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Ishq Ka Rang Safed 23rd March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Opposition lawyer tells the judge that the case is clear and that Dhaani ran away with the jewellery after killing her husband. He says if she wasn’t at fault then she would have gone to Police station, and says she is very characterless, cheap, and criminal woman. Viplav grabs his collar and says why you are telling her characterless. He is about to hit him with glass when Dhaani shouts asking him to stop and gives her promise. Viplav apologizes to judge and proves that Dhaani have killed Munna and stabbed on the right side. He says he would have stabbed the opposition lawyer if he not held his hand with his right hand. He shows the forensic report in which it is proved that Munna have injured on his right side, but glass pieces was stuck on his left side. He says this

proves that Dhaani haven’t killed him and asks Judge to free her client from all charges. He says I will tell in court now whatever had happened that night.

Viplav tells that Raja Avasthi tried to misbehave with Dhaani, and she rushed to her hospital who was drunk. Munna lost his balance and fell on the glass. Judge announces that it is not proved that Dhaani is guilty of murder, and frees her from murder charges. Dhaani is surprised. Dulaari hugs her. Viplav smiles. Inspector asks Dhaani to wait for her family to come and take her. Dhaani waits for Viplav and her Ashram family. Raja comes to her and says I am happy that you are freed now, I just hope you have no complaints with me. Viplav comes there and reminds him of his words that Dhaani had killed his brother. He says Kaki told me everything about you, asks him to take his nautanki Maa and leave from Banaras. He says if I come to my real self then you can’t identify yourself. Raja folds his hands and leave. Viplav asks Dhaani, why she is sad and asks who got you freed from here? Dhaani says you? She says I always put you in trouble? Viplav says everything will be fine and hugs her. Sita Maayi and others come there. Viplav apologizes to hiding about their marriage and says Dhaani asked me not to tell you all. Sita Maayi says we don’t have any complaints with you both. Viplav thanks her. Dhaani asks where is Dasharath and Kanak?

Media asks Viplav and Dhaani to tell about their feeling after winning the case, and also about their marriage. They ask when did you get married? Viplav apologizes and says they don’t want to talk now. Dhaani tells Viplav that Dasharath and Kanak are angry as they got married secretly. Viplav tells Dulaari that he have fulfilled the promise made to her. Dulaari nods. She says lets go to Ashram.

Raja says Dhaani have made our holi colorless. Raja’s mum says that Dhaani have ruined them and have broken his marriage with Shalu. Mami tells them that she has stolen Judge’s hammer. Raja’s mum says we shall leave now. Raja says we will stay one more day. He says we will go after celebrate holi, and says I have a gift for Tripathi family.

Raja Lakshmi seems to be angry with Dhaani and Dulaari for hiding about her marriage. Viplav asks Dhaani how can you hide the truth from your fact. Raj Lakshmi tells Viplav that you have also hidden the truth from me. Dhaani holds her ears and apologizes to her. Raj Lakshmi forgives her. Sita Maayi says we shall think what to give gift to her. Dhaani says she wants to celebrates holi with everyone here in the Ashram. Dulaari says we can’t play with colors, and asks her to ask something else. Dhaani says just for a day, you can play holi naa. Sita Maayi says we will celebrate holi, and says Indrani went to pray for Dhaani. Sita Maayi convinces her. Dulaari agrees. Everyone hug each other. Viplav takes their snip and says this moment is awesome.

Sushma asks where is Viplav? Kanak says he might be with that chudail. Sushma says we shall wait for Viplav and can’t do holi dahan without him. Dasharath says no, and says we will holi ka dahan without him this year. Viplav is with Dhaani and celebrates holi ka dahan. Dhaani worries and tells Viplav that his family might be thinking about him. Kanak laughs and tells Dasharath that holi is burning, but it is not holi and it is her happiness which is burning. She says Dhaani got the happiness, and says we shall get that widow and Viplav married. Dasharath asks her to calm down. Kanak asks him to burn her in the holi ka dahan and says this way we could separate them. Viplav says when we love someone, we think about his/her happiness and love is sefless. He says I will keep you happy, protect you and will never leave you. Dhaani also promises that she will keep him happy, will always be with him and will face all troubles come their way. They walk around holi fire……………….Ishq Ka Rang Safed plays…………Viplav asks her to get ready and says I will take you tomorrow. He tells Dulaari to take care. Dhaani asks him to take care and don’t get angry on anyone. Viplav asks Dulaari and everyone to look at other way and kisses Dhaani. Dhaani smiles.

