Ishq Ka Rang Safed 23rd May 2016 Written Episode Update


Ishq Ka Rang Safed 23rd May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Viplav saying Dhaani. Dhaani still in dizzy state says you are really good, but everyone is bad. Viplav asks happened to you? Dhaani faints. Viplav says who lied to you? Just wake up and tell me. Kanak tells that Dhaani has high fever and was murmuring due to it. Kamini smirks and thinks Dhaani has done a good drama. Kanak says she has done drama in sasur’s barsi. Dadi Bua says she was never insulted like this before. Sushma says if Dhaani have eaten Bhaang laddoo. Kamini says no, she can’t eat as it was meant for bhog. Kanak says we had forgiven her once, but not again. Dasharath tells Sushma that Dhaani is not innocent like she pretends to be, and says she can go to any extent. He says she has made fun of him, and have insulted infront of everyone. He says

she can do anything. Kamini comes to Viplav and says she will make soup for Dhaani. Viplav says Dhaani is sleeping. Kamini asks him to take care of himself, as everyone needs him. She says if you need anything then just tell me. I can do anything for you and Dhaani…..

Viplav tells Kamini that something is bothering Dhaani and she wants to tell something. Kamini says she saw Dhaani tensed in the morning and asked her what is she hiding, but she didn’t tell me anything. She says if she has started drinking wine, says I shouldn’t interfere between husband and wife, but sometimes women drink wine in depression. Viplav says I don’t think so. Kamini says just looking at her behavior, she might be drinking wine. Viplav says we will talk about it later and says he wants to sit with her now. Kamini says sure and goes looking at unconscious Dhaani.

Sushma asks Dasharath to have tea as he didn’t have anything since morning. Viplav comes and apologizes to everyone on Dhaani’s behalf. Dasharath says I don’t know why Dhaani has accused us, insulted and made joke of us. Dadi Bua says water has flown from above our head. Dasharath says I am feeling like getting drown in water with shame.

Viplav tells Dasharath that he will talk to Dhaani and asks him not to say that. Dasharath says I don’t understand how to make everything fine and clear the dirt. He says I have taken a harsh decision, says Dhaani haven’t accepted them as family, and asks him to live separately with Dhaani. Viplav asks what are you saying? He says he will talk to Dhaani and make her understand. Dasharath says I can do anything for my respect, can give or take life. He says till now, none of my khandaan’s son have separated from house, but you have to go away from here. He says I have built this house with my hardwork. He says Dadi bua said right that it is limit now. He says my love is at one side, and Dhaani’s love is at other. He says Dhaani can go to Ashram also, but I know you can’t live without her. He asks him to go with Dhaani. Kamini smirks and thinks Dhaani should be here, it will be fun then. Dhaani wakes up with heavy head and takes water jug. Just then Kamini comes there, tells Dhaani that Dasharath is calling her. Dhaani says I will come. Kamini doesn’t let her drink water and takes her downstairs.

Viplav promises that he will make dhaani understand and she will understand. Dhaani comes downstairs. Viplav says we will apologize to family together. Dhaani says why I will apologize? Viplav says we shall apologize as you have insulted everyone. Dhaani asks what I have done? Dasharath says she is not aware what she has done? He says we all have done mistake. Viplav says Dhaani is unwell and don’t know what she is saying? Dasharath says if she is unwell, then take her to Ashram. Dhaani says no, she don’t want to go. Kanak says Dasharath’s decision is final. Viplav says Dada ji. Dasharath says my decision is final, until things get back to normal, I will stay in temple and do the puja. Dadi bua asks Viplav to make Dhaani understand and goes. Dhaani asks Viplav what I have done? Viplav sits down cryingly. Dhaani asks him to tell.

Dhaani goes to meet Dasharath in the temple and says dada ji. Dasharath asks her to keep her mouth shut and says he will not listen to her. He asks what you need? Dhaani says forgiveness. Dasharath says just look at your status. He says Viplav have married her and felt pity on her. He says your kind of women is sold in the market for less money. He makes snide remarks on Dulaari. Dhaani gets angry and says she knows everything as she heard his yesterday’s conversation. Dasharath grabs her neck and says he will make her and her mum sit on Kota. Dhaani grabs his collar and says she used to respect him, but he insulted her mum. She asks him to look at himself. Viplav comes there and is shocked. He asks Dhaani, how can she raise hand on his dada ji. Dhaani says she came to apologize to him, but he has insulted her mum. Dasharath acts innocent. Viplav says how can you show such strength and raise hand on my dada ji. Dhaani says he is a cheap man, was building temple for widows and calls them pr*stitutes. Viplav slaps her.

Dhaani tells Viplav that she wants to tell him something. Viplav says you don’t deserve to apologize to Dasharath, and says everyone tried to stop me from marrying you, but I have married you. He says we both are not suitable for each other. He breaks his relation with her. Dhaani is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Hw to join on IF???
    Wat’s the purpose of indian forums?

  2. Guys where can I read on the write up that Dhaani is pregnant etc

    1. Times of india
      Just google ikrs spoilers..and then open toi page

      1. Sorry its gone from there now
        Someone please suggest some other place

      2. Arshdeep lool i always type ‘ IKRS spoiler’ on google and read it there even tho what it says there is never comes true ?????

      3. Times of india spoilers are always true aisha..always

  3. Alas….. Sign out from twitter… I think deactivated the accnt… Patha nahi kya kiya hai…. Bt happy that I sign out from that twitter…..? wat a relief I have….



