Ishq Ka Rang Safed 23rd May 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishq Ka Rang Safed 23rd May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Viplav saying Dhaani. Dhaani still in dizzy state says you are really good, but everyone is bad. Viplav asks happened to you? Dhaani faints. Viplav says who lied to you? Just wake up and tell me. Kanak tells that Dhaani has high fever and was murmuring due to it. Kamini smirks and thinks Dhaani has done a good drama. Kanak says she has done drama in sasur’s barsi. Dadi Bua says she was never insulted like this before. Sushma says if Dhaani have eaten Bhaang laddoo. Kamini says no, she can’t eat as it was meant for bhog. Kanak says we had forgiven her once, but not again. Dasharath tells Sushma that Dhaani is not innocent like she pretends to be, and says she can go to any extent. He says she has made fun of him, and have insulted infront of everyone. He says

she can do anything. Kamini comes to Viplav and says she will make soup for Dhaani. Viplav says Dhaani is sleeping. Kamini asks him to take care of himself, as everyone needs him. She says if you need anything then just tell me. I can do anything for you and Dhaani…..

Viplav tells Kamini that something is bothering Dhaani and she wants to tell something. Kamini says she saw Dhaani tensed in the morning and asked her what is she hiding, but she didn’t tell me anything. She says if she has started drinking wine, says I shouldn’t interfere between husband and wife, but sometimes women drink wine in depression. Viplav says I don’t think so. Kamini says just looking at her behavior, she might be drinking wine. Viplav says we will talk about it later and says he wants to sit with her now. Kamini says sure and goes looking at unconscious Dhaani.

Sushma asks Dasharath to have tea as he didn’t have anything since morning. Viplav comes and apologizes to everyone on Dhaani’s behalf. Dasharath says I don’t know why Dhaani has accused us, insulted and made joke of us. Dadi Bua says water has flown from above our head. Dasharath says I am feeling like getting drown in water with shame.

Viplav tells Dasharath that he will talk to Dhaani and asks him not to say that. Dasharath says I don’t understand how to make everything fine and clear the dirt. He says I have taken a harsh decision, says Dhaani haven’t accepted them as family, and asks him to live separately with Dhaani. Viplav asks what are you saying? He says he will talk to Dhaani and make her understand. Dasharath says I can do anything for my respect, can give or take life. He says till now, none of my khandaan’s son have separated from house, but you have to go away from here. He says I have built this house with my hardwork. He says Dadi bua said right that it is limit now. He says my love is at one side, and Dhaani’s love is at other. He says Dhaani can go to Ashram also, but I know you can’t live without her. He asks him to go with Dhaani. Kamini smirks and thinks Dhaani should be here, it will be fun then. Dhaani wakes up with heavy head and takes water jug. Just then Kamini comes there, tells Dhaani that Dasharath is calling her. Dhaani says I will come. Kamini doesn’t let her drink water and takes her downstairs.

Viplav promises that he will make dhaani understand and she will understand. Dhaani comes downstairs. Viplav says we will apologize to family together. Dhaani says why I will apologize? Viplav says we shall apologize as you have insulted everyone. Dhaani asks what I have done? Dasharath says she is not aware what she has done? He says we all have done mistake. Viplav says Dhaani is unwell and don’t know what she is saying? Dasharath says if she is unwell, then take her to Ashram. Dhaani says no, she don’t want to go. Kanak says Dasharath’s decision is final. Viplav says Dada ji. Dasharath says my decision is final, until things get back to normal, I will stay in temple and do the puja. Dadi bua asks Viplav to make Dhaani understand and goes. Dhaani asks Viplav what I have done? Viplav sits down cryingly. Dhaani asks him to tell.

Dhaani goes to meet Dasharath in the temple and says dada ji. Dasharath asks her to keep her mouth shut and says he will not listen to her. He asks what you need? Dhaani says forgiveness. Dasharath says just look at your status. He says Viplav have married her and felt pity on her. He says your kind of women is sold in the market for less money. He makes snide remarks on Dulaari. Dhaani gets angry and says she knows everything as she heard his yesterday’s conversation. Dasharath grabs her neck and says he will make her and her mum sit on Kota. Dhaani grabs his collar and says she used to respect him, but he insulted her mum. She asks him to look at himself. Viplav comes there and is shocked. He asks Dhaani, how can she raise hand on his dada ji. Dhaani says she came to apologize to him, but he has insulted her mum. Dasharath acts innocent. Viplav says how can you show such strength and raise hand on my dada ji. Dhaani says he is a cheap man, was building temple for widows and calls them pr*stitutes. Viplav slaps her.

Dhaani tells Viplav that she wants to tell him something. Viplav says you don’t deserve to apologize to Dasharath, and says everyone tried to stop me from marrying you, but I have married you. He says we both are not suitable for each other. He breaks his relation with her. Dhaani is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. Nimisha

    Thanks for the update H Hasan! ???

    Sounds scary and awful but I have faith in Viplav and Dhani. I can’t believe that Viplav means what he says in the Precap. Will watch later and see what I think then!

    Viplav is angry. Dhani should be angry.

    Hopefully when the both calm down all will be well.


  2. Arshdeep

    Viplav was not wrong today.. It is obviously very diffcult for him to believe what dhani is saying..
    But to break a relation is something very big..

    • lekshmi

      u r right.. n viplav dont hv any control at his slapping dhani was little bit unacceptble.. any way lets hope for the best..

  3. Latha

    Today dhani’s acting towards DT is awesome and she reacted like Maha Kali. But dhani u should have punched him.????????

  4. Viplav???

    Viplav omg what a performance in the whole epi and in precap……thanks hasan ji for the super fast update…..and dhaani is tooo awwww….this much courage???? I was stunned by her performance… i understood the words of DT in fb….really want to kill him….kamini..kanak …db are not too bad to accuse dhani….in whole the epi was really scary….

      • Viplav???

        Yep arshi di….but cant tolerate viplav slapping dhani….i am not telling viplav is wrong….he never stands with burayi…its becoz some misunderstandings…hope it will clear soon…when he came to know the sach that day will be ???for us ??????

  5. Maria

    Angry on Viplav so much, how can he slap her. Did a mistake by watching today’s episode?????????

  6. Saraswathi.j

    I know this , Viplav will also do the same just like an average Indian man do !he did not even listen to Dhaani what is the matter he did not even try to analyse and think logically why Dhaani is behaving like this , do not he know how poised she is ? Why he break his marriage with Dhaani ,I already mentioned in some of my comments that to become a Rama the husband should have at most belief and confidence on his wife in all aspects of her charecter ,do not he know whether she provoked him at any time before their marriage,he himself love her and made her to accept to marry him ,he blindly kept aside all those and tell he mistakenly married her in spite of all his family members are against to it,but alas he told to her you are bilkul layak nahi hai to become his wife.A big clap to his lawyer thinking !

    • Arshdeep

      That was indeed bad whatever he said in precap.. But..he would have listened to dhani..
      what dhani did was right.. But from viplav pov who just saw that.. It was obviously over the head..

