Ishq Ka Rang Safed 25th July 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishq Ka Rang Safed 25th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vidha telling Parshiya that nobody is answering her question and says I want to know who is my Papa. Parshiya asks her to listen to him. Vidha runs away from there. Parshiya follows her. Dhaani and Dulaari search for Vidha in their Basti. Someone says that Vidha went to Parshiya’s house. Dhaani goes there and asks Pratibha. Pratibha tells her that Vidha was asking one question repeatedly, who is her Papa. Dhaani asks did Parshiya tell her about Viplav and me. Pratibha says no and says Parshiya just said that he is her baba and not Papa. She says Parshiya went following her. Dhaani runs out searching her. Parshiya also enquires with his friends and search with them. Dhaani asks Parshiya, if he saw Vidha. She says you are unwell and need rest. She says don’t know

where is she? Parshiya asks her not to worry and says she will not go out of basti. He says I will go and search there and asks her to go other way. He asks Rahul to come with him. Vidha thinks she will go to Police and they will find her Papa. Dulaari is also searching her. Vidha thinks Police will bring her Papa home. Everyone search for her tensedly. Pratibha also joins Dulaari and asks if she found Vidha. Dhaani shouts Vidhu…..

Vidha walks on the road and comes to an isolated place. Dhaani also comes there, sees Vidha and calls her. Vidha runs and sits in an abandoned car. Dhaani asks her to come out fast. Vidha asks her to go and says you are a liar, go from here. She says I won’t talk to you. Dhaani says my dadi, baba loves me, but you don’t me, that’s why you lie with me. Dhaani asks her to come out and says I will talk to you. Dulaari and Pratibha also come there. Vidha asks tell me who is my Papa, then I will open the door. Dulaari says I will tell you and asks her to open the door. Dhaani asks her to open the door. Vidha tries to open the door, but it is locked. Vidha tries to open, but in vain. Dhaani tells Dulaari that Vidha couldn’t open the door. Dulaari goes to call someone. Dhaani asks her to open it. She runs calling Parshiya.

Parshiya asks Inspector to help him find Vidha. Dhaani comes there and tells him that Vidha is locked inside the car. Parshiya comes there and asks Vidha to push the button. Vidha asks them to open the door. Dulaari asks them to break the glass. Dhaani says nothing should happen to my Vidha. The people present there ask to break the glass. Pratibha tells that she is having difficulty to breath. Dhaani gets worried. Parshiya asks Vidha to move back and breaks the glass. A man( may be Viplav) is shown unconscious/sleeping. Parshiya asks Vidha to come out. Vidha tries to come out and faints. Dhaani shouts….same man is seen waking up, holds his head and then falls on bed again.

Parshiya takes Vidha out of car carefully. Dhaani and Parshiya ask Vidha to open her eyes. Dhaani asks her to open eyes…Rahul gives water. Parshiya sprinkles water on her face. She gets consciousness. Dhaani asks are you fine?

Vidha hugs Dhaani being scared. Dhaani says you are fine, nothing has happened. Vidha says you have lied. Dulaari says if anything would have happened then. Vidha says you also lies. She hugs Parshiya. Parshiya takes her in his lap and asks her not to do this again. Vidha says promise Papa, shocking Dhaani and Dulaari. Parshiya hugs her happily. Dulaari thanks him. Parshiya says she is like my daughter. Dhaani sees wound on his hand. Pratibha asks her to come and rest, says your gudiya is fine. Dhaani asks Vidha to sleep.

Vidha says my baba is my papa, he has saved me. Dhaani asks her to sleep and says she will be back soon. She goes out. Parshiya says I was waiting for you, need to talk to you. He apologizes to her for Pratibha’s misunderstandings. He says I will talk to Vidha also. He says I know you loves that lawyer even now. Whenever I tried to talk to you about my feelings, I saw him in your eyes. He says Viplav is Vidha’s papa and I am her baba. He says I don’t want to lose your friendship and will be with you as my best friend. He says nothing should happen to our friendship.

