Ishq Ka Rang Safed 26th August 2016 Written *Last* Episode Update

Ishq Ka Rang Safed 26th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Chandan telling that he has killed Kamini…He says I used to love Kamini a lot, but she never cared about me and ran after Viplav. He says I want to live my life with Atharva, but seeing Dhaani’s immense love for him, I am sure that you both have first right on him. He says Atharva is lucky to get you both. Viplav says Atharva is my son and have brought up in my lap. Chandan is arrested by Police and taken away. Vidha tells Parshiya that she is going to her Dadi’s house. She asks if you will miss me. Viplav comes. Vidha asks Parshiya to call her daily and meet him every week. Parshiya promises to call her 5 times a day and hugs her emotionally. He gives best wishes to Viplav and Dhaani, and asks him to pass on some of his luck to him also. Viplav says your destiny

will brighten and you will become a big man. He says I know you are self respect man and will not take my help, but if you need my help at any time then tell me without any hesitation. Parshiya says you people are mine, and Dhaani had opened flower and made my life come back on track. He thanks him for saving basti. Viplav asks him to promise that he will be in touch with him also. He asks kids to come.

Dhaani says Parshiya….Parshiya gets emotional and says I will keep your flower shop just as you want, will keep fresh flowers only. Dhaani asks him to take care of himself and says you have given me home, food etc….Parshiya asks her to go. Dhaani gives her house keys and says I will miss you. She says I will leave now. Parshiya asks her to remember him. Dhaani nods. Viplav brings Dhaani home. Dhaani recalls Kanak welcoming her with coal. Viplav asks what happened? Dhaani says nothing. Viplav says this time nobody will trouble you and promises her.

Viplav calls Dadi. Dhaani asks Atharva and Vidha to fold hands infront of God. Sushma comes and welcomes Dhaani. Dasharath also comes. Dhaani touches his feet and takes his blessings. Dasharath forwards his hand and calls kids. Vidha calls him Dada ji. Atharva and Vidha hug him and go to see the house. Sushma tells that she will make 56 dishes to the people of Banaras. Viplav tells that everything is alright. Inspector comes there and tells that he came to arrest Dasharath for doing fraud with the temple funds. Dhaani asks for the proofs. Inspector says Tripurari gave statement against him. Viplav says there might be a misunderstanding.

Dasharath says no, and tells that Inspector is right. He has done fraud and accepts his crimes. He says I was punished when Dhaani left home and you became like vegetable and senseless. He says this punishment will be nothing infront of that. He apologizes to Dhaani and says you are just like your Dadi Sushma…clean hearted. He then apologizes to Sushma and says I never accepted you as my wife, and says he wants to touch her feet once. He touches her feet making Sushma emotional. Inspector takes Dasharath and leaves. Dhaani turns to Viplav and asks him to free Dasharath and Kanak on bail. Viplav asks with which sand she is made of? He says I don’t understand why a maha pandit did fraud in the temple. He couldn’t understand Kanak and Dasharath’s crimes. He tells Dadi that he is feelings suffocating here in this house. He says he wants to protect his children from this kind of atmosphere.

Viplav brings Dhaani to the Ashram. Dhaani gets emotional seeing Badi Amma, Sita Maayi, Raj Lakshmi and Suwarna’s pics on the wall. They put garland on their pics. Vidha asks who are they? Dhaani says they were my family. A widow comes there and tells Vidha that Viplav kept Ashram on Dhaani’s name and have done so much for widows’ betterment. She says now nobody feel pity on us as we are capable to earn money because of Viplav. She praises him a lot. Dhaani fees guilty for misunderstanding him.

Dhaani apologizes to Viplav and says you used to love me, and I thought you wrong. Viplav says even I did a mistake as I let third person come between us. Dhaani says everyone tried to make me understand but. Viplav says there will no troubles now in our life as there will be only happiness in the Ashram. He says just Viplav, Dhaani, love, kids and our more kids….Dhaani gets shy. Ishq Ishq plays….Viplav dances with her and hugs her.

Ishq Ka Rang Safed ended on a happy note with Viplav and Dhaani shifting to Ashram to start a trouble free and happy life. Will sure going to miss Ishq Ishq.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. Angel20

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    Thank you so much Hasan mam for your instant and perfect updates which I used to read if I had missed any episode! This is the last update of IKRS!! Again thank you so much!!

  2. Angel20

    |Registered Member

    Guys I’m really crying😭😭😭😭 when Parshiya bid goodbye to Vidhaa… Omg!!! How cutely she went and hugged him!
    Dhaani and Parshiya hug!!!😭😭😭
    I’m really very upset watching the show for the last time on Colors!! Last advertisement!! Everything is for the last time!😭😭

  3. Mariyam123

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    Has ikrs seriously ended yaar? But it was to be till 28th na😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  4. Angel20

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    Please tell me what to do! I’m lucky that my parents are not at home otherwise I could not have cried in front of them😭😭😭😭

    • Mariyam123

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      Plz don’t cry😭😭😭 I m also crying😭😭😭😭 But Don’t worry! I’m gonna continue the story😊 I have told tellyupdates about this😊 in fact they advised me to do this😄

  5. Arshdeep

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    OMG that was seriously the last episode?😭😭😭😭 Hasan mam your last line pains😣😣 sooo much😭😭 We are definitely gonna miss IKRS😘❤

  6. Anita Roy

    Thanks Hasan for update……can’t believe it has come to an end.
    Didn’t appreciate the production taking such a short and rushed ending ….. instead they spent ages on that witch. I feel incomplete !!!!!

    • Mariyam123

      |Registered Member

      Don’t feel incomplete😊 I m gonna continue the story😄 U read my updates from tomorrow😊 U will not at all feel incomplete as i will do all possible things for u all😊

    • Saraswathi.j

      Yes you are write Anita Roy they wasted many episodes on kamini instead of 20minits this episode should be 35 minits just like in the the ashram scene instead of new Dhaani the old one reminds me ,the mangalsutra which Dhaani tied to her wrist ,what happened to that today it is not there,at last all criminals are in jail …….wish you all young and bubbling fans of IKRS BEST OF LUCK …..

    • Porkodi

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      Yes anitha it is incomplete ending…. no need to show that witch track till the end….I thought ikrs will end on Aug 28..why it was ended before two days… feeling incomplete… going to miss ikrs

  7. Mariyam123

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    I had asked tellyupdates whether I can repost the updates and whether they can post it in a second. But they said no😭😭😭😭They are telling that they will not do that but I can continue the story😃😃 So shall I continue the real track of ikrs in the form of written updates.

    Then we can comment there till 1 day and the next day at 6:30 i will again post the next update😊 Shall i do?