      Talking or saying abiut someone is a different thing but he saw her attacking on DT.. That was a big thing

      • Saraswathi.j

        Yes Shinjin he sacrificed her for the sake his people but he never utter a word against Seeta he knows what Seeta is he never doubt( like Viplav ) Seeta ,that is why we fallow “ekpatni vrat” of Rama and made him as a god still we are fallowing the family rules of” Tretayug”Do any one know why Rama made ” ekpatni as a vrat” now a days we Indians are prejudice about our Ithihasas because they are religious but I think they are not religious just like us we are present at this age and time ,the

        people in Ithihasas are also lived and passed away we will also go on one day that means we are not

        present at this period for future generations?

  7. Suhani

    Today’s episode is just…
    No, Viplav cannot do this (precap), it must all be Dhaani’s imagination.

  8. Poor dhani she looked too inmocent when she asked viplav what have i done why r you folding yr hands n apologising.

  9. Finally vk succeeded in her mission of creating rift between vidhani. Now looking forward for her being kicked out.

  10. mangai

    bechare moment tomorrow :(((((( hope CV don’t want vip to marry kamini.. otherwise it’ll loss its charm.. let vip go to Boston n get graduated and dhani should be educated n become intelligent lawyer too

    • If Viplab marries Kamini then the show will become worst,?,,, and it will be like the CVS will follow the same old rituals to maeey a man ir woman two three times and again returning to the same man!
      AaaaaaaaaaaaaAgggggggghhhhhhhhhhhh! ???

  11. DT DHANI SAID RIGHT that u r very cheap on one side u r getting temple made for widows on other side u r calling them pr*stitutes. That too in front of god . Shame on u

  12. Hats off dhani. Really liked the way u got violent when dt said bad about dulari mai. The way u pulled dt by neck…??✌???

  13. Latha

    Hello pjain yesterday I saw your post and it was excellent. As you said dhani is kindergarten and when situation and time requires she is too strong and today she shows how strong she is.??????

  14. AM

    thank u hasan mam for your super fast update …
    knock knock anyone remember me ?? ..I know answer will be no 😛 .. i i know all forgot me but koi nahi …now coming to the episode ….
    episode was OK OK ..dhani’s yesterday’s acting after drinking bhang was little bad …first time when she was drunk before their marriage was far better …
    don’t angry on me . ..I am giving just my opinion ..because I came after so many days .. 😛 😛 ..
    today precap was good Dhani will be in ashram we can see our safed gang 🙂 ..
    chalo bye ..time mile toh mera ff bhi par lena sab is our IKRS based thriller story ….

  15. Arshdeep

    The anger on dhani’s face when DT talked ill about her mother was so appreciable..

    • Arshdeep

      He would want to die infact

      I think you asked about hamsafar na..
      In that too he did not trust his wife and later when he came to know the evil truth about his mother his condition was veryyy bad..

      • Zee

        He promised Dhani and Dulaari maai that he wd never leave Dhani…wt happened to those promises?

      • Arshdeep

        Did not expect it from viplav
        i can still handle slapping but breaking a relation..noo..

  16. AM

    don’t be sad …look their acting…precap is worst ..but I think it will be good see ashram scene ..hope we can see old naughty nokjhok scene of vidha in ashram .. ..mishal ..eisha ..DT was superb in acting today ….. cheer up .. and don’t be sad .and angry …. . 🙂

  17. Nima

    high voltage drama? ….precap also sooooo scary?…… ab kya hoga vidhani ka I’m so worried ?????

  18. Anne

    Viplav has had time to think about Dhaani actually seeing Tripurari and Suwana so he knows she’s not been lying.
    At the moment he’s not thinking straight,she needs to get some distance between them,to give viplavs brains to start working…Can’t wait to see Kamini cosying up to viplav.?

    • Zee

      Yes he knows that Dhani is honest. Once before dhani had mentioned abt Tripurari and Vip had followd Trip, but Trip denied it to Viplav’s face.
      Kam will try to cosy up for sure. She may try to offer her shlder for Vip to cry on and AN folks will also try to push for it. But in the end, Vip will know the truth and go back to Dhani.
      I just hope he does not go back for the child but for her love, truth and courage.

  19. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    Tnx all fir comments….as I won’t watch hate abuse if women n stupid vip slaod dhani???.? Vip cnt tink fir himself??? No favour u marry Dhani u lv n chased till she agreed? Yes / no so now.????

  20. arohi

    Its separation time……..Like all indian serial blo*dy dram. It should be unique.It was a unique show based on Love,trust,friendship .Bt now look…..

  21. Sandy Roxx

    Friends I m back atleast aaj toh comment karna banta he tha … Kya khel khela DT ne . Waha viplav aur dhani ko separate kar he diya .. His only aim was to separate vidhani and he succeeds . how dare to slap dhani you stupid ,idiot ,DT l will kill you. now l am dam sure he will definitely try to kill dhani and viplav will be not there to save him, l think they are going to start a new track,secret of dhani father’s family …

  22. Viplab is too much ffrustated…? please viplab don’t heart Dhani ! And CVS please don’t destroy viplab’s charecter….. Let him completely trust only Dhani

  23. Arshdeep

    Zee read ur comment
    glad that the rains have reached you

    And you are doing a wonderful job for the environment

  24. florentina moldovan

    omg, i was so afraid about this moment!
    But i knew this should happen!
    Dhani must educate herself and not with the help of this bad family!
    She must be someone by her own….
    yeah…i think here will be a leap…
    She will raise alone her child and have succes….
    Ans some day they will meet again , argue again and fall in love again!

    this is the only way i can accept this separation without suffering….

  25. Guys,

    I am sorry to say very much bad to file Lodge Complaint and literary hurt me about IKRS show but you most people are agree with me this time :

    This about the DT (A Great Mahant & Brahmin) told Dhani (His Bahu) a Vaishya in a temple of god (A religious place) which is totally totally not at all acceptable.

    But this is totally totally degrading a Woman to lowest level.

    Request the IKRS team to stop this totally nonsense thing to humiliated women such like that.

    For this I am personally lodge the Very Big COMPLAINT to IKRS team to close this nonsense drama to humiliate women like that.

    Request you all the IKRS members please lodge personal complaint through social media to IKRS team also.

    Request for your support on this.

  26. Sandy

    I frustated with raja aur kamini track so I become silent reader … Old members please comment toady… Horrible DAy .if you remember me..

  27. Nimisha :-)

    We have seen violence against women all the way through this show. It’s always been there… Bubbling away. Just a few examples: The way DT grabbed KT’s throat, The way he poisoned her. trips treatment of Suvarna and Dhani. DT’s treatment of Durga. Various attempts at murdering Dhani… The show has always dramatised violence towards women.. By women and men.

    • Nimisha

      Exactly Arshu, so many times women have been insulted, demeaned, attacked. But now there is an uproar on Twitter about this.

      Indontbunderstand why no one has ever complained about this before.

      I agree with you, that for Viplav’s perspective, all he see is Dhani being rude to his whole family, grabbing his mums arm, being rude about DT, then he arrives at the mandir and sees her grabbing his collar.

      He know Dhani well enough to know she doesn’t just cause drama. He must know this. But he has been manipulated by DT, very clever DT.

      As Anne said VK was just the catalyst, I don’t see Viplav falling for her at all.

      Kam didn’t make Dhani face up to DTblike this, she didn’t cause Viplav to slap Dhani. Viplav has always been hot headed and when he comes to his senses, I really hope he repents badly! I want to see him suffer, because all along it has been Dhani suffering at the hands of his family.