Dhaani gets ready as a bride, and leaves the Ashram after Bidaai rasam. She sits in the car and comes to Dasharath’s house. Kanak looks at them and looks angrily.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Saranya we miss u

  2. Guys iam watching SBB segment viplav is preparing bhaangh. Pls all of u watch it

  3. dear geni.. Don’t worry about what mentally ill people say. …
    I m sure you will have a happy n blissful married life. god n think positive everything will be fine. ..

    I understand suddenly if someone tells like that you will be shocked n taken aback.. but think it as a lesson to ignore unpleasant things coming our way n try to be positive n keep moving in right direction. .

    cheer up n wish you both a very happy n prosperous married life

  4. Viplav prepared bhaangh N dhaani drink that bhaangh. Very olv SBB segment was done.

  5. @Sujie,Misha didi..

    Thanksss for liking my idea
    Love ❤ u guysss
    Hugsss to both…

    I am fabulous…
    Hw u doing????

    1. Nimisha (prev Nim)

      Love you too shanatics!

      Also loved Kerala when we visited in 2003. Lucky you to live in such a beautiful place.

    2. Hi shanitics I’m fine babes ?

  6. Hi my dear lovely friends, how r u all?

  7. @Sanadra, u don’t have any rights talk about other’s life matters, and feelings. Aapki baath se bhi aapka charecter dik rahi hai. Pls leave this page.. Don’t hurt no one..

  8. @Genita, don’t get hurt dear, koi doosronki baathon se tumaei zindgi nahi badlunga. Be happy, I wish u will be lead a wonderful married life.

  9. I watched ydays episode only now.. wah kya episode tha…
    I m in love with episode director for selecting the apt bg scores… in court that antique version of title song was so amazing. .. all expressions most appropriate. ..
    again mistake from editor. . in bw the argument only he has put the scentence “ab faisala aap pe chodte hain” n again Congress back to the incident of that night. .. I suggest ikrs team to either change the editor or educate him. ..
    Don’t do such silly mistakes…

  10. @Swetha, in yesterday episode ki page mein, u asked myself haina? Sorry for the late reply.
    I am Sowmya.N, from Udupi(Karnataka Dist). I did BBM, now I am working in Bglore (as accountant in small industry). I am leaving in room with my two elder brothers in Bglore(Bangalore).

    1. Sorry dear tha’s not leaving, it’s a living.

  11. dear florentina. . youvr a person of deep thought n conviction. . very proud of u n feel blessed to have known you. ..

    yes you r right even our children are separate souls who are here to live v their own life so true. . I definitely used v to think so many times on these lines with lot of uncleared confusions..
    but you rv so clear on thoughts which helped me also in my thinking. .
    thanks dear keep it up. .
    lots of love n hugs

    1. Nimisha (prev Nim)

      Hey Saras

      I’ve also been thinking about Florentinas beautiful post from yesterday. It als had a very deep effect on me. Her words were very profound.

      Thanks you again Florentina. You must be such an amazing mum. Xxx

      1. florentina moldovan

        thanks, nimisha! i don t know how good i am as a mother….at least i try to learn every day how to do things better! that is why i love all the persons who came here, everybody wants to improve their thinkings and behavior…love you too, nimisha!

    2. florentina moldovan

      Saras, i love you very much!!!!

  12. In yesterday’s episode, Kt’s acting was mind blowing. I really enjoyed it. KT mujhe paha hai, tum Banaras ki number one Drama Queen. Tum itni aasani se kanha marungi. Tumnae doosronki maar sakthi, tum kudh nahi mar saktae.

  13. @Nimo, good observation friend, welcome to our family, Keep commenting, be happy..

