Ishq Ka Rang Safed 24th March 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishq Ka Rang Safed 24th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with two pandits inviting Dasharath to the temple and tell that they have heard about Viplav’s marriage with Dhaani. Dasharath says I will come and asks them to go. Dasharath acts and cries, tells Sushma that his prestige is ruined and nothing is left. Viplav comes home and wishes everyone happy holi. Dasharath says you are coming now, and says if you don’t value time then time will not value you also. Sushma reminds him that they don’t celebrate holi without him. Kanak asks how is that widow Dhaani? Viplav says she is fine and says she is not widow anymore.

Next day, Viplav comes to Ashram and gets busy in the arrangements of holi celebration. Dhaani comes wearing white saree. Raj Lakshmi asks why did you wear white saree as you are married now. Viplav also takes

Raj Lakshmi’s side and asks Dhaani the same question. They throw color on Dhaani, making her drenched in colors. Dhaani looks beautiful in colorful saree. Banarasiya plays ………………..Dhaani also gets in jovial mood and throws colors on everyone. They happily celebrate the holi with Dhaani and Viplav.

Dasharath comes to the temple. Phool Chand irritates Dasharath. Dasharath makes him realize his place. Phool Chand thinks to insult Dasharath infront of everyone and mixes something in the holi colors. Raja sees Phool Chand mixing something and smiles. Phool Chand thinks he will make Dasharath dance on his tune like a monkey and will do his tamasha/drama. Dasharath is about to tilak the God. Phool Chand stops him and says why you are applying chilli powder to God. Dasharath checks it and thinks it is chilli powder, what to do now? Raja comes and says it is not chilli powder.

He says this is not chilli powder and says this man is accusing my dada ji. He says everyone will know if it is gulaal or chilli powder and throws chilli powder on his head. He says if it was mirchi, then my eyes would have feel like burning. Viplav hugs Dhaani and Dulaari, others join them and have a family hug. Dasharath comes home and asks Raja if he is feeling pain in his eyes. Raja says I couldn’t see you get insulted and says I don’t want to give explanation as Viplav won the case. He thinks it is good that I saw that man mixing chilli powder in the gulaal and thanks god for giving him opportunity to win his heart. He tells them that Dhaani’s truth will be out very soon and that’s why he is standing here. He says Dhaani couldn’t become of her husband, then how she will accept Viplav. He says Dhaani will ruin Viplav. Dasharath asks him to rethink about his decision. Raja says I don’t have any hatredness for Shalu and says we want her to get a good family. He says we will leave from here. Viplav continues to celebrate holi with everyone in the Ashram.

Dasharath tells Kanak that Raja saved his respect infront of everyone and praises him. Dulaari and Raja Lakshmi make Dhaani get ready as a bride. They get teary eyes seeing her and bring her out. Viplav looks at her and the song Mere Ishq Ka Rang Safed plays………………….Dhaani makes him wear garland with the help of Ashram ladies, while Viplav’s friends lift him. Everyone claps. Viplav also makes her wear garland. Dulaari smiles. They sit together while Dulaari does their aarti and the rituals. Dhaani and Viplav takes her blessings. Dulaari hugs them.

Viplav brings Dhaani home and says he will make the arrangements of grah pravesh. Dhaani is happy. Kanak sees Dhaani there and brings coal. She puts coal instead of color water. Dhaani and Viplav are shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. Hi guys….thanx H hasan for updating on time….. fake tears dasharath…….stupid kanak dhani now she is not a widow you r a widow just enjoy your life as a widow…………. good luck widow kanak hahaha!!!!

  2. wow dhani u r looking fabulous….gud luck in your mother-in-law house becuz she is devil….by the way don’t worry your hero is there………..
    viplav rocks
    dhani rocks
    vidhani rocks
    ikrs family rocks
    the one there r jealous continue to be jealous we don’t care wats says guys?….

  3. Arshdeep

    Finally viplav ne dhaani ko rang dia aaj to?
    Awesome episode
    Precap as expected..obviously they wont let dhaani stay happy there
    Its better u both settle at ashram only yr

    And that cheap raja..such an overactor
    Abhi tak bhaga ni wo banaras se?

  4. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

    Kanak paithiyam,nonsense,backwas,stupid and all bad words to u. If I get writers i n my hand then I will kill him. Pls make story interesting and pls throw raja out and brings new villain. Becoz new show vishkanya gonna start I am also curious to watch that show and many also. I will watch the repeat of vishkanya but pls writers add somewhat interesting pls don’t. Bring saas bahu drama like other shows pls. Today epi was nice except raja and dashrath

  5. eshani

    Super fast update….Holi celebration was super ashram ppl were looking nice….Dhani n viplav were so cute in colors….dhani looking beautiful in bridal attire wish viplav would have worn something nice….this raja was too much n this DT taking his side asking him to get married after knowing the truth of what he did with dhani….n precap Kt started with her drama poor vidhani anyways thy are together now KT can’t do anything

  6. Dis is d most awaiting episode. But raja is still here,he may create trouble again.:-(.
    Any way happy holi to our vidhani,all caste n crew of ikrs n to my swt family also

  7. hi sandra it would be better if u leave this page u just go to hell you dont have but my friends i am happy for one thing is she remembers us as louella the princess saranya the ansry young lady varsha the president that mean she used to read our comments daily am i right guys so by the way we get more viewers for our comments and ms/mrs sandra or agra
    this is not a stinky serial and we r not a foolish fans u r a stinky hearted girl so it stinks when u come to this page so guys i have bought an ambipur spray to get off from these stinky comments bye bye agra sorry sandra[;-*

  8. Precap is expected..raja,kanak n all family members ll crt disturbances.but now ikrs is moving smoothly, no dragging. But plz reveal all other secrets

  9. mangai

    I think tomorrow VIP will lift dhaani in his arm n step into the coal and walk into AN 🙂 hope he always protects her from the vampires .. good to c back PC .. dunno when new TP will come.. hope the two of them be positive with vidhaani . not create trouble between them even though the two of them are reason for their togetherness :))))

    • Arshdeep

      I was thinking the same that viplav will hold dhani in his arms nd enter AN
      Kanak will be stunned?

