Ishq Ka Rang Safed 25th April 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishq Ka Rang Safed 25th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kamini asking Dadi Bua not to get angry else her health will deteriorated. She says yesterday Viplav me out and also have taken care of me well. She says Viplav got angry, but will obey you. She says I couldn’t keep my eyes off him and says there is something in him. Dadi Bua says I am stubborn and asks her to bring her suitcase. Viplav applies ointment on Dhaani’s wound, and says it seems thunderstorm will come. Dasharath says we have to stop this storm else everything will be ruined. Kanak says nobody can stop Viplav. Dasharath asks her to take bowl and beg on streets of Banaras. Dadi Bua shows jewellery to Kamini. Kamini says it is so beautiful and asks if it is for Shalu. Dadi Bua asks her to come with her. Dasharath says if Dadi Bua comes to know the truth then

she will throw us out, and not Dhaani, and we will be on road then. Dadi bua covers dupatta on Kamini’s head and makes her wear jewellery. She asks her to wear it at night. She rings the temple bell. Dadi says they will take mahurat for Viplav and Kamini’s marriage. Kamini gets shy and goes.

Dasharath sings song. Kanak asks what happened to you? Dasharath asks if my sur is fine, and thinks I will get money if I sing bhajan in the temple, but then I will become ordinary pandit and not mahant. He asks Kanak to make food at someone’s house. Kanak asks what happened to you. Dasharath says jiji will kick all of us out from here, and says it was all of jiji. He says she gave me everything, and I took everything, but didn’t keep the promise. He says Viplav have applied kajal on my face and everything is ruined. Kanak promises Dasharath that she won’t let anything happen to him or this house. She says Dhaani will beg and not us. She says there is a way.

Dhaani’s mangalsutra beads falls down. Kanak comes and picks it up. Dhaani says thread was broken. Kanak says we have hidden truth from Dadi Bua, as we were scared about her anger. Kanak looks at Dhaani, and says Dadi Bua will be shattered. She says we can’t explain to Viplav. Dhaani says Viplav is angry and will not agree. Kanak says he will not agree, but you can understand. She says Dasharath will not be insulted if she agrees. Dhaani says I don’t understand. Kanak asks her to go away for 2 days, until Dadi Bua goes. Dhaani says Viplav. What to tell to him. Kanak says you can tell him in the letter. She says Viplav will come and take you home. She says what Viplav couldn’t do, you can do. She acts and says they are in dilemma. She says I know you have saved Viplav twice, but Bua ji have saved Viplav when he was a small kid. She says Viplav is because of her, else he wouldn’t have been alive.

A fb is shown, Doctor tells Dadi Bua and Kanak that his treatment is not affecting on child. She says Dadi Bua fasted for 3 days and prayed infront of God. She says Viplav got saved because of her prayers. She says Dasharath gave Viplav to Dadi Bua, and says Dasharath was forced to lie about their marriage. She says if I would have lied to Dadi Bua then you would have doubted on me. She says Dasharath have accepted you as bahu, and asks why he will do this. She says if you think of yourself as bahu, then I will come and take you. She says I am sure that you will not disappoint you. Dhaani holds her hands with teary eyes. Kanak throws her fake tears before going. Dhaani cries.

Viplav comes to room and calls Dhaani. He says we will tell everything to Dadi Bua, and can’t bear anymore now. He looks for Dhaani. Kanak comes to Dasharath and says Dhaani left from home. She says what Dadi Bua couldn’t do, I have done. Dasharath gets happy and sings song happily. He says it is good, now that inauspicious girl couldn’t come back home. Viplav asks servant. Servant says she left and said that she will return at right time. Kanak informs dadi Bua that Dhaani left. Dadi Bua says it is good that she left. Dadi Bua asks her to call everyone as I have to make an important announcement. Kanak says okay and goes. Dhaani is seen walking on road and crying thinking about Dadi Bua’s accusations on her character. Viplav comes in his car and calls her name. He holds her bag and asks you are leaving me. Dhaani says I am helpless. Viplav says I am also helpless and reminds of the promises/vows which they have taken. He says this drama will end today with truth. They look at each other.

