Ishq Ka Rang Safed 26th April 2016 Written Episode Update


Ishq Ka Rang Safed 26th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dadi Bua calling Kamini. Kamini comes wearing saree and jewellery given by Dadi Bua. Dadi Bua asks her to sit, and says where is Viplav? He didn’t come till now. Kanak says I will see. Just then Viplav comes with Dhaani holding her hand. Everyone is shocked. Dadi Bua asks him to stop and says this kulta will not step inside the house. Viplav still is holding her hand. Dadi Bua asks what is your relation with her. Viplav and Dhaani bend down to take her blessing. Kanak says Dhaani. Viplav says I have love relation with Dhaani, trust relation, husband and wife relation. Dadi Bua is shocked and drops the aarti plate shockingly. Dhaani folds her hands and apologizes for lying. She says we respect you a lot and hid the truth so that you don’t feet bad. Viplav tells her

that he have married Dhaani without informing anyone in the house. Dasharath says jiji…you came suddenly..I was…Dadi Bua turns towards him and slaps him hard. Everyone is shocked. Viplav says Dadi Bua.

Dadi Bua says it is between me and my brother, and asks him to stay away. She says Dasharath have lied to me, and says you will not get place even in hell because of your doings. She says it is good that Viplav told me everything and lifted curtain from my eyes. Dhaani says Dadi Bua….Dadi Bua says I don’t know you, and asks her to move back. She says my dear ones have hidden the truth from me. Viplav says it was my decision to marry and haven’t inform anyone. Kanak also apologizes. Dadi Bua calls her cunning and says did you forget what is my place in the house. She calls them cunning, and says you have looted me. Kamini asks her not to get angry. Dadi bua says nobody cares for me and everyone is selfish and liars here. Kamini says if Viplav have loved Dhaani then what is his fault. Kamini says Dasharath is Mahant, and he lied so that you don’t get hurt. She says love is true. Dadi Bua says everyone’s heart can’t be like you, and says love is pure, but person can be faulty. Kamini says Viplav is your blood and he can’t be wrong. I have been hearing his story and now I have seen. Everyone is lying for each other, and says everyone is apologizing to you, please forgive them.

Kamini asks Dadi Bua to come inside and take rest as anger is bad. Dhaani folds her hands and apologizes to Dasharath. Kanak says don’t know what will happen? Viplav says it is good that I told her truth and says she would have been pained whenever she knows the truth. Dasharath says jiji is my elder sister and have full right to punish me. Dhaani says Maa ji and tries speaking to Kanak. Kanak says this is silence before storm comes. Dadi Bua prays to God and says my dear ones have stabbed me. She seeks for strength for overcome this pain. Kamini brings medicine and gives to her. Dadi Bua says you have taken care of me and I couldn’t give you anything. Kamini says I don’t need anything, and makes her sit. She asks her not to blame herself. She removes her necklace and says Viplav’s wife have right on this. Dadi Bua says your heart is so big, even I had a big heart before, time has come to do the calculations.

Dhaani and Viplav talk to each other and discuss about Dadi Bua and Dasharath. Dhaani says Dadi Bua was strict towards Dasharath, and says she was much pained. Viplav says it is good Kamini have taken care of Dadi Bua. Dasharath comes to talk to Dadi Bua. Kamini asks her to talk to Dada ji and says she will go. Dadi Bua asks her to stay. Kamini says I have some work in th kitchen and goes. Dasharath apologizes to Dadi Bua and says I accept your punishment. He falls down on her feet and apologizes, asking for punishment. He says you are my elder sister. Just then Dhaani comes and sees Dasharath crying and apologizing. Dhaani says I brought food for you, and says you are hungry since morning. Dadi Bua asks her to take plate back. Dhaani says but. Dasharath asks her to take plate back. Dhaani says okay and takes back the plate. Dadi Bua says how can you let Viplav marry Dhaani, and says she will make everything fine. She asks him to accept her decision. Dasharath says I just need your forgiveness. Viplav tells Dhaani that Dadi Bua called everyone, and says she is going to do something big. Dhaani says yes, and says she is still angry.