    Plz plz plz plz reply to me😭😭😭

  8. H Hasan


    Thanks Everyone for reading and writing my updates since this show started. It is really sad and unfortunate that the show ended, and other bad shows are still on air without any logical tracks. Keep reading and keep commenting on my other shows too. Miss you all….

    • Mariyam123

      |Registered Member

      May i know which shows u write? In case i watch it, i can comment there😊 Actually i have the habit of watching a lot of serials😄

    • Aiswarya

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      Your updates was really helpful when I was having exams,when I was ill ,when I was not at home

      Once again thank u soooooo much😊😊

    • Arshdeep

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      No thanks to us ma’am
      In fact Huge thanks to you for the perfect updates👌 We love you and your updates ma’am and will miss you lots😘😘❤

      And right mam wonder why shows like “sasural simar ka” still going on😏😡

    • Zee

      Thank you H Hasan for brilliant updates. Really appreciate our effort.
      Pl let us know when you start updating a new show, so we can follow from the beginning.

    • Anita Roy

      Thanks a lot Hasan….you truly deserve a big applaud for doing the updates so promptly and accurately…..hats off to you.

  9. Aiswarya

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    Ikrs ended 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
    Ikrs is the first serial I started to see n it was a very nice experience ☺☺☺

  10. Anya

    Thanks Mam for the update. Quite right mam, so many other unrealistic, disorderly shows going on & this one has ended so soon.😔😭

  11. sharmi

    Thanks mam for the update.really we are going to miss IkRS.Thanks writers for giving a happy ending and a nice the scenes were beautiful and emotional.

  12. RANdomfANCreationz

    |Registered Member

    At least IKRS remained in hearts even after it ended unlike some stupid other shows everything was good about ikrs is just that kamini track spoiled everything and Eisha replacement added fuel to the fire. But Sanjeda may not be convincing in dhaani’s role that’s because we were so used to eisha but she also did a commendable job 👍 And mishal i have become his fan i can’t wait for his next show amazing actor Mishal is the one who proved that do not judge a its cover (Initially i hated him in the promos) but now he is too good his acting 😱Jaw dropping makes us go wow thanks for entertaining us with ur naughty expression wala viplav
    And IKRS at least i m happy i won’t hate this show 🙂

  13. RANdomfANCreationz

    |Registered Member

    Hey i hope u all still remember me i stopped commenting for a while because of my exams and classes and also i was disappointed with the show but u all remained closely in my heart and IKRS i love this show for giving me so many friends and initial 4 months was magical for me and treat to watch IKRS

  14. Anya

    It has ended yaar 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭i’m feeling like all empty from within, what would we do without it, 😔😔😌😌😪😭😭 hw will i stop myself from waiting for the clock to strike 6:30, hw will i stop myself from waiting eagerly to watch Mishal😢😢😢😭😭😭😪😪

    • Mariyam123

      |Registered Member

      Anya di now u will wait for 6:30 everyday not for the episodes but for the written updates by me. Read my comment which is very long just below👇 And u will understand everything😊

  15. Anya

    A full emotional episode it was today, the scene when dhaani hugs Parshiya and when Parshiya asks Dhaani to remember him and bids her good bye, also when first Vidha comes and hugs Parshiya and asks him to call her daily and come to meet her on Sundays,all this was so emo 😢😢😢😭😭. Parshiya’s expressions today were an absolute perferct.👍👍👍. His silent love for Dhanni was clearly writ on his face. A perfect friend is what he can b called.

  16. Saraswathi.j

    From today on wards no waiting for 6.30 tv show ,iam free to do some good work .WISH YOU ALL IKRS FANS BEST OF LUCK .

  17. bharathi

    i miss ishq ka rang safed so mucccccccccccccccchhhhhh….its super love and amazing story……. i can’t say by words how much i miss dis ikrs team…… i will wait to see mishal raheja sir to come back on new serial…..

  18. Sujie

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    I’m not the only one feeling ADHOORA ADHOORA…..
    It had to end one day…. But why 😂😂😂😂😂

    I don’t believe this …… A show that gave me an entire new lovely family…..Thank you IKRS…..
    Ishq Ka rang safed ….a unique show with fantastic concept….there were ups and downs …..loop holes …. Mistakes…but still ITS OUR SHOW…. THe show that will never fade away from our memories….watched many soaps …many serials… But trust me….. The way I love IKRS…. I have no feelings like that for other serials…..
    Will miss it a lot…. Waiting for 6:30 …waiting for updates….. Waiting to share my feelings…. 😀😀😀😀
    And Hasan ma’am… Thank you for keeping us glued together with your fantastically superbly amazing updates…. The way you give detailed update…its unmatched ….thank you

    Will miss talking about episodes..and thinking about it day and night….. Itna focus studies mein hota..toh I would have topped whole country😂😂😂😁😁😁 but that was worth it….
    Will miss watching Mishal ….. May it be MiEisha or MishSan…. The magic they have created…is unmatched….
    Will miss feeling emotional in even those background music and melodies…will miss getting happy and blushing on listening ISHQ ISHQ ..RANG RANG……ishq Ka rang safed ….❤️❤️❤️
    Will miss those times when tears used to flow silently …on listening KOI NA DEKHE MERE AANSU…. CHUP CHUP KE MEIN ROOUN …..
    Will miss those sweet little melodies…music pieces ❤️❤️❤️💖💖💖💖
    Will miss everything about IKRS…. How I wish ..if Eisha was there till the end 😞😞
    But no worries…
    Hope Mishal comes soon on screen with a brand new show soon…so that I can love him all over again…and get lost in his charismatic eyes expressing emotions like no one does💖💖💖….. Wonderful smile

  19. Aiswarya

    |Registered Member

    Mishal I became one of it die hard fan when I started to watch ikrs
    When eisha quited I was seeing ikrs only because of u
    U are really a great actor 😊😊
    By seeing u in the promo I started watching ikrs
    Eagerly waiting to see u in New show n also in big screen😊😊😊

  20. Mahaaijaz

    |Registered Member

    Thanks for the update mam
    I haven’t watched the episode yet because of the stupid power cut but I am controlling my tears please sab log himmat karo otherwise I will start crying reading ur all comments my heart is very heavy right now so please someone share any joke or something..
    Will catch u guys once I watch the episode till than bbye

  21. Nima

    ikrs dekhte waqt aaj last episode tha thoda sa v feel nahi kiya bt jab WU pe precap ki jagah ENDED word dekha to yakin karne pr majboor kardiya dil ko samhaal nahi sake aur aankho se bin barsat k pani behne lage😭😭
    kavi nahi socha tha koe aisa show hoga jo promo se lekar show k end tak life judi rahegi it’s because only Mishal n the concept of story and of course you guys too😘
    avi v yakeen nahi ho raha k show end ho gaya😥 kal se Mishal ko kaha dekhu?😥
    I have an idea kal se har roje YouTube pe Mishal k old show dekhenge and plz bhagwan channel wale show ko YouTube se na hataye🙏 kya karu Mishal k alawa dusara show dekhne ko man nahi karta😊

