Ishq Ka Rang Safed 26th April 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishq Ka Rang Safed 26th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dadi Bua calling Kamini. Kamini comes wearing saree and jewellery given by Dadi Bua. Dadi Bua asks her to sit, and says where is Viplav? He didn’t come till now. Kanak says I will see. Just then Viplav comes with Dhaani holding her hand. Everyone is shocked. Dadi Bua asks him to stop and says this kulta will not step inside the house. Viplav still is holding her hand. Dadi Bua asks what is your relation with her. Viplav and Dhaani bend down to take her blessing. Kanak says Dhaani. Viplav says I have love relation with Dhaani, trust relation, husband and wife relation. Dadi Bua is shocked and drops the aarti plate shockingly. Dhaani folds her hands and apologizes for lying. She says we respect you a lot and hid the truth so that you don’t feet bad. Viplav tells her

that he have married Dhaani without informing anyone in the house. Dasharath says jiji…you came suddenly..I was…Dadi Bua turns towards him and slaps him hard. Everyone is shocked. Viplav says Dadi Bua.

Dadi Bua says it is between me and my brother, and asks him to stay away. She says Dasharath have lied to me, and says you will not get place even in hell because of your doings. She says it is good that Viplav told me everything and lifted curtain from my eyes. Dhaani says Dadi Bua….Dadi Bua says I don’t know you, and asks her to move back. She says my dear ones have hidden the truth from me. Viplav says it was my decision to marry and haven’t inform anyone. Kanak also apologizes. Dadi Bua calls her cunning and says did you forget what is my place in the house. She calls them cunning, and says you have looted me. Kamini asks her not to get angry. Dadi bua says nobody cares for me and everyone is selfish and liars here. Kamini says if Viplav have loved Dhaani then what is his fault. Kamini says Dasharath is Mahant, and he lied so that you don’t get hurt. She says love is true. Dadi Bua says everyone’s heart can’t be like you, and says love is pure, but person can be faulty. Kamini says Viplav is your blood and he can’t be wrong. I have been hearing his story and now I have seen. Everyone is lying for each other, and says everyone is apologizing to you, please forgive them.

Kamini asks Dadi Bua to come inside and take rest as anger is bad. Dhaani folds her hands and apologizes to Dasharath. Kanak says don’t know what will happen? Viplav says it is good that I told her truth and says she would have been pained whenever she knows the truth. Dasharath says jiji is my elder sister and have full right to punish me. Dhaani says Maa ji and tries speaking to Kanak. Kanak says this is silence before storm comes. Dadi Bua prays to God and says my dear ones have stabbed me. She seeks for strength for overcome this pain. Kamini brings medicine and gives to her. Dadi Bua says you have taken care of me and I couldn’t give you anything. Kamini says I don’t need anything, and makes her sit. She asks her not to blame herself. She removes her necklace and says Viplav’s wife have right on this. Dadi Bua says your heart is so big, even I had a big heart before, time has come to do the calculations.

Dhaani and Viplav talk to each other and discuss about Dadi Bua and Dasharath. Dhaani says Dadi Bua was strict towards Dasharath, and says she was much pained. Viplav says it is good Kamini have taken care of Dadi Bua. Dasharath comes to talk to Dadi Bua. Kamini asks her to talk to Dada ji and says she will go. Dadi Bua asks her to stay. Kamini says I have some work in th kitchen and goes. Dasharath apologizes to Dadi Bua and says I accept your punishment. He falls down on her feet and apologizes, asking for punishment. He says you are my elder sister. Just then Dhaani comes and sees Dasharath crying and apologizing. Dhaani says I brought food for you, and says you are hungry since morning. Dadi Bua asks her to take plate back. Dhaani says but. Dasharath asks her to take plate back. Dhaani says okay and takes back the plate. Dadi Bua says how can you let Viplav marry Dhaani, and says she will make everything fine. She asks him to accept her decision. Dasharath says I just need your forgiveness. Viplav tells Dhaani that Dadi Bua called everyone, and says she is going to do something big. Dhaani says yes, and says she is still angry.

Next morning, Kanak says what is happening in the house, and sees Puja preparations at home. Dhaani asks where is Dadi Bua. Dasharath comes with Dadi Bua and thanks the pandits who have come on a short invitation. He says I want to make an announcement today. He says I, Dasharath Tripathi is leaving Mahant position. Everything is shocked.

Dasharath says I want to make another announcement. He says my heir will be Shrimati Satti (Dadi Bua). He makes her sit on the sofa and does her tilak etc.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


    • AM

      I lost interest many times ago … yes it is boring now … it was great before their marriage ..but after marriage too much romance killed the show 😛

      • Arshdeep

        Aise baat ni h ..
        I literally enjoyed their doubt in that.. 😛 😀

        but ab boring sa lag rha h..
        Aaj to kamini ka itna bhashan(lecture) tha.. Pura time bas wahi bol rhi thi

      • Nimisha ?

        Personally I think too much plotting to break them has killed the story. The romance was the best bits for a while as not much else was happening whilst the stupid awasthis were around.

        Now we have stupid DB.

      • Arshdeep

        Right nimisha di..
        I feel how can a mother be so cruel .. Selfish.. Where she cannot see her son’s happiness..

        How many attempts will they make to separate them?? 🙁
        Enough now.. Show something else !!

      • Zee

        Yes. they shd stop this plotting to separate Vidhani – its getting boring and repetitive. The story can move in many interesting directions:
        1. Dulari’s past
        2. Some ashram scenes
        3. Tripurari returns and exposes DT/KT
        4. and last but not the least – Dhani getting educated and self-reliant. That wd be the best thing for a series with a social message.

  1. Thank u hasanji for ur updates.
    Hi frnds gud evg everyone.i missed u very much frnds how r u all my dearones.
    aaj ka episode very unbelievable.
    Koi dadi aisa rude kaise hosaktha hi.and also very dramibaaz.
    Abthak kamini ka role gud tha lekin spoiler ke anusar kamini was going to be negative.
    Knk n kamini join together n tries to split vidhaani.
    But in my opinion n till now vidhaani gets support each other n their luv become stronger .let’s see how the story will go n our writers make twist.
    Frnds pls share ur opinion about the episode.

  2. eshani

    Dadi bua slapping DT was awesome and she rightly said that DT changes colors…. I think this kamini was acting too smart she is in a negative role I guess

  3. Genita

    Hi I guy zzz. I didn’t comment these days box I hav lost interest in ikrs. It is becoming boring. Usual dramas seen in all serials in all serial is in ikrs also. Iammissing the old Instead. It has lost all its uniqueness and its charm. Sorry if I hurt u all.

    • Truly correct IKRS is running now as usual dramas seen in all other serials also. It has lost now its uniqueness of subject.

      Sorry Guys but today episode was boring as precap was looking very much nice.

    • Nimisha ?

      Hi Genita, don’t apologise.

      The last few days epi’s have been much better that recent ones. Today’s was a bit flat.

  4. Guys did u observe that our ikrs promo changed into vidhaanis marriage clip.I was really happy to see this.
    Ya dhaani is cute alonely but she is awesome cute with viplav.their pair was no words to say.
    Luv u vidhaani waiting for u scenes day by current track is some wat ditracking the story.let’s how vidhaani clears it.

