Ishq Ka Rang Safed 24th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishq Ka Rang Safed 24th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dhaani asking Viplav to hear the truth, why she didn’t apologize to Dada ji.Viplav says he has seen the truth with his own eyes and don’t need to hear anything. He repents for marrying her. He says you can’t respect my family. Everyone asked her not to marry you, but I didn’t listen to her. He says we are not suitable for each other. Today I regret I should not have married you. Dhaani is shocked. He declares that he is breaking relation with her. Dhaani is shattered. Viplav sits in his car. Dhaani also sit beside him.

He takes her to Ashram. Ishq Ka Rang safed sad version plays as he gives his hand to help Dhaani to step down the car. Dhaani with teary eyes gets down the jeep. Dhaani sees her pallu getting stuck and frees it. Viplav is about to go. Dhaani

says our relation is binded by trust, and you have broken that trust and relation. She says you will realize my innocence soon. Viplav sits in his jeep and goes. Dhaani sits shattered and crying. He stops jeep somewhere and sees a couple having icrecream. He misses Dhaani and recalls the moments between them. Viplav takes icecream from that person’s hand and smashes it under his feet. He asks them to go home and not romance. Raj Lakshmi comes out of Ashram and sees Dhaani crying and sitting on road. She calls Dulaari and Badi Amma. They come out and asks Dhaani what happened? Dhaani says Viplav….She says everything ended.

Raj Lakshmi asks Dhaani to have something and gives the food plate. Dhaani refuses to eat anything saying Viplav must be hungry. Badi Amma says Dulaari will come and make her eat. She asks what did Viplav do? Dhaani says Viplav didn’t do any mistake as he was unaware of his Dada ji’s doings. She says Dada ji and Kanak have never accepted me. She says I have seen with my own eyes. She says Tripurari is illegitimate son of Dasharath. She says Kanak and Tripurari had killed Shambu. Badi Amma is shocked. She says you have to tell everything to Viplav. Dhaani says Viplav will never believe me, as Dada ji is like God to him. She says she don’t want Viplav to choose between his family and her. Badi Amma asks her to return home. Dhaani says I will never apologize to Dada ji. Badi Amma says you are caught in dharm sankat/ dilemma.

Viplav returns home. Dasharath asks where is our choti bahu? Kanak says I am worried as if she is really concerned. Viplav says I have dropped her to Ashram. Dasharath asks are you doubting me? Viplav says no, and says you have taken care of me since my childhood, I can’t doubt on you. Dasharath says you are really good. Kanak says I know about her from before, but your eyes are open now. She asks him to have food. Viplav says Dhaani must be hungry too and tries to go to his room. Kanak asks how do you know that she is hungry? Viplav says he knows and goes.

Kamini dances with Dadi Bua with joy. She congratulates Dadi Bua and says your dream is going to fulfilled. Dadi Bua wishes her too and says it is happening so suddenly. She says what Dhaani was saying? Tripurari and Kanak’s truth….I didn’t understand. She asks did Dhaani tell you anything? Kamini lies to her and says Dhaani didn’t tell me anything. I think Dhaani is lying, and she didn’t know anything. She says I think Dhaani has gone mad. She asks Dadi Bua what to make in sweets? Dadi Bua asks her not to get happy now, and says we will have jashn once Dhaani gets out of his heart, and you will take her place in his life. She says I will help you become bahu of the house, and now, covers chunari on her head and blesses her jodi with Viplav. Kamini smiles and acts as mad, hugs Dadi Bua.

Viplav thinks about Dhaani and recalls slapping her. Chandariya song plays…………………………..Dhaani also thinks about Viplav. She thinks Viplav saying that they don’t deserve each other and she don’t deserve to apologize to Dasharath.

Kanak says we will have a big party. Viplav says you all must be happy. Dasharath thinks to end Dhaani and Viplav’s relation for once and all.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. Omg viplav has dropped dhani to ashram. But tge way he gave his hand to dhani to get down showed he is still concerned. Then her ssri bring trapped in vehicle n he took off?

  2. Dhani dialouge viplav our relationship was bonded by the thread of trust n u have broken this one day u will realise my innocence ??

  3. Viplav reminiscence of his icecream romance. . On seeing a couple enjoying icexream …the way he went n threw their icecream n pressed hard with his feet n told them to go home n not waste time in romance…..Clearly reveals that he is shattered.

  4. How bad dhani would have felt when viplav said that i am breaking my relationship with u in this temple. . The same place where we had i feel i did a blunder marrying u

  5. Dhani now also u r so concerned about viplav n saying that viplav is not to be blamed as he is not aware of the fact.

    • Nimisha

      I said yesterday, she will empathise with him. But live that she will not apologise to DT no matter what! Love her!

  6. The way vk was thrilled n overjoyed on knowing that viplav has dropped dhani to ashram. ..feel like blasting her.

  7. Good that atleast db thought that what was dhani saying in drunkem state kts truth tps relatton???? Db if u would investigate then would find out the facts pl do something fast.

