Ishq Ka Rang Safed 24th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishq Ka Rang Safed 24th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dhaani asking Viplav to hear the truth, why she didn’t apologize to Dada ji.Viplav says he has seen the truth with his own eyes and don’t need to hear anything. He repents for marrying her. He says you can’t respect my family. Everyone asked her not to marry you, but I didn’t listen to her. He says we are not suitable for each other. Today I regret I should not have married you. Dhaani is shocked. He declares that he is breaking relation with her. Dhaani is shattered. Viplav sits in his car. Dhaani also sit beside him.

He takes her to Ashram. Ishq Ka Rang safed sad version plays as he gives his hand to help Dhaani to step down the car. Dhaani with teary eyes gets down the jeep. Dhaani sees her pallu getting stuck and frees it. Viplav is about to go. Dhaani

says our relation is binded by trust, and you have broken that trust and relation. She says you will realize my innocence soon. Viplav sits in his jeep and goes. Dhaani sits shattered and crying. He stops jeep somewhere and sees a couple having icrecream. He misses Dhaani and recalls the moments between them. Viplav takes icecream from that person’s hand and smashes it under his feet. He asks them to go home and not romance. Raj Lakshmi comes out of Ashram and sees Dhaani crying and sitting on road. She calls Dulaari and Badi Amma. They come out and asks Dhaani what happened? Dhaani says Viplav….She says everything ended.

Raj Lakshmi asks Dhaani to have something and gives the food plate. Dhaani refuses to eat anything saying Viplav must be hungry. Badi Amma says Dulaari will come and make her eat. She asks what did Viplav do? Dhaani says Viplav didn’t do any mistake as he was unaware of his Dada ji’s doings. She says Dada ji and Kanak have never accepted me. She says I have seen with my own eyes. She says Tripurari is illegitimate son of Dasharath. She says Kanak and Tripurari had killed Shambu. Badi Amma is shocked. She says you have to tell everything to Viplav. Dhaani says Viplav will never believe me, as Dada ji is like God to him. She says she don’t want Viplav to choose between his family and her. Badi Amma asks her to return home. Dhaani says I will never apologize to Dada ji. Badi Amma says you are caught in dharm sankat/ dilemma.

Viplav returns home. Dasharath asks where is our choti bahu? Kanak says I am worried as if she is really concerned. Viplav says I have dropped her to Ashram. Dasharath asks are you doubting me? Viplav says no, and says you have taken care of me since my childhood, I can’t doubt on you. Dasharath says you are really good. Kanak says I know about her from before, but your eyes are open now. She asks him to have food. Viplav says Dhaani must be hungry too and tries to go to his room. Kanak asks how do you know that she is hungry? Viplav says he knows and goes.

Kamini dances with Dadi Bua with joy. She congratulates Dadi Bua and says your dream is going to fulfilled. Dadi Bua wishes her too and says it is happening so suddenly. She says what Dhaani was saying? Tripurari and Kanak’s truth….I didn’t understand. She asks did Dhaani tell you anything? Kamini lies to her and says Dhaani didn’t tell me anything. I think Dhaani is lying, and she didn’t know anything. She says I think Dhaani has gone mad. She asks Dadi Bua what to make in sweets? Dadi Bua asks her not to get happy now, and says we will have jashn once Dhaani gets out of his heart, and you will take her place in his life. She says I will help you become bahu of the house, and now, covers chunari on her head and blesses her jodi with Viplav. Kamini smiles and acts as mad, hugs Dadi Bua.

Viplav thinks about Dhaani and recalls slapping her. Chandariya song plays…………………………..Dhaani also thinks about Viplav. She thinks Viplav saying that they don’t deserve each other and she don’t deserve to apologize to Dasharath.

Kanak says we will have a big party. Viplav says you all must be happy. Dasharath thinks to end Dhaani and Viplav’s relation for once and all.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. florentina moldovan

    good morning, dear and lovely family!!!
    Maybe the leap will not be so soon, because the makers broth back Tripurari , but , i think, for sure it will be a leap on some point.
    Honestly, i prefer a leap so, Dhani have the possibility to make something big with her life and Viplav have the possibility to understand his mistakes…

    1. Good morning Florentina dear…….. have a good day 🙂

    2. Good morning dear Florentina.
      Have a beautiful day!

  2. Hamari Adhuri kahaani.. Hamari Adhuri kahaani…
    Rang the noor tha,
    Jab kareeb tu tha
    Ek jannat SA tha ye jahaan…
    Waqt ki ret pe kuch mere naam SA likh ke chod gaya tu kaha……….
    Hamari Adhuri kahaani…
    Hamari Adhuri kahaani…
    Sad morning for me and what about you all???