    • Arshdeep

      Yup loved to see them back on montage..!! 🙂 🙂
      I saw in spoilers that kamini will go behind them when they will spending some time together.. So i am.actually waiting when will they spend time together..atleast we could see a glance of vidhani romance again..!!

      • Nimisha ?

        I thought we might see some Mande today when they were in the bedroom, as it would have been Dhani’s first night back with him since DB arrived but sadly we didn’t.

      • Arshdeep

        First i too thought that.. But their mood was already spoilt..warna viplav to koi mauka nhi chodta.. 😛

    • Nimisha ?

      It happened yesterday Kavitha. I did mention it in yesterday’s thread. It’s one of my favourite pics by far. Xx

  5. AM

    yes ..all are losing interest on ikrs … its lost the old charm ..old magic which keep us glued to screen of TV … very sad … I also want ikrs should end now ….. but very sad for mishal … he came back after 4 years … jaise bhi ho ..hum to mishal ke jabra fan rahenge humesa
    very sorry if I hurt anyone …

  6. Louella

    Even I m feeling ikrs is boring. Before I would love it like a mad person but now even I think it’s boring. Now I like kasam and krishnadasi more than ikrs. Sorry if I hurted anyone but this is the truth what I m telling u.

  7. Arshdeep

    Usually comments dont get posted easily at this time.. But aaj to chamatkar ho rha h..!! 😀 😀

  8. Nimisha ?

    Best bits today…

    1.Viplav and Dhani walking in hand in hand and then when their fingers intertwined.
    2.Viplav’s speech was good, but he apologised too much.
    3.Dashrath getting slapped. They were all ??? I was ???????
    4.Next best bit was Dashrath flopping to the floor again like a beached whale.

    The rest was just m’eh! Interesting that there is now a female mahant person.
    Compared to what I was expecting, ’twas a bit boring, ☹️

  9. Louella

    To remove myself from the boring episodes I m reading all the previous updates and also our comments. It’s really a relief from all our sadness. I m again and again going in the updates of December when vidhaani were at sarla kaki’s house. It’s really a good exercise for me to keep myself healthy and happy. U all who r thinking that the current track is boring plz go to the previous episodes and u will feel the goodness in ur heart.

  10. Nimisha ?

    Oops all your comments just appeared. Glad it’s not just me that found it a but… Erm…. Dull.

  11. Zee

    Thank you Hasan ji for your lucid update.
    The episode started well by Vidhani coming and ending DT’s web of lies. But after that it was going crazy and over dramatic. DB behaved like Kavitha said in a rude obnoxious way. KT was blaming Dhani as always. Dhani was being unnecessarily apologetic. Viplav was the only one speaking sense.
    What is wrong with that DB – we dont live in the middle ages, where she repays Kamini for her kindness by giving her Viplav as reward! This is utterly unbelievable in 2016.
    On a lighter note, Nimisha – I hope you got your fix of DT-bashing. He was bawling like a 5-year old and groveling at DB’s feet. Come to think of it he did look like a beached whale. Youve done great disservice to whales by making this comparison. I am sure they wont forgive you:).

  12. Sujie

    Hello everyone…thank you hasan mam for the update…….
    I agree episode was not that good…but Viplav supporting Dhaani was worth to watch…….
    We Viewers seem confused sometimes….. when they were in ashram with their daily nokhjokhs we used to wish love to blossom and wedding of Viplav Dhaani……we were so eager to see them married…and now when they are married romance is going on….. some of us are losing interest….. actually I want to request all the viewers and fans here to support IKRS and see the positive part which is love and care for each other in Viplav’s and Dhaani’s heart….please guys do not think IKRS is becoming boring…i can understand some episodes are not that good.. I am sorry if i have hurt anyone…this was my POV
    please share your views on this….
    thank you

    • Sujie u r right it is human tendency to think about future n when that future becomes present then they again think either of future or past like all school kids want to go to college at college they want to establish themselves n settle down with job or business n when they settle then think school life is thd best good old days. I know many of u have not reached that stage but when u would reach my age then u would realise.

    • @Sujie we are appreciate your concern,

      We are not losing hope for our IKRS but there so many unfold stories to revel in IKRS.

      Our writer will not think about this and adding new persons with new twist and stories like any other as same serials that is why we raised our concern.

    • Nimisha ?

      I agree Sujie. The show itself is still great, just that we,ve had a few dud episodes recently.

      I still haven’t forgiven or gotten over Viplav being stabbed.

      I,m still a nervous wreck after that. Lol!

    • lekshmi

      in every daily soaps there wl be good n bad ep, so frndz its ok for today… waitng for some awssm eps.. i like lead couple very much…

    • sabita

      sujie really i appreciate u bt the direction is needs to be change . director should think how viewers will like the show .

    • Nima

      sʊʝɨɛ, ʊ ʀ 100%
      ɛքɨsօɖɛ staʀt ʍa ʀaʍʀօ tɦʏօ tɛsքxɨ tɦɨҡtɦaҡ ɮt stɨʟʟ ɨ’ʍ ռօt ɮօʀɨռɢ ռ քʀɛċaք ɨs ɦօʀʀɨɮʟɛ JAB DB KO TILAK N SHAWL PEHNAYA JATA HAI TAB BAKARI JAISI LAG RAHI THI ???

  13. Fatarajo

    No doubt IKRS is a rocking show but today’s episode was little boring , and this week IKRS is going down and dull I think makers should be aware of that because IKRS trp is very low , Kamini and Dadi bua track was totally uneeded

    • Nimisha ?

      Well said. Very well said!!!

      Have really enjoyed the last few but the Dadi bua track is a rinse and repeat of the awasthi track. Jut very very very very dull!

  14. Anne

    Thankyou H.Hasan.x
    Dadi Bua is very scary, no wonder Dasharath daren’t tell her about vidhani ,but I do wonder what the old crook is up to now. He must have a plan as I can’t see him just accepting everything Dadi Bua is doing . BTW does anyone think Kamini might know Tanya??
    Did Dadi Bua say she met Kamini at the temple?
    If they do know each other the “meeting” may not have been accidental, and dadi bua may be a victim of deceit herself…Just a thought.?xxx

      • Anne

        Because Somebody has planted the video….they must have…how did it get there
        Who else was there when Dhaani got drunk ?

    • Nimisha ?

      Anne, good point.

      New girl seems a bit too savvy for my liking. Her calming down DB today felt a bit uncomfortable and the looks she kept giving Viplav. She,s a woman with an agenda.

      I wonder if she know Taniya… I was convinced when Taniya reappeared, she faked her engagement and was trying to make Viplav jealous, of course that didn’t work.. But why would Taniya help another woman get her man??? I’ve confused myself..

      My posts aren’t posting, so no idea why this will get through.

  15. I really enjoyed when Dt was pleading eith DB SITTING On her feet n when he saw dhani he immidiately changed his position a true chameleon.