      I still have faith in Viplav, but I am super proud of Dhani for standing her ground!

      DT is super evil!

      I laughed when KTbsaid they forgave Dhani for drinking before. LOL! The house is a vipers nest full of the nastiest characters. Today we see Viplav has a bit of that still in him.

      Dhani is bett off out of there. I hope she gets lots of support from the Ashram ladies. And I also hope this is the start of Dulaari,s story,

      By the way, it looked to me more like Viplav punched Dhani, not just simply slapped her. Utterly unacceptabe and as others have said, out of character.

      His words of appreciation to VK show just how ridiculously blind he is, no wonder when DB wanted the best lawyer in Benares, she didn’t call him.

      Am totally impressed by Dhani. I keep saying her strength comes from knowing she is right and in this case she is totally right, loved how she defended her mum against DT. And she is right about DT. He’s the lowest of low.

      I have no idea what will happen next. The Precap sounds scary but I hope Dhani walks away, with her head held high. I suspe t DT will try and have her killed again as she told him she heard everything. And she was of course right, Bhagwan sees everything,

      Interesting and upsetting times ahead but buts making the show very watchable for me.

      By the way… I am. It condoning his actions. But I am glad that at least one of Viplav and Dhani knows the truth. Viplav in the Precap is speaking out of anger and frustration. In his shoes I might also behave the same way, but Dhani is totally right.

  28. It is a custom to underestimate women in our society!!!! We can get a btr example in all our epics and old stories! Ram ne vi sita ji ko tyag diya apni log k liye, lord Krishna also left radha, Arjuna also listened to her mother and actually forced draupadi to marry his 4 brothers!
    Still this type of humiliation and pain is recievd by the women in our society… Even I HV fine through this phase where dhani is passing now… And I can understand her pain deeply

  29. Sandy

    Request for old members atleast one comment toady Saranya,BR,varsha,Sonu,Shri,fatarajo,Brity

  30. Saraswathi.j

    JAINP I support you I have a doubt really the North Indian Brahmins are DT and Kanak and the women behave like AN people I never see such type of Brahmin in South India.

  31. Anne

    If Dhaani goes to ashram ,because viplav sent her , breaking ties with her,then eventually the guilty ones will become careless .
    I just hope Viplav doesn’t agree to marry Kamini just to please his family because he feels guilty about bringing Dhaani into the house.??????????

  32. Jenniferobunomu

    What make me to watch, this series Because of the lover, please am very tried watch , humiliation of women, all the India drama, try make this one right, alway son wife be insulted.

  33. Sujie

    Thank you hasan mam for the update…..
    Loved it when DT was confronted but Dhaani….
    The way DT was behaving with Dhaani…mannn karr raha tha usko khade khade gaadd doon….. Jamin main dafna doon…..
    Such a cheap behavior with a lady…. That too by a mahapandit with his grand daughter in law….. Viplav would have come when DT was talking cheap about Dhaani and Dulaari…. But he came when Dhaani was answering DT bravely…..
    Wakil baabu…you will regret your behaviour for sure….
    Viplav’s character does not suit this behavior….
    and precap….why did he slap dhaani?? Pagla gae ho Viplav??

    • Nimisha

      Good night Sujie. Btw, can you teach me how to be succinct, I wanted to say the same as you, but mine was 100 times longer. Lol!


      • Sujie

        Nimmy dear ????????
        Even if your posts are long ..they are worth reading…..
        So don’t worry about succinct posts Nimisha….. Whatever you post is never a waste…but a piece to enjoy ???????????

  34. arohi

    This is the position of woman in our society . aft all this drama if Dhani has some self respect she will never forgive viplav. What viplav did with dhani is may be okay bt how can one slap a woman !!

    • Nimisha

      The thing is Dhani will understand Viplavs actions. She will understand that he has had the rug pulled from under him. Apart from Dadi she is the on,y one who loves him unconditionally, actually maybe the ashram ladies also do.

  35. Arshdeep

    Just want to present my point of view only about the slap incident
    Please i am sorry if i hurt anyone..

    We all say women are equal to men.. Right na?
    So when dhani can attack DT who is much older in age than her because he said wrong about her mother..
    Then why cant viplav attack(slap) dhani when she spoke bad about his grand father?

    • Viplav???

      Yep arshi di good thinking…. Always everyone analyse the negative but there r some positive too…. Guys try to understand both of their feelings… Kuch din ke baad viplav aa jayegi dhani ko lene ke liye… Agar dhani wahan aur rahegi toh condition worsen ho jayega… Iss liye behthar yahi hoga ki woh ashram mein rahe… And iss scene really drama… Hate the writers… Producer… Director…. They r trying to badnam viplav

    • Nimisha

      the thing is Arshu, I don’t condone the violence but I think I have to agree with you not so much from the equality perspective, but more from the perspective that women have been a used in this show from the start. So disappointed with Viplav.

      I’m hoping the fact that in the Precap he drags her away from DT to chat, means he,s got something up his sleeve and that he is trying to protect Dhani.

      That slap punch didn’t look good tHough, so I know I’m clutching here!

    • Zee

      Hey Arshi,
      I do not agree with you dear. Dhani grabbed DT after he grabbed her. So you could call it reaction and or self-defence.
      Regarding Vip and Dhani – one, he slapped her unprovoked. two, a woman is equal to a man in mental, emotional strength and also the ability to bear pain (child birth pain is one of the highest levels of pain and a woman ha the ability to bear it). But men have more physical strength and hence are not supposed to hit a person with less physical strength.
      Three they are married so this amounts to domestic violence.

      • Nimisha

        Also agree with you Zee. But I may be weird that although horrible and disappointing I am not that surprised that they showed this. We’ve seen so much domestic violence in the show already… On,y difference is its between Viplav and Dhani this time. I hated it every time it’s been shown. For example I never understood whybsuvarna still chose to marry the man who murdered her unborn child and tried to kill her. ?

        Really hoping it’s a ruse or dream.

      • Arshdeep

        Thanks zee
        i know i was wrong.. Just wanted to know why i was wrong.. Thanks for the explanation

    • Saraswathi.j

      I think women never equal to man,the physical,mental status different,attitudes towards life is also different,women and men are two different independent beings ,there strengthens different,never compare woman with man and vice versa,in some respects woman is very strong than man in some they are strong,why quarrelling who is superior or equals they are independent entities.Respect them as they are ,coming to slapping Dhaani in general men should not slap women ,I will tell you one incident for Arshdeep ,while my Childern are very young my younger daughter always pull my sons hair when she is angry with his brother,he tolerates her maximum when he feels pain he told his sister donot do it if I slap ,you cannot bare it ,the boy strength is different from girl strength.From the childhood we teach our boys do not slap or fight with girls that is why we think slapping women is bad.

  36. Zee

    Thanks H Hasan.
    My God! Cracker of an episode. I have not had the courage to watch. I think I will only watch the last part when Dhani takes on DT. The rest seems like only bad-mouthing Dhani.
    But friends why do you say DT planned it? It was just his good luck that Vip came in late.
    Lastly I am very happy that many old members are back today AM, Mangai, Sandy, Butterfly are some of the names I remember from the old days. I did not comment then, but I enjoyed reading. Good to see you 🙂
    IKRS is really a family which stands together in crisis.

