Ishq Ka Rang Safed 25th March 2016 Written Episode Update


Ishq Ka Rang Safed 25th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dhaani’s Bidaai from the Ashram. She bids bye to her family and sits in the car. She tells Viplav that she feels that they should stop band baja right here, as if they go home with band and baja, then the family might feel bad as Shalu’s marriage is broken and they are sad. Viplav agrees with her and says she is saying right. Kanak tells Dasharath that she hates Dhaani and says she became my bahu. Dasharath says I am thinking about Raja’s words that Dhaani couldn’t become of her husband, then how can she stay with Viplav or his family. He says Raja helped him in the temple although he is not related to them, and says his own grand son ruined his respect. He says it is a strange dilemma. Just then Dhaani and Viplav comes in the car. They get down holding each other

hands. Kanak and Dasharath are angry. Viplav tells Pankaj and Raj that he will make the arrangements and come. Just then they see Kanak coming there. Dasharath and Sushma also come there. Viplav tells everyone that I know you people are upset with me, but I have heard that parents, grand parents forget everything for their kids’ happiness. He says Dhaani have become Tripathi bahu and asks them to welcome Dhaani.

Kanak calls her selfish and says she will never accept Dhaani. Viplav requests her to accept Dhaani as she is his wife now. Kanak says okay, I will accept my bahu when you are asking me. Viplav and Dhaani are happy. Viplav says I can’t believe. Just then they see Kanak bringing coal. Kanak asks Dhaani to step on the burning coal and step inside. She says Tripathi family welcomes you. She tells Viplav that bahu is not stepping on coal and says they shall welcome her this way only as she came to scratch their wounds. She says she can’t be our bahu. Dhaani tries to talk to her. Kanak says don’t talk to me as you have no right. Dhaani asks her to give her a chance. Kanak says if you step inside the house, then I will burn you like this coal, asks her to get out. Dhaani and Viplav look tensedly.

Dulaari fears about Kanak’s reaction and thinks if she will accept my daughter or not. Sita Maayi to stop worrying about Dhaani and says Viplav will take care of her as he loves her very much. Dhaani tells Viplav that they will not go anywhere and this is their house. She says the family is getting as we got married secretly. She says may be everything gets fine if we stay here. Viplav says you don’t know my mum. Dhaani says I have decided to win their heart, and says I am sure that I will win their heart. Viplav says I am very lucky to get you as my wife, and says I was scared about you. He says when you are showing the strength then I will not worry. He asks her to call Maa to Kanak and says he will go leave home. Kanak asks Dasharath to tell Viplav to take Dhaani and leave with her, as she don’t want to see Dhaani’s face. Sushma asks Kanak to accept Dhaani for Viplav’s sake. Kanak says never. I will never accept her. Sushma says if you don’t accept Dhaani then you will lose your son.

Viplav moves the coal and keeps it to a side, and asks Dhaani not to move till he brings the pot. He tells bahu is house lakshmi. Sushma brings the aarti and does their aarti. Viplav tells Dhaani that Dadi understands his love. Sushma asks her to enter house hitting the kalash and step on the colored water. Ishq Ishq Rang Rang…………….plays………Dhaani kicks the kalash and steps on the colored water and comes inside. Sushma asks her to leave her hand prints on wall. Dhaani does the rituals…and smiles. Viplav also smiles.

Dasharath blesses Dhaani and says he will try to convince Kanak. Dhaani thinks she got Dada and Dadi’s blessings and half battle is won, is sure to win Kanak also. Later Kanak conspires against Dhaani. Dhaani and Viplav share some intimate moments.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Friends, no more hide and seek romance between our vidhani. I can’t wait to see their romantic life as well as them consummating their marriage.
    Look at the fact that dhani didn’t enjoy her first marriage and didn’t know much about romance buh our hero will surely teach her

  2. Waiting for today’s episode. Buh sincerely there are some mothers like kt who hate their daughter in law for no special or flimsy reason. My prayer is that the yet unmarried and our children should not meet a mother in law like kanak tripathy

  3. Sonu and saranya, I guess u guys will be fined as u wrote some comments in hindi which I can’t understand.

  4. Nimisha (prev Nim

    Anne, but think moving to 7 days a week s permanent, my only concern is that the story’s will drag slightly more now that they have to get 7 days worth out of them.

    Also, hadn’t tonight of her not letting them share a room.

    Seriously, hope it doesn’t turn into just a battle between Dhaani and KT. Hope the uniqueness of the story continues and at a good pace.