  16. Ur right sujie I agree with u .
    Guys yes may be this track is boring but our vidhaanis luv always attracted very much.they were rocking couples of colors TV.but our Indian ppl didn’t recognise it soon.sry if I hurt anyone.
    Any track they show also that show only how vidhaani support each other with their true love.let’s wait n see how kamini creates my BT vidhaani n how they clear it.
    But in today’s episode kamini became mahan BT tripati family with her smooth icecream dialogues.let’s she acts BT vidhaani.

    • Yes lakshmi ur right but still ikrs is moving only for vidhaanis luv.may be this is going vidhaani scenes makes the show energetic. If some more vidhaani scene added means better in the per spoiler iam waiting for regular show viplav n his family loose his whole property bcs of dhaani n how viplav n his family reacts towards dhaani.

  17. Arshdeep

    One thing you noticed frnds..
    Dhani always covers her head with pallu when ..DT..KT..any elder comes..
    But today when so many pandits have come to house she hadnt covered her head..!

  18. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    As soon as new annoying villians enter boring starts.i like Dha/Vip…romance play…..mwahs

  19. Arshdeep

    Episode – 229
    03:30 AM – 04:00 AM, 27 Apr
    Viplav and Dhaani reveal the truth about their relationship to Dadi Bua. She is shocked to learn that they are husband and wife. She tells DT to follow her instructions.
    Episode – 230
    06:30 PM – 07:00 PM, 27 Apr
    DT appoints Dadi Bua his successor and she becomes the rightful owner of all the property.
    Episode – 231
    06:30 PM – 07:00 PM, 28 Apr
    In Viplav and Dhaani’s absence, Dadi Bua finds a video and is shocked to see Dhaani’s drunken footage.
    Episode – 232
    06:30 PM – 07:00 PM, 29 Apr
    Kamini follows Viplav and Dhaani to the place where they are spending time together.
    Episode – 233
    06:30 PM – 07:00 PM, 30 Apr
    Viplav is upset with Dhaani as he feels that Kamini wouldn’t have got molested by the goons if Dhaani had acted responsibly.

    • Nimisha ?

      Oh dear, so we have at least another week of the DB/new girl track to endure… Sigh…

      But let’s hope we get some lovely romance at some point ???

    • Fatarajo

      Thanks for the spoilers Arshdeep OMG MU track :O I hate it. IKRS was unique in almost everything in beginning, now it’s also like other dramas only thing unique was Viplav’s trust on Dhaani now that also Yeh hi Baaki tha

    • jyoti

      director ko sochna chahihe ki aage kya karna hai. kuch intrest wala twist chahihe. lekin pehle ye dadi bua ko pehle hata dena chahiyeh.

  20. SARAS

    actually ikrs is going totally off track..
    precap is hilarious. in banaras will a lady become mahant? If so then that itself is revolution. ..
    it she could become mahant herself y the hell she did him mahant???

    Rip shambuji aap ko hamare siva koyi yaad hi nahi karta.. aap ka khoon ka chapter to khatam hee hogaya

    • So true Saras didi nowadays IKRS is very boring and out of track. I m just reading updates these days don’t get to watch the episodes due to classes

  21. Genita

    Fatarjao u said one thing correct this track was not needed. There are many unsolved tracks like dulari, tripurari and the murder

    • Arshdeep

      I feel like the directors were thinking trp isnt increasing.. so lets do something which all other serials do to increase it .. but we didnt like the track at all..
      Somebody plz inform the directors and writers..!!

    • Nimisha ?

      Mujh Bahu shambu Ki yaad aarti hai..

      How was my Hindi ?? Feel free to laugh and tell me it’s baaaad.

      But I do remember shambu and really want that truth includ KT/DT involvement to come out sooner rather than later.

      • Nimisha ?

        That sounds weird now…

        Mujhebhi shambu Ki yaad aati hai ? but (par or lekin?) Mujhe Mishal Ki yaaaaaaaaaaaad aati hai ?????????

        There.. Didn’t want anyone to get the wrong idea that I was thinking f shambu like that… You know…

  22. Can anyone tell me…wer to see latest trp rsting ……i visited india forum…but its showing old trpz..m not a member of IF…

  23. Saraswathi.j

    This show lost its charm most of the serials whether they are South Indian or North regional languages they are same most of the serials doing more harm to society than doing good.Now a days every household has TV,s most of the audience are womenfolk after finishing their household work they take rest by seeing these serials ,most men goes to work they rarely watch TV,s ,many serials spread negativity than positive attitudes to show one good thing they show hundred negative plots ,they are polluting the minds of innocent womenfolk ,for any society to maintain peace in social life family is most important , a family compromise Mother,Father ,children and grand parents ( now a days most of the families are nuclear families ) as father goes for work the mothers look after the welfare of family members and teach their children what is right and what is wrong ,if every family maintains positive attitudes towards others and to society automatically society is good and no violence ,and every thing is smooth,to get this the minds of womenfolk should be filled with positive out look , so Producers,writers,actors please do not show and spread negativity into the people spread positiveness among people .

    • Nimisha ?

      I’m quite new to Indian TV serials but there does seem to be an obsession with doom and gloom and dhoka and more dhoka.

      It’s depressing that the writers are still hell bent on separating Viplav and Dhaani. They spent months developing the story so they could be together and now these tracks to break them seem stupid. It doesn’t have to be that way.

      • Zee

        I totally agree with you Saraswathi and Nimisha. Indian TV is obsessed with scheming plots, ugly thoughts and toxic ideas. IKRS seemed like a breath of fresh air – challenging social customs that are unfair against women, widows etc. But this too is falling into the same trap of negativity.
        They need not separate Vidhani but make them do positive things together.

    • Nimisha ?

      Hi Genita

      Glad to hear all’s well.

      I watch
      IKRS! Of course

      Also LTL

      Tomorrow I,m more excited to see some of the others rather than IKRS. This DB track is soooo boring for me. Love love love Mishal so will watch it as I feel a sense of loyalty to him.

      What about you? I saw you over on one of the others but can’t remember which one… But I did sa hello.


      • Saraswathi.j

        Nimisha it seems that you are following Krishnadasi serial how the script wrighter did his magic we did not take even a wink from that 26th episode the story line should made the audience to sit and watch ,that is lacking in “ishq ka rang safed” the hero is a lawyer and he wants to bring some change in widows life but the writers are doing nonsens gimmicks ,India has seen from the ages so many reforms there are so many good leaders who transform our Indian social evils by giving their whole life we need that type of leaders and heroes ,the producers should make use of good actors like Mishal Raheja he is very good actor and he can do it but these people(producers)are just ignoring and always creating problems in between family members ,in my opinion we should not promote them ,if the audience should not see for whom they will produce shows ?

      • Nimisha ?

        Hi saraswathi, I do quite like krishndasi, but even in that there is dhoka, a very negative woman, a very negative man, lots of negative people surrounding them, lots of people insulting the women. But, it seems that the story is about revenge and hatred so somehow it feels more acceptable. But it’s still not always enjoyable to watch. I watch most shows online so sometime just fed thru those bits.

        Like Zee said IKRS is or rather mostly has been a breath of fresh air, even for a English to viewer. But having watch the others serials I can see they are applying this ‘tried and tested’ formula which just doesn’t sit well with what the show is about. It started with social messages and strong moral value but now is about one upmanship and just how corrupt religious types are and again too many negative characters.