  3. Good morning Sujie, Kavitha and all friends.
    Hope you have recovered from ydays episode. While we all knew that the break-up was imminent, but it was so heart-breaking to see it happen.
    The honesty with which Dhani said that one day he would, realize his mistake, means Vip knows that she is right, but blinds himself to it for his family and his own sanity. Question is if he will probe deeper to find the truth that she has been speaking abt.
    Two, the Ashram burning down indicates that the leap is possible, but I dont like the fact that the trio KT, DT and Kam are not punished. And its very sad if Dhani has to live apart for 5 years. Why should a woman always suffer for a man’s daftness? Same thing hapend in Pakistani serial Humsafar. He did not blv her, they split, she spent 6 years in difficulty and then he came to know the truth, he apologised and all that, but by then she had suffered a lot. I dont want the same for Dhani.

    1. florentina moldovan

      you know, my dear, always woman suffer more, and this happens because woman can bear more than a man.
      Men are strong only physical, women are strong on everything…especially mothers!
      Men purely can t understand some feelings ….
      So, we, women , have to forgive them because we understand that they can t more…

    2. Good morning Zee…. honestly speaking I have not recovered from yesterday’s episode…. and that song at last……….. chandariya….. i was not able to sleep and ended up crying ….not because of Viplav Dhaani only… but thinking about the pain of separation…… The song played at that time was in my playlist since it came out…
      Yes… the dialogue that Dhaani said was a deep one…. She was saying the truth… ViDhaani’s relation was of trust and faith …but Viplav broke that relation of faith…. and yes when Viplav will realize the truth later…he will regret….. I want Viplav to find those truths Dhaani was talking about on his own…because this is the only way..otherwise when Dhaani says he won’t believe without any proofs…..
      Separation is indeed painful ……….

  4. I understand 1 years but4-5 years is to much. even if she give birth to the child, she can go to school because her mom can help her. I would have loved to see Viplav supporting Dhani while being pregnant but I don’t thing that will happen:( 🙁 :(! I am shocked about today’s eps. I didn’t want to watch but somehow I’m just addicted to this show.

  5. Khusiyon se milna bhool gaye….
    Tum itna kuyn ham se door gaye…
    Koi kiran ik din aayegi….
    Tum tak humko leke jaayegi…….
    Mein raah pe aankh bichake hi soun…
    Jo tujhe lagta baarish hey Wo mein hun jo roun………..

    1. Aww so sad song..?

  6. Good mrng guys ?

    Today’s epi was damn boring… Saach Mein bt vidha last crying ? was damn superb… Nw I stopped watching this serial mera mathlab… Will watch for 5 min at first and last… Thanksss to Hassan mam that because it’s only because of u I could catch up the serial….

    Leap?? I hate leaps… Is that true?? That thr will be leap… Blaahhh!!
    Bt it would be more nice if Viplav realise the truth.. And vidha re unites…

    It was the bond of vidha that was unique abt our serial…. Bt now… I nvr thought our director will separate vidha… Our serial started with an another thought bt now whr our serial is moving to…

    Watever lets hope.. Director will get good story other than this stupid one…

    If director want any good story just ask us… All the creative minds are present here…ISN’T????

  7. If there is no leap means IKRS will need to end the show. Cos most of the serials airing seems to be having a leap.

    Only request is the leap has to be a good track and don’t keep Viplav and Dhaani away for too long. Bringing them back together can also help and hope by now Dhaani realises that Kamini is the source to all this separation.

    Solve the mystery by bringing back Dhaani would be a lovely sight and both together solve the unsolved mystery. Just my thoughts….

    Love to see them back really soon..

  8. Hi my dear friends, how r u all? A very good morning to all..

    1. Good afternoon didi?

  9. Now a days I just read the written update, i didn’t watch the episode. I can’t tolerate the Vidhani’s pain..Stupid DT’s family except Dhadi and Vipu..

    1. Good morning flora n all freinds ?☺

  10. Hi sonu gelathi i have written ur name many times in pasr few days i was tensed as u were not replying.

    1. No dear, I didn’t watch the IKRS, so that’s why I am not able to comment properly… I missed u and our family lot..
      What can I do? now a days iss Kamini ki vajaha se meinae IKRS nahi dek payee.. I hate her…
      Sorry dear..

  11. Ya eshani u r correct in a bit to end dhani’s life as she is aware of all facts dt n team must have set ashram to fire.

    1. Possible

  12. For me this episode was like ointment on the burned emotions. All might not agree with me. ? But i’m again in the show! ??✌ Looking forward to the new twists! ?

  13. For me this episode was like ointment on the burned emotions. All might not agree with me. ? But i’m again in the show! ??✌ Looking forward to the new twists! ?

    1. Same here
      In fact we never went??

      1. hello girl. subah se kahan thhi?