  8. Precap shows that viplav is really concerned about dhani n the way he says that there should be a grand party as their biggest obstacle has gone. Now i am optimidt☺?

  9. Arshdeep

    Thank you for the live update hasan mam
    Offorse it was a horrible episode.. And saddest too.. The beginning was heart breaking when viplav told dhani he did a mistake by marrying her.. Even she destroyed her life marrying you.. She did not force you to marry her..
    Did not watch the episode.. So want to know was DT hearing when he was saying all that to dhani??

    Awww dhani enough of your tears dear.. I am almost crying now..
    Viplav being with her for soo long and you could not understand how innocent..pure..and honest she is..!! Not even once thought what will she get by doing all that without any reason to DT??

    And when they both says that the other must be hungry.. 🙁 We know you love each other and in fact both viplav and dhani are in a dilemma right now..

    And nimisha didi dont know why but i feel those spoilers are made by someone to fool us..bcoz they arent on TOI.. So how those people on twitter got it?
    So will be still hoping and have faith for something better to be shown.. Viplav was not like everyone else..and should not be shown even now. Directors dont prove me wrong please.

  10. Today want to thrash Kt too. The wat she said i was too concerned n we knew about dhani from beginning but yr eyes have opened now.

  11. Arshdeep

    And dulaari maai you have every right to question viplav. He made big promises to keep your daughter happy. Then what now?? How can he leave her like this??

    Wife is not a toy.. Mann kia to khel liye and then left out…. Relations dont break like this Mr. Viplav Tripathi.. I know he is hurt.. But dhani is hurt more. She has beared all his family’s tortures to keep them united. She has beared constant attacks of killing her. She was badly treated by KT..DB.. Still she kept going. She knew the truth but could not tell because she knew you wont trust her. She accepts the mistakes which she never made. What more can you expect from a wife?

  12. Arshdeep

    Please somebody tell me now that all that leap story everything is just a rumour.. Nothing like this is going to happen.

    Wish dhani gather evidence with suvarna help and prove herself


  14. Viplav

    hmmm really not at all a scary one…… but must highlight some things in the epi…… even though he end the relationship with dhaani they both r caring for each other…..the khaana wale scene…..must say what an acting of DT, KT DB VK………now they r doing jashn but soon we do it……now they are alag hai ek dusre se door hai par dil ke bohat khareeb hai……no one can end their relation so easily……hats off to dhaani that courage and her care for viplav….she said that she don’t want to create any problems between viplav and family…….and i say u idiot DB and VK….she will never be a part of viplav’s zindagi….so sapna dekhna bandh ki jiye pehle…..and love ashram waale also…after so many time they r seen….they didn’t take any step against this after knowing the whole truth but they stood up with dhaani….viplav ka gussa omg….i’m speechless……
    in short it was a drame bhari epi….but looking forward to a nice track……

  15. Nimisha

    Thanks for the update H Hasan…

    Can I ask do you get emotional about this turn of events? I haven’t seen the episode yet, but will watch it later but your writing as usual paints it so well that I can totally visualise it.

    Episode sounds utterly heartbreaking, no one in AN apart from Dadi loves Viplav.

    Without news of the stupid leap, I would have still been holipding out for it yo be a plan on Viplavs part. Because he helped her down from the car I am still wondering if he is doing all this to get her out of AN while he figures stuff out,

    It’s very tragic to think he will now believe her to die in the fire.

    Very very sad.

  16. Dt had gone out from house n declared that he wud stay in temple till all family issues r sorted. N now he was enjoying a drink sitting at home. ????

  17. ramsha

    it’ll be interesting to see how dhaani proves her innocence and then viplav regretting about it all. btw thanks for quick update H Hassan.

  18. sorry guys this is my last comment i wont comment ever in this page until viplav and dhaani gets together this kamini is such. i dont have words to scold her
    crying a lot and i hate the spoiler if that happens then a good bye to IKRS family

    bye bye bye

  19. Saraswathi.j

    Why PH,cvs creat this type of misunderstanding between two loving people,this reminds me the story of “NalaDamayanti”They both love each other but due to Indra ,they are separated for so many years their Childern are also become big Damayanthi stayed her maternal home and search for Nala he lost his kingdom,and his features no one identify him ,then Damayanthi with the help so Swan and Narada came to know he is alive ,to bring him back to natural stream ,she planned that she is going to remarry ,her father(he is a King) announce swaymvaram for Damayanti , then Nala came that mandapam and search for her,really she forget him and marry…..then Damayanthi recognise her husband even though at that time he is very ugly due to a curse,then Indra the sole cause ( like DT ) for their separation ask them pardon ,after that King live and rule our Barat so many years and live with his wife and children happily ,may be Viplav and Dhaani story ends like that.