Next morning, Kanak says what is happening in the house, and sees Puja preparations at home. Dhaani asks where is Dadi Bua. Dasharath comes with Dadi Bua and thanks the pandits who have come on a short invitation. He says I want to make an announcement today. He says I, Dasharath Tripathi is leaving Mahant position. Everything is shocked.

Dasharath says I want to make another announcement. He says my heir will be Shrimati Satti (Dadi Bua). He makes her sit on the sofa and does her tilak etc.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Arshi di anymore questions u want to ask u can freely ask. Till now u asked only one question. And u know I m very talkative. Itni aasani se nahi chodungi.

    1. Hehe i know i know
      Sochna padega yaar
      Abhi to koi questions ni h..
      Jab yaad ayenge to puch lungi

  2. @Nima and arshdeep…. that was quite hilarious ….. raani ko glucose ka pani pilaane ka time aasakta hai kabhi kabhi….raani ji sambhal ke aaeeyega yahan….warna you’re gonna be FLAAAAAAT 😀 😀

    1. Hahaha di..
      She is already flaaaat… tbhi use flat raja pasand aya??

    2. Or ab wo uss flat raja se flat ke piche lad rhi h..??
      Ye flaat flaat krti reh jaegi or raja ko suman le jayegi ??

      1. Arshdeep…. thats also true….. she is already FLAAT…. Bhool gayi mein ki raani saahiba has already become flat

  3. Loulu u can call me whatever u want. Do u comment on krishnadasi and Kansan page?

    1. Genita di I started commenting today itself. Except ikrs I had never commented on any other page.

  4. Loulu I think u forgot me dats why u r asking can I call u di. All these formalities

  5. Lols.. Mein toh tum se bhi choti hu ? mm maph kiya.. Kabhi math bhul na tumhari iss tu ke choti behan ko?
    Shahid Bhaia se jab main Baath Karun gi toh main tumhate barei Mein bhi Baath karunge?

    Actually lols I couldn’t comments more because my net offer has finished.. Tats y soo less comments…. But once again this mobile get recharged with net offer I will come with a bang bang…

    Lols by the way U hate boys of ur class.. But once class comes to an end those boys are going to give lovely memories… And lols u will surely get a good class this time… And when I read ur comments I just remembered my class There is not a teacher who didn’t scold us…. In our class all are horrible but lovely and friendly too…

    Lols do u knw I just hate going to school.. But once I reach school I forget abt tat… Even now @ the age of 15 I am lazy 2 go to school…

    Lols wat is ur younger sister’s name?? And she is of wat age???

  6. Geni chechi.. Ormaundo ane and how is Nivin???

  7. Guys, why are you saying like this that, the episode was boring. ?

    I didn’t find it boring at all! ? The current track is so good! And the story is progressing.. unlike the other shows on tv, which drag a single story for 2,3 months.

    Talking about my fondness for IKRS.. I have enjoyed every single track of show till now! And since Viplav actually realized that he loves Dhaani.. The story has become more beautiful to me! ? I enjoyed the whole Trippurari marrying Dhaani .. Kanak accusations on Dhaani .. Shambhu’s murder case .. Raja and family .. And now this DB and Kamini’s track.. I have always enjoyed and glued to the show just because of Mishal!! ? As long as he is associated with the show i’m loving every bit of it! ❤ Whether it’s the sad part or the happy part! I will keep on watching it always! ?

    And talking about the story.. it’s obvious, it’s a fictional story.. daily soap.. can’t run like showing only the happy sides.. It has to have different different characters with different different mind sets.. and so that the serials are all about.. to show that, no matter how powerful the bad guy is, in the end bad will get defeated and truth will rise! I read somewhere, quoting here,
    ” Life has to have cracks in it so that sun can shine through. ” So enjoy the track.

    I watched every bitter part of the show with a smile on face thinking, just wait.. this will all gonna end up soon.. As Mishal aka Viplav and Dhaani will definitely find a way out! ? And happy days will come soon! ? Also unlike other shows, the creative team is far better! As they always manage to show some cute moments of Vidhaani even in all these troubling situations! ?

