Ishq Ka Rang Safed 24th April 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishq Ka Rang Safed 24th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

There’s no Ishq Ka Rang Safed on 24th

April 2016 due to Femina Miss India 2016.


  1. ahana

    That moment when you see this link and click on it all happy and then realise that it is not an update but telling us the show is not being telecasted……… It hurts…….:-(

    • Sujie

      so true ahana…..
      So to complete today’s quota… i think i should watch that part of IKRS where Dhaani and Viplav are busy with their nokjhoks….really want some dose of IKRS

  2. Nimisha ?

    But… What do I do now??? Hmmmmmm???

    I neeeeed my daily fix!

    Oh well, maybe we can still chat here.

  3. Nima

    moderators ji aaj koe viruses ko entry mat dena plz I’m requesting you waise hi rangeela walo ne hum sabhi ikrs fans k sath vadda majak kiya hai aaj ???

  4. Guys,

    It is so strange that Miss India Telecast on 1.00 pm today & again Repeat telecast from 4.00 p.m.. TPK had been telecast on usual time slots on 7.00 p.m.

    Why this discrimination been done for IKRS by Colors.

    I think we should have not watch the colors after IKRS.

    • florentina moldovan


    • Nimisha ?

      Hi PJain.

      It’s worse here. The miss india thing finished well before IKRS’s usual timeslot of 8.30, but instead of IKRS, they showed this really, and I mean, really awful programme called desi beats.

      Very frustrating as yesterday IKRS was bumped back to 11.0pm after the movie premier, which for some reason started at 8. Then no communication about no IKRS today.

      Most movies are shown here from 9pm so no idea why they started yesterday’s so early. I can’t watch at 8 as I’m usually either still getting the kids to bed or eating s I missed the film and had to record it.

      Colors are there because of us fans watching their shows, but their total disregard for us is quite something. They do seem very arrogant.

  5. Frnds I saw a link on Facebook page of die hard fans of mishal raheja.der dey shares a link requesting colors for the repeat telecast of ikrs.plz support dem.


    you guys bilkul sahi bol rahe hain
    they will end shows with low trp’s even it has a huge fan following eg, meri aashiqui, rang rasiya and now its turn for our ikrs

  7. Eshani

    i was not at home and couldnt reach by IKRS time i have been struggling from websites to websites so curious to know wht happened and finally got to see this tht der was no IKRS how sad of colors was tht….

  8. Eshani

    one good thing abt IKRS family is that even though der was no telecast of the show we all r here to comment

  9. shanitics

    Gud mrng guys I was wondering how this update came whn there was no telecast.. Thn surprisingly clicked on it and thn this came.. ?

  10. Amisha Patel

    Can we at least have English subtitle because their are some people who don’t understand the language and are also interested in watching the show… please since there is not telecast…?!

    • Louella

      Eshani u r right. No one comments much as we comment. In one day we finish 200 comments. But other serials they cross 200 comments after 5 days. 30 to 40 comments each day.

  11. Louella

    Colors is so bad. Doing so much of partiality. Just hate them. But friends I truly tell you that I can’t hate the serials of Colors. Even if ikrs ends I will watch other serials. Sorry if I hurted u all but this is the truth what I m telling u. But I will continue to hate colors channel.

  12. Louella

    Friends ikrs is not going off air. It was a rumour. So no need of getting depressed. I just saw in mishal raheja fanclub facebook. Just check the comments also.

  13. Nima

    @sujie, i think rangeela channel kapil sharma ko show snga daraye jasto lagxa. i hope ikrs safe hos.

  14. Fatarajo

    Reason why colors is biased with Ishq ka rang Safed because there is Safed(white) which is opposite to colors πŸ˜› but colors wala have no idea that white is above all colors when we use white paper we can use all colors unlike other colors πŸ˜› so white is above colors therefore Ishq ka Rang SAFED is above colors hahahahahahahaha that’s why colors wala don’t know what to do

    • Zee

      v.funny πŸ™‚ twist to the white/colors scheme. Btw let me be the Devil’s advocate and give Colors channel the benefit of doubt. Maybe IKRS team was not ready with the episode. You know serials are often made in a tearing hurry and there may have been some technical error in the last minute – network crash, loss of data, editing mix-up anything!

      • Nimisha ?

        Exactly.. I think the title transcends from dhani the widow to Viplav and Dhani the beautiful couple who love each other humesha humesha ke liye. It’s beautiful!

  15. Nima

    listening ishq ka rang safed….
    here the lyrics.

    Jeevan Ka Rang Safed Hai Baba
    Jeevan Ka Rang Safed…..
    Jeevan Ka Rang Safed Hai Baba
    Jeevan Ka Rang Safed….