      2. Hellooo zee…
        Mujhe 2 cheezon ne pagal kar rakha hai (apart from ikrs?)
        Ek padai ne and 2nd neend ne??
        Gone mad almost…

        Bdw delhi me kaha rehte ho??

      3. Where are you now zee?? ??

      4. Same here Arshi. Yday was a bad sleep night 🙁
        South Delhi mein. We had rain again today but sadly uske saath bijli chali gayi. Just gt back power.

    2. Me tow yahin hun. ? Koi dua hi nahi kar raha, my internet is working slow! ??

      1. Aww m krungi pray paka

  14. OMG! Sad songs. ? Relax guys!

    1. Yaa that song chandariya jehni re jehni???
      Aag me ghee daalne ka kaam kr rha tha

      1. Arshu…. this song is the reason I cried in that scene……. 🙁 :(… the moment Arijit says Chandariya jheenee re jheenee………. 🙁 🙁

      2. His voice is amazing
        The power which comes when he says those words literally can make anyone cry?

    2. Soulful song hai bohat. ❤

      1. Yup??

    3. Areeb – Internet ki speed badhi kya?
      Else you will have to ask your little bro when he goes to the mosque.

  15. Hi everyone my heart is breaking to see vidhani separate .. Viplav slapped dhani in previous epi was shocking one.. If spoilers come true mean vip can even marry that kamini thinking dhani dead.. Which i don’t want ..
    Leap with separation is quite common twist right writer pls try something new twist..
    Why always dhani suffering ??

    Anyways i am not even getting what actually story going on…

    1. Hey Meghs.

      I don’t think Viplav would marry VK even if she was that last woman on earth. I am convinced her sees her as a sister!

      1. Once if he declares that on her mouth
        Tum to meri liye shalu jesi ho??

    2. Viplav will never marry kamini i give its gurantee…writers wont stoop too low…they need viewers

      And ya we want a different new kinda twist

    3. hi meghs……. i don’t think Viplav will marry Kaamini…. writers know that we viewers don’t want that………. but I am thinking if Kaamini will try to persuade Viplav to marry her even after leap…because that oldie DB wants so …. and she was the one who instigated kaamini to become Villain Kaamini

  16. Good morning everybody???

    1. Good afternoon didi?

  17. Good morning everyone. Or is it already afternoon?
    Good afternoon everyone.

    Hope you are all well.

    There is a poll, 3 in fact on Twitter about whether
    Kam is responsible for drop in TRP,
    Whether Kam has spoiled IKRS for you and
    Whether you want to see Kam after the vidha separation.

    It’s a simple yes/no answer so if you have access to Twitter, please vote!

    The PH aren’t listening to the many tweets about this awful character, so the poll persons are hoping numbers will make them listen.

    The poll closes later tonight.

    Thanks sooo much!

    1. Good afternoon didi

      Yes kamini is responsible for drop in trp
      Kam spoiled ikrs for me?
      Noo more kamini pleasee

    2. Am guessing you are Minkar33 on twitter, am Ola
      i have Voted and Retweeted too

      1. Hi Ola. Yes that’s me. Thanks for voting! And welcome to this amazing forum and family!

    3. yep nimmy di will participate in this poll….but where in twitter

  18. Hello everyone..!! Good afternoon?
    Dont worry guys.. my hope is still alive
    Just pray that directors dont give a leap

  19. So watched the last emotional part once again..dont know for what.. It was there at die hard fan page do could not stop myself..???
    Viplav loves dhani … And dhani loves viplav.. Thats all i know.. Directors may do anything but they can never be separated from heart.. Their love will never be lessened..
    The best thing is dhani still understands viplav’s situation..his problem.. She is not declaring him wrong at all… Love vidhani?❤

    1. so you were not the only one watching that scene arshu…. I too watched it ……. just to cry and see why all this is happening in their life??? So much love between them but this stupid separation……. 🙁 🙁

  20. Director sir please its a request please.. Hath jod kar bolti hu.. Please noo leap..!! ??
    I really dont want dhani to rear her child alone.. And as zee mentioned it would become just similar to hamsafar where khirad brought up alone her daughter facing all difficulties alone.. I want to see viplav caring for dhani and his child..

    1. I really don’t want a leap and please get rid of Kamini, then viewers will return.
      Perhaps it really is ending and they are rushing . They’ve done it many times before with very very popular series for no apparent reason?

      1. Agree
        Trp with definitely increase once Vk is out

    2. You have watched Hamsfar?

      1. Yep such a lovely…awesome show it was..

        I love the fact that they are small..with a fixed no. Of dragging..and offcorse amazing..??

      2. Yep with finite number of episodes and best dialogs! ❤

        Have you seen Zindagi Gulzar Hai & Pyarey Afzal?

