Ishq Ka Rang Safed 25th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishq Ka Rang Safed 25th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raj Lakshmi telling Suwarna that she will lock the door. She lets the door lock open. Viplav and Dhaani comes there and get inside the house. Kanak tells Tripurari that she called him many times. Tripurari says you have just called me once and I rushed to meet you. Kanak says she called him many times and throws his phone. Tripurari asks what you have done? Kanak says it is okay. I will get a new smart phone for you. He says okay, come….shop is near only. Kanak recalls Tripurari blackmailing her showing the audio in which she asked him to kill Dasharath. She smirks. Tripurari is on the way. Viplav and Dhaani search for proofs in the house. Tripurari reaches home and knocks on the door asking Suwarna to open the door. When he couldn’t hear her, he gets inside the

house breaking the door, and looks on suspiciously.

Viplav and Dhaani are hiding in the room. Dhaani and Viplav stands close. Dhaani sees nail on the wall and keeps her hand on it to save Viplav. Agar Tum Saath Ho plays…………..Tripurari goes out of room. Viplav sees blood on her hand. He gets concerned for her. Viplav and Dhaani comes out of house. Tripurari gathers the people and says that Viplav and Dhaani were stealing in his house. Viplav makes an excuse and says he knew that we were there. The neighbors scold Tripurari for accusing Viplav. Tripurari says trust me. The neighbor says trust on you, never. Viplav tells Tripurari that they were searching for proofs in the house, and tells that they got a piece of blanket which he had worn on that day. He tells about one more proof against him. Tripurari gets thinking and wonders what he is talking about?

Dhaani asks Viplav why did you tell Tripurari that you got proofs against him. Viplav says he has a law degree and tells that Tripurari will panic and will try to burn the proofs in a hurry. Tripurari rushes inside the house and opens the box. He gets the clothes which he worn on that day. He thinks to destroy it fast. Suwarna comes home and tells that she has brought bangles for Durga and something for him. Tripurari gets angry and tells that Dhaani was searching for proofs in his house. Suwarna says I was away, then why did she come here? Tripurari says she kept your blanket and matched it with a piece of blanket. Suwarna says why Dhaani will do this, and says she is her friend. Tripurari tells her that Dhaani has done this. Kanak thinks Tripurari have no proofs against her, and laughs. She gets an audio message, and is shocked to hear the recording in which she asked Tripurari to kill Dasharath. She gets shocked. Tripurari calls her and tells that this is his new number. He says he is available in her service. He tells about Viplav coming to his house and threatening to send him to jail. He says how can I go without you Bhabhiji….He laughs. Kanak says I will not leave you……Tripurari…

Later in night, Tripurari gets a phone call. A lady asks him to meet her behind Shiv temple, and says I will tell you who I am? In the morning, Dhaani prays to tulsi plant and asks it to help them. Tripurari comes to meet the caller. Lady reveals her face and lifts the shawl from her face. Tripurari says Bijli….Bijli says last time your destiny was going good and you got freed even after trying to kill Suwarna, but this time I have seen you killing Shambu. I am a lonely witness. He laughs and asks did you see.

Bijli says you have worn blanket and went inside the house through the window. Just then electricity went off. Dhaani and Viplav records everything in the camera. Tripurari accepts that Shambu was killed and says he was just a puppet. He says this plan is of someone’s else and the person is none other than Dasharath’s family member. Bijli says I know you are lying and threatens to go to Police. Tripurari says I won’t let you go and tries to suffocate her. Dhaani tells Viplav that Tripurari will kill Bijli. Viplav and Dhaani come out. Viplav tells Tripurari that he has recorded his confession, and says if he kills Bijli then it will get recorded too. Tripurari gets scared, runs and goes on his bike. Viplav tells Dhaani that Tripurari said that the person who had planned this is our family member. He gets shocked and tensed. Dhaani is also tensed.