    Yeah, I do curse the Villains as it makes me feels good! ? Haha.. but this doesn’t mean that I hate them and won’t watch the show till they are playing their cunning tricks on Vidhaani . ? I watch the show because of Mishal! ? and anything which is associated with him is also good whether it’s Dhaani or Dadaji. ?

    And I tell you what.. from past few weeks i’m unable to watch IKRS live at 6 pm for some reasons.. and because of Channel’s cruelty I’m also not able to watch it in repeat also, as it’s 3o’clock of midnight. But still I take written updates from here and then, next day watch it online. As I don’t want to miss any chance to watch Mishal on screen. ???

    It’s really harsh that you all are typing the thing It is Boring! It is Boring! if you didn’t like some scenes or any particular episode then instead of tagging it as a boring show, you better avoid commenting on that particular episode’s update. Cause your comments were so hurting and mostly of those, whom I noticed here on TU.. do comments regularly and share their views and make predictions regarding to the upcoming twists. And I really enjoy reading those comments, analysis and more. But it was very disappointing to read a series of comments telling that they are finding current episodes quite boring. And no offence, but it’s better not to comment rather than, to hurt anyone.

    And I would it make it clear that, this was not for any particular member.. I read some comments and just thought to tell my opinion about that ‘ Boring ‘ line series of comments. I said all this, if anyone is feeling the same, that show is getting bored day by day.. so he / she better think first before commenting. That’s it.
    And for those who are not enjoying the current track.. do try my formula I wrote in 5th Paragraph.. ?

    Stay beautiful inside out! And keep Calm! ?

    1. Oh this got quite long. ??
      I would have posted it as episodic analysis but due to that maintenance thingy, I posted it here.

      1. Its actually too long??

      2. Lol Mahira at the long post… Welcome to my world. Xxx

    2. Nimisha di u r going to get so jealous i suppose
      Your competitor is here 😀 😀

      1. Lol Asrshi. I just posted a comment saying welcome to my world and then noticed yours.

        Not jealous at all. In fact, the more the merrier. ???

      2. Yeah, it got too long actually. ? I too noticed it after posting the comment. ? Emotional ho kay zayada hi likh diya.. jabhi soch rae thi k itn a thaak kesy gae me. ? jk.

      3. Hey Nimisha! Thanks. ?
        But I can’t see myself to your world sorry to say. I have read your comments and OMG! They are just too good! They way you daily shows your perspective about the episode is far better then mine tbh. And doing daily analysis with the touch of humour in it is really not my thing. ?

    3. dear. mahira,

      first of all I appreciate your analysis of the serial. . I completely agree with you on the fact that it’s a fiction daily soap so we cannot expect only guddy guddy things all the time. . Infact I have been telling the same to everyone on lots of previous tracks. ..

      but. . after db’s entry . its obvious that writer’s r deviating from original story line may be v for trp or to drag the story to increase episodes. . while doing such adventures most of the serials (I have evidenced in two three more serials in colors itself) loose its charm n uniqueness. . I fear the same with ikrs. ..

      coming to commenting. . The comments need not be only for appriciation it can be for constructive criticism too…
      please don’t take it to heart. . every one has their own likes n dislikes n they r free to express their opinion. .
      we cannot restrict them from giving their opinions. .

      1. Yeah, agreed with what you say. Everybody has the right to put their word.

        As you said about the original story.. I don’t feel like that they are deflecting the story.. as it is about a widow.. and the remarriage of a widow. Dhaani is the one protagonist.. the story has done the phase of her being a widow got married and now.. they are showing us her journey and her life changes from a widow to a wife now.. As she is bahu of that house now.. then obviously the story will mostly revolve around DT mansion.
        And hope every fan of IKRS stay stick to the show.. especially, in this situation when rumors are crushing us! ?

    4. Mahira, hello

      I think, if the creative people who make IKRS look at sites like this, that they get a feel wpfor what we viewers think.

      Apart from the two idiot viruses on this thread, everyone else has said more or less that they absolutely love IKRS but not the current track or more specifically yesterday’s episode.