    Jis Rang Rake Sayi Hamaro
    Jis Rang Rake Sayi Hamaro
    Sau Rang Deta Vey

    Jeevan Ka Rang Safed Hai Baba
    Jeevan Ka Rang Safed……

    Ishq Ka Rang Safed
    Ishq Ka Rang Safed
    Ishq Ishq Rang Rang
    Ishq Ka Rang Safed
    Ishq Ishq Rang Rang
    Ishq Ka Rang Safed
    Ishq Ishq Rang Rang
    Ishq Ka Rang Safed

    Ishq Ka Rang Safed Ae Yaara
    Ishq Ka Rang Safed….

  16. Nima

    here is the male version lyrics.

    Ishq Ishq……
    Ishq Ishq…….

    Mere Ishq Ka Rang Safed Hai Yaara
    Ishq Ka Rang Safed
    Mere Ishq Ka Rang Safed Hai Yaara
    Ishq Ka Rang Safed

    Main Hi Nahin Jag Bole
    Main Hi Nahin Jag Bole
    Kahe Kita Kahe Ve

    Ishq Ka Rang Safed Hai Yaara
    Ishq Ka Rang Safed

    Ishq Bawar Mein Choddu Bahar
    Apna Aap Gawar

    Ishq Ke Rang Mein Rang Gaya
    Ishq Ke Rang Mein Rang Gaya
    Usse Koi Rang Na Va

    Mere Ishq Ka Rang Safed Hai Yaara
    Ishq Ka Rang Safed

  17. florentina moldovan

    hi, guys, i ll bring here AROON BAKSHI POST FROM TODAY

    KRS friends….
    You hv date with me today
    I’m shooting incessantly
    But can’t watch ikrs….
    Like to see through yr intellect….
    Waitin fo yr response….

  18. Nimisha ?

    Helloooooo everyone!

    Have a marvellous Monday,

    Arshdeep, hope it went well yesterday. Thinking of you! Xxx ?

    Renu, I,m going to follow you back. ?

    Felt very lost without IKRS yesterday. Thanks goodness we are back to normal today!


  19. Am I the only one who love all the tunes of IKRS???
    No matter what male version female version ….bg tunes… The mantras…. That dheere dheere love tune…and dheere dheere original song….
    Comment your views guys!!!

    • Eshani

      i am also with you sujie i jus loved the backgroung songs thts been played in IKRS it perfectly suits the situation and also adds extra effect to the scene i will be humming the song always…

    • Nimisha ?

      No. I love them too. A lot!

      I was listening to an Indian radio station and heard Laagi times manki Lagan the other day and it evoked sooooo many memories of LTL.

      Now when I hear Gerua, I think of Viplav and Dhani on their first ‘date’

      Live how music helps me relive moments!


    • Nimisha ?

      Actually, does anyone know what all the songs are that have been used in the show?

      Was tum tak used at some point?

      Would love to know what they all are.

  20. shanitics

    I am too there with u sujie di and eshani di.. I love all the sngs background music ? like dheere song jeena sng.. Truth is that 1st I didn’t like dheere dheere sng but whn vidhaani was picturised that song I start to love.. That song?
    I will be humming the songs used as bg music all that day…

  21. shanitics

    Can u pls help me.. Whch was the ff that had plot.. VIP and Dhaani attending a wedding ? in Chennai.. VIP proposing her… Thn he comes to knw that her engagement ? is giced with someone.. But later comes to knw that her engagement was fixed with vip…
    ? Actually now only I remembered that ff I searched it 4got its name?
    ? I am totally mad

  22. Nima

    dheere dheere….
    ye laal ishq….
    agar tum paas ho…(this song mishal’s fav too)
    tainu itna mai pyar kara…
    jeena jeena….
    sanam re….
    tose naina….
    these songs picturized with vidhani n l loved it. now l dwnloded all songs n listen daily.

  23. Nima

    another songs I’m listening from LOVE STORY serial(sab tv).
    teri yaadein…..
    tujhe mai dhunta phiru…
    dil karta hai nadaniya….
    yeh kaisi raat hai aaj……
    im sorry my love for blamming…
    and all tasha vm
    vidhani vm loved to watch ☺

    • Nimisha ?

      Oops snap Nima, just posted a link above, to terri yaadein featuring Mishal in the video. ????

    • Nimisha ?

      Nima, do you know where I can watch Love Story? Been looking for epi 1 for ages but no luck. There is a bit of it, about 2 minutes, on YouTube.

      Would love to watch that.

    • Sujie

      you stole my words Nima….. i got to know about love story after watching Mishal in IKRS….
      my fav…… Teri yaadein( male version i love the most…but female one as well)
      yeh kaisi raat hai aj… it ….daily dose….
      dil karta hai naadaniyan…love to listen to it….
      another one is also there ………….

