Ishq Ka Rang Safed 24th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishq Ka Rang Safed 24th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Viplav asking Dhaani what you will tell to Ashram family. He says what you will say that I have send you back to Ashram, and that I am afraid of my family. Dhaani says she will manage to say something and says she is a widow. Viplav says you are married now. Dhaani says I know that you will come and take me. She asks him to think about her helplessness. She says Shalu’s alliance might break and asks him to keep quiet for sometime. Viplav agrees hesitantly and says it is difficult to stay without you. He says I will tell everyone after 10 days, and will not stay alone after that. The guest lady says she will leave. Kanak asks her to stay in the house rather than hotel as the groom will come in 2 days. She says I will get your stuff kept in the guest room. Dhaani

asks Viplav to trust on her and not to get angry. They smile looking at each other. Pal Bhar Thaherjawo…..plays……..Dhaani asks him to take care and says she will leave now. Viplav smiles and holds her hand. Agar Tum Saath ho continues to play…..Dhaani looks at him and takes her hand. She starts walking. Viplav looks sadly.

Kanak sees Shalini eating food and scolds her for over eating. She says she will look slim if she eats less and the guy might like her. Shalini says how can I look slim in 2 days. Kanak asks Viplav why he is silent? Shalu asks what happened? Kanak says bala/trouble have went from our house. Viplav thinks about Dhaani’s words. Shalu gives him sweets. Viplav thinks the more his mum hates Dhaani, the more love he will have for Dhaani. He thinks he should be happy.

Dhaani comes to the temple before going to Ashram. She keeps her bangles, bindi and bridal chunari together, and keeps it infront of God. She asks God to show her way to make her feel married, else she will feel guilty of hiding a sacred relation. She asks her to sign her. Just then sindoor falls on her saree. Dhaani takes it as God’s sign and thanks Devimaa for showing her way. She says until I tell my marriage truth to everyone, I will keep sindoor folded in my saree. Dulaari is restless and tells that they should have come by now. She is worried. Dhaani comes back. Dulaari asks where was you? Badi Amma asks did you talk to Viplav and cleared the misunderstanding. Dhaani recalls her marriage and says yes. She says we have decided to stay like this until everything settles down. Dulaari asks if Viplav came to know about Kanak’s game plan. Dhaani says yes, and says Viplav said that he will make everything fine. She says Shalu’s marriage discussion is going now and that’s why we have decided not to talk about our marriage.

Badi Amma tells Dulaari that Dhaani is saying right. Dhaani comes to room and sees sindoor and the red thread as mangalsutra. She sees herself in the mirror and smiles. She imagines Viplav and blushes. Viplav also smiles. She turns and find him actually standing. She asks what you are doing here? Viplav says I came to meet you, as you left me on marriage day. He says tonight is the marriage night and it is said as wedding night. He says a wife used to give kesar milk to her husband on wedding night. He lie down on the matress and says he won’t leave until she fulfills his wish. Dhaani asks him to get up and go. Viplav holds her closer and says you have fallen on me intentionally. Dhaani says what you are saying? Viplav says I will not leave before having milk. Dhaani says okay, I will bring. Viplav says I have Kesar with me and asks her to bring just milk. She opens the door and finds Dulaari standing. Dulaari asks with whom you are talking to?

Dhaani is shocked and turns to see Viplav. Viplav is seen hiding behind the window. He thinks my sasumaa’s timing is good. Dulaari scolds her for talking with herself. She sees sindoor in her maang and asks why she filled her maang. Dhaani says she went to temple and bent her head that’s why it was stuck on her head. Dulaari says I will clean it, but Dhaani stops her and says she will clean it in the morning. Dulaari says I don’t want this sindoor to go from your face and hopes she marries Viplav soon. Dhaani hugs her and asks her not to get worried. Dulaari wishes for their happy life. She asks her to sleep and goes. Dhaani in her heart apologizes to Dulaari and says she is doing this for Viplav and his family’s betterment. She promises that nobody can separate them now.

Kanak brings snacks for the groom’s mum. She says she needs Viplav’s phone number as Raja (her son) is coming. Kanak says Raja can call Viplav at any time. Viplav comes back to Dhaani’s room through the door. Dhaani asks how did you come through the door. Viplav says he knows all the places. Dhaani says she lied to Dulaari and felt bad. She says everyone is worried about their relation and is worried. Viplav says why you are lying to them, lets go and tell truth to Dulaari. Dhaani gets tensed.

Raja’s mum comes to Viplav’s room. Viplav is looking at Dhaani’s photo and keeps it down. The photo falls near her, she picks it but didn’t see the photo. Raja calls Viplav when he is in the Ashram and says my mum gave me your number. Viplav says hi, and asks why he didn’t come. Dhaani finds his voice familiar and gets shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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