Dulaari comes and hears them. Dhaani holds his hand and promises that nothing will happen to their friendship. Dulaari says even I want this. She asks if it will be possible if your friendship stays under one roof. They are shocked. Dulaari says I am really shocked seeing Vidha. She asks them to give name to their friendship and says Vidha will get her Papa. Pratibha says she said right and asks them to think about Vidha’s happiness. She asks why you both are thinking much and says everything will be alright. Dulaari asks Dhaani to take a decision for Vidha, and says she will be happy if she gets her Papa. Dhaani is teary eyes. Dulaari tells Parshiya that her proposal might be strange for them, and says she is not pressurizing them, asks them to take this decision for Vidha and become Vidha’s papa from baba, so that she gets happy. Dhaani is teary eyes.

Dhaani is filling her maang with sindoor happily. Dulaari holds her hand stopping her and says you are filling Viplav’s name sindoor and asks her to fill Parshiya’s name sindoor. She says Kamini is filling Viplav’s name sindoor. Dhaani is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. Eisha

    Mishal did not come today who was that man in dark. Felt bad as I was eagerly waiting for his comeback Mishal please come back soon

  2. Pooja

    Dhulari ma you are talking disgusting – you don’t know the value of sindoor so please stop advising your daughter.
    Dhanni you don’t have sense – listen everyone one word’s n dance accordingly.
    Never hear poor viplav word’s😞😭😞

    • Renuverma

      |Registered Member

      Yes puji hated dulari for the first time. She is actually forcing dhani n parshiya for the alliance. Also till date dhani was applying sindoor for viplav n she didn’t had objection even when knowing abt vks marriage to viplav. Now all of a sudden she has become so partial.
      Hope dhani shows her viplavs letter n tells her feelings to dulari.

      • Pooja

        Renu didi so sweet of you.. no one called me this way.. I m happy I got a caring sister. Thank u 😃

  3. ArShi

    Hi frnds….how r u all????I’m here aftr lng tim…coz I dn’t lik IKRS since kamini’s ntry. IKRS losses it’s chrm….nd fr me it gets away frm it’s base.

  4. Eisha

    Mishal did not come today who was that man in dark. Felt bad as I was eagerly waiting for his comeback Mishal please come back soon by the way tnx Hasan mam for update

    • Renuverma

      |Registered Member

      Hi mouni seems u haven’t watched since long. Viplav is missing for more than a week as he was on a holiday at London . He was back on sets yesterday n probably in tomorrow’s episode would come.

  5. Sujie

    |Registered Member

    Dulaari maai…seriously Now I am thinking to send you to mental hospital….. Seriously 👿👿👿
    Dulaari maai can’t tell viplav is vidha’s papa…but she can make Dhaani ready for her 3rd wedding….. Looking at vidha ..she is shocked…but cannot tell vidha that viplav is her father…. Did anyone use any adhesives on her lips due to which she is tight lipped and not giving damn to such an important thing 😱😷 Dulaari maai….sorry to say…but today I felt you were annoying like you were in the initial episodes when you used to yell at Dhaani for every small thing and on top of that..could not stand viplav even for a second …..
    First Dhaani got married to MUNNA AWASTHI…. A DRUNKARD….. Dhaani turned widow…. She tolerated all the pain….she had to face so much😞😞😞
    Then Dulaari maai was eager to make Dhaani married to that goon Tripurari…great…..
    When parshiya Dhaani were clarifying their thoughts…. Beech mein tapak Padi… And boldiya give name to the relation….. Aisa thodi hota hai 👿👿👿
    Woman who herself is living like a widow inspite of knowing about her husband is advising Dhaani about sindoor…… 👿👿👿👿
    And vidha…. Let your parshiya baba remain as he is….. Please baby…. Don’t say your papa is someone other than viplav…it hurts 😞😞

  6. Arshdeep

    |Registered Member

    Thank you joyee for your wishes. And ya its Vividha from Jaana na dil se door. Such an awesome show and the cast is awesome too❤ Sizzling chemistry between Vividha and Atharv😍😘