  10. hi genita my friend dont feel bad for that comment of sandra because my mom used to say that when someone wishes u a bad luck then it will be a happy ending so dont worry ur marriage will happen with lot of smile in ur face be happy [;-)

  11. Avijit(AM)

    holi celebration of vidha in ashram was just awesome ..I was thinking if I was there 😛 …..
    and I always laughs when I see DT and KT ….don’t know why 😛 😛 …hahaha …
    wah re raja beta ….kya chal chali …..mirchi powder ….haha …good …..

    according to me precap is good …but from where kanak get the coal ….I think KT and DT are business partner of coal business 😛 😛 …..
    as usual our mahan Dhani walk upon the coal to prove her love ….. our great Dhani ….

    • Arshdeep

      It may happen
      But i dont think our hero viplav will let her do so

      Viplav might hold dhaani in his arms nd move on it

  12. Fatarajo

    Today’s episode was good , Vidhaani scenes quite cute and colorful , and I like the fact that Viplav answered Kanak that Dhaani is not a widow anymore. And precap is surprsing

  13. Hritya

    Super super super words to discribe my happines.ikrs rocks…viplav and dhani made for each other.

  14. bharathi

    Finally viplav and dhanni united….. i hate kanak…..whe she overacting….wat a handsome viplav and beautiful dĥani…viplav looks so cuteeee when he smile….. i love dis epi very much…happy holi

  15. Meghs(megha)

    Hi Abhi.. Ahana.. Aish.. Akshay.. Alia.. Amulya.. Anisha.. Anjum.. Anne.. Arshi.. Arshdeep.. Avijeeth….

    Bharathi.. BR mam.. Brity..

    Elizabeth.. Eshana..

    Fatarajo(joyee).. Florentina Moldovan..

    Gennipher.. Genni chechi.. Gudiya..

    Hrithya.. Isha.. Iwani..

    Kavi akka.. Kaviya..

    Madhuri.. Mangai.. Marees.. Maria.. Meena..

    Naty.. Neil megh(arshi).. Nikz Nima.. Nimisha..

    Prachi.. Purple / Rahul

    Ranaji (narendran).. Randhir.. Raj.. Rajee.. Renu..

    Sanjana.. Saranya.. Saras.. Saraswathi.. Sasha.. Shanitics.. Shruthi.. Smitha.. Sofeya.. Sonu.. Sri.. Swara.. Sujie..

    Vaishnavi.. Varsha.. Vidya.. Vinns..

    Share ur opinion regard today epi ..

  16. Sujie

    Hello everyone….
    Today’s episode was awesome…finally Viplav and Dhaani have colored each other in the holi after their marriage…… loved those scenes….
    Raja Awasthi …itne se chilli powder se tumhara kya hoga…mujhe bulate toh I could have fried you in hot oil with the tadka of chilli and onion……. DT is praising Raja,the cheapster…but he forgor that Dhaani saved his life from those cannibals…such a thankless oldie….
    Precap as expected,,,, But Viplav might do something to enter inside his home along with Dhaani… maybe he will himself walk in the coal or something like that……
    I am so happy that Viplav answered Kanak back that Dhaani is not a widow anymore…..
    but I want to see Raja Awasthi thrown out of the house..he might create any problem,,,but no worries… When ViDhaani are together, there is nothing to fear…..
    IKRS rocks
    Share your point of view friends

  17. Marees

    Stupid kanank…..

    Ediot dt thatha… Why she overacting…. Kanak aunty 5rs act panna sonna 500rs act pantrenga…plz 5rs act pannale engaluku podhum…

  18. [email protected]@tics

    Colours channel ka sabse best holi aaj humare serial walon ne celebrate ? kiyaaa….

    Playing holi in ashram was soo nice…
    Soo Vidhaani 1st holi…was awesome…
    It was likely to be live..It seems like they were enjoying and playing…holi celebration were just superb….Holi means this…I think this is the 1st serial in which actor and actress were fully dipped in colourss…otherwise in most of other serial thy won’t put this much colour on the face of main lead…

    Dhaani was awesome in the red attire…Raj Lakshmi and Dulaari have made Dhaani simply adorable….

    Friends hai to Raj and Pankanj ke Tarahh…true friends…adored with true meaning of friendship…

    • florentina moldovan

      yes, Shanitics, my opinion is too that they all have a great bound, love and respect, on screen and off screen…..i love the scene where Viplav holds all the ladies in his arms….touched me so much….i love them!!!!!

  19. [email protected]@tics

    I think Vip will carry Dhaani and walk on the coal..?

  20. Meghs(megha)

    Genni chechi pls ignore bad comments …
    Chechi oru aal shapichal onum patula .. Chechi ki noor allu de anugraham endu… devam nalade verthol so veshamikanda ..

  21. Louella

    Hi friends. Unfortunately I couldn’t watch today’s episode and just read the update. But I will definitely watch today’s episode at 3:30am and prove colors channel that we r the true fans of ikrs.

  22. Avijit(AM)

    hi to all the new comers to this page …I can’t reply all …there are too many …..sandra ..I don’t want to talk about you …bohot aye tumhare jaise … …
    genita di don’t be sad …enjoy your wedding … have a greatest and happiest married life 😀 …we are here …
    I saw that comment of sandra but not responding viplav dialogue to raja yesterday ….” hum agar wakat pe agaye to samajlo” …now that’s my dialogue …..

    but chill guys … hey I am back with my old logo after many days …old is gold 😛 …

    • Louella

      AM u r right old is gold. And happy to see u with the old logo. Plz keep this logo. Don’t change it.

      • AM

        varsha ..u mentioned my name in logical comments list ….so I said …..

        ” 😮 😮 ..from where I came in list …thanku varsha ….I am younger but brilliant 😛 …hahaha …..”

    • SARAS

      hey am… hamareliye to spoiler man tumhi ho… tum sabse pehele spoiler post karo yaa last mein… jeet(spoiler man title) to tumhari hee hain…

  23. Louella

    Friends as u all know tomorrow is good Friday, so I will not be able to comment tomorrow bcoz my mother told that tomorrow we will not use internet. So tomorrow no comments by me. But I will comment now as much as possible and give my attendance.
    Saras mam I m taking leave for tomorrow. Can u plz give me the permission?

  24. Louella

    A special offer for u all!!!
    A new model in market has just arrived who knows very well to taunt and put ppl in trouble!!
    So the name of this antic piece is kanak tripathi!!!
    Anyone who would like to take this antic piece may take it for free free free.
    Plz order it right now.
    Only one stock left!!!