    • Arshdeep

      DT seems to have planned it bcoz he was smiling evil ly when dhani grabbed his collar and just then viplav arrived

    • Nimisha

      Oh yes, welcome back to the returning members of our lovely family, good to see you all!

  37. Amish

    Dhani don’t except him agian please and give his wedding neckess and engement ring throw it on his face. don’t go back to his house, go straight to the ashram because it’s not worth saying anything to him. he is not going to listen to you anything you saying even you tell him the truth?????.

  38. Arshdeep

    I did not understand why viplav did not strongly oppose when kamini was saying about dhani drinking or taking drugs

    • Nimisha

      I don’t think he was listening, the way he was looking at her was out of concern and love. I think he might know what’s going on and is removing Dhani for her own good,

      I hope.


  39. Guys Is Dadi’s character is really Mute or Savior to Vidhani Relationship.?

    I think form the 1st episode to till date one character we never ever discussed in the forum is Viplav’s beloved DADI.

    In IKRS Dadi’s character is very much beloved & understand the feeling to her Grand Son & Grand Daughter-in-law and respect and loved a lot both Vidhani relationship.

    But here in IKRS Dadi’s character is also been very much humiliated, heated and hurt by his own Husband i.e. Dashrath Tripathi and her own Daughter-in-Law i.e. Kanak Tripathi.

    Dadi’s know everything of each and every evil intentions and bad activity & relations of Dashrath Tripathi but for the family and status in society she is not able to tell anything to anyone.

    From today’s events happened in Vidhani’s life can she come across and stand against her husband to say each and every evil intentions of DT’s & KT;s to all to save relationship or she again become mute as always.

    Please share your comments.

    • Arshdeep

      If she knew all evil intentions of DT why was she saying again n again that he cant be the thief… He can never do this.. When police took DT away
      She regard him very high actually
      i think so

      • Nimisha

        Hmmm good point. I think I remember asking after the tuladaan gold went missing that Dadi can’t really believe DTbis innocent.

    • Sujie

      Pjain….. I personally would like Daadi to come forward to tell Viplav about DT and his dark secrets….. Would love to see her opening up. She should tell Viplav …the reality…. It is generally found that grandparents love rheir grandchildren and cannot see their feelings being hurt….in this case Daadi should reveal true face of Dt …..and encourage Viplav to repent for what he did…..

      • Nimisha

        Yes Sujie! yes. ( please note this is possibly my first succinct post. ☺️☺️☺️)

    • Nimisha

      I’m banking on Dadi Ojain! She is the one who, if he needs it, will help Viplav see the truth.

      It’s a shame she,s been such a ‘doormat’ of a character. Like you say she knows everything and can help Viplav through this is Dhani is not in AN.

      But again today DT, puts her down for defend her beloved Dhani.

  40. sandy

    These twist make the TRP high because now they will show dhani as a educated woman, she will fight for the rights of widows, evils of society ,audience were fed up of over dose of romance ,now its time for some nok jhok and ashram scenes…

  41. Sandy

    These twist make the TRP high because now they will show dhani as a educated woman, she will fight for the rights of widows, evils of society ,audience were fed up of over dose of romance ,now its time for some nok jhok and ashram scenes… M

  42. Sandy

    These twist make the TRP high because now they will show dhani as a educated woman, she will fight for the rights of widows, evils of society ,audience were fed up of over dose of romance ,now its time for some nok jhok and ashram scenes…??

  43. Saraswathi.j

    Dadi always advised Viplav to think twice before taking action against Dhaani,if she wants peace in her grandsons life she came forward and explain all the bad activities of DT and kT and Kamini to him and open his eyes and save Viplav and Dhaani.

    • Dear saraswathi problem is that dadi is too inmocent to be aware of dts activities. Like a typical Indian woman she considers him as her lord who cant do anything wrong. She too like viplav has too much respect for him n considers him a man of utmost values. Only kt in family is aware of dts evil face n she would never go against him else she wud be trapped. Also dadi warned dhani about vks too much involvement in her married life but she is least aware of vks deeds viz sending dhani to night school ; dressing her ip for party; or giving bhang. Vk has cleverly defamed dhani by not leting anybody know about her evil intentions. Though db is aware but she too doesnt know about her giving bhang to dhani which has created the ultimate fiasco.

  44. Nimisha

    I’m thinking… Yes again ????

    I wonder if this is a ploy… By Viplav and Dhani. Viplav arrived at the mandir and saw some of the convo.

    But, when he slapped her, it looked really forceful but Dhani stayed standing, usually when Mishal is in a fight scene, he is very believable, today, not so much. I wonder if it is an act to get Dhani out to protect her,

    Something is a bit fishy, I wonder if the convo wil continue tomorrow to say the relationship between them can’t continue as it is with his family constantly on her case. And that she should leave an for her own sake.

    If she is in the family way, then he is going to feel awful beyond belief that he pushed her over, and also that he slapped her. Just hours before he was sooo concerned that he politely to VK to leave,

    I really really really hope so.

    • Anne

      I thought it may be a plan too Nimisha, but really don’t know.
      I don’t think its necessary to create a scene to get Dhaani to the ashram, he’s only got to send her for a rest.
      What I’m really scared of is if there is a long,long situation where Dhaani is at the ashram ,Viplav tries to see her,Dulari refuses to let him near her…Now kamini will try ,o my God, how she will try to get viplav, with everybody working on h!m to marry her . Kanak Dadibua and Dasharath all want kamini for a daughter in law
      Dulari may take Dhaani away,and viplav can’t find her,thinks she doesn’t want him and so on……

      • Nimisha

        I can’t imagine Dulaari keeping Dhani away from Viplav. She loves him as much as she loves her. But I think I am slightly in denial about it all. Lol!

        Honest,y though if VK gets her claws into Viplav then the show will be over. I really don’t want a leap. That sounds like a real coo out to me.

        I’m still relying on the fact that Viplav was so caring in one scene even after Dhani had grabbed KT,s arm and caused the scene. He was totally horrible to her before when they were pretending to fight to get raja out.

        The way he hit her, too, she should have been knocked over. As an actor Mishal is one of the best at physical scenes, but the slap/punch didn’t look right. There was just something odd and not quite believeable about it. It’s prob me being in denial again, but I am waiting to see what happens next.

        I also think VK hasn’t been the success the makers hoped for which is maybe why trips has come back. He and DT are by far the better villains. If the makers put Viplav and VK together they will be putting then final nail in the coffin as I honestly believe most people would stop watching.

        Anyway, it was a horrible episode. And in a slightly sick way I am excited to see what happens next. ???

      • Saraswathi.j

        Dear Anne ,while I am working we have one colleague,as elderly woman she always advised us do cook all the dishes according to your husbands taste ,

        at that time we are young and laughed to her advise , she told if you do not do it he will go to some other place to fulfil his desire then also I laughed,if that is true how many times we will drag our husbands is it possible always keep an on him ,no na,so the husbands should not have that intention they should also fallow some ethical values ,then only this type of problem solved not roping the husband with cooking.,

  45. Anne

    Renu, if you’ve time can you translate what viplav says to Dhaani in the pre cap? Does he say ,we are not suited , or I end my relation with you.
    What does that mean? Does it mean they have truly split up? Thanks xxx

    • Zee

      I guess Renu has turned in. So let me try. He says: You do not deserve to seek forgiveness from Dadaji. We do not deserve each other. They asked me not to marry you. But I went against everybody, stood by you. I guess I was wrong. henceforth our relationship is over.