Tripurari calls Kanak and tells her that Viplav recorded his confession. Viplav asks Bijli to stay at safe place. Tripurari hears them. Later someone comes to Dhaani’s room. Dhaani wake up shockingly.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. Preeti

    Vip in action.Now that he knows someone of his family is behind all this, it will be more interesting.Thanks for the quick update.But how did Bijli got involved in all this?
    Probably Vip’s idea??

  2. hai my friends hai tamil,gaya,saranya,brmam,brity,gudiya,lifna,ammu,renu,sonu,shri,AM,MM
    radha,sujie,shwetha,shreya,nisha,varsha(swara),divya,louella(my little sweety),varsha darshini,mangai,akshay,mirsada,sandy,purple,joona,prachi and others and AM i have posted ur name check it carefully actually today’s episode was not believable and what is ur opinion on today’s episode guys

    pls cancel any names

  3. gennipher

    Hii everyone. I thought tripurari will disclose that it is kanak. Bt stupid tp did not disclose it. Hii louella iam happy to b ur frnd. Giv me ur intro pls.

  4. Fatarajo

    Awesome episode today loved it tripurari toh Gaya kam se I know Viplav’s ambission is being a lawyer I wonder what is Dhaani’s. And especially the nail part excited for tomorrow’s episode can’t wait for watching it, agar Tum saath Ho I love that song I m so happy that the shows I like gave that song first Pyaar Ko Ho Janne do, then Yeh Vaada Raha now Ishq ka rang Safed only IKRS was left I just can’t wait for tomorrow’s episode

  5. hai swara(varsha) post ur name as varsha it will be good to see many varsha u,me,varsha

    hai varsha,shwetha,joona,mirsada and everyone is welcomed to IKRS to family

    hai my little louella u r IKRS little princess
    but when i saw ur name i thought that u r from some other country
    where r u living in india

    hai shwetha nice to see u in IKRS family sorry to all as i can’t reply yesterday as i was busy with busy studies

    genni and hirtya i miss because i remember u both are 12th std i remember u both didi
    genni i know that u r busy with studies am i right

    sorry sonu yesterday i mistakenly post ur name as donu sorry for that

    hey joyee,kaviya,sujie,divya ur fan fiction is just amzing yaar
    i like joyee and kaviya the most because there is more suspence i luv it
    u both also doing a great job guys luv IKRS family

  6. Fatarajo

    Today I was watching yesterday’s episode with my mom and then my mom made some funny comments she said tripuari’s shawl piece had to tear where his name is written, she say how come Dhaani suddenly brave and smart, and genni u know the comment where u mentioned about Viplav lawyer but Dhaani suggested the window thingy my mom laughed reading tht comment 😛

    • And she Also say Suwarna had to wear the same shawl what a timing 😛
      I enjoyed the Rajlaxmi thingy and Dhaani not caring n praying and also the Dulaari seeing Viplav hugging Dhaani even my mom enjoyed vidhaani scenes

    • sara

      I used to watch varsha.. inbetween but left it long back now I don’t know what’s happening. ..
      I watched from shiv anandi wedding to jagya n gaanga wedding. ..
      slowly stopped watching when saragun replaced original ganga.. I lost interest. .. now I don’t know if doctor saab are all still there or not in the show

  7. Sujie

    Hello friends….. Viplav Dhaani turned detective… i think it was our hero’s idea to approach Bijli…….. Safed bhootni should get caught….
    tomorrow’s episode is gonna be rocking….. who will be there in dhaani’s room ……

  8. Oh louella, u asked me which country I m from yesterday right? I am from singapore but I was born in Bangladesh and I have a lot of friends from India and also some relatives from india

  9. Today episode was nice & very interesting……if Viplav come to know that his mother did all these things then he feel very bad…..countdown started for Kanak….
    Today vipu & Dhaani rockzzz….

  10. I have a gut feeling that if this week there is any Maha episode tv ka blockbuster it maybe of Thapki Pyaar ki if not Ishq Ka Rang Safed don’t know I think anyone of them or maybe some other show

  11. ash

    HI everyone. today’s episode was very good but don’t call kanak “Safed BHOOTNI” , she is just acting as she has been told by the writers and because her character is of a vamp.