    Ade1111 Thank you for the wishes. I could not do it i guess😔
    Renu di i was telling congratulations to sujie di for her admission
    Hey harika loved the picture. Finally he is back😍
    Not so good news Areeb 😢
    So friends how are you all? I missed a lot in these days so will take time to catch up all fan fictions now. Not going to watch The episodes i have missed but i will be regular from now onwards. We have wifi here in pg so will watch it regularly online and comment.😂

    The exam was good until and unless i didnt see the answer key but but but when i saw it😭😭😭😭😭
    Stop stop stop Arshi.. no more crying..
    My mom says whatever God has thought for us is the best. So i will leave it to God. I will become doctor if God wants me to.

    Anyways today was my first day at Hansraj college. I am currently enjoying it❤
    I dont keep hopes which fail later. So I will try for the next year too for medical. Until then i am gonna study life sciences😀

    Need some help. My name got changed all by itself. Any idea how to change it back??

  7. Ade1111

    |Registered Member

    Hi Everyone
    Not sure if I liked Dulaari’s action today it’s just totally wrong Vidha has a dad she should be given the right to know about her dad but advising Dhanni to marry so that Vidha has a Dad is 🤐🤐🤐wrong

      • Ade1111

        |Registered Member

        Yes Renu I feel so bad for Viplav but Vidha needs to know who are dad is and if Dhanni still wants to marry Parshiya then atleast it won’t be for the sake of giving Vidha a Papa she has one already

    • Pooja

      Yes ade.. totally wrong.. how can dhanni accept for marriage- even through wedding gonna call off-road can’t take it

      • Ade1111

        |Registered Member

        Yes so glad it was called off but according to spoilers it was because Vidha ran away or hurt herself so does that mean she runs away again
        Am so confused

  8. Renuverma

    |Registered Member

    Today’s episode can be summarised in few words.
    Vidha getting adamant to know the identity of her father n runs aways thinking to take help from.police . Dhani along with dulari n parshiya with his mom n friends search frantically for her.
    Finally dhani spots her n in a bid to hide she ends up locking herself in a parked car in garage.evey one tells her to unlock but unable to do so she collapsed. Finally parshiya breaks opens n rescues her. She calls parshiya asbher papa as he saveď her.seeing her fondness towards parshiya n desire to meet papa duĺari convinced dhani n parshiya to tie knot.NOTHING MAJOR.

  9. ArShi

    #Renuvarma….I’m not a virs…in fct I’m one of the oldst membrs in ikrs fmly. Bt I stopd wtchng ikrs aftr kamini’s ntry…nd so i stopd cmmntng here….

  10. ArShi

    Oh…Arshi…tnx a lot dear….ur wish is rly unxpctd fr me…as I dn’t kno u…bt I am rly ..rly…rly vry hpy. It seems u kno me well…tnx a lot once agn….

    • Arshdeep

      |Registered Member

      But i know you😂
      It was yesterday only na?
      Actually when i joined this family on 21st march that time you were here. So i know you😀

  11. Esha6

    |Registered Member

    Hii guys I am new here and I am big fan of mishal love him so much <3 but missing him a lot in the show

  12. Saraswathi.j

    Dhaani are you not ashamed of you for your charecter,how many times you will go for marriage ,the first Raja,s brothers,next Tp as your mother,s choice,next Viplav ,now Parshya ,it seems he is so happy to get you as his wife,when your daughter,s biological father is alive and he wish to be her father why you are making Parshya as vidha,s father both you and your mother are ashamed of your behaviour. When husbands are there living you are going for another one hats of to your mothers advise,and you are a shame to be a woman ,you also feel very happy to be parshyas wife ,cvs what a stupid story,in which world you are living ,what you are promoting ,multiple marriages ,breaking of relationships,Dulaari nasty woman ,she become widow when husband is alive ,what a charecter of Dulaari,like mother like daughter,they do not have any family values at all ,in one day again she will advise her daughter to leave Parshya and go for another,shame ,disgusting ,stop this anarchism ……they are not fit to be mothers…….

