Ishq Ka Rang Safed 24th August 2016 Written Episode Update


Ishq Ka Rang Safed 24th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Viplav asking Dhaani, who might be behind the kidnapping attempt. Dhaani says Kamini must have tried to kidnap Atharva. Viplav says we shall inform Police. He then call Police and informs that someone tried to kidnap his son, but now he is saved and infront of him. Inspector asks him to file FIR. Viplav says okay and asks him to give some protection. Inspector asks him to file FIR first. Dhaani apologizes to Viplav not being careless, and says what I would have done if Atharva was kidnapped. Vidha and Atharva play while trying to sleep. Viplav asks her not to worry and says we shall be careful now, we have two kids from now. Kamini dresses herself in Bengali saree..Chandan comes wearing Inspector’s uniform. She asks how am I looking? If I am looking Bengali. Chandan

says yes. He is concerned about their doings. Kamini says we will co ordinate with each other and says we will get our son by tomorrow. Chandan asks Kamini to come.

Dhaani stops Atharva from eating food, and says she will taste food first. She tastes food and then makes him eat it. Viplav asks her to come, and says why you are worrying when you have made food. He says both Vidha and Atharva are equal for us. He says you are thinking that you are not his real mum, and says his own mum have become his enemy. He says your goodness will win from her. He tells her that he has won her love, and Atharva will also love her soon. He says Atharva is scared now, and will soon understand your motherly’s love. Vidha takes care of Atharva. Viplav says she is taking care of her younger brother. He says I am so proud of you for giving birth to Vidha and giving her good values….Ishq Ka Rang Safed while Dhaani looks at him emotionally.

Viplav comes to Police station and tells Inspector that Kamini can go to any length to get Atharva. Inspector says he has alerted the police and asks him to leave Basti for now. Viplav says kids are save with Dhaani and she don’t leave him even for a min. Chandan comes to Dhaani’s house indisguise of a Inspector and says he have to take Atharva to Police station. Dhaani asks why? Chandan tells that he wants to take him regarding old case. Kamini comes to the Police station indisguise of a sweeper, and sweeps the floor. Dhaani tells Inspector that she can’t send Atharva alone, and have to talk to her husband before. She calls Viplav, but then Kamini makes his phone fall down. She then picks the phone and gives to Viplav. Viplav takes the phone and leaves. Kamini smirks.

Chandan asks her to talk to her senior if he don’t trust him. Dhaani says it is okay, and says let me do puja first. She asks him to sit till then. Chandan sits. Dhaani does puja, and asks Atharva to go with Inspector and come back soon. She asks can I come with him? Inspector says you can, but your husband is already at police station and it is just 5 mins work. I will bring him back safely. He leaves with Atharva. Viplav comes back. Dhaani and Vidha are standing out. She tells him that Inspector came and took Atharva with him. She says it was a real police man. Viplav calls Inspector and comes to know that they haven’t send anyone home to bring Atharva. Viplav gets tensed. Dhaani says he must be near only. Viplav says lets go and see.

Dhaani asks Vidha to stay with Parshiya till they return. Taxi in which Chandan and Atharva are travelling stops on the way as it stops working. He calls Kamini and asks her to come there. Kamini comes there in car. Chandan tells Atharva that he is taking him to make him meet his mum and dad. Atharva gets happy seeing Kamini. Kamini doesn’t speak to him well. Atharva asks did you miss me. Kamini says yes and is ignorant about him. Chandan asks her to talk properly with child. Kamini says he is my son and asks will you tell me how to talk to my son….Dhaani and Viplav see the taxi and ask about the Inspector and Atharva. Taxi driver says he dropped them on the way. Viplav worries for Atharva. Dhaani says Kamini will not harm her own son. Viplav says she is not his mum and can do anything, worries for Atharva.

Kamini threatens to push Atharva in the valley. Dhaani asks her not to kill Atharva and says Viplav is yours. I will go away from his life. Kamini says this can only be possible if you die, and asks her to jump in the valley. Atharva shouts mamma as she holds him tightly. Dhaani looks down in the valley and is about to jump.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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