    • divya

      Sorry but I am not angry with kajal nishad as an actor. Yes no doubt she is very good actress and acts very well. We do not like the role of kanak in vidhaani’s life…. Yes I do agree we all have some haterdness towards her but I like her as a person but i dislike kanak’s role in dhaani’s life .

    • Sujie

      We are not angry on Kajal Nishad …. sorry …..Kanak the character played by kajal nishad is negative….. actually we are annnoyed by KT not Kajal Nishad yarr…. Our anger says that Kajal Nishad has nailed the negative role of KT….. love Kaajal Nishad…..but KT ….urgghhhh

  12. Hi guys how are u all.. I was little bit injured (as I felt from steps) my leg is paining badly feeling very bad ?. Any ways guys view ur opinions on today’s epi. Genni we all remember u dear don’t repeat those words again. Love u all and Advance Happy Republic Day to all IKRS fans and to all India( sorry if I have hurt any one of u bcozz the people here are from different countries na) Love Vidhaani?

  13. Swara.sss

    A pray to god:pls don’t give a mother in law like kanak to me…and bless me with a mother in law just like our moms in ikrs family…………..
    I am very proud that our family has such a beautiful and smart moms……

  14. Louella

    Hi philo, I m from Mumba. Sorry for the late reply. There was a prayer at my house do couldn’t reply

  15. hai brmam,brity,aaditya,sara,saran,gaya,lifna,rezmie,hirtya where r u guys pls comment fast
    brmam,brity,lifna,gaya,aaditya our comment is getting less without ur comments guys come and fulfill this page waiting for ur comments

  16. Louella

    Where r u saranya why no comments? Hey guys what is ur opinion about today’ s episode? I loved today’s episode when vidhani r together investigating about shambhu’s death

  17. florentina moldovan


  18. Hi vaisha(philo), fatarajo, tamil, raj, gennie, sonu, divya, sujjie kaviya and all ishq Ka rang safed. I’ve been a silent reader that comment once in a blue moon. Just feel like saying hi to my online family ” I love u all” though not an Indian

  19. AM

    I love today’s episode … love the song part ….I love this song and now it became more 😀 ….
    some time I hate TT a lot …he is now provoking suwarna against Dhani .. …
    but I love him a lot in the convo between kanak and tripu(devar-bhabi) . very funny 😀 😀 …. ..hahaha … .
    hi to all my dearest friends … 🙂 ….see you tomorrow. 🙂

  20. Louella

    Hi Aish welcome to our ikrs family. Be free to comment here. Before even I was a silent reader but now I comment here everyda. And most importantly I m the youngest of all here as I m in std 6th

  21. Louella

    Hey friends this is the right time. The moderation problem is becoming little less. So friends comment as much as u can before this moderation comes between us

    • Anne

      Please, why do Viplav n Dhaani need Trips clothes to prove his guilt,and how did they know he was meeting Bilil?Sorry if this is stupid question but I don’t know Hindi. Take care everyone x

  22. Louella

    Hi anisha. Even my best friend’s name is also anisha. For one second I thought that my friend is really commenting here.

  23. Hi vaisha(philo), fatarajo, tamil, raj, gennie, sonu, divya, sujjie kaviya and all ishq Ka rang safed. I’ve been a silent reader that comment once in a blue moon. Just feel like saying hi to my online family ” I love u all” though not an Indian.
    Today’s episode was interesting, hope there won’t be any twist on vamp and tripurari

  24. sara

    hi everyone. . i loved tripurari house part… including vips reply to him for his allegations. … finally his lawyer skills are showing up. ..

    am.. I too love tp n kt pair they are amazing both acting wise n their cunning nature for each other. .. ..
    I don’t like suvarna the idiot…One and only pativratha on whole earth. ..

  25. sara

    I don’t think kts truth will come out that soon. .. lets see what’s in store. .