      • Anne

        Thankyou Zee, its worse than i thought.
        Hope it is a plan by vidhani ,surely Viplav is clever enough to at least realise that Dhaani is acting so out of character that something must be wrong!

  46. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    I hate violence n abuse against women!!!! why promote this injustice against womem? N the priests also? I agree wit above comments….rather not wath n get irked…

    • Anne

      They are just showing the injustice against women so it is OUT in the open for all to see.
      Then it can be fought and a change in society begun.
      Hiding it away as a secret sin does nobody any good and nothing ever changes..

      • Zee

        I agree with Anne and NImisha.
        There is deep inequality in Indian society ( and across the world)
        We should not push them under the carpet but acknowledge and address them.
        They have shown many inequalities in IKRS which is a reflection of our reality. Against disability (Shambhu), poverty (Ramdeen and the massage boy). illegitimacy Durga and Tripurari; widowhood and poverty (Ashram ladies) and the ability bear a healthy child (Dadi) DT once said to her – what have u given me just a deformed incomplete offspring like Shambhu. So I repeat what Anne says hiding it away like a secret sin does nobody any good and nothing ever changes.

    • Nimisha

      Hi Bilkish, I also hate violence against anyone, women or children or anyone who is weak for what ever reason, for example shambu.

      I am intrigued that lots of people are outraged by the fact that Viplav slapped Dhani when there have been so many abuses shown against women from the very start of the show.

      Also lots of people are very anti VK as she is chasing a married man, but again we have had they same track with Raja chasing Dhani, DT and Durga, DT lusting after Dhani, but not too many cries to stop the show as a result,

      I think it shows how well the makers have developed the characters of Viplav and Dhani that any attempt towards them has us viewers up in arms.

      It’s fascinating to me to see the reaction to certain things. I think I remember one of my first posts on TU being about why all the women are so down trodden not only by men but also by women, for example DT and KT’s treatment of Dadi in the earlier episodes.

      I was surprised to see Viplav slap Dhani but I wasn’t shocked as the show has made a bit of a thing of abusing women all the way through.

      Anyway, like I say it’s fascinating. ?

      • Anne

        Well said Nimisha ,you’re right , in a lot of societies , women are their own enemy.
        Economic dependency has a lot to do with it, so an educated women is also a woman who can change society.

  47. florentina moldovan

    my friends, i was angry enough this last days, since i have read the spoiler , now i am peaceful…
    i can t wait our Dhani stands on her own feet ,
    i love the way she is fighting!!!!!!!!!!!
    she will fight for the truth , not like other bahu….
    this is IKRS!
    I know the makers did our day miserable but i trust a lot in the re-start of this show…
    we are all too attached, we are just crazy about this story, we live it, that it is why we are so sad….we should just love it, without attachment…then will be no pain…

    and a joke for you….
    omg, so good Dhani is so tall then she can fight with this demon!!!!!!!!!!ha-ha-ha!
    just loved the scene!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    go, Dhani, beat him!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Nimisha

      Hey Florentina,

      I totally agree with you. I was very upset by VK and her tactics and then decided Viplav sees her as a sister more than anything else and that has worked wonders for my sanity as well as for my enjoyment of the show.

      I still live and love it, but I am just enjoying the way the story is finally starting to address the unfinished tracks which should have been dealt with much earlier.

      Live your wisdom so thank you for your lovely post again. Xxx

  48. florentina moldovan



  49. florentina moldovan


    • Zee

      Dear Florentina,
      I agree that suffering brings strength. But Dhani has suffered a lot first due to poverty, then as DIL of Awasthis, then as a widow and later by a series of attempts on her life and dignity. I dont think she should have to give the ultimate sacrifice by losing her child. She has enough strength to fight back. Indian society puts a very high premium on motherhood, while it needs to be valued, a woman’s value is much more than that and Dhani should prove it.

  50. Annie in precap dhani wanted to say something but viplav aaid that family members had warned me about u but i overlooked what i heard what i saw n loved u blindfolded. U don’t deserve to apologise to dadaji. Both of us r not suitable for each other n from today there is no relation between us.

  51. Amisha

    is Dhani going to wear white again or colored clothes when she goes back to the ashram???

  52. Kavitha

    This serial as lots of real like experiences which these widows face and still facing. Dhaanis character is bold, strong and dynamic to speak for all the rest of the widows out there now. Truly there is an indepth message in this serial if we clear our mind and thoughts and just see the message that’s coming and reaching us.

    In our daily live we go thru hurdles and do what we want but these widows have no one. Hope this serial will be an eye opener for everyone.

    Looking forward for more thrills and twists in this serial. Seriously now it’s worth the watch.


  53. eshani

    Hi all I was quite busy for few days hence could not comment here…..what a episode it was eisha was super in her acting even in d previous episode she was jus awesome she was looking very cute in drunk state…..

  54. eshani

    I think viplav will reliaze not giving dhani a chance to speak n dadi will encourage him to listen to Dhani….jus hope dadi will speak out d truth n also suvarna….very soon viplav will reliaze his mistake as it happened during KT leaving ashram and vidhani plan something big against them….am really hoping for it

  55. eshani

    I think viplav will reliaze that he didn’t give dhani a chance to speak and dadi will also encourage him to listen to dhani ….dadi shd speak out d truth n also suvarna….hoping that soon viplav will reliaze his mistake as it hapned during KT leaving ashram n vidhani sort out d differences and plan something big

  56. Arshdeep

    Good morning friends
    Its still raining here??

    Have a ishqoholic day?
    Keep watching ikrs?

  57. Viplav???

    If a leap come in ikrs it will be like other saas bahu dramas .. .like yhm…i hate that serial….and i never want that to be happen in our beloved show….
    What is ur opinion in this guys….??
    Arshi di…sujie di…maria…swetha…renu di….nimisha di…zee… louella…
    Tell me ur views

    • Arshdeep

      Noooo leap please
      i was actually surprised by speed of cvs when.viplav instantly came to know KT truth earlier..
      But i want same thing to happen now.. He should come to know truth as soon as possible

    • Sujie

      I think if leap happens ..the story would be quite predictable…..
      I guess tonight they will show that Dhaani comes to know about the pregnancy…and the post leap part would be more or less similar to most of our’s prediction….
      I strongly want Viplav to know about his ideal dual faced grandfather so called Mahapandit.. just the way he got to know about half of the truth of Kanak….. i want major confrontation…..
      Previously Viplav only raised the hand but didn’t slap Dhaani…after realizing truth he hurted his hand…..
      But after realizing truth this time Viplav might die with guilt(don’t think I want this) …..he should beg forgiveness for Dhaani…..

      SOMETIMES i feel it is ViDhaani’s combo plan to bring out all the
      truth…but then I think No…
      Jo bhi ho…..if leap happens after Dhaani knows she is pregnant then I want Dhaani to come back as an educated,confident,independent lady raising her child happily…and Viplav living in guilt that because of his so called ideal family members like his mom and his grandfather…he had to leave his love…
      But i do wanna see him as a successful lawyer….