  22. Sujie

    |Registered Member

    And yes….. Will miss cursing the viruses …that popped in time and again…. Will miss cursing the evils …….
    Will miss ….will miss….. Please…Bohot hogaya 😌😌😌😔😔😔😔
    Suit toh nahi Karega bolna… After saying so many things….I am speechless …. Totally….😂😂😂
    IKRS has ended…. And the feeling is painful… But glad that it ended on a happy note 😀😀😀

  23. Anya

    Yes Joyee, i agree with u. Thank u IKRS and thank u TU for giving me such wonderful friends and family,😊😄, if U hadn’t been there, i wud never have visited this site and found all my friends here. Though i’m only one or two months old here but the family i have got is the most amazing one. Thank u once again👍👍

    • Aiswarya

      |Registered Member

      Me toooooo diiii I’m also 2 months old here but I got a family who cares about me more than my parents
      If I say anymore I will get more emotional

    • Areeb

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      Ary sachi dono new members ho aap. 😍 I thought you guys are old ones, saw a great bond over here with others. 😍

  24. Mariyam123

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    I had asked tellyupdates about continuing the real ikrs story and they have agreed😃😃😃😃😄😄😄😅😅😅😅 So from tomorrow at sharp 6:30 I will start posting the episode updates.

    I know u all were not satisfied with the ending of the show so I will note that the following things will be there in the updates from tomorrow👇
    1)Vidhani romance and cute nhok jhok
    2)Vidha-Atharva cute fights and lovely moments.
    3)Raj (hope u remember him)
    4)Pankaj and Shalu entry
    6)Some more mysteries (which I will think)
    7)Piya’s mystery(I know u wanted this track but couldn’t, so I will include this also)
    8)Some funny scenes😂

    And more anything u want which u think could have been included in the real ikrs, tell me and I will definitely include those things😊

    Plz reply to me as I want to know whether u will comment in that page as before or not? And also we will comment the way we would comment before, we will reach 100,200,300 or more than that😊 And also we will not get separated till the time I want😂 So I will continue the story for years.

    Note- I will post the updates everyday at 6:30. Tellyupdates will give me the link in which i will update the episode and it will be published fast, so don’t take tension about that😊 And also we will see who will comment first😄

    • Aiswarya

      |Registered Member

      I will try to comment first😜😜😜if possible 😊😊
      Cutie I was missing raj pankaj shalu anshuman dulaari in today’s episode I wished that they would have been shown in todays episode but they didn’t showed them I was tooo sad 😢😢but now u are going to fulfil my wish 😊😊😊

      Cutie plzz crack some jockes

    • Shrinjal

      Louella…excellent idea…I commented oonly 1 time Here….but pls don’t make @Vidhaani separated….my humble request…now what u wanna do u cann….<3<3@-}–


  25. Anya

    Ella, pl tell me how it’s all going to proceed from tmrw. As i’m not registered on the site, i don’t get to know much. Hw will i come to the page on which u will continue the story? Wen u open TU, the home page opens, what to do after that? I’ll b waiting for ur answer. Sorry to bother u with so many questions.


    |Registered Member

    Though show ended and i will miss for it sure but show ended just in hurry in end or might be update is not proper.. but for sure will miss the show….😢😢😢😢😢😢

  27. Genita

    Last epi of our ishq….. will definetly miss our our ishq ishq…….. do u all remember me…..

  28. Eisha

    IKRS really ended …..It’s seriously last episode… but 28 August… I want to cry yar ..can anyone tell me mishal really come with new show or not ?

  29. Dalchini

    Ishq Ka rang safed you will be missed this was a really good show following the hardships of Dhanni a widow marrying the high priest will be missed

  30. Shruthy

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    Guys! I am literally an unlucy person….
    I have prepared a long comment for the last day and of course the window had to be shut down…
    I wanna hit my head on the wall

      • Shruthy

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        I know yaar, even I wanted to comment it as it has been so long. But here it’s being so hot and my hands are literally sweating using the computer. But will try though *fiingers crossed* I actually got pissed off as I forgot what I have been writing

    • Porkodi

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      Hi shruthy …. After so many days, finally u commmend here …we missed u so much and ur long post also… how are u .

      • Shruthy

        |Registered Member

        Hey! Yeah I know I was quite busy and used tellyupdates with my phone so was not reallyable to comment … Missed you all a lot too <3 I am good thought the hot weather just melts me. How are you?

    • Aiswarya

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      Diii u commented today I’m sooooo happy that u commented
      Diii don’t hit ur head on wall it will cause u pain in ur head

    • Areeb

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      Hi Shruthy. 🙋 Long time. Aww, you need to type it again. 😍
      And since your are back now, I hope you’ll be updating the episodes of your fanfics. 😊

      • Shruthy

        |Registered Member

        Hey yaa! Yeah I know, really busy and not even on computers so cant use Tellyupdates easily on phones.
        Oh well it’s on working process, coming soon :p
        LOL I knew someone would ask me that. I am literally sorry. I thought to write on holidays butt at the end, made nothing because was always busy vissiting and all.. But yeah they are also on working process so… hopefully for soon.

    • vishra

      ohohooo…so gald for ur reply, its not ur fault that u didnt understand what i asked…is there someone who can please reply to my question…some are so captivated in the series that they are unable to understand …

      • Aiswarya

        |Registered Member

        I understood your question I don’t know which New show is going to replace ikrs😊😊
        Because of my emotions I commented like that😊😊

  31. Angel20

    |Registered Member

    Guys did you all notice?? I guess this is the first time there are 115 comments in such less time! Of course because of one reason!! IKRS has ended!😭😭😭😭

  32. Arshdeep

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    Thank you saraswathi mam. Best of luck to you too😊😘 Will miss you lots
    Thank you for advises you have given me always regarding ny studies and much more.😊

  33. Devga

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    Happy end huva par bahuth sad hooon…. Contrastng emotions bcz of ikrs coming to AN END…. OMG WAT ENDED?? I STIL NOT ABLE TO DIGEST THE FACT THT IT WIL NOT B TELECASTED HERE AFTR… 🙁 🙁 🙁