  20. florentina moldovan

    my friends, i think, now, our vipu will behave worse than at the begining of the show…
    he will behave just like his bad, demonic family…
    until one day…

    when they will meet again and the story re-launch…they will be on different positions, i hope Dhani will be with his family, happy, educated and rich and Viplav i hope to be poor, without society respect, with his family in jail and feeling guilty for all the days of his life…

  21. Areeb

    After reading update I was like Pheww! ??? Shukar h ! ? Viplav’s anger didn’t let his love turn into hate! ? Both of them are still worrying for each other! ? Saddest episode indeed! ?

    Best thing is they are not hating each other Still a hope is there that someday Viplav will realise his mistake. ☝

  22. Arshdeep

    I can understand viplav is hurt but what he did at temple cannot be justified.. That was utterly wrong

  23. Arshdeep

    Episode – 257
    06:30 PM – 07:00 PM, 24 May Set Alert
    More show timings
    When Dhaani and DT have a big confrontation, Viplav misinterprets the situation and thinks that Dhaani is abusing DT.
    Episode – 258
    06:30 PM – 07:00 PM, 25 May
    Viplav drops Dhaani at the ashram.
    Episode – 259
    06:30 PM – 07:00 PM, 26 May
    Dhaani realises that she is pregnant.
    Episode – 260
    06:30 PM – 07:00 PM, 27 May
    Dhaani goes to tell Viplav about her pregnancy but is shocked to see Kamini in his arms.
    Episode – 261
    06:30 PM – 07:00 PM, 28 May
    Dhaani and Dulari flee from the ashram after a fire breaks out. Viplav searches for Dhaani in the debris. When he is unable to find her, he assumes that she is dead.

    • Porkodi

      Thanks for the spoiler arshi. But not at all an interesting spoiler. Hope everything will get sort out quickly.

      • Arshdeep

        Yes they are real..

        But even if they are real i want the day viplav is going to find out dhani in fire is the day he has found out everything about his family and is full of regret.

    • Viplav???

      Arshi di no comments…..hate the writers..filmfarm and even colors….they all r trying to make the track and story bad….characters too..
      Today i again saw rakshas avtar in viplav character like in the beginning of the show

    • Viplav???

      Arshi di frm where did u get these spoilers that destroys us…….really heart breaking

  24. cool

    hi guys spoiler for this week
    that is dhaani will go to viplav
    to say about her pregnant but she is
    shocked to see that vip is holding
    kamini in his arm after that dulari
    &dhani goes oout of ashramam after the fire
    insident in ashramam
    then vip will come in search of dhanni to ashramma
    but he couldnt find her
    then he assumes that she is deadd

  25. cool

    but dhanni u can call him affter
    coming to ashramam
    atleast one time u can call vip
    always vip heart is only for u
    call ouur vip one time

  26. KM

    yipppeeeee…..superb episode ..finally Dhani and viplav is seperated .superrrrr happy. now …… now Dhani is in ashram … and she is pregnant and after fire they fled show will take 5 years leap and dhani’s daughter/son will take revenge with DT and KT ..for his mothers insult ..viplav will become old… hagahaha

    • Viplav???

      Hey what r u talking???? 4 or 5 year old boy or girl will take revenge frm them….haha its really funny…..and one thing viplav will look super cool in salt n pepper style like the actor ajith kumar in tamil…..more handsome…


      • AM

        very well said mam …oho KM ..little similar to my name AM .. KM 😛 .. hahahaha ..koi nahi .. 4-5 sal ka bachcha chaddi pehenke badla lene jayega DT se 😛 😛 . hahaha

  27. Sujie

    Thank you Hasan mam for the update…. And hello everyone…..
    I cried when Viplav left Dhaani outside the ashram…..
    ViDhaani’s love is unique …that’s why they care for each other so much 🙂 🙂
    loved when Viplav said Dhaani ne khaana nahi khayahoga…kanak asking how do you know…and Viplav replying he knows…. 🙁 why do lovers have to separate ..why ???
    Don’t wanna talk about spoilers….only a song on my mind…
    rest of the song please you guys complete…..
    And finally want to spit on those villain’s (obvioisly they are VK and this DT)
    face on being happy after igniting fire in Viplav Dhaani’s happy paradise……un sabko meri haae lagegi….narak mein bhi jagha na milegi tum logon ko kambakhton…..

    • Sujie

      Lakshmi ….thanks dear
      @ Arshu….. Gussa na hoon toh kya karoom dear….
      we all know its just a serial …. And someday will end…but this has become parts of our daily lives…and we also know the reason…because of the chemistry of leads..nice concept…. That is intriguing ……
      Till now they showed Viplav supporting Dhaani….dhaani doing the same…..and now all of a sudden negativity is winning …..leading Viplav declaring the end of their relation filled with unconditional love….
      I know the actors are portrayimg their roles….. but still 🙁 :(….. Had never thought IKRS will take this direction….