      In my opinion leap should not be there for now……
      mysteries are yet to be solved..secrets are yet to be revealed to Viplav…culprits are yet to be punished…..
      But if it happens then also I will hope for something good ……..

  58. Viplav???

    I have an interesting thing to share with u all… the track of ikrs is very pathetic…i know…we all always say that the writers should read the ffs here and apply it on the original one….
    Today a thought came to my mind…dont take it as negative guys…
    Our maria’s ff it was not my fault is slightly similar to our current track of ikrs….though it was not the fault of both but ek dusre se vip aur dha alag ho gayi.. but they cant forget each other after a long time…andhar hi andhar woh ek dusre se pyar karte hai aur care bhi karte hai….i hope that kuch waisa hi ho show pe bhi….
    Maria bhura math man na meri bathon ko…..main galath ho toh plz maaf kar dena

  59. Arshdeep

    Ohh i forgot today

    A very happy birthday akshay bhayia
    God bless you
    Come back soon please

  60. florentina moldovan

    Good morning, friends!!!
    One thing is clear….we can t guess what will be next!!!
    At least, this point it is unique!!!
    Love you all!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Have a great, beautiful, awesome day!

  61. Kavitha

    I’ve always been sure that viplav and Dhaani’s love are very ?. With so many obstacles these 2 have faced they come with a master plan why not this current state of separation. I’m very confident about them.

    Cos remember friends viplav have stayed in the ashram with Dhaani and all the other ladies for very long so for him to ask Dhaani to leave it could just a temporary situation as he wants to find things out without Dhaani getting into trouble. Please think guys…. Possible right

    • Ya kavi agree to u .i wish it happens this way . But somehow i feel that this time it isnt planned. Viplav loves dhani more than anyone n on seeing her confronting his IDEAL DADAJI he lost his cool in reality . Could feel the pain n agony in his eyes when he told dhani if anyone else would have narrated this to me i would have never believed as i trust u but today i have seen u insulting respected ( as per viplav ) dadaji. He felt so devastated n due to the past chain of events viz. Dhani going to night school without informing. ; dhanis complaint against asthana; giving wrong medicine to dadi n latest bhang episode. Although in the event series dhani had been innocent n implicated by VK?but all on family had gone against her but viplav stood by her. After bhang incident also viplav had assured Dt that dhani would not comit any folly going forward. He had convinced dhani to apologise dt for a fresh start. At this point when already he was stigmatised too much he saw dhani in violent avtaar that too with his ideal. There is a famous saying VINASH KALE VIPRIT BUDHI. Currently viplav has acted spontaneously abruptly without realising the facts n hence declared that they r not meant for each other. Doesn’t looked plannwd at all.

    • Sujie

      Kavi dea…loved your opinion….. I too have faith that viplav dhaani will bw together no matter how many obstacles try to drift them apart

  62. very very very bad dont laugh at me guys but seriously seeing eisha and mishal acting i got tears in my eyes i know it is a serial but yesterday when i saw viplav slapping dhaani i cried and precap OMG i wont watch today’s epi.but i dont know one meaning what is the meaning of kota when dashrath says to dhaani he says i will make u and ur mom sit on kota
    feeling very sad

  63. but one thing is going to happen definitely yesterday viplav slapped dhaani do u think he will slap kamini if so how many slaps kamini must get by viplav and dhaani

      • Nimisha

        Renu, I agree. To the power of infinity and then some.

        Thing is if it had been Kam that was slapped we would have all been cheering and shouting from the rooftops. As its Dhani we are up in arms. It’s still violence against a woman that on one hand I want to see, but also don’t want yo see. It’s kinda wrong if me to think that but it’s true..

    • Arshdeep

      I want first DB should slap kamini who brought her here… her so called sanskari bahu…and then dhani… for creating rifts between vidhani.. viplav can speak by words too?? thats enough

    • Sujie

      Varsha ….would like to see Kaamini getting max slap….. From DB first as she was the one who chose VK for Viplav…then by Dhaani with heavy weight dialogues….. And angry look of Viplav is enough for Kaamini….itna sab hone ke baad ..she will die drowning in ‘chullu bhar paani’

    • Viplav???

      She actually needs numerous slaps….from…viplav…dhani….dadi….KT and DT par mujhe trust nahi…kyunki un logon ko tab bhi kamini sahi lagegi….i think DB would also join others on the slapping competition….hahaha

  64. Arshdeep

    So keeping my hopes very high i think its all a part of viplav and dhani’s combine plan.
    There was nothing shown about viplav telling dhani what she did bhaang’s effect… maybe dhani had already told him everything.. and everything was a planned thing… To bring truth out..
    I trust viplav and i trust the directors.. They keep giving us suprises..
    About the precap maybe he is saying so because DT maybe standing there.. Just to show him…

    Lets see what happens in todays’ episode..
    Hope for the best but be prepared for the worst?

    • Viplav???

      Yep arshi di……i have also a doubt on both of them…..i also have full faith on viplav….

    • Nimisha

      I’ve woken up this morning think it’s a plan. That slap just didn’t look right.

      I just hope there is someone filming the scene between DT and Dhani in the mandir. DT really showed his true colours. His smirk as Dhani git riled was interesting almost like he knew he had won. He can’t win, none of DT,KT,DB and that lady dog can win. Enough!

      • Arshdeep

        For you i watched that entire scene again to watch the slap..and i am thinking similarly what you are thinking?

    • Nimisha

      I also keep wondering what happened in the in between bits Arshu. We must be sisters because we think very similarly …

      My sisters and I have a vey weird telepathy thing that goes on. My youngest sister and I often say exactly the same thing, or finish each other’s sentences. Same wth my middle sister, but to a slightly lesser degree. It’s almost lime we don’t have to talk., but of course we do. ???


      • Arshdeep

        Wrote something ..then deleted
        Sorry unable to express right now how to tell u
        We will find someone else for it

        Renuuuu diiiiiiii…or zeeee please help us

      • Zee

        Means – sisters separated in a fair.
        Kumbh is an annual mega event. children used to get separted from their families in the past

  65. Anisha

    Guys maybe you will not like my comment but I really can’t stop myself from saying this! I am a huge fan of IKRS and Vidhaani and I m not very regular on this site because I watch most of the episodes and that why I hardly come here. I couldn’t watch the ep yesterday which is why I came here and I was shocked when I read the last line of the update and the PRECAP. I am not very happy with the current track of IKRS and the revolution and deployment of Viplav’s character. I had thought IKRS as a completely different thing as this was the only show where the guy completely trusted on the girl despite what the world thought about her. But after yesterday’s episode my thoughts changed. Viplav just said ki Hamare RISHTEY mein Daraar nahi aa sakta and then this happened… THIS WAS JUST NOT ACCEPTABLE. AND I HATE TO SAY THIS BUT AFTER YESTERDAY I FEEL THAT VIPLAV DOESNT DESERVE DHAANI! Dhaani gave him everything but he couldn’t give her some trust. Sorry if I hurt anybody s feelings but this is what I feel…