  24. Nimisha ?

    Why didn’t new girls blues match her saree? Also the fact that she entered the show in a proper red sari, meant the impact of today’s slightly orangey reds sari was reduced.

    She definitely an odd girl and needs to be watched,,, closely. ?????

  25. Sujie

    good morning everyone…….saw one addition in the spoiler…… VIPLAV UPSET WITH DHAANI FOR THAT KAAMINI………WHAT IS HAPPENING???
    Yesterday only I had commented Viplav’s love and trust on Dhaani makes this show watchable…toh ye kya tha….. UPSET …. WOH BHI US KAAMINI KE LIYE….. WHAT ARE YOU THINKING Viplav……
    I have decided that I will entertain myself with those lovely episodes of past… spend my whole day humming songs of IKRS …….. but will not tolerate this kamini kaamini’s drama………..

    • Louella

      Good morning Sujie. Sujie even I m thinking the same. Why Viplav is upset with Dhaani. It’s very sad news that too for that new girl Kamini. Even I m humming ikrs songs and going to the past episodes, reading all the old comments. I can’t tolerate Viplav getting angry and upset on Dhaani becoz of that Kamini.

    • Nimisha ?

      Yep Sujie, the spoilers above sound a bit depressing and I’m not sure I want to see those but of course as the addict I am I will watch them, to support Mishal and the rest of the cast.

      And yes, the new girl ‘following’ the married couple. I mean who does that.

      I have a feeling that it was her who took the video of Dhani when she was drunk. How very convenient that the only time Dhani is ever likely to do something like that, someone is there to capitalise on it, new girl has done her homework it seems and this new track sounds bad.

  26. Gudmrng family.episode is boring.bit I m confused abt kamini.wat ll b her next role .in todays episode she is acting lyk a gud grl.but still doubtful abt her.

    • Louella

      Good morning Prachi. I think Kamini is not good at all but she acts good in front of everyone to impress everyone.

    • Hi prachi gud mng ‘ kamini in hindi if read with silent a then it becomes kmini’ which is real bad like a witch suits her. She is total negative wearing the mask of goodness like raja.

      • Nimisha ?

        Aaah, thanks for explains that Renu. I was always confused by why people would chose that name as always associated it with nit being good. What does the name itself mean?

  27. Louella

    Hi friends.
    Good morning to all the members of ikrs family and also silent readers!!!
    Have a fabulous day!!
    Keep smiling and make others also smile!!

  28. Louella

    Nimisha di even u watch kasam and krishnadasi? I also watch it everyday. As ikrs is not retelecasted in the day I watch these serials retelecast in the day. I never get tired watching the same thing again and again whether it is ikrs or kasam or krishnadasi. I watch many serials in colors like:
    Thapki pyaar ki
    Naagin also.
    I know u will think how can I watch naagin but I like it. I like fiction shows more than reality shows. But I watch Savdhaan India and crime patrol with my granny in the afternoon. I think u don’t have these serials there in your country. These shows r reality shows depicting upon the crimes in India in certain states or cities. And coming upon naagin it’s a nice show for me. I know they show snakes and all that but I never get scared seeing them in the tv. I get scared when someone pokes a knife in the other’s stomach. U know that time I just put my hands upon my eyes not to see that dreadful scene.

    • Nimisha ?

      HinLouella, I still haven’t got over the shock of Viplav getting stabbed. And then the way that was hand,ed with those two awful precaps. ??☹️

      I think I would quite like swaragini, but would want to watch it from he start. I’m also intrigued by madhubala and Uttaran but again would want to see them from the start. I’ve watched a few epi’s of madhubala but I really don’t get the furore around Vivian. He is quite a wooden actor I think. However Shravvan on Krishndasi is very very good.

      I don’t mind fantasy shows but I couldn’t get into naagin. I also don’t like the really religious historical ones. Or the ones like crime patrol as I’d rather not know how evil people can be in real life. I find the ‘news’ affects me so have developed a ‘head in the sand’ attitude.

      I love that you watch tv’s with your granny. Sounds soooo cute,

      • Arshdeep

        Madhubala was awesome..!! I always loved it..and loved the lead pair..??
        Uttaran was a non sense serial..dnt evr waste ur time watching it.. badi amma has a big negative role in that which you would have never expected

        I would suggest u to watch beintehaa if u havent.. it was superb and not a dragged one..

      • Louella

        Ya nimisha di it sounds very cute but sometimes my granny watching watching she sleeps there itself and then I have to watch tv alone.

      • Nimisha ?

        Arshdeep, thanks for the heads up on Uttaran. It seemed to run for a long long time. Maybe I,ll avoid that now.

        Louella, I think somehow here in the handbook to being a grandparent it states that you must fall asleep infront of the to whilst watching it, esp after lunch. ???
        My grandparents used to be the same. I also grew up with them and remember sitting down and watching stuff with them. They didn’t understand much English at all and this was in the days before Indian channels were available, but they still seemed to ‘get’ the gist of the show. Happy memories. Xxx

    • Zee

      I used to watch TPK. It had a nice inspirational concept – a small town, middle class girl with a speech impediment making her way in a tough world. But then it soon fell into the saas-bahu story trap.
      She has a scheming mother in law who changed her groom at the mandap – bizarre.
      Thapki lost all interest in her profl life, became a maid in the Pandey house and did all kinds of demeaning things to please them. Sends a wrong and regressive message.
      Apologies and no offence meant to my TPK friends. Pl feel free to correct me if my analysis is incorrect. I wd be happy to know your opinion and change mine.

      • Same to u deary.i totally agree with u zea as i have the same feelings for thapki. Initial 3 months were too interesting n different from usual ones later after her marriage it has deviated from its original plot n going hay way

      • Arshdeep

        Absolutely correct zee..
        The day vasu was scolding shradha i wanted to pull her badly and ask what she is upto?? Who is she to scold her when she is not less than her.. She too killed thapki mentally at the time of her marriage

      • Zee

        Thanks Arshi and Renu :). It was really silly that the groom got changed bec Dhruv’s physique is diff from Bihaan. ppl shd have noticed (despite the sehra, anyway sehra has gaps).
        But even aft that mess-up Thapki should hve gone back changed her job, done well and then suddenly met Dhruv and the old love would bring them back togetr. Thapki wd now be a smart confident girl and Dhruv wd have a lot of admiration for her. Earlier he was protective now he would be proud. Or she meets a totally new guy. This wd have made a success story and a sweet love story. But writers ko kaun samjhaye, ek hi ghisa pita formula pel rahe hain.

    • Great louella u r lucky that yr mom allows to watch this much tv. I am no one say but pl don’t take my words otherwise’ u should refrain yr self from these idiotic programmes as all are portraying maximum negativity n evil thinks. U being a child should focus on studies n playing outside as A child’s brain is like a unfnished pot n gets developed n harddened by the surrounding atmosphere so you being a good n intelligent girl should not develop bad n negative thoughts due to these programmes. I am sorry as i have hurt u but the fact is there is a lot of difference in REEL N REAL WORLD N IF U A ENGROSSED IN REEL WORLD THEN IT WOULD BE DIFFICULT FOR U TO ADJUST IN REAL WORLD M APPOLOGISE AGAIN FOR BEING HARSH BUT BEING A MOTHER OF GROWNUP TEEN KNOW THE REPERCUSSIONS.