  34. Shruthy

    |Registered Member

    I think I have to comment at least on this day. Because I am too much in emotions man….
    Oh God I don’t even know how to start it. Chalo let’s see!
    First episodes and storyline.
    Yaaar I have nothing else to say then being so happy that finally ViDha made their family again. That was something we were all desperately waiting for and finally it happened.
    Today’s episode was seriously so emotional. I literally got tears watching that Parshiya wala scene. The way he was so sad and crying bidding bye. He showed how much he will miss the Tripathis, especially his Gudiya. After all, both developed a strong and wonderful relation snce her birth, and she grew up on his laps. She is his Gudiya. I knew it from the beginning that Paarshya is a good man, and that he will never be the kabab mein haddiin ViDha’s love story. Haan he really loved Dhaani, and also wished to make a family with her. And he also felt insecure when Viplav was always there with Dhaani and that she might go away with Viplav because of his better living conditions, especially for Vidha’s better life. He was ready to make Dhaani and Vidha happy, but he understood ViDha can never love someone else but each other, and he gently gave Dhaani to VIplav. That’s true love!
    And we have on the opposite side, our chudail. Kash that KK was as mature and gentle. Sach mein, she never loved Viplav. She was literally obsessed with him. I dont have more wordsthat could exaggerate the meaning but that’s the fact. She was completely blind in her pagalpan and obsession. She even places her son behind Viplav man, her own blood. Gosh! She was ready to kill that masoom bacha. She has completely lost it. She is like Neelambari from Padaiyappa (old Thalaivar movie). And that, that eye staring moment of Dhaani and Kamini when she was going to fall off that cliff and then when she fell shouting “Viplav”. I think she would have become a pretaatma (i don’tknowif you uuse the same word in Hindi, but at least to all who don’t know what it is, a pretaatma is someone who dies or gets killed before accomplishing his desires, and so their souls keep roaming on Earth. Now don’t get scared like watching a horror movie ok? Btw, this pretaatma topic reminded me of one my favourite movies, Arundhati). But finally, she’s gone from Viplav and Dhaani’s life.
    Mahapanditji and Choti Malkin, turning to be positive characters at the end of it, are now punished for all their crimes. I dont know how Dhaani actually forgave them so quickly. I mean at the beginnging of the leap, she was literally “slapping” on their faces with her replies and that was normal as she was really ill treated. But yesterday she forgives Kanak and today she fell on Dadajis feet. Shayad because she is too respectful and kind…
    Dadi was seriously the most pitifulone. I mean she was always behind the screens, she was never allowed to do anything but she was the only one supporting Viplav and Dhaani, and so both love her the most (and me too =D). And now she goes to live happily her life with her children as she always supported them the most, and so she supported him in arresting her own pati and bahurani. Btw do you guys remember when Kanak shouted at Tripurari for not respecting Dadi ? That mademe maugh actually.
    Chandan was a positive character, though his love was for a chudail number 1. He even wanted to live a fresh life with Kamini and their son Atharvaa, and so was with her intaking away Atharvaa from Viplav and dhaani. But, poor man, he didnt know Kamini’s itentions were different. But his truth and goodness made himself kill the wrong thing as he wanted to save both his son, and Dhaani. The fact he got to see thereal love and concern of ViDha on Atharvaa made him go to jail with relief. He was present for only 3/4 episodes but he was helpful in saving ViDha and Atharvaa.
    Talking about children. Vidha and Atharvaa, I have seriously no word to define how cuteand adorable they are. Sometimes I want to enter in the screen and give some kisses to those chobby chobby cheeks of them. My favourite is indeed Vidha but Atharva is not less, the way he talks, you just melt man. Both’s bonding is so cute. I remember the first time they meet and they start it into a fight. Vidha callin him “bad boy” and Atharvaa being jealous ofVidha sitting on his father’s lap. That was also on fathers’ day I think. I kept watchig that scene again and again. And they quickly became friends.
    Last but not the least : ViDha! OMG I was literally so happy to see the reunited VIDha. Like it brought our favourite, romantic, naughty, cute, and smiling Viplav. I think that’s what we have been missing for weeks right. I think even months no? Anyways… But I have to admit it, I first found it strange like we always used to see ViDha (MiSan) fighting, arguing, and we were seeing lovein those fights. And then to see ViDha (MiSan) romancing I was blushing (like whenever I watch a romnic scene) but this time it wa certainly it was new. I was so used to watching again and again those ViDha (MiSha) scenes at home as I have downloaded them that, seeing MiSan romancing was… But then I also to tell it that the first romantic scene of ViDha (MiSan), where he was going to kiss her and she refuses telling that Kamini wala excuse, I have at least watched it 10 times on repeat mode. And tht’s how I was used to it. But haan, MiSha’s love chemistry was really somethig else… :p And whatever it is, we have to accept Sanjeeda too na? She is doing a wonderfuljob, and both’s off screen chemistry is also amazing (kash we had loads of interviews btw). <3 And so I am happy with ViDa reunited, Vidha knowing Viplav isher papa, and Atharvaa being the chota bhai in the Viplav Tripathi kandhan. The one thing that made me sad because of ViDha reunion was the fact it alerted the end of the show to come soon. And actually, even my sister, who don't really watch the show except when I turn on the episodes on TV, realized it. Btw she found Mishal handsome fro the first time in that party wala outfit. I was damn happy hearing it xD *closes the brackets* But yeah I was happy shapy.
    As I told before, I was really sad with days going as the show was to end. But then, good things areto end one day na. And we will certainly see in new shows so waiting for it. And haan I would be happy to see MiSha again on screens (after ETRETR) PLEASE GOD!!! At least give me luck for this one thing na.

    Second thing
    I want to thank the show and mostly Tellyupdates, for having given that wonderful opportunity to meet such amazing fellows like you all. The two previous shows made me meet friends only through Twitter but IKRS made me try a new platform which is Tellyupdates. And I am seriously so happy as it's really a different experience. Because here, we dont only become friends, but we come to know about the talent of many : writing fan fictions. When you get to read differents plots with celebrities you do admire, basing on the storyline but changing it to your sauce, you can imagine how talented and creative people become. And you all made me even get the courage to post fictions while I don't even write that well. I used to write for my own self or to share with one of my closest friend, but never felt to share it publicly to eveyone. And I should be thankful to my TU friends for giving me so much love and support for that. So thank you thank you thank you!!!
    I just hope that even after the end of the show, you guys keep writing and posting wonderful imaginary stories and make us dream and imagine.

    PS : sorry for this loooooooooooooong comment guys. :p

    • Porkodi

      |Registered Member

      Lovely post Shruthy… Missing ur long post… Finally we had…. Yes tellyupdates is the new platform which brought so many friends for me…. Love u TU and my Ikrs Family..

    • Renuverma

      |Registered Member

      Well said shruthy.
      Really glad to see yr lovely post. Though wud miss ikrs but i know that u would continue with yr lovely ffs n charismatic writing style.