    • Nimisha

      Hi Amisha, his turnaround was very quick from loving and concerned husband to announcing that there relationship is over. That’s why I think it’s a plan. I really hope so anyway…

  66. guys i love this idea it is posted on IF
    After separation, dhaani pregnant and give birth to junior Vipu/dhaani
    Vipu leave Banaras and cum back after some time
    One day while vipu going in car, suddenly Vipu see a kid try to cross the road near temple ghat
    Kid abt to hit by a car and vipu save kid and ask him where he is going

    Kid name: Kush

    From there story starts:
    Viplav: Beta Kahan Ja rahiho
    Kush: I am going to temple to meet my mom
    Viplav: Beta chalo hum chod dete hai tumari ma ke paas
    Kush: Hum khud jayengi hume pata hai kaise jana
    Viplav: teek hai par thum banaras mey rahthi ho
    Kush: apko ko kya hum jaha bhi rahi
    Viplav: chod do chalo hum chod dete hai

    Kush: bye, u can leave now
    Kush go inside and vipu wait out temple near his car
    Vipu saw Kush cuming back from temple alone

    Viplav: kya huwa beta aap phir se akele aagayi, tumari maayi kaha hai
    Kush: pata nai, hum abh ghar ja rahi hu
    Viplav: chalo hum chod denge tumari ghar mey
    Kush: nahi chahiye tumari help hum khud ghar jayenge
    Viplav: E lo chocolate
    Kush: wow..chocolate – will take it and start eating
    Viplav: chalo ab tum ayengi na hamare saath

    Kush enter into vipu car and both leave from temple

    Viplav: tume chocolate pasand hai
    Kush: haan hume choc bahut pasand hai, isse hamara mood badal jata hai

    Vipu flash back chocolate scenes with dhaani

    Viplav: chalo hume tumari ghar ka route bata dho
    Kush; some directions
    Finally both reach ashram and Vipu shocked

    Kush: yehi humara ghar hai, aap andar chalo na
    Viplav: beta tum yaha rahti ho
    Kush: haan
    Viplav: kyun kyun rahthi hai tumare saath
    Kush: maayi and dhadhi
    Viplav: beta tumara maayi ka naam kya hai

    Kush get down and run into ashram, shocked Vipu follow him

    Kush: Maayi maayi
    Viplav: recalling all sweet moments in ashram with dhaani

    Dhaani: Kush tum kaha thi ab thak aur tum yaha kaise aayi
    Kush: maa hamena ek uncle yaha leke aayi
    Dhaani: aur e choc kisne diya
    Kush: maa oo uncle ne
    Dhaani: kaha hai oo uncle
    Kush: yahi hai maa

    Vipu cum from Dhaani back

    Dhaani and Vipu face off

    Both shocked and tears in their eyes

    Story Continues…

    • Zee

      Hi Varsha,
      This sounds sweet, but by this track Kmni, DT and KT will not be punished and they absolutely must. Vip shd realize the truth ASAP and apologise to Dhani
      Kotha literally means upper floor or terrace. But in north India it also refers to the place of s*x workers. In old north Indian cities, the lower floors were meant for commercial establishments like shops while s*x workers resided on the top floor. Hence it came to be known as kotha.

    • Nimisha

      Love your writing Philo, but I really don’t want to see a leap.

      It would imply that Viplav and Dhani moved on, from each other. and that would mean months of watching and character development was for nothing. They have fought against and won the various misunderstandings and attempts against them, that this would be too sad, for me anyway.

      Lots of people seem to be talking about a leap, so I’m possibly in a minority. If we had been introduced to Viplav and Dhani as children then a leap into adulthood would work for me, but not this way.

      But love you’re writing so are you thinking of doing the next instalment, would love to read it. ?

      • Zee

        I also dont want Dhani to suffer the pain of being a separated woman Which is still a BIG stigma and the challenges of being a single mom.

  67. Sonu

    Hi my dear lovely friends, how r u all?
    Now a days I became silent reader of IKRs. Thank u Hasan mam for the written update..

  68. Sonu

    Now I am Sure, for some times Vidhani gets seperated..Voo tho acchi baath hai.. I can’t watch Vipu’s frustration and his anger, sad every bad emotion on Dhani..Bichari Dhani..

  69. Anne

    Hi , just watched new olv where Dasharath is being interviewed, can any one give me a translation please? He’s speaking for a long time so just a rough outline would do.?

    • Arshdeep

      Arun bakshi is completely explaining the scene that came in yesterday’s episode that DT has been completely exposed in front of dhani.. but only dhani knows one else..
      Nothing new..just explained previous episode
      At last he said that i am happy to do this role of DT and was paying a tribute to makers rupali guha and her husband and thanking all fans & friends

      And in olv viplav is going for a case out..but kanak stops him and tells about their planning of shalu’s bday party … viplav praises her idea and says now dhani is also not there.. their life’s biggest throne is gone now.. kanak says he is still abt dhani

      • Anne

        Wow thanks Arshdeep, don’t know where I’d be without you and Renu ,much love.???????

      • Nimisha

        That’s what I said up there, that he really showed his true colours to Dhani. Now her life will be in danger as she is a real threat to everything.

        Thanks Arshu, I haven’t watched the interview.

        Does Viplav really say that about Dhani? ????. It’s a plan it’s a plan. ( a deluded Nimisha shoves her fingers in her ears and merrily skips off singing it’s a plan it’s a plan) ???

      • Nimisha

        Love that Viplav the vakil, can forget about a case because of a party. His poor clients! Lol!
        Mind you, if someone offered me cake I’d probably do the same ????

      • Arshdeep

        He did not forget the case
        He still went after that

        I am scared what case he was talking about?

      • Arshdeep

        Dont know didi
        And sorry to misguide you viplav was saying that to kanak in a taunting tone as he was disturbed

  70. Nimisha

    Hello everyone. Hope this finds you all well.

    This roller coaster ride is not over by any means, yesterday was a low, a really good episode but that slap, a low low low point. Not sure what the writers have in store for us, but they do keep surprising me, so hoping and keeping everything crossed that it is a ruse.

    Lots of love to everyone. Xxx

  71. Viplav???

    We don’t know each other but phir bhi happy birthday akshay bhaiya….god bless u….
    Thanks arshi di……i got to know from u….

  72. Anne

    Hope viplav doesn’t start drinking…
    It would be good to watch tho.!
    Going out for afternoon soon.
    Wish I wasn’t now ,my mind will be elsewhere???????xxx

      • Anne

        Matlock with my sister.
        Lovely place very pretty.
        AND THEY HAVE A SAINTSBURYS.???Small shops gone where I live,only a MASSIVE Tesco so relief to see different stuff.,A bit pricey but OK.,
        On bus but v pretty run .See u all soon.??????
        10mins by car 1/2hr by bus…???

      • Nimisha

        Ooh, sounds lovely, at least the bus is taking the scenic route, have fun!

        Is it really called saintsburys?

  73. Areeb

    Like others I’m also hoping to see much mature Viplav! He might try to figure out who is playing with their lives. ?

    If this doesn’t happen then, surely like other serials the female protagonist will go through all hurdles alone in search of truth! And this type of story irritates me to the hell! ?