    • Sujie

      no one will want to take such villainous Kanak Tripathi home yarr….. aise antique piece kya kaam ho ghar ki peaceful environment ko bhang karde…..
      agar Viplav jaise antique piece ho to de do…..
      Louella princess ……

  25. Hi everyone How are you all?? Well I’m still waiting for today’s epi to come on colours tv but I’ve read the updates. What’s wrong with this psyco Raja, he is trying to be in people’s good books like balloon face dasharaths. You know guys I was waiting for this moment, you know when Dhaani enters Viplavs house (Well she’s more like entering a dangen and kanak is a dragon waiting for her). Anyways no worries bcoz we got our Prince charming Viplav there to support his princess and wait and see one day our princess will win everyone’s heart.

  26. Louella

    Genita plz don’t feel bad. If anyone will tell bad about u then u will not become bad. Even sometimes I come in such situation. Some ppl tease me but I just ignore them. Once even my friend teased me and also my brother. At that time I was very hurt but then my teacher told me that of anyone teases u or tells anything bad about u, it will happen with him only. And today that’s why I get very angry when someone talks bad about anyone and I hate them the most on this earth bcoz I know better how it feels when someone talks bad about u. I have been come in this situation many times and I understand how u have felt. Plz don’t be sad for my sake

  27. Louella

    Swetha I liked ur idea about celebrating theme party on Monday. I m with u.

    Plz reply to Swetha about ur ideas. She has been telling us from yesterday. Plz reply to her

  28. BR




  29. BR

    At last dir heard my voice so pankaj and raj agaya …..

    Raj u r old hair style and super body buildup ….. hogaya……..

    dir asked u to reduce u r weight yaar..

  30. SARAS

    good evening friends.

    baloon thatha… ek baat samajhlo agar tum nahee chahate ki tumhara izzat kharab na ho to… tum hi vidhaniki shaadi karvaado… vaise bhee unki manganeeto hogayi thi…

    yaa iss umarmein to thoda sudharlo aur thoda izzat kamaalo… shukr karo tumhara pota tumpe nahee gaya varna ……………

    samjhe ya samjhaayen. ..

  31. eshani

    This moderation takes so long….is it because am new here? Or it does really take long for all….

  32. Raviraj Kaur (Shanoo)

    Hello evry1….
    I lov lov lov this show……
    VIDHANI rockzz nd the song….. Itz incredible…..
    But m unable to c the show nd there r no repeat telecasts…… ???

  33. BR

    pankaj raj and vip r dancing in the ashram for the music .


    vip won the ashram case … so DT arranged the party …… they were dancing the same song … dhani and RL were standing out side to meet the magistrate….vip,. not to allow to meet the ms now see change




  34. Genita

    Thanks meghs. Loulu I’m also there with u to watch at 3:30. Bcz I also missed today’s epi. I too went to church

  35. Nimisha (prev Nim)

    So the good bits were very good and lovely. The ashram scenes, Viplavs face when he sees dulhan Dhani, and Raj and Pankaj back supporting their yaar.


    We had to endure Raja, KT, DT and even Dadi and Shalu and alsmost worst of all the idiot pool chand. Was really hoping for an episode filled with only happiness for a change but alas, it seems raja is worming his way back into DT,s life.

    Raja saved his izzat. How quickly he forgets that Dhani saved not only his, but also Viplavs life.

    KT and the coals scene, seriously she is one sick sick sick lady.

    Even I am shocked by her actions and I wasn’t expecting much to start with.

    Seriously creators of this show, how much sh*t can you keep throwing at Viplav And Dhani?? What is the message that you are trying to send?

    We have been waiting for this happy event for soooo long, yet it seems that evil yet again has the upper hand.

    I loved the scenes. Loved but feel quite depressed after this episode. Wwwaaahhhhhhh!

  36. Nimisha (prev Nim)

    The last line should say I loved the scenes that I loved but….

    And really, please GET RID OF THE AWASTHIS. Their entry has spoiled the show for me. The only purpose they had was to acquit Dhani of the accusation of her husbands murder. Their job is done so they should go. please!

  37. BR

    Dt==Raja kanak=Raja”s mom

    dadi u r the well wisher of potha . now what happened to u?

    when vip was in ashram … the backround music was awesome now heard the same music super

    next bahu sasural jagada ready 1 ….. 2 ….3…start I run away from this place…………………………………………………………….running …….. running

  38. Anne

    Hello everybody.Been away for couple of days but caught up with episodes now.I’m over the moon with the story line hope it continues same. How beautiful did Dhaani look! Why is Raja still there and where’s his mum? What is the significance of the coal? Why is Viplav taking Dhaani home?!!!! Typical man! You would think he might be just a little bit wary of his family…He loves his mum and grandparents and basically can’t believe they could be evil. Kanak should realise that she’s going to lose her son with her hatred of Dhaani. If she drives him to choose she will lose. ?

  39. ArShi

    In the mddl of octbr me nd Britty(she’s absnt here since long) shared some prsnl cnvrstn here. Tht tim mdrtn asked us not to share prsnl cnvrstn in cmmnt. Bt nowadays we share lots of prsnl thngs….bt they r qit.

    It seems they r also liking our bonding…..:p:p:p

  40. BR


    Magh and marees u r works r novel ……..nalla muyarchi firstclass memory power and pa’ti ence …. I am speechless

    • Sujie

      BR mam…..lets not call Renu competitor…..we express our feelings here and i know you also don’t want us to compete…… i am liking company of my friends from this page…… i can’t even imagine a day without you …….. i feel happy to share my feelings and this will always be the same…. now tell me did you like my comments on this episode???

  41. BR


  42. Marees

    “Shalu’s suyamwaram”
    DT residence..
    (Dt thatha is a interviewer)

    raja comes to the interview….

    raja : may i come in sir?.,
    DT:yes come in…
    Dt : tell us abt urself…
    Raja : i am loose raja from mental hstptl …

    Dt : super super…and what are you?..

    Raja : i am athlete sir.,

    Dt : wow…i think u r a cricker or hockey player…

    Raja : no sir…i am a all rounder…

    Dt : pardon….

    Raja : u d’t wry and i will xplain sir… lemon in spoon and musical chair,running,dancing etc.. in my association ever yr conduct the saraswathi pooja i won the first prize sir..