      • Shruthy

        |Registered Member

        Thanks Renu di 🙂
        Awww I am touched. Hopefully I will maintain you all while writing but yeah missing IKRS also

      • Shruthy

        |Registered Member

        Lol yes finally I got time to comment 😜
        Awwe thanks chellam 😘 Nice to hear you say “chellam” actually.

    • Saraswathi.j

      Beautiful narration good analysis do not stop writing dear less mistakes lively touch of the story , IKRS gave a chance to bring many budding writers into focus it influenced many young girls to writing skills keep it up Shruthy God bless you .

      • Shruthy

        |Registered Member

        Thank you thank you thank you 😁
        I wont don’t worry 🙂 That’s true. It made me able to post publicly my inagination as I always feared to do that

    • Arshdeep

      |Registered Member

      Shruthy…..Love youuuuuuuu girl😘😘😘😘😘😘 I was hell scred seeing the length of comment then took a deep breath and decided to read..offcorse i had to read as i had asked you to type it all again😜
      Perfect analysis as usual👌 Vidha and Atharva are always the cutest ones…and whenever they are shown words like”haww cute they are😘” itself comes from within😁 Love them both and their bonding💙

      Parshiya had always been one of my favourite character in the show✌

      And dont scare me with that pretaatama😂😂 Hope Kamini actually doesnt become that in Ikrs next season(which we all definitely want) But that wont be happening😭😭

      Mishsan had been wonderful❤ Their co star story was so lovely and funny😁😁 Love their bonding😍❤

      Will miss you lots yaar😘😘 Stay connected

      Thank you thank you thank you for giving us sooo so sooo wonderful fictions😘😘😘😘😘

    • Devga

      |Registered Member

      Awww kithna cute aur mature baathey ki…. Infact really open talk…. LIKE kal key baarey mein sochke bahuth dar lag raha hey…. Grt actor… Grt human being… Sacha insaan…. Proud of u mishal….. U wil reach heights man

  35. Mahaaijaz

    |Registered Member

    Hello to everyone!
    I don’t have words to define my sadness.. u won’t believe but I am listening ishq ka rang safed title song right now with teary eyes :-‘(
    Episode was really very emotional plus heart touching.. Parshiya’s scene was so heart wrenching his dialogues his expressions Oh God I was trying to control myself but tears start to fall automatically.. The way dhani hugged him was so beautiful and when he said “dhani tum flower shop ke tension mat lena apun fresh flower he rakhe ga” and “dhani humen kabhi bhulna nahe” that increased my tears even more infact his each line was filled with pain I hope he stays in touch with vividha.. Though its a drama but then also its my wish.. Parshiya was really a good man he was really very loyal to vidha dhani and dulari.. his love towards vidha and dhani was true and selfless! HATS OFF TO HIM! He was really a man of words.. He was too emotionally talking with vidha obviously he would in pain as vidha was born in front of him than he brought her up but at last he was alone I wish raj lakshmi would alive us ka aur parshiya ka couple best hota but I hope he always stays bless
    Then finally DT got his punishment the way he accepted his crimes that was also painful his dialogues were reminding me first episode when he mistreated dadi he really hurt her alot but she was an ideal wife always remained silent and bear all his tortures and insult.. but today when he touched her feet was good though I was feeling pity on him if he would have done good things than he can live his remaining life peacefully as its a famous proverb “as u sow so shall u reap”
    Last part was amazing viplav took a right decision as no place is better than ashram a place filled with love care and respect.. but when dhani remembered that ashram bomb blast reminded me all bitter moments as because of this blast vidhani got seperated and pain increases even more when dhani was hanging garland on raj lakshmi badi amma sita maai suwarna and one more lady I din’t remember her name Chaya kaki I guess.. The thing which I love most was dadi will also stay in ashram thats a good thing.. At last viplav dhani vidha and atharva will live as a happy family finally viplav’s dream is fulfilled.. finally we get to see our old charming naughty and cute viplav with his million dollar smile which he has lost few months back because of cruel society and circumstances.. their cute dance with viplav’s cute dialogue “dhani viplav bache and more bache” and both kids came running saying “hum bhe” that was so cute and when ishq ka rang safed plays in background that made me realized that I am watching this show last time.. Overall a perfect end like we were dreaming and willing to have.. though I want Kanak and DT too but punishment bhe necessary but if they will come out one day from jail and then they can live their life free from guilt right ?
    I was missing dulari-anshuman, pankaj-shalu and raj alot.. I wish they would have show them too but it’s ok as the episode is of only 22 minutes I guess so they can’t show everything on this short period of time..

    Thank u so much producers directors writers for giving us such a beautiful love story which will always remain in our hearts..
    Thank u raj lakshmi trupurari (both old and new) suwarna chaya kaki sarla kaki shushma ji DT KT badi amma piya sita mayi phool chand asthana raj pankaj raja shalu dulari anshuman kamini DB and all others who increased our interest.. BTW KT DT and TT conspiracies always unite vidhani so thanks to them
    Thank u MISHAL EISHA for making this serial amazing.. eisha ur acting was superb the way u acted as widow was mind blowing, sanjeeda also did her best to do justice with her character so thank u to sanjeeda too..
    Mishal jitna thanks bolun kam hai u have nailed it man.. Thank u for being viplav! for becoming a true son grand son lawyer lover husband and father.. U deserve a standing ovation! just love u man.. Eagerly waiting for ur new serial please come soon
    Basically I didn’t watch ikrs because of mishal honestly I didn’t know about him that day but because of its beautiful story and dialogue “tum uper wale se dua mang rahe ho aur hum uper wale se tumhen” I followed it and LO! after that I starting loving the serial.. it was the first serial which starts on social issue and ends on a happy note.. I am watching this serial from 1st episode so obviously it had become part of my life so will truly miss ikrs..
    Thanks to IKRS for introducing eisha and for making us realize that no one is better than mishal..
    Thanks to Hassan mam for posting written episodes they were so helpful.. ur updates were so well defined.. love u mam
    Thanks to TU because of which I made so many friends and thanks to this family who welcomed me with open heart and because of u guys I started a fiction which is still continuing.. thank u for appreciating me for supporting me..
    It could become more long but my mom was saying “ache note par finish hoa ache baat hai warna yeh bhe simar type ka hojata hai because story has completed” so I am also convincing myself by repeating these words “it has to be finish one day so…”
    I want to say it aloud WE LOVE IKRS! WE LOVE MISHAL!
    Now no more waiting for 6’O clock.. khatam! can someone suggest me a good hindi serial apart from kasam that I am already watching but I want a more serial to divert my mind I know that can’t compare with ikrs but to lessen the pain I am asking..
    At last I want to repeat sujie’s fiction’s line “PHIR KOI PRATHA NA KARE ISHQ MEIN BHED KIYUN K NAHIN HOTA HAR KISE K ISHQ KA RANG SAFED” (I hope its correct)
    Ishq ka rang safed rock vidhani rock everything related to ikrs rock! It has become a historical love story which will always grab a special place in our hearts
    Last but not least thanks to all spot boys camera man and costume designers for contributing
    I think now no one is left..
    I have eaten ur brain sorry for that