    • Arshdeep

      And i said above but now i dont think it is not a combined plan.. it can be of only viplav’s but dhani dont know anything for sure..otherwise why she would be crying bitterly as she is in olv

  74. Nimisha

    Ok, over on Twitter someone posted something about a segment on India tv showing Dhani fainting at a pooja at the ashram. Everyone finds out she,s pregnant and all are celebrating. It seems she hasn’t told them about the argument with Viplav.
    I think Dhani tells Viplav the news,

    My thoughts:
    Makes me think it must be a plan. She wouldn’t be able to hide the fact that she and Viplav had such a huge fight otherwise.
    If she tells him, the can’t be a leap.. Thank goodness.
    Viplav must be slowly working out what’s going on back at the hellhole.
    In the meantime DT,KT and trips will try and kill Dhani, because she knows the truth, she will lose the baby and Viplav, will at the same time or as a result put all the pieces together.

    Then there will be Fireworks! Starting with a big rockets one of which DT will be strapped to and off he’ll fly ???

  75. A'isha

    Ermmm this Kamini is getting on my last nerve ??? and how is Viplav not disagreein to what she tellin him, that Dhani started drinking cos alcohol has strong smell and when you sweat it starts to smell even more as Dhani does house work and always running around, so nothing is addin up or the writer just wants to make Viplav’s character look retarded. ???

  76. A'isha

    I want Dhani to have whatever she had that made her lose her sense’s and started speaking the truth, even though Viplav is confused and still falls for his families trap ??

  77. A'isha

    Dhani should slap the living out of Viplavs cheap minded grandad after he spoke cheaply about her mother along with spittin on him, cos no one comes for my mother and i mean no one

  78. shanitics

    My cmnts Didn’t got posted.. Patha nahi kyun?

    So Hassan mam back …. Nice?

    Yesterday’s episode was damn boring saach Mein… Bt Dhaani acting was damn awesome… I saw only 4 the last 5 min… The serial…. Because I guessed that epi will be boring ?….

    Happy b’day Akki?

    Misha di… Lols… Arshi di…. Love u all…

    Lets hope that this fight should be a drama of vidha only…. Or Viplav should knw the truth as fast as possible like that of KT’s one…

    Hope this serial will not become a typical colours serial…
    Leap should nt take place… I hate taking leap….

    Shaalu and Pankaj… Whr r thy??? Went to honeymoon ?…

    I think director is now at the opening mystery process….. Trying to enclose all the hidden mystery….

    This PP is NT soo gud yup bt okay okay type… Bt our pp is the bst…

    Whr is Ahana??? Sis no:4?

  79. shanitics

    Alas….. Sign out from twitter… I think deactivated the accnt… Patha nahi kya kiya hai…. Bt happy that I sign out from that twitter…..? wat a relief I have….



  80. Nimisha

    Ok, I’m actually really annoyed now. A leap of 5 years from May 30th

    Spoilers out sound utterly horrible.

    I think I have actually had enough now!

      • Nimisha

        You know what. I was really hoping they read us here, butbitvseems not,

        Also saw something about VK being on a 4 month contract and only 1 month so far. Been watching to support Mishal, but really this is toooo much.

        I am an addict so will prob watch again but at the mo am really fed up!

        What there’ll are they doing?

  81. Sonu

    Whose knows the this weeks spoiler.. Pls guys update this week’s spoiler.. I am really disappointed..
    Where r u LOuella, AM, Renu, Maria and Varsha(Philo) our team’s spoiler members?

  82. Nimisha

    Just seen this on Twitter.

    Hate it!
    Episode – 260
    06:30 PM – 07:00 PM, 27 May Set Alert
    More show timings
    Dhaani goes to tell Viplav about her pregnancy but is shocked to see Kamini in his arms.
    Episode – 261
    06:30 PM – 07:00 PM, 28 May Set Alert
    More show timings
    Dhaani and Dulari flee from the ashram after a fire breaks out. Viplav searches for Dhaani in the debris. When he is unable to find her, he assumes that she is dead.

  83. M

    How can anyone write such horrible stories. This was the only serial i loved watching but what is the writer doing. Writing such crap. The world is not so good but still there r people who have a very happy married life.
    Why don’t you guys end the serials on a happy note instead of showing all this nonsense . Atleast spare Viplav and Dhaani… and let them live happily everafter.

    • Nimisha

      Exactly M, the show is being killed by alllll the negativity. It has been constant lately,

  84. Guys,

    If the spoilers is correct then now the time has come a Big ADIEU to IKRS.

    Sorry to all and thank you very much to support my comments.

    Praveen Jain.

  85. saraswathi.j

    How can he assume that she is dead,bones remain with DNA test one can identify? Being a gold medalist lawyer what nonsense he is doing,and coming to Kamini within days of separation is he accept that neeche Kamini. ,! What a strong lover he is ?if this spoiler is true Viplav is worst than his grandpa DT .cvs close the show this type of story is not at all new there are many in Telugu novels and films nothing is new in this show mear backwas !,,,,,

  86. Nimisha

    Why aren’t their spoilers on TOI?

    The ones above were on Twitter. Wherevdidnthey come from then???

  87. Areeb

    I think this weeks spoiler is the worst of all! ? Don’t know how I’m gonna get over this horrifying leap! ??

    Seems time has come for me too to take a break till things get lighter. ?

  88. Areeb

    Can watch ViDhaani’s separation for few days but can’t bear Viplav with Kamini! ? Or Dhaani with someone else! Oh Please! Makers don’t spoil the story much we had enough already! ?

  89. Areeb

    If the spoiler is true, wondering where Dhaani & Dulari will go after the Ashram catching fire ? ?

  90. Fatarajo (KRPKAB, EDKV N Dehleez fan)

    what kind of nonsense spoiler is this i was so happy that old ikrs will be back but i was wrong it is worse it would have been so nice if vipu came to ashram and plead dha for forgiveness and also cute ashram scenes and also vipu taking care of dha, but this spoilers are driving me mad and if leap is really coming up vidha seperated bye bye ikrs. i m glad that i kinda stopped watching this show like around a month ago, but will miss u all whenever i m free i will come n chat with u all hated the way cvs spoiled vipu’s character

  91. eshani

    Such a sad spoilers what is happening with this serial yaar I don’t want this leap I wanted viplav to reliaze his mistake and better viplav not marry that kamini

  92. eshani

    With trips back was really hoping for some unfinished tracks with vidhani working them out don’t knew why d writers r upto its getting sad day by day

  93. Nimisha

    varsha your FF above might well be the way it goes. ??????

    It actually feels like they are trying to start the show over
    Dhani is still hated by DT… On,y this time she is his Bahu and not some widow and she has a child..
    Then Viplav sees her and tries to win her over again
    Dhani may be shown as having hit herself educated after the leap. Is MasterJi in the frame still?

    Goodness knows what the makers are thinking though. Are they trying to start over?

    I still don’t want a leap,but if’s it’s due to start on the 30th then it seems I won’t get my wish. I also don’t want Viplav and Dhani to have a child, but I’m guessing that’s also going to happen now. I don’t want Viplav to want her back because of the child, I want him to want to be with her for her, and Dhani for him. If that makes sense.

    Viplav will nit get together with Kam. Never.

    I feel exhausted now.

    I suppose I am feeling like I am done with this nonsense but I guess I will carry on watching, because I am addicted, ???

Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.

Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.