Dadi Bua calls kamini. Kamini comes dressed up as a bride and wears same saree and jewellery which Dadi Bua have given her. Viplav and Dhaani come home. Viplav holds her hand. Dadi Bua says Dhaani can’t enter home, and asks Viplav about his relation with Dhaani. Viplav says he has love relation with Dhaani, and also husband and wife relation with her. Dadi Bua and Kamini are shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. Sujie

    Hello everyone…….
    episode was okay okay…..Loved that last part only …… and precap is interesting …. I seriously hope Viplav gives fitting reply to that DB,DT AND KT……
    IKRS rocks
    ViDhaani rocks

  2. Rajee

    Cud not watch the episode but I am relieved that I didn’t have to watch this torturous episode. But wow precap looks interesting. Just hope this is not a dream! Plz plz plz…no dream …vipu tell the truth & give our restless hrt some relief.

  3. Arshdeep

    Dhani is so sensitive..
    Viplav was right when he said you forgot abt the promises made..
    Uniting the family..she always forgets her promises made to viplav..??

  4. Anne

    Thankyou H. Hasan.xx
    I’m so pleased the truth is told.
    Can’t wait to see what happens, Dash and Kanak are great actors but I still loathe them…..they are doing a good job I suppose.As for dadibua ………:-! Nasty piece of work….

  5. Nimisha ?

    Thanks so much for the update H Hasan!

    Today’s episode had far too much DB, DT and KT.

    I think DT has a mental illness. He’s a bit unhinged!

    DB was portrayed as the bullying with that she is, she has a plan and it will be the way things go, no matter what.

    I don’t know if KT,s story about her not eating for 3 days whilst praying for a poorly baby Viplav is true or not, but as his grand aunt, she chose to do that. Why should Viplav spend the rest of his life being grateful. Or why does it allow her the right to dictate his life. She’s another one with a mental illness.

    Poor Dhaani being manipulated by KT and DT. WHen DYbwas singing I imagined myself punching him… Hard… In the face.

    the last scene when Viplav runs out of the car was awesome. Well done to the writers for keeping him true to what he stands for. He told Dhani off too which I liked, but he did it out of exasperation rather than anger, reminding her that they have made a promise to each other.

    The Precap, well, how awesome was that. LOVED that they walked in holding hands and that he said ‘Pyar ka rishta… Pati Patni ka Rishta’ to DB. It shut her up! GOOOOO VIplav! Really looking forward to tomorrow. It doesn’t matter what DBndoes or doesn’t do, Viplav and Dhani are standing firm together.

    Very disappointed in KT and DT. They really have no respect for the grandson, his happiness or his wife. They have no respect for marriage either. Shame on them both!

    If they lie again tomorrow, then I hope Viplav roars and shuts them up! Really looking forward to it.

    Mishal wasn’t in it much but he was awesome when he was, especially in the last scene and
    precap.. ??????

  6. SARAS

    I think even daadi buwa knew about viplav’s wife. . but dt is playing this gamevto saperate them…

    • Zee

      I agree Saras. I also had this feeling when Kanak was brain-washing Dhani. Maybe it was KT/DT’s new evil plan to separate Vidhani and they took DBua on board.
      This is one step back from where we are, but I am curious to know how, when, where DT struck the unholy deal with Raja to separate Vidhani (and sacrifice Shalu in the bargain).
      The alliance was shady from the word go. DT did not insist on meeting Raja’s father or seeing where they lived afterall it wd be Shalu’s future home.
      Also Shalu continued to live in AN even after marige. She did not have vidai/pag phera etc…

      • Nimisha ?

        Zee, it’s in the huge pile of unfinished stories that the writers have yet to go through. The number of unanswered questions is huge. Lots and lots of potential for some good tracks.

  7. Nimisha ?

    Oh and a lovely lovely surprise to see Viplav and Dhani back on the little montage thing they show before the show starts. It’s one of my favourite pictures of them. ???

  8. eshani

    Episode was a bit boring but last vidha scene was nice…. This DT singing was irritating n this dhani y she is coming into KTs words even after knowing her reality…..Amazing precap finally viplav told abt their relation….upcoming tracks seems interesting

  9. BR

    dt plz do bajan it is good for u r soul and mind …….

    now dhani;S past will come out …. yes now vip apply dt and kt face …..over imagine if dt takes a vessal and beg in banaras ……

  10. jyoti

    tomorrow’s precap is so fast. whts the director thinking. director ji aisa kuch kariye jese ki IKRS bohut saal chalega with more love & intresting twists.

