Ishq Ka Rang Safed 24th July 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishq Ka Rang Safed 24th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vidha asking who is her Papa and when he will come. Dhaani says he will come soon, and says you are very stubborn. I won’t talk to you. Vidha says I won’t go to school or do anything. Dulaari tries to cheer up Vidha. Pratibha apologizes to Parshiya. Parshiya says Dhaani kept silent thinking about your illness. Pratibha says this is called love, as she worries about you. She has taken good care of you when you was in hospital, she prayed to God. She says one day Dhaani will tell you, and that day don’t back off. Parshiya is hopeful hearing her words and gets happy. Pratibha asks him not to refuse then. Parshiya hugs her and says if she agrees then I don’t need anything.

Dhaani talks to God and asks him to clear the misunderstandings. She thinks Vidha wants

her papa, but he can’t stay with them as he has a family and son. Just then she gets a courier and thinks who have sent the letter. She opens the envelope and finds Viplav’s chain and a letter with it. She gets teary eyes and says it is of Viplav.

She reads his letter and gets teary eyes. Viplav tells her that Vidha needs a fatherly love and asks her to marry Parshiya and give family to her. She cries thinking about Viplav’s words that he got a family and daughter here and also happiness. He can’t forget her and his daughter….A song plays…………Jo Bheji Thi Jo Dua…..She adds further, Viplav asks her to marry Parshiya as he is a nice man, and even Vidha likes him. He writes that Parshiya will compensate for my love, and writes that it is his respect. He writes that like in every story, rakshas dies, I am also going far from you both. Dhaani looks at the chain….the song continues to play. She reads I am also going like end of every Rakshas in a story.

Dasharath says our home is ours….as he is happy to be back home. Someone gives Viplav’s letter. He reads it and says it is Viplav’s letter. Viplav informs him that he is going far from them, and apologizes for his decision. He asks them to take care of Atharva and asks them not to find them. Kamini says this can’t be possible, Viplav can’t leave me. Sushma worries for Viplav. Dhaani is still crying. Pratibha comes and asks can I come in? Dhaani says yes, and asks her to sit. Pratibha apologizes to Dhaani and says I did a mistake. Just now Parshiya told me that you never told him that you like him, and I planned from engagement to marriage. She apologizes and says you would have told me naa. Dhaani looks on.

Kamini calls Tripurari and says they got Viplav’s letter who asked them not to search him. She worries for him and says don’t know where to find him. Tripurari says it is a good news. Kamini says I did a mistake and called you. I don’t know if you will help me or not. Tripurari says he will come to Banaras and will meet her. He thinks God has fulfilled his wish.

Pratibha comes back to Parshiya and tells that Dhaani didn’t tell anything and was silently hearing her. She asks him not to worry and says Dhaani will say yes one day. Parshiya says I don’t know what is in Dhaani’s heart. Pratibha says you know Vidha’s heart naa, and says Dhaani will agree because of her. Parshiya worries that their friendship might break. He says I can’t let her go far from me. Pratibha asks her to have trust on God and not to get scared.

Dulaari asks Vidha to open the door. Vidha refuses to open the door until they tell her about her father. Dhaani comes and asks what happened? Dulaari says she has locked the room. Dhaani asks her to come the door and says we are going for outing. They knock on the door asking her to open the door. They break open the door and finds Vidha missing and window open. Dhaani thinks how can she run away from window.

Tripurari calls Dasharath and says I felt sad knowing about your grand son, but I am here. He says you have some responsibility towards me, says Viplav is adamant on his decision and will not come. He asks him to decide what to do, else he will expose all his doings.

Vidha comes to Parshiya’s house. Parshiya asks what you are doing here? He asks didn’t you go to school. Vidha says no, and says I want to stay with my Papa. Parshiya looks on surprised. Vidha says you are my Papa naa, Dadi told that you are my Papa. Parshiya looks at Pratibha and says I will be always with you, but I am not your papa, but Baba. Vidha asks then who is my Papa?

Dhaani and Dulaari search for Vidha. At the other side, Vidha gets locked in a car and panics.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. good morning friends. .
    arshu how was ur exam?..
    I m sure you will get through. n become a very good dr.

    I love parshiya -:)) he is a genuine guy.. he loves vidha soo much n he is not greedy.. he told vidha he is not her paapa but baba.. how how sweet. .

  2. dhani never listened to anything told by viplav but now she is ready to listen n that too what? ?? to get married to parshiya wow dhani tumto bahut mahaan ho… hume tumse yaheee ummed thee….

    1. I too thought the same…

      Dhaani nvr listend bt nw she can listen ??

      Viplav is the best Rakshas in the wrld… Omg he is nt just a Raksha.. Bt he is the pyaara Rakshas.. ?