    1. Ok Swetha. Looking forward to seeing you there soon.

  4. Ok, I’m actually really annoyed now. A leap of 5 years from May 30th

    Spoilers out sound utterly horrible.

    I think I have actually had enough now!

    1. Please try to stop this leap di..please

      1. You know what. I was really hoping they read us here, butbitvseems not,

        Also saw something about VK being on a 4 month contract and only 1 month so far. Been watching to support Mishal, but really this is toooo much.

        I am an addict so will prob watch again but at the mo am really fed up!

        What there’ll are they doing?

      2. 4 month???
        Cant take it more now

  5. Whose knows the this weeks spoiler.. Pls guys update this week’s spoiler.. I am really disappointed..
    Where r u LOuella, AM, Renu, Maria and Varsha(Philo) our team’s spoiler members?

    1. This week no spoilers have come yet

      1. Sorry..not on TOi but nimisha di gave it just down?

  6. Just seen this on Twitter.

    Hate it!
    Episode – 260
    06:30 PM – 07:00 PM, 27 May Set Alert
    More show timings
    Dhaani goes to tell Viplav about her pregnancy but is shocked to see Kamini in his arms.
    Episode – 261
    06:30 PM – 07:00 PM, 28 May Set Alert
    More show timings
    Dhaani and Dulari flee from the ashram after a fire breaks out. Viplav searches for Dhaani in the debris. When he is unable to find her, he assumes that she is dead.

    1. Noooo worst ones

    2. I am done with the makers now????

    3. Oh God! Pls director don’t do like this..
      Then whatever u do, bt don’t get marrige of Vidhani with another person.. and don’t seperate our VIDHANI.. AND DON’T make some years leap..

      1. I honestly don’t think Viplav will have anything to do with VK! Never in a million years!

  7. I’m done watching this show starting from today.

    1. Same here

  8. Swetha, love you too!

    1. Me too love you all??

      1. Arshu I am Fine.. I will try dear for proper comment oK? bye take care..

  9. Please share link for the makers of written updates ladies

    1. Hi Kavitha, do you mean, tweet the makers to this site?

  10. How can anyone write such horrible stories. This was the only serial i loved watching but what is the writer doing. Writing such crap. The world is not so good but still there r people who have a very happy married life.
    Why don’t you guys end the serials on a happy note instead of showing all this nonsense . Atleast spare Viplav and Dhaani… and let them live happily everafter.

    1. Exactly M, the show is being killed by alllll the negativity. It has been constant lately,

  11. Guys,

    If the spoilers is correct then now the time has come a Big ADIEU to IKRS.

    Sorry to all and thank you very much to support my comments.

    Praveen Jain.

  12. How can he assume that she is dead,bones remain with DNA test one can identify? Being a gold medalist lawyer what nonsense he is doing,and coming to Kamini within days of separation is he accept that neeche Kamini. ,! What a strong lover he is ?if this spoiler is true Viplav is worst than his grandpa DT .cvs close the show this type of story is not at all new there are many in Telugu novels and films nothing is new in this show mear backwas !,,,,,

    1. Say goodbye to IKRS now.

  13. If Mishal is a professional and good Actor it is now right time to ADIEU IKRS.

    1. I’m wondering the same.

  14. Why aren’t their spoilers on TOI?

    The ones above were on Twitter. Wherevdidnthey come from then???

  15. I think this weeks spoiler is the worst of all! ? Don’t know how I’m gonna get over this horrifying leap! ??

    Seems time has come for me too to take a break till things get lighter. ?

  16. May be Mishal is quitting

  17. Can watch ViDhaani’s separation for few days but can’t bear Viplav with Kamini! ? Or Dhaani with someone else! Oh Please! Makers don’t spoil the story much we had enough already! ?

  18. If the spoiler is true, wondering where Dhaani & Dulari will go after the Ashram catching fire ? ?

  19. Fatarajo (KRPKAB, EDKV N Dehleez fan)

    what kind of nonsense spoiler is this i was so happy that old ikrs will be back but i was wrong it is worse it would have been so nice if vipu came to ashram and plead dha for forgiveness and also cute ashram scenes and also vipu taking care of dha, but this spoilers are driving me mad and if leap is really coming up vidha seperated bye bye ikrs. i m glad that i kinda stopped watching this show like around a month ago, but will miss u all whenever i m free i will come n chat with u all hated the way cvs spoiled vipu’s character

  20. Such a sad spoilers what is happening with this serial yaar I don’t want this leap I wanted viplav to reliaze his mistake and better viplav not marry that kamini

  21. With trips back was really hoping for some unfinished tracks with vidhani working them out don’t knew why d writers r upto its getting sad day by day

  22. varsha your FF above might well be the way it goes. ??????

    It actually feels like they are trying to start the show over
    Dhani is still hated by DT… On,y this time she is his Bahu and not some widow and she has a child..
    Then Viplav sees her and tries to win her over again
    Dhani may be shown as having hit herself educated after the leap. Is MasterJi in the frame still?

    Goodness knows what the makers are thinking though. Are they trying to start over?

    I still don’t want a leap,but if’s it’s due to start on the 30th then it seems I won’t get my wish. I also don’t want Viplav and Dhani to have a child, but I’m guessing that’s also going to happen now. I don’t want Viplav to want her back because of the child, I want him to want to be with her for her, and Dhani for him. If that makes sense.

    Viplav will nit get together with Kam. Never.

    I feel exhausted now.

    I suppose I am feeling like I am done with this nonsense but I guess I will carry on watching, because I am addicted, ???

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