  11. Mirsada

    Hi all, DT and KN really are not normal, what they think, in half an hour drive away Dahni, mary Vipi with Kamini, they do not have a brain. Vidha got home and they shokend, they did not expect to Vipi agree to marriage.

    • Anne

      Hi Mirsada , I know ,its very strange .I don’t know what they were expecting Viplav to do ,agree to marry kamini ?? I don’t think so!
      They seem to be in a panic and not THINKING at

      • Zee

        I also find their relation a bit weird. Kanak spends much more time with DT than Sushma ji does. He walks into her room as and when he feels like. He takes her with him for functions minus his wife or her husband Shambhu – many many instances of inappropriate behaviour betw them.

      • Nimisha ?

        Zee, I think that he,s always ‘liked’ her and enjoyed throwing his weight about in that respect when Shambu was alive.

        He knows she was involved in shambu’s death but did nothing to bring her or trips to justice.

        Very weird relationship.

  12. Arshdeep

    Viplav brings Dhaani home and introduces her as his love and wife. Dadi Bua gets angry knowing Viplav and Dhaani’s relation. She questions Dasharath for his lie and reminds of the promise which he had given her. Kamini is attracted towards Viplav, and her dreams shatters seeing Viplav’s love and care towards Dhaani, but she determines to get Viplav anyhow as Dadi Bua backs her fully. Dasharath will scold Kanak for her wrong planning, and will try to separate Viplav and Dhaani.

    • Nimisha ?

      OMG! So if that’s a spoiler, says it all about Kamini. she knows he’s married, she knows he loves Dhani, but she,s still going to go after him…??

      Unfortunately that means we have to put up with more of her and I’m guessing DB too.

      For me DB and New girl are as bad as the awasthis, just slightly fewer constipated facial expressions. I knew I didn’t like the new girl for a reason,

  13. Nimisha ?

    Sujie, I did mention this on the previous update, but I finally managed to red you FF and I loved it. I commented on the ones I could, but some of the earlier ones didn’t allow it,

    Loved them all, and the detail that you write with, including the music, made them very enjoyable.

    Looking forward to the next instalment. Well done again, I think you’re super talented!


  14. Nima

    @sujie, Thank you sujie for the link. OMG what a lovely dheere dheere love tune instrumental. ?

  15. Meghs

    Gud mrng ikarians…
    Yesterday after kanak drama today epi may relaxation.. So waiting for it..

  16. Fatarajo

    Ending part of today’s episode was nice, lovely Vidhaani conversation Vidhaani rocks and precap is interesting Dadi bua and kamini’s face is worth to watch 😛

  17. Fatarajo

    OMG Mahant Dashranth Tripathi if u go to indian idol with such horrible voice, they will throw u out of the gate even before entering the auditions -_-

  18. Fatarajo

    Kamini’s reaction when knowing Viplav married Dhaani,
    Kamini: Areh Yeh kya huwe nahi chaye mujhe itna gusa karne wala ladka(what happened no way I don’t want an angry man like Viplav)
    DB: Kamini ab Tera kya hoga
    Kamini: koi Ba’ath nahi Viplav nahi toh Uske Jurwa bhai ke umeed hain kaminey flim jaisa (no problem if not Viplav thn his twin just like kaminey movie)

  19. Fatarajo

    Dadi bua get lost from here don’t disturb Vidhaani ab sirf 3 idiots main old 90s ke ghar main ek hi saree penke roti banane main ache Lagte hain 😛 (she looks good in making roti wearing same Saree like 90s)

  20. Fatarajo

    Kanak when she got Dhaani’s bead from mangalsutra Areh vaa kya chamatlar mujhe suhagan ke mangalsutra sain ek bead mila ab kab hogi meri dushri shaadi (wow I got a bead from a married woman’s nuptial chain now when will I get remarried)

  21. Zee

    Very intense episode. Mishal Raheja has outdone himself. He had very little screen time but even then he was just brilliant when he asked Dhani how could she take a one-sided decision. Sometimes I feel Dhani is a fool or just too desperate to be accepted by the slimey Tripathi parivaar. Kanak has cheated her many times, yet she fell for her lies again and that too by betraying her noble Viplav!
    DB praying for baby Vip is crazy – his own mother and Grandmom were there. As Nimisha also said, if DB did some praying for an infant, it was her choice to do so. She cant come back 25 years later and ask for her pound of flesh.
    Two, if Dhani left Ayodhya Nivas, she wd go to the Ashram and Vip cd simply go and get her back – so there was no point in all that drama and sending her away.
    Three, if DT is a loser and lived of his sister’s wealth all his life, why shd Vip pay the price for their lifestyle. They are treating him like a fixed deposit. We invested in you for 25 years and now its pay back time!

