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Ishq Ka Rang Safed 25th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Viplav waking up in the morning and calls Dhaani for tea. He realizes that she is not there. Kamini comes and gives him bed tea. She asks him to tell if he needs anything. Viplav refuses to have tea, and says he is used to drink tea made by Dhaani, asks her not to feel bad. He goes to get ready. Dulaari asks Dhaani, for whom she is making tea? Dhaani says for Viplav. Dulaari sits down and says he is not here, so I will drink tea. She says shall I talk to Viplav. She asks him to go and meet Viplav, and clear the misunderstanding. She says you both are different places and thinking about each other. Dulaari takes a sip of tea and says it is good. Dhaani says who drinks cold drink. Dulaari says that’s what I am trying to say, and asks her to handle the matter before everything

is ruined. She says Viplav will understand you. Sita Maayi asks them to come for puja. Dulaari says I am coming.

Viplav gets ready and takes out his watch from the shelve. He misses Dhaani and thinks he has to do everything by himself. He sees babies pics and smiles. Puja starts at Ashram. Dasharath also do the puja and aarti. Natkhat Bansi wale gokul ke raja plays…………………Dhaani does aarti and looks at God’s idol. She feels uneasiness and runs to washroom. Everyone follow her. Dhaani gets vomiting. Badi Amma says you got weak as you didn’t have anything. Dulaari also scolds her. Raj Lakshmi asks her to drink water. Sita maayi asks them not to call doctor but give sweets instead. She says Dhaani is pregnant. Everyone is happy, but Dhaani’s happiness is incomplete without Viplav. She smiles. Raj Lakshmi says that’s why you was not eating anything and teases her.

Sita Maayi asks Dhaani to be happy. Dulaari says it is a big happiness. She says Viplav will jump with joy knowing the big happiness. She says everyone will get happy. Dhaani recalls Viplav asking Dhaani to give a small baby, then Kanak’s anger will go. Dhaani says Kanak will not get happy. Dulaari says I am sure that Viplav’s Dadi Sushma will make everyone agree. She says I will go and give good news to everyone. Dhaani recalls Dasharath says you and your mum’s type woman are sold in the market for 10 rs. Dhaani asks Dulaari not to go there. Dulaari asks Dhaani not to worry and says she will go and inform everyone. She assures that everyone will get happy. Dhaani is hopeful.

Kanak tells Servant to decorate the house. She calls Viplav and asks if he is going somewhere? Viplav says he is going out for some case. Kanak says you don’t have time for your mum and says tomorrow is Shalu’s birthday. Viplav says I forgot. Kanak says we have thought to throw a big party. Viplav says we will have a big jashn as thorn of everyone eye left from the house. Dasharath asks what you are saying? Viplav says sorry. Kanak says if Dhaani would have been here, then she would have done a drama. He goes. Kanak says he is still not yet come of Dhaani’s ghost. Dasharath says he will be at peace when their relation breaks. Kanak says this will happen soon. Dulaari waits for Viplav and thinks to talk to him once he comes out. Viplav comes out, sits in his jeep and goes. Dulaari calls Bachwa ji…Dasharath comes out hearing her voice. Dulaari greets him. Dasharath says you have come here as Dhaani’s lawyer to beg infront of me. Dulaari says I came to meet my damad and not you. She goes. Dasharath says very soon I will show your place to you.

Dhaani looks at Viplav’s pic and gets tears in her eyes. Koi Na dekhe mere aansun…sad version of IKRS plays…………She recalls Viplav words that he has done a big mistake by marrying her, and Sita Maayi saying that she is pregnant. She talks to his pic and says you are going to be dad…Viplav. She says how I will tell you. I thought to give you good news, but when that day came…I have just your pic left with me. Ishq Ka Rang Safed plays……………She adores his pic and writes in diary. She writes a letter and says I never thought that I will write a letter to you. She recalls the first meeting. She says I never thought that I will stay without you. You have brought sweetness in my life and gave me all happiness. She says our relation is changing and I am going to be mum. She says I want to come to you, and do duty of mum and dad together.