    Dt : wow u r good groom..but u r suitable for kanak not for shalu’s..are u willing to marry kanak…

    Raja :
    ayyioo…ayyioo…kanank’s is onely suitable for u…sir “ungaluku “aasi iruku ambhani aaga but athistam iruku kalauthai meika”…k bye sir…

  43. Haseena

    Please anyone of this family tell me the retelicasting times of ikrs.because nowadays no repeat at 3.00 pm thats why i cant able to watch this show.i read only please tell me that time.i am the die hard fan of ikrs and vidhani

  44. AM

    today’s holi celebration is such revolutionary scene breaks all the taboos ..all rules of a widow’s life …such a great job by the directors …. really great …. it changed the all rules of widow …they are also human ..they also want to enjoy ….so we should support them …this year in vrindaban ..the widows of there also played holi …don’t know.. this is ikrs influence or not but very happy to see that ….

    today very happy to see that scene …hope our society also see this and learn from this …. so to all Indians …my request is ..change your perception about widow ( in Hindi ekbaar nazariya badalke ke dekho) ….
    I always post fun comments ..but today I am little serious … don’t only enjoy the vidhani scenes …enjoy the revolution …..

    seeing my comment don’t think me old 😛 ..I am only 17 Years old boy ….

    • Sujie

      yes are correct bro…… it feels so good that people are slowly realizing that being a widow does not mean a woman has to kill all her desires and live life in seclusion …… so happy for Vrindavan women……and about the vidhaani scenes…in other serials…actors and actresses are like : touch me not and color is in their cheeks …….
      BUT IN IKRS …they played holi with full zeal…and loved those scenes to the core

  45. TOMMY

    Hi guys really beautiful family
    and today episode was awesome awesome and awesome
    day by day ikrs rocking uncontrollably
    thank you so so much mishal sir and eesha sister
    you both look gorgeous and doing great job keep it up that rocking

    sorry guys i here commented without all of your permission
    so please can i join with family

  46. florentina moldovan

    guys, i love the epi, good timing, cool, and i think tomorrow Viplav will try to hold Dhani in his arms and step on coal but Dhani will not accept and bouth of them will step on coal with the power of love! together on good things, together on bad things….Kanak and DT will die watching them!!!!!! i can t wait tomorrow epi!!!!

    • Nimisha (prev Nim)

      I’m hoping Viplav says enough, gets back in the car and goes to the ashram or somewhere else to live,

      I know that won’t happen, but that’s the only way the tripathi’s are going to learn their lesson that they can no longer bulky Viplav or Dhani, like when he moved out of their home once before over an injustice.

      But, he prob needs to be in the house to make sure Shalu and raja do not get married.

  47. Porkodi

    Thanks friends for ur welcome. Dhani looks so beautiful in colour . Holi scenes at ashram was fantastic.

  48. Anne

    Happy to meet all you NEW ikrsians and GENITA ,congratulations on your upcoming marriage may you have many, many happy years ahead ?? goodnight all..?

  49. Welcome Tommy to our loving family . i have seen comments on other pages where people just post individual comments n dont interact but this page is more than a family where we bond with emotions , heart n of course ikrs is the biggest bond which is so strong that it would be forever weather ikrs is there or not. Once again welcome.

  50. Hi shanatics i totally agree witb u that in this sérial actor n actresses r fully dipped in color n not just color touch up on fully groomed face. Hats off to director n actors.

  51. Nimisha (prev Nim)

    Apologies for my grumpy post earlier.

    The scenes in the ashram were lovely.

    I have never played Holi before. One day I will visit India during the celebrations and will help paint the town red and blue and white and yellow and orange!

    One of the things that first drew me to this show was the social conscience messages. I have had a very traditional upbringing but have always felt that some ideals with my Indian family were always a little unfair toward women, I am one of 3 girls so we’ve managed to move my parents views on things quite a lot but it always left me with a desire for fairness for all, men and women.

    This show adresses a lot of those ideals and I think it mostly does it well.

    I think however, they do seem to portray women in a slightly stereotypical way. So you have
    Dhani who is the mahaan atma who wouldn’t speak up in court and was prepared to sacrifice her life and love for the losers that are Viplavs family,
    Kanak, the evil mother who will do anything to protect her precious son but bullies her daughter no end
    Dadi, who has been gOod hearted til now but is basically treated badly always by DT
    Suvarna, who still marries the man who killed her baby and attempted to murdr her
    Shalu, who is so desperate to be married that she,LTL take anyone who accepts her
    The ashram ladies, who are lovely but afraid to live
    Raj Lakshmi who deserves a happy life but is not allowed due to the age old traditions that they are tied down by.

    Then you have the men.
    Viplav our lovely hero. By he even started out as a bit of a mean typical tripathi but he has developed lots into the lovely man he is today.
    DT, who uses his power to his own ends always
    Tripurari who was evil but didn’t pretend otherwise, or at least he wasn’t clever enough
    And now raja – who is pure evil. Manages to act all sweetness and light even to Dhani who he in earlier scenes was trying to terrorise or convince to be his.

    It seems that it’s not just the men in these shows who bully the women which they do, but they also have their jobs made easy by the women they bully, bullying others. It’s the women
    who do most of it. All the slapping was from women to women.

    Dhani, round the holi ka dhaan said she will always stick with Viplav. They said similar words to each other when they hit married. But in court after Dadi spoke to her, she forgot that and that was disappointing. Viplav however stood his ground and saved the day again.

    It would be brilliant if the show could show Dhani being more strong and having more belief in herself. Believing That she is allowed to be happy and live her life with her husband without always reverting back into martyr mode.

    Sorry. Not sure what I’m trying to say but I was thinking what had upset me about today’s epi and had to get thi off my chest. Like I said I loved the bits I loved, and I mean I really loved them, but there was just a bit too much focus on the mean ones.

    Apologies if it doesn’t make much sense.


  52. Hi friends finally we got to see fabulous remarriage of our vidhani. HOLI at ashram was superb n the zeal n playful mode of all was mindblowing. Phoolchands seems gives attrndance only on festivals after shivratri he was seen today but as usual he again lost to DT . the proverb that self respect is more valuable than life goes well with DT. He is thankless n rather against Dhani who saved his life n is, giving importAnce to culprit raja who according to him has saved his honour. CAN UNDERSTAND SHALU. S STATE OF MIND WHO CAN SEE NOTHING BEYOND HER MARRIAGE N HOLDS VIDHANI RESPONSIBLE FOR HER BROKEN ALLIANCE BUT DADIS BEHAVIOUR TOTALLY unexpected AS, SHE Was the only, sensible person after viplav. Hope that her attitude changes soon as she can’t stay away from her favourite grandson for long. RAJA has succeeded IN HIS EVIL MOTIVE OF IMPRESSING DT . BUT TO EARN SYMPATHY HE HAS BADMOUTHED ABOUT DHANI WHICH WOULD SURELY EFFECT HER AS EVERYONE INTHE HOUSEHOLD IS against HER. REALLY FELT BAD WHEN KANAK ASKED VIPLAV ABOUT HIS VIDHWA DHANI. WHEN SHE IS aware of her marriage then why is she thinking bad about her own son. Clearly shows she is a egoist person whocan go to anyextent to maintain her fake pride. Precap though expected is still scary . all in the family specially Kt n then Dt would try to make her life hell but strong vidhani bond would surpass everything n become more strong just like our bond

  53. Nimisha (prev Nim)

    Hi Renu

    Love your post. I struggle with succinct. You said everything I was trying to say much better.