    • Nimisha ?

      I think his plan has backfired.

      They think Viplav is swayed by the same ideals of money and status as DT,mKT and now DB and New girl are, but thankfully as he has always known wealth he is’nt swayed by it. I think Dhani has taught him the value earning his own money, when he went yo buy the wedding dress for her as a gift, when she was marrying trips.

      Love your post by the way.

    • Yetty

      Totally agreed with you zee, dhaani should wise up.
      It’s same old tricks with dasharath with kanak.
      And it’s high time dadi bua stopped using her military regime , if she doesn’t want them in the house , Viplav should get his own place.

    • Nimisha ?

      Zee, red your point Three, DB, DT and KT obviously didn’t read the small print that says the value of your investment may go down as well as up.

      Honestly the more I think of the evil trio plus their sidekick, new girl, I get sooooo worked up and angry at them. They know nothing about love or honour or graciousness or anything that is good. They are incredibly selfish and all their acts are for their own good. Be it against Shalu, Dhani, Viplav, the old ashram owner, Tripurari, trip’s mum, and so on.

  22. Sujie

    Good morning everyone…… I just can’t stop myself from thinking whenever Kanak plans something to separate Viplav and Dhaani…our lovebirds grow more closer….and we love that
    1Kanak insulted Dhaani so that she leaves Viplav …when only Viplav confessed the love but Dhaani kept denying
    2 when Kanak wanted Dhaani to die because of the temple bell… poor Viplav got injured and their engagement happened later……
    3 Kanak’s story :Alleged affair with printed pyjama just to accuse Dhaani……. and she boasted about her plans….. Our hero heard it …and magic happened….. They got married….AND WE VIEWERS FANS GOT TO SEE SOME COTTAGE ROMANCE
    she asked Dhaani to go somewhere for 2 days without informing Viplav………. Our hero again found Dhaani and now he will declare with much pride….that DHAANI IS HIS LOVE, HIS LIFE,HIS WIFE….. Tripathi khaandan’s morons shocked
    ViDhaani rocked
    Share your opinion guys……

  23. True zea. Asi had earlier quoted last week ‘ if viplavs match had to be fixed by DB THEn why did DT FIX his èngagememt initially with tanya n later with dhani at the time of bell episode. Dhani shud have cross questioned KT when she said that u married secretly.

    • Zee

      Yes and Kanak was trying to match Vip with Ria who was a guest in Shalu’s first wedding!
      And this this DB, if she is so important for the Tripathi parivar, how come she didnt know anything abt Shalu’s wedding – she asked her, ‘teri shadi na hui?’


  25. Saraswathi.j

    Dhaanl do not listen to Kanak and Dasarath both are trying to separate you from Viplav if possible to kill you, your saasuma is ready to kill any one to achieve her goal her goal is to kill you and DT , she is responsible for the death of her husband Shambuji and she herself told you she do not like you ,create all problems even death to you bell incident so be careful and bold to face these jackals.

  26. Gudmrng everyone. Episode was OK OK type.but d last part is interesting. The unique part of dis show is vipu always support dhani n always prove his luv.I luv his noughty nature but love more when he is in angry mood.DAT tym his reaction is superb.thank u mishal for entrtaing us by dis role.u put lyf in viplav s character. Truely u r an amazing n adorable actor.
    Precap seems to b interesting. But after DAT condition of DT is going to b ll b a tough tym for tripathy khandan

  27. Mahira

    The best thing about this show is indeed Mishaaaaaal! ? Viplav supports Dhaani in every walk of the life! Haeeey! ?