      • Louella

        Renu no need of saying sorry. U r actually right. I have never developed bad and negative thoughts about all these shows. I just watch it for fun and that’s it. But I spend most of my time with u all over here. And again no need of saying sorry.

      • Arshdeep

        Yeah ryt renu di
        Dnt know what these daily soaps are meant for..
        Only entertainment..and only negativity..!! Huh..some are really disgusting..

  29. Louella

    Arshi di I read ur comment about ur studies in my ff page. Happy to know that u r following the steps I had told u. All the best. I know these days r very dreadful for u but u have to study hard. And most important don’t take tension. If u r feeling little tensed come here and share ur thoughts with us, u will feel very nice. And keep smiling always. Again all the best di. Be confident and u will do it.

    • Arshdeep

      I am actually very tensed.. seems like time is going sooo fast..
      Having my mock test tomorrow and day after tmrw at aakash(coaching centre)
      Hope it goes well.. that will give me a lot of confidence for the final one on 1st may..

  30. Louella

    Varsha how did ur exams go? U had mentioned that u have exams on comments day. Sorry for asking so late but I forgot. When I saw ur comment I remembered.

  31. Louella

    Varsha u did not post the second part of ur ff since two months. I liked ur ff very much and I m eagerly waiting for the next part. If it is possible plz post the next part. If it’s not possible it’s ok but u read my ff, the title is ‘You r my KI and I m your KA’. If u want the link feel free to ask me.

  32. Louella

    I think only I m commenting here. Anyone commenting here with me? Plz come. I m getting bored here. Nimisha di and Arshi di where r u both? U can chat with me na? Plz come and remove my loneliness out of this page.

    • Louella

      Suman we r getting bored with ikrs but we still love ikrs. We never mentioned that we hate ikrs. In fact it’s u who hate ikrs. I will definitely pray that swaragini will end very soon and u will also never come back here. Now happy?

    • Louella

      Arshi di u came. Let’s talk. By the way I wanted to know that which serials u watch only in colors?

    • Nimisha ?

      There you are Suman. Was wondering how long it would be before you showed up. You’re As predictable as ever. Well done!

      What you don’t understand about us IKRS fans is that we love the show. We are mature and intelligent enough to be able to discuss when we think an episode is good as well as when we think an episode is bad. We on here enjoy chatting about the pros and cons and whys and wherefores.

      We are not like you,,, we don’t think the world has ended because t here is a bad episode. We don’t think other shows should end just because we don’t like them. I have seen you commenting positively on other show threads, so why can’t you just do that? Why do you feel the need to come here and gloat in your own predictable boring immature way?

      Everyone on here would be happy to discuss what you do t like about the episode or the show, but you just come here and spout venom at us. It’s not nice.

      I asked before and I’ll ask again. Please GO AWAY until you have grown up.

      Thanks so much.

      • Arshdeep

        And u r just a disgusting human..
        I wonder you r a human or a vishkanya?? always spreading poisons

      • Nimisha ?

        Suman, I do watch and enjoy both shows. But I also enjoy IKRS. And I think IKRS is a much better show than the other two. But that’s just my opinion. You are entitled to yours,

        I didn’t like nagin so I don’t watch it and I don’t comment, lots of people like it so why should i try and stop them.

        Have you ever heard the sayings.. Live and let live? Or each to their own? Who are you to say which shows should end and which should carry on? Why is your opinion more important than anyone else’s?? Where did you learn this attitude?

    • AM

      areh suman ji .. I am reading all comments but can’t stop seeing your comment … we all know that you are a jabra fan of us … thank you for your concern about our show .. you enjoy your swaragini … thank u ..keep visiting

  33. shanitics

    Hellooo How are u all???
    IKRS is little boring nowadays… I just wanna see those ashram knok-jhok and sarla kaki scenes and a few notable scenes before marriage…
    So now Vidhaani separation track…
    Since Our director usually some unique things.. I hope he will give IKRS back its charm… Kamini track is boring…

  34. shanitics

    Misha didi lols and Geni chechi hi-fi..
    I also used to watch Krishnadasi and Naagin.. Some where within our matches are same…


  35. Rajakumaran

    GETTING BORED With IKRS. Viplav & Dhani are married but family still wanting to break them up and both so naive that they cannot see through them. Ideally in real life, Viplav & Dhani should just leave all ang go to Boston. Getting fed-up with typical Indian scenario of giving too much face to DP. Story writers better improve story line, if not get ready to loose viewers. Stupidity has a limit.

  36. Louella

    Arshi di don’t take tension. Everything will be alright. I m there na to pray for u. It’s said that when children pray to God, their wish is fulfilled. So i will pray that u get good marks in ur exams and also all ur exams will go very very easy and best.

  37. Louella

    Arshi di u came. Come on let’s chat and increase our comments. If u want to know anything about me or want to ask me u ask.

  38. Louella

    I want to tell everyone that ikrs is actually very boring but still we r the fans of ikrs. This the unique thing of ikrs. We r the true fans of ikrs that we r still here commenting in ikrs page. If ikrs was boring we would have gone into another page and commented. I know ikrs is boring but at least we can support it and make it a better one by watching it and increasing its trp. Let the viruses go anywhere but we will not let our show end. Ikrs was always a rocking show, is a rocking show and always will be a rocking show.
    Ikrs rocks!!!
    Vidhaani rocks!!!
    Meisha rocks!!!
    Ikrs fans rocks!!!

    • Arshdeep

      Yes louella
      Ikrs rocks..
      Vidhani rocks??
      And we fans will always stick to the matter what happens

  39. Arshdeep

    Louella I dont watch any other serial on colors..
    but i know story of many shows?
    I watch tpk sometimes at 1 coz at that time i take my lunch but it has a lot of negativity shown..
    When the show starts it says that this is for the ones who get a thapki(ye unn logo pe adharit h jinhe chahiye ek thapki) nd all that.. but i feel what thapki(support) did she get till now??

    And for swaragini i feel they have huge fan following..the show is progressing only and only bcoz of the lead pairs otherwise no story at all ??

    Kasam they ae dragging it seems..not sure..bcoz i dnt watch it..know only from some promos?

    Ssk se to bhagwan hi bachaye??

    Udaan..ashoka..kbhi dekha nhi aaj tak..

    Krishandasi i feel is a good one.. will start to watch it after exams

      • Arshu’ Sorry could not reply yesterday as had slept at 1 ‘ as far as pubjabi is concerned’ madi moti aundi hai but my dad can read write n speak fluently. N ofcourse u r smart no doubt!!!!!

      • Arshdeep

        Hehe thanks di 🙂
        Vadiya bol lainde ho punjabi tan 🙂
        Happy to meet someine like u here.. You are the closest to my area i think..
        Otherwise mostly frm south india..