    Viplav now has his own office so what will happen to Dhani when he goes to work?

    With all the plotting that has gine on in the tripathi household Viplav has only once cottoned on once, when he overheard Kanak boasting to Shalu that she had for once and for all got rid of Dhani. With his family he has always been a bit, blinkered so how can he protect Dhani is he can’t see the extent to which they, DT, KT, even shaky and Dadi will go to to serve their own interests.

    lots of you will be tucked up in bed by now so I wish you all lovely sweet dreams and see you all tomorrow,


  54. Yetty

    Nice episode, I love the ashram scene it’s colourful with lots of happiness.
    Sushma totally ignores Viplav (that’s disappointing).
    I hope dhaani will not try to prove anything by working on the hot coal. Love ikrs

    • Hi nimisha u r right that viplav is not aware that his beloved mom n dada can go to any extent to harm dhani
      Wouldn,t it be great if dhani accompanies Viplav to his office n assist him if this happens it would be too good lets wait n watch

  55. Hi meghs. I’ve been trying to reply to your hi in the previous page 3 or 4 times but for some reason it’s not showing. Don’t know what’s happening. Anyways hi again from me And hi to all IKRS fans here.?

  56. genita

    What a lovely episode.dhani was looking so cute in holi colours. And also in bridal dress. Actually vipu should alsi wear sherwani bcz dhani is in bridal dress so naturally he must be also in grooms dress. Do u all agree with me

    • Nimisha (prev Nim)

      That would be good Renu. I also think Dhani needs to start learning to read and write and Viplav could again help her with this.

      Sweet dreams lovely, xxx

    • Nimisha (prev Nim)

      Viplav or rather Mishal looks lovely in whatever, even the dhoti that he wore in one of the earlier episodes ??

      But I do think her looked particularly gorgeous in the groom outfit which he wore when they almost got married the first time. It would have looked lovely if they were both in their wedding clothes, but I also quite like the red shirt he had on, as it sort of made Dhani shine more.

      Sweet dreams Genita. Sleep well. Xxx

  57. Nima

    Shuvprabhat(good morning) to all our #IKRS family.episode was Tarini, celebrating holi scene was awesome.

  58. Sujie

    A very good morning to everyone…. 🙂
    have a great day ahead…. dreamt of ViDhaani holi celebration and had a broad smile since yesterday…. 🙂 😀

  59. Meghs(megha)

    Good morning ikrs family
    Have a sweet day…

    Cutie .. Genni chechi n many more will busy in good friday na…
    Happy good friday guys…

  60. BR

    good morning to all…….

    at last mirsada agaya I am happy to see u again …….
    florinida u r less comment

    saranya comments plz comedy princes …….

    mares u r conversation supero super I really enjoyed it …..

    nim u r talented lady .. fast p”atience very good typist .. analyist…. experssions all v.good …..
    if there is competition between u and Hassan ….for typing bcz Hassan gives update with in 5 or 19 min u r giving para about epi .. I don’t know how much time do u take foe typing 4 para… who is faste?r Hassan or nim

    renu and sujie I read u r comments …. good …

    tom welcome no body is cherry here all r friends …

  61. Heloooooooo my dear frnda very gud mrg to u all.A HAPPY FEAST TO U dear ikrs.have a great day to u.
    Sry I didn’t watch my fav show so I didn’t comment.but I saw ud.the show was awesome as usual.
    Vidhaani holi was superb.
    DT n KT r very disappointed with vidhaani marriage. Eagerly waiting for dhaani grihapravesh with hot charcoal.very interesting grihapravesh.let’s wait n watch.
    Byey dear frnds take care.

  62. Swara

    Wht an holi celebration was tht…wow……I want kank to see tht scene. …..

    Gud mrng frnds……

  63. shanatics

    I think tat mere dholna song ? of bhul bhulaya was written and made for Kanak Tripati…and DT…

  64. shanatics

    Swara chechi Just imagine Kanak watching Vip throwing colours..on Dhaani….,Every one throwing colours on VIP and last but not the least Vip hugging all those in ashram…
    In short holi celebration..?

  65. shanatics

    Louella can I call u lols….

    Florentina Moldovan….can I call u Flora..

    Sorry if u don’t like this name..pls ignore this post..?

  66. Hritya

    kanak is a widow.but she is wearing all ornaments(simple)but when our dhani was a widow she didn’t wear any ornaments.i think there is no restriction for kanak bcoz she is frm a rich family.

  67. SARAS

    good morning everyone. ..
    yday holi celebration at ashram was the highlight. .The bond n love bw vip n ashram ladies were pictured very well n it v was treat to the soul. ..

    how foolish this viplav can be. .. When he has not spoken n convinced gotta house people including daadi n he is c thinking they will welcome bride dhani wholeheartedly? paagal khushi se pagal hogaya hain. . lagta hai uska dimak kaam nahee kar raha hai…

    • florentina moldovan

      Saras, good morning, i think Viplav try to see what happens btw his family and Dhani but i think they will do bad things with her but Viplav will not allow them any more….i am so curious…

    • Yetty

      Welcome bharathi, you are free to join.
      Ikrs family is getting bigger with good mindset people that can tolerate each other and make one another feel special in every way we meet. Good to have you on board

  68. florentina moldovan

    ESHANI, don t worry, it happens….sometimes our com are not published, sometimes the delay it is to much but i think it is technical problem… too i got aNGRY sometimes but i do not gave up, i am still here because i love my friends my family and i can t live without them…

  69. florentina moldovan

    Ranaji, good morning! how are you? i posted even yesterday a com for you but it didn t get published…

  70. florentina moldovan

    friends, i think Raja will marry Shalo and then raja and his family will treat triparti family very bad…..only our vidhani can stop them , they will be the saviors of this family….i think Raja remains one of the villans for a time…i know for sure 1 thing…-our makers will not dragg and we will sea lot of things….