  24. Nimisha ?

    Just saw on twitter that Aaron Bakshi, DT is looking for an update on today’s episode.

    I think it’s the post that Florentina mentions above,

    I’m not on FB but someone should like him to H Hasan’s update on here. I’m sure he,d love to read it as she,s always on point and accurate and well, just brilliant!


  25. Arshdeep

    Nimisha di..?????
    Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you sooooo much…!! ??
    You are so sweeet..!!
    You did all that for me..asked the moderators to delete the comment..
    And yup its gone..!!
    Thank you so much.. love u lots????
    Thanks to moderators too..??

    • Nimisha ?

      Sorry to hear that the exam was tough going.

      I,m sure you did better than you think.

      Deep breaths and onwards and upwards!

      GOod to see you back. Xxx

      • It was really the worst..!!
        Trying to forget it and focus on next one..
        Just came back home at 4.30
        tired a lot but dnt have anymore tym to sleep πŸ™ πŸ™

      • Nimisha ?

        Exactly. Just keep looking forward. And try not to be so hard on yourself, we all have good and bad days.

        Try and rest and do something fun to distract yourself for a bit, a break is good sometimes,

        You work so hard and that’s all you can do.


  26. Arshdeep

    Renu di i could not do it..
    Exam wasnt good at all… i found bio quite tough.. questions were too lengthy and time taking..
    I was almost crying after the exam..?
    Will try more for the next one ?

  27. Arshdeep

    Swetha my didi is doing B.Sc nutrition and dietetics final year.. trying hard to get seat in M.Sc
    Will be coming back to fb after my exams..
    Have you seen me on fb??

    • Sujie

      arshdeep don’t worry…you will be doing best in upcoming exams…don’t be upset dear……
      do your best …okay??

    • Louella

      Arshi di don’t be so sad. I hope the next ones go good. First of all u should sleep for at least more than 5 hours because u should be fresh and active while studying. At least u can sleep at 10 and wake up at 7 so that u get at least 9 hours of sleep. And don’t take so much of tension for exams. This is the most important thing which always my mother says me when I find something difficult. My mother says if u have studied then definitely u should not take tension and leave everything to God. And remember to take at least 5 minutes break after every one hour so that u don’t become confused and also u don’t mix up things. Di try to follow all this and definitely ur exams will go very easy. I would find social studies very hard with 13 lessons to study altogether but when I followed all this my exam went very easy and I got full marks in that subject. Promise me di that u will follow all this and never take tension about all this, okay?

      • Okay princess.. I promise i will try to take more rest and will try hard not to mess up things.
        You actually said right i mix up things and get so confused and ruined my exam πŸ™
        But i will surely follow what you said..atleast a bit more sleep..
        When you al with tension goes away πŸ™‚ love you soo much πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  28. Louella

    Sujie even I like that dheere dheere tune very much. In December I would keep on humming that tune and also now I m humming. U know I started watching ikrs after Viplav realised his love for Dhaani. Before I would not like ikrs but from December I have become a die hard fan of ikrs.

  29. shanitics

    Arshi didi sorry to hear that ur xams were tough..?
    No worries ? for the next xam study a little bit more … U will surely crack the test.. I will pray ? for ir xams?
    Didi can I ask a doubt…
    Is that Msc didi having allergy… Sorry to ask..?
    And s arshi didi I was ur fb Frnd…

    • Arshdeep

      Thanks shwetha.. I really need those prayers..

      Yup i have one real sister who is having allergy..

      Yaa..i remember..but i havent seen you πŸ™

  30. shanitics

    Arshi didi ur sis will surely gt admission in one of the top reputed clg.. Or ur sis’s dream clg…? I will pray

    • Arshdeep

      Thanks again shwetha.. So many prayers will definitely work for both of us πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚
      Love you lots !!

      • Nimisha ?

        Sujie, you and Nima have given me an idea.

        Is there anywhere on here that we could use just to link to the music of IKRS, or any other Mishal shows?

        I am going to bookmark this so I can find them easily but just wondered if there is anywhere on this site we could use as reference for the music.

        Just an idea. Xxx

  31. Sujie

    but i was intrigued when viplav was sad because of dhaani’s marriage with printed pyjama…and pp was finally exposed…..dhaani was kidnapped…. viplav rescued dhaani and they landed in Sarla kaakis house….. after that there was no looking back…i began to enjoy every bit and surfed for earlier episodes too

  32. Sujie

    nimisha….you can search them on Google too….. i have downloaded all the tunes of IKRS and Love story ….

  33. Nimisha ?

    Sujie, just read your This is Love FF. Loved it. You’re very talented!

    Looking forward to the next instalment.

    Also remembered another song, the one from fitoor, but don’t know what it’s called.


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