  13. sharmi

    Pls writers don’t let Dhani marry parshiya.Unite vidha and make the story get its charm again.

  14. SARAS

    too silly of dulari..
    What a nonsense. . First of all her own husb alive n she is living a widows life in spite of knowing his innocence she is not v ready to go back to him or Even change her get up…

    dulari.. y didn’t u remarry?? y can’t dhani n parshiya stay as friends forever? ? y should they give some other name to their relationship??
    is friendship not a name? ?

  15. SARAS

    hamare hero chuttipe kya chalagaya..
    ye parshiya bahut herogiri dikharaha hai…
    When our hero comes back.. We will see. .

  16. Meghs

    |Registered Member

    Oops what else can we expect rather thab this.. disgusting. .. mishal pls come back soon.. i not able to tlerating it

  17. Mishal Raheja

    how many marriages can a woman go thru and apply sindhoor OMG!!!! What kind of unrealistic storyline can one come up with. I am totally against such storylines but IKRS, has a soft spot in me. hmmmmmm sigh……………….

  18. Saraswathi.j

    Here in India repeat telecast is at 5.30 am just I saw it to know what the writers want to tell us ,the first half of searching vidha ,s it is in the street of ashram and its surroundings they are moving in the same lanes and coming to Dhaani,s action she grabbed the hands of Parshya to take him to old car where vidha is locked at so many points she touched him unnecessarily,that itself indicates there is a lot of difference to old and new Dhaani old Dhaani do,t even touch a man but this new one she is ready to marry Parshya….this new friend did only small helps,but old Viplav did so many he even put his life in risk so many times to save her ,he nearly die at the time of saving her by Tp kidnap ,how this nasty Dhaani forget all those things,next come sorry of Parshya to Dhaani then Dulaari interfere in between and suggest to marry for the sake of vidha even a kid wonder why she is talking nonsense,when Viplav is alive and he loves them both even he try to unite Dhaani father with them even after knowing Anshuman,s falt is not there,she suddenly realise the importance of father in the life of a daughter what happened to her own daughter? Still she is away from her husband and living as a widow what a Hindu woman she is ? She is telling about Sindoor to her daughter what a laughing situation directerji,it is better to remove her from the show she don’t have any right to give suggestions to her daughter because of her wrong decision Dhaani,s life is like this ..coming to Dhaani , Only blank feelings in her face ( I do,t wish to comment her but )some how her action is not at all upto the mark ,she needs lot of improvement in Dhaani,s role……. Regrading marriage of Dhaani 4th time why the writers ,ph degrade a woman,s charecter to such a low level ? marrying multiple times to each and every one solve the problems of a woman ? As writers,and as production house they have minimum duty to show to the society good ,if it is not possible for them donot give always wrong signals to people because many women now a days sit in front of tv,s and see all your serials ,so please show some good to your mothers,sisters,daughters,and all women in general…not to break relationships with their husbands…….and break the families ….set up slowly it will lead to anarchism in society.

    • anita

      Unfortunately there are many people like Dulari in this world. They are so absorbed in their self pity and ego that they are not aware the harm they cause themselves and others around them. Its the children who suffer most in these cases. Lack of education and poverty doesn’t help such individuals. We can judge Dulari but if you look closely this woman doesn’t seem to have much exposure to the real world…meaning she hasn’t integrated much with progressive society(that’s my perception). We can judge from outside but look at the self inflicted life Dulari has created for herself….she doesn’t know any better than what she is advising Dhani.
      The writers might be trying to show this aspect of women in this case !!! I don’t know but this is only excuse I give myself to continue watching this serial.

      • Renuverma

        |Registered Member

        Hi anita. Great to know yr views. Even i share same perception abt dulari. She is illiterate n ignorant about the developments around. Viz . She is just like a toad in well who just thinks that wall boundaries are the limit n ubaware of oceans n rivers.