Dhaani gives letter to a boy. He gives letter to Ram deen kaka and asks him to give letter to Viplav saying it is sent by Dhaani. Kamini takes the letter and comes to Ashram. Dhaani asks if Viplav came? Kamini says no. Dhaani wonders how could Viplav stay away reading a big news.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. I wish if twin boy and girl are born… Dhaani keeps their name… Vidhan and Vidhi
    If boy Vidhaan
    If girl Vidhi …… 🙂 🙂

    1. Awww lovely names 🙂 🙂


    Humne kabhi nahi socha tha ki hum tumse door hokar tumko kabhi chitthi likhenge.. Lekin socha to ye bhi nahi tha jab hum tumko pehli baar mile the ki ek din aisa ayega ki tumhare bina ek pal bhi jeena mushkil hoga..?
    Samey ka rang badal jata hai..lekin kuch rang kabhi nhi choot te.. jese tumhare pyaar ka rang..❤wo pyaar jo humko har mushkil me sambhal leta hai… Ek mithas lekar aye the tum hamare jeevan me..
    Tumne humko har khushi di lekin aaj hamara anchal duniya ke sabse bade sukh se bhar dia tumne.. Maa banne ka sukh..?
    Humara rishta badal rha hai viplav.. Chalo.. Aaj hum dono mil kar ek nayi shuruwat karte hai.. Nayi zeemedariyon ke sath.. Maa or Pita ki..
    Hum tumhare paas aana chahte hai.. Tum humko milne aaoge na..
    I love you..?

    Tumhari DHANI?

    1. Arshi di?

    2. This was the bst letter ever… Best letter ever written by a main lead!!

      Wat u say my frnds?

      1. Yep..the words touched our hearts❤

    3. This is the loveliest….. sweetest……. bestest letter ever written………. letter nahi likha hai…but apna dil nikal ke kaagaj ke panno mein rang ki tarah bikher dia hai………
      Letter written by our Dhaani for Viplav……. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂
      But kambakht kaamini will not let this letter reach Viplav 🙁 🙁

    4. Emotional! ?

    5. Awwww, that was a lovely lovely letter!

      Thanks Arshu! Xxx

      1. My pleasure didi?

    6. arshi di wow what a letter…aapne kamaal kar diya

      1. Maine nahi…writers ka kamaal hai??

      2. Yep sorry di….i didnt saw the epi that time…but watched now

  3. Even I too can’t digest the news of 5 year leap but happy for dhaani that she started to live on her own by becoming a wedding planner..Is this true that there will be makeover for dhaani?then I will be eagerly waiting for our new dhaani..

  4. Now I think dhaani will gain respect and no stupid will dare to speak ill about dhaani

  5. Hello everyone sad moment for the show. ?

    Anyways, came to tell today will post something do catch it! ?

    1. Aww appi.. FF hmm..??
      Love you

      Thank you for coming soon 🙂

    2. hi mahira di waiting

    3. Ary!! Shukaar hai! Aap ain tow! ?

      Waiting the surprise!! Hoping for another Fanfic!!! ??

  6. I hope post leap we will come across women empowerment

    1. But why is the leap necessary to show women empowerment?????

  7. Good morning everybody???
    I’m lost with this story line I know what I want to happen,but it looks like CVs are deliberately going in the opposite direction to logic..
    TRPs are down ,here in the UK as well ..
    You would think that CV s would notice things like this !!
    It seems the writers only know traditional stories and any hint of modernizing and bringing thing up to date are doomed.So out of desperation they go with what they know best..
    TV audiences are more educated and young so the old ways look a bit desperate and silly. Just my thought….?

    1. Sorry to sound like a stuck record but the show was never going to appeal to everyone. It deals with the subject of widows and their remarriage which I imagine in certain parts of the Indian community wherever they live, people would object to, In modern India women are still forced to live like this and the views of DT are probably the opinions of many in the audience.

      So for a modern thinking audience it’s a great intelligent show, but the TRP aunties s they often get referred to aren’t necessarily going to be of that modern mindset,

      I think Colors and filmfarm were brave to venture down this road and it proved popular,

      But as soon as they started going against logic and going down the more typical serial storylines, esp with VK’s entry, that’s when the ‘modern thinking’ audience started to get fed up.

      They had a winner before they started dumbing down Dhani first and then Viplav. It on,y seems one of them is allowed to be clever at any point.

      Also Kam has to be linked to a married man it seems. Sooo frustrating,

      In short Anne, I agree with you! ???

      1. Yes you said it better though. Without upsetting anyone I know that viewers have diverse views and levels of education.
        Ive noticed the absolute acceptance of women’s roles without question even on this site.?