    I think the precap is a dream sequence

  26. aish

    Hi vaisha(philo), fatarajo, tamil, raj, gennie, sonu, divya, sujjie kaviya and all ishq Ka rang safed. I’ve been a silent reader that comment once in a blue moon. Just feel like saying hi to my online family ” I love u all” though not an Indian.

    • Saranya

      Hai Raj,i was a little busy yesterday and went to bed early so that didn’t came to comment.and i posted a conversation below.i don’t know,is it good/bad.u read it and tell me bcz i wrote it with your inspiration.

  27. Dilu

    Hi saranya,raj,sonu,am,br maam genni,hrithya,sara,fatarajo,varsha,akshay and all others….I am a silent reader here…but now I think to comment here…I know everyone here…..I am very much amused to see the friendship between u guys….and one funny interesting thing is purple and rahul…Actually who r they….

  28. aish

    Ahoy philo and fatarajo! Can I have ur Facebook contact just love to be ur friend outside IKRS family. Hope u won’t turn me down

    • hi aish i am not in facebook my father has an account so sorry yaar but next year i will open a account in facebook with my friends we have planned to do it

  29. aish

    Can’t wait to see the day kanak will be expose. Guess she won’t feel ashame buh viplAp will definitely feel bad

  30. Mirsada

    Hello ,following epi.Viplav manager to get proof against Tripurari .Viplav presents proof against Tripurari in the court. Viplav is upset with Dani as Triputari ‘s confession CD has been changed. Viplav starts suspecting that someone from his family could have been responsible for his father’s death. Viplav and Dahni clarifi their misunderstndings.Viplav deci des to get married to Dhani to put an end to all their misunderstndings.

  31. Saranya

    A conversation b/w suwarna and tripurari.

    S:tp,almari mein bahuth sara bed sheets padi hui hai,kaham se aaya woh sab?woh kya haina,ham soch rahi thi ussi se do char udakar ashram mein sabko thofe de do.
    TP:bed sheets!tumko woh sab bed sheets lagati hai ka!aare woh sab hamra pyjama silnewala kapadom hai.
    S:tho ka hua dikhne mein bilkul bedsheets lagati hai,hamna jaroor do chaar ashram mein de doonga.
    TP:aare amma aa kar pooch lenge tho kya kahengi ham,ab amma yaham nahi hai,is liye tho ham ek new style try kiya.bachpan se woh hame yeh silakar pehanathi hai.yeh sab tume de diya tho woh hame dandege.
    S:amma ko beech mein kyoon la rahi hoon.sach kaho yeh tum ‘ek gharido paanch mufth’ dookan se bees rupe ke liye ghareed kar laya hua bed sheets haina?
    TP:tum ka hame bevakoof samchthi hoon?aare ham bhi horlicks peethi hai,is liye tho bani hai stronger and sharper.
    TP:ha, aare pagli hamna yeh gharid kar nahi layi,yeh sab ham ek andhe bhigari se churaya hai.kamal haina.paisa bhi nahi gaya kam bhi ho gaya.

  32. AM

    happy republic day to all my friends …..I got this shocking spoiler for this week .. every Saturday is the eye catching episode ..and this Saturday too …see this ….
    Episode – 146
    Viplav manages to get
    proof against Tripurari.

    Episode – 147
    Viplav presents proof
    against Tripurari in the

    Episode – 148
    Viplav is upset with Dhani
    as Tripurari’s confession
    CD has been changed.

    Episode – 149
    Viplav starts suspecting
    that someone from his
    family could have been
    responsible for his
    father’s death.

    Episode – 150
    Viplav and Dhani clarify
    their misunderstandings.

    Episode – 151
    Viplav decides to get
    married to Dhani to put an
    end to all their

  33. sara

    @sofe take care of yourself. . playing is very good but don’t get injured.. Don’t be fidling with the phone while using stairs. . get well soon n take care

    • Thanks for concern Sara. I was little bit busy with my mobile suddenly I slipped and feel down my leg is paining a lot and some rashes on my knees. Feeling cryy??