  19. Saraswathi.j

    There is a shadow of of a drowsing man in dark may he is a dupe to Viplav ,he may be captured and put in a dingy just like in LTL Datta bau by his sister,here may be by Tp or he may be heavily drunken state,or he may loose his senses due to our mahan Dhaani effect to Viplav,may be in today’s episode it will be solved or they will show us the josh of newly wedded couple the great Dhaani and mahan goon Parshya!

    • Anita

      Thanks Renu. I was worried when posting my comment that it could be taken as defending Dulari.
      I agree with you all that marriage seems to be taken so lightly here by Dhani….she is willing to be with another man at request of others around her ……but she is surrounded by idiots as well !!!

  20. Saraswathi.j

    Some one refer the shadow man as Viplav he is suffering with Amnesia is something like is it true? I have seen in some Tamil picture ,one love marriage of a girl because of parents it breaks and kick him ,the did another marriage of their choice,one day suddenly she saw her ex husband as a mad man ,she told it to her husband (present) and bring him home etc….are cvs creating such sort of story with Viplav?

  21. Sonu

    |Registered Member

    Please director, don’t destroy Dulari maai’s innocence charector. U already did bad for her, in her husband’s matter. Now Dhani’s remarriage.. What the hell?

  22. Sonu

    |Registered Member

    I think, now a days directors, cv’s etc whoever produce the serials, they lost thier thinking capacity & reality. It’s not only in IKRS, in all serials.. I think they didn’t know the value of Marriage. Now a days in serials marriages are like game,.When they like both get married, then divorce or again get married to another person.. Then remarried or unit with ex husband or wife.. What is this?
    I am really feel sad for this unrealistic thing…

  23. Areeb

    |Registered Member

    Has Dulaari gone mad? 😤 Agh!!! 😟

    Dhaani didn’t listen when Dulaari told her to clear mu amid her and Viplav but she refused. Now she will agree to marry some other man! Gross! 😵

  24. Areeb

    |Registered Member

    Arshi hope you are good. Your mother told right.. God always has best for us we just have to wait and struggle for it! Life sciences cool, enjoy the college dear! 😄

    And display picture.. Vitharv! 😍

  25. Areeb

    |Registered Member

    Hello Everyone. 😘

    Tuesday it is, spoilers day. Curious to know about Viplav’s whereabouts. 😐

  26. Saraswathi.j

    Some may get angry when I mention Parshya as a goon he himself told it IN police station to the cops, and to Viplav many times , any man specifically in India do not keep an evil eye on a mother irrespective of his status,position,financial background,it occurs very rarely in our society,whatever help Parshya may did to Dhaani,she never shared her husbands whereabouts with Parshya ,but he always have an evil eye about her but maintain distance because of fear of Dhaani may be reject him… for me he is only a goon..

  27. Sakshi Jindal

    I also dnt like Parshiya as he was a mawali man and dhani chbaged changed him to be a better person along with his friends.

    I hate him and Kamini as both are coming in between love of Viplav Dhaani

  28. Sujie

    |Registered Member

    Good afternoon everyone…….
    Somebody please send almonds for the writers…… baadam khaenge toh DiMag sahi chalega……
    Dulaari Maai and her buchiya……seriously Dhaani didn’t listen to her mother when she asked to clear the misunderstanding with viplav….. At that time Dhaani lost her hearing sensation….. Par bhagwaanka chamatkar Dekho…today miracle has happened…..Dhaani gained her hearing sensation…..just at the time when her mother advises her to marry parshiya ……Wah…..👿👿👿👿👿😤😠 Epic …….. Awesome….. Mind blasting…

    Sorry…I may seem harsh saying this…. But when parshiya will leave Dhaani someday…. She will again live her life alone…. Then again she will find someone .. Marry him…..the trend will continue….. What I think is….. Dhaani will stop that day when she will finish marrying each one from every state of India JUST FOR THE SAKE OF VIDHA…. AWESOME👿👿👿👣 on writer’s face….how can they degrade dhaani’s character in such a way…. I apologise for being like this…..