    • Arshdeep

      I am addicted to IKRS and only show i regularly watch or read the update..bcoz anyhow i have to know the story..
      Another one not on colors but star plus is DEHLEEZ.. its an awesome show.. again never watch it.. but read the update regularly.. i think its a finite series but a superb one.. and harshad arora is soo smart????

      These are the only main two shows i would love to continue regularly..!!

    • Nimisha ?

      I agree Arshdeep, the best is IKRS.

      All the shows have up and down moments, TPK is slowwwwwwly moving forward.

      Kasam is really really dragging but the. Lead pair scenes are worth watching.

      So yes, you are right even without watching them . Mind you, they all seem to follow a formula so it’s probably easy to watch sporadically, that’s why, as Zee said above IKRS is good because it has been like a breath of fresh air. At the moment the air is stale with DadiBua and new girl around, but someone will open all the windows and doors and fresh air will flood in soon and then it,ll be back to how it was.

  40. Saraswathi.j

    Nimisha the original Krishnadasi is a Tamil story written by a Krishnadasi there she narrated the good and bad aspects of it how they degraded from serving God to men ( as pr*stitutes) after ceasing patronisation of kings ,Rajas ,and zamindars ,how their life become so miserable she narrates it in the book Krishnadasi.It is shown as aTV seria in Tamil,now in Colors they adopted it but deviated from the main concept the title is same ,when I am young I worked at place it is cutually and financially well place we are very young just finished PG , we came to know that there are seven streets starting from Monday to Sunday ,I asked my friend why it is like that as my friend is native of that place she explained once they are visited by kings each day one street and they enjoy with beautiful girls ,here in this serial though there are many loop holes they are showing the hero how he helped them , hero is a leader he should show the people how to to face and solve the problems not always revolving around a girl(like in Ishq ka rang safed) .

    • Nimisha ?

      Hi again. Would like to read the book but it’s nit available in English I think.

      I had no idea about women being forced ti marry god.

      It’s a fascinating subject. Thanks for the info.

  41. raani

    hahahahahaha meaningless stupidity show going to end sooooon hahahahahah
    iks flat
    vidhaani flat
    ikrs fans already flat

    • Sujie

      Hi Raani….aane mein tumne der kardi…tumhara Raaja toh kab ka bhaag chuka hai….. Dhaani ne bell se marr marr ke bhaga diya tha….jaao….
      Ye galiyan yeh chaubara yaahan aana na dobara…ab tum to ho ek virus…ki tera yahan kaam hi nahin….ke tera yahan kaam hi nahi

      • Nima

        @Sujie n Arshdeep,hahahahaha…..well said??? ???
        kahani me jara twist aa gayi hai ….GHYAAN se dekho iss ladki ko apna naam Rani batati hai, sunne me aaya hai ki ye ladki kavi Raja Awasthi ki Rani huwa karti thi, Raja se jhagad k 2 din maike kya gayi. Raja ne SUMANWA se shaadi karli.hamari SANSANI KHOJ walo ne bataya hai ki Raja,Rani aur Sumanwa ek hi kholi me rehte hai aur dinraat new flat k liye jhagattein rehete hai issiliye ye ladki pagla gayi hai aur jaha v jisko v dekhe flat..flat..karti rehti hai.????

      • Nima

        flat…flat….ki bhikh magne waali ye ladki jo apna naam Rani batati hai isne toh flat k naam v rakha hai
        Raja k liye ikrs flat
        apne liye vidhani flat
        sautan sumanwa k liye fans flat

    • AM

      areh rani ji ..apka raja to jail me hae …go go ..he is waiting for you only ..ghut ghut ke mar raha hae ..bhagooo ….

    • surya

      Yes Raani….u feel this as a stupidity because of your cheap thinking….come on yaar….in this 21st century u feel that widow marriage is a stupidity???
      U haven’t seen the world then…
      This is such a unique story moulded and shaped such that the people with pure and practical heart can understand….

  42. Louella

    Arshi di I have 3 best friends in school. Their names r Seyoni, Anisha and Carol. Anything else u want to ask u can ask.

  43. Meghs

    Hi everyone i do agree with all ikrs is bit boring now … Becz unnecessary track of kaamini… But i do think this trach will only to show trust of vidhani to each other …
    But honestly ikrs loosing its charm..

  44. Louella

    Arshi di I know u r my smart didi. Even without watching the show u know everything but even I m smart. U want to know how. I also know all the history of the shows by watching I m having my summer vacation so doing timepass by watching shows.

    • Arshdeep

      Hehe u r much much smarter than me..!!

      And its ok to watch these serials for timepass but dont get so involved in it..
      And i read ur comment.. Just want to say better not watch those shows like savdhan india and all..

      I used to watch gumrah on V channel 3-4 years back but then my mom scolded me for watching it..
      Its good to know about such things as shown in advance so that we dont get into problems but not at your age.. It may destroy relations..affect our mind..thinking.. So better to avoid them now.. Grow up a little more and then watch it.. You will till then have more experience of life too..

  45. Louella

    Where is Nimisha di? I and Arshi di r chatting but where is our Nimisha di? U also come di and we all three sisters will chat together.

  46. shanitics

    Arshi didi do not worry ur exams will be easy.. Not just easy… Bt super duper easy than u thought and I am sure u will surely crack this exam and u will have the best future…
    And didi when u study write some notable point somewhere and before entering the exam hall just go through those points and day before exam have a good sleep max 6-7hrs… This will give brain nice rest and u will remember all the things u study.. This is said by some specialists and Pls do not study those things that u thing will not come.. Just leave those otherwise everything get mess up in ur mind.. And just refer one good guide for one subject… This will surely help u didi in ur coming exams…
    Where is the centre didi??

    • Arshdeep

      Aww thank you shwetha..!! Thanks a lot..
      I am almost done with my fav subject chemistry..Now working for bio and physics..

      Ya my mom too told me to have rest day before exam.. so i will surely come to take ur wishes and have a good sleep ??

      Centre again Chandigarh.. one of my favourite cities ?

  47. AM

    areh suman ji .. I am reading all comments but can’t stop seeing your comment … we all know that you are a jabra fan of us … thank you for your concern about our show .. you enjoy your swaragini … thank u ..keep visiting

  48. Hi frnds gud evg to u all.
    Frnds I saw some spoiler of ikrs that DT sacrifice his mahant position to his sister that all ready we know it.
    But after getting this position dadi blackmails viplav to marry kamini to give back DTS cheap she was n also fully selfish dadi.I hate her .
    Bcs of her wish she was going to split vidhaanis that this track was disgusting to all of our fans.
    But I think viplav without hesitating he will support dhaani n he never give his luv for nothing stupid blackmails.n also he will help DT to take his position back.wat u say frnds.

  49. Louella

    Oh Shahid Kapoor ki behen koun hai? Hume toh yaad hi nahi hai. Kya aap bataa sakti hai. Arey so sorry mein toh aapko bhool gayi thi lekin ab kabhi nahi bhulungi. Kaan pakadke sorry bolti hu.