  28. eshani

    Feeling sad sad with d episode still vidha care for each other that dialogue of viplav tht dhani wouldn’t have had anything super n bedroom scenes both r really missing and care for each other….as dhani said he won’t trust if dhani tells him anything he has to knw truth from somewhere else

    • Viplav???

      Yep eshani well said…miss those days…viplav ko sach khud hi doondna padega aur kisiki baat par woh trust nahi karega….woh ek lawyer bhi hai na….jo evidence par hi trust karta hai

      • cool

        iam to missing those lovabel days
        when this kamini charracter entered
        in this serial all loves are spoiled

  29. Kavitha

    Well well well there is nothing much to comment until the new twists starts. Let’s wait and see. Keep watching remember guys every single bit of action and concern viplav shows means his still with Dhaani. Lets wait and see…. Looking forward

  30. Porkodi

    Thanks hasanji for the update. Haven’t seen the episode yet… but will watch later. Heart breaking episode.

    • Viplav???

      Heart is crying porkodi….and it says to me that math karo aisa…unko ek kar do phir se

  31. Nimisha

    Ok, so just watched the episode, and apart form the VK,DT,KT and DB scenes I actually thoughtbitvwas a totally beautiful episode.

    The conversation at the beginning was awful but the acting by bother Mishal and Eisha was awesome. ????
    There was something about the way VIplav was looking around the room at the end that still makes me think, it’s part of his plan. Mishal was awesome and there were shades of Dutta in that scene. Really hats of to the man! He had to get Dhani out from AN. The Sad thing is that his plan will back fire. As he will think Dhani has been killed in the fire. Yet again his unwillingness to listen to Dhani means DT feels empowered to try to get rid of her again!

    Viplav you are a fool! What happened to your superman ears.. Will they only work when she screams in the fire?

    I really don’t see the need for the stupid leap.

    He slap was real then, very disappointed not that.

    The Precap is very revealing, the way Viplav talks to KT was awesome. He is angry at his family and is like Arshu says up there, stuck between them and his love for Dhani,

    Really disappointed with what’s to come. Disagree strongly with both the pregnancy and leap tracks.

    If Viplav and Dhani come back to each other it should not be because of a child, he should realise he was very wrong and repent and beg for forgiveness. She should make him repent and beg for forgiveness.

    • Viplav???

      Well said nimny di..i never watched ltl…so i dont know the character dutta..but mishal and eisha hats of to u both….superb acting….

      • Nimisha

        Viplav, if you ever get the chance do watch it, esp if your a Mishal fan, which I think you are ???. He was stunning in that, totally different character but very awesome!
        Not everyone’s cup of tea though LTL so if you do watch would love to know what you think. Xxx

    • Arshdeep

      Could not even understand why dhani wont tell about her pregnancy after seeing kamini in viplav arms…she trust him a lotttt

      • Nimisha

        Maybe she thinks he’s moved on. I seriously cannot stand whatsherface! And DB! Gggrrrrrrrr ???

      • cool

        she may think that vip saidd that u are not shoutabel
        for me so dhaani may think that
        kamin will be good pair to vip
        so she ma not think of abt her pregnancy
        its just my fiction friend

  32. Nimisha

    Loved seeing Baddi Amma and Raj Laxmi. They are so supportive of Dhani, really hope no one is hurt in the stupid fire!

    • Arshdeep

      Yess confused as why spoilers mention only dhani and dulaari
      They arent kind of people who would leave other ashram ladies to burn there in fire

      • Nimisha

        Healers I such a good word for them. I felt a bit of peace too. And the way Dhani just told them the truth so easily shows her comfort with them. Lovely people. Was hoping to see. Ore, but stupid DT, stupid fire and stupid leap will kill that.

        Does anyone else feel the leaps is trying to start the show again?

        I just don’t get it at all. ( Nimisha goes off and sits rocking in a corner mumbling ‘I just don’t get it’ over and over)

  33. eshani

    One more view after the fire viplav thinks Dhani is dead later thy meet n sort out differences without any leap I think that sounds better

  34. Kavitha

    I’m very positive that this new current twists will be exciting let’s sit back hang in there and enjoy the show. I’m optimistic.

    • Nimisha

      I think if the leap hadn’t been mentioned I would be the same. I am still convinced esp after Precap that Viplav knows what’s going on. But DT, true to form is on the hunt to kill Dhani.

      Loved Viplavs sarcasm,

      His family don’t care that he is heartbroken. Where was Dadi today, he needs her more than ever now.

  35. vini

    Guys chill..the more hatred viplav’s family wish to create,the more closer our love birds come

  36. Sujie

    Am I the only one still thinking this mighy be Viplav’s plan….and those spoilers are fake???

