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Ishq Ka Rang Safed 26th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dasharath happily going inside and sprays perfume on himself. He takes up the rose. Kanak sees him happily singing. She goes to Dhaani and blames her for stealing the glass and insults her for trying her trap her innocent father in law. She says her babu ji is very good man and accuses her for trying to trap him by showing her beauty. She asks did you mum teach you this? She asks her to get out of house, else she will get her kick by her servants. Dhaani runs out after stepping on the glass pieces, leaving blood stains of her feet. Viplav comes home and she collides with him. He calls out for her, but she doesn’t listen and runs. Viplav sees the blood stains of her feet in his house and wonders what she was doing in his house. Kanak gives him wallet. Viplav asks why

this girl went away like this.

Viplav tells that she is the same Ashram woman. Kanak is surprised. Viplav asks why did she come here. Kanak cooks up a fake story. Later she scolds the servant for letting Dhaani inside the house. The servant tells her that Dasharath send him to bring water and let Dhaani come inside the house. Kanak looks on. She asks him to clean the dirty floor.

Suwarna asks Tripurari to do something for them. She tells she has only one hope now and that is Maha Pandit ji. She says Dhaani went to get money from him. Tripurari says Dasharath will help you. She sees Dhaani coming cryingly and goes inside. Dulaari worries for Dhaani and thinks why she didn’t come. Badi Amma tells that Dhaani will come after getting money from Maha Pandit. The lawyer tells that he is going out of city. Badi Amma asks him about their case. The lawyer says your case is very weak and you people are not giving fees also. Dhaani comes inside Ashram. Rachna and Raj Lakshmi ask her, but she goes inside the room cryingly. Rachna and Raj Lakshmi ask Suwarna. Suwarna tells that she didn’t go with Dhaani. Old lady tells that Dhaani is not opening the door. They knock on the door.

Badi Amma and Dulaari knock on the door asking her to open the door. Someone suggest that they shall break the door. Badi Amma asks everyone to go, and let them talk to Dhaani. Dulaari knocks on the door. Dhaani opens the door and cries hugging her. Badi Amma asks what happened? Dhaani tells her that Maha Pandit ji is very humble man and made me drink water. She tells choti malkin came and insulted her. Badi Amma and Dulaari are shocked. Badi Amma feels disgusted. She says woman is a woman’s enemy, and some day she will get punished. Dulaari tells that Maha Pandit ji asked us to come to him if there is any need. She says he is a king and we are widows. She apologizes Dhaani for sending her there. Dhaani says you didn’t do any mistake. Badi Amma asks Dulaari to stop crying. Dhaani asks from where we will get money now. They see blood coming out of her legs. Badi Amma asks to bring ointment.

Viplav reaches Delhi and is welcome by a girl Tania. She calls him shona and says she missed him very much. Viplav tells you are acting like filmy heroine. She asks him about the mark on his face. Viplav recalls Dhaani slapping him.

Dhaani calls Viplav, the lawyer (oblivious to her that he is the same Viplav) and gives Ashram case. Viplav asks him to mail her Ashram details and court notice. Dhaani asks what is mail. Viplav says hey bhagwan as Dhaani couldn’t understand about internet.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Cute episode…Precap also cute….That oldy was looking at Dhanni so disgusingly…Viplab please do something to save Dhanni from your Oldy grandpa..

  2. Are viplav hamare dhani ko tumari zaroorat hai help her and get away from tania the churail

  3. Recape was so …cute … Viplav Help dhaani ..and teach her about internet …. Am so much excited ….

  4. Good episode

  5. How will Viplav help these widows from Delhi?? Anyways nice epi… But seriously guys is it possible in this generatn also ppl are not knowing e-mail and other internet stuff.

  6. I got angry on viplav’s mother. But other side she has saved poor daani from that maha pandit. Precap was so interesting. Waiting for the next episode.

  7. good episode

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