  50. Louella

    Arshi di u r right about all these things but in our area it’s a must to watch saccharin india and all that stuff. U will not believe but my friends who r still in std 4 watch crime patrol. It’s truly unbelievable but if u will ask them u will get the whole information about it. I don’t watch it much but I watch serials specially taarak mehta ka ooltah chashmah in Sab tv.

    • Arshdeep

      I know the world is going fast forward these days..
      Shocked to know abt that.. the next generation is always 10 times smarter than us..!!

      Taarak mehta is one of the best shows to refresh oneself and to learn good values

  51. Ranaji(die hard fan of Surya)

    Guys me too I like ek duje ke vaaste and vishkanya more than IKRS now.. But this epi is utter waste .

  52. Louella

    Arshi di I have many days left for school. School is reopening on 17th June. Just waiting for that day because I want to see who is there in my class. I don’t want even a single boy in my class. The boys of sixth std were just horrible. But unfortunately boys will come in every class. If u will come in my class na di, u will get mad. Talking to them is just a waste of time. I hope I get my best friends in my class.

    • Arshdeep

      Hehe still have a long time to enjoy..

      One question your classes gets shuffled in every new session??

      And here we used to have vacation from mid may to end of june..
      You have a different system there.

      And i used to hate boys when i was young..
      But now i have many boys as my best frnds..? my class boys were really good.. aww i miss them all..!! Meri to ladko se class me itni banti thi???

      Have you ever watched yhm on star plus??

  53. Louella

    Dhyaan se yeh purple logo wali ladki ko jo apne aap ko Shahid kapoor ki behen bataati hai. Dharasal yeh Shahid kapoor nahi balki Louella, Ahana, Nimisha aur Arshi di ki behen hai. Kahani kuch aisi hai ki yeh ladki Louella, Ahana, Nimisha aur Arshi di me saath rehti thi. Ek din usne socha ki kyu na Shahid Kapoor ki bhi behen ban jaaye. Isliye yeh shoot par gayi aur ek dhamaakedar entry kar li. Director sahab ne pata hai kya kaha. Director sahab ne kaha ki Arey waah shahid kapoor ki maa aa gayi khaana leke. Usne phir Shahid Kapoor se kaha Shahid jaao apni maa ke hath ka khaana kha lo. Yeh sunkar ladki ko sadma lag gaya. Tab se roj bolti rehti hai shahid kapoor ki behen ko bhool toh nahi gaye. Yeh ladki ka naam Swetha hai aur yeh apne board exams likhe aayi hai. Badi acchi hai. (sorry swetha but I was just joking. Sorry if I hurted my cute elder sister)

  54. Arshdeep

    Nimisha di i searched for kamini meaning and got this

    Although some people say this word means b*t*h it doesn’t

    It means beautiful lady and the name is complimenting.

    And somewhere it was written it means desirable in sanskrit

    • Hi arshu kamaini means someone who attracts or seduce like kisi ko kamuk karna but if prounced differently then it has other meaning in hindi i hope u know

    • Mahira 16 anne sach baat hai. I agree with yr post n to tag a show boring which has become vital in our lives does not make sense. Some how it gives sense of disloyalty. All phase in life r not same if we allso get a smooth life without any hurdles then of course the life would loose its charm. If vidhani tracķ also runs smoothly it would be monotonous n to break the hype certain obstructions r required passing through which vidhàni’s relationship would strengthen n get deeper. Love u all n love irks.

  55. Louella

    Arshi di anymore questions u want to ask u can freely ask. Till now u asked only one question. And u know I m very talkative. Itni aasani se nahi chodungi.

    • Arshdeep

      Hehe i know i know
      Sochna padega yaar
      Abhi to koi questions ni h..
      Jab yaad ayenge to puch lungi

  56. Sujie

    @Nima and arshdeep…. that was quite hilarious ….. raani ko glucose ka pani pilaane ka time aasakta hai kabhi kabhi….raani ji sambhal ke aaeeyega yahan….warna you’re gonna be FLAAAAAAT 😀 😀

    • Arshdeep

      Or ab wo uss flat raja se flat ke piche lad rhi h..??
      Ye flaat flaat krti reh jaegi or raja ko suman le jayegi ??

      • Sujie

        Arshdeep…. thats also true….. she is already FLAAT…. Bhool gayi mein ki raani saahiba has already become flat

    • Louella

      Genita di I started commenting today itself. Except ikrs I had never commented on any other page.

  57. shanitics

    Lols.. Mein toh tum se bhi choti hu ? mm maph kiya.. Kabhi math bhul na tumhari iss tu ke choti behan ko?
    Shahid Bhaia se jab main Baath Karun gi toh main tumhate barei Mein bhi Baath karunge?

    Actually lols I couldn’t comments more because my net offer has finished.. Tats y soo less comments…. But once again this mobile get recharged with net offer I will come with a bang bang…

    Lols by the way U hate boys of ur class.. But once class comes to an end those boys are going to give lovely memories… And lols u will surely get a good class this time… And when I read ur comments I just remembered my class There is not a teacher who didn’t scold us…. In our class all are horrible but lovely and friendly too…

    Lols do u knw I just hate going to school.. But once I reach school I forget abt tat… Even now @ the age of 15 I am lazy 2 go to school…

    Lols wat is ur younger sister’s name?? And she is of wat age???

  58. Mahira

    Guys, why are you saying like this that, the episode was boring. ?

    I didn’t find it boring at all! ? The current track is so good! And the story is progressing.. unlike the other shows on tv, which drag a single story for 2,3 months.

    Talking about my fondness for IKRS.. I have enjoyed every single track of show till now! And since Viplav actually realized that he loves Dhaani.. The story has become more beautiful to me! ? I enjoyed the whole Trippurari marrying Dhaani .. Kanak accusations on Dhaani .. Shambhu’s murder case .. Raja and family .. And now this DB and Kamini’s track.. I have always enjoyed and glued to the show just because of Mishal!! ? As long as he is associated with the show i’m loving every bit of it! ❤ Whether it’s the sad part or the happy part! I will keep on watching it always! ?

    And talking about the story.. it’s obvious, it’s a fictional story.. daily soap.. can’t run like showing only the happy sides.. It has to have different different characters with different different mind sets.. and so that the serials are all about.. to show that, no matter how powerful the bad guy is, in the end bad will get defeated and truth will rise! I read somewhere, quoting here,
    ” Life has to have cracks in it so that sun can shine through. ” So enjoy the track.

    I watched every bitter part of the show with a smile on face thinking, just wait.. this will all gonna end up soon.. As Mishal aka Viplav and Dhaani will definitely find a way out! ? And happy days will come soon! ? Also unlike other shows, the creative team is far better! As they always manage to show some cute moments of Vidhaani even in all these troubling situations! ?

    Yeah, I do curse the Villains as it makes me feels good! ? Haha.. but this doesn’t mean that I hate them and won’t watch the show till they are playing their cunning tricks on Vidhaani . ? I watch the show because of Mishal! ? and anything which is associated with him is also good whether it’s Dhaani or Dadaji. ?

    And I tell you what.. from past few weeks i’m unable to watch IKRS live at 6 pm for some reasons.. and because of Channel’s cruelty I’m also not able to watch it in repeat also, as it’s 3o’clock of midnight. But still I take written updates from here and then, next day watch it online. As I don’t want to miss any chance to watch Mishal on screen. ???