    • Nimisha

      No Sujie, I’m clinging onto the hope that this is a plan by Viplav to get to the truth. There was asofteness in his eyes when he was thinking of Dhani in the last scenes and a smirk sort of, like he knows something, I hope the spoilers aren’t true as if it is a plan it will backfire.

    • Sujie dear till today i was thinking that viplav had taken an abrupt decision in a fit of rage but now i agree to yr viewpoint. Infact i had mentioned earlier today that now iam optimist as the way viplav told kt yes a grand party should be done as now yr* obstacle is no more ( raaste ka kanta ). His behaviour revealed that he has planned some thong big . He must have thought to extract the truth out by going against dhani.

    • Sujie

      Hope something good is in the store guys… being positive as my blood group is B positive… ( sorry for this lame joke) ….just an attempt to lighten our mood. I am so lost…… 🙁

  37. A'isha

    Im so glad that Dhaani did not apologise to that old man and left with her self respect, I hope the day she finds another woman in Viplavs arms she makes decision on the spot and ask for dicorce. Yesss I dont believe in fixing anything when theres another female involved lmaooo

    • Arshdeep

      I too liked that she left with her self respect
      She was heart broken but the way she said those last words to viplav showed her strength as well as innocence

    • Nimisha

      Yes, but Viplav is not interested in whatsherface at all. If she is in his arms it’s because she manoeuvred herself there. It won’t be reciprocated, many experts VK saw Dhani approaching and did some drama to make it look different,

      To be honest, Dhani going to speak to Viplav is a bit weird. It would have been much better for it to be Dulaari mai Rajlaxmi going to speak to him.

  38. vaishnavi

    yakeen nhi ho raha ye wahi viplav hai jo dhaani se paglo ki tarah pyaar karta hain toh aaj kya hua vipu
    but kisiko kya kahe dhaani know abt the truth of kt dt n tp but she dont have any proof against them if she have then vipu doesn’t leave her like that
    aur vipu se bhi kya kahe us bichare ke aankoh par uske dadaji ke pyaar ki patti hain jab tak woh nhi hat jati tab tak kuch nhi hoga
    we have to wait for that moment when vipu know all abt dt
    n dhaani u pls dont be feel alone your maai is be with u

  39. vaishnavi

    agar fire scene ke baad dhaani ko dead assume kiya toh kitne dino baad vipu ko pata lagega that she is alive not dead i think they will take a leap what do u think guys??

    • Sujie

      Vaishnavi…. spoilers say that dulaari maai and dhaani will go away from ashram after the incident…and leap will be there

  40. vaishnavi

    aaj vidhaani ka scene dekhke mujhe toh rona aa gaya such mein
    n i have a song for vidhaani’s sleeping scene
    “yaad aa rahi ,teri yaad aa rahi hain yaad aane se tere jane se jaan ja rahi hain…
    yaad aa rahi hain….”

    sry guys pura song nhi pata

      • Anne

        Me too Arshdeep , or the next story will be Dhaani getting lost in the jungle….falling off a cliff or losing her memory…..

    • Nimisha

      I’m trying to find out, it was on Twitter but can’t see the source, ??????

      Hi Anne, hope Matlock was lovely. Xxx

      • Anne

        Yes but did walk too much,hills like?? .
        I’ve read update, but watching in morning. I’m not feeling strong enough.tonight..
        Honestly , I don’t know what’s going on with IKRS ,all I know is I don’t want a leap..Please no leap!?

  41. Seems like there is no happiness in Dhani’s life…..and evil has grip over everything….let’s see how true a lover Viplav is……..

    • Nimisha

      So true… The premise of the show I thought was to highlight the plight of widows, not enforce it! I’m going to tweet that, I like it !

  42. Dr.Sweety

    helllllllllllllllooooooooooooo everyone
    how are u all yaar?????
    thot to commnt aftr sooooo many days

  43. lekshmi

    episode was really still we can feel their love…viplav wl never love someone wl be good to see what step dhani take to expose all the evils infront of vip.. a good perfomnae by both mishal n eisha…

  44. Nima

    aaj ka episode sooo Heart touching tha vidhani k aankho me judaai ka gam dekh kr mai toh ro padi??????
    jab Viplav apne room me Dhani k stuff dekhkr use yaad karta hai wo scene mujhe again ruladiya??????

  45. Nima

    I hate pakhandi DT KT n kamini ???????????????? agar mere saamne ye 3 dust aa Jaye toh ??? se uda dungi ????
    mere vidhani ko separate kr diya???

  46. Kavitha&sudha mom

    Hai I’m in TN I’m watching ikrs very eagerly I love vidhani relation because there love is not a common love story viplav is not a common man his love with dhaani is truthful & supported to any strange situation but today epi very upset viplav love is in questiontag viplav speak out romantically words are totally katham hohaiya I& my mother very upset raise the BP level please change the story viplav acting to dhaani and don’t separate them

    • Nimisha

      Hi there.

