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Ishq Ka Rang Safed 25th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Nani saying you can’t do this Lala ji. Raj Lakshmi confronts him. Dulaari and Dhaani plead infront of him. Badi Amma says you can’t ask us to vacate the Ashram as we are staying there since many years. Lala says you are threatening me and warns to vacate the Ashram in 7 days. Badi Amma tells that they have to fight in court. Badi Amma takes Dhaani along with her to meet the lawyer. The lawyer asks him to pay him 7000 Rs as fees. Badi Amma and Dhaani are shocked and try to bargain. The lawyer tells that he have to get the stay order on the notice sent to them. Tripurari gives watch to Viplav. Viplav wears it and tells about the woman’s rights in America. He tells that they have to be broad minded being young generation. He calls him to call him VIPS.


Amma reaches Ashram and tells everyone that they have to sell whatever they have as an asset. Everyone look at their minimal jewellery. Dulaari asks Badi Amma to have strength and they will fight for their Ashram. Suwarna tells that after her husband’s death, her mum in law threw her out of house, and her brother dropped her here. Raj Lakshmi tells Suwarna that they will elope from Ashram and tells Tripurari is there for her. Suwarna tries to give her earring, but Raj Lakshmi stops her. Viplav meets Shambu, Kanak and dadi. He asks where is Dada ji? Badi Amma collects the valuables of the widows and tells that they couldn’t get even two thousand rupees.

Dhaani tells that they shall make something till evening to earn 5000 Rs. All the women sit down to make 125000 Baati. Raj Lakshmi tells that it is difficult to make that much Baati and more difficult to sell it. Badi Amma asks Dhaani to stop making it and tells it is difficult to make and sell it. Dhaani tells Badi Amma that Mahant Prabhu can solve their problem and asks her to meet lawyer. Viplav meets Dasharath and leave from the house. Dhaani and Suwarna are coming towards their house. Kanak taunts Shalini for sitting in the car to drop Viplav till airport. Viplav asks her not to get angry. Kanak says she never gets angry and asks them to go. Viplav sits in the car. Suwarna stops to repair her chappal while Dhaani goes. Kanak misses Viplav and sees his wallet. She calls him asking to take back his wallet.

Dhaani reaches Dasharath’s house and is stopped by the servant. Dhaani pleads to the servant to call Dasharath and asks him to call him once. The servant asks her to leave. Dasharath stops her and asks to come in. Dhaani runs and lie down on his feet. Dasharath asks is there something important? Dhaani tells that they are in trouble and only he can save them else they will be ruined. She tells her Ashram will be taken away and asks him to save it. Dasharath stares her with lust and asks to come in. Dhaani tells that she needs 5000 Rs. help and promises to return soon. He gives her water and asks to have it. Dhaani refuses, but he insists. Dhaani drinks it. Dasharath stares her and tells I would have given you 50000 Rs. He asks her to wait and goes to bring money.

Kanak taunts and insults Dhaani for trying to trap innocent Saint Dasharath. Dhaani runs from there cryingly. Viplav comes and collides with Dhaani. Dhaani runs cryingly without seeing him. Viplav gets surprised….

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Feeling like to punch that oldy.Such a drama king!!
    And also bored by watching the same precap for 3 days.
    The widows were very lonely.Nobody helps them.So sad…

  2. Feeling sad for that widows. Waiting for the next episode to see how biplav save those widows.

  3. What the hell. …..stop doing this rubbish. ….v r 2 bored…With this. …

  4. I miss shastri sisters
    this is good but not as good as shatter sisters

  5. They r dragging it tooooo much.. Waiting for that precap for ages

  6. Viplav is going to become their lawyer and go against his grandfather. As he thinks he’s the root cause of the widows problem.

  7. Same precap continue the story do not drag it along.

  8. A serial is lauched for telecastng it daily nt to telecast it in the speed of light…pple r becoming too much impatient…

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