    • Arshdeep

      |Registered Member

      Haaash finally i read it😁
      Awesome wala post👌meri tarf se bhi sabko thanks jinka naam Maha ne liya😂😂

      I actually loved the ending with the four of them hugging and screen freezing on Vidha’s smiling faces😍😍❤ Adorable scene😘 I was literally crying+smiling watching the last part😢

      Love you lotss Maha😘😘 God bless you❤
      Kabhi pakistan aayi to zarur milungi✌

    • Arshdeep

      |Registered Member

      And i watch Jaana na dil se door. So will surely suggest you to try it once although it has almost completed 100 episodes now

    • Shruthy

      |Registered Member

      Wonderful comment ladki. ❤️ So well detailed and written!
      Will miss IKRS so much. When I think that today there is no episode … So heart broken

  36. Saraswathi.j

    Wow Mahaaijaz. Your story telling is maha good , whether the story of widow uplift influence the minds of viwers or not it influence many young girls to story writing and they exhibit their skills of writing stories,well the show achieved positive attitude in young minds ,for this we appreciate production house ,and writers and actors who made the story as if it is live.Mahaa you are a good writer with positive mind God bless you to improve your skills of writing .the ending of the story and Viplav,s action at the end is good but we have to wait for his eleven Childern to play may be foot ball team.

    • Mahaaijaz

      |Registered Member

      Thank u so much ma’am.. I didn’t know that my writing skills are good but because of this serial I come to know about my talent😅 indeed the show has influenced many young girls and I hope after this serial people start to give rights and respect to widows..

  37. Saraswathi.j

    Hamlet53 India Forum I want thank her for very good analysis of every episode of IKRS she has very good skills in writing,very positive thinking May God bless you to many more writings,as this forum not allowed outsiders it allows only members to comment I chose this TU to thank you Hamlet53 ,once again thank you for your analytical updates of IKRS episodes.

  38. Saraswathi.j

    Now the young writers may pen down either Viplav,s or Dhaani,s ishq ka rang safed why do not you debate it

  39. Genita

    Hii porkodi and renu…… my marriage life is going really good…… csnt believe that yhete is no more ishq ishq……. how r u all…. after so long iam commenting

  40. Shanitics

    |Registered Member

    😞😞😞😞😢😢😢😢😢😢😢 I’m crying.. If I say the reason of my crying to my Siblings… Thy won’t understand the value of my second family 👪 tats u..👪
    My eyes are filled with tears to flow..
    I nvr want this serial to cme to an end… This serial presented me a lot… I nvr thought I would be soo emotional ever in my life after a serial.. Bt later I came to knw I was mre emotional because this serial is my family 👪 friendship and siblings relations btwn us added salt to the serial.. It gave life to the serial fr me…

    A big thankss to lols.. My sweet chotti sis.. Love u yaar…

    Aish 😊 do u knw I just feel u like my bestie.. Mr.impossible is my lucky eater😜 Arshi di and misha di.. My badi didi s… Renu di u too… This family 👪 gave me 3 bhaias.. 1 younger sis.. Frnds of my age and countless no. Of elder sis..😊 Love u all 👪
    Go and read my cmnts.. Tats too ending…😉

    Do u knw it’s only because of u guyss.. I wrote a ff.. Whn I cam to TU I was unaware abt ff.. Bt latr found out wat It is and all.. Tat time mujhe kya patha tha ki I’ll be a ff author 😊 I gt enough courage to write ff because I thought it was my family 👪 whose gonna read it and no1 else…

  41. sharmi

    From today going to miss badly mishal and vidhani love story.some way their both chemistry really was connected to our hearts closely.miss u….plz come soon mishal with a new story.

  42. Saraswathi.j

    I have one doubt in this episode Viplav and Dhaani with their Childern enter Ayodya nivas and pray in front of Siva in their house with shoe ,in general we( HINDUS) donot pray God while wearing shoe ,how the directer forget this and even the actors did not do it ,then why they did it?

  43. molu

    Hi… the show ended with a happy note..but unfortunately I couldn’t watch last episode..louella…dear please continue updating upcoming episodes of ikrs…i will surely comment if i get a chance..I AM GONNA MISS YOU 😞 BUDDIES

  44. Shanitics

    |Registered Member

    Do u knw guyss the last epi of my spcl bst frnd.. First part I wrote 3 times.. Nw I by hearted tat portion.. Whenever I did copy it will get erased..😞 at last yep,I wrote the ff.. Posted it.. Thus my bth ff came to an end.. 😉

  45. Sujie

    |Registered Member

    Tanya and company …. They must be sleeping in club 360 since 5 years….. Serial ended ..but their sleep didn’t end 😂😂😂
    Tanya and Badi Amma had some relation ….
    Viplav’s bade bhaaiya was eaten by chudail😂😂😂😂😁😁😁😁
    Serial khatam hogaya..but mystery didn’t 😁😁😁

  46. Sujie

    |Registered Member

    Good afternoon family….
    Yesterday the serial ended..but have one doubt…when will commenting be disabled in this page…

  47. Saraswathi.j

    Yes there are so many unanswered questions they took all their belongings and escape how they escape ? Mishal Raheja as Viplav did his best action , new Dhaani in the last white dress not looks nice she is good in red dress.

  48. Sujie

    |Registered Member

    I watched the episode again….. Downloaded it from Heart Desire Mishal Raheja…. Cried cried cried….
    And that wide smile once again…at the end when Viplav says….. Bas Viplav Dhaani Baache….and more bacche 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 Suruwat kare…. Kids come running MEIN BHI MEIN BHI……and then ISHQ ISHQ….RANG RANG ….. Missing it badly

  49. Arshdeep

    |Registered Member

    The last part where that lady went after praising Viplav and then Viplav naughtily pushed Dhani with his shoulder and his face😍😍😍 OmG😍😍 That was so cute yaar❤ I was literally smiling and my friends were looking at me with a question mark?😂😂.. Actually was filled with mixed emotions😔 Dont really know what to do
    IKRS You will always live in our hearts❤

  50. Arshdeep

    |Registered Member

    If anyone of you watched Balika Vadhu’s last episode?
    That was very beautifully made with all the previous characters who were dead now were also shown.
    Wanted something like that for IKRS as well. Atleast few lines telling the moral of show and saying it ended.