      3. I hv also watched it and it wa v nice. i see many things common betw Dhani and Khirad – hope IKRS does not tk similar turn.

  21. Hi everyone my heart is breaking to see vidhani separate .. Viplav slapped dhani in previous epi was shocking one.. If spoilers come true mean vip can even marry that kamini thinking dhani dead.. Which i don’t want ..
    Leap with separation is quite common twist right writer pls try something new twist..
    Why always dhani suffering ??

    Anyways i am not even getting what actually story going on..

    1. Comments r repeating

    2. no never…….agar duniya main iss kamini aakhiri ladki bhi hai toh tab bhi viplav uss se shaadi nahi karegi….aur karne nahi doongi

  22. I want new twist not any separation track or leap… Common guys u agree naa our ikrs is different from others so the writers should think different not common twist…

  23. I’ve voted guys

  24. Hello all being a silent reader here and i hope you would all welcome me to your famiy but active on Twitter and Indian forum
    there are 3 polls on Twitter pls pls cast your Vote
    VK must go PH must listen to their Viewers
    Thank You all

    1. Welcome ade1111?
      Not on twitter so sorry cant vote
      But those who are request them to please vote

      1. Thank You

    2. hi welcome

    3. Hi Ola, I replied to your previous post up there, but welcome again!

      1. Thanks Minker33

    4. welcome Ade1111,x

    5. Welcome Ade1111….. Keep commenting

    6. Hello! Welcome!

  25. Hi ade 111 welcome to our family.?

    1. thank you

  26. Right guys!
    Viplav play means revolution and I think we need one.

    For those of you on FB, aroon B has posted something which says the show needs twits and turns but if folks aren’t happy then we should let them know.

    Can I please ask you all to get onto Twitter or FB and get vocal about whatever it is you feel. Most of us aren’t happy with VK. But if the rumours on Twitter are right, there are plans for VIP to be doing more than just holding Kam when Dhani sees them, which explains why she doesn’t tell him. Obv these are rumours but for me VK and VIP cannot be together.

    Twists and turns are ok, but this is just twisted

    So we all need to SHOUT from the rooftops that we are not happy.

    They prob won’t listen but it’s worth a try.

    I have been tweeting like a loon all morning and I wouldn’t normally ask this but they really need to hear us fans! I think!

    Obv it’s up yo you all, but at this rate there won’t be any fans left and the show will die, all for the sake of VK who it seems is the PH,s darling, YUK!

    1. You are doing soo much for the show di??
      Cant join twitter but can help with fb offcorse

  27. Hi ade111… Welcome ro our funny sweet cute family ? …

    Arshi di… Cmnt on my ff…
    Misha di.. Read the ff and cmnt
    Renu di too…?

    1. Na na main to nhi karti
      Mujhe to aage ke 4 din ki story pata h??


    1. Open india forums
      Right up there will be option of signup
      Go on then

  29. Anyone knows whats #meghahitmay as colors mention??

    1. I guess it talks about many twists and turns goimg on in the serials of colors….. Otherwise no idea Arshu 🙂

      1. Okay thnku di?

    2. I think it’s just a combined promo of films and shows.

      1. Thnks di

  30. ARSHI Di.. Isiliye toh maine kaha.. Javo aur cmnt karo.. Em… I will help u to write u pt the cmnt… Good one swetha..?
    U pt this cmnt?

    And di which one I have to open.. To creat an accnt on indian forums ?

    1. Hehe okay??

      I wrote it fully those *** came by itself..or by moderators i would say?

      Why you have to open?? Confusing lagta hai mujhe IF


    Hope I’ll be able to text u soon….

    1. Hurrayyyy! I’ll find you in a bit. Xxx

  32. Mahira appiii when are you coming back?????

  33. Smpy Arshi di… Jod Diya umeedh? IF se… Aur risk nahi lee sakhthi…

  34. That time also I felt…. And today also…. Uss din agar Dhaani ne Mahapandit ke naam parr kaale dhabba …… Dashrath Tripathi ko marne ke liye chhod diya hota unn aghoriyon ke beech toh aaj Viplav Dhaani ka rishta yoon na toot ta….

    If Dhaani would have let that rascal DT die in between those aghori cannibals…then Viplav Dhaani’s relation would have escaped this horrible situation……
    He should have died on the spot….Gadha kahinka

    1. True Sujie… If only!

  35. Thank you all for welcoming me
    You Guys Road

    1. *Rock I mean

  36. I’ve been active in both Twitter and here guys so lets shout out a no to Kamini end her right away remove her before someone physically beat her up in anger.. Arrggggggg ….Sorry guys for been violent

  37. Anyone here can tell me about any particular fanpage or something else on fb? Apart from die heart fan page..

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