    • SARAS

      wah sujie… lovely post tumneto meri manki baat likha dee….

      is maa betise hum yahee umeed karsakte hain…
      par dulari buchiyakeliye tumne kisi aurse shadi kyoon nahi ki??

  29. Sujie

    |Registered Member

    And one more thing when vidha’s own father is alive…what is the need to make Parshiya Vidha’s father….. Seriously….. People can’t tell one simple thing to that kid…. But are ready to invite more compllications in their life……
    Just Hope Parshiya does not turn negative once the wedding is called off……..
    😡😡 and kaamini….. Soon the day will come when YOU WILL REMAIN NA GHARKA NA GHAATKA… will pay every penny for your sin…… 👿👿👿

  30. Arshdeep

    |Registered Member

    Hey everyone

    Not really getting time these days because of my new college life..really want to talk to you all and even read your comments. I did not read them all…😓😧

    Will try to start watching the show today itself and will then comment😊

  31. Renuverma

    |Registered Member







    • Arshdeep

      |Registered Member

      Thank you di for the spoilers
      I am gonna watch it now

      Uggghhhh kamini😑😑😑😠😠😠

      Does anyone think story is again movig on patterns of humsafar? Vidha might be suffering from a serious disease for which money will be given by Viplav to treat her

    • Saraswathi.j

      Tp is Viplav ,s paternal uncle not brother Tp is the illegitimate son of DT ,Durga mother of Tp ,never she think how Dadiji feels when she directly she lives in her out house ,Dadiji face all humiliation of DT and Tp and Durga .such a lovely woman advised Dhaani be careful with Kamini but this arrogant ,headstrong woman did not listen her words,and now ready to go to marriage 4th time shameless woman.

    • Ade1111

      |Registered Member

      😳😳😳😳😳 so it was VK omg I want to kill her myself 😡😡😡😡 honestly so now Vidha would be sick OH Lord 😔😔😔😔
      Thanks Renu Darling

  32. Renuverma

    |Registered Member

    Its clear from spoilers that to keep dhani away from viplav vk wanted her to marry parshiya. She captivated viplav n sent fake letter to dhani n dt. After she was assured that wedding has been fixed she freed viplav thinking now nothing would be done n dhani would be married. On knowing that viplav is going to Mumbai to dha she hired goons to see that everything goes off well but viplav gets successful.
    This indicates by 31st july parshiya story to be over
    Now focus would be on vidhas health.

    • Saraswathi.j

      Just like in LTL there Datta bau sister locked and sadative him for very long time ,here Kamini locked Viplav and sedative him this idea is spinning in my mind ,but Dhaani,s acceptance to marry Parshya on any pretext is unpardonable,we Indian woman should respect our marriage ethos at the base of it the institution of Hindu marriage is very good and safe to woman ,only thing many did not know what are the basic rules of our marriage,simply we are fallowing from our elders ,but our marriage system reaches saturation ,stable ,safety……just we should know the original rules and regulations of Hindu marriage.thank you for spoilers update Renuji.

  33. Kavitha

    |Registered Member

    Hi frnds how r u all.missing u guys very much.
    So kamini is kartha karma kriya of viplavs missing n parsia n dhaani marriage kartha.
    Nice story but wat suspense in vidhas report is there any health prb to vidha.
    But in my opinion she will be depressed to know who is her father not more that.
    Ohh pls I can’t see vidha in such unhealthy conditions with serious prb.