      I’m hoping for the same. My BPnhas also been up there today,

      I hate that I’m letting a ‘show’ get to me so so much!

      Hope you’re both well and agree with what you say.

  47. Nimisha

    Ok, so I can’t find what the source is of the leap story, all I can glean is that it was shown on tv. Possibly on an India TV segment. Will try finding that but I’ve realised I’m not very good at researching.

  48. M

    Hey pls don’t spoil the serial by making Viplav fall in for Kamini. The best part about IKRS is the love of vidhaani no matter what may come. So pls don’t change that.

  49. eshani

    If at all there is a leap which I hope not story may be like this….viplav gets to knw the truth but he can’t go back to dhani as he thinks she is dead he becomes devdas maybe not exactly drinking n stay away from AN with dadi….seeing viplavs condition KT n DT reliaze their mistake of separating vidha n hold themselves responsible for viplavs condition but r helpless as thy can’t get dhani back….dhani being far would have given birth to the baby become educated bold n independent gal….then one day KT n DT see dhani n thy ask her to come back but she doesn’t thy plead her to be back for d sake of viplav…..

  50. Amisha

    i don’t like the idea of Dhani going to Viplav, rajlaxma can go to him and tell him about dhani’s pregnancy. It just doesn’t look good on her if she goes there unless she want to get all her belongings.

  51. Kavitha

    Logically thinking if IKRS has to move on and those wish to see more of IKRS this twist is a must.

    I’m not saying the way the script writers decided to bring in Kamini is right nevertheless if we want more of these then this is necessary to what I see.

    The storyline is still in tact from my point of view. Whichever leap we are talking about let it take place cos then we will have more opportunities to see IKRS

    IKRS is connecting to the public. All twist and challenges are directed to the actually happenings to the widows and the obstacles they face in India as a whole

    IKRS is unique in its story line.

  52. Can someone tell me which spoiler is correct Vipu persuading dha to come or the leap? I will be happy with te first spoilers and second one no way. But looks like the second one is correct as there is time slot change and usually in time slot Change there is a leap which is what happened with Beintehaa n satrangi sasural n Qubool hai on zee tv

  53. eshani

    I think it will be DT n teams plan to burn the ashram and thy will be boasting abt their victory n how thy sent dhani away n viplav overhears them reliazes d mistake but its too late

  54. Sujie

    Kya hua tera vaada …woh kasam woh irrada..
    bhulega din jis din tujhe…..woh meri jindagi ka aakhri din hoga ……….. ………………….

  55. florentina moldovan

    good morning, dear and lovely family!!!
    Maybe the leap will not be so soon, because the makers broth back Tripurari , but , i think, for sure it will be a leap on some point.
    Honestly, i prefer a leap so, Dhani have the possibility to make something big with her life and Viplav have the possibility to understand his mistakes…

  56. Maria

    Hamari Adhuri kahaani.. Hamari Adhuri kahaani…
    Rang the noor tha,
    Jab kareeb tu tha
    Ek jannat SA tha ye jahaan…
    Waqt ki ret pe kuch mere naam SA likh ke chod gaya tu kaha……….
    Hamari Adhuri kahaani…
    Hamari Adhuri kahaani…
    Sad morning for me and what about you all???

  57. Zee

    Good morning Sujie, Kavitha and all friends.
    Hope you have recovered from ydays episode. While we all knew that the break-up was imminent, but it was so heart-breaking to see it happen.
    The honesty with which Dhani said that one day he would, realize his mistake, means Vip knows that she is right, but blinds himself to it for his family and his own sanity. Question is if he will probe deeper to find the truth that she has been speaking abt.
    Two, the Ashram burning down indicates that the leap is possible, but I dont like the fact that the trio KT, DT and Kam are not punished. And its very sad if Dhani has to live apart for 5 years. Why should a woman always suffer for a man’s daftness? Same thing hapend in Pakistani serial Humsafar. He did not blv her, they split, she spent 6 years in difficulty and then he came to know the truth, he apologised and all that, but by then she had suffered a lot. I dont want the same for Dhani.

    • florentina moldovan

      you know, my dear, always woman suffer more, and this happens because woman can bear more than a man.
      Men are strong only physical, women are strong on everything…especially mothers!
      Men purely can t understand some feelings ….
      So, we, women , have to forgive them because we understand that they can t more…

    • Sujie

      Good morning Zee…. honestly speaking I have not recovered from yesterday’s episode…. and that song at last……….. chandariya….. i was not able to sleep and ended up crying ….not because of Viplav Dhaani only… but thinking about the pain of separation…… The song played at that time was in my playlist since it came out…
      Yes… the dialogue that Dhaani said was a deep one…. She was saying the truth… ViDhaani’s relation was of trust and faith …but Viplav broke that relation of faith…. and yes when Viplav will realize the truth later…he will regret….. I want Viplav to find those truths Dhaani was talking about on his own…because this is the only way..otherwise when Dhaani says he won’t believe without any proofs…..
      Separation is indeed painful ……….