      2. Nimisha this story is only a fiction may be DT and Kanak charecters reflect in some parts of North Indian states ,in South India it is not like that ,but any where in India widows are not allowed to do auspicious things.Comming to remarriage in lower class people that is not at all a question,this is a problem in middle and upper middle class people,in rich they do not care for society so For them it is not at all a problem.comming to widow remarriage there are many reforms since 19th century’s not India ,now a days every parent whether rich or poor are educating their Childern including girls ,once an essay compition is there in Engilsh subject “education is necessary for a girl”now it is a history.

      3. Anne, I agree. The way women are treated on the shows I’ve watched is appalling,

        Even Viplav, our lovely Viplav was ‘majboor’ when his family were always attacking Dhani. He made it up to her in private but couldn’t stand up to them apart from a few times.

        I was also always horrified by how Dulaari slapped Dhani a few times. For no reason, more out of frustration.

        Women are often portrayed as having to be told what tondo and think b their parents and then by their husbands and his parents. It’s not right really.

        That’s why I don’t want Dhani to have to have a child, but rather want her to be an independent young woman who supports her mum and is, actually a little be selfish.

    2. Saraswathi, I think even in the UK there are still some old entrenched views that support some of the messages in the shows.

      Sorry, I wasn’t implying it was a problem in India, just a problem with some Indians. I have a huge extended family here, and I would say there are still possibly about 25% of them who would think like what is shown in the show. Don’t worry, I am here to know sense into them all ☺️ But it does happen.

      Sorry if I upset you, it wasn’t intentional.

  8. Guys do u know when is this leap going to air?

    1. Vining hi. From 30th may it seems. The new time slot, new story to get new viewers. But still only a 30 minute show, incl allllll the adverts!

  9. Do you think viplav will be the same person after he’s ‘lost’ Dhaani. I think his character may change , giving mishal scope to act.
    Shades of Dutta may appear …..?

    1. We are gonna get a couple of mishal’s tears in coming episodes i think..
      His condition is going to be worst when he will assume dhani dead

    2. I hope he becomes a bit rough and angry and disrespectful of all at AN except Dadi. Shade of Dutta would be awesome!

      Just hope the keep him the hell away from Kam.

  10. Ok guys my imagination is running wild – pl bear with me.
    So Vip is looking for Dhani in the debris of the burnt ashram. Kam the chipko movt is also there. She finds something that indicates that Dhani may be alive. BUt hides it.
    Assuming that Vip beilieves that Dhani is dead, she proposes to him and Viplav rejects and says tht Dhani was the only woman he cd ever love and can spend the rest of his life with memories of their time.
    On the other hand Kam, is being fully blackmailed by her ‘freinds’ Trip, Asthana and PC. She is sh*it scared and worried.
    Viplav is tormented by Dhani’s last word to him abt her innocence. He starts a serious investigation trusting nobody. Later Suvarna and Dadi help.
    What say abt my revenge story?

    1. Awesome zee… Awesome..would love viplav using his lawyers brain
      Kamini the bullshit need to be punished..

      And yup she is the chipko mivement hahahaha 😀

    2. But where are the ashram ladies going to go?????
      I want even if they shift the complete ashram family shifts together..

      Its not that garima blackmailed she is going to leave to show so she got chance to come more

      1. Exactly, it doesn’t make sense at all. I can’t imagine Dhani and Dulaari fleeing and leaving the others behind.

        And why in 5 years did she make no attempt to contact Viplav? Is what she sees going on between Viplav and whatsherface so awful?

      2. I did not write abt the great escape. But do not worry, In my imagination nobody suffers except bad guys. They are all safe. Suvarna informs them abt the plan and they all flee in time. Dulaari maai true to herself is crazy worried and Dhani is shaken. Badi amma explains to them that DT wants to kill Dhani and her child. He will try again if he knows that they have escaped. Henceforth they will split up, but be in touch, so that nobody suspects. RL and BA do all the thinking and leg work to make their deaths look real and Sita maayi gives tender loving care to Dhani and a distraught Dulaari.
        Ab khush?

      3. Boht khush..
        Dil khush kar ditta zee??
        Keep going with your imagination and sharing with us??

    3. That would be amazing. Although for Kam I preferred ending that sentence at the ‘she is sh*t’ bit

      I also hope Viplav finds the letter that VK takes in today’s episode and kicks the hell out of her. Literally,

      Viplav has been dumbed down too much, so would be good to see his brains in action!

      I,m worried they might kill Suvarna off in the fire. I also want the ashram ladies to go and give him hell for what he out Dhani through,

      1. Zee , !ove hopelessly hopeful creatures like us…?xxx

    4. Strongly wish for it to get true dear….. Please please

      1. Thank you girls for the vote of confidence 🙂
        I am tempted to continue the story just for hopelessly hopeful creatures like us!