  51. Mahaaijaz

    |Registered Member

    Yesterday when I was watching this serial I was crying bitterly on parshiya wala scene at that time my bro looked at me speechlessly and batameez run to my dad and told him about that, he came to me and starts consoling that it was a drama it has to be end one day mishal will come with a new show inshaAllah but my tears were not stopping it happened usually when someone console us especially dad then we began to cry more same thing happened with me.. but now I am feeling embarrassed as its too weird to cry in front of dads or mom’s my bhai is too much
    At night I slept at around 3’o clock don’t know why all episodes were revolving around my mind.. I don’t want to forget this serial but want to come out of these thoughts so please someone help me otherwise I will become mad😣😣

  52. Mahaaijaz

    |Registered Member

    I want vidhani to celebrate Holi once again karwachoth vrat once again and many other festivals but it ended yaar..

    I have a request if someone is on fb or on twitter and knows the official account of Kapil than request him to invite mishal in Kapil sharma show its my biggest wish to see him in that show may be he invite him because of our request..

  53. Anya

    Hello everyone. I’m still feeling like all empty from within, feeling as if someone has snatched away ur most precious thing from u and taken it so far away that it won’t come back. I swear, i have rarely felt like this before for any serial.

  54. Mariyam123

    |Registered Member

    Anya di, I will post the updates here itself only😊 In the home page of ikrs. See always when u come here u come to the home page na, so on the evening also u have to do the same thing. I will write the episode name as “Ishq ka rang safed 27th August 2016 written update”. Just the way hasan mam would post😊 but my writing style will be different😊 If u want to see my writing style then read my ff👇

    U just have a look in the link and u will come to know my writing style. I will post the updates in the same writing style😊

  55. Anya

    Ella, where r u? R u going to continue the story? And have u got the link from TU? No further info from u till now😔😞

  56. Saraswathi.j

    Yes Sulie Viplav,s big brother the writers have to tell us why he did not come into picture ? In future Dt will come out on bail his crime to outer world is just financial like Lalu Prasad yadav ,he will come out on bail and again become Mahant of Banaras like again LPY become MLA of Bihar State.kanak also she only helped not killed directly she will also released after some time and all will live in Ayodya nivas again.

  57. Saraswathi.j

    With eleven grand Childern may be to play foot ball,valley ball or whatever game they want and Viplav become renowned famous layer .,even Dhani become a lawyer as Viplav wants her to be his co lawyer.

  58. Shruthy

    |Registered Member

    And one more thing that could have been done at least for last episodes : they could have made a bew montage with ViDha & Vidha happy together 🙁

  59. Areeb

    |Registered Member

    Hello Family. 😊 Was just going through everyone’s analytical comments rather emotional. Everybody got so connected with the show. I guess more with the daily eagerness of getting new spoilers, OLVs, cast interviews and to speak your heart out about the story and your emotional connection on different forms. And TU became a platform to express the views and then you made new friends.. found a new family. All seems like a sweet dream to me.. you know really, when somewhere on Earth I was simply doing my regular stuff and like someone wave the magic wand I landed up here, talked with so many people of different age, society from the whole freaking globe. And I haven’t dreamt of something like this but it happened! Allhumdulillah, Got lucky somewhat. ❤
    And before I get dwey-eyed, let’s just crop the saddest part. Surely, will be seeing each other with Louella’s idea and the fan fictions of our talented girls. And remember Life is good when you are laughing. So stay like that, hope someday, somewhere in this world I’ll meet some of you.
    And since Mishal has said, something new and better will come InshaAllah. So with that, hoping he gets a really project sooner. 😍 Ameen.

  60. Saraswathi.j

    Why Dhaani always remember bad memories , she always remember Viplav,s head resting on kamini shoulder,now even in lost episode she has doubt about Viplav that,s the reason she reminds welcome with burn coal by Kanak When they enter Ayodya nivas after their marriage Not any sweet memory of Viplav why the writers are doing this

  61. Anya

    ELLA, sweetie pl help me out, am not getting connected to the page, it’s showing 404 error, pl pl give the link here.

  62. Arshdeep

    |Registered Member

    *Memorable days of IKRS*
    Ikrs starts on-10th August 2015
    Dheere dheere se meri zindagi me aana scene- 10th September 2015
    Viplav and Dhani pot making scene-15th September 2015
    Viplav enters Ashram- 26th September 2015
    Viplav and Dhani becoming friends- 16th October 2015
    Viplav saving Dhani-18th December 2015
    Viplav confessing his love-19th December 2015
    Dhani confessing her love- 26th December 2015
    Viplav and Dhani first Romantic Date- 31st December 2015
    Viplav and Dhani marriage-21st February 2016
    Cottage scene-22nd February 2016
    Shower romance- 1st April 2016
    Viplav decorating room for Dhani(Most beautiful ever captured by Shalu😔😑)- 4th April 2016
    Viplav-Dhani face off post leap- 15th June 2016
    Ikrs ends with Vidha uniting-26th August 2016

    Guys add some more to the list😊👆

  63. Arshdeep

    |Registered Member

    Hello IKRS FAMILY😘😘😘😘😘
    A- Arshi, Aish, Anne, Areeb, Avijit, Akshay, Aaditya, Ansa, Ahana, Amisha, A'isha, Anju, Alia, Aiswarya, Anya, Anita.roy
    B- Br mam, Bharathi, Brity, Butterfly, Batool
    C- Cool
    D- Dilu, Dr. Sweety, Devga, Diya
    E- Elizabeth, Enemy(Anjum), Eshani, Eisha singh
    F- Florentina, Fatarajo, Fates
    G- Genita, Gayu, Gundia, Gopu, Genipher, Gatathri,Gracy, Gaana
    H- Hritya, Harika, Hussain
    I- Isha
    J- Jessi, Jingo man, Jyoti, Josh, Jasmine, Joy
    K- Kavitha, Kusanskar, Kaviya, Kavitha(mishal raheja), Khushi
    L- Louella, Lakshmi, Latha, Lara, Lifna, Loveleen
    M- M.R., Maria, Maha, Mirsada, Meghs, Marees, Mangai, Mahira, Meena, MM, Molu, Martha
    N- Nimisha, Nima, Naty, Nim, Niks, Nkhan, Neema, Nurdin
    O- Ola
    P- Pjain, Prachi, Purple, Porkodi, Pooja
    R- Renu, Ranaji, Raj, Rahul, Rajee, Rezmi, Rids, Ria, Rosy, Ramya, Rishi
    S- Sujie, Saras, Shwetha, Sara, Shruthy, Saranya, Saraswathi, Swara, Sonu, Shri, Subhashini, Sabita, Sofe, Sandy, Sudiksha, Shah, Swarna, Siddhi, Sharmi
    T- Tamil didi
    V- Varsha(philo), Vaishnavi, Vinny, Vini, Vish
    Y- Yetty, Yogi
    Z- Zee, Zea

    Love you all😘😘

  64. Jyoti

    Hi friends I really missing IKRS & IKRS family. I would like watch those old episodes but where I will found those episodes. YouTube mein old episodes kuch bi nahi milrahahai.