  34. Marees

    Hai frnds gud mrng to all…….

    After long time Raj bhaiya is back and also viplav wakil is back….(IPPA VAVATHU VIPLAV LAWYER DRESS PODUVARA.?..)

  35. Louella

    HAPPY REPLUBIC DAY TO ALL MY FRIENDS (sorry if I have hurt all those who r not from India. Sorry!!!)

  36. AM

    I got this spoiler at 11pm ..but feeling very sleepy so while typing I fall asleep 😛 😛 😛 ….isliye thora late hogaya ….and for this mirsada mam took this advantage 😛 😛 😛 :’D …… bye guys happy republic day 🙂 🙂 😉

  37. The song which was played when Dhaani tried to save Viplav from the nail on the wall was really superb…I like that song very much…….Viplav and Dhanni are very good pair and looks like made for each other….

  38. Hi saranya dear I luv ur conversation very much it was very funny too.u also have a talent of writing comics and stories y can’t u start writing ff on ikrs see I like kaviyas and joyees ff I want to be urs also one ff I think it will be funny and interesting. Y don’t try this my frnd.

    • Saranya

      Thanks kavitha,but i can’t write fan fictions as i have no time.a lot to study policy is if i am doing something i have to concentrate it completely otherwise i will not venture it.sorry kavitha but i assure u if u all like these type of conversations genuinley i will try to bring out more.

  39. Saranya

    Lagta hai hamari vampire ki dimag bhi make up ke saath phenk liye tho bevkoofiyam kar rahi hai.dekho dosthom aisa hai ki hamari vampire ko yeh bhi nahi patha phone pe memory card hothi hai aur sirf phekne se phone memory ko bhi kuch nahi hothi.bekar mein apni paisa barbad kar diya.woh bhi tp ko smart phone de kar.kamal hai yeh babi ji.

  40. Saranya

    Hey Dilu i am also from kerala.i am staying in Trivandrum.what about u?a lot of keralites are in the family now.very nice.

  41. Saranya

    Pls collect ur prize gol gappas from our office.aapki mann pasanth samosa bhi hai.

  42. Saranya

    Guys,u noticed something,yesterday they played the same bgm which they used when viplav and ashram ladies fighted with those goons to let the ashram played when viplav twisted tp’s words and saved themselves.i think it’s playing after a long gap.

  43. hai guys today i said my speech my friends said that i said well and my teacher appreciates
    me thanks to u guys some of them had advised me to do this
    i dont know said that so pls mention ur name guys

    when u stand in the stage think everyone as fruits (and today my friend asked me to think everyone as vegetables then i remember that someone had posted it in IKRS page

    second advice is someone asked me to think vidhaani and i did that so today i said my speech boldly guys thank u for ur wishes thank u very much

    • divya

      I had given you the fruit idea…… Very happy to know that u did well…. Even I had a speech today and I imagined the guest to be viplav and my headmistress as dhaani… worked like charm…..

  44. Saranya

    Gud mng Varsha,
    Aish,jyoti,Akshay and all my dear friends.

  45. Saranya

    Hai Sofe,take care dear.get well soon and u know something it is the good time to get full attention,love and care of everyone in your family,just use the situation yaar.

  46. Saranya

    Hai guys,thanks to all for ur support to my conversation.still i believe that it was not such funny.i just wrote it as Raj told me to attempt one.anyways if u felt good by reading that i must thank Raj for inspiring me to do so.thanks Raj.and thanks once again for all of ur support.