  58. Amisha

    I understand 1 years but4-5 years is to much. even if she give birth to the child, she can go to school because her mom can help her. I would have loved to see Viplav supporting Dhani while being pregnant but I don’t thing that will happen:( 🙁 :(! I am shocked about today’s eps. I didn’t want to watch but somehow I’m just addicted to this show.

  59. arohi

    Khusiyon se milna bhool gaye….
    Tum itna kuyn ham se door gaye…
    Koi kiran ik din aayegi….
    Tum tak humko leke jaayegi…….
    Mein raah pe aankh bichake hi soun…
    Jo tujhe lagta baarish hey Wo mein hun jo roun………..

  60. shanitics

    Good mrng guys ?

    Today’s epi was damn boring… Saach Mein bt vidha last crying ? was damn superb… Nw I stopped watching this serial mera mathlab… Will watch for 5 min at first and last… Thanksss to Hassan mam that because it’s only because of u I could catch up the serial….

    Leap?? I hate leaps… Is that true?? That thr will be leap… Blaahhh!!
    Bt it would be more nice if Viplav realise the truth.. And vidha re unites…

    It was the bond of vidha that was unique abt our serial…. Bt now… I nvr thought our director will separate vidha… Our serial started with an another thought bt now whr our serial is moving to…

    Watever lets hope.. Director will get good story other than this stupid one…

    If director want any good story just ask us… All the creative minds are present here…ISN’T????

  61. Kavitha

    If there is no leap means IKRS will need to end the show. Cos most of the serials airing seems to be having a leap.

    Only request is the leap has to be a good track and don’t keep Viplav and Dhaani away for too long. Bringing them back together can also help and hope by now Dhaani realises that Kamini is the source to all this separation.

    Solve the mystery by bringing back Dhaani would be a lovely sight and both together solve the unsolved mystery. Just my thoughts….

    Love to see them back really soon..

  62. Sonu

    Now a days I just read the written update, i didn’t watch the episode. I can’t tolerate the Vidhani’s pain..Stupid DT’s family except Dhadi and Vipu..

    • Sonu

      No dear, I didn’t watch the IKRS, so that’s why I am not able to comment properly… I missed u and our family lot..
      What can I do? now a days iss Kamini ki vajaha se meinae IKRS nahi dek payee.. I hate her…
      Sorry dear..

  63. Ya eshani u r correct in a bit to end dhani’s life as she is aware of all facts dt n team must have set ashram to fire.

  64. Areeb

    For me this episode was like ointment on the burned emotions. All might not agree with me. ? But i’m again in the show! ??✌ Looking forward to the new twists! ?

  65. Areeb

    For me this episode was like ointment on the burned emotions. All might not agree with me. ? But i’m again in the show! ??✌ Looking forward to the new twists! ?

  66. Meghs

    Hi everyone my heart is breaking to see vidhani separate .. Viplav slapped dhani in previous epi was shocking one.. If spoilers come true mean vip can even marry that kamini thinking dhani dead.. Which i don’t want ..
    Leap with separation is quite common twist right writer pls try something new twist..
    Why always dhani suffering ??

    Anyways i am not even getting what actually story going on…

    • Nimisha

      Hey Meghs.

      I don’t think Viplav would marry VK even if she was that last woman on earth. I am convinced her sees her as a sister!

    • Arshdeep

      Viplav will never marry kamini i give its gurantee…writers wont stoop too low…they need viewers

      And ya we want a different new kinda twist

    • Sujie

      hi meghs……. i don’t think Viplav will marry Kaamini…. writers know that we viewers don’t want that………. but I am thinking if Kaamini will try to persuade Viplav to marry her even after leap…because that oldie DB wants so …. and she was the one who instigated kaamini to become Villain Kaamini

  67. Nimisha

    Good morning everyone. Or is it already afternoon?
    Good afternoon everyone.

    Hope you are all well.

    There is a poll, 3 in fact on Twitter about whether
    Kam is responsible for drop in TRP,
    Whether Kam has spoiled IKRS for you and
    Whether you want to see Kam after the vidha separation.

    It’s a simple yes/no answer so if you have access to Twitter, please vote!

    The PH aren’t listening to the many tweets about this awful character, so the poll persons are hoping numbers will make them listen.

    The poll closes later tonight.

    Thanks sooo much!

    • Arshdeep

      Good afternoon didi

      Yes kamini is responsible for drop in trp
      Kam spoiled ikrs for me?
      Noo more kamini pleasee

      • Nimisha

        Hi Ola. Yes that’s me. Thanks for voting! And welcome to this amazing forum and family!

