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Ishq Ka Rang Safed 24th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Tripurari coming to Ashram and sees the widows going somewhere. Suwarna recalls Tripurari and a flashback is shown. He asks if they are going somewhere. Dulaari tells they are going to present a gift to Maha Pandit Dasharath. Tripurari says Prabhu will like it and asks them to go to temple to meet him.

Shambu tells Dasharath that Viplav should stay here and shouldn’t go to Delhi, as people are coming to see Shalini. Dasharath asks you are asking me? He asks him to lock his mouth and says you and your mum are here just to namesake. Kanak tells that her husband can’t be like him and says she tried to change him, but failed. Dasharath tells Shambu is very lucky as Kanak is your wife, and asks him to help Shalini lose weight so that her alliance gets fixed.

Kanak asks him to drink tea silently.

All Ashram ladies come to the temple and give present to him. Badi Amma tells you are like God for us. Dhaani says we are poor widow and brought this gift with devotion. Dasharath accepts it. He tells other Pandit about his plan behind every step. Viplav gets ready to go to Delhi. Dadi gets sad. Viplav assures her that he will take her there once he settles down. He hugs his father. He pretends to search something and says he got it. Dadi smiles as he acts to return her smile. Shambu tells some emotional words and leave. Dadi sees clothes in the wardrobe and asks didn’t you do packing till now. She offers to help him in packing his stuff. She asks him to share his heart talk with her. Viplav says how did you know? She asks him not to tell anyone and gives her promise. He tells he went to Ashram yesterday night and have apologized to that girl. Dadi asks did anyone see you? Viplav says no one saw me, and I realized it is a light and good feeling after saying the truth. Dadi says one get unburden when apologizes for his mistake.

Dhaani and Nani see men standing infront of the Ashram. Badi Amma sees the court notice and asks who put it here. Dasharath tells thanks for your gift, and take my gift now after returning. Dhaani asks what is written in this notice. Badi Amma tells that it is a court notice and we have to vacate the Ashram in 7 days. Dasharath tells you have to vacate the Ashram else will be forced to leave. All the Ashram widows get tensed and worried. Badi Amma tells we have to talk to Lala. She goes to him along with other ladies and asks why you are taking shelter from us. She shows the notice. Nani asks him to take the notice. Badi Amma tells that it seems someone have cracked a bad joke with us. He goes inside asking them to be there.

Dadi asks Viplav to keep the sweets in his bag. Shalini silently picks up his watter. Viplav looks out for his purse and realizes Shalini has taken. He asks her to return his wallet. Shalini says I tried to stop you and thought you will not go without your wallet. She gets emotional and tells groom’s family are coming to see me. I wonder if you attend the wedding or not. Viplav tells her that Dasharath will not get her married without his presence. He says he will buy a good gift for her. Lala calls Dasharath and tells you have promised to take care of the widows, but court notice is asking them to vacate the Ashram. Dasharath tells him that he got a dream and he just obey the dream. He tells him that your Raj Yog have started and if you refuses then……Lala comes out and tells that he sent the notice asking them to vacate the Ashram.

Dhaani comes to Dasharath’s house and requests for money. Dasharath pretends to give her money and goes inside. Kanak comes and taunts her for trying to woo her innocent father in law Dasharath. Dhaani couldn’t bear it anymore and runs from there. Viplav comes back home and collides with Dhaani. He is shocked to see her crying.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Episode was sad.
    Feeling very bad for those widows.
    Precap was also sad,but when Viplab will come to know about it,he will surely save them.
    I think this will make him closer to Dhanni.
    Waiting for it eagerly!!!!!

  2. Why people doesn’t watch this serial too much?The TRP and comments are very rare.

    1. people rarely watch serious story-line. but i must say this show relieves from the stress which other serials give. i dont know whether the trp is high or not but i really like dhaani-viplav’s pair…. really waiting for the misunderstanding to dissolve soon…..cute dhaani and smart viplav!!!

  3. I like this serial. It has a good story line.

  4. I’m very impressed this story line.muje samach mein nahi araa he ki kyun lok kahtha he ki vidwa lok abshakun hota he?

  5. I like this serial and I am watching It…

  6. Poor widows,
    Please viplav save those widow……

  7. I love tis serial it had a nice storyline

  8. Such a unique story.. In love with viplav and dhaani :*

  9. Crazy about viplav and dhani’s union.

  10. It is a nice serial…..

  11. Nice serial really love it

  12. low mindset
    stupid drama are they living in 17th century

    1. Everyone is entitled to there own opinion therefore, they find this series fascinating and enthralling ,i strongly advice you to not to make such remark if you are not interested in the show .

  13. Ishq Ka Rang Safed 25th August 2015 Episode Watch Online. Ishq Ka Rang Safed 24th August 2015 Written Episode.

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