      • Fatarajo

        Okay arshi I will sned u request mine is Fa_i_ Ta_ _ i_a Ra_ _a_
        U will understand what it means once I sent u the friend request I m wearing a pink gown in my profile pic if u think I m Fatarajo send me the message that are u Fatarajo then I wil reply and don’t reveal my account name here u know I luv suspenses pleaseeeee 😛

    • Saranya

      Of course yaar,here is the translation.
      S:tp,there are a lot of bed sheets in shelf.i wonder from where did all those came?i think what if i give some of them as gift to ashram?
      TP:bed sheets!nonsense,they are my materials for stitching pyjamas.
      S:so what,they looks like bedsheets,i’ll certainly gave some to ashram.
      TP:oh,hallo what if amma asks about it to me!now she is not here.that’s why i tried a new look.from childhood itself she stiches clothes for me.she will scold me if i gave it to u.
      S:don’ bring amma in b/w.i know,u bought this from ‘buy one get five free’ market.that’s why u are denying
      TP:yeh,i am not that much fool like u think.i also drink horlicks so that i am stronger and sharper.
      TP:Ya,i didn’ bought it,i stole it from a blind expense only is my i intelligent.

  47. Yes saranya it’s true the background music ?,mantras is very unique. I never heard anywhere before .its unique,like a cherry ? on a cake.

  48. Sonu

    Wow most of the new comers in our family.
    “AISH, ASH, DILU AND JOONA” welcome to our family and keep commenting. Take care..

    • @Akshay bro I was playing with my mobile suddenly slipped and I felt down my leg is paining a lot. By the way how are you I heard that u r also injured.

  49. Sonu

    Hi my dear friends BR mam, Shri, Sharu, Saras, Joyee, AM, MM, Varsha, Tamil, Gudiya, Raj, Rajee, Ranaji, Kavi, Kaviya, Divya, Louella, Florentina, Anne, Sofe, Akshay, Jyoti, Sana, Sandy, Renu, Megha, Marees, Marine, PurpleRahul, Genni, Hritya, Vaishnavi, Swara, Swasti, Swati and all of IKRS family cho chweet friends..

  50. sara

    hey saranya hamari kanak tripathi to unpad hai. . use nahee pata ee memory card kaa cheej hain..

    I m very scared for the day when our hero will know his mom’s reality. . he will be totally broken

  51. Fatarajo

    I just watched today’s episode n I don’t like the new title track where Kanak says to Dhaani by removing he veil mein tumhe aur Viplav Ko kabhi ek nahin hone dunga , and when Viplav come mirror breaks :/
    But I must say Rajlaxmi and bijili just nailed today’s episode

  52. Fatarajo

    I enjoyed the part where Tripurari trolled Kanak 😛 but the best was when Dhaani kept her hand on the nail just for Viplav , Viplav expression was very funny today 😛

  53. Fatarajo

    Is Krishnadasi a 1-hr show, thy will show one hr for first episode or it’s like that
    Hey guys while I was watching Ishq Ka Rang Safed, after that they showed Thapki Pyaar Ki and I was so shocked that how can someone purposely drink the poisoned milk despite knowing the fact that there is poison, that Thapki knew there was poison and she drank the entire milk, who does that :O

    • Louella

      Fatarajo even I saw thapki pyaar ki just one hour before. I just can’t understand how can someone drink the poisoned milk knowing that there is poison in it. Showing nonsense but then also I luv it but not more than ikrs

      • Fatarajo

        Hey louella i do agree I criticize this show a lot because TPK current track is nonsense and dragging a lot but still I watch it only for thahaan, mom also like to watch it and she scolds Thapki while watching it sometimes 😛

    • AM

      only mad can drink .. 😛 😛 ….my mom feel very irritated while seeing it (tpk) …my mom only like ikrs and see it eagerly …others desperately ..only for time pass

      • Fatarajo

        Lol AM I was like Yeh ladki kya kar rehe hain my mom for some reason like that show I try not to let her watch this show nowadays 😛 but I will let her watch this episode to show what this Thapki is doing I only like this show cause of the concept which is even missing from the show and only watching it in hope for thahaan love story

      • Fatarajo

        When my mom saw that she say I wasted my time I should have slept instead of watching TPK today wonder what happend to Thapki 😛

    • sara

      namev of the serial should be khel chemicals ki.. what nonsense is that serial. .. only mixing harmful chemicaks poison… trying to kill or plan to chop uands what kind of psychic serial is that I don’t understand. .. n they r gaining good trp only god knows what’s trp…

      I like only bihan in that serial. .. n his dialogues. . sometimes diwakar. He is very funny villian. .