  71. Anne

    Good Morning ikrs fans, have a great day. I can’t wait for next epi, Florentina i think you are right, Raja will make trouble for Tripathi family,but if he marries Shalu isnt she supposed to live with his family.? Oh sorry Good Afternoon fans :/ 🙂

  72. SARAS

    currently in ikrs you r seeing dhani is entering An (ayodhya nivas)with viplav. .
    in upcoming episodes we will see kanak fuming n fuming in anger not for dhani but sge will be angry on chor maami as she will over hear dt singing “gori tore naynaa…. ” to maami.. we will see dt falling for maami’s beauty n talent to steal…..
    you will also see in upcoming episodes dt without his locket n hood as all of his hoods n locket are been stolen by maami…

    mahant dasharath tripathi stops going to all sabhas due to lack of his izzat (pride). his izzat was only due to his hood n locket. . Looking at this state of dt vidhani will buy him new his n locket with which his pride will return ….

  73. SARAS

    poor shaalu…
    first of all age is dreaming of getting gruhapravesh done in her sasural. . is she not aware her whole sasural is settled in an only n they have no plans to move out…
    idiot dhani is thinking of saving shalu from ill treatment from raja’s mom. . she is not aware that shalu is been getting the same treatment from her mother also all this while. ..
    so shalu would handle it I think

  74. Louella

    Hi friends I m back. Bharathi, Tom welcome to our ikrs family

    Meghs my exams went very nice and easy till now. I wish u also all the best!!!
    Shanitics u can call me lols. I will be very happy to have new names

  75. Louella

    Eshani it happens most of the times. But don’t stop commenting. Keep commenting. And never give up

  76. nimo

    hallow every one how are you all?
    florentina mam’s comments also lovable, advisable,astrological

  77. Louella

    Sujie I think Viplav is not available in the Shop bcoz it is already taken by dhaani. And it will be very difficult to bring viplav back

  78. saranya

    T:aaj se ham aapke koyi kaam nahi karungi gurudev
    D:agar aisi baat hai tho ham tumara yeh lamba moonj nikal dengi
    T:haha,yeh nikal dengi,tho nikal do,waise bhi yeh nakli hai,jaise aapki moonj aur baal nakli hai.
    K:tujhe patha haina tu kis se baat kar raha hai
    T:aare baabi ji aap tho chup hi raho,aap pehele se mujhe pareshan kar rakha hai.
    K:meine kya kiya?
    T:aao aapke bedroom mein jaakar baat karthi hai.
    K:ka bakwaas?
    T:bakwaas!aare bedroom pe chalke aapki nayi bedsheet dekhna hai mujhe,jo aap hamra almara se udakar le gayi tha na.aapki uss harkath ke wajah se mujhe itne saare jeans gareedna pada.woh bedsheets nahi tha hamra pyjama silnewaala kapada tha.
    gussa math karo pagli.tumari nakli daath bahar aajaungi.phir tho aap sach mein vampire ban jaongi.aur babuji aap jab mere moonj katne aaongana tab hamra bal bhi kat dena,woh kya haina,ek naye hairstyle karne ka mann kar raha hai,jaise gajni aamir khan style.
    D:ham barbar hai kya uska bal katne ke liye.
    K:chalo barbar ji sorry baabu ji.

    • SARAS

      oh god saranya… you made my day. .
      I m laughing loudly. …
      Some correction needed in hindi.. like”aap sach mein vampire ban jaavoge” not jaavoongi. jaavoongi is for self n feminine. .. main ….. jaavoongi.. tum jaavoge… hope u understood. .

      first line should .. koyi kaam nahee karoonga.. not karoongi.

    • Nima

      hahaha..soo funny conversation…especially wo jo tripurari ka paejama silane kapada ko kanak ne bedsheet banadiya 😀

    • AM

      really too much saran di …..TP ko kabhi nahi chodenge ap…chorna bhi mat …he is too good and his printed pajama …hahaha 😀 :’D

    • Yetty

      Saranya dear ,
      I really wish I can understand Hindi but no one is teaching me.
      Please translate your above comment in English, I don’t want to miss out in the conversation. Thanks

    • SARAS

      here is the translation:
      t: I will not do any work for you henceforth gurudev
      D:if that is the case i will remove ur big mustache
      T: hahaha if you want to remove.. remove they are not real .. just like urs.. your hair n mustache not real.
      K: do u know whom are vu talking to?
      t: oh bhaabheeji its better u keep quite u have already troubled me enough
      k: what did I do?
      t: let’s go to ur bedroom I will tell u
      k; what non sense is this?
      t: I will show the bed sheet in ur bedroom which u Stoke from my wardrobe. . they were not bedsheets but cloth for stiching pajamas because of ur this mischief I had to buy jeans for myself. ..
      Don’t get so angry your tooth may come out n u will really look like a vampire. .. n babuji when u come to remove my mustache do my haircut also. .. I m planning to have s haircut like gazani..
      k: come lets go barberji uff baabuji

  79. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

    Meg’s I don’t like saas bahu drama!! It is auto type by mistake it is posted I am telling to bring new villain then It will be interesting Na?

  80. Shri




  81. BR


    Shanti vip take dhani in his arm and enter the house is impossible in my opinion……

    BCZ talking heavy thinks with hand and play long jump is not possible … walking in hot coal is not prathana ……

    before enter the temple u clean u r legs is fine good centiment …. as per dhani ayodhya is a temple she may pour water enter the house …..

  82. BR


    SARAS kanak is always fuming see .. kanak if u r always in angry mood u r beautiful face becomes shrink u will become old very soon . u r ball [hair] becomes white very soon … . BABUJI KASIHE [HOW AM I LOOK BEAUTIFUL] NU VAZHIYA MUDIYATHU

    sonna pothum stop fumming

  83. saranya

    Raja Saheb,this is an open challenge to u.i am going to do a magic.i am going to do this magic with my eyes closed,if u have courage,do this magic by not closing ur are the steps of magic i am going to do.
    Step 1:i will close my eyes
    Step 2:i will put some red powder over my closed eyes.
    Step 3:magic finished
    So do this magic with ur eyes wide open,if u are brave.
    Ps:that red powder is chilly powder.keep that in mind.and what u have to do is put that in ur wide eyes.if u can’t,just leave banaras and come to kerala,i will teach u a good lesson.