    Happy to wait and see aft yesterday’s pacey full episode.

    Hope everyone’s having a good day!


  5. It would be very good if a handsome and very rich man fell in love with Kanak…….what would she do ?hahaha……Oh no..I’m a widow go away…..let’s have a vote on it ……..would she go or would she stay???? I think she would be off like a shot..??????✈✈✈✈✈✈

    1. Nimisha (prev Nim

      Yes Anne. A very rich American with a huge at he who takes her away and then she meets her nemesis in her mother in law who does all the things to her that she did to Dhani. A bit of her own medicine. But of course we wouldn’t see any of that!

      Love your idea. Xxx

      1. Huge what? Hat? Lololol???

      2. Nimisha (prev Nim

        Oops Anne. ????

        I meant huge moustache. Or hat… Or huge…..

  6. Nimisha (prev Nim

    Hi Avijit(AM), can I ask? Where do you get the spoilers from?

    Also someone said that they think the makers read these comments.. What made you say that?

    I really think the creators need to redress some of balance between Good and evil. I really think KT or DT need to be shown getting their comeuppance. Also characters like phool chand who has always been a bit of a nasty character.

    There’s lots still to show as well as KT doing her best to break Dhani and Viplav up. I hope the more she does, the more Viplav and the rest of his family sees starts her free fall from her self placed pedestal. Hopefully she’ll fall fast, I mean like a meteor entering the earth’s atmosphere fast and that she lands with a huge crash!


  7. Nimisha (prev Nim

    Renu, re the cow marriage story? Really?

    There’s lots I love about our culture and India, but there are some things like this that really don’t make sense to me. Hmmmmm.

    Florentina, I sometimes watch the Kasauti segments thing where they show the top 10 shows. IKRS Has never featured in the ones I’ve seen. The number 10 position is usually around a trip of 2, so I guess IKRS is lower.

    The thing is, a show like IKRS which addresses very old traditions and portrays them in a way that suggests they should change , can be very polarising. I don’t think controversial topics necessarily appeal to everyone. I think that’s why so many sass/Bahu typical dramas do well. It means people can watch without questioning.

    I think we lovers of IKRS are the ones who agree with the need for change in society, no matter how old the custom or tradition may be.

    I think there must be trp pressure but I also think the makers of the show and th cast and crew are very brave to address such things especially knowing that the trp battle is fought on different storylines. I too hope the trp pressure doesnt mean the show loses its uniqueness.

    Fingers crossed. Xxx

  8. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

    Hi everyone

    1. Nimisha (prev Nim

      Hi Ranaji.

    2. florentina moldovan

      hi, ranaji, have a great day!!!

    3. Hi Ranaji

    4. Hello Ranaji,have a good weekend.?

  9. Just seen on ” Die hard fans of mishal raheja ” that Dasharath will try to separate vidani with Rajas help,So he’s still hanging on.?

    1. Nimisha (prev Nim

      Oh no!!! That was obvious I guess after chilli gate. But still disappointing to know we have to endure him.


      Oh well forewarned is forearmed I guess.


  10. Hey guys don’t speculate .. everything will go well n good the way it’s always been. .. When kt plans something against vidhani it turns out tobe good only for them so let her keep trying. .

    lage raho kanak tripathi…. aap beta bhee kuch kam nahee hai… vipu tum bhee lage rehna..

    I m no more worried about vidhani only worried about rajlaxmi…
    dhani selfish mat bano.. tumhari dost hai uskeliye ek achasa ladka dhoondo jaise ki viplav’s friend raj.. aur unka shaadi karado..
    unke shaadi mein tumdono jitna hosake utna acha dance karna..

    samjhe??(raja’s moms style )

  11. Misha didi…I think Bhaiya get this spoiler from ishk ka rang safed times of India synopsis….it seems …..
    I used to check tat site and I get the spoilerss…

    Geni chechi,,,where are you????
    Nivin chachanod mindi mindi ee aniyathikuttine maranooo????

  12. guys whatever is the trp of ikrs that’s fine for 6:30 slot infact its very good only so. . I think it’s all fine

  13. Pankaj looks more handsome than Raj…
    Raj Lakshmi weds Raj…mmm nt gud1?

    Raj Lakshmi weds Pankaj ….mmm gud1??

    1. Nimisha (prev Nim

      Thanks Shanatics! Hope you’re well.

      I wondered if he was our inside man!