      Also, I feel this site is brilliant as we all get together and discuss all aspects of the show, good and bad, and share our thoughts and views in a respectful manner.

      I think that’s healthy. We all have good and bad days and so does our beloved show.

      I as much as anyone else want the show to continue and to do well, but equally want to be able to express if an episode was excellent or if not.

      Despite yesterday’s episode and the general feeling about it, we’re all still here supporting it with 200 + comments.

      Not sure I’m making sense..

      1. Yeah, I too enjoy to be here. And because of the daily discussions over here, I keep on checking on my phone to stay updated! ?
        Love IKRS! ? Mishal more! ❤?
        tellyUpdates has became a must to check on in every hour! ? Is getting on my nerves actually. Lol!

    5. Hi Mahira
      This is a wonderful comment! I agree with every word, we are watching a drama, and light needs darkness to shine more brightly.

      1. Yeah, and none can take it’s place.. as it’s the best daily so far ! ?
        IKRS will shine forever n ever! ??

    6. so true Mahira…. this was similar to what I had thought…. you can go through my old comments in this page…………..
      MiEisha Rocks
      ViDhaani rocks
      IKRS ke jabra fans rock………………..

      1. Yep! We support the Good story.. oh no no I mean the BEST STORY, BEST CAST & THE VERY BEST SHOW!!!

  8. Lols oohh story asa nahi hai.. Director ne jab bol maa agayi matlab maa gayi.. Actually I was walking behind her… ?
    Orr main toh sadma isiliye hogati thi kyum Ki wahaan Bhabhi(Meera Rajput)ayi thi…? Bhaia ko surprise dene keliye

  9. Avijit result kesa rha????

    1. thik hi tha … but ranks 30th April ko ayega waiting

  10. I have one doubt. . What’s the marital status of dadi buwa?
    unmarried. .
    or any other.
    Can someone tell me?

    1. She,s def been left ‘on the shelf’… I mean who in their right mad would marry a character like that. ???

      1. Right mind

  11. Shani I remember u.nivin is fine. How is ur vacation? Arshdeep all the best for ur exam

    1. Thnku di?

  12. I hate this stucketty stuckness. I just posted a couple of replies, hit refresh, mine are stuck and others have appeared that said the same thing as I did. Saras and ArShi, I honestly didn’t mean to just repeat what you both said. Sorry if it looks that way.

    1. Ohh didi leave it..just chill..
      It happens with each one of us one or the other day

  13. Mahira, if you have time, have A look at some of the other show threads on here.

    There are sooo many posts saying how hot an actors is or how much someone loves how awesome they are.

    On the TPK thread, there are loads of people who think Thapki should be with Bihan and seem oblivious to the fact that he’s basically a bully. That would have been discussed here and and I love that on this thread we really analyse the show and characters.

    I for one hope the honestly and analysis doesn’t stop. Sorry.

    1. Oops, posted too soon. I meant to say some of the other threads are really dull by comparison.

    2. Yeah, I have seen few threads of other show like Dehleez from the star plus.. I found that show with quite a good plot and immensely love the whole cast! But couldn’t find it better here as compare to the IKRS family.

      Also I have recently started to write a fan fiction ( got inspired by all my lovely writers, they have given so unique and beautiful stories.. I thought to write one too. ? ) and let me tell you I noticed many times that.. after every half hour a new fan fiction is published and got super annoyed to see that.. that useless ( sorry about the language as I Seriously hate that show! ) and ajeeb sa show Swaragni.. is having so much of audience! Why I mean! That show Seriously, doesn’t make any sense to me! That two girls are just! Ughh! They came in their house and in boys ( don’t know the names ) life and ruined them to thel hell! ? Like Seriously! Those young girls are ruling over their house and their lives! Everyday new problem ! New Villain! And the channel gives so many promos.. that without watching the show.. I already know much about it! God!

  14. Renu, Anne, Saras, Mahira, i love how we can openly agree or disagree with each other, I also love IKRS and think this is such a fab intelligent forum! Love it!

    1. And of course you,re all right… This is just a show.. I sometimes forget that… ???

      1. You are not the only one! Hi5! ?

  15. Show is going to end…

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