  84. Sonu

    @Shanatics aka Swetha, I replied for your question abt me, in previous episode (23rd MArch) page, r u see that?

  85. BR

    bcz of moderation so many comments r not posted .

    we can get ration easily but moderation is not easy….? it makes us upset …..

  86. Louella

    BR mam today u took saranya’s name and she is here. Plz take even the old member’s names they will definitely come back here. Anyways Saranya welcome back.

  87. saranya

    Yeh Tripathi ghanthan ko akal nahi hai kya.shalu ki marriage le kar itne tension kyoon hai yaar.kya uss Raja Avashti duniya ka aaghir ladka hai kya.aare register karo Shalini ki naam pe aur choose karo lakhom ladkom mein se ek acche ladke ko aur free karo hamare vidhani ko.hamesha dhani ki peeche padi hai,widhwa widhwa bulaa ke.samje ya samjhayein dt n kanak.

  88. Hritya

    @saran.hi saran gud afternoon,how r u?do u remember me?enta saran terakillano… valare kurchu matram cmnt cheyunnu.

  89. Nimisha (prev Nim)

    Hi BR Mam.

    Thanks for your kind words. To answer your question though, H Hasan is and always will be the best on this forum. Without the written updates my understanding wouldn’t be as clear as it is.

    Thankyou all for enduring my rather long ramblings. I really felt bad after yesterday’s epi because of all the nasty characters but thank you for letting me honest it off my chest.

    My head, as I said before, is like a pinball machine and IKRS is the one thing on TV that I watch without fail. It sets all my synapses firing at once so my ramblings are often random.

    SARAS, thanks for the spoiler, raja marrying Shalu is thoroughly depressing. But knowing that he will and knowing that DT will be back to his creepy self with that weirdo mamiji, which is also depressing, I can brace myself to cope with this.

    The awasthis entry and Shalu & raja’s wedding build up was too much for me and I nearly stopped watching IKRS because I just stopped enjoying it.

    I won’t enjoy watching Shalu being terrorised by the nor will I enjoy seeing Dhani in the same house as them, but I will weather that storm, thanks to you all on this forum.

    I said yesterday that you are all amazing on here and I feel so at home and love talking with you all about not only IKRS but about everything.

    Happy Easter.

    • SARAS

      oh hello nimisha…
      mine is a just a imagination spoiler yaar… I thought you guys will understand but unfortunately everyone mis-understood …

      • Nimisha (prev Nim)

        SARAS, sorry. I totally missed the point didn’t I? Lol!
        I can imagine that raja will marry Shalu. The creators like to create lots of situations where the mean ones thrive so it is very likely. But I live in hope that maybe not.

        Also DT letching after mamiji is totally believable so also likely.


    • Yetty

      Hello Nimisha, I enjoyed every bit of your comments no matter how long it is,I like reading and talking but when it’s comes to typing I’m out.
      I admire your point of views.
      They are not rumbling to some people.
      Good day to you

      • Nimisha (prev Nim)

        Thanks Yetty.

        I have to remind myself most days that the show is just that and that’s it’s not real… I do get very into it I guess. Lol!

        Have a lovely day. Xxx

  90. SARAS

    saranya back with a bang. . you r in full form. .. too good. .. you bring in lot of energy saranya. . keep it up

  91. SARAS

    louella dear you said u will not comment today! !!! What a pleasant surprise! !!
    Good to see you

  92. shanatics

    Hritya may I knw abt u???

    Anya chechi…back with a bang,uh???

    Lols thanksss for your affirmative answer ?

    Superb spoiler…
    Bhailu aaj tho ? spoiler race main…

    • AM

      spoiler man bhi kabhi kabhi busy hota hae ..aaj kaal utna time nahi hae spoiler find karu …ruko ..two three days after I will come back with spoilers also …bye bye …..

  93. shanatics

    Hritya….u can call me in tat name….
    I have no problem….I am just happy ? to have new name…..

  94. shanatics

    Br mam…I have a best idea….Vidhaani nt entering AN…..but taking car going to honeymoon….only after dropping Raj and pankaj back….
    We happy
    Vidhaani happy….
    And others we should think of those…Thy simply hate them…na!!!


  95. Hritya

    Ha shan(can i call u like this if u don’t like this name sry),i am frm kerala,kottayam dst.i am studing in +2.what about u shan?

  96. saranya

    Thank u so much guys for enjoying my conversations.And BR mam,i will post next time in English,sorry today i am very lazy to repost it in English.

    • Sujie

      saranya yarr…swaha gang ka conversation is always fun to read….laughing out loud is only one thing a person does after reading your conversations….too good yarrrrrrr…

  97. Anne

    Hi, beautiful sunny morning here in the UK (about time hurrah) Lovely Good Friday though.9.30 here and going to hairdressers (so I look less grey lol).Being pestered by my cat who wants her third breakfast,she’s a chubster. Finally worked out the coal question,didn’t realise it was hot coals thought it was a piece of coal like we bring here in the UK on New Years day for good luck!! So wrong! Can’t wait for tonight ,Nimisha you are right Kanak is a mental case, doesn’t she have any guilt or the capacity of rational thought? ???x

    • Nimisha (prev Nim)

      Hey Anne. It’s a stunning morning here too. Makes a lovely change.

      Enjoy your hairdressers appt. I too am fighting the battle with greying hair. I colour at home but most can’t be bothered so am sort of getting greyer by the minute. Lol.

      Your cat sounds like my kids. My daughter also had 3 breakfasts the other day.

      Lovely to see you back here. Did you go anywhere nice while you were away?


  98. saranya

    I am watching sbb and i saw dhani doing grah pravesh properly,not in burning charcoal.daadi was beside her.may be she helped her to enter the house.

  99. saranya

    @hritya how can i forget u one in our family can forget u.we all are family na.join in tu fb grp.

  100. AM

    shani and Saras mam I am giving the real spoiler …
    saw the SBB segment of ikrs …our sweet daadi of viplav will remove all the coal and did all the grehapravesh rituals of Dhani .and Dhani enters in that’s the real spoiler ….
    Mae hu real spoiler man .. no one can beat me ..hahahaha 😀

  101. Anne

    Tried google translate lol, single Hindi words seem OK,but sentences seem to defeat it. Got some funny stuff. Given up.?