  65. Saraswathi.j

    Good memory power Arshadeep , you remember all IKRS fans,the end of the last episode reminds me two good novels of olden days
    1. Of Human Bandage
    2. Rebecca
    In both these novels in the first one the Dr hero after roaming most of the world including India he realise what is the philosophy of life , in the second one the heroin Abandon the palace and roaming in boat while the hero is coming and saw the palace burning and coming
    to save his heroin
    Both stories are famous if we read we cannot forget them.

  66. Arshdeep

    |Registered Member

    Areeb i want that this episode reaches thousand comments.
    Come on everyone.. come and comment together here discussing some cute favourite scenes among all previous episodes and reviving this journey within us. We all will feel good i am sure😊✌

  67. Saraswathi.j

    Why in last episode on hill top while Chandan accept his crime some time they show Viplav,back ,that is not Viplav he is a dupe for Viplav , why they did it Viplav,s legs are straight and his hands are fare ,but this dupe legs some what bent and hands black why they did it?

  68. Saraswathi.j

    New Dhaani ,s action just like a primary school teacher action always with hands in the last episode in ashram she garland all ashram people photos her daughter ask her who are they just like school teacher she show them with her hand and told who are they ,she has to learn how to express her feelings through face not hands one of her fan rightly said she has to think one thousand times to accept any show because she is good dancer not actor.

  69. Anya

    Can someone here help me please, am not getting connected to today’s update,😭😭 showing 404 error,pl give the link on yesterday’s update page if possible.😞

  70. Arshdeep

    |Registered Member

    Remembering few of incidents from the very beginning-
    Mishal Raheja
    👉The very first day you swam across the ghat to reach Dhani and ask her age. You look exceptionally hot when you are wet stroking your hairs.😍😘😗

    👉Then your naughty expressions while your shudhikaran was done.😂😀

    👉Then your meetings with Dhani..your nok jhoks..the irritated look after Dhani always blamed you but still you kept helping her. Your daring acts to protect Dhani while people threw stones at her.😍😎

    👉Your expressions when Dhani was unconscious and you tried so hard to wake her up and then sudden hugging her when she finally woke up.

    👉The stubborn look when you entered the ashram the very first day😀😆
    👉The innocent face of yours when you unintensionally used to hurt Dhani.😔😓😯
    👉Your teasing nature towards RL and Suvarna.😀😂
    👉That scary face while there was a lizard on your back and then the guilt reallising how you have come out
    Countless looks and countless expressions😯

    👉Moving next Viplav breaking Dhani's fast with the chocolate unknowingly was so cute😍😘
    👉Then Viplav as a super hero jumping from above to save Dhani during the tulsi incident😍👌
    👉The caring Viplav when he covered Dhani's bleeding hand with his handkerchief💙
    👉The Viplav who shocked his so called dadaji DASHRATH TRIPATHI when he presented the bravery award to widows.

    👉Then Viplav and Dhani finally becoming friends(16th October 2015)

    👉Those night scenes of "Vidha" together❤. Viplav teaching Dhani how to whistle😍

    To be continued….

  71. Kavitha

    |Registered Member

    Hi my dear loving finally show was ended.its very very very hurting situation in my life.
    I thought to give com on the day itself but bcs of some busy work I can’t to be here.
    But u know guys when I think there is no ikrs at 6.30 pm unknowingly iam Gert ng tears from my eyes can’t control toooo.
    If I say anyone here everyone will sclod me its just a serial y ur worrying for serial also.bla bla bla..
    But we know how this show made all of us n how this show imp to us really everything of this show is imp to my life.
    May be u all also think y such an imp to a show but for me ikrs took some place in my heart n life.really yaar I was crying now also.can’t be without ikrs.don’t how i can be without it.
    But move rang do lal also some wat relief for me but grt pain was i miss my original ikrs title song.wah kya song hi.but in mrdl they changed the title n its some wat interference.
    When I watched last episode even I cried that we r going to miss them n u all toooo very badly.

  72. Kavitha

    |Registered Member

    I miss the show I miss mishal n total ikrs team.I miss my ikrs frnds u all.
    Frnds can we continue here in this page it OK.

  73. Nimisha😊

    Hello everyone.
    Hope everyone is ok and doing good!

    So, life after IKRS s proving to be more difficult or maybe as difficult as I thought it would be,

    The last epi was lovely. So good to see them back tin he ashram. Sad to see the pics of Rajlaxmia, badiamma, SitaMaai and the other lady. Made me realise how much I’ve missed them.

    Parshiya was awesome. The scene where they bid him farewell was so very well done.

    Kam hit killed, hurraahhhh! 💃🏼💃🏼💃🏼💃🏼💃🏼💃🏼 at last she got hers!

    And the mist important thing Viplav, Dhani and vidha and Dadi, hot their slightly bittersweet happy ever after. Would have loved to see more of these post drama lives but it wasn’t meant to be,

    I feel that had filmfarm continued the post leap story with the baddies being revealed gradually and more slowly dealt with the show would have continued on, but but seems they heard about the extension and thought they could drag Kam on for even longer.

    So life after the show is weird. I have t been in here because I was in some sort of denial I think. Last night on desi serials p, the site I watch most shows on, it had under IKRS, Show Completed. And I think seeing that written down made me realise that yes it is really over, stupid but true.

    Everyday, at the time I used to watch I think ooh, it’ll be on soon and then remember no it won’t, so feel a bit lost to be honest,

    Missing Viplav and Dhani and seeing MIshal loads. But fingers crossed he’ll be back soon.

    Lots of love to everyone

  74. Nimisha😊

    Sujie, hope all’s well with your family, think of you often so sending you hugs,

    Renu, hope your mother in law is doing better too, and that your looking after yourself too. Think of you lots too.

    Am going to miss this forum and chatting with you all. I have my job now yo keep me occupied, starts properly next week so am grateful for the distraction until MIshal returns,

    Lots and lots of love to all the TU IKRS family,

    • AanyaSingh

      |Registered Member

      Hi Kavitha, sorry,saw ur comment just now. And apologize also for not informing you. Louella is continuing the ikrs story further in the form of ff. We all meet there now, i’ll just give u the link in a few mins.

  75. AanyaSingh

    |Registered Member

    By changing the date in the link, u will b able to read the story in continuation till 31st august. Yesterday Louella cudn’t update coz of being too busy,today she will update. Hope this helps u. 😃

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Your comment will now be reviewed first before it's published. Read more here..