      • Fatarajo

        TPK makers r addicted to certain things 😛 everytime in tv ka blockbuster of TPK they always show fire first the dandiya bomb and then Thapki walking on the fire even Munni/Shahida didn’t face that much difficulties in gaining her voice back Sara shows’s name should be Bihaan Pyaar ka is everyone loves Bihaan’s character even more than Thapki, even my younger cousin brother watches TPK only for Bihaan 😛

  54. Sonu

    In Yesterday’s episode Bijli ek damm, BIJLI ki taraha aa gayee. I too like her acting and her transaction, body language.. Well done Bijli. RL also done good job. I am so happy for RL in +ve role.

  55. Sonu

    Dear BR mam, where r u? what happened? Please mam atleast tell the reason for why u not commented. We are all miss u mam, please come back..Love uuuuuuuuu..

  56. Sonu

    Hi Shri, ivaga hegiddya? Innu husharagilwa, yenagide? Please do one comment per day. Miss u, take care Gelathi……

  57. Sonu

    Director sir, hamari drama queen ko thoda make up kariyena, hum nahi dek payi usko iss avatar mein. She doesn’t look good in full sleves. Usko three fourth sleeves, ek small bindi deejiyena.

  58. Sonu

    Now a days in colors channel GHOSTs are grown in huge number. First Ghosts are found only in SSK, now it also entried in Swaragini and ready to start entry in MATSH serial.

    • Fatarajo

      Ya Sonu one thing I hate about hindi serials is supernatural stuffs SSK should be about how Simar handles here sasural , I admit she is a good Bahu but soo good that she fights with Naagin, Dayan, ghost 😛 and Swaragini there is no ghost is planned by ragini’s aunt

      • Fatarajo

        I also like Ishveer pair a lot but now it’s too much they got seperated too many times n finally ranveer understood that ishani must have some other reasons to go away

  59. sri (kaviya)

    hi friends i’m busy with my ff so i can’t comment here its late but anyways happy republic day. all new friends were held up in ikrs family i welcome u all guys. u can feel lots of love here. have fun friends…..and be happy.

  60. Frnds may I know if another show is getting this much of comments like our ikrs was going through this much of comments in this show.
    If not our is ikrs really going awesome.I want to be ikrs best.

    • Fatarajo

      Okay I will send u request mine is
      Fa_i_ Ta_ _i_a Ra_ _a_
      and please don’t reveal my name to anyone here 😛 u know I love suspense , I m wearing a pinkish gown and if u think I m Fatarajo send me a message r u Fatarajo?

  61. Rahul

    Hi everyone……some problems I mean misunderstandings are arosed between purple and me…but lots of tension….pray for me

  62. AM

    yes sonu ..can’t see kanak in this way ….when she walk to take take …she is looking and walking like lady DON. … 😛 😛 ….hahaha

  63. sara

    hey purple n rahul please speak out n clarify misunderstandings…not communicating is worst thing in relationship. .. please speak to purple n sort out out everything will be fine. . good bless you both n take care

  64. sara

    saranya you conversation was v really good it was a thriller. . When started reading I was wondering what bedsheets is she talking about. .. When I read further I burst out laughing. …

    by the way he is no longer wearing pp .. so she can give those bed sheets to ashram.. n very b soon our kt will also be joining ashram so b they will need more bedsheets there. .

  65. Saranya

    Thank God,they didn’t changed our repition time for means our show really

  66. sara

    can somebody tell me in what way tps cloths c as n be evidence? it neither has any stains nor shambu’s finger prints. .. Why is he preserving it in a box! !!!

  67. sara

    saranya. . my princess’s picnic was super itseems. . she wants out everyday now. .. she has countless story to tell… childhood is so amazing. ..

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.