      Wat happened…… don’t cry…
      Never shw your tears to the people who have cheated you show them how brave you are and tell them that you will be the same genni only without them…. I know it is tough but i tried it and it worked even i have been cheated but i always stood back again…. Always feel free to tell us your problems… We will be there to help you……
      I hope you can move forward and forget your pain….. Plz don’t cry…

  51. sara

    spoiler. .
    you have been seeing tripurari being fond of printed clothing… though he changed his printed pants to jeans as suvarna donated all his pant material to ashram, couldn’t live without prints on his cloths.. he stole some printed dupattas from Neighbors n wearing it..
    in the upcoming episodes you will see
    kanak will give 1/4th of her printed sarees n jewelleries to tripurari so that he doesn’t reveal her reality to viplav..

    you can see tripurari wearing jill jills jewels n pajamas stiched from designer sarees of kanak.. he may wear extra clothes(leftover cloth after stiching pajama) as dupatta too.. matching to his pajama

  52. Viplav is very confused and tensed about the person who was the family member supporting tp.when he came to know that his mother the person how he will realise .
    I was thinking viplav and DT definitely send out knk from ayodhya house.I think dhaani will give her shelter in her ashram .the story will takes place in this knk also changes her mind to marry both vidhaani.this is my opinion.

  53. meghs

    hi joyee i too like zabhmg… ya i know u also like yeh vada raha which was also one of my favourites….
    n joyee dont worry u surely get course which u like …
    @ saranya am glad seeing ur all love i missed ikrs family …. its best tellyudate family i feel…
    @ genni what happend yar dont cry we r like family na tell us ur problem . .

  54. aish

    Hi gennie, wats is it. Problem shared is half solved. Buh if u don’t feel like no qualms.
    Pls be happy

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