  34. Sujie

    |Registered Member

    Kaamini ………. How can she manage everything like a pro….. 👿👿👿😡😡😡😡
    She boasts that she loves viplav more than anyone…… But what the hell is happening …..
    She can captivate viplav….give him sedatives just to keep him away from Dhaani…. OMG….. The story is degrading the character of every woman …… May I know why???
    As per spoilers…. VK manages to send a fake letter…. Couldn’t Dhaani recognise the handwriting???? Oops I forgot…. She is new Dhaani…. Not her fault….. But expecting a logic in daily soap…. My fault …..
    Viplav will come back….at least Thank god for that..he will come to know some portion of truth…. But when Dhaani will tell he sent the letter…again webs of misunderstanding….. Slowly steadily Parshiya’s chapter will get closed but what will happen to vidha now…whole story will take turn and focus on her illness…. Poor vidha…. Phool Si bacchhi Ko kya kya sehna padega…😞

  35. Kavitha

    |Registered Member

    Ippadaan kadhai suudu pidikidu.
    Now the story is very hot kaminis trik n viplavs reentry vidhas health mistry.
    Wah sujie tumari baadam wali idea workout hogaya.
    N frnds I know u all worrying for dulharis idea for marrying dhaani n Persia.but in my opinion she wants dhaani to reveal her love for viplav so she created this drama I think.let’s see spoilers r very interested.

  36. Sujie

    |Registered Member

    Can anyone tell me when is ISHITA’s contract getting over???
    She is getting on my nerves….and dancing…… I can’t tolerate anymore…… Wish the day of her downfall comes soon…….
    I wish I could use the same sedatives … end her chapter once and for all……
    Pills Ki poori bottle khatam kardu uss chudail ko maarne k like….😈😡😾😾😾😾😾

  37. shanitics

    Wat the stupid things r gng in ikrs..😞
    Nw Dulari too pursuing Dhaani to gt married 💑 omg 😲
    Viplav oh.. Poor..

    Renu di.. Thankss for spoilers..
    According to spoilers.. Viplav will come to knw abt pp being his step brother…

    Soo that stupid lttr was nt written by viplav..👏
    Vk again behind Vidhaani

  38. Pooja

    Worst spoilers – now they will make cute vidhha sick by saying blood cancer, brain tumour.
    Dhanni n dhulari will cry as usual

  39. Saraswathi.j

    Seen today,s episode ,there is no compulsion of marrying Parshya by her mother she gave suggestion and after that explain ,but Dhaani instead of searching Viplav she showed the letter and told Viplav wrote the same ,how Dulaari advise her daughter to marry many times I think her background also from slum area do not have ideal thoughts in her mind,this so called civilised Dhaani readily accept to marry Parshya ,do not she know what is meant by marriage from her previous marriages,how can a married woman if she really loves her husband marry another person and make a family on the pretext of her daughter,if the same daughter came to know that he is not her father her mother hide all this , her real father loves her so much then what she will do she hate her mother,as she snatched the prevailage of her father love ,I hate both Dulaari and Dhaani not following the ethics and morals ,and not honouring the institution of marriage,hate both these women ,they are not at all good wives and mothers.

  40. Saraswathi.j

    In this context I will tell one real story that happened to one of my colegue ,she was married by her parents to one of their relative working in defence,she completed her graduation at the time of her marriage,most of the time her husband is away from home because of his duty,so he advised her and make all arrangements to study PG, after completion of pg she get a job away from her husbands work place as faculty member in woman,s that time she had six year old daughter very beautiful.her husband is on duty now and then he visit them ,slowly she has developed friendship with a doctor,she was attracted towards him because her husband is not very well educated,then one fine she divorced her husband ,and that husband left the custody of his daughter to her ,because he is in defence always away from home,then she married friend and living with him along with her started the differences between them towards her daughter,daily querelling and even she did not provide good education to her,she is treated as a servant maid in her mothers house,slowly my colleague went to depression and spoiled her life ,if really Dhaani marry that goon Parshya his love to her will go to air after few days because of her intimacy and family life ,and comparison of Viplav will crop up and he never fulfil their needs because his earnings are meagre,querelling start she regret herself ,and curse her mother for giving wrong suggestion ,even her daughter scold her mother when she came to know that her real father is very rich in real life this is the scenario of Dhaani,s life……one should hate this type of woman ….

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Your comment will now be reviewed first before it's published. Read more here..