    It’s really harsh that you all are typing the thing It is Boring! It is Boring! if you didn’t like some scenes or any particular episode then instead of tagging it as a boring show, you better avoid commenting on that particular episode’s update. Cause your comments were so hurting and mostly of those, whom I noticed here on TU.. do comments regularly and share their views and make predictions regarding to the upcoming twists. And I really enjoy reading those comments, analysis and more. But it was very disappointing to read a series of comments telling that they are finding current episodes quite boring. And no offence, but it’s better not to comment rather than, to hurt anyone.

    And I would it make it clear that, this was not for any particular member.. I read some comments and just thought to tell my opinion about that ‘ Boring ‘ line series of comments. I said all this, if anyone is feeling the same, that show is getting bored day by day.. so he / she better think first before commenting. That’s it.
    And for those who are not enjoying the current track.. do try my formula I wrote in 5th Paragraph.. ?

    Stay beautiful inside out! And keep Calm! ?

    • Mahira

      Oh this got quite long. ??
      I would have posted it as episodic analysis but due to that maintenance thingy, I posted it here.

      • Nimisha ?

        Lol Asrshi. I just posted a comment saying welcome to my world and then noticed yours.

        Not jealous at all. In fact, the more the merrier. ???

      • Mahira

        Yeah, it got too long actually. ? I too noticed it after posting the comment. ? Emotional ho kay zayada hi likh diya.. jabhi soch rae thi k itn a thaak kesy gae me. ? jk.

      • Mahira

        Hey Nimisha! Thanks. ?
        But I can’t see myself to your world sorry to say. I have read your comments and OMG! They are just too good! They way you daily shows your perspective about the episode is far better then mine tbh. And doing daily analysis with the touch of humour in it is really not my thing. ?

    • SARAS

      dear. mahira,

      first of all I appreciate your analysis of the serial. . I completely agree with you on the fact that it’s a fiction daily soap so we cannot expect only guddy guddy things all the time. . Infact I have been telling the same to everyone on lots of previous tracks. ..

      but. . after db’s entry . its obvious that writer’s r deviating from original story line may be v for trp or to drag the story to increase episodes. . while doing such adventures most of the serials (I have evidenced in two three more serials in colors itself) loose its charm n uniqueness. . I fear the same with ikrs. ..

      coming to commenting. . The comments need not be only for appriciation it can be for constructive criticism too…
      please don’t take it to heart. . every one has their own likes n dislikes n they r free to express their opinion. .
      we cannot restrict them from giving their opinions. .

      • Mahira

        Yeah, agreed with what you say. Everybody has the right to put their word.

        As you said about the original story.. I don’t feel like that they are deflecting the story.. as it is about a widow.. and the remarriage of a widow. Dhaani is the one protagonist.. the story has done the phase of her being a widow got married and now.. they are showing us her journey and her life changes from a widow to a wife now.. As she is bahu of that house now.. then obviously the story will mostly revolve around DT mansion.
        And hope every fan of IKRS stay stick to the show.. especially, in this situation when rumors are crushing us! ?

    • Nimisha ?

      Mahira, hello

      I think, if the creative people who make IKRS look at sites like this, that they get a feel wpfor what we viewers think.

      Apart from the two idiot viruses on this thread, everyone else has said more or less that they absolutely love IKRS but not the current track or more specifically yesterday’s episode.

      Also, I feel this site is brilliant as we all get together and discuss all aspects of the show, good and bad, and share our thoughts and views in a respectful manner.

      I think that’s healthy. We all have good and bad days and so does our beloved show.

      I as much as anyone else want the show to continue and to do well, but equally want to be able to express if an episode was excellent or if not.

      Despite yesterday’s episode and the general feeling about it, we’re all still here supporting it with 200 + comments.

      Not sure I’m making sense..

      • Mahira

        Yeah, I too enjoy to be here. And because of the daily discussions over here, I keep on checking on my phone to stay updated! ?
        Love IKRS! ? Mishal more! ❤?
        tellyUpdates has became a must to check on in every hour! ? Is getting on my nerves actually. Lol!

    • Anne

      Hi Mahira
      This is a wonderful comment! I agree with every word, we are watching a drama, and light needs darkness to shine more brightly.

      • Mahira

        Yeah, and none can take it’s place.. as it’s the best daily so far ! ?
        IKRS will shine forever n ever! ??

    • Sujie

      so true Mahira…. this was similar to what I had thought…. you can go through my old comments in this page…………..
      MiEisha Rocks
      ViDhaani rocks
      IKRS ke jabra fans rock………………..

      • Mahira

        Yep! We support the Good story.. oh no no I mean the BEST STORY, BEST CAST & THE VERY BEST SHOW!!!

  59. shanitics

    Lols oohh story asa nahi hai.. Director ne jab bol maa agayi matlab maa gayi.. Actually I was walking behind her… ?
    Orr main toh sadma isiliye hogati thi kyum Ki wahaan Bhabhi(Meera Rajput)ayi thi…? Bhaia ko surprise dene keliye

  60. SARAS

    I have one doubt. . What’s the marital status of dadi buwa?
    unmarried. .
    or any other.
    Can someone tell me?

  61. Nimisha ?

    I hate this stucketty stuckness. I just posted a couple of replies, hit refresh, mine are stuck and others have appeared that said the same thing as I did. Saras and ArShi, I honestly didn’t mean to just repeat what you both said. Sorry if it looks that way.

  62. Nimisha ?

    Mahira, if you have time, have A look at some of the other show threads on here.

    There are sooo many posts saying how hot an actors is or how much someone loves how awesome they are.

    On the TPK thread, there are loads of people who think Thapki should be with Bihan and seem oblivious to the fact that he’s basically a bully. That would have been discussed here and and I love that on this thread we really analyse the show and characters.

    I for one hope the honestly and analysis doesn’t stop. Sorry.

    • Nimisha ?

      Oops, posted too soon. I meant to say some of the other threads are really dull by comparison.

    • Mahira

      Yeah, I have seen few threads of other show like Dehleez from the star plus.. I found that show with quite a good plot and immensely love the whole cast! But couldn’t find it better here as compare to the IKRS family.

      Also I have recently started to write a fan fiction ( got inspired by all my lovely writers, they have given so unique and beautiful stories.. I thought to write one too. ? ) and let me tell you I noticed many times that.. after every half hour a new fan fiction is published and got super annoyed to see that.. that useless ( sorry about the language as I Seriously hate that show! ) and ajeeb sa show Swaragni.. is having so much of audience! Why I mean! That show Seriously, doesn’t make any sense to me! That two girls are just! Ughh! They came in their house and in boys ( don’t know the names ) life and ruined them to thel hell! ? Like Seriously! Those young girls are ruling over their house and their lives! Everyday new problem ! New Villain! And the channel gives so many promos.. that without watching the show.. I already know much about it! God!

  63. Nimisha ?

    Renu, Anne, Saras, Mahira, i love how we can openly agree or disagree with each other, I also love IKRS and think this is such a fab intelligent forum! Love it!

Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.

Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.