      2. Zee, I love that! hopelessly hopeful creatures! Sums us up perfectly! ???

      3. Me too love it..hopelessly hopeful creatures??

    5. zee….wow….but why he is not using it now?
      kuch log khone ke baad hi uski moolya samajh jaathi hoon? but why don’t they understand it before? i never want viplav to be that type…….
      sorry guys if there r any mistakes in hindi….

    6. I am feeling v revengeful today and cant help sharing, so here’s some more. The moment you start getting bored fell free to say the word.
      So cut to AN. KT and DT are happy to have removed the thorn from their flesh. But their happiness is short-lived. Trip starts visitng AN confidently and sits on the sofa, something he was alwys denied. DT tries to show him his place and says “tum apni auqat bhool gaye kya (Tripurari turns around just slightly and says auqat toh aapko yaad dilane ka samay aa gaya hai Gurudev (maybe its time to remind you of your position) and smiles. DT is stunned.
      Trip also starts making KT’s life hell and asks her for money often. DB notices this and scolds KT. She says, you are he DIL of the Tripathi family and a widow. It does not behove you to talk to men, samjhi ki samjhaein Have you understood or do in need to explain? and gives her a sharp look. Kanak is feeling like a lamb going to be slaughtered.
      Each time Trip passes by Kamini, he does not fail to say something offensive and make a pass at her. She too is deeply uncomfortable and helpless.

      1. Ok the last and final segment is a positive one.
        Thngs hv settled down a bit for ashram ladies. BA and RL share a place and Dulari and Dhani and Sita maayi move in together.
        One day RL and Dhani are out on an errand they meet Dhani’s teacher. He encourages her to continue with her studies. She says chahate to hum bhi hain masterji, lekin pathshala nahi aa sakte. I wd like that very much, but will not be able to attend school. He says we can consider your education at home, where is your home? She tells him and he says thats a bit far, else I wd have come over, but i live in Uttam nagar. The quick-witted RL says, we live there, why dont you teach her at our place. So it is settled.
        Masterji starts teaching Dhani at RL and BA’s house. An attraction develops betw RL and masterji. Dhani teases RL and BA smiles indulgently at the girls’ banter and looks on hopefully.
        Bas khhatam ho gya.

  11. On a lighter note…. ???

    Just watched the epi again and I am even more impressed with Eisha. In the scene before she writes the letter, she manages to act beautifully despite a pesky fly buzzing around her head! I wondered for a second of Simar from SSK was on the wrong set. ??

    In eish as shoes I’d have jumped up and run around the room flapping and screaming ‘get away from me you pesky thing’ ???

    1. ssk fly hahaha nimmy di

    2. Nimmy dea…. it seems Simar who has turned into a bee is also annoyimg Dhaani….but heroine is so lost in her”s thought that she didn’t even noticed that pesky thing…..
      Beauty of love 🙂 🙂
      But seriously that was her tolerating capacity..which led to beautiful execution of that scene in spite of that annoying fly….. honestly…i have to watch it again to reassure me….

  12. Tq nimisha

  13. aaj se main vimi……..
    thanks to areeb for this wonderful combination of viplav and lakshmi…..vimi
    loved it yaar….never thought this before

    1. hi Vimi.

      Took me a while to figure out who you were, even with the clues! Brains not quite awake yet! ???

      1. haha nimmy di no problem

    2. AM gave it combo of viplav and mirror in his ff??

      1. Oops! Yeh toe copied name ho gya. Sorry Lakshmi! ? I didn’t know.

      2. ?????

      3. Areeb the credit all goes to u….thanks my dear frnd

    3. HAHA! No problem dear! ? I was reading your story and suddenly it just came in my mind. ?

      Also, it sounds really cool Vimi. ? Vimi also goes with Viplav & Mishal !! ?

      1. Hihihi…areeb thanks for this name yaar… its really cool….viplav…mishal…lakshmi….cloud 9 for me…

    4. Nice combo dear…. ?

  14. Yes zee really very happy all are safe God bless them .

  15. To me its total cheap serial. Why compromise in widow remarriage? Why are they treating them as 3rd grade Low humans?

    Notice many of us have started compromising on ikrs why????

    The writers need to be smacked on their head. Where in ? would someone marry for umpteen times that too to a red light district girl dressed in least clothes.

    Let’s all stop watching reading and tweeting on IKRS. Let all be vanished in the ?….

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