      1. Nimisha (prev Nim

        This was about the spoiler info from Shanatics.

  14. raja avasthi’s dad should fall in love with kanak n there should be fight between raja’s mom n kt at the same time compitition between mr.avasthi n tripurari to vow kanak ….
    both men r mainly interested in kanak’s jewelleries n colorful sarees hahaha

  15. I’ve got an app on my tablet “” TVPlayer”” that turns it into a mini TV. Shows what is playing at the moment. Funny, but I’ve got more Indian channels on this free app than my telly ?

    1. Nimisha (prev Nim

      Ooh. I think I’m going to get me that app. I have virgin media and don’t get a lot of the sky ‘free’ channels. Thanks for mentioning it. Xx

  16. Nimisha (prev Nim

    Not sure why, but if I reply to a post it seems to reply to the one below the one I meant… Confused…

  17. A very good evening to every one…
    One question for you all …… you think from tonight IKRS will move towardstypical saas bahu saga …..or there will be something unique within this saga??

    1. I live in hope that bravery and imagination will be the watchwords of our dear esteemed writers.

  18. Kanak seems to be a very unhappy woman, if I remember there was a hint that she had a past. Probably why she married, she didn’t seem to love her husband . She might have seen her marriage as a safe haven from poverty or shame.Would explain a lot.. Still don’t like her…

  19. Hallo, I think it is not fair, 200 epizodes Dahni lives in problems,in fear, in mortal danger, but it is, blackmail,humiliation, kidnapping, now that she is married again from the beginning, not to my heart could not take. Kanak role is to blame for the TRP, finally remove this garbage, I’m very angry. I want to watch a beautiful love story that has already been won and not back tears, slaps, terror.

  20. My doubt was right…just read an article that Balloon will try to separate Viplav and Dhaani by the help of Raaja….. but I am living in the hope that they will never be separated and they will overcome all the obstacles together……its high time for Viplav to know about Balloon’s dual character…and this Raaja’s family should be thrown out…

    1. I hope so, but I fear for Vidha again to fight with problems.

  21. Well hello everyone How are you all? ?

    1. ANJUM sorry..?

  22. Eisha Singh is for me the most beautiful Indian actress, so natural, and Mishal had long since adore.

  23. Misha didi I am fine…wat abt u???

  24. I am fine anjum…wat abt u???

    1. I’m fine too shanitics ?

  25. I think KT uses a lipstick ? a day…
    Oh my god Dhaani u better not go near KT…she is fully dipped in makeup
    If u near her and air blown….then 50percent of her makeup will be on ur face….Dhaani u look adorable and awesome in tat little and simple makeup…..
    Dhaani and Viplav are made for each other..
    With there simple attires…and there natural acting…thy simply make viewers glued to the seat ?….

  26. Nimisha (prev Nim

    Anne, kanak is indeed unhappy but she’s als very twisted with it, anything and everything that goes wrong is either hers or DT’s doing, but who gets the blame…. Our Dhani of course! I hope Dhani and Viplav get wise to her antics and soon.

  27. Nimisha (prev Nim

    Mirsada and Sujie, I also saw that after Anne mentioned it above.

    It’s actually properly depressing.

    I think Raja is the new Tripurari. I seriously dislike him and his character. The awasthis KT and DT are the reason for the low TRP’s. They spout too much venom and are over the top characters and therefore totally unbelievable.

    I keep saying this but the show needs to be shown giving comeuppance to all of them, starting with KT over her husbands death.

    I think this story would also hurt our lovely Viplav but at least it would be in a realistic way and would also give closure to at least one of the unfinished stories of the show.


  28. Nimisha (prev Nim

    Shanatics, hello lovely.

    I’m good thanks. Just having a lazy Saturday, it’s very grey and drizzly here so quite happy to be doing nothing much.

    Hope you’re having a good Saturday. Xxx

  29. Nimisha (prev Nim

    Anne, I did reply above..

    I meant a huge moustache. Lol xxx

    1. No you didn’t !!!!? lolx

      1. Nimisha (prev Nim

        Ooh Anne! You are naughty!

        Xxx ?

    2. see your little mistake how long she thinks lol

  30. I sometimes think she needs releasing. back into the wild , she can be snarly and vicious. Lolx

  31. Raviraj Kaur (Shanoo)

    Wooooowwwwww….. Now v will hav whole week of “VIDHANI LOV”….. ??
    any news abut repeat episodes guyz???
    i want repeats…. Plzzzzz…..

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