  68. Arshdeep

    Hello everyone..!! Good afternoon?
    Dont worry guys.. my hope is still alive
    Just pray that directors dont give a leap

  69. Arshdeep

    So watched the last emotional part once again..dont know for what.. It was there at die hard fan page do could not stop myself..???
    Viplav loves dhani … And dhani loves viplav.. Thats all i know.. Directors may do anything but they can never be separated from heart.. Their love will never be lessened..
    The best thing is dhani still understands viplav’s situation..his problem.. She is not declaring him wrong at all… Love vidhani?❤

    • Sujie

      so you were not the only one watching that scene arshu…. I too watched it ……. just to cry and see why all this is happening in their life??? So much love between them but this stupid separation……. 🙁 🙁

  70. Arshdeep

    Director sir please its a request please.. Hath jod kar bolti hu.. Please noo leap..!! ??
    I really dont want dhani to rear her child alone.. And as zee mentioned it would become just similar to hamsafar where khirad brought up alone her daughter facing all difficulties alone.. I want to see viplav caring for dhani and his child..

    • Anne

      I really don’t want a leap and please get rid of Kamini, then viewers will return.
      Perhaps it really is ending and they are rushing . They’ve done it many times before with very very popular series for no apparent reason?

      • Arshdeep

        Yep such a lovely…awesome show it was..

        I love the fact that they are small..with a fixed no. Of dragging..and offcorse amazing..??

      • Areeb

        Yep with finite number of episodes and best dialogs! ❤

        Have you seen Zindagi Gulzar Hai & Pyarey Afzal?

      • Zee

        I hv also watched it and it wa v nice. i see many things common betw Dhani and Khirad – hope IKRS does not tk similar turn.

  71. Meghs

    Hi everyone my heart is breaking to see vidhani separate .. Viplav slapped dhani in previous epi was shocking one.. If spoilers come true mean vip can even marry that kamini thinking dhani dead.. Which i don’t want ..
    Leap with separation is quite common twist right writer pls try something new twist..
    Why always dhani suffering ??

    Anyways i am not even getting what actually story going on..

  72. Meghs

    I want new twist not any separation track or leap… Common guys u agree naa our ikrs is different from others so the writers should think different not common twist…

  73. Ade1111

    Hello all being a silent reader here and i hope you would all welcome me to your famiy but active on Twitter and Indian forum
    there are 3 polls on Twitter pls pls cast your Vote
    VK must go PH must listen to their Viewers
    Thank You all

  74. Nimisha

    Right guys!
    Viplav play means revolution and I think we need one.

    For those of you on FB, aroon B has posted something which says the show needs twits and turns but if folks aren’t happy then we should let them know.

    Can I please ask you all to get onto Twitter or FB and get vocal about whatever it is you feel. Most of us aren’t happy with VK. But if the rumours on Twitter are right, there are plans for VIP to be doing more than just holding Kam when Dhani sees them, which explains why she doesn’t tell him. Obv these are rumours but for me VK and VIP cannot be together.

    Twists and turns are ok, but this is just twisted

    So we all need to SHOUT from the rooftops that we are not happy.

    They prob won’t listen but it’s worth a try.

    I have been tweeting like a loon all morning and I wouldn’t normally ask this but they really need to hear us fans! I think!

    Obv it’s up yo you all, but at this rate there won’t be any fans left and the show will die, all for the sake of VK who it seems is the PH,s darling, YUK!

    • Arshdeep

      You are doing soo much for the show di??
      Cant join twitter but can help with fb offcorse

  75. shanitics

    Hi ade111… Welcome ro our funny sweet cute family ? …

    Arshi di… Cmnt on my ff…
    Misha di.. Read the ff and cmnt
    Renu di too…?

  76. shanitics

    ARSHI Di.. Isiliye toh maine kaha.. Javo aur cmnt karo.. Em… I will help u to write u pt the cmnt… Good one swetha..?
    U pt this cmnt?

    And di which one I have to open.. To creat an accnt on indian forums ?

    • Arshdeep

      Hehe okay??

      I wrote it fully those *** came by itself..or by moderators i would say?

      Why you have to open?? Confusing lagta hai mujhe IF

  77. shanitics


    Hope I’ll be able to text u soon….

  78. Sujie

    That time also I felt…. And today also…. Uss din agar Dhaani ne Mahapandit ke naam parr kaale dhabba …… Dashrath Tripathi ko marne ke liye chhod diya hota unn aghoriyon ke beech toh aaj Viplav Dhaani ka rishta yoon na toot ta….

    If Dhaani would have let that rascal DT die in between those aghori cannibals…then Viplav Dhaani’s relation would have escaped this horrible situation……
    He should have died on the spot….Gadha kahinka

  79. Kavitha

    I’ve been active in both Twitter and here guys so lets shout out a no to Kamini end her right away remove her before someone physically beat her up in anger.. Arrggggggg ….Sorry guys for been violent

  80. Areeb

    Anyone here can tell me about any particular fanpage or something else on fb? Apart from die heart fan page..

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.