  28. Rajkumaran

    Getting a bit angry watching IKRS. Dhani is so naive that she still cannot see through KT and DT’s schemes. I wish Viplav & Dhani will be more firm and not let themselves be bullied. Also please KILL off DPua soon. Sick of her.

  29. shanitics

    Eagerly waiting for today’s episode…
    Yesterday Dhaani was looking nice.. Felt sad ? for Dhaani… Nice u

    • Nimisha ?

      Yes Swetha, me too. I’m ridiculously anxious about it, really hope we get to see the revelation and that VIplav takes charge so all the lies and plotting is stopped in their tracks!

      Also, really hope Viplav and Dhani leave AN and go and live at the ashram leaving the evil ones to fight it out amongst themselves.

      Would love some happy ashram scenes with Viplava nod Dhani there too. Miss seeing Dulaari, RAjLakshmi, Baddi amma and the others,

  30. Nimisha ?

    By the way, when Viplav was looking for Dhani and he called the house help man, did he call Raaaaamdeeeeen?

    Just that the guy was not old ramdeen. So has he been replaced???

    • Ya nimmy if he was ramdeen then replaced. Also Kt had told dhani to write a letter for viplav ‘ didn’t she write.

      • Nimisha ?

        You’re right, you’d think after all the insults levelled by her at Dhani about her being uneducated, that KT would have remembered. ?

  31. Sujie

    Just checked the spoilers……. Viplav will reveal his relation with Dhaani….. DT will be confronted by DB … DT will appoint DB as his successor….. Then DB will find a footage where Dhaani is in drunk state….. She searches their room in Viplav Dhaanis absence….,. Will be shocked to see that video….. And she might use that video against vidhaani… And Kamini will be follow INF ViDhaani where our love birds would be spending some time together ……….

    • Nimisha ?

      Really dislike DB and new girl!

      The thing is Dhani was with Viplav when she was drunk so DB can go to h*ll

      The video is interesting… Wonder if it was Taniya…???

      And what was the video doing in their room. Planted by DT or KT I guess.

    • Anne

      Tania? I think we are supposed to accept that it was recorded and ask no questions…????? I should have thought it would be on a phone if recorded on anything.
      Perhaps the bar had CCTV inside and outside but why would it be in their bedroom .? ?xxx

      • Nimisha ?

        It’s a slightly ridiculous direction but it’s an excuse to give DB more air time. Just wish, they’d stop with all these nonsense story lines and get on with the unanswered ones.

        Viplav and Dhani are married. End of! Move on writers pleeeeeease!

      • Zee

        Dhaani was with Vip in the bar. Also both Kanak and Dulari knew that she went out with Vip and they also got enough flak from both. Taniya and co. may have shot that footage to get back at Dhani. If Tanya wanted she cd have used the footage then to discredit Dhani and or break the engmt. But what is the point in planting it now – Vidhani are much married. Are the writers running short of ideas? in that case we can send a long list. To strt with, Nimisha wants to see DT begging!
        I cant get over that :). He looks so fat and well-fed I am sure nobody will give him a dime.

      • Nimisha ?

        Exactly zee. She was its Viplav and that’s that.

        Abour DT, that’s what would make it funnier. Hours and hours of begging and he with an empty bowl. Lol!!! Also when he flopped to the floor to beg Dadi bua the other day, he looked so much like a beached whale or a performing sea lion.. Was very funny to see.

        This whole trying to constantly separate Viplav and Dhani is getting very tiresome for me. Have loved the last couple of episodes but the awful awasthis have simply been replaced with the awful DB and new girl.

        Maybe it’s just me that feels this way.

  32. Sujie doubt can be on many firstly tanya n her freinds. Or TP THOUGH he is ruled out now or kanak might have asked someone as she was angry that dhani had got without telling her n in spite of her tricks to stop her.

  33. I also read that as kamini has started loving viplav so now she would team up with kanak to split vidhàni so their combo now becomes kaka ( means uncle in hindi ( or kani ( means a lady with squinted vision in hindi).

    • Nimisha ?

      Lol Renu.

      I think with new girl it must be a case of ‘the enemy of my enemy is my friend’ or something like that.

  34. Dear Br mam’ flora’ saranya ‘ rajee’ prachi ‘sonu’ kavitha ‘ maria’ laxmi’ saraswathi’ avijit ‘arshdeep ‘ saras ‘ louella where r u.

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