      Viplav u r d bst Son dad and hus…

  3. Good morning all

    1. Renuverma

      Good morning dear ☺

  4. Epi was quite good.. Parshiya is such a honest and a good guy.. I’m nt ur papa bt baba..

  5. Arshi di hw did ur xams went….

  6. Dani asked for this and why cry now

  7. Hey ppl can someone give me d link where I can watch the episode online….none of it is working for me

    1. Install voot app

  8. Hi friends good morning

    1. Renuverma

      Good morning dear pooja ?

      1. Didi you called me dear… ????

  9. Saras from the beginning of the show Dhaani always doubt Viplav,wants to dominate him as if she is the only sachhai person,she even did,t have patience to listen to Viplav,s baat,but she is so confidant of Kamini,not Viplav. now on the pretext of Viplav,s advice she may be ready to go to marry Parshya third time,stupid,,both Dulaari and Dhaani are very arrogant,self-centred,stubburn women they only believe themselves and ruined the lives of Viplav and vidha,another one after five years leap both dadi and DT are as they are ? they won’t become old why? Now what happened to Kamini? In the off screen pictures Viplav,s team celebrating Kamini birthday

    1. there are ample cases of dhani misunderstanding viplav n a third person needs to give character certificate for viplav saying he is innocent only then she believes him.. Once ok.. ashram file case. .. next kamini flasback not ok. .. Next pershiya attack. . These are the big ones. .. she is too much n sanjeeda really suits for this vamp like dhani.. -:))

      viplav go away from all these people by take vidha with u.. I would recommend atharva too but I m not sure if he is it own so for now vidha is good enough. .

  10. Harika

    Mishal is back on ikrs sets………so so happy

  11. Harika

    See my profile pic..
    He is at the ikrs set…and celebrating ishitha(kamini) birthday…..

    1. Areeb

      That’s great! Harika can you tell me the picture source?

      1. Harika

        I saw it in twitter…areeb

      2. Areeb

        Kay, thanks! ?

  12. Sonu

    Hi IKRSians how r u all?

    1. Areeb

      Hi Sonu. 🙂 Me well, how you doin’? ?

      1. Sonu

        I am also good dear..

    2. Renuverma

      Sonu gelathi how r u.? missed u . Wrote several times but u never came. Hope all well.?

  13. Sonu

    Friends now a days I am fully hangout for LTL serial. I am really fell in love with Datta Bahu..
    Even I love Vipu also.. Starting or old IKRS is too good… for me now the track of IKRS mein Sanjeeda aur Kamini ko jydha importance detae hai.. Vipu ki charecter ko silent mein rak diya..

    1. Renuverma

      Right dear they give more importance to all n have sidelined viplav.

    2. hey sonu how r u dear? ?

      where r u watching ltl??
      I too want to watch. .

  14. Areeb

    Morning Mishalians! ? Really looking forward for today’s episode. Wishing to see Viplav! Obviously. ? Khaair, how Vidha got locked in car? ? Hope it turns out a good thing. ?

    Arshi how are you? Do come up up with a good news dear! 🙂

  15. Hi All.
    True Renu. I hope DT suspects. But there are no answers to so many questions like Shambhu’s death or Ashram fire. But nobody tries to find out.
    Have a nice day!

    1. Renuverma

      Hi zee. Wish could advice to cvs☺

    1. Renuverma

      Wow thks harika

      1. Harika

        hi renu mam

    2. Harika

      areeb this is for u..

  16. Sonu

    Friends, aaj se(from today) IKRS start on Risthey channel, at 8 PM( indian timings). But here it’s name change, i.e Mohe rang de Laal.. Whoever missed old IKRS, watch it again..
    i must watch..Chill on guys..

    1. Renuverma

      Sonu how r u.?

  17. Sonu

    @Renu, hi Renu Gelathi, I am good. After eish’s quit, I’m n’t satisfied by Sanjeedha’s role, and that story line, Bt watched IKRS for the sake of Mishal. Bt comment karnae kaa mood nahi thi..Meinae aap logo ko bahut miss kardiya.. Now a days i didn’t see the IKRS. no Vipu, no IkRS.. Sry dear, now I will try to comment regularly..

    1. Renuverma

      Oh good yo see yr reply dear.?. U have learnt hindi now?? pl try to comment atleast once. ?

  18. Sonu

    @SARAS, hi dear how u?
    Before the marriage of Dutta bahu and nakusha, all episodes are available in U tube.. After the marriage, most not only most all videos are blocked. So now I am watching in
    I didn’t watch the episodes before marriage. Super serial..
    I want that Mishal again get the that type of powefull, mindblowing, Leadership, good quality etc etc role.

    1. thanks sonu

  19. Meghs

    Hi sonu after a long time yaar.. welcome back

    1. Sonu

      Thank U dear..

  20. Dulaari propose her daughter,s marriage with Parshya what a woman ,she already left her husband even though she knows he is alive she is living as widow now she is promoting her daughter to do third marriage with another goon Parshya…she does not like Viplav but Parshya goon what a mother she is ?that Dhaani happily accepting it ,what cvs what a revolution in Mumbai basti,marriage by marriage ..

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