    • Yetty

      Don’t give up Anne, we will learn soon.
      I think there will be a class starting here in Summer for some of us that needs to learn Hindi
      Our teachers are busy at the moment.
      Good day to you

  102. saranya

    Viplav,u should open a textiles industry immediately.u have a taste in it.whatever u wears are u won the case also,and i think u will not go Boston so easily bcz Mission Sasural is going to launch by dhani.but ur mother is horrible.she will do every possible thing to harm start this industry and make dhani as its manager.teach her to read and write.she is intelligent,she will bcum a good manager and then u can deal ur cases peacefully and dhani can do Mission Sasural when both of u come back from ur work.when ur presence is there noone can harm dhani.

  103. saranya

    @yetty sorry,i just saw ur comment.i tried a lot to open previous comments but it couldn’t opened.and i will definitely post my conversation in English next time.even if i am writing in hindi,i will translate that to english.and one more thing i am also not a master in hindi,i am posting these conversations in hindi just for a fun and there a lot of mistakes in my hindi,even in that

  104. BR

    saran vip is ENTERAPRENEUR …IN REAL LIFE …So it easy for him to teach dhani about textile industry ……he is also having export import company . if dir allows he will teach …Dhanni will learn

    • Nimisha (prev Nim)

      I hope so. She’s an intelligent lady and it’s never too late t learn to read and write. Xxx

  105. saranya

    @Saras thank u so much for correcting my mistakes.actually i wrote that with great care but forgot to read it before posting it.but i knew that as u are here there is nothing to worry regarding mistakes.and today more than my conversation ur comic spoiler rocks.i laughed out loudly imagining that things happending in real ikrs.i think our writer ji should consult u if he want any comic twists like this.

  106. shanatics

    Bhailu…app toh bahut ache hai….
    U r a spoiler man….

    Alas spoiler man sab kuchh spoil karega kya…?

  107. BR

    Anne enjoy good Friday ………. MMMMMMMMMMJOLLY … HERE TOO HOT …BANGALORE IS ALWAYS COOL campare to other city in south .. but here 35degree cel

  108. Louella

    Saras mam I tried a lot not to comment but I couldn’t control myself and I commented. Now I think commenting is my daily routine. It’s proved now that I can’t live without u all. Whether it is Sunday or Monday I comment daily. Is it right?

    • SARAS

      oh sweetie n cutie. . I was glad to see u today also so asked. . but don’t break ur promise on studies ok???

  109. Louella

    Anne and Yetty for now most of the teaches r busy studying instead of teaching. So after our exams u will get free Hindi education and we promise that u all will learn Hindi. But for now we r just commenting in English.

    • Nimisha (prev Nim)

      ooh, can I join in these lessons too please? Would love to learn Hindi. I feel I have a bit of a head start as I speak Gujarati but it’s very different to Hindi.

    • Louella

      Meghs the real celebration is on Sunday not today. Today is the death of Jesus so no celebration today. Today only fasting by eating only veg. I m waiting for tomorrow as I can’t control myself from eating non veg.

  110. SARAS

    yetty .. anne. . br mam n all others who couldn’t understand saranya’s conversation. .
    ii have translated n posted as reply to saranya’s post.. please have a look. ..

  111. Louella

    Thanks for asking about our celebration meghs. U r really a caring sister I ever got. Bcoz of ikrs and tu I got an elder sister. In my family I m the eldest among my cousins. And I to take care of my cousins specially my cute little sister Angel. Here u all r calling me princess but in my family I m calling my little sister princess.

    • Meghs(megha)

      Are don’t be emotional … If i get emotional na flood will come here.. Just kidding …
      Ur so sweet sister …

      • Louella

        Meghs I m really emotional. After all I m a pisces. And I have read that Pisces r the most emotional sign in the zodiac

    • Louella

      Meghs I m ready now only but bcoz of my exams I will comment little less so we will start on 7th of April. Is it ok with u? Or should we start after u finish with ur exams?

  112. Nimisha (prev Nim)

    Hello again

    Just been thinking… Sorry in advance … Lol.

    Viplav just won his first case. Justice, although slightly weirdly, prevailed and an innocent person was let off the hook.

    That must be a big deal for any lawyer, so it’s even more sad that DT and KT can’t be happy for Viplav. Even he judgement of the law isn’t enough to make them see sense.

    I was really hoping that Viplav would say ‘OK, see y’all’ to the madhouse and get back in the car to go back to the ashram. But I guess that isn’t going to happen.

    Also, raja will be doing everything he can to get married to Shalu as it will allow him to stay close to the real love of his psycho life, Dhani.

    If he gets too creepy I,LTL be booking a flight out to Benares myself to go and give him a big fat slap and maybe kick him were it hurts too. Gggrrrrrrrr!

  113. Louella

    Nim of course u can join our school which will start on 7th of April. All the New comers r welcome. U just tell the principal whether u want to become a teacher or a student on 7th of April as I and meghs r having my exams right now

    • Nimisha (prev Nim)

      Thanks Louella. And good luck in your exams. I,m sure you’ll sail through them but it’s nerve wracking anyway, so all the best to you and everyone else.


  114. Just saw the SBB segment for Dhaani Grahapravesh.

    I see the great bonding, love relationship between Dadi & Vipu.

    I think, Dadi has been realized her mistake for the earlier decision to pressurized to Dhani for leaving Vipu and leave him forever.

    After known the fact that now both Vidhani has been married secretly. She realized her mistakes and she has been done all the rituals for their Grandson full of life happiness with Dhaani.

    This seems that someone who loves & cares very much especially our eldest persons in our family. We will surely give full love, caring & respects to our elders.

    This is known fact of our life that every person whom should we (Eldest to Youngest) we have done some mistakes in the whole life. But we people always have belief to our elders & respect them. In today’s world our Elders wants only 2 good and precious words to hear from us.

  115. SARAS

    hey classes are ongoing.. I try to translate all my hindi post in English. . you need to read in hindi as well as english n try to map words-:)))
    aby doubts ask us… me principal n all teaching staff will assist you. . Don’t hesitate to post it own hindi post we will correct it n translate also if needed…hope you will all have a great time in our hms…

    may be one my dear assistant is done with her exams she may begin stone formal class. .

  116. Rahul

    Hi guys how are you all…dp you remember me….I am so happy that our family is growing day by day…..and welcome to all new comers…well I will introduce myself..I am rahul…am from kerala…but brought up in chennai….now am staying in kerala for my pg studies…I completed my software engineering…..

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