  14. Whoever new commers here, I am warmly welcome to u all. Keep commenting, be happy..

  15. Done shanatics ..we are with u

  16. Thanksss Arshdeep &Saras 4 liking my idea…
    Saras ur idea also granted…?

  17. Thanksss Shri…
    Lobe u all…?

  18. Misha didi I think u r the greatest observation member of this family ?

    Anya chechi..whr r u???

    1. Nimisha (prev Nim)

      Awwww Shanatics. You’re a sweetie to say so,

      Thank you although I feel slightly embarrassed as there are some truly amazing posters on this forum including you. Love your happy energy which comes across lots!

      I feel SO at home here, love talking to you all and love talking to you all about IKRS.

      I’m soooo looking forward to today’s epi. Although I feel a bit like I am Dhani’s maaii as I can’t stop worrying about her and Viplav!

      Also, really really hope the creators start addressing some of the plot lines and start showing KT and DT getting their comeuppance! Esp. KT.


  19. I felt like Drama queen ? song of hasee tho phassi was made for KT…

  20. @ Geni chechi I am sure after Nivin chacha..enters ur life ur life will be simply awesome and fabulous…

    Nivin chachanodd middi middi ennaum ee groupine um marano..?

  21. Oh m y god mishal is 32…. cant beleive..he is so cute

    1. Nimisha (prev Nim)

      I know. If only I was 15 years younger. ????????


  22. Swetha my exams already started on 22nd March and it will end on 7th April

    1. Nimisha (prev Nim)

      Hope they’re going well Louella! Good luck with the rest of them!


  23. Just one more doubt guyzzz why dud tripurari left tge show

    1. Nimisha (prev Nim)

      I think it was reported that he left because he didn’t agree with the way the story was going.

      I don’t blame him as he seemed to be given a bit of a lesser role and KT was given a more meaty role. Also, those swaaahaaa scenes between KT, DT and Trips were awful.

      I think he was a brilliant villain though and a shame he left.

      There was an epi recently where Viplav was trying to talk to Dhani and the phone rang. It was sugar a panicking that Tripurari hadn’t come home. Dhani said she had to go to see her but again, that bit of the story just sort of stalled.

      I think they should make kill off trips by suicide and the nite he leaves plus phone evidence becomes the way KT gets caught out. Then KT also implicates DT showing their true colours!


      1. Nimisha (prev Nim)

        Sugar a = suvarna. Sorry.m

  24. Nimisha (prev Nim)

    Genita, Shanatics i replied on the previous page to your posts.

    Also Florentina, thanks again for my horoscope thing yesterday. It was so accurate and I will definitely try and follow your suggestions. Xxx

    1. florentina moldovan

      no need to thank so much, i did it with all my love…!!!

  25. Nimisha (prev Nim)

    Shanatics, lol at KT and drama queen song.

    I think her acting is good but I find her character very unbelievable. I find myself not really paying attention to her when she’s on screen. Really dislike her. Can you tell??

    My dislike started when she still accused Dhani of hurting Viplav when he got caught under the bell the she caused to fall.


  26. @aish the song in that olv was “taare hain baarati chaandani hai ye baarat” song from the movie virasat…

    second song was ye laal ishq from film ram leela..

    sorry for the late reply. .

  27. Misha didi..yes kerala is very nice ? place to live..
    But no a days its too hot here unbearable for me…

    Misha didi u find her unbelievable because she is a threat tor Vidhaani…
    And we love Vidhaani much…
    Tats y….u found her unbearable it seems….?

    1. Nimisha (prev Nim)

      I think I have always disliked her.
      The way she used to treat Dadi in the early episodes when she was DT’s favourite in the house was awful.
      The way she has always bullied Shalu too.
      And then of course her treatment of anyone who she deems to be below her level.
      I wouldn’t miss KT if she was written out of the show.

      Like I said I find her character unrealistic and too drama queen ish for me. There is not a single ounce of remorse in her or gratitude.

      Even her nautanki when shambu died. She’s just horrible.

      And yes, the way she treats Dhani and the other ashram ladies. And now Viplav too.

      She’s an awful mother and human being.

  28. Hi Sonu, shanitics and everyone I’m all good thanks. Can’t wait till to